General Discussion #88 – 11 Indicted for abusing SNAP benefits of FLDS followers


 Rulon Mormon Barlow turned himself in and will have his first appearance on Monday, February 29. He will probably get released with conditions like his wife Ruth Peine Barlow. How sweet, they’ll have matching ankle monitors.

The Feds are finally cracking down on the “Bleeding the Beast” practiced by the FLDS under orders from Warren Jeffs. John Wayman and Lyle Jeffs were arrested in Salt Lake City, Seth Jeffs was arrested in Custer, and 6 others have either been arrested or turn themselves in to Washington County officials.  Still in fugitive status are Kimbell Barlow and Rulon Mormon Barlow.

Preston Barlow, Ruth Peine, Krystal Dutson, Hyrum Dutson and Winiford Barlow have all been released with conditions including GSP monitoring.

John Wayman had a detention hearing on February 26 where Willie Jessop testified about him being the deep pockets for the FLDS and the Magistrate ordered him held without bail. He will have another hearing on March 10.

Seth Jeffs has a detention hearing in South Dakota set for Monday, February 29.

Lyle has a detention hearing set for March 7 which is expected to last all day.

According to KSL.com Nephi Allred’s detention hearing will be Wednesday, March 2.

Edited: Seth finally made it to Utah, welcome home Seth!! He has a detention hearing on Monday, March 21.