General Discussion #88 – 11 Indicted for abusing SNAP benefits of FLDS followers

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Rulon Mormon Barlow Rulon Mormon Barlow turned himself in and will have his first appearance on Monday, February 29. He will probably get released with conditions like his wife Ruth Peine Barlow. How sweet, they’ll have matching ankle monitors.

The Feds are finally cracking down on the “Bleeding the Beast” practiced by the FLDS under orders from Warren Jeffs. John Wayman and Lyle Jeffs were arrested in Salt Lake City, Seth Jeffs was arrested in Custer, and 6 others have either been arrested or turn themselves in to Washington County officials.  Still in fugitive status are Kimbell Barlow and Rulon Mormon Barlow.

Preston Barlow, Ruth Peine, Krystal Dutson, Hyrum Dutson and Winiford Barlow have all been released with conditions including GSP monitoring.

John Wayman had a detention hearing on February 26 where Willie Jessop testified about him being the deep pockets for the FLDS and the Magistrate ordered him held without bail. He will have another hearing on March 10.

Seth Jeffs has a detention hearing in South Dakota set for Monday, February 29.

Lyle has a detention hearing set for March 7 which is expected to last all day.

According to Nephi Allred’s detention hearing will be Wednesday, March 2.

Edited: Seth finally made it to Utah, welcome home Seth!! He has a detention hearing on Monday, March 21.


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    Article about Willie setting up Lyle and Wayman!!

  2. Allred’s detention hearing is set for Wednesday, March 1.

    Or on Monday, February 29, if this source of information is accurate:

  3. Link to the indictment:

    Link to the Motion for Detention:

  4. Well that didn’t turn out as planned.

    Old dog. New tricks.

  5. And pfft to my post about Allred’s detention hearing.

    It is either set for Monday, February 29 or Wednesday, March 2.

  6. Rulon Mormon Barlow surrendered.

  7. From the Spectrum
    About eight years have passed since Colorado City resident Dan Wayman last spoke with his brother John, but unlike most stories of estranged siblings, the Waymans’ history revolves around the edicts of their religious leadership.

    But following a series of federal arrests and business raids in the Hildale-Colorado City polygamous community during the past week, as well as ongoing litigation in Arizona’s federal court over claims the cities’ administration acquiesces to religious control in civic matters, Dan said he and a lot of other local residents are hopeful a Berlin-like social divide in the community is ending.

    “I think there’s a lot of anticipation and hope that this will bring about some change,” he said Saturday. “Myself, I’m encouraged that this is a big step as far as breaking down the walls.”

    Members of the Hildale community hold a memorial serviceBuy Photo
    Members of the Hildale community hold a memorial service to remember the families lost to the flash flood Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015. (Photo: Chris Caldwell / The Spectrum & Daily News)
    In the meantime, people like Dan who were once members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints can only guess at exactly how those still in the faith, including numerous estranged family members, will respond to the latest arrests of FLDS leaders.

    Church prophet Warren Jeffs was convicted in St. George on a rape charge and then on child sexual assault charges in Texas in 2011, which led to his current life-plus-20 years prison sentence there after the Utah verdict was overturned.

    Several other church leaders were convicted in Texas at the time on similar but less severe charges, stemming from the FLDS leaders’ reported practice of marrying underaged girls to much older men.

    The federal grand jury indictment unsealed Tuesday names 11 church leaders and FLDS food distribution network directors as defendants in a vast fraud diverting government food stamp money to church officials.

    Numerous officers, some wearing vests that identified them as FBI while others wore sheriff labels, entered businesses in the stateline polygamous community searching for evidence connected to the alleged laundering of more than $12 million in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits utilizing hundreds of church members as participants.

    The 11 suspects’ arrests have taken place on a piecemeal basis, the latest occurring Saturday when Rulon Mormon Barlow, 45, of Hildale turned himself in at the Purgatory Correctional Facility. He will make his initial appearance in federal court Monday. Only Hildale resident Kimball Dee Barlow, 51, now remains at large.

    Rulon Mormon Barlow
    Rulon Mormon Barlow (Photo: Purgatory Correctional Facility)
    John Wayman, a former congregational bishop in the polygamous church, was arrested in Salt Lake City with current bishop Lyle Jeffs. The men have been identified by outsiders as the top two authorities in the church aside from the imprisoned prophet.

    Also among the arrests was Seth Steed Jeffs, the bishop of a growing South Dakota congregation and another of the prophet’s brothers.

    Colorado City resident Lorin Holm, an exiled member, said the FLDS faithful likely won’t see much of an immediate difference when they gather for worship services Sunday.

    “Nothing’s changed, really. They’ve got a support system. … They’ve got a bishop. They’ll say, ‘The Lord will work it out,’” Holm said.

    “Lyle wasn’t there (at church) anyway,” Colorado City resident Ross Chatwin said. “Lyle’s been kind of on the run for six to seven months and the ones that are the highest of the (dedicated United Order) are not here any more. They moved out months ago.”

    Not that they’ve gone far, Chatwin said. Despite reports of the large FLDS property development in South Dakota, Chatwin said the church is starting to build up significant membership bases near New Harmony and west of Kanab.

    “I talked to one person the other day and they said, ‘You’ve got to be glad (about the arrests).’ And I said, ‘We’re not either. We’re praying for you,’” Holm said.

    Growing number of exiles

    Dan Wayman said he was saddened by the news about his brother’s arrest and a Friday court hearing in which U.S. Magistrate Judge Dustin Pead denied John’s initial request to be set free pending a trial.

    “But he’s kind of chosen to be where he is,” Dan said. “I can vouch for his loyalty to Warren. I really hate to say it about John, but I really think he would be loyal to Warren even if he knew it was wrong.”

    The irony for Dan and other exiles is that they are left to wonder if they would be just as loyal to church leaders if they hadn’t been sent away.

    Dan said Warren Jeffs told him 12 years ago that he no longer had the priesthood and needed to leave and repent, although he wasn’t told what he needed to repent of.

    Holm said he experienced a similar situation when he was told to surrender his property and family in 2011. He later became the first FLDS exile to successfully sue for custody of the underaged children who remained with his estranged wives.

    Lorin Holm, an exiled member of the FundamentalistBuy Photo
    Lorin Holm, an exiled member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, wipes away a tear as he describes his hopes for the future of his family during a child custody hearing between Holm and his two ex-wives, who still belong to the FLDS Church, in St. George’s 5th District Court in 2014. (Photo: Jud Burkett / The Spectrum & Daily News)
    Holm said Saturday that his estranged family members were under the religiously organized caretakership of John Wayman, and that John “turned my family against me, my daughters.”

    But now, like Dan Wayman, he thinks the community is beginning to heal.

    “I think the tyranny’s lifted and the children are going to be out more, playing. But the inner group (of church faithful) is being more fervent,” he said.

    Terrill Musser, who organized a pair of Colorado City rallies in support of the federal government’s intervention, posted a Facebook statement about the past week’s events, writing, “Its sad to see our friends and families that we all know be caught in impossible situations. But its our time to stand up as a community and take this town back. Not as separate people but all of us together. … Anger and Hate will not solve this. Taking action and getting involved with your community WHEN something is not working there is only two choices.”

    Dan said most of those who still profess loyalty to the church are “so sucked into the system” that they don’t know about the criminal and alleged criminal activity of their leaders.

    “Most of those people are fine people, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t think they’re trying to do wrong,” he said.

    But it still stings to remember how, when he was exiled more than a decade ago, church members wouldn’t speak to him.

    “Maybe once or twice a month. … Now there are other people in the same kind of situation. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them,” he said.

    That was exemplified by the Fourth of July gathering last year in Colorado City — the first time the holiday has been publicly celebrated in years. An estimated 3,000 people had passed through the breakfast line by 10 a.m., as estranged members from various states and Canada visited among the crowd.

    A second annual event is planned this year, and a Facebook site is attempting to raise funds to help defray costs.

    “We’re normal. We want to have a normal life even though the FLDS have given us a bad name,” Chatwin said, adding that he and dozens of other exiles meet often on Saturdays to enjoy board games and other activities.

    “We want to not grow apart, but grow together,” he said. “If our kids are going to be normal, they’ve got to have a social life.”

    Follow Kevin Jenkins, @SpectrumJenkins. Call him at 435-674-6253.

    July 4th information

  8. So they were set up by Willie Jessop? Interesting.
    Been pretty obvious for a long time now that the govt has been trying to force a leadership change.

  9. Nate Carlisle article in the Tribune provides some insight as to the scope of the investigation that led to this indictment.

    ‘Palmer said the working group is still investigating the FLDS and will continue to pursue the food-stamp case through the prosecutions.

    Belnap said the working group will investigate every credible complaint.

    “There may be some kind of assumption that nothing’s going on because you don’t hear about it,” he said, “but work is going on continually.”‘


    CNN’s coverage of the win by the DOJ in the trial of civil rights discriminations by the towns of Hildale and Colorado City that are controlled by Warren Jeffs. The jury found guilty on every count including one that the Marshall’s office is corrupt. They also found damages between $5,000 to $1 million for each person listed discriminated against.

    The parties have 10 days to resolve the issue of the Marshall’s office and other problems or the Judge will make rulings about them. I don’t think that the towns will willingly be decertified so I hope the Judge steps in and does it for them and disbands the Marshall’s office to be replaced by Mojave and Washington County Sheriff’s.

  11. What a find interesting is that two women are charged.

  12. Does anyone know if Thomas Merril Jessop (4/13/89) was married or had kids? He is the son of Merril Jessop and Barbara Seed.

  13. ” I don’t think that the towns will willingly be decertified so I hope the Judge steps in and does it for them and disbands the Marshall’s office to be replaced by Mojave and Washington County Sheriff’s.”…Both Utah AND Arizona have chosen to ignore the problem. In 2013 Arizona failed to pass legislation to decertify, if memory serves.

  14. To A @ March 16, 2016 at 3:31 pm – I don’t think that Thomas was ever married. He was too young to be assigned any wives before Warren cut off all marriages in 2006. Thomas’ youngest sister Merrianne was one of the last marriages when she was married to Warren Jeffs. I believe his older half brother Ernest was given a new wife after the Merrianne/Warren marriage, in August 2006 right before Warren was caught.

    Unless I’m mistaken, Ernest was the last FLDS marriage on record.

    Is Thomas Merril Jessop out of the cult now?

  15. Utah Supreme Court gives OK for ex-FLDS woman to sue UEP trust —-

    The Utah Supreme Court on Wednesday said a polygamous sect’s charitable trust can be held liable for Warren Jeffs’ role in forcing a 14-year-old girl to marry.
    The ruling sends the case back to a lower court where the former child bride, Elissa Wall, may seek up to $40 million.
    Salt Lake Tribune Mar 23, 2016

  16. Can Bruce “John” Wisan’s victim sue the trust?

  17. The new Short Creek Bishop is Ben Johnson, whoever that is.
    “Federal Judge Ted Stewart also placed one unusual condition on Allred: he cannot have contact with Ben Johnson, who prosecutors Wednesday described as the new FLDS bishop in Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Ariz., the traditional home of the FLDS.”

  18. It could be an interesting Wednesday…..

    Is the end nigh for Warren Jeffs’ polygamist cult? As its remaining leaders fight jail time and members flee, its faithful swear the Apocalypse will begin on Wednesday .
    On Wednesday, as Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) leader Lyle Jeffs enters court on major fraud charges and his brother, convicted pedophile Warren Jeffs, languishes in jail, an apocalyptic miracle will tear down the buildings they are in and free them.

    At least, that’s what their followers believe. ‘I am hearing from people inside the FLDS that on April 6 there is going to be a kind of apocalypse,’ ex-follower Elissa Wall told The Guardian Sunday. ‘It is prophesied.’

    Read more:

  19. Today’s the day, the world is coming to an apocalyptic end according to Warren. Everyone one near Palestine, Texas better batten down the hatches for the impending earthquake that will cause the walls of Warren’s cell to crumble. A separate incident will happen in SLC where the walls of the Federal Courthouse will split allowing his brother Lyle to walk free.

    If you are near one of these places and especially if you are attending Lyle’s hearing please don’t forget your hard hat and shovel, just in case!!

  20. Brown Case: the 10th Circuit has just vacated Judge Waddoups decision in the Brown (Sister Wives) lawsuit, which had ended the Utah ban on polygamy (the anti-bigamy/cohabitation law). The court felt that the matter was not in controversy due to Utah county’s non-prosecution policy. The Browns have 14 days to request re-argument.

  21. So, has the world ended?

  22. Where is everyone?

  23. Interesting story about a boy who was seized in both the Texas raid and the Idaho rehabilitation house.

  24. Hi, my name is Sarah Scoles, and I’m a reporter working on an article related to the FLDS. I don’t see a way to contact you on here, but I would really like to have your insights about a few topics, including the system of houses of hiding. If you’re interested (and I hope you are), please send me an email at Thanks for considering it!

  25. Lyle Jeffs has fled house arrest custody relative to his recent indictment:

  26. LoL History repeats itself.

  27. Fox 13 on Lyle:

  28. Welcome, Sarah.

  29. Short Creek Historian Benjamin Bistline, a resident of Cane Beds AZ, has died at 81.

  30. Bistline’s book is by far the most thorough written history of the Short Creek community, and it was published just before Warren’s well documented reign of terror.

  31. I agree that Ben Bistline’s books of Short Creek and the FLDS are the most thorough written history of the community. He had a front row seat.

    From what I have been told the July 4th celebration was a success and there were several families reunited during the weekend. I hope that this trend continues.

  32. Several are suing Rod Parker and his law firm.

    The way Rod held himself out as representing the FLDS people when he showed up in Texas has always made me wonder why no one sued him for malpractice sooner.

  33. A number of FLDS were piled into the post office getting passports yesterday.

  34. Has anyone heard if there’s been a October court case about the food card fraud? I haven’t heard anything……Would like to know? There’s lawsuits against Hildale/Colorado City Utilities,haven’t heard any news about Utilities either,any news is grateful to know…….other–Anon

  35. The hunt for Warren Jeffs’ lost child brides: Three girls married off to Warren Jeffs aged 12 and 13 are still missing 12 years later as polygamist father who has 145 CHILDREN goes on trial for arranging ceremonies
    Three young girls who were married off to polygamist leader Warren Jeffs 12 years ago are still missing, as their sect leader in Canada is on trial for arranging the cross border wedding ceremonies.

    Canada’s biggest polygamist, Winston Blackmore, 59, is currently being prosecuted by the Canadian government for polygamy, as the leader of the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) community in Bountiful, British Columbia has a total of 27 wives and 145 children.

    The charges against FLDS Bishop Winston Blackmore came after Special Prosecutor Peter Wilson approved three ‘unlawful removal of a child from Canada…’ charges against three members of the same polygamous community of Bountiful.

    The three members, Brandon J. Blackmore, his wife, Emily Ruth Gail Blackmore and FLDS Bishop James Oler, were charged by authorities with alleged child trafficking offences that originate from 2004 and 2005 when they reportedly sent three under age girls – Millie Blackmore, Alyshia Rae Blackmore and Nolita Collen Blackmore – across the Canadian border to marry the now imprisoned FLDS leader Jeffs.
    Brandon J. Blackmore and Emily Blackmore are now separated as husband and wife, but their charges center on the couple’s 13-year-old daughter, Millie Blackmore, who was married off to a then-48-year-old Jeffs in 2004.

    According to VICE, their son and her half-brother, Brandon S. Blackmore revealed the FLDS leader married Millie moments before he presided over his wedding ceremony in Colorado City, Arizona, as he was a member of Jeff’s flock at the time.

    Millie Blackmore is not the only sibling of Brandon S. Blackmore who was married to Jeffs, as Annie Mae Blackmore was married to the FLDS leader at an unknown date.

    Apparently Jeffs sent word to their father in Canada that he also wanted to take on Millie Blackmore as a bride.

    A March 1, 2004 journal entry dictated by Jeffs to one of his wives and was later confiscated by U.S. authorities in Texas apparently reveals what happened.
    ‘I sat down with Brandon [J] Blackmore and his wife and his daughter, gave a training on the redemption of Zion in brief, in summary, and this girl was called on a mission, and they received it joyfully,’ the entry reads.

    ‘And there Mildred Marlene Blackmore, age 13, was sealed to Warren Steed Jeffs for time and all eternity.’
    It also notes that her father witnessed the ceremony to Jeffs, as Brandon S. Blackmore had no idea she had got married the same day or even that she was in Colorado City at the time.

    He explained to VICE that he didn’t see Millie Blackmore for years around the Bountiful community, as people claimed that she was ‘on a mission for the church.’

    In 2013, investigators with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) asked Brandon S. Blackmore to listen to a recording of Jeffs having sex, as they wanted to know if the person on the tape was his teenage half-sister.

    Even though her name was not said aloud on the tape, he could tell that it was his half-sister’s voice and told RCMP investigators.

    ‘He was asking her how it felt and a bunch of weird things,’ Brandon S. Blackmore told VICE in an interview.

    Brandon S. Blackmore shared that RCMP investigators told him the tape with Jeffs and his half-sister was recorded sometime around 2004 or 2005 at a motel in New Mexico.

    Rachel Jeffs, the 32-year-old daughter from the FLDS leaders’ second marriage confirmed that a series of teenage girls, including Millie Blackmore, had arrived to their household. Rachel, who left the sect in 2015, told VICE that when she inquired about who the girls were, she was told they would be new wives for her father.
    She explained that she never asked her father about why he married girls who were underage.

    ‘If you do, then you lose your place in the church,’ Rachel explained.

    ‘I wasn’t so worried about losing my place in the church. I just would never get to see my family again.’

    She shared that she remembered the teenage Millie Blackmore crying a lot.

    Rachel added that the situation worsened when Alyshia Rae Blackmore and Nolita Colleen Blackmore arrived in December 2005 at the Yearning for Zion ranch, which is a compound for the FLDS in Texas.

    ‘I saw her struggle emotionally a lot,’ Rachel said of Millie. ‘She wasn’t really stable.’

    Now, Mounties with the RCMP are searching for Millie Blackmore along with two other Canadian women, Alyshia Rae Blackmore and Nolita Collen Blackmore.

    The other two women were also married to Jeffs when they were aged 12, as authorities believe all three of the women are now in their early to mid 20s.

    It is believed that the three missing women are loyal to Jeffs, as many women apart of the sect are taught to be loyal to their husbands.
    It’s thought that Millie Blackmore, Alyshia Rae Blackmore and Nolita Collen Blackmore are all living on one of the many FLDS compounds in the U.S., or are being housed at secret locations that are known as ‘Houses of Hiding’ among members who are waiting for Jeffs to be released from prison (even though he is serving a life sentence).

    The charges against Brandon J. Blackmore and Emily Blackmore are thought to be the first time that any parents within the religion have faced in relation to the reported pipeline of child brides that operated for years between the FLDS sects in Bountiful and the headquarters in Colorado City, Arizona and Hildale, Utah, according to VICE.

    Oler is accused of having taken a 15-year-old girl across the Canadian border to the U.S. to marry then-24-year-old James Leroy.

    Oler was also charged with polygamy along with his brother-in-law Winston Blackmore, who faced the same charge previously years ago.

    In 2007, Winston Blackmore was first arrested for polygamy, but those charges were later dropped over concerns of how the special prosecutor was selected, the Salt Lake City Tribune reported.

    Winston Blackmore was charged again in 2014, and recently claimed that he and his wives are officially ‘friends’, adding that despite them being friends, ‘they still charge us with polygamy’.

    Officials say much of the evidence for the cases against Winston Blackmore and the other three members stem from the investigation into Jeffs.

    All of the marriages within the FLDS have been reportedly stopped since Jeffs arrest, but it’s unclear if members of the religion have continued to transport child brides across the border.

    Authorities in both the US and Canada have been searching for signs of human trafficking and other crimes that could possibly be happening by members of the FLDS.

    It’s unclear if more charges are expected to be filed against FLDS members, as RCMP sergeant Terry Jacklin told VICE that the investigation continues into their marriages.

    A verdict in the case against Brandon J. Blackmore and Emily Blackmore is now in the hands of British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Paul Pearlman, who is expected to deliver his decision on February 3.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  36. Interesting interview with a Warren Wife

  37. The 2017 Utah legislature is currently grappling with another bill pertaining to the legal status of plural marriage. The bill is said to “re-criminalize” polygamy, but amendments are being proposed that could decriminalize it.

    Here is a news story:

    Here is the bill:

  38. Utah HB99 is in position number ten on the floor of the legislature. I’m guessing it will be dealt with on Tuesday.

  39. The “purport” parts render that bill completely useless.

    Any law that targets the free speech of an unpopular religious group is obviously unconstitutional.

  40. Lyle Jeffs got popped.

  41. I can’t tell how active this blog is – there seem to be years-old messages mixed in with items only a couple of months old. Nonetheless, I have found the blog informative in the past and, for whatever use it may be to followers of the blog, I want to share with you a photo archive on the Mancos FLDS.

    I have been following the Mancos FLDS since October 2004, when their presence in the Mancos Valley first hit the news. My wife joined me in this photo reconnaissance in 2008. We last visited the Mancos FLDS properties on July 30, 2017. Together, we have accumulated a photographic record of those properties that totals more than 1,800 pictures – and we will continue to add updates at least annually. (There are gaps in 2010 and 2011, which we may be able to fill in eventually.)

    In order for this record of the development of the FLDS in the Mancos Valley to be available to researchers who are, like me, trying to figure out how this property fits into the overall scheme of FLDS holdings, I have added the entire archive to Facebook at The title is “Mancos FLDS” and the photos have been posted in albums chronologically, so the July 2017 pictures are at the top of the site and the October 2004 pictures are the earliest posting.

    As time allows, I will go back intermittently and annotate the albums and pictures, but please contact me at if you have questions about any of the pictures posted there.

    Tom Vaughan
    (Editor of the Mancos Times newspaper till May 30, 2006.)

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