General Discussion #87 – Prophet’s Prey


Share your thoughts about the documentary.

A link from The Hope Organization that tells the story of the Mancos compound discovery. It didn’t happen exactly like it was portrayed in the documentary. It was originally discovered by Kathy and Randy Mankin. David Allred who is mentioned in the article is the same man who bought the YFZ and the land in Pringle and was/is the husband of Warren and Annette’s daughter Becky.


Additionally, RIP Della, Josephine and Naomi Johnson and their children Melanie, Tyson and LaRue Black and Rebekah, Melissa, Naomi, Ruth, Valiant, Velvet and Sweet Caress Jessop.

Naomi and her daughter Rebekah along with Josephine and her two children Joseph Merril and Melissa were at the YFZ.

Joseph Merril is one of the survivors of the flood accident along with Shem and Seth Black.

This picture of Warren’s daughters was in the documentary. The youngest Susan is the daughter of Annette Barlow and Warren and was born in July 1999. Patricia is the full sister of Roy who has recently spoken out about being abused by Warren.  Gloria Barlow is the mother of Patricia and Roy.  Barbie is the daughter of Monica Sue Jessop who in turn in the daughter of Merril Jessop and Barbara Steed, a full sister to Merrianne the 12 year old child bride and rape victim of Warren.  The picture had to have been taken before April 2000 since Sweet Marie isn’t in it.  She was born in April 2000. Annette’s daughters are Maryanne, Sandra, Becky, Shirley, LeNora, Teresa, Hannah and Susan. Barbara’s daughters are Rachel, Melanie and Josephine.  Barbara had a final daughter, Amber, in May 2001.