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Share your thoughts about the documentary.

A link from The Hope Organization that tells the story of the Mancos compound discovery. It didn’t happen exactly like it was portrayed in the documentary. It was originally discovered by Kathy and Randy Mankin. David Allred who is mentioned in the article is the same man who bought the YFZ and the land in Pringle and was/is the husband of Warren and Annette’s daughter Becky.

Additionally, RIP Della, Josephine and Naomi Johnson and their children Melanie, Tyson and LaRue Black and Rebekah, Melissa, Naomi, Ruth, Valiant, Velvet and Sweet Caress Jessop.

Naomi and her daughter Rebekah along with Josephine and her two children Joseph Merril and Melissa were at the YFZ.

Joseph Merril is one of the survivors of the flood accident along with Shem and Seth Black.

warren and daughters named

This picture of Warren’s daughters was in the documentary. The youngest Susan is the daughter of Annette Barlow and Warren and was born in July 1999. Patricia is the full sister of Roy who has recently spoken out about being abused by Warren.  Gloria Barlow is the mother of Patricia and Roy.  Barbie is the daughter of Monica Sue Jessop who in turn in the daughter of Merril Jessop and Barbara Steed, a full sister to Merrianne the 12 year old child bride and rape victim of Warren.  The picture had to have been taken before April 2000 since Sweet Marie isn’t in it.  She was born in April 2000. Annette’s daughters are Maryanne, Sandra, Becky, Shirley, LeNora, Teresa, Hannah and Susan. Barbara’s daughters are Rachel, Melanie and Josephine.  Barbara had a final daughter, Amber, in May 2001.


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  1. I live close by in St. George. They are reeling from deathschool by flood. I am sure Lyle/Warren are telling them that God found them unworthy. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE.

  2. Someone recently asked for the link to the dictations.

    Warren Jeffs – In his own words

  3. I thought it was a pretty accurate representation of the FLDS. Loved seeing Wallace Jeffs and Elaine Anderson.

    The stuff about the businesses wasn’t in the book, it was researched by Nate at the SL Tribune. He has been awesome at keeping the FLDS in the news.

    Coming up on October 14 is the water rights vote in Pringle and then in January 2016 the Civil Rights violation trial. I’ve heard that the deposition Charlene Wall Jeffs gave is explosive. She is Lyle’s legal/soon to not be legal wife.

    Someone missing from the documentary is Lorin Holm. It was during his custody trial that the deposition of Warren was taken. He ended up with full custody of the children from his wives who remain loyal to Warren and while they visit their mothers in the cult they are going to school and living mostly in the outside world.

    While pictures were shown of Warren’s daughters Melanie and Rachel holding their babies, neither of these girls were married underage. His daughters Teresa and LaNora were both married underage to Raymond Jessop who is serving time in a Texas prison for the sexual assault on their cousin, Janet Jeffs. LaNora is out of the cult now. Hopefully Teresa will follow soon. She showed so much spunk during the time she was in Texas. Another who would do well on the outside is Teresa Jo Steed who was the child bride of Nathan Jessop, brother to Raymond.

    Teresa Jo is the one who brought someone else’s baby to an appointment with CPS. Her deception was discovered when the DNA taken from the baby didn’t match her DNA. I wonder what poor should was forced to give up their child to Teresa Jo knowing that the baby might be taken into CPS custody.

  4. Is the Becky in picture of Warren’s daughters the same one who in the recent CNN documentary alleges that Warren Jeffs abused her and her sister? Looks like the same person. Remember her as saying that she hoped that WJ hadn’t abused more then 30 others. (Something close.)

    The more that is revealed about WJ, the worse it gets. He’s not just another garden variety narcissistic polygamist. WJ is looking more like full time pervert with a Hitler complex.

    Yet in the documentary, Becky makes pains to point out good things about WJ. Yes he is her father, and the children have to deal with such a father, but it’s painful to watch in a way. And yes too, she is trying to reach out to those still in the FLDS, so she is trying to say as many nice things s she can. Roy’s anger is a little easier to watch though. Both his children seemed so nice. Sad.

  5. Yes, it is the same Becky. She was married to David Steed Allred who was the front man in purchasing the YFZ, Pringle and Mancos compounds. She and David have 4 sons.

    Interestingly, in the Prey documentary Annette said she had 3 daughters with children taken and then listed her sisters children before listing her own. Maryanne and LeNora were both married to Raymond Jeffs. Maryanne had 4 kids and LeNora had a son. Daughter Sandra was married to Wendell and had a daughter.

  6. This is from Sam Brower’s FB post.

    Tonight my friend Andrew Chatwin was taken into custody by the Colorado City Town Marshall’s for allegedly trespassing on UEP property; specifically, the community zoo; which has been a county and town landmark and attraction for decades. Chief Jerry Darger ordered Andrew and Patrick Pipkin be placed under arrest despite being provided with a valid lease on the property by Pipkin. Pipkin also produced a myriad of other documentation providing for the legal possession of the property. The lease was issued on behalf of the UEP Trust by Bruce Wisan who is special fiduciary over the FMJ Zoo as part of the UEP Trust holdings, and was appointed by the Utah 3rd District Court and specifically Judge Denise Lindberg. Despite reading the lease and being made aware of numerous court orders regarding occupancy of trust property, the Town thugs arrested Andrew Chatwin and Patrick Pipkin, completely disregarding the courts many orders. In fact, only in the most lawless town in America would the Town thugs even have been allowed to enter private commercial property and make arrests based on orders instigated by the FLDS theocracy. Darger appeared to be receiving texts and receiving instructions from someone up until the the alleged trespassers were placed into cuffs. FLDS loyalist Chad Johnson claims to have been living on the property, despite never entering into an occupancy agreement with the Wisan or the Trust, never having utilities turned on in his name, and the fact that there is not a home anywhere on the 12 acre piece of property. Chief Darger claimed that Johnson asked that he relay his trespassing complaint to Pipkin and Chatwin and that he (Johnson) was living in the tack shed but was not in town to make the complaint in person. Over the past 11 years of witnessing countless injustices take place against ex-FLDS residents of Short Creek, this has to be one of the most egregious incidents I have witnessed. I have known Andrew for about ten of those 11 years and have always known him to comply with the trusts and courts occupancy orders, even though many others both within and outside the FLDS church were not. He has donated countless hours exposing the injustices by the corrupt Town Marshall’s and city officials, as well donating his time to the trust and law enforcement by providing hundreds of hours of video documenting those crimes and abuses. I am deeply disturbed at the events that transpired tonight. On scene were several Mohave County and Washington County Deputies. Both made the assertion that either they were unable to get hold of their superiors to get permission to stop the Town thugs from making the arrests or they didn’t have the authority to intervene in Colorado City jurisdiction. I hope that everyone who reads this will join me in bringing these injustices to the attention of anyone who will listen, and help create a groundswell of indignation that will be heard by local, state and federal authorities, state attorney generals, Governors, and state legislators and judges. There needs to be not just civil oversight on the part of one court but also involvement by all levels of government for a host of crimes and civil injustices. Over the years I have witnessed how well awareness works, so please, raise your voice and make yourselves heard. We really do have the power to affect those in positions of authority who have the ability to initiate real and lasting change, and bring some of the guilty parties to justice and provide them with a taste of the real world and real world consequences for their criminal acts.

  7. Is there a link to the documentary with the WSJ children?

  8. The latest from Sam about Andrew and Patrick’s arrest:
    It is incredibly encouraging to see and hear of the response concerning Andrew and Patrick’s arrest for simply exercising their rights in the most lawless town in America. While studying Criminal Justice in College, an old saying would frequently pop up: “… if you don’t stand up for your rights, you don’t have any rights.” I’m so proud of Andrew, Patrick, and all those who have claimed their rights and made their voices heard. It is my understanding that the Colorado City Justice Court has been inundated with calls, emails, and many have showed up on site, including several news crews. Andrew and Patrick have been snuck into the courthouse through the back door but security will hopefully be opening the court to the public, including the media, shortly. It’s also my understanding that Colorado City has allowed some city employees to attend wearing tactical vests, presumably in an effort to grandstand for the TV cameras. Keep up the good work all. Awareness works!!

  9. An article from the SL Tribune

  10. And a story about the Water Rights in Custer County, SD.

  11. Another article about the arrest of Andrew Chitin and Patrick Pipkin. Glad Bill Walker is representing them.

  12. Chatwin and Pipkin tried to break into the zoo again… and got popped again.

    Do they go for the trifecta?

  13. Anonymous @ 1:05, you can’t break into something that you have the lease for. Those who were taking stuff from the zoo are the ones who broke in.

  14. They are likely to avoid convictions on these matters, but the arrests are public record. Were I to interview for a job, I wouldn’t want to have to explain why I was arrested twice in one week for breaking into a zoo. But that’s just me.

  15. Merry Christmas! 😀


    Lyle was afraid to testify in the Civil Rights case.


    The trial has begun

  18. Willie Jessop’s testimony in the Arizona civil rights case:

  19. Charlene Wall Jeffs testimony in the Arizona civil rights case:

  20. NOW I’VE HEARD EVERYTHING. In Rep. Mike Noel’s (R-Kanab UT) proposal to resurrect the anti-cohabitation statute with “modifications,” he refers to the Kingston group as having long held acceptable businesses and lifestyles. Clearly, he’s been living under a rock.

  21. Wow. Kingstons group / Davis County Cooperative raided today in multiple counties:

  22. Things are getting interesting, again.

  23. food stamp fraud raids going on 2/23/2016

  24. Posted February 23, 2016 – 2:38pm-Updated February 23, 2016 – 4:16pm

    Warren Jeffs’ followers indicted for food stamp fraud, money laundering

    By Dave HawkinsSpecial to the Las Vegas Review-JournalEleven followers of jailed polygamist leader Warren Jeffs, including members of the sect’s leadership, have been arrested on charges of food stamp fraud and money laundering.A federal indictment unsealed Tuesday accuses the members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints of illegally diverting food stamps from legitimate recipients and converting them to cash for unauthorized purchases, including an expensive pickup and a tractor.Those arrested Tuesday included Lyle Steed Jeffs of Hildale, Utah, the 56-year-old who is said to be leading the polygamous sect while his brother and self-described prophet serves a life sentence in a Texas prison for sex offenses involving underage girls.Another of Warren Jeffs’ brothers, Seth Steed Jeffs, was arrested at the home of an FLDS congregation in South Dakota.”This indictment is not about religion. This indictment is about fraud,” said U.S. Attorney John W. Huber in a written statement. “This indictment charges a sophisticated group of individuals operating in the Hildale-Colorado City community who conspired to defraud a program intended to help low-income individuals and families purchase food.”Some of those arrested Tuesday face initial court appearances Wednesday in Salt Lake City, St. George, Utah, and Custer County, South Dakota.Warren Jeffs was arrested by the Nevada Highway Patrol during a routine traffic stop just north of Las Vegas in August 2006. At the time, the FLDS leader was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list. – See more at:

    – See more at:

  25. So the FBI pulled the trigger on one of the half-dozen crimes on their desk.

    Seeing Lyle and the others mug shots… made my day!

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