General Discussion #86 – YFZ Men

YFZ Men 1 Lehi Allred (Richard’s)

2 Seth Allred (Jim’s)

3 Luke Jessop (Royce’s)

4 William Nielsen

5 Levi Jeffs

6 Louis Jessop (Merril’s)

7 Nathan Jeffs (LeRoy’s)

8 Wendell Nielsen

9 Warren Jeffs

10 Fred Jessop

11 Samson Jessop (Merril’s)

12 Ammon Steed (David’s)

13 Leslie Steed (LeRoy’s)

14 Ammon Jeffs (Warren’s)

15 Jim Jessop (Merril’s)

16 Wendell Jeffs (LeRoy’s)

17 Fred Lindsay Jr (Fred Sr’s)

18 Alma Musser (Sam’s)

19 Joseph Jessop (Merril’s)

20 Joseph Steed Jessop (Edson Sr’s)

21 Jacob Richard Allred (Richard’s)

22 William Jessop (Merril’s son who died at the ranch in July 2008)

23 Michael Emack

24 Abram Harker Jeffs

25 Valient B. Jessop (Dan Barlow’s son, Merril’s stepson)

26 Lehi Barlow Jeffs

27 Merril D. Jessop (Dan Barlow’s son, Merril’s stepson)

28 Edson Jessop Jr

29 Anthony Jeffs (Wallace’s)

30 Don Jessop

31 Richard S. Jessop (Merril’s)

32 Leland Richter

33 Sidney Barlow (Louis’)

34 Raymond Jessop (Merril’s)

35 Jacob Johnson

36 Merril Jessop

37 LeRoy Jeffs

38 Dan Jessop (Merril’s)

39 Joseph Steed

40 LeRoy Jessop (Merril’s)

41 Lloyd Barlow

42 Alan Dockstader

43 Rulon Jessop

44 Guy Jessop

45 Richard Jessop

46 James Cox

47 James Dockstader

48 Edmund B. Allred

49 David W. Steed

50 Warren Marshall Johnson

51 Dixon Kapcsos

52 Nephi Barlow

53 Merril Keate

54 Seth Jeffs

55 Rulon Barlow

56 Allan Keate

57 Rulon Johnson

58 Thomas Joseph Steed

59 Mormon Jessop

60 Jared Steed

61 LeRoy Johnson Steed

62 Luke Jeffs (LeRoy’s)

63 Isaac Jeffs

64 Nephi Jeffs

65 William Benjamin Johnson

66 Warren Marshall Johnson, Jr

67 Paul Allred

68 Roy Allred

69 Keith Dutson, Jr

70 Manti Steed

71 Keith Dutson, Sr

72 Jacob Barlow Jeffs


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116 Responses to “General Discussion #86 – YFZ Men”

  1. Comment from the bottom of General Discussion #85

    If the FLDS are “OUT” they will say they do not support Warren.
    If they are “IN” they will not say anything when asked their position on Warren or defend him.
    Lorin Barlow is “IN”. And those at the meeting heard Sam’s warning.
    Lorin Barlow was contacted by the Guymon Daily Herald on Wednesday. Although Barlow would not comment on his or his family’s particular religious beliefs, including if he believed Jeffs to be their prophet, Barlow did say he believed Jeffs to be innocent of all charges.
    “I really, at this point, don’t really want to say much about that,” Barlow said of his religion. “I definitely know (Jeffs) is an innocent man who has been put in jail. Improper courts and it was totally illegal. If you look into that case, you will find out all of the witnesses were tampered with. There is so much that put him there and he is very much an innocent man. Arizona dropped the case and dismissed everything, but Utah and Texas picked it up again. They had no evidence against him, there was nothing against him. They fabricated, is what they have done. He is definitely an innocent man in jail.
    “I’d rather not get into that kind of discussion at this point,” he added regarding whether or not he referred to Jeffs as the prophet. “I definitely send my love to him because he is definitely an innocent man.”

  2. “Mormon Jessop”


  3. Levi and Ammon Jeffs are Warren’s sons by wife Barbara. His son Mosiah was old enough to be included but he wasn’t at the ranch much.

  4. Mormon Jessop is probably referring to Nephi Mormon Jessop who is the son of Rulon Shapley Jessop and Pamela Kay Barlow.

  5. There is a Kathryn Decker here in St.George, Utah who is selling her book “Fifty Years in Polgamy” who was she married to?

  6. Shirtless charged with 10 felonies…

  7. Oops, got Swallow too!!

  8. I always wondered if they were in cahoots with the FLDS.

  9. It appears my prediction about the State forcing the UEP properties out of the hands of the Warrenites, and into the hands of the other groups is looking better and better.

    Polygamous trust selling 1,035 acres valued at $1 million

    • One-and-a-half acres consisting of the Colorado City impound yard and parking at a bid of $50,000
    • Three hundred fourteen acres of property in a largely agricultural area known as “The Gap” for a bid of $110,019
    • Ninety-seven acres around a property previously given to some of the former teenagers the FLDS kicked out at a bid of $223,100. The teens’ property itself is not part of the sale.

    “The list of low bids produced a humorous item. The UEP apparently tried to sell acreage and elk pens at the old Colorado City zoo. The parcel had an assessed value of $63,419, but Willie Jessop — the high bidder — offered only $26,000.”

    Here is the spreadsheet:

  10. Interesting:
    The 5 Wildest Details In The Arrests Of Ex-Utah Attorneys General

    Former Utah attorneys general Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow were accused Tuesday of numerous bribery and obstruction of justice charges, most of them felonies. The charging documents from the Salt Lake City district attorney allege a decadent lifestyle of private jets, all-expense-paid vacations a…

  11. It’s not hard to imagine why all of these men are smiling.In their minds,the FLDS was going to furnish them with hoards of young female virgins for the rest of their lives.These jerks deserve only one thing as far as I’m concerned….a FLAME thrower put on their ass !

  12. Happy Pioneer Day everyone (1847)! Oh what a tangled web we wove when first we practiced to ………….. My people actually didn’t get here until the following year, stayed back at Brigham’s request to farm crops for those on the trek.

  13. Woot woot!

  14. Yesterday was the anniversary of the 1953 Short Creek Raid. Many of you were there.

  15. Warren’s compound, a bed n breakfast.


    An article about Willie’s Bed and Breakfast!!

  17. Does anybody know if the some of the YFZ followers moved near Boise City,Oklahoma ? other-Anon

  18. PT, hopefully that B&B thing has to be a joke. There’s no way. Right?

  19. Pics of current state of Mancos FLDS properties are posted at

    Anybody who can tell me how this place fits into the bigger FLDS asset picture, please do!

  20. Any body heard anything about what has happened to the the YFZ followers lately ? other-Anon

  21. Third cousin , I don’t think it’s a joke,Willy’s out to make money,so he’ll capitalize on who owned this mansion before him, he cons people….other-Anon

  22. Why don’t they turn the Mancos property into a giant MJ farm?

  23. Ha-Ha, Anon. I don’t think they would approve. When the word of wisdom was implemented it was due in great part to the fact that the faithful in Utah and Arizona got quite excited over weed that their counterparts brought up from the mormon Mexican colonies. Apparently it got to be quite a problem. I think Krakauer is my source on that but I’m not sure.


    Lookie what Wisan’s been spending his freshly bilked fortune on.

    “Wisan, according to the officer’s report, said he was helping the woman “financially until she got back onto her feet.” ”

    Yep, that’s generally how such an transaction works.

  25. Wisan’s police report:


  26. Ex-AG Mark Shurtleff never initiated any action(s) against Warrant or any other FLDS member when the under-aged Canadian bride swaps were revealed nor did he take any action(s) on the quickie out-of-state honeymoons to the Nevada Caliente Motel which showed a conspiracy and illegal abductions of minors had been committed. Mark always claimed that the failure to pursue any plural marriages was if there wasn’t any extenuating causes. Obviously, abductions and illegal border crossings were considered collateral offenses to simple polygamy charges or the FLDS was paying more than just time and attention, the suspicion here would be bribes, to forestall any AG actions/filings.

    Texas Rangers have never delivered on their investigation either in Texas over the Canadian brides found in residence at the YFZ Raunch.

  27. It isn’t quite true that the Texas Rangers never delivered on their investigation of the Canadian brides in Texas. They did turn over all the evidence to the RCMP believing that something would be done by the Canadian authorities.

    Texas knew they wouldn’t have cooperation from the underage brides so they concentrated their efforts on those who had had children while still underage. The DNA proof was all that was required to claim a sexual assault had taken place. There were many more they could have gone after, but with lack of a complaining witness and the baby to serve as proof of the assault it was more difficult. Merrianne’s case came about because of the recording of her being raped. I had always thought that the Feds would step in on the Loretta Jane and Brenda Lei cases and pursue Mann Act charges against others but that never came.

  28. Wisan’s hooker fund must be running a little low. He just evicted 17 families, who get to spend the rest of their summer living in tents.

    Perhaps they could meet Wisan in a hotel room and get some financial assistance, so that they can get back on their feet?

  29. Not sure about the hooker fund, but where can you live without paying rent or property taxes and a house payment? I know a lot of people who would love to only pay $100 per month.

  30. The police indicates oral sex and showering together.

  31. Is anyone familiar with the flds in Boise City, ok? There is a Robert Knudson, is he the same person as Boyd L Knudson? Is anyone familiar with his affiliation with the flds? I noticed comments about George Barlow, who is also In Boise City. Are these flds members that have been excommunicated an want back In?

  32. Now that they know how to pay Wisan the $100 if they don’t have it, there’s no excuse to be short on the rent anymore.


    “At that particular time, I was taking her food and probably going to give her money,” Wisan replied.
    Wisan said he met the woman on the Internet and knew she was a prostitute.
    “Did you ever engage her services as a prostitute?” Mortensen asked.
    “I’m not going to answer that question,” Wisan replied. “That was not the intent of my visit with her. That was not the intent of the relationship and I’m not going to answer that question.”
    Mortensen required an answer and threatened to keep Wisan and all the attorneys in the room sitting there until Wisan provided one.
    Then Wisan said: “Then I’ll plead the Fifth.”

  34. Not sure who Boyd L. Knudson is but Robert is Robert LaMarr Knudson, son of Earl John Knudson, Jr and Darlene Knudson. Darlene in turn is the daughter of Alfred William Knudson and Lilly Ann Southam. Robert is 60 years old.

  35. Wisan finally charged for his despicable crimes against women.

  36. The police report for Wisan’s date, including many photos.

  37. Wisan’s out. His legal partner Steven Smith is the new fiduciary.

    A little too close to Wisan, imo….

  38. Canadian FLDS facing charges.

  39. I wonder if they will play the ‘answer them nothing’ card that worked SO well for Warren Jeffs, et al.

  40. Wow, FLDS productions just posted another FLDS produced B-Movie. This one looks pretty old. Seems to be of Canadian origin, from the names in the cast. What year is this from?

  41. Any body heard anything on what has happened to the YFZ followers of WSJ ?other-Anon

  42. Texas heroically made all those children homeless, and then kicked the can down the road for some other State to deal with.

    Nice heroes, you’ve got there. Almost as classy as Shirtless and Wisan.

  43. What I read in the paper about the eviction is that there were no children there–just a few men. The men were given time to get their stuff and leave. I don’t think any children were displaced. They’ve already gone off into hiding, like in Pocatello, ID.

  44. No idiot,Texas stepped in and had the balls to do what no other state would do…they busted up the Warrens’ child rape ranch and put a stop to his nonsense. Sure,not everything turned out perfect, but this was a large corrupt organization and had been operating a long time.Maybe some one should get you up on that big white temple bed and show you what the children went through.

  45. One sad thing, in my opinion, is that the followers have been indoctrinated to obey and follow someone who is corrupt and self serving and somehow they have pinned their eternal salvation on following his orders no matter what. One part seemed to be a matter of absolute faith and compliance to prove their worthiness. The other part seemed to be absolute fear of losing their families and position. No excuse whatsoever for any of Jeffs’ evil deeds, in the name of God. Hard to imagine loving parents allowing such but it is so complicated when combined with that kind of intimidation and indoctrination. I do not believe those people are all evil parents. Some probably were and may have gotten caught up in the disgusting business of multiple new brides, etc. They were misguided. Jeffs has to stand before God for what he has done.

  46. I am really sick of hearing the likes of those (are you listening Bill Medvecky ?) that are quick to criticize the actions that the State of Texas took on the handling of the FLDS.Just what the HELL did Arizona or Utah do for these children? And don’t forget,not just the little girls suffer unspeakable deeds from these creeps.Little boys were also subject to the sexual whims of these jerks.Some of you pathetic pukes need your asses kicked…or sodomized.

  47. What? Texas washed their hands of all those children. Nothing heroic about it. They took their home away, and drove them all into other States.

    By offering up a sack full of ad hominems do any of you actually hope to convince me of anything, other than your inability to debate the topic effectively?

    I was already well aware of that. 😛

  48. Home????? That “home” was a prison designed to keep outsiders from seeing the dirty deeds that the FLDS men were performing on the children.You wanna debate ? Well,let’s have a debate on the purpose of that white bed that was in the temple. I think it was used for ceremonial rape of the little girls.Just what’s your take on it Bucko?
    I await your answer.I also smell the stench of an FLDS sympathizer .

  49. All I asked for was the latest status on the YFZ followers,no opinions,no arguments,JUST THE LATEST FACTS,THAT’S ALL,are there any YFZ followers in Boise City,Oklahoma ??other-Anon

  50. Im sorry if I was offensive in my post. I have just hoped to hear some word of how the people at the ranch are doing. I have felt for them. Not interested in debate.

  51. Question: How exactly are Dan Wayman and John Wayman related? Is John Wayman still missing?

  52. John Wayman is Dan’s younger brother,John as far as i know is still missing/on the run, he follows Lyle/Warren….Dan follows William E. Jessop I think ? other-Anon

  53. Thank you. So John is wanted? By whom?

  54. By the FBI for transporting underage girls across state borders & international boundaries for the purpose of marriage?? ( see Mann Act)..other-Anon

  55. New trust fiduciary?

  56. //I also smell the stench of an FLDS sympathizer .//

    A plural marriage sympathizer, yes. Warren Jeffs, not so much.

    I shouldn’t have worded it so strongly, and I apologize. I know that this forum is for the six or so holdouts who still reside on the other side of the debate.

    And, I can respect that. I’ve learned a lot around here, over the years.


  57. Really getting crazy…

  58. Oh yeah, there was a home invasion performed by two sister wives in ninja garb. Only in Utah.$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYvrlq__9vyVEPvtn7plkgu3WCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg

  59. Idaho man who was part of polygamist pedophile Warren Jeffs sect is sentenced to 90 days in jail for abusing nine teenage boys by starving and locking them in a furnace
    Nine boys were pulled from a Pocatello home back in July after one of them escaped
    Jessop admitted that he put one of the children into a locked furnace for 38 hours
    The boy was kept in a cement floored furnace room that measuring 3’x7′
    He has been banned from having children come to his home

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  60. Are the Browns or Dargers going to piggy back of the SCOTUS decision that declared marriage as a fundamental right for all adult Utahans?

    That’s pretty broad language. Speaking is also a fundamental right, yet I am not limited to speaking with just one person.

  61. Now, the State is trying to starve them out.

    Every single place where the FLDS can go and get food has received an eviction notice.

  62. Charges Dropped against Dr Lloyd Barlow.

  63. As far as I am concerned,the FLDS is no different than ISIS.They are a plague to society and hide behind their religious banter with their rampant abuse of those close to them.Like cockroaches,they are here to stay and will never be completely eradicated. One more thing: a few of you have criticized the way that Texas authorities handled the FLDS here in this state.Well,excuuuuse us ! Just where do you think Warren Jeffs is living out the rest of his pathetic life? He would STILL be raping little girls at the YFZ ranch if we had not stepped in.

  64. amen to rodgerdodger and hurray for texas

  65. New thread??? Dozens of polygamous families evicted from FLDS compound once run by Warren Jeffs
    State of Utah took over Hildale compound after Warren Jeffs was jailed
    But leaders told families not to pay the $100-a-month occupancy fee
    Officials spent 7 hours evicting fewer than 14 homes built for multiple wives
    Each wife has their own room, living space, entrance and exit doors
    Residents urged to pay the fee to avoid eviction, they owe $4m in total

    Read more:

  66. New thread, hahaha, yeah that’ll liven the place up.

    Most reasonable people can easily spot the difference between Joe Darger and Warren Jeffs. Thus… the narrative that all plural families are inherently evil has been exposed as blatant fear mongering.

  67. any family where no one is allowed to go away freely is evil these men were holding the women and girl children as slaves. mental chains are as bad as metal ones. we fought a war to stop slavery and our courts should stop it now.

  68. ” Colorado City changed its bylaws earlier this year in order to convert the former industrial park into residential land. Approximately 19 tents as big as hay barns have been erected, he said, and what he described as “FEMA trailers” have also been moved onto the property; presumably, he said, the trailers will be reserved for FLDS families who are in better standing within the hierarchy of the church than those who will be living in the tents. Lean-tos are also being constructed where the future residents of this tent city will shower, wash their clothes and eat.”

  69. They are keeping Wisan on board after all, despite his conviction.


  70. they must think the mutual sex act was not that important and I agree, if the lady wanted to use her body to get money that should not be a crime.

  71. If the police report is accurate, she was there against her own wishes.

    This wasn’t a soccer mom, trying to make a little scratch on the side.

  72. I do not know any soccer moms, but she was there to get money from wisen and she could have left without money when she wanted. she chose to stay there, hard choices when someone needs food and shelter.

  73. The police report says her pimp forced her to turn the trick as punishment for attempting to leave the “profession”. If true, then that’s just sick. Stop defending the indefensible.

  74. The LDS Church wins their lawsuit, against Winston Blackmore…

  75. AP article that appeared on the front page of the Idaho Statesman today:

  76. Looks like they are all going to Pringle.

    “The water application seeks permission for a third well that would increase allowable water use from 94 gallons per minute to 300 gallons. The compound’s 30,000-gallon underground water tank would be replaced with a 250,000-gallon above ground tank, and existing 4-inch water mains would be replaced with 6- and 8-inch mains.”

  77. Last summer, the Mancos, CO, FLDS had a new well drilled near the north edge of their upper (northern) parcel of land about 5 miles above Mancos. They also built what appears to be a large (two-stories high) machine shed not far from that well.

  78. Merril was approved for Parole.

    Name: JESSOP,FREDERICK MERRIL SID Number: 04895739 TDCJ Number: 01745826
    Parole Review Information

    Parole Review Status
    Not in Parole Review

    The offender is currently not in the review process. Offender was approved for release.

    Last Parole Decision
    Approved on 01/29/2015

    FI-1 (FURTHER INVESTIGATION 1)- Release offender on parole supervision as soon as eligible.

    Next Parole Review Date

  79. Trib article, on Merril’s parole.

  80. Warren’s brother:

    Jeffs was taken into custody without incident and booked into the Washington County Purgatory Correctional Facility and charged with second-degree felony forcible sexual abuse. His bail stands at $10,000.

  81. Happy Lent Season!

  82. I was just at the Post Office here in Colorado City,where a few stacks of printed materials talked about “Warren’s daughters confession about her being molested by him,there was a copy on the bulletin board though,I didn’t get it though,one of Lyle’s followers took the stacks away with her,what I did see there at least one person besides WSJ mentioned,paper wasn’t signed,,WTH ,Lyle’s followers wont even let you read that paper,It wasn’t on the table on 4/14/15 ………..You can’t fix stupid!!!!!! other-Anon

  83. John Wayne said it best “Life is hard”,harder if you’re stupid……..other-Anon….

  84. all that interbreed group are all stupid and don’t think that anyone will stop them doing as they please. and unless they make a big stink I don’t think anyone will stop them

  85. Charlene Jeffs wants custody of her and Lyle’s children.


  87. Former town marshal Helaman Barlow is spilling the beans….

  88. Warren has become accostumed to prison food it seems

  89. Warren now expanding his bride search internationally, at Short Creek, Mexico, and Canada.

  90. Warren now expanding his bride search at Short Creek, Mexico, and Canada.

  91. Huh?…

  92. I have a Question I know it’s late can somebody answer please?

  93. What’s your question?

  94. There’s a Fischer of Jessop avenue in the arrests column in St. George.

    Why no Nevermissashott? Scarsce these days.

  95. Also Daniel Bateman Black of Fredonia AZ.

  96. Also Alexander Lawrence Liddiard, Jon Jeffs Musser, John Taylor Johnson, , all of St. George, and Emil Fisher of Hildale. Poor boys are dropping like flies. Sad.

  97. Remote polygamist FLDS compound in South Dakota once run by Warren Jeffs has asked authorities to let them DOUBLE their water use

    Meanwhile, Jeffs claimed he wasn’t sure how many people live on the 140-acre compound near Pringle where he spends nearly all his time

    Read more:

  98. No way to edit my previous…The 2nd sentence is regarding Seth Jeffs, who says he is the compound’s ‘water operator’.

  99. have you al seen the marriage liscense application for a marriage to a second wife. that was in the paper last week. they are assuming that the new laws will okay that.

  100. Since all 50 states have statutes against bigamy (multiple licensed marriages), I don’t see that the current law applies to that situation. Bigamy is a separate issue…but, he can try and then start his own lawsuit, if he wishes.

  101. Does anyone have a link to Warren’s dictations?

  102. Warren Jeffs: In His Own Words

  103. Thank you….

  104. 5 year-old Jerold Joseph Williams from Colorado City went missing during a camping trip yesterday. Seems suspicious to me.

  105. Asshole comment fredoniafriend

  106. Meet the ex-fundamentalist Mormon who left Warren Jeffs’ sect and started his own tech company
    Mark Davis is the brains behind a new device that lets smartphone users project their apps for use on most surfaces
    The Salt Lake City man’s success in the tech world is impressive considering his upbringing in the fundamentalist Mormon church
    Davis spent his childhood in Short Creek, Arizona, and even attended a school where the infamous Warren Jeffs was principal
    When Jeffs took control of the church, Davis became disillusioned with it and decided to strike out on his own at the age of 24

    Davis grew up in Short Creek Community on the Utah-Arizona border as a member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, a group that split from mainstream Mormonism at the turn of the 20th century when polygamy was outlawed.
    The oldest of eight children, Davis came from a well-established family in the FLDS community, and knew former church leader Rulon Jeffs, father of the infamous Warren, well.

    Read more:

  107. USA Today : 4 still missing in Utah flash flood; 9 now dead
    4:19 p.m. EDT September 15, 2015

    HILDALE, Utah — Fire and public works crews continued working Tuesday to monitor flood crossings and search the banks of Short Creek for four people still missing after two cars were caught in a flash flood in Utah that has claimed nine lives.

    On Monday, several vehicles were reportedly swept into waterways after heavy rains hit at approximately 5 p.m. MT, including two vehicles that had been carrying at least 16 people in Maxwell Canyon north of the city, said Kevin Barlow, assistant fire chief. The victims included women and small children, all from the Colorado City, Ariz., and Hildale, Utah, area. The towns are adjacent to each other across the state line.
    The victims were from several families and included women and small children, the youngest of which was 4, Barlow said. All were from the Colorado City and Hildale area on the Utah-Arizona border.

  108. Tragic. With more rain on the way.

    Here are the news stories. The pictures are heartbreaking.

  109. Very sad, for all involved. In a small closed community, such as this, it’s a horrible loss.

  110. Watched the CNN documentary which focused on two of Warren Jeff’s children who left the FLDS. Just couldn’t stop wishing that the Texas courts had done more to stop Jeff’s from communicating so openly to his followers in his incarceration. Even though Texas is to be commended for convicting him, the system inadvertently has allowed his crimes to continue. He is as dangerous behind bars as he was free. I heard of one convicted pedophile who had restrictions places on him — wasn’t allowed to contact certain people etc. Guess now it’s too late. Not even sure what legally could or can be done. Whatever Texas still has an FLDS headache.

    As one of his children, one said that everyone he knows in the FLDS has hurt by personal accusations made by WSJ against them. And as for his children, my hear goes out to them.

  111. I watched it, as well. I am glad to see that more and more people are coming to their senses and fleeing, but sad that others are still ‘true believers’. I keep waiting for WJ to sends a blistering missive blaming the community for the recent drowning deaths, because they have ‘failed him’ in some way. It’s the kind of cruelness that’s right up his sick alley!

  112. Saw in this interview with the son of WJ who left that he wishes that communication from WJ from prison could be curtailed because he believes that is how is father is still controlling the FLDS.

  113. Continue your discussion on General Discussion #87 – Prophet’s Prey

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