General Discussion #84: The Truth Starts to Emerge

It appears that Willie has cut a deal with the Dept of Justice and is singing like a canary. Here is his Declaration that was filed in the DOJ case against Hildale and Colorado City.

Willie Jessop Declaration

Also Letter 1 from George M. Allred aka George M. Barlow

George Barlow Allred Letter 1

And Letter 2

George Barlow Allred Letter 2

Now George is an interesting character and attorney Blake Hamilton is attempting to cast doubt on whether this man is also George M. Barlow who is in charge for the church. Turns out that George was born George Maurice Barlow in 1962. His biological parents are Louis Jessop Barlow and Lucy Johnson. Louis was kicked out in Warren’s power play and Lucy was remarried to Richard Jeffs Allred in 2004. Richard is Warren’s first cousin by way of his father’s sister Leona who was married to Rulon Clark Allred. Any way, from 2004 onward George’s FLDS name became Allred but his legal name is still Barlow.

Hope these details clear things up for Mr. Hamilton although it appears that he is probably only covering his own butt since in Willie’s Declaration it says that Mr. Hamilton was present at many of the meetings that were held to block Bruce Wisan from fulfilling his duties and also to keep the Cooke’s from getting utilities.

~ by FLDS TEXAS on November 7, 2013.

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  1. I heard that Warren issued a revelation about a new ordinance where all the girls 12 and over were to turn themselves in to be impregnated by one of 3 chosen men. The men were to be completed shrowded so that they couldn’t be identified. As part of the ordinance it was to be witnessed and also the female had to be tied up. Guess he is channeling back to his rape of Merrianne when he issued this ordinance.

  2. Go to the police and tell them everything you know. It’s not enough to post it on a blog.

  3. “I heard” is a pretty loose term. If its from a reliable source you should contact authorities. If its just something being passed around as gossip then my personal opinion is you need to find better things to do with your time than gossip.

  4. The authorities have been informed and are aware of the situation. It was a word of mouth revelation, not a written one and the ordinance is also verbal. I learned of it from 2 independent sources who recently left the cult. One left with her 13 year old daughter just because of this new ordinance.

  5. Warren’s mental madness continues, I see.

  6. Does anyone recognize any of the teens from TLC Reality TV series “Breaking the Faith” or are they doing the same thing as with “Breaking Amish” and use only random people, some of which never were Amish (or in this case FLDS)?

  7. Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer give a damn.

  8. Is the Breaking the Faith show on yet? I haven’t seen it and thought it wasn’t going to be shown until December.

    I’ve heard there are actually 2 shows, 1 that Flora and Brandon are heading up and then another show. Which is which?

  9. Breaking the faith starts November 24th. I don’t know when Flora’s show starts.

  10. A sneak peek at Breaking the Faith

  11. The letters – An independent currency sure would be a bizarre twist – remember Mormon Currency? I wonder if that would effectively prohibit non FLDS from shopping the merc or other Creek businesses.

    Anybody notice that in the first letter George appears to be writing from North Dakota?

  12. I don’t personally know any of the kids from the Breaking the Faith trailer, but the clothing is correct, and the accent is correct. a couple of them look like Jessops.

  13. Thanks Tom!

    @ExCreeker: Yes, there are two shows- Brandon & Flora’s is “Escaping the Prophet” and the other one with the teens is “Breaking the Faith”.

  14. @ Third Cousin: The “silver” is really … weird.
    As per ND: Is that were UO people will be transferred to in January? Or was George just there because of the FLDS companies working there?

  15. Not sure why George was in ND, but it’s got to be hard to govern the Crick when you are thousands of miles away.

  16. Regardless of what Hollywood portrays about our hometown …

    The facts remain:

    *Perfect setting to have a wonderful family experience.
    *Stars at night and cool clean water to drink 100% free.
    *Our inheritance from loving ancestors
    * Etc Etc …

    The problem is … We have a society that is into child abuse on
    Levels that exceed reason. THIS MUST CEASE !

    Give me a call if you want to do something positive and proactive
    With a group of other people who are inheritors … and have the right
    to concern themselves with the governance of CCA/Hildale. All others

    Spencer Wayne Black 435-619-1321

  17. They have taken a group of children who are undergoing
    deprogramming and a series of medications and re dressed
    them into costumes. Martha Barlow in particular has been in
    a conversation all along the way. I advised her not to participate
    yet she has no home car money hope … And TLC is making
    big promises. Once again more abuse. These kids aren’t being
    helped, they are being manipulated into believing that they hold
    the keys necessary to destroy their hometown. Does this make sense?

  18. I like your style, Spencer Wayne Black, and I’ll help any way I can.

  19. Ahh, who’s right to govern. The age-old question!

  20. I govern myself, Shirl……other-Anon

  21. Body found near Colorado City. Actually “human remains”. Sounds like the bones have been there for a long time. It was in a shallow grave, face down, hands secured behind the back. Someone told me it is a female but I have only found two news links, this one and another on KSL’s website.

  22. Can’t help wonder about the remains

  23. It could be an truly unfortunate coincidence of a body dump near the town…or…something more sinister, if it turns out to be someone related to town. Especially if the reports are true that the hands were bound. I hope there is a follow up story soon.

  24. The skeletons in the ground cant tell their stories …
    Its over for them.

    BUT the kids can tell you whats going on.
    As a child, I knew that there were dangerous characters
    here in Hildale/CCA. I left on my own accord at 17.
    The world seemed like a kinder place, and in many ways
    it was. The demonic acts leveled at women and children
    performed here rival anywhere in the middle east. They
    just do it in hidden ways and behind closed doors.
    `The systematic mutilation of innocence…

    Im beyond tired of hearing another woman or child witness
    their souls death to me…

    I have not received any phone calls, and I know why.
    No one here has the strength to lead or teach in a Godly
    Manner. They are terrified, and they should be.

    The criminals in office here and their mongrel buddies need
    to be removed immediately. If the States want to do something
    effective, START HERE.

    They worship someone who is clearly mentally ILL.
    Their doctrine is idol-ic and corrupt.

    Shame on the Barlow Family …
    Shame on the Jeffs ..
    Shame on anyone whoever supported judgement hatred
    cruelty and the vain interruption of a child’s divine connection
    to their FATHER IN HEAVEN !

    Love tenderness patience and GOD Within .. = A Parent


  25. Sounds like a tweeker…

  26. “The principle” tumblr has a couple posts about two of the girls who will be on the new TLC “Breaking the Faith” show:

    Yeah the TLC storyline is playacting or maybe like a historical re-enactment but I don’t begrudge these women the opportunity to make money to support themselves.

  27. No news on the remains?

    They are probably going to find out the remains are my good twin and ive been pretending to be him this whole time. Lol

  28. I don’t know if we will hear anything. If it was someone who was in Texas there is a possibility that there could be a DNA match as DNA samples were taken there. Otherwise, it is a long shot.

  29. I don’t begrudge any of the kids on the show from making money. I just hope they present it accurately and don’t outright lie.

    2 of the boys on the show are sons of Lyle. They have different moms, but they same idiot for a dad.

  30. I dont begrudge any apostate. The fools that coach them to cry like little babies on the other hand…..make me wish murder was legal.

  31. Even though the defense attorney knows who George Allred (George Barlow) is, in a court of law, I believe the prosecution must prove they have the correct person, and the defense is merely forcing the prosecution to do their job.

  32. All they would have to do is take the deposition of the fellow and ask him what was his name at birth.

  33. Amazing that Matt Jeffs got exes for jackng off when his uncle does it multiple times a day. Matt is the nephew of Rebecca Wall.

  34. Haha! That show was such a bunch of crock!

  35. Why do you say that Don?

  36. They aired it like it was a documentary when some of these people left years ago.

  37. Did those boys really get those girls out? Or were the girls already out? I kinda got the feeling that one of the houses they were filming in was a staged abandoned house.

  38. Don there was no pretense that the men were out and had been for some time. Are you saying that the women they were attempting to bring out left years ago?

  39. I just presumed much of the show was a reenactment of what happened leading up to the girls getting out. [You don’t drive around town in a car all lit up for the cameras if you’re trying to be covert.] Interspersed with real shots of ‘the crick’ and it’s day to day life. Overall, I thought it was a good introduction for people who were seeing the FLDS life, in the two cities, for the first time.

  40. I agree mc1199. I think it was more of a reenactment of what the girls went through trying to get up the nerve to leave.

  41. I wasn’t exactly clear. That is pretty much what I meant. None of these people are currently FLDS.

  42. I don’t have a problem with a reenactment if it’s reasonably factual. I think they should let the audience know, though, if it is a reenactment. It left me wondering whether they actually sneaked cameras in to people and discussed leaving with them before they actually left. They could have been clearer about that.

    However I didn’t see anything that was out of character with what I know about the FLDS. It doesn’t trouble me if there are some details that are not completely factual, as long as the overall story is.

  43. Well —– if anyone ever doubted there was real fear in the women trying to escape the FLDS clutches, finding this skeleton in their closet should clue them in.

  44. The Harker dairy farm in Beryl, UT will be sold by Wisans.

  45. Short article from the SLT:

    “Boyd Wallace Roundy was found dead Friday morning near Dover, Ark., according to multiple news reports from the area. He was 62. ”

    He was repenting from afar and died due a from a fall from a tree.

  46. So sad about Boyd, that he had to die alone when he had a loving family wishing they could reach him.

  47. Just read the story lines for Flora’s new show. Looks like most are old news. Hope they come clean that they are reenactment sand don’t try to pass them off as something actually happening at that moment.

  48. Break out your tin foil…

  49. The show says, right at the beginning, that it’s ”based on actual events and situations. In order to protect former and current members of the FLDS
    Church, incidents and timelines have been changed and dramatizations have been incorporated”. No where does it claim to be a live event.

  50. What is this show called, and what channel?

  51. Escaping the Prophet on TLC

  52. mc, I know that is on the current TLC show Breaking the Faith, but is it also going to be on Flora’s?

  53. Carlos Jr is an interesting boy.

  54. Yeah, that was my error. I haven’t seen the adverts for Flora’s show, yet. Not sure how hers will work, but I can’t seem them doing much live filming without a [real] police escort or interference from the ‘true believers’ who see her [and others who have fled] as the devil.

  55. The Utah court just overturned Utah’s polygamy law. Wonder if that voids their statehood.

  56. Apparently Waddoups has ruled on the Brown case. Check out the New York Times.

  57. It was the right thing to do.

  58. Doesn’t have any affect anywhere else

  59. It just gives UT the same policy as everywhere else.

  60. Here is the actual document deciding the Brown case:

  61. Off topic: I’m making Mormon funeral potatoes for Christmas dinner.

  62. mmmmm…..

    Christmas spuds…

  63. TC, I am jealous. Seriously.

  64. Merry Christmas, Polygamy style…



  65. Yehaaa, they were delicious.

  66. So will the UT sister-wives now be getting “lesbian” weddings like the Canadian sister-wives do?

  67. Staged or not, those Breaking the Faith ladies are even more adorable than their Breaking Amish counterparts.


  68. NGEO is showing a Polygamy USA marathon all day (CPark).

  69. Hello, new here. Is there any recommended reading here? I am not “new” to polygamy, I have read all the former polygamists books. I also watch the public access show “What love is this” and listen to Kristyn Deckers radio show.

  70. Court orders residents of YFZ ranch to vacate .. and new photos of YFZ

  71. Could Warren’s reign possibly play out anymore like the reign of King Noah in the BOM? The jury’s still out on the ending, but everything else is spot on.

  72. The State of Texas won a default judgment Monday in the YFZ Ranch seizure lawsuit. The FLDS and the United Order of Texas now have 30 days to file a Motion for New Trial to vacate the judgment. More details at

    Thanks to the Eldorado Success for keeping us up to date on matters.

  73. Broken, if you’ve done all that then you are pretty well up on things.

  74. Here is your opportunity Texas.Turn the YFZ into a tourist attraction,much like the Alcatraz Prison is set-up.Use some of the precedes to help re-educate those such as the “lost boys” and others that have suffered under the Jeffs regime.

  75. Yeah. All twelve of us might cover one of their text books….

  76. When did this place become such a ghost town?

  77. Any thoughts on Flora’s show…Escaping the Prophet? On the episode the other night, I was so pleased to finally put a face to Ruth Cooke. The Texas Polygamy site, where she would write and write and write, has been fairly inactive for some time [as far as I can tell]. I know she was having a pretty rough time in town and was glad to hear she had finally made a decision to move on! I hope she is still doing well.

  78. I saw the episode with Ruth also,I live in Colorado City,AZ saw her at the post office 1& 1/2 weeks ago,looks like she’s back…..other-Anon

  79. Hope Ruth is safe if she is back. The fact that she left Flora help her speaks volumes.

    Other-anon, where is Ruth’s daughter, if you know?

  80. She was/is so deeply scarred, I wondered how long she’d be able to stay away. It’s difficult to leave the life you know, even when it causes such pain.

  81. I’ve heard that Joe S. Jessop has passed away aged 92. He was on the National Geographic cover a few years back.

  82. I guess that Warren can curse Texas with a drought….then show everyone how “powerful” he is.(He would be a bit late about it though).It wont be long before he fades into oblivion,just as Ervil did.He is nothing without a flock around to control and use for his own selfish deeds.

  83. This just in from Buster Johnson :
    Press Release: Millions of Tax Payer Dollars Still Flowing to Colorado City for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance & Medicaid Lake Havasu City, AZ – Supervisor Buster Johnson has received an updated report from the Department of Economic Security (DES) on the number of recipients receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Payments (SNAP) and Medicaid paid out by tax payer dollars in the Colorado City area. Supervisor Johnson, who has fought for the rights of women and children in Colorado City since taking office in 1997, first notified the public of his concerns regarding this issue back in September. “This new report continues to show that over 90% of the population of Colorado City is receiving supplemental nutrition and medical assistance,” Johnson stated. “Over $400,000 a month in SNAP benefits alone is being paid out for a town with a population of only a little under five thousand,” Johnson continued. The DES figures showed that over $12 million in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance was paid out from July of 2011 to December of 2013. “For a small town, these numbers continue to be outrageous. While recipients around the state saw their SNAP benefits cut by 5% in November, those in Colorado City don’t seem to be feeling the same hardship,” Johnson said. According to the latest figures, in December of 2013 approximately $428,099 was paid out for SNAP benefits on 529 cases resulting in a total household SNAP benefit of a little over $800 a month. “The average benefit for a household in the state of Arizona is roughly $288. The households in Colorado City are receiving over two times that amount,” Johnson said. During the past 17 years in public office, Supervisor Johnson has continued to see the FLDS “bleed the beast,” a term used by the FLDS prophet to justify the taking of tax payer dollars. “The women and children in Colorado City are not the ones receiving the actual benefits. They have been forced on a strict diet of water and beans by order of the FLDS prophet, Warren Jeffs,” Johnson explained. The figures released to Johnson’s office also show that for that same time period a total of 141,363 medical related appointments were made and paid for with tax payer dollars. While the report does not specify exactly how much money was paid out for medical assistance in the Colorado City area, the number can be estimated by going off the reported average cost of $199 per doctor visit in the United States. “By going off of the $199 per visit number, the amount paid for with tax payer dollars for 2013 alone would have amounted to a total cost of over $11 million,” Johnson ended.

  84. Thanks for the data BIB. If you cannot financially take care of your children you should not have them. They call it bleeding the beast. It looks more like fraud to me.

  85. The Ronald and Jinjer Cooke vs. Short Creek towns begins this week in Phoenix. Article in the SLT on it.

  86. Feds are gonna be getting up in the FLDS grill

  87. Bye bye YFZ

  88. OOOPSY

    East come easy go, eh Warren??

  89. the worst thing about that YFZ deal is that it’s all the people’s money, gone to nothing, really. Wish there was a way to get all that illicit tithing money back to those who could really use it, but that’s unlikely to happen.

  90. Even worse is the money that went to Attorneys…

    Looking from the outside, it seems the smart ones should have bailed early on and quite digging deep to fund the bottomless pit known as Warren Jeffs.

    Caught in the Fool’s Vortex, they were. What a shame.

  91. It is a shame yeahaaa but unfortunately in most cases if the money were given back to those who gave it it would simply be turned back over to Warren and Company.

  92. If they don’t care, then I won’t either.

  93. The flds are staying true to warren’s answer them nothing policy. It worked for the yfz as well as it did for the default judgment given to Willie Jessop.

  94. Even after writing such a nice song? C’mon, TX.

  95. Er, shoulda been:

  96. What will happen to the mothers and children left at the ranch? Have most of them gradually blended back into their former homes with family? Have the teenagers at the time of Oprah’s visit to the ranch left and tried to find futures on the outside? I cant image how they are managing and hope the rumors of diet restriction to beans etc are unfounded.

  97. Older Anon – to the best of my knowledge there are no children left at the ranch, only a handful of men.

  98. Macho rim given what was proven at the trial the Justices at both the Court of Appeals and also the Supreme Court said if they had been allowed to see that evidence they would have never returned the children.

  99. Who is the young woman with the law books and the “from victim to lawyer” caption?

  100. Good question, CalGal.

    From her frame, I’d have to guess it’s one of Warren’s daughters.

  101. Warren in the SLTrib:

  102. Rebecca Musser in the SLTrib:

  103. I always thought the “victim to lawyer” girl was Teresa Jeffs

  104. Yes, that’s Teresa Jeffs. Her parents are Warren Jeffs and Annette Barlow Jeffs.

  105. Kinda looks like her.

  106. Yes that’s Teresa Jeffs. See:

  107. Video above is obviously made by the flds. Its slow and painfully gooby.
    Who caused their problems? Uhhhh they did. The freedom in the USA hahahahahahahah that shows how out of reality they really are! This is the land of Babylon …. remember? No fare shake here unless your rich and connected to the people who have over taken by force. They should say prayers night and day thanking the American people for their timely release from the terror that was intended them. If the mountian of evidence of their ignorance and stupidity had been fully presented… they would have never seen their kids again.. Oh BTW Jan Brewer has an ALL NEW CPS! You think she will forget CCA? NOPE! This thing aint near over .. lots of lernin up ahead for these arrogant ignorant manworshiping brown nosing zealots who profess to know GOD better than others… They are judgemental rejectors of Truth. They are rebels and hypocrites hiding behind women and children.. Little BOYS really. The colateral damage is mindblowing as the YFZ ranch slips into new ownership. They have gutted themselves in their egoic foolish parade in front of the world. The good squandered in the name of some religious drama … ALL to come crashing down around them as the noose slides slowly over their necks. They have lost everything and have gained nothing but more evidence that GOD isnt a program. He is inside EVERYONE … Waiting to be recognized.


    It looks like Short Creek is getting a Temple after all; as C-Park will be purchasing Barry Knoll from Wisan.

    Fans of the show “Polygamy USA” may recall that the C-Parkers have been absolutely Jonesing to build a Temple on that site.

    I doubt it will wind up being as huge as the FLDS Temple in TX, but I am really hoping that it will be noticeably larger than the LDS Temple in St George. 👿

  109. Pipe down, everyone!

    The C Park acquisition of Berry Knoll is officially official.

  110. Here’s the latest testimony from our friend Winston Blackmore:

  111. Enforce occupancy agreements… Yes
    Let the complainers go to the real world and pay $1200 a month
    for a teeny house and get bolted up real tight to the treadmill of
    the matrix for a while. If $100 per month seems to much.
    Some of the people control large pieces of real estate for just that.
    Yet their yards reflect armageddon ? Their attitudes are rebellious?
    Bye fools.. you do not belong here. Pack your belongings and leave.
    There is a group who will come in behind you and clean up your mess.
    The recent outburst in the meeting at the holms house was your
    defining moment. NOW you will find out where the power of decision truly
    IS! Your time is up.

  112. Warren Jeffs in hospital Galveston, Texas per state website also SLTrib.

  113. Dear Warren Jeffs.. Its ok to die. I dont think theres enough life left
    for you to make amends anyway … soooo . Your dismissed.

  114. Speaking of Jeffs, really weird story from a few months back about the cop that pulled him over…

    “Now for the first time, News 3 has the real story of Jeffs’ arrest that led to the downfall of one of the state’s top cops who has generated millions of dollars for the state from seizures of drugs and cash. “

  115. Interesting! Especially the ‘not remembering’ being busted at the border with illegal drugs.



  118. Lorin Holm got his kids:

  119. Ron and Jinger Cooke won their lawsuit and were awarded $5.4 million.

  120. Warren Jeffs spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital. Most like he was fasting again.

  121. A 14 year old boy in Short Creek died in an accident on a fork lift. Initial reports suggested child labor violations but later articles just said the incident is being investigated. Looks like he drove it off a bridge.

  122. Where is Berry Knoll? I have looked on google maps and I can’t get a clue where it is. Also I heard they closed the dairy and shipped out the cows. Can anyone confirm? I think I may have read that a CP person bought them and moved them out west of Cedar City, but I don’t know if that is true.

  123. CalGal, try this…from a few yrs back on this site.

  124. If that doesn’t work, it looks like north of Airport Rd, east of the airport and north, with a dog leg, over to Apple and west of Hwy 389.

  125. Thank you. And what is it about Berry Knoll that caused the trustee to choose it as the particular parcel that should be sold?

  126. “As for Berry Knoll, Joseph W. Musser, an early leader in the fundamentalist Mormon movement, prophesied in 1934 it would some day be a temple site. The filing includes diary and book excerpts as well as church hymns that refer to Berry Knoll’s sacred and historical significance.”

    Even though Musser has been retroactively removed from the FLDS Prophet lineage due to a sermon he had given opposing one-man rule, the C-Park group still holds him in high esteem.

    Berry Knoll was selected simply because there was an interested buyer; no other reason.

  127. OK. Thank you.

  128. Lorin Holm has just been granted custody of his children who were with mothers still in FLDS. Is Lorin following William Timpson or has he given up his faith in FLDS dogma?

  129. Ahahahahahahahah Lorin Holms … How smart is Warren Jeffs now
    BOY … Hope you lernt yer lesson. Dum fuk

  130. It’s doubtful that this blog will let this post see the light of day, but:

    Tonto Supply, Inc. was completely vindicated in the lawsuit filed against it in Mohave County.

    Turns out that the “parties unknown” who were financing this litigation against Tonto hired a completely incompetent and dishonest lawyer. Court transcripts reveal that the lawyer was more interested in attacking FLDS traditions than trying to prove her trumped-up case. The transcript of court testimony and pleadings filed in the case are borderline comical. The lawyer hired to attack Tonto Supply actually tried to admit a print-out from an anti-FLDS blog as evidence!

    It seems only fair that the 2009 post about the lawsuit be followed with a report about the end of the lawsuit, regardless of how it ended.

  131. Cool.

    It’s always a good day when the Plygophobes get a short haircut.

  132. 9 employees laid off at The Salt Lake Tribune yesterday. Not affected by the layoffs, but leaving on their own accord: Former polygamy reporter Brooke Adams is leaving the Tribune to work as a spokesperson for the Utah Department of Corrections. Current polygamy reporter Jim Dalrymple is leaving the Tribune to work for Buzzfeed.

  133. Child Bride of Short Creek: Full movie

  134. Never saw this film before. A softer look.

  135. @karen

    Obviously, the only logical solution is to force Lindsay Whitehurst back onto the beat…. Wishful thinking.

    That liberal rag will likely be dead by the 4th of July, which is unfortunate; since no other paper has a plyg section.

  136. Does anyone know whether the 200 acre ranch near Mancos,Colorado run by WSJ’s group is still going,haven’t heard anything for quite a while….other-Anon

  137. It’s done.

  138. More on the YFZ seizure.


  140. I finally updated my blog, for anyone who cares.

  141. Glad to read your blog and hear how things are going. Hang in there – sounds very hopeful. Hope you can continue to work on the relationship with your family if that is what’s best.

    BTW, making mormon funeral potatoes again for a funeral next week 🙂 You’re probably salivating by now.

  142. I will say I had a dream about funeral potatoes and Lindsey Stirling the other night, so maybe this post had some sort of affect on my brain. Who knows.

  143. Well there’s an interesting combination Yehaaa. You may need therapy (just like the rest of us).

  144. haha that’s fair enough. I think I’m doing alright so far though. :p

  145. new photos of INSIDE YFZ are not posted:

  146. lol yehaaablog Lindsey Stirling eh. Maybe you just thought the same thing I did after watching the shadows music video. “Last time i saw dancing like that there was a pole involved”

  147. Elizabeth Smart who was kidnapped in 2002 by polygamist Brian David Mitchell is working with the Holding Out Help organization. She will be speaking out at a fund raiser.

  148. Excellent AT.

  149. Another guessing game for you all.

  150. Thanks for the picture KitKat. See the new thread for a numbered version for easier naming.

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