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~ by FLDS TEXAS on December 13, 2011.

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  2. Congratulations FLDS Texas! on the counter….

    Here is an article on welfare abuse and polygamy in England

  3. Some time ago I urged my Senator against confirming David Nuffer as U.S. District Judge, explaining his role in returning FLDS children to their polygamist relatives and the bad outcomes that produced. This is all I got back:

    “I recognize the president is entitled to nominate the people he believes are best qualified for the job. At the same time, I have a constitutional advice-and-consent role on those President Obama nominates. This is an obligation I take seriously. In exercising my role, I will carefully review the nomination of David Nuffer to become a judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah.”

    I was disappointed that he did not acknowledge the substance of my objection. Probably just a form letter from a staffer.

  4. 3 C: That sounds very similar to the note I received from the senator from my state who sent a response. The other senator did not send a response.

  5. Well they have to write the politically correct language. I got the same from one of mine. Hopefully enough will vote against it based on our letters.


    SALT LAKE CITY — Utah is poised to have a full complement of federal judges for the first time in more than two years.

    Pending Senate approval of two nominees, the U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City will be back up to five full-time judges. But those confirmations don’t come quickly.

    One of those nominees, David Nuffer, who currently works as a federal magistrate, has waited since June. The Senate, though, is expected to confirm him before it adjourns this month.

    Please read the rest of the article, and then CALL your senator! This article says that Nuffer “is going to be controversial in any way.”


  7. Reposting, since I left out a very important part of the last sentence.​article/705395491/​Utahs-short-handed-federal-benc​h-still-waiting-for-reinforcem​ents.html

    SALT LAKE CITY — Utah is poised to have a full complement of federal judges for the first time in more than two years.

    Pending Senate approval of two nominees, the U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City will be back up to five full-time judges. But those confirmations don’t come quickly.

    One of those nominees, David Nuffer, who currently works as a federal magistrate, has waited since June. The Senate, though, is expected to confirm him before it adjourns this month.

    Please read the rest of the article, and then CALL your senator! This article says that Nuffer “is not going to be controversial in any way.”


  8. Speaking of political correctness, I just finished reading an interesting book, “Without Firing a Shot.” It’s about using political correctness as mind control. It even has a chapter about his mother in law, the pedophile profit’s sister Elaine.

    Check it out.

  9. WoW

    Warren Jeffs is managing to threaten people from lockup and his
    earthly mission advances. The good people in Cca/Hildale are swallowing
    his visions of destruction, and operating on them as if they were real.
    Is there a way to have this communication stop? We have heard enough.
    If anyone wants to know how the story ends, maybe they can read their Bible ? Its all in there 🙂

  10. My, my here are more revelations from that felonious profit Warren Jeffs!

    If anything they offer a look inside look at a crumbling mind, slowly losing touch with reality IMO.

    The sad thing is some of the FLDS still take this seriously, for us Texans they are good for a laugh. Really Warren, do you really believe this stuff you write?

    This does raise the question, what’s Warren & Lylles end game with this.

    Are they on the David Koresh-Jim Jones route or something worse.

    Hopefully, the Warranite faction will just fade away with Warren dying a forgotten old man buried at Peckerwood Hill cemetery, just another forgotten name among many forgotten names.

  11. The revelations of the damned

    Toxic at best.

    What does damnation serve if not to exhibit a Living Hell?
    The Fear load isn’t gods work. That is defeat. Warren preaches
    apostasy ( to abandon ) the true kingdom of God.
    ( The Kingdom of Love )
    He seeks to warp minds with anxiety and unrest. Causing ( Spiritual death )

    We can help turn this around by increasing our Love.

    Please seize his pen.

    M&M 🙂

  12. Seems to me he took a direct shot at Rebecca Musser (or Carolyn Jessop)

    42. Now let the nation know truth, that the apostate enemy witness against all these of my holy people now in prison in Texas unjust rulings and prejudiced jury assembled in each trial, even she who was once pure, has become an full power of corruption in her own life; of a unholy way of living; having been of Celestial Eternal Plural Union in Marriage living, then becoming as an adulterous woman; even so it is, as she is upheld by all as reliable, yet corrupt in all ways of living , like unto this wicked, unholy and adulterous and Sodom generation now on my land.

  13. Sounds more like Rebecca to me since she has testified at every trial and Carolyn has only testified against those she is related to. I think she testified at Raymond, Leroy and Merril, plus Warren. I might be mistaken though. I know she didn’t testify at Abram Jeffs.

  14. FLDS Texas, Congratulations – you have topped 1 million hits !

  15. I really think Warren has been able to spew out whatever he wants and has seen the sheeple believed it hook, line and sinker for so many years that he now is under the delusion that we will all buy into his crap if he just publishes his ranting. It didn’t work the first, second, or third time. Time will tell how many rants before he gets it.

  16. Hey Warren

    Rebecca escaped, she hopped over your stupid fence where you imprisoned some of your poor victims, she didnt want your stinking carcass, which is fit for a prison cot, and verily I say unto thee, you seem to fit in it so well.

    Now, bang thine head against the brick wall your God hath provided thee.

    This is not a test.

  17. Warren must be working late each night to think all this carp up. I wonder if it just flows thru his brain or if he has to think this stuff up as he goes along?

  18. Warren, you are not God. You are a child rapist in prison in the state of Texas. Get over yourself. You are going to die in prison. Other countries don’t give a damn about your proclamations. But hey, enjoy your all white prison wardrobe.

  19. I grew up in such times that we didn’t have the internet, telephones or tin foil.

    My folks grew up in the dirty 30’s and mom always stressed to have a little extra of this and that on hand..

    If I should run out of tin foil I can go to plan B. Stainless steel bowls tipped upside down. They usually come in packages of 3. 🙂

    I also grew up when the telephone system was part of a “party line”. lol Mrs. B. never knew that we knew. But we knew.

    And I still have a sense of humor. 🙂

  20. Pathgirl, I think they should make an exception in Warren’s case and make his prison uniform be red.

  21. It may appear Warren is addressing all his crazy ‘warnings’ to the nation (and the rest of the world) but he knows the rest of the world will ignore his ridiculous diatribes. They aren’t meant for the purported addressees anyway.

    He’s ONLY talking to the zombie faithful… making them “see” how he has their best interests at heart, keeping them controlled, keeping the $$$ coming in while he (and Lyle) laugh their frickin’ heads off when his zombie pawns holy-roll to every bizarre requirement. Those ‘revelations’ keep them prepared for any and every outlandish, tyrannical thing he can pull on them. You haven’t even heard the half of it yet.

    He’s playing a grotesque game with live pawns — a game derived from his extreme narcissistic personality. If a pawn questions one of his made-up rules, they’re (lucky for them) out of the game. It doesn’t matter if when they are booted, they are irreparably damaged and broken. Destruction is what’s on his mind and it’s also the name of the game.

    He knows how evil and destructive he’s being. Remember, he’s already confessed he is the wickedest man on the face of the earth — one of the few times he wasn’t lying after he succumbed to a little fear delivered by the Feds back in Utah. Oh… he managed to recoup. He knows he’s not getting out of jail free. It matters not one iota to him how much harm and havoc he’s wreaking. In his mind, if people are dumb enough to believe a lie, it’s their own damn fault. He’s going to get his jollies as long as he can… all the way to its probable implosion and/or his grave.

    The other REALLY wicked thing is, if he wanted to, Lyle could end the whole game tomorrow and only take a few hours to do it. But he’s a weak-willed bully getting a taste of power. He’s part of the cover-up now and doesn’t have the cajones to fess up. Zero integrity there.

    At this point, the best (only?) way the zombie pawns can win this game is to turn on the man behind bars by saying, “No!” and walk away.

  22. Next up in the Crick… the prosecution of Jacob Barlow, chief of the Colorado City, Ariz., fire district.and Colorado City Town Manager David Darger “charged in an indictment alleging more than three dozen criminal offenses involving misappropriation of thousands of fire district dollars.”

  23. In the article just posted by Ejay

    Mohave County Superior Court Judge Steve Conn

    is one of the business as usual guys? 1 night in jail for raping daughters etc.?

    I had forgotten about Picarretta …. Is he as slimey as Parker? And, how can freedom of religion work anymore when the religion is group rape of twelve year olds?

    Finally I never heard of remanding the evidence back to the Grand Jury. I thought once a grand jury made its recommendation to indict that was it, you had to move forward. It isn’t up to the grand jury to prosecute just to decide there is cause to prosecute, right?

  24. Conn just gave 14 years to a man accused of sexually assaulting at least one of his daughters.

  25. Piccarreta , imo, is a real slime ball along the lines of Rod Parker. He will walk all over people unless the judge refuses his outlandish requests.

  26. Too much irony in my diet after watching this one.

    Oppositional Defiance Disorder



  27. hhg,

    In July 2008, Picarretta made the same motion to remand back to the grand jury when he was representing Warren on his Mohave County charges.

    If memory serves me correctly, that motion was denied.

  28. Google fights sex slavery!


    “SAN FRANCISCO – Tech giant Google is donating $11.5 million to organizations fighting to end the slavery of 27 million people around the world.

    It is believed to be the largest corporate grant ever devoted to the intervention and rescue of people being held, forced to work or provide sex against their will.”

    Read more:

  29. thanks EJay for your persepective. Doing all this just to continue intimidation of his followers was not what I had thought.

    What happens when none of the destrution occurs and no one lets him and Merrill out of jail? How does he explain that to his group? God changed his mind? No doubt it will be his followers fault some how.

  30. He said the sea would swell out of its banks… you know what that means.

    He retroactively prophesised Japan would have a Tsunami.

    Hindsight is 20/20, eh Warren?

    BTW I dont see Texas letting you out any sooner. If anything, they will be locking more of your nutjobs in prison as they pop up.

    Say hi to Merril!

  31. WSJ said all those predictions would happen ? You can go back into the Bible & find those descriptions about the same destructions , the Biblical Prophets talked about them , nobody can predict what month , week or day they will occur , just that they will happen , not even the Prophets said that , only that they will occur ……other-Anon

  32. “How does he explain that to his group? God changed his mind? No doubt it will be his followers fault some how.
    Watergirl said this on December 14, 2011 at 9:55 AM ”

    No, God didn’t change his mind… ‘YOU weren’t pure enough, YOU didn’t have enough faith… blah, blah, blah….’ always his fail-safe fallback position. As long as he keeps them fearful and dumbed down, it works like a charm.

  33. Here is the link to the article referenced above about the 14 year sentence for molestation yesterday by Conn

    Comments there wonder if he was reported because he was ex’d but names are not revealed….. interesting

  34. poverty linked to polygamy in Saudi Arabia

  35. If God did not warn the people of what would happen to them if they didn’t release his son Jesus from the confines, why would Warren think God would tell only the people of the US, that the world is in trouble?

  36. Warren has an “ODD” way of communicating his repentance!

    This wont go down well at his parole hearing.

    Oh… thats right… NO PAROLE for him regardless.

    So spout away Warren! We know you are guilty and have no remorse.

    You would do it all over again.

    Dont jump over the cliff, ODD one!

  37. Maybe a dumb question, but does Warren still have visitation with any or one of his wives? As in private time alone?

  38. Britain is tired of paying for polygamous families. When are we going to something about it here?

  39. Interviews with recently exed:

  40. Good point Bobstone.

    An Older Anon, no, he doesn’t have private time alone with his wives. The only wife who is recognized as a wife is Annette, but there is no visits like that allowed in Texas prisons.

  41. He has been spending a lot of time with Rosy Palms and her five sisters.

  42. Oh, Chaps, that’s funny – I had to look it up because I didn’t know that slang.

  43. Jackson Brown’s famous song about Rosie.

  44. Lindsay Whitehurst’s latest:

    In addition to everything we’ve already heard as reviewed in the above story, (i.e., “Several former FLDS members say the new requirements implemented by leaders loyal to Jeffs reach deep into followers’ personal lives: Men are barred from having sex with their wives, families are required to get rid of their children’s toys, girls under 18 are no longer to hold jobs or have cellphones.”) I was told there MUST be a witness present during conception… meaning if someone is permitted to procreate another person must be there to witness the act.

    Oh yay!

  45. I’m with Watergirl,let him rant and rant and rant.Just look how it turned out for Harold Camping. Not one would listen to that idiot now even if he tried to predict rain the next day. It certainly shut him up.

  46. woops! Previous was from me

  47. But Robert, if Camping is as narcissistic as Jeffs, it’s just a matter of time.

  48. Thanks ejay or who ever posted the link:

    Lindsay Whitehurst’s latest:

    Also see San Angelo papers view on revelations:

    As the Trib article points out are the FLDS moving towards some sort of meltdown?

    Are they going to become violent like the Ervil LeBaron/David Koresh polygamist groups?

    What’s Warren’s end game? We all know that from Jeffs dictations that “short creek” was to be abandoned, with only the most loyal Warranites move to the places of refuge, but then what-when they are at YFZ?

    What’s the end game Warren has planned? When the second coming and the deconstructions failed to happen, Koresh’s polygamist group moved into direct violent confrontation with LE, Ervil LeBaron’s polygamist group went on a murderous attack against apostates, and Jim Jones group committed mass suicide.

    IMO this can only end in bad.

  49. One the subject of polygamy, Elizabeth Smart spoke out at a recent Rotary Club meeting,breaking down in tears at times as she described being forced into a polygamous “marriage” with Brian David Mitchell.

    American news media on story:

    The British viewpoint on story:–raping-Elizabeth-Smart-speaks-publicly-time-abduction.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

    This might explain why she doesn’t speak on subject of polygamous marriages forced on girls her age by polygamous groups, it might just be to stressful, a post traumatic situation.

  50. Just google Mohave county news…there is a story that has the name of the person and more detail….14 years is terrible,,,come on Conn.

  51. Anon. I saw the article and Conn also ordered him to register as a sex offender when released. So on the average he might spend what 4 years if that for molesting three kids.

    Conn was the Judge that tried to “justify” some of these acts a few years ago as a “religious practice”. Ya know kinda like taking communion in a Catholic Church.

    Conn should have hung his robe up long ago.

    Do you guys remember the Arizona group that was arrested long time ago? How many of those guys are registered as sex offenders? and where are they now?

    Someone posted a link earlier about the book “Without Firing a Shot”
    by Ron Walker

    I liked it. It is a book that should be shared and talked about imo. As mentioned in the earlier post it has a chapter about Elaine Jeffs and that was interesting but the rest of the book was equally interesting. I am going to tell my kids ( who are adults) to read it and then make them talk to me about it. 🙂


  52. So, you like this book (which has absolutely nothing to do with the FLDS, fundamentalist Mormonism in general or polgyamy), but no one here will talk to you about it. And you are thinking of ordering your offspring to form a book club so you can talk about it with them. May I suggest the author’s blog, following him on twitter, or any number of OTHER locations on the internet where people might actually want to talk about it? Just a thought….

  53. The sltrib story shows that Lindsay is cow-towing to the flds like Brooke used to… The article spells it out in black and white, lest anyone miss whats going on.

  54. Stamp what do you mean that Lindsay is cow-towing?

    Betty I think I could have said what I did differently. how’s this? I am going to suggest that my kids read the book. then when they come to visit and when I suggest that they help with the dishes it might give us time and room to reflect upon the different reading material that we’ve shared.


    Talking to the author about the book seems silly since he already knows what it’s all about. Me? I didn’t say I wanted to talk about it here. I just said it should be talked about. I want face to face action on this one. I like seeing that light bulb glow bright when it clicks in.

    Isn’t today the day that Waddoups with the Sister Wives?


  55. If you don’t want to talk about that book on this blog, then why are you talking about that book on this blog? Repeatedly. Even though no one else is answering.

  56. I think I’ve seen this whole thing a time or two. Who’s on first?


    Paul Murphy had on his twitter that the Sister Wives would be in front of Waddoups today.


  57. I was told there MUST be a witness present during conception… meaning if someone is permitted to procreate another person must be there to witness the act.
    Anonymous said this on December 14, 2011 at 9:23 PM

    seriously?? Now there is a sex squad who watches people have sex?? Who signed up for that assignment and who would be willing to have someone in the bedroom??

  58. Sounds like procreation is permitted only by ordinance.

  59. The Whitehurst story of late characterizes Jessop as a “former church spokesman and current supporter of rival sect prophet.” Who is that prophet?

  60. I’m reposting the article – the language is at the top:

  61. Third cousin , that rival sect prophet is William Edson ( Timpson ) Jessop , who Thug Willy supports , al least that’s the story ….other-Anon

  62. Yeah, I think it’s funny they are still using Willie as a source.

  63. It is my understanding that he is part of “Uncle Will”‘s group and if he is the only one who is willing to talk then that would explain using him.

  64. Yes, I understand, I just find it another bizarre bit about this whole drama. He does like to talk.

  65. Ah, yes, other-anon, the son of Dell Timpson who went 2nd Ward. Does the 2nd Ward/CP have a current “prophet?”

  66. Yes ,Third Cousin , CP has a current prophet , John Timpson , William’s older brother , that’s the story I heard so far .. other-Anon

  67. CP leadership clings to the old way: John Timpson is the “President” – senior member – of their Priesthood Council. He is also a son of Dell Timpson. Back in the early 80’s (or thereabouts) Timpson and Hammon rejected the new “one-man-rule” which is what got them ousted by then ailing president, LeRoy S. Johnson (presumably). I don’t know if the CP congregation refers to John Timpson as their “prophet.” Hopefully, someone who knows can jump in here and clarify – or correct.

  68. Thanks guys, keeping this stuff straight makes my brain hurt. At least I don’t mix up my Willies anymore.

  69. A little word like “not” can be a big one, Stamp.

  70. Stamp said: Pretty funny how he tells the story of the flds booting people though, because thats his old job…

    I thought that was one of THE most amusing parts of his being ex’d!!! How’d it feel, Willie boy, with the shoe on the other foot…and that foot in your @$$???

  71. What do you think of a mainstream LDS member who lives in Utah claiming that he’s never met a polygamist? Is he lying? Really good at spin and denail? Or are there cities or neighborhoods where this might be true?

  72. Betty, I don’t think he’s particularly lying; he could very well have met or come across a UAB or Independent and not recognized them as such. Although they dress modestly, they don’t wear 1800s-style garb and poofy hairstyles. In my opinion, it would be pretty easy to never have seen the likes of a FLDS polygamist, especially if in northern Utah and don’t travel around very much. Honestly, I don’t know what the Kingstons typically look like nor the Harmston crowd… but I don’t think any other polygamous faction has the recognizability of the FLDS.

  73. To EJay-

    The Centennial Park people do NOT refer to Timpson as “prophet”. They refer to him as Bro. Timpson, much like they do the other five members of that quorum.

  74. Anon – do the CP folks believe there is no revelation-receiving prophet currently on earth? That would seem a leap historically as an LDS offshoot. Perhaps they view this as a time during which there is no living prophet?

  75. Thanks, Anon 6:51… exactly what I thought. That’s how it was before the one-man-rule too. BTW, I shook hands with Bro. Timpson and the other CP council members a couple of years ago.
    Anyway, before the 80s split, the senior Apostle was also referred to as “President” so-and-so. Is that still the case?

    I truly believe it was Warren who started using the “Prophet” moniker 30-odd years ago… after the split and when he started his “voicing for Father” routine. Yep, I was there; I’m an old fart.

  76. Betty – note that the church has been desperate to downplay its connection to polygamy for years, and as such in my experience converts or families who were converted in the last 30 years do not even grow into the faith with the knowledge of just how inextricably mormonism and polygamy are linked. And certain polygamous group members still attend and hold office in the mainstream church until they are exposed and dealt with. I hope chemist isn’t offended, and I would welcome his input. But the idea of whether a mormon in Utah (I WILL NOT stop calling LDS mormons, because having been raised one, it is ridiculous to me) could truthfully believe he has never met a polygamist, they are probably assuming they’re not the family clandestinely sitting next to them in church.

  77. Depends on how long he lived there and where. I dont think there is much in the SE. There are other problems there tho.

    A lifelong resident? Surrounded by them at times. Gaydar is broke. Ignorance is bliss.

  78. BTW a friend noted a sighting at a store last night. She had subtle hair, and the lil boys tho were standouts, long sleeve checkerboard shirts and jeans like they were in a Western movie.

    He didnt know if they were flds or CP

  79. 3C: I was very aware of the LDS history including polygamy, the Mountain Meadow massacre, etc before I joined the LDS. When I teach a youth SS class on Church History I bring up some of these things. Usually half to two thirds of them are aware of polygamy being part of the church history. Not aware that I have ever known a polygamist, did see some flds appearing women at the Walmart in Cedar City when visiting some of my wife’s relatives there several years ago

    Not aware of seeing any polygamists in the midwest where we live. IN, OH and IL all have sizeable populations of Amish and Mennonites. who wear distinctive dress. The Mennonites have a college in Northern Indiana.

    There are several billboards around the interstates in our area with “I am a mormon” on them. This is a new ad campaign and website being promoted by the mainstram LDS. Ergo, I am a mormon and if the church promotes it, I am not going to stop calling myself one. The only thing the church discourages is using the term mormon as the name of the church. They promote the official name which is COJCOLDS.

    No, I am not offended, however, be aware that I cannot speak from the viewpoint of a Utah mormon who may well have polygamist ancestors. When one of them proudly proclaims that they are a descendant of Brigham Young, I am tempted to ask, “by which of his many wives are you descended from?” LOL.

  80. Ah, my second Senator weighs in on my letter regarding David Nuffer:

    “I appreciate you taking the time to contact me on this important issue. Voting on a nominee to a federal court is one of the most important Constitutional duties the Senate performs, and I assure you that I am committed to a fair and thoughtful confirmation process. Your thoughts on this matter are appreciated.”

  81. I hope I don’t offend anyone with this:
    When I moved to Salt Lake City my good friend who had lived there for years would refer to Polygamous kids as guppies because they all looked alike from the close breeding. While we were out driving I told her I didn’t know what a guppy kid looked like so she whipped into a grocery store parking lot where the grocery store sold food in large bulk containers. She said, “Let’s just sit here for a minute and I will show you.” Sure enough in a few minutes out came a very large family with multiple grocery carts full of mega size can food and a dozen kids. They did all look alike in facial features. The fabric store also had plenty of them shopping there.

    But, I too can honestly say I never met a polygamous either since none have ever spoken to me while shopping and I don’t think they went to non-LDS churches that I attended.

  82. You dont meet them, you have to get in their face and strike up a conversation which they cant ignore. If you arent coming off as judgemental, usually they will chat with you.

    Due to their dress and odd behavior that causes people to always stare at them, they are usually feeling stared at and defensive.

  83. Don’t forget that there are many who dress completely normally. They just don’t show cleavage or wear Budweiser shirts.

  84. Ok, I never got in their face and talked to them. But, I would not want someone getting in my face while I am out shopping either. So is your point we need to get into their face and force them to communicate with us?

  85. No, I think the point is that it’s easy to see the evidence of polygamy while out shopping, but it’s also easy to ignore and deny it.

  86. Leroy Jessop’s continuing bid to be declared indigent will be heard by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on Feb 1, 2012.

  87. got a letter back several months later from my other Senator on Nuffer. Same politically correct as others we have seen. Maybe we can read between the lines, but, time will tell:

    Thank you for taking the time to contact my office to share your concerns about the nomination of David Nuffer to a seat on the District Court of Utah. Your input is important to me, and I appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts.

    I agree it is extremely important to ensure that our judges are highly qualified and that they interpret our laws and don’t legislate from the bench. The Constitution grants the President the power to nominate judges with the advice and consent of the Senate. As with all judicial nominees, I will examine Mr. Nuffer’s experience, ability, integrity, and judicial philosophy to ensure that he is qualified and will make decisions rooted in the law rather than based on his personal or political beliefs. The information you have provided here will certainly help me and my staff more effectively look into this issue.

    Thank you again for your letter. I hope you will continue to share your thoughts with me.

  88. All I get when I write my Congress critters are requests to donate to their campaigns.

  89. I got the same letter Watergirl. It’s a form of a form I guess.

  90. These letters from the various Congress-people are the equivalent of asking your kids to take out the trash, while they’re playing video games, and you get the non responsive…”yes, Mom…” and then they continue to ignore your request and pretend you aren’t even in the room.

  91. I said in the past & I’ll say it again they’re politicians , they don’t care about the people in this country , only how much money they can make & get reelected , THEY’RE CORRUPT !!!! other-Anon

  92. Betty, if you haven’t spent a lot of time in Utah you might not be familiar with the vast geographic area and the cultural differences between them. I grew up in a northern suburb of Salt Lake City and have lived there on and off in my adulthood. I have never met anyone I knew was a polygamist or anyone who was even slightly suspiciously polygamist. If I had, I would certainly remember, as I would have thought it very strange indeed. I think it would be different if I had grown up in southern Utah, near St. George or Hurricane or CC/Hildale. For all I know, you see polygamists in droves there. But that is hours away from Salt Lake City.

    I am neither lying nor in denial. I am an attorney with degrees from Harvard and Stanford. Some people will believe what they want to believe no matter what evidence there is to the contrary. If you want to believe that Utah is overflowing with polygamists, I can’t stop you. But I stand by my statement that anyone who has spent significant time in Salt Lake City, where the vast majority of Utah’s population lives, is not going to come away with the impression that there are polygamists around every corner.

    Third Cousin, while it is true that, “there are many who dress completely normally. They just don’t show cleavage or wear Budweiser shirts,” I don’t know what can be done with that. I don’t show cleavage or wear Budweiser shirts. Does that mean I’m a closet polygamist? The point is, if Utah culture were a haven for polygamists, they wouldn’t have to hide. So even if there are polygamists walking around in normal clothing (which I agree there must be, though I believe they are quite few in numbers), I don’t know what it proves.

    By the way, since someone brought it up, I am descended from several early Mormon polygamists. I’m still against polygamy.

  93. Rebecca, somehow you seem to have gotten the impression that I am challenging you personally, and honestly, you are about the farthest thing from my mind. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time you posted. I’m not saying you are lying cause in fact I did not mention you at all. A degree is absolutely not a protection against denial or lying, completely irrelevant, nor is being a lawyer. I’ve known several lawyers personally who were completely comfortable with lying and two who were embezzlers. I respect education and all, but your credentials just don’t really matter here.

    I asked for input from the folks here because of a conversation I had on a news article with complete strangers. I did not say, anywhere, that there are polygamists around every corner or that Utah is overflowing with them. I am saying that if you have lived in Utah you’re whole life, you’ve probably seen a polygamist whether you know it or not. There are estimated to be about 50,000 of them just in Utah, and yes, some live in Salt Lake. I honestly think some people would not see them if they were right in front of them, weird hairdos and all, buying in bulk.

    The comments about the normal clothing speak to whether or not people would recognize polygamists when they see them. Honestly, you write as if you have a chip on your shoulder.

  94. sorry, edit problem – your whole life, not you’re.

  95. IRT spotting polygamists.

    Meeting them. Striking up conversation.

    SLC plygs and CP may go mainstream, no surprise there. Regardless, they are afforded the same legal limbo as the FLDS who dress up in ridiculous halloween costumes.

    With the latter, its obvious who they are, and you might feel as comfortable chatting with them as you might, say, someone wearing a halloween costume in summer. Kind of an uncomfortable, “I know what your up to” feeling.

    Still, you dont have to be rude. Chat about the weather or whatever is happening that day. If you do it directly, in a friendly tone, what would you expect them to do?

    That said, they often stand in checkout lines with darting eyes trying to check out who is checking them out in their prairie dresses. Its rather odd even in plyg central, but in some settings they let their guard down. Expect now that Warren is in prison and is taking all their money, there would be less folks in town. Perhaps that window is closed for now.

  96. I’ve seen what look like Islamic polygamists checking out at Sam’s Club and they look a little uncomfortable also. But smiling and saying something polite usually gets smiles back, even if they don’t understand the language.

  97. I’ve even had that happen at the mercantile in CCA.

  98. I wonder if Lyle’s calendar has been booked solid with procreation viewings.

  99. Here’s what the British press has to say on subject of Warren Jeffs & the FLDS.–paedophile-preacher-writes-rulebook-sect-followers-prison.html

    Hey Warren, even the British are getting a laugh at ya dude!

  100. Every time I see his prison pic, “Batboy” comes to mind. Remember that photo?? LOL!!

  101. What exactly is our source on the spectatorship thing? I wouldn’t doubt it, but really, what/who is our hard evidence so far? And no, no pun intended.

  102. Word of it came out when the news about getting rid of all forms of entertainment surfaced. The is evidence of the entertainment ban, no “hard” evidence of the spectatorship, but given that everything else has been true, I’m sure that is too.

  103. Procreation with witnesses is consistent with some of Warren’s “ordinances.”

  104. He had an ordinance for sealing the love of God into your heart and mind with was another term for raping a 12 year old.

  105. Pilot updated with more photos. Building another house and thing now looks more like an auditorium than tank. Dirt banks up to the sides and slopes down – like a wok with one strait side.

  106. To me WSJ is advocating voyeurism , of course he’s really a looney , no reality in him anymore , if he had any to begin with …. other-Anon

  107. And the statue will go in the lowest spot.

  108. You know, going back to GD #66, since Wendell’s going to trial, I wonder if he’ll be asking the AG to help find his missing wives again.

  109. Looks like a sheeple herding pen. Herd ’em in and preach at ’em for hours on end.

  110. There will always be people with the sheeple mentality in this country.As for as WSJ….what does he have to lose ? His reality is a dead world in which he has lost all freedom. He can not accept reality. I predict a sad outcome from his rants,one way or another,people are going to die. Read about Ervil LeBaron and you will understand why I feel this way.He spent the last years in prison trying to get people killed that he felt betrayed by.He succeeded.

  111. Well, I think I finally have it all figured out.

    These photos of the YFZ weren’t taken recently. They were taken about 8-9 years ago. And it isn’t from just one fly zone but 2.

    The semi-circular cement frame we see wasn’t made to hold water nor was it made to hold seats to hear sermons. It is actually a base in which to hold the spaceship that lands. The cement wall built around the spaceship landing zone has enough clearance so vehicles can drive in and out and UNDER the space ship.

    The statue? Once again. It really isn’t a statue. It is/was a replacement communication tower. Transported in parts and in vehicles as not to alarm those on the roadways.

    The signals? Well, once again about 10 years ago I had some dental work and I am sure the filling he put in was faulty. It triggered a short of some sort and I got zoomed in on the outer circle of the story.

    And the guy in charge? None other- Rod Sterling.

    Am I close?


  112. Any word on how Laurene jessop and her children are doing?

  113. Those are great new pics of YFZ! Thx to the pilot!

    Guess they have cell service out there, the guy stuck up on the cherrypicker was phoning home, reporting a pesky airplane! As if they didnt already know.

    The new Disco hall has dueling guardhouses at the entry, and curious metal rings on top of the concrete wall that from a distance looked like concertia wire usually seen around prisons.

    With the guard houses, one almost thinks this might be a copy of Warren prison digs, for people to visit and help endure his misery.

    * its reported that a copy of his jail cell was built at the entrance to the meeting house in shortcrick so the sheeple could get a feel of his predicament. This is a bigger version maybe?

  114. No Walton you aren’t close, the pictures were taken on Friday and you aren’t Rod Sterling.

  115. And ahhhh yes, that ever popular picture of Warren Jeffs as batboy.

    The prison pic really does look like him!

    This is the before = after pic of Warren when he was morphed into Batboy by the World Weekly News using Trent’s photo

  116. If you don’t know who Bat Boy is, you haven’t been reading the Weekly World News, the nation’s #1 newspaper dedicated to stories about aliens, Bigfoot, the famous Bat Boy and how he resembles Warren Jeffs…

  117. On the ranch pics – the wires coming out of the walls on the semi circle –

    Could be electrical for some sort of retractable roof, though it looks like cat 5 internet line, and not the normal white or yellow romex usually used for electrical wiring. Maybe they got a discount because it was blue>? ha ha

    Another observation, it looks like the new house is waaayy overbuilt IRT the trusses. See how closely spaced they are? This would indicate a heavy snow load, they may have been using the specs for building in CO or SD – just to be safe, you know. It could snow in southern Texas like crazy in the end days I suppose.

    Also another Q is the trusses – do they have a truss plant, or buy them off the shelf somewhere? They arent terribly difficult to build, but probably one of the more challenging parts of the building. You can see one laying on the ground, kind of like they missed count and made an extra? ha ha

    Again better safe than sorry!

    Oi, another funny. Did I see a mini guard shack on a little trailer? Is that for the children to play “guard” in at various places? Some odd crap going on down there – and yes not a toy or bike to be seen.

    Some Christmas.

  118. No Walton you aren’t close, the pictures were taken on Friday and you aren’t Rod Sterling.

    Proud Texan said this on December 18, 2011 at 9:14 AM

    ow. It was the dental thing that gave it away huh?

    One time I had to walk on egg shells with no shoes. But I did ok as I wore my dads army socks.

    Stamp- the Bat Boy thing was funny.

    Maybe people are getting a little edgy because they are just not sure what to believe. or who to believe.

    On another note there was as story at KSL about winter coats that were handed out. 200 coats for kids.


  119. The tubes showing out of the top of the concrete are for heating and cooling tubes using water as the heating and cooling medium.

    This Amphitheater for speaking to the representatives of nations of the earth as he purports to soon be out and addressing the nations of the earth and news media from this venue.. if you read some his dreams and recent prophecies he has dreams of being the one to lead the earth to the millennial time or the 1000 years of peace.

    That is why there more security etc.. at the gate to YFZ and the new guard towers.. It is interesting to compare the dreams that he had to the things that they are doing to prepare for this. That is not to say it will or won’t happen.

    The Lord says all flesh is in my hands, and I will do with them what so ever I will. Be still and know that I am God. No one knows the day or the hour that these events will come. Only when you see these things know that it is nigh, earthquakes in diverse places etc..

    One basic thing known is that to be carnal minded is death and to be spiritual minded is life. As we grow in character or likeness of our creator we become spiritually minded, or things that are of more value than this life, which very few people last past 100 years.. so we are all on this path and you will be your own judge.. no one is exempt.. the lord says “I excuse not myself” even he submitted to the will of the father.

    I am the only one that controls my destiny.. become carnal or spiritual, if we have hope after this life we each one will have to become more like our be like him is to be saved.. and unlike is death. Believe, Repent and be baptized to be born into the kingdom of our creator.

  120. Warren also dreams of naked men.

    I suppose that, too, is Biblical?

  121. Don’t forget group sex in the baptismal font.

  122. The tubes showing out of the top of the concrete are for heating and cooling tubes using water as the heating and cooling medium.
    Anonymous said this on December 18, 2011 at 1:39 PM

    Wait, you’re telling me that Warren’s gone green?

  123. The only thing Warren’s gone green on is MONEY ! lol.. other-Anon

  124. Betty,
    You are a wee bit rude to newcomers!

  125. Betty was probably put off by your handle. I got the joke, but with the various things floating through here, many not all can see, she has reason to be wary,

  126. I don’t get the joke unless he’s making fun of the Aggies.

  127. What a maroon is the tag line that Bugs Bunny used in the cartoon. I won’t use it after this post since it appears to upset some posters. Thanks

  128. Sorry, I was off having a life and didn’t notice someone was calling me names. I’ve been called worse.

  129. I don’t care if you make fun of the Aggies, I really just thought you couldn’t spell moron.


    About time!!! Way to go Rangers, AG’s office and CPS/CASA!!!

  131. Nice editorial PT,
    you know that is one thing I hadn’t really thought of in all of the commentary since the raid. Once they were in and saw the bed they knew beyond all doubt that this was a sex cult, whereas I, as a reader of all and everything unproven and without the sex tape etc, only saw the very high probability of a sex cult because of the skewed proportion of female children and pregnancies…

  132. This video claims that Caucasians were on the American continent before Native Americans.

    Don’t tell the Mormons.

  133. Some nutcase posts something on youtube, so it must be scientifically correct, right? That video not only has closed comments (because of comments about racism) but also it has absolutely zero documentation on the source of this “information”.

  134. I sincerely hope the prosecution team receives the award. If they don’t, it certainly would not diminish their laudable accomplishment.

  135. IRT to the video

    HA HA HA

    Yeah, the Scientific community sure has been lazy!

    A mormon looks like he was pretty busy though!

  136. This Amphitheater for speaking to the representatives of nations of the earth as he purports to soon be out and addressing the nations of the earth and news media from this venue.. if you read some his dreams and recent prophecies he has dreams of being the one to lead the earth to the millennial time or the 1000 years of peace.
    Anonymous said this on December 18, 2011 at 1:39 PM

    good to know we will have 1000 years of peace coming up. We could sure use some peace on this earth. At least with him thinking he will be leading us then we can perhaps assume we don’t have to worry about a Jim Jones mass suicide coming up on Dec. 31. I am still betting on the few chosen being moved to lands of refuge out of the creek.

    Maybe they had movie night at the prison and he is thinking…. “If we build it, they will come.”

  137. I was thinking along those “If we build it, they will come” lines myself, thinking maybe they had put together a theater troupe and were going to perform for the public to raise “pennies for the profit”.

  138. A Fundie Hill Cumorah (sp?) Pagent?

  139. Reminds me of the Nazi Gas Chambers.

  140. PT, I wondered if they weren’t building their own penitentiary? Why out-source?

    On that note – I’ll sue myself anonymously and answer me nothing.

    To all: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka or whatever Holiday you celebrate.

    FLDS Texas: Thank you for everything you do.


  141. Hadn’t thought about that Miele, why outsource indeed.

  142. WSJ is really looney as in a real LOONEY TUNE ! Next stop State Mental Hospital ? We can only hope , LOL ,,,, other-Anon

  143. Interesting to see the PROSECUTION TEAM nominated as “Texan of the Year”!

    That should underscore to the flds that Texans are serious, and further hanky panky is not going to be tolerated.

  144. Figured out the new construction.

    The “Half Moon” shape? Thats always associated with OUTHOUSES

    Its a big dump! The biggest that can be seen from a satellite!

  145. Curious to know who the wives of Rulon Jeffs are on the Polygamy Chic site. Is that Annette on the right?

  146. Annette was never married to Rulon. She is Warren’s first wife and he is her first and only husband.

    The two on the bottom left look like sisters Mary and Ruth Edna Fischer.

  147. This Amphitheater for speaking to the representatives of nations of the earth as he purports to soon be out and addressing the nations of the earth and news media from this venue.. if you read some his dreams and recent prophecies he has dreams of being the one to lead the earth to the millennial time or the 1000 years of peace.

    How can the leaders of the nation assemble if they can’t even make it past the guarded front gate?

  148. I can see Warren’s motto for 1000 years of peace. “Make love, not war.”

  149. Good question anon @2:33. If you look closely at the latest pictures from the pilot there are now 2 gates you have to go through. The first is on CR 300 and the 2nd is right before the guard tower.

  150. How can the leaders of the nation assemble if they can’t even make it past the guarded front gate?

    Anonymous said this on December 20, 2011 at 2:33 PM

    Not to mention all the guard gates Warren will have to go through to get out of the cell he will be stuck in for the next 99+ years.

  151. To get home Warren would have to go through 5 locked doors in prison and then the two at the ranch.

    One can surmise he doesnt have the will power, and God isnt giving him those keys anytime soon, though he kept bragging he had them.

  152. He’s still churning out the revelations though. Lindsay posted the newest.

    On another note, what does ICYMI mean in tweetdom?

  153. icymi

    in case you missed it

  154. Thanks HHG. Don’t know how I missed that one.

  155. Warren put out some new revelations, but they were dated before those that were sent out last week.

    His Nov 4 missive tells us that “My time is soon” and claims to be the final warning, but alas his next one is dated Nov 7 so I guess he wasn’t telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth on the 4th.

    Nov 7 just appears to be a lot of gibberish although he does espouse “Let all be of a delivering my servant.”

    Then on Nov 9 he brings out the big guns in #3: “Let all beware how they treat my servant Warren Jeffs and my Priesthood and Church, for I shall bring full power of recompense to every person what they have chose. Amen.” To prove he really means business he has John M. Barlow and Vaughn E. Taylor sign this one.

    Then he digresses further into June 2011 which was before his trial and his move to the “Big House”. It’s a 5 page signed missive. Next comes one from Oct 28. It’s short and sweet, I think its a repeat. And finally we move on to Halloween. Surely he could come up with some good pestilence and scourges for Halloween but all we get is a storm of destructive power upon the US before he goes on to proclaim a tsunami tidal wave on Australia, cleansing in China, Turkey aiding Israel, Nicaragua being humble and Bolivia and Ecuador needing to cleanse their nations. Now he might not be referring to the country of Ecuador since he does misspell it.

    And there you have it, the condensed version of Warren’s latest crap spewed from prison!!!

  156. Nielsen loses in attempt to move his trial out of San Angelo,TX. Judge Walther said no moving the trial. Judge set trial date on Jan 24, 2012.

    IMO he’s not too smart, he should stayed with the plea bargin. All other FLDS trials have lead to stiff sentences, guess Nielsen wants to wear those all white clothes of the Texas inmate.

  157. ICYMI is “In Case You Missed It”

    Tweets are evidently going to give us a slew of new acronyms, some folks are downright hard to follow.


    IRT his pesky demands of repentance, I was expecting to hear from him, repenting for raping all those children.

    Guess he thinks he is OK since he is God’s chosen one?

    Chosen by God to rot in prison. Thats where God decided he belongs, its as obvious as the nose on flds peeps faces.

  158. God sure does talk funny. He is of a problem and travail in the grammar.

  159. PT, thanks for that excellent summary. I can barely stand to even glance at those proclamations let alone read them. My brain turns to mush with the idiotic faux biblical wording. I guess God’s editor is missing in action. Naomie, where are you?

  160. Maybe WJS heard about the Mayan prophecies and is riding on that coat tail. Sick man.

  161. Article in my morning newspaper on the Brown’s lawsuit:

  162. Good article Third Cousin. Exactly what do the Browns want?

    “Spiritual wife” – shouldn’t the “spirits” wait until they hit their Heavens before they take the plunge? just asking.

    What is the whole purpose of getting that first marriage legalized?

    The whole thing about a legal marriage is the fact that it is a law in place to protect people.

    The Browns are a test case. period. For all we know the only wife that Kody Brown is Meri. Who knows, maybe Christine and Co. are sisters to Kody. Jensen said that their case is still being investigated. BS.

    Kody wants to call his sleepovers wives. They are NOT his wives. They are using his last name and signing legal documents using his last name. The only one not using the Brown name is Robyn and she uses Sullivan.

    The cops in that area said that they turned it over to the DA. The DA in that area said they turned it over to the Attorney Generals office. The Attorney Generals offices is spinning it back to the starting point.

    Anyone ever notice that in Utah that the investigations concerning Polygamy issues are left on the desk to gather dust? Over a year investigating this case? Seriously? BS.

    Look back and see where all those yahoos are that were arrested a few years back. And look back to see how many people have been charged with fraud/tax evasion, child abuse etc. Take a look to see how many of those that were charged with sex offenses are on any sex offender in Utah and Arizona. Supposedly 2 in Hildale and 2 in Colorado City.

    They’ve been breaking the laws for over 100 plus years. maybe Utah should get on the bandwagon and find out how much easier things go when people follow the law and enforce the laws for those that don’t.


  163. Walton – and the most hilarious comment in the article is the comment by Turley that the lawsuit “about privacy, not polygamy.” Right, the Brown’s treasure their privacy. I about fell over.

  164. They obviously have no appreciation for irony.

  165. I wanted to like the Brown family. But they have had many many chances to stand up and tell the truth and they didn’t.

    I think Kody is a funny little guy and I think that he has a way about him that could indeed make him a very good salesperson. He can spin his way around any question without answering and almost make you feel tired after listening to him.

    Janelle- also not telling the truth

    Meri – I think she wants to tell the truth but she can’t.

    Robyn- word watcher- truth stretcher- ratings booster(?) and guard dog

    Christine- the one person that has continually said that it is about religion and how important it was that they stand up – and test the issue. She believes in her faith soo much that she continually lies about many of the issues at hand. Does God really ask a person to lie and fake things to get whatever it is you want?

    Turley knows the truth as does Shurtleff and the bunch. Putting kids and other people at risk to get the things they want is in my opinion neglect.

    I think Bennion is wrong and the facts found in the Canadian fact finding proves it.


  166. From the article: Victims of abuse, which some believe is inherent in plural communities, might feel more comfortable seeking assistance if they don’t also fear prosecution, Lyndon State College anthropology professor Janet Bennion said.
    I bet some drug users would feel the same.

    To decriminalize this would be like putting a fresh coat of paint on a house infested with termites. Looks good from the outside but those pesky little issues are still there.


  167. Walton, I’d bet that if all the negative examples associated with monogamy were presented to a court, we could outlaw marraige altogether. Perhaps that is the route that needs to be taken.

  168. Mormonism—helping butt-ugly men get laid by young females for over a hundred years !

  169. Anon. @ 9:17 – The basis behind that law of getting a marriage license etc. is a good law. It was put in place to protect everyone.

    Doing away with the law won’t fix broken relationships.


  170. 12-22-2011 Eldorado Success:

    Wendell’s attorney is again asking the state to help them locate three of Wendell’s wives.

    Time to put them on a milk carton?

    Or should Wendell’s attorney call Lyle and ask him?

    TCEQ will have a hearing in January re seven alleged violations at YFZ.

    Proposed fines — 6 family tithes ($30K+)

    YFZ response?

    Answer them nothing.

  171. In many states [I’m from Calif] you aren’t considered ‘missing’, as an adult, unless you can prove there is some sort of suspicious circumstance or the person is a danger to themselves or others. There has to be a good reason. It will be interesting to see if the state gets involved. Are they being hidden or just don’t wanna be in touch with him?

  172. All right Robert, despite my ancestry I guess I cannot argue with that!

  173. Walton ,the FLDS do not have broken relationships.Now the woman might be bat-shit crazy from putting up with the mans abuse and neglect,but that’s HER fault.She just isn’t being submissive and God might need to call on her husband to us his hand to slap her into submission.That’s the FLDS way to save a marriage.GOD told them to do it that way,how can the husband be wrong? Hallelujah honey,now put something on that broken nose and hop in bed.Daddy needs to make some little girls so he can keep those prophets happy!

  174. On Wendell – haven’t we heard this before with the wife locating? Is he in or out?

  175. Go easy on Bennion, she’s a sociologist type not a legal type and I respect her writing, I find it largely non-judgmental, which is her job. That’s not my job, but that IS her job.

  176. I’m going with Wendell being out, as for the wives, I’m sure a phone call to Lyle could clear up the problem, if only Lyle would answer.

    His attorney also told the Judge that he (the attorney) was not allowed on the Ranch. No word about whether Wendell and the sons accompanying him would be.

  177. Third Cousin- I just listened to an interview with Janet Bennion and I was impressed with all the information that she shared.

    But I still disagree with her on the issue of decriminlazing Polygamy.

    Robert my comment about “broken relationships” was in reply to Anon. comment about doing away with the laws concerning legal marriage.


  178. Doing away with the laws concerning marriage is not the same as outlawing marriage. Two different questions.

    Personally, I think marriage should happen in church and civil union should happen at the court house – for EVERYBODY. Gay, straight, poly, you want to care for your aged widowed aunt and claim her on your taxes, two single mothers who don’t sleep together want to buy a house and pick each other’s kids up from day care…….whatever. Then the only laws about sex would be based on real protection of the young, of anyone against force, violence or fraud. Get the government out of our bedrooms for once and all, and get REAL separation of Church and State. The county clerk would no longer be recording what God put together.

  179. And God heard about Warren’s lil memos, and God was not pleased.

    He wrote back:

    Verily I say unto thee, Warren Jeffs, you are a False Prophet

    1. You continue your wicked ways invoking mine name falsely. Stop it!

    2. Thine cursed behavior upon my children on earth left me no choice.

    3. I had you move to Texas, where they have ropes and such to deal with your wickedness.

    4. Lucky for you they quit using ropes, but instead put you inside a barracks they call a prison that the inmates describe as a “living hell”.

    5. That works for now I guess, and then when your carcass is done with your false prophet spirit, you will go visit the other wicked ones for eternity. Hell, yeah!

    6. Now, at this time, if you have any energy left, there are some of your followers that are still wicked at heart too. I will use thee as a conduit to punish them as well.

    7. And it shall be remembered, the days on earth when the robed horsepersons with gavels rode white horses through the polygamy lands, and bopped each one of thee over thine heads with gavels, bop bop bop.

  180. Wendell –

    Your FLDS homies are hiding your wives in a vain attempt to keep you out of trouble.

    Too bad, so sad, if found, they would say they dont want you anymore anyway, as they are recently reassigned and are bopping some other pligga bubba right now anyway.

    The Texas action isnt about the location of your wives, or if its you or some other jackass that are abusing them right now, its the fact you lined them up as your sex slaves in the first place.

  181. HAW!

    Pedophile Jeffs is soo nutty, he made “Radar online” which only posts news of the really weird and crazy.

    Some pretty righteous comments!

  182. Stamp, when will I learn to swallow my coffee before reading your posts? And even so, amen.

  183. No appeal to be filed in the Canadian Test Case:

  184. I’ve learned my lesson 3C, but only after replacing numerous keyboards.

  185. Tweets for last few days. Interesting quote from Shirtleff:
    Warren’s God uses bad grammar & doesn’t know what “Amen” & “final word” mean.

    CosmoPhilosophy Troy Bowles
    #2011was the year we finally put #WarrenJeffs where he belongs. Way to go #TexasRangers! #FLDS #polygamy #humanrights
    21 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply »

    polymath22 polymath22
    … Journal of Discourses: vol. 10, p. 110 (March 8, 1863) #MittRomney #p2 #lds #flds
    20 Dec Favorite Retweet Reply »

    lwhitehurst Lindsay Whitehurst
    ICYMI: New pics of construction at polygamous sect’s remote Yearning for Zion Ranch in #Texas #FLDS #WarrenJeffs #Utah
    20 Dec Favorite Retweet Reply »

    MarkShurtleff Mark Shurtleff
    Child sex offender #FLDS prophet Jeffs sends me revelations. Warren’s God uses bad grammar & doesn’t know what “Amen” & “final word” mean.
    20 Dec Favorite Retweet Reply »

    lwhitehurst Lindsay Whitehurst
    RT: @PaulMurphysLaw #FLDS Warren Jeffs sends @MarkShurtleff 4 new revelations, 2 previously released but familiar tunes of destruction.
    20 Dec Favorite Retweet Reply »

    MarkShurtleff Mark Shurtleff
    “@PaulMurphysLaw: #FLDS Warren Jeffs sends @MarkShurtleff greatest hits package: 4 new revelations [with] familiar tunes of destruction.”
    20 Dec Favorite Retweet Reply »

    PaulMurphysLaw Paul Murphy
    #FLDS Warren Jeffs sends @MarkShurtleff greatest hits package: 4 new revelations, 2 previously released but familiar tunes of destruction.
    20 Dec Favorite Retweet Reply »

    waller_matthew Matthew Waller
    Here is my story on ex #FLDS prez Nielsen’s pretrial today. His bigamy trial is 1/24/12 in San Angelo
    20 Dec Favorite Retweet Reply »

    waller_matthew Matthew Waller
    Ex #flds president to have bigamy trial jan 24 in #sanangelo
    20 Dec Favorite Retweet Reply

  186. Judge OK’s eviction threat to get tax payments from FLDS

    via K Dee Ignatin

  187. Isn’t it a novel concept for people to pay their property taxes.

  188. Does anyone know for sure.. is there one house smack dab in the middle that is sitting empty and that if the property taxes were to be paid that Ruth could use it to visit her kids?


  189. Death and Taxes

    Soon the residents will be facing a difficult choice. Should I give all my cash and labor to a church organization that is famous for turning its back on members at any moment OR should I retain my home by paying taxes.

    The wheel is coming to top dead center and SOON will reveal who the faithful really are.

    My guess is that Colorado City and Hildale Utah will become a ghost town
    and Texas will gain taxpayers… As they should. The money wasted on the Jeffs Clown show needs to be accounted for.

  190. the sltrib now has article up on it too.

  191. When big corporations do major lay offs the good companies NEVER do it at Christmas time. The backlash from the General public isn’t worth it.

    With all the games being played I have to say this was the stinkiest. Utah wins hands down.


    In that Bennion interview I thought she mentioned that the LDS Church hires polygamous construction crews to build their Temples. True or not?

    She also mentioned that the AUB has been getting many “converts” from the main stream Church. Part of the reason is that while they are studying at BYU they get into all the “old scriptures” and more details with the D&C still being taught.

    She also mentioned that the number of wives needed to maintain those levels of priesthood in the heavens. 3-12 I think she said.


  192. Does anyone know where the kids are that were at the Ranch?


  193. Was Dan Fisher real?

    Did the Canadian Fact finding hearings really take place?

    Is there anyone else out there that just wants the truth?


  194. The last reliable statistic I heard on conversions from LDS to AUB was ten families per month. I think that was 2002 or so.

  195. Walton, Dan Fischer and the Test Case were real.

  196. Fox 13 news is reporting that there are so many people leaving Hildsle that they are running out of Foster homes. Check out Utah News on twitter.

  197. Desertnews is reporting the judge is approving eviction threatsto get the FLDS to pay up.

  198. I’m amazed by the comments on the trib. Can there really be that many people who don’t know how government works? People get evicted for not paying real estate taxes every day. Some of them go to church. Why all the drama. It’s part of life. Render unto Ceasar the money that pays for the street lights and roadways.

  199. OMG Walton, what’s with all the “are they real” questions.

    Dan Fischer is real.

    The Canadian case is real.

    The Texas case is real and there are real men in jail. As to where the children from the ranch are, some of them are probably still there and others have moved to different places.

  200. OMG Walton, what’s with all the “are they real” questions.
    Proud Texan said this on December 22, 2011 at 7:11 PM

    Do you really want to go there? If I am asking the question it is because I want to know the answer.

    I said I wouldn’t rat anyone out. I won’t. But I will not stop asking questions. So back off!

  201. They are real. Is there a reason why they wouldnt be?

  202. Was Dan Fisher real?

    Did the Canadian Fact finding hearings really take place?

    Is there anyone else out there that just wants the truth?


    Yes, the Canadian Reference Case really took place. See the Canadian Reference Case thread for all the documents.

  203. Attempts by FLDS to take over school run by non FLDS members blocked by judge, sheriffs deputies sent in to enforce court order after local FLDS controlled police refused to enforce court order.

  204. Call for help-with many people fleeing FLDS before Dec 31 deadline, a need for housing for families fleeing the FLDS. News article asks for help from anyone who can shelter fleeing families.,0,1104875.story

  205. I think it must be really intense up there if the Sheriff’s office is finally getting involved.

  206. Lyle better be using some of that money he’s collecting to pay the fines he’s incurring in Eldorado for not following the rules. They just keep racking them up.

  207. You know it’s really gonna suck for Jonathan Roundy and his deputies if they are part of the “chosen elite” and get left behind with those they have been thumbing their noses at.

  208. Things aren’t so merry and bright in the twin towns.

    Has Lyle finally found a way to get himself slapped in jail?

    Nah… he’s probably got a few patsies to go to the mat for him.

  209. It STILL amazes me that the so-called police force [aka the Profit’s Posse] are still certified! Their badges should have been melted down for scrap metal years ago!

  210. Here’s more on dispute over school between FLDS and non-FLDS, appears that things really did get heated.

  211. -Proud Texan I am sorry I snapped. I will put myself on a time out.

    When Dan Fischer spoke at the Senate hearing he talked about what it was like leaving the sect. He also talked about how awful it was for his Father.

    For the FLDS it isn’t just leaving one house to go to the next. Nor is it the fact that they are leaving one town for another.

    Many of them have believe that they will be among the “lost”. They will be sons of Perdition. Blues explained it to me. It sounds horrible.

    And it’s Christmas.

    I don’t understand organized religion what so ever. But I remember Dan Fischers words about organized religion and this quote:

    What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson
    —- Dan Fischer ‘Life as a LDS Fundamentalist: Recovery and Rescue’


  212. Not only has respect for the law long ago eroded (ahem, the local and State LE have kinda helped in that regard up to now) but so has common sense.

    KSL reports that the flds pulpit word is telling them they will be leaving soon…

    Now, is that on the magical space ship, or they heading out to other lands like CO / SD / TX … ?

    Regardless, isnt it counterproductive to fight over this building, or that building, if your lord and puppet master is telling you on the other hand to abandon the dusty place?

  213. There is a ‘special’ priesthood holders meeting set for Saturday the 24th at 7pm at the LSJ Meetinghouse. All preisthood holders have been ordered to attend.
    These ‘special’ meetings always start some major shift or change in internal church policies and sometimes includes a mass ex’ing.

  214. Oral arguments were denied by the Court of Appeals in the Abram Harker Jeffs case.

  215. Yikes on the special christmas eve priesthood meeting.

  216. Maybe it’s just to make sure the faithful don’t celebrate Christmas.

  217. Construction at the FLDS ranch:

    Oh well,Warren still has those idiotic worker bees at his beck and call.No toys or pets for the kids,but plenty of money for concrete monuments.I guess if all else fails,Warren will have a kool-aid stand set up for an exit plan.Just what will it take to wake these sheeple up?

  218. Another story from the…. about those prison phone calls:

    But what caught my eye was this little statistic about being one of only 85 in the huge Texas inmate population of 156,000:

    Jeffs is in protective custody, among the most restrictive forms of imprisonment in Texas. He’s alone in his cell daily and isn’t involved in any work programs. Protective custody inmates, and there are only 85 of them in the 156,000-inmate Texas prison system, are isolated because of serious, direct or proven threats against them.

    I think he needs a cell-mate to keep an eye on him and report his wayward behavior. Somehow there doesn’t seem to be enough punishment for him. He’s still trying to mess with Texas while he obliterates his followers’ human rights.

  219. Sorry…. I left out “Washington Post” in that first sentence.

  220. Be sexually clean, and gather a 1-7 year supply of food, and truth. Only virgins will be redeemed (Rev. 14:4).

  221. I guess I am cynical in my old age, but those that preach the most about sexual cleanliness in church have the worse private problems themselves. The other thing I am cynical about is the innocent and naive will confess to worse crimes because they don’t know what they are confessing to than the truly guilty that know how to hide them. (Maybe I shouldn’t respond to Street, but this last post reminded me of all the confessions that are being required of people. I know one person who as a lad and being taught so much about how yacking with the other gender was very evil who though sexual intercourse meant talking to the other sex.)

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