Utah AG, Mark Shurtleff – Friend or Foe?

In the wake of Warren Jeffs’ conviction and life sentence of sexually assaulting children, Mark Shurtleff has taken the opportunity to blow his own horn — claiming credit for the outcome.  But which side of this is Shurtleff really on?   Shurtleff has taken many actions that are clearly sympathetic to the FLDS lifestyle of abuses.   Judge Lindberg recently issued an order directing Shurtleff’s office to pay the administration and professional fees for the UEP Trust because of Shurtleff’s obstruction of the case.

Take a look at some of Shurtleff’s comments (sometimes contradictory) over the years:

  • Shurtleff said some have criticized Utah for not going after Jeffs hard enough, but he disagrees.  “The only reason he is in Texas  is because we were going after him in Utah,” he said. “We did what we could, and we feel we were right in that (2007) conviction.”  Link (August 2011)
  • Utah legal authorities will investigate the woman’s claim, state Attorney General Mark Shurtleff said. But he said Texas authorities have told him there is no evidence Jeffs had sex with some of his teenage brides in Utah. Link (August 2011)
  • “I knew and understood him to be that kind of man,” Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff told Fox 13 on Tuesday. “We just had to have that evidence to do it. Texas finally had that evidence.”… “We’re anxious to get our hands on some of that evidence down there in Texas and see if there’s any additional crimes that we may have to look at prosecuting here,” Shurtleff said.  Link (August 2011)
  • Utah’s Attorney General Mark Shurtleff says he’s delighted with the conviction of Warren Jeffs in Texas. Shurtleff has been waiting for this kind of verdict against Jeffs for 10 years, ever since the state served its first warrants against him in 2001. …”He obviously believed he was above all that. He was above the court. He always thought of himself as not answerable to any earthly authorities, and now he is,” Shurtleff said….Shurtleff says he’s willing to go through another trial against Jeffs, and he feels he has a solid case.   Link
  • Shurtleff said the evidence was “so overwhelming” that he thinks Jeffs would have been convicted regardless. His primary hope, now, is that members of the FLDS Church, who hold Jeffs up as a prophet, are told the truth about their leader.  Link
  • Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff also worried about how FLDS faithful would perceive the Texas raid. In an interview with the Deseret Morning News on Friday, Shurtleff said, “Heavens no!” he would not raid Hildale and Colorado City. …”We have no evidence that there are more child victims (in Utah) since Warren Jeffs disappeared,” Shurtleff said.   Link  (May 2008)
  • Texas child protective services officials have said in court that the children on the YFZ Ranch were growing up in a culture that lends itself to abuse. Shurtleff said he can’t reach the same conclusion.  Link (2008)
  • Attorney General Mark Shurtleff says, “Whether you think we should or not, it can’t be done.” He says he’s facing new criticism, alongside Arizona’s Attorney General, that they haven’t done enough to prosecute polygamists. He cites a lack of infrastructure — things like room in prisons and foster care homes — as one of the reasons Utah will not be following in Texas’ footsteps.  Link (2008)
  • Stung by critics who say Utah has done little about the polygamy problem, Attorney General Mark Shurtleff suggested Utah’s crackdown on abuses within the closed societies may have ultimately led to the raid on the Fundamentalist LDS Church’s Texas compound….”They wouldn’t have gone to Texas if they hadn’t been running away from us,” he said in a recent interview with the Deseret News. “They went to Texas to flee when we started cracking down.”  Link
  •  Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff has said his office will not prosecute bigamy among the FLDS unless someone is committing additional felonies, such as sexual abuse or fraud. Strickland said the Texas attorney general has not made such a declaration. Link
  • The documents (600 pages of Warren’s dictations) have found their way into the hands of Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, who has been reading them with interest. …. “It’s very cryptic and I’m not sure what it all means,” he told the Deseret News on Monday. … Asked if he had found any evidence of crimes, Shurtleff said: “no.”Link (February 10, 2009)
  • “I haven’t received a lot of stuff that has Utah implications,” Shurtleff said. Link  (April 4, 2009)
  • Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff said in a recent interview with Fox 13 he has had no evidence presented to him of child bride marriages in Utah since 2004, when Utah made child bigamy a second-degree felony.  Link  (April 2011)

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  1. My impression is that he is genuinely concerned about the abuse, but also believes that the solution lies, in part, with working with the FLDS leadership, rather than exclusively against them.

    That is where he falls down. The FLDS leadership by all accounts does not compromise unless forced to do so.

    He does not seem to recognize that the abuses occur because a small group of FLDS men are able to exercise total control over the rest of the population. The right approach is to return constitutionally-protected personal power to individuals by decertifying cops and other public officials who fail to follow the law, enforcing property rights, removing access to public funds, and holding parents and leaders accountable for serious abuses like abandonment, endangerment (through grooming and proximity to pedophiles), alienation of affection (of x’d family members), etc. These abuses are easier to prove than child rape – and acting at this level would discourage worse.

    Waiting to uncover evidence of the most serious abuses before taking action is absurd. It’s like watching a mother set her child in an open third-story window – and then block his exit into the house. You intervene before the child makes it to the window, ideally – or at least while he is still on the ledge. Shurtleff’s approach is to attempt to catch the child on the way down…

  2. Shurtleff said he was going to fight the “other crimes” inside of Polygamy.

    I am curious as to how many people they have arrested concerning the other crimes. Does any one know?

    Has anyone been arrested for welfare fraud?

    Has Utah cracked down on child support payments made in this area? Are the numbers up? or down?

    How about those issues with Social Security claims?

    Have any parents been charged with neglect?


  3. The documents (600 pages of Warren’s dictations) have found their way into the hands of Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, who has been reading them with interest. …. ”It’s very cryptic and I’m not sure what it all means,” he told the Deseret News on Monday. … Asked if he had found any evidence of crimes, Shurtleff said: “no.”Link (February 10, 2009)

    “I haven’t received a lot of stuff that has Utah implications,” Shurtleff said. Link (April 4, 2009)

    I missed those comments when he made them.

    Just wow.

  4. I agree Twist, WOW. Does he need someone to beat him over the head with it before he will recognize a crime?

  5. I’d like to go down there and show him exactly what crimes I think are in those dictations.

  6. I for one am incredibly grateful for the intervention here. Utah Arizona and Texas THANK YOU !

    For years Hildale/CCA has been a nest of outlaws. They are so bold and brazen to believe that it would go on unchecked. When I was a child and our neighbor ( Richard Fisher ) impregnated his daughter ( Anne ) I was told that it was Cora Fishers ( The Mom ) fault for being such a hussy. The woman was know as Corahor and we as kids went along with it. Jack Cooke and his daughters. Joe Jessop ( Flora’s dad ) and his daughters were all public knowledge here, you cannot keep a secret in an em-meshed society. The men were untouched and the women and children were swept under the rug. I packed my bags and got out when I was 15, and the Rug was BULGING by then.
    If you knew what was really going on out here ( Lawmen ) you would shut it down and I mean YESTERDAY! They have sucked dry every resource they could that was offered them. They hid when the Texas Compound was raided. Do you remember seeing any men shielding their family’s? They are all skirt hugging pussy’s that abuse hide and run away. Im ready to have a new EVERYTHING here, City – Police – Fire – Business – Economy And most of all ADDITUDE Here !

    That being said , I knew as a Kid that all this History would be revisited on the heads of the sweet family’s that remained, and It has. I have not seen my own family members and I returned three years ago.. They hide

    Warren Jeffs and his Brothers were opportunists of the first order. They still own all the businesses and government here. The law breakers are still being protected as innocence is thrown under the wheels of the machine to keep it well lubed.

    Now lets finish up

  7. Me and you both, TC.

  8. Good points, Anon 4:09

    Shurtleff has the evidence in his hands (and plenty of Rosetta Stones to decipher it) so let’s see his office get truly aggressive about cleaning up the crap.

  9. Standing By … Anon 409

  10. I think its going to take the feds to get anything done in Deseret ( slang for the land BY proclaimed for Plygland LDS )

    That includes Utah, and parts of AZ NV ID and WY

    Until they do the local LE will just keep their heads up their butts and we can all guess why.

  11. ■Texas child protective services officials have said in court that the children on the YFZ Ranch were growing up in a culture that lends itself to abuse. Shurtleff said he can’t reach the same conclusion.
    That explains everything! Perhaps taxpayers should send Shurtleff, et al., to a training seminar “How to Reach Smart Conclusions”.

  12. Texastwist @ 3:14 p.m. today — Where did you get the Feb. quote from? Because there’s nothing like questioning from a “transcript” — if you know what I mean…

  13. Texastwist @ 3:14 p.m. today — Oops! never mind…found it…der!

  14. Walton @1:36 – I heard they were investigating all those things about 4 years ago. So far, I haven’t heard of anyone being arrested for welfare fraud. They either found evidence and did nothing, or did not look hard enough. With so many ppl on welfare, there had to be at least ONE case of fraud.

  15. Sis, there has been 1 case of welfare fraud that I know of. It was a Barlow couple and it was brought a couple of years ago in Washington County, Utah.

    I think his name is Eslie Barlow. It was still recently in the 5th District Court system because I think he is up for expunging his record. If I recall, there was a plea bargain and he plead no contest, so after 2-3 years with no more infractions, his record is wiped clean. I have not seen the “wife’s” name mentioned on the court calendar, so maybe her charges were dropped.

    I went to one of the early court hearings and he apologized to the court for ripping off the welfare system, but he had SO many mouths to feed and medical bills to pay and blah, blah, blah…

  16. I hadn’t heard about Eslie’s case. I remember him from school. So, then, was his the only fraudulent case they found? When I heard they were investigating, I expected a wave.

  17. Sis, I only know of this ONE case; definitely no “wave” of cases. You can research Eslie’s case if you want to. It was in the 5th District Court of St. George, Washington County, Utah. James Shumate was the judge and Jerry Jaeger was the prosecutor. A hearing was scheduled sometime within the past couple of months. Probably a dissolution hearing, but I can’t positively say for sure what the hearing was all about, because I didn’t go to it.

  18. I just have to say that after following Shurtleff’s meandering thoughts and policy of “do nothing” for all these years, i’m glad to see this site put them all together in a concise piece. Thanks.

  19. This is the ONLY story that I have found that a woman has been charged with anything. http://wwrn.org/articles/5123/?&section=flds

    Holm was charged by Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff last week with abetting bigamy and illegal sex and could get up to 10 years in prison. Holm’s husband, Hildale police officer Rodney H. Holm, 36, was charged with illegally marrying the younger sister.


    Without giving away too much from the book Answer them Nothing by Debra W. ( If you haven’t read her book you should)

    I have NOT found anything that follows up on this story or that ANY charges have been followed thru. And there was enough evidence and red flags for them to have charged them with welfare fraud.

    It has been said over and over that things have been brought to Shurtleffs office only for them to file and stack on the “still investigating” file. Never to be heard about again.

    Shurtleff did the Curley shuffle dance with the Kingston case for so long that the statue of limitations passed. And nothing was done. His echoes of ooops, I shoulda coulda can still be heard today.


    If Shurtleff isn’t acting on anything concerning other charges is it because He is lazy? or is it because he was told not to? And if he was told not to who told him to back off?

    Remember he went to the LDS Church to talk to them about going after the FLDS. Why?

    There have been a few things that have been turned over to the FBI over the years only to have had them slip into Neverland on the 3rd floor of the FBI office in Utah. Why?

    Now…. I am not saying that ALL FBI people are a little iffy but my gut feeling is that there are some who might be wearing that same badge as some of those local LE in the Creek( following the rules of a different boss other than the Federal Govt. etc)

    Please Big Brother if you are watching me now my hope is that you are one of the Big Brothers from Texas.


  20. http://www.rickross.com/reference/polygamy/polygamy5.html written in 2002

    But can the twin towns of Hildale and Colorado City really exist without the government? Though there was not a case of welfare fraud prosecuted by 1998 concerning these communities, a Washington County sheriff’s deputy did try to investigate food-stamp irregularities in 1994. But that investigation was shut down by federal authorities.


    All a person would have to do is swing by the Hope.org site and get a list of the cases/stories that we’ve already talked about and start investigating.

    They could take that money from the “Safety Net” and use it to enforce the laws. There are already programs out there under the hood that would help those leaving. Not sure what they are paying their LE down there but you could easily get 4-6 full time LE officers. And…provide them a place inside the twin towns that would pay their property taxes.


  21. Walton, I totally agree that something fishy is going on. I remember reading about that 1994 case and it raised a serious red flag with me. There are people in very high places protecting the FLDS. I don’t think Mark Shurtleff is stupid, I think he’s taking the heat for those invisible people.

  22. Nice compilation of quotes by Shurtless. I can’t believe he made some of those comments with a straight face — that he just didn’t see evidence of crimes he could prosecute in Utah.

    I agree with Sis. He’s not stupid. He’s had political ambitions and didn’t want to get bogged down in polygamy prosecutions. Plus, he more than likely got word (or a look or a nod) from LDS higher-ups dissuading him from taking action.

  23. Ha ha ha a hhahaha

    Funny stuff. 8.9 Million dollars was the price tag on 2008 and I have not dared look since ! This is welfare dollars. And they knew then that households were receiving multiple checks FROM UTAH AND ARIZONA.
    These guys had it made for a minute. All the babies born here and put on a little piece of plastic and charged to Uncle Sam. They moved the offices out of here so friggin fast when they found out what was happening. Shhhhhhhhhhh HELL YEA ! We dont want anybody hearing about how f’n Lazy we are at our church appointed luxury jobs @ LDS.COM
    Ha Sry but its true.

  24. OMG That is Funny I AM IN TEARS MAN

  25. Hey while we are joking around here, can I ask a Question?

    Can we get another picture of Warren Jeffs on the news YO !

    It is depressing

  26. http://www.followtheprophetmovie.com/

  27. As has been stated, countless times here, no one in Utah/Arizona wanted to get their hands dirty [and apparently still don’t], so they are letting Texas do all the work. Even if they started with the “little” things….like decertifying EVERY FLDS police officer in the 2 towns…at least it’s a start! DO something, other than sit on their collective @$$es. Just with the ‘decert’ people will feel less intimidated and able to come forward to report the ‘crimes’ against them. Start easy and work up the to harder stuff! BUT START!

  28. Utah and Arizona hold enough evidence to put everyone out here AWAY for a long time. Yea Utah Gov. has been concerned with the welfare of the people here, but has not believed that Armageddon is yet necessary. Its a wait and see attitude that has allowed the pot to fester to its current stage.

    Now their head Att is about to get publicly Grilled at the stake. It was always acceptable odds given the gravity if the situation. They can pop a new suit in at their leisure.

    The report I received and handed to them in 2006 was this.

    The books have been cooked beyond recognition.

    I have never seen in America , a society that acts as a unit.

    100% in their vote,
    100% in their reason,
    100% in their d illusion and
    100% corrupt in their language.

  29. “…out here…? Everyone, Anon? Including you? Is this a confession on your part?

  30. http://www.followtheprophetmovie.com/

    Anonymous said this on September 2, 2011 at 2:35 PM

    I really liked this film. And I’ve been patiently waiting for Part 2 and Part 3 which would include the ending.

  31. The report I received and handed to them in 2006 was this.

    The books have been cooked beyond recognition.

    I have never seen in America , a society that acts as a unit.

    100% in their vote,
    100% in their reason,
    100% in their d illusion and
    100% corrupt in their language.

    Anonymous said this on September 2, 2011 at 3:23 PM


    I don’t think that they had a clue as to the exposure this was going to get on the outside and that it has had lasted this long. They were hoping the big networks would fade away along with the many people who were and still are interested.

    And…there was another thing that they never counted on was the internet.

    I am not crazy if they see it too. I am grateful for those who speak out.


  32. Yup.. Me included I am an Outlaw and a Rebel

  33. Without saying a whole lot I will just say this- You’ve made me smile and… you have given me strength. Thank you.


  34. We need to stop rewarding people with handouts that they do not deserve! The whole welfare system stinks.

  35. Getting answers from Governor Gary Herbert
    http://youtu.be/cjU9dOjCvDU Governor’s Monthly News Conference 8/25/11

    or not


  36. Getting help from the FBI – All you have to do is ask


    And keep in mind before Mark Shurtleff went after the FLDS he went to the LDS Church out of a “courtesy”.


    The FLDS were under investigation as mentioned earlier in one of the links in 1998 ( I think) and then later the investigation was dropped. Why?

    The Kingstons have been “investigated” in the past and Shurtleff sat on those files so long that the statue of limitations had run out. All the tax-payers got out of that deal was probably a token for the next round of games played.


  37. Guess it is a matter of Principle: Owen Allred Testimony

    The board only allows one link per post before landing in the waiting room.

    But you can google Owen Allred house arrest at the age of 91.

    And when everyone talks about how much better things are in different groups or that Warren is the Beast of Polygamy keep in mind the many books we’ve read, the many video tapes from those who left and are brave enough to speak the truth.

    The Abuses and crimes did NOT start with Warren Jeffs and his father. They started long ago.

    And all the hemming and hawing about enforcing the laws don’t start and stop with Mark Shurtleff. The Federal Govt. needs to explain their part. imo


  38. That Deseret Snooze article has a dozen comments, mostly apologists.

    The DN has long ago started moderating with a heavy hand, yet they let the apologists post unabated.

    As the DN is owned by the LDS Chruch, that sends a big message.

  39. As to Mark Shirtless, he stinks as an AG, he kinda smells like this song says this ole Texan: http://youtu.be/W95qOOix0U0

  40. THIS JUST IN !

    I am wondering when people will recognize the illness that Warren Jeffs carries. In reading his journals the evidence is clear. His ” Heavenly Sessions ” Are nothing more than manic episodes. He was always withdrawn as a child and received little attention. His motivation to become ” Special ” has always been his driving motivation.

    When the diagnosis on this one comes in, the faithful followers in CCA/Hildale/Bountiful/Colorado/Texas will see their own illness.



  41. Anon 3:03

    I tend to agree with you.

    The black and white thinking was the biggest clue for me. I was born and raised in Colorado City.
    I see the mental issues of extremism tearing the children apart today.
    They are being broken into as we speak. ( Split )

    I remember thinking as a kid ” you have to be two people here to survive ”
    One you show and make appearances with …. and one you hide from view.

    Reminds me of the Wedge Theory ( Once the devil gets it into you ) your his to do with as he pleases.

    I hopped of the roller coaster at an early age and spent 15 years reading every book I could get my hands on about mental illnesses.

    I see today that ” splitting ” has become the norm and the people do not recognize that it is an actual disease called
    ” Borderline Personality Disorder” . ( BPD )

    When I began to lose my mind as a child, I was faced with a choice. Stay and let it consume me or leave and cross the bridge of death
    ( The unknown ). I chose the risk of the unknown and thaank God every day for the Grace that assisted me in my journey.

    There are far too many mothers in CCA with the disease. If the truth was known I am sure that more than half of them are at least low functioning BPD’s .

    Of course they would follow Warren Jeffs, He speaks their Language.

    Lots of good info out there if you look. These people NEED help

  42. Shurtleff took $50,000 in campaign contributions from Johnson in 2008, while Johnson’s company was under investigation by Shurtleff’s own attorneys

  43. Now that’s stupidity at it’s finest! Or greed….

  44. Although the lady pscychiatrist has made many good points, I would have to say, as having needed help myself from mental health professionals a number of times, that they can be imperfect in their diagnoses. They can make mistakes, just like all humans and professionals are capable of doing. The science of psychiatry is not a perfect one by any means, although it has made strides, of course. Frankly, also, watching the tape she made above on narcissists, I was underwhelmed by her bluish cleavage-showing sweater. She is plenty bright enough to dress in a way which does not distract from what she is saying. Maybe someone here will get mad at me for even mentioning it, but I for one am very tired of seeing female reporters and other professionals with cleavage showing, several buttons undone at the front of blouses, extremely short skirts which are visible on camera and have nothing to do with their report, etc etc. Nope, I am not flds or anything of the sort- I just believe both genders of professionals that go on camera and presume to tell other people this or that about life, should at least dress for their camera time with no obvious body areas showing that many find distracting. When they can’t even do that, my opinion of their work goes down before they even open their mouths.

  45. I just looked over Judith Orloff’s homepage. On it today, there’s a “quote for the week” that goes like this: “Give yourself completely to the one you call God. If you are not doing it, you are wasting your time.”

    ( isn’t that what followers of flds were doing?-giving themselves completely to what they’ve been taught is their god?))….we could go in circles for hours between all this stuff with plyg groups, psychiatrists, etc, ad infinitum.
    Like I was saying, psychiatrists are fallible. I suggest they be used with discernment and only when truly necessary. There are good ones and less good ones.

    I would rank Orloff as successful, very Californian, and someone I wouldn’t even use if I needed and could afford a shrink at this moment. I would go to someone more humble, and less totally sure of themselves.

    Y’all who dislkie me, and/or dislike what I just said, yo, please have a nice day anyway.

  46. Mark Shurtleff needs to get off his butt and do something about the police in Colorado City/Hildale. It is a disgrace that they are even allowed to be called law enforcement.

  47. Maybe Mark Shurtleff has chemo – brain….nah…that would be giving him an excuse.

  48. WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), a current member and former Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, introduced U.S. Magistrate Judge David Nuffer, the nominee for the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah, during his confirmation hearing today. Hatch recommended President Barack Obama nominate Nuffer to the federal bench, which the President did on June 29, 2011.

    In remarks before the Judiciary Committee hearing today, Hatch said that “Judge Nuffer is widely known in Utah’s legal community, and he is just as
    widely respected.” Hatch added that Nuffer “is a lawyer and a judge of the highest caliber, and a man of the highest integrity and character.”

    Judge Nuffer was nominated for a seat that has been vacant since November 2009.

    Below are Hatch’s full remarks made during Judge Nuffer’s confirmation hearing today:

    Mr. Chairman, I am very pleased to introduce to the committee U.S. Magistrate Judge David Nuffer, President Obama’s nominee to the U.S. District Court in Utah.

    After receiving his undergraduate and law degrees from Brigham Young University, Judge Nuffer spent 24 years in private legal practice. He has served for 16 years as a U.S. Magistrate Judge, half of those years part-time and half full-time. As a lawyer, he practiced both criminal prosecution and criminal defense and has tried more than 150 cases to verdict. I am not surprised that the American Bar Association unanimously gave him its highest well qualified rating.

    Judge Nuffer is widely known in Utah’s legal community, and he is just as widely respected. He has not only practiced law, but he has served the law as well as both a Commissioner and as President of the Utah State Bar. He has served on various committees and task forces of the Utah Supreme Court, and as chairman of the Utah Judicial Conduct Commission. And for more than a decade, Judge Nuffer has been adjunct professor at his law school alma mater. But his service to the law extends beyond our borders. Judge Nuffer has lectured to judges, lawyers, and law students in countries as far afield as Brazil, Egypt, and Ukraine, and serves on the board of the Leavitt Institute for International Development.

    As my colleagues know, I chair the Senate Republican High-Tech Task Force and have for many years been involved in efforts to reform the patent system. I therefore took particular notice of Judge Nuffer’s love of technology and the promise that it holds for the legal system. In one of his many articles and blog postings, he wrote: “Technology is a leveler that puts us all in touch, reduces the distance from the courthouse, and leverages our abilities.” I could not agree more. When he is confirmed, as I know he will be, Judge Nuffer will help make the law and the court system more accessible to all our citizens.

    This well-rounded picture of dedication, service, and excellence really impressed me. As I usually do when we have a judicial vacancy, I talked to lawyers and leaders in the legal community of both parties throughout Utah. The response was strong and unanimous. Judge Nuffer is a lawyer and a judge of the highest caliber, and a man of the highest integrity and character. Those are the qualities that matter most to me, and I am proud to introduce him to the committee and to recommend his swift and unanimous confirmation by the full Senate.

    From HOPE Org;

    Judge David Nuffer

    President of the Utah State Bar association and part time U.S. Magistrate, David Nuffer sits on many important and prestigeous legal panels and associations. David Nuffer is one of the most powerful men in the Utah legal profession. Among his many positions, he is City Attorney for the polygamous community of Colorado City Arizona. He has also done important work on the Hildale, UT and Colorado City AZ power generation projects. Could such close ties on the part of a Federal Judge with a group engaged in systematic sexual exploitation constitute a conflict of interest?

  49. Conflict of interest? Hell yeah! Helping a bunch of free wheeling felons while on the federal bench!?

    What next, is he going to be the Attorney of record for Mobsters too?

    Or the street gangsters?

  50. Mark Shurtleff’s feeble attempt to prosecute the abuses within polygamy ignores an important point – polygamy itself is abuse. Women and children suffer emotionally and financially in all of the groups, not just FLDS. And as for his beloved Safety Net – has anyone watched the online videos of meetings? They have become a platform for polygamists to promote themselves and their own agendas. (TLC went to Safety Net to find the ‘ideal’ polygamist family for their sisterwives show). There is no justice in Utah for women leaving polygamy who want to keep their children out of this coercive lifestyle and Mark Shurtless is all ‘foe’ as far as I am concerned – not to polygamists, but to anyone wanting the law to do its duty in this arena.

  51. I don’t know where to post so I will post here. There are some aweful things being said about the FLDS which aren’t entirely based on truth.

    The Flds has not been banning people. This is a lie. The Flds is allowing the faith to be rebaptized. All Flds are to be rebaptized soon by Jeffs brother and the leadership of the church.

    Those who remain faithful but aren’t fully committed have been placed on a temporary list until they get reaffirmed by the leadership. This does not mean they have been banned.

    Also, unless you understand the church it is hard to comprehend some recent moves it has made on marriage and sex. For the time being sex and marriage is not considered permitable because Jeffs has dissolved all marriages, and therefore to have sex when not married is a sin. Currently the church is demanding stricter obedience because you need to be devoted to be rebaptized. Jeffs brother and church leaders plan a rebaptism in the near future from what I heard. Upon rebaptism, marriages will be renued.

  52. Hello –

    Describe “stricter obedience “.


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