FLDS Texas just wants to take the time to say thank you to those who have worked so tirelessly to prosecute the FLDS for their crimes against children.

To Greg Abbott the Texas Attorney General: You and your office have done what no other state has been willing to do. You have fought for the children who have been victimized by the FLDS cult. Eric Nichols and Angela Goodwin have been brilliant in their presentation and have been backed up by a truly awesome staff. They have gone the extra mile to get things done, contacting potential witnesses, interviewing, reviewing documents, listening to tapes, whatever it took to make sure the case was airtight.

A special thanks to Sergeant Wes who has acted as Co-Case Agent and Co Document Custodian. He has had to be away from his family continually since April 2008 and along with Ranger Nick has dug deep into the evidence and found everything they could find, not only against Warren Jeffs, but also against the others who are under indictment.

To the Texas Rangers, the public now knows what it didn’t know back in April 2008. They know they were lied to by Willie Jessop and a host of sobbing FLDS women. Sally Jeffs is the perfect example of the liars they were. She went on national television and told anyone who would listen that there were no underage marriages occurring at the YFZ or anywhere in the FLDS communities. What a liar she has turned out to be. 3 of the underage brides were her daughters. Y’all might have had to stand there and take what was dished out at the time, but now that the truth is known, y’all are shining brighter than ever.

There are others who have helped uncover the cult that calls itself the FLDS, the Mankins who have written about it in their paper and shared their knowledge with the rest of us, Sheriff Doran and his deputies who have had to stand watch over the men, being inundated with visitors who think that the visitation times and visitor numbers apply to everyone but them. I could keep going, but the main thing I wanted to do with this post is to give a public thank you to those who probably don’t get many Thank yous in their line of work.

Feel free to add specific thank yous in the comments as you see fit.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on August 14, 2011.

48 Responses to “THANK YOU!!”

  1. Well, I’d like to say thank you to everyone on this site for helping me to see, along with other news sites and such, that there is more in the world. Thanks for helping me broaden my horizons and build up the courage to leave the FLDS

  2. I appreciate all the work law enforcement did to make sure that the cases were taken to trial and that all the i’s were dotted and the t’s were crossed so that those who are abusing children are put in jail.

    Until I read the article by Ranger Long, I had forgotten that the FLDS had stalled law enforcement with their “magistrate” review. They were able to keep law enforcement from looking through the documents long enough to whine and cry to the appeals court. I think that if the appeals court and/or Texas Supreme Court had it to do all over again, or if they knew then what they know now, the outcome would have been totally different.

    Willie Jessop might have finally had his eyes opened, but there is no way he didn’t know what was going on at the ranch and in the temple. What did people think was going on there? Naomi sure as heck knew. Why isn’t she behind bars? She needs to be put away for aiding a fugitive from justice along with her part in the rape of her 12 year old 1/2 sister.

    Thanks to everyone who had a part in bringing this pedophile to justice and attempting to open the eyes of the rank and file FLDS to exactly what and who they are following.

  3. administration

    can i copy and post this thank you statement elsewhere?


  4. A great big THANK YOU to everyone in Texas: from the governor on down through the attorney general’s office, the Texas Rangers, the court system and Judge Walther, the court bailiffs, the witnesses, etc.

    Y’all did what Utah failed/refused to do!

    God Bless Texas!

  5. juliekan — you can copy it elsewhere.

  6. There are no words that can convey my appreciation and thanks to all of the people who worked so tirelessly and with such dedication against a foe that was so devilishly clever and malicious. They all conducted themselves in an entirely professional manner at all times. Something we Texan’s can really be proud of. I salute them.

    I remember the day the first indictment was announced. I thought – they’re going to do it – they’re really going to do it. And they did. What a job.

    And to you FLDS TEXAS ADM for providing this forum with all it’s information – huge kudos and thanks to you, as well as to the posters here who have selflessly shared their knowledge.

  7. Yehaaa6’s comment is such an appropriate and inspiring first post to this thread.
    I hope many more eyes are opened and I thank the FLDS Texas admins for making this resource available for all who want to access it.
    I am usually a lurker, posting very occasionally, but i’m sure there are many like me who are grateful that this information is being collated and available to everyone, in the FLDS and in the wider world.

  8. Awesome well written post FLDS –

    For those of us that have watch Warren, and his twisted pervision harm so many people. Putting people in religious shakals with mind altering fear. Abuse, abandonment, fraud, coersion, false worship. Ruining the lives of so many, with every kind of human abuse imaginable for years and years.

    Texas stepped up to the plate. Took it’s own abuse and criticizem but, kept going. Tirelessly doing what they needed to do to put these people behind bars. I stand in awe. I cannot thank this Texas team enough.

    It is only a dream that the State I live in would show such athority and unwavering commitment to stopping this continued abuse and fraud in the FLDS. And not cower and cover up for these criminals as they have for so long.

    Hats off to this entire Texas legal team. You are recieving a standing ovation from the U.S.
    Thank you Texas

    Miele said 12:59:
    “And to you FLDS TEXAS ADM for providing this forum with all it’s information – huge kudos and thanks to you, as well as to the posters here who have selflessly shared their knowledge”

    I absolutely second that! Thank you FLDSTEXAS, Admin. and so many posters here have been workin on this for years. Bringing the truth to the public. Amazing job all of you have done. A window in to the real world of the FLDS.

  9. After having sat through most of my brother’s trial — heard and seen for myself all that I did, talked to so many, made new friends, and reconnected with various family members and exiles — die-hard apostate that I am, I finally feel the sense of redemption and therapeutic release I was hoping for. In spite of the extreme grossness revealed, I am so glad it came out in this trial. I know there is much more. But for now it is enough.

    Along with the kudos to all the above, I must tender an especially heartfelt appreciation to Judge Barbara Walther. She was a saint for all her patient forbearance in allowing Warren such a long tether to conduct his pro se defense. He had no defense; there could be no defense against that damning and carefully presented prosecution.

    The court allowed Warren his final pulpit and he used it to hang himself. So, kudos to you, Warren for a job well-done. But triumphant accolades go to the State of Texas and all the above-named actors for their well-played role in this horror show.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  10. A special thanks as well to other folks behind the scenes who helped over the years.

    There are still other struggles, and children still endangered. The UEP needs to be adjudicated so families are no longer entrapped as they have been.

    These are fabulous strides the folks of Texas have made in ending the abuses in their neighborhood – but by all accounts there are other states, even the FEDS who need to step in and finish cleaning up the additional crimes and abuses.

    I wish the best to them, Texas gave them the playbook.

  11. How thrilling to hear from Elaine Jeffs. Many blessings to you and your family, Elaine. I found your daughter ‘s website, A Child’s Way Out, a few years ago, and spoke about it here and there online. My best to her also.

    God laid all of this heavily on my heart about seven years ago. I am grateful for what is finally taking place. These are fellow Americans in all these polygamy groups.

  12. Elaine, I respect you so much for that post. There is not a much more strong tie than that of brother/sister, but there comes a time that family ties and family loyalty have to be put aside in favor of justice and protection for others.

    There came a time for me when I had to confront and reveal a big problem in my own brother’s life. I had to fight like crazy to confront him as well as prove it to our parents, other siblings and friends before he finally was stopped. To do otherwise would have been enabling. I can empathize somewhat with your feelings these days.

  13. I would like to say my thank you in parts. I know that there are so many people that helped with all this that worked behind the scenes. I know it took a team to make this happen.

    Thank you!

    The Pilot
    Texas Rangers
    Deputy George Arispe
    Sheriff Doran
    Gov. Rick Perry
    AG Eric Nicolas
    Gregg Abbot
    Judge Walther
    Sam Brower
    Rick Ross
    Sarah- Rozita
    The guy who got into the safe
    The people of Texas
    All the Jurors

  14. Thank you to those that spoke out in one way or another.

    Elissa Wahl
    Rebecca Musser
    Ben Bistline
    Stephen Sinclair
    Flora Jessop
    Kathy Jo Nicholson

    John Llewellyn
    Rebecca Kimball
    Susan Schmidt
    Julia Scheeres

    Those that testified in the Canadian trials/research

    Doris Hanson and ALL her guests

    Thank you.

  15. And thank you to the media.

    Concho Valley
    Salt Lake Tribune- Brooke Adams-Trent Nelson- Lindsay Whitehurst- Nate Carlisle
    Fox News Utah- Ben Winslow
    Mike Watkiss
    ABC news Utah- Brent Hunsaker
    Steve Jackson- Nevada Polygamy-
    Time Magazine
    National Geographic- Stephanie St.Claire
    Buster Johnson
    Eldorado success- Randy and Kathy and Kathy and staff
    Go San Angelo Times- Matthew Waller- Patrick Dove- sketch artists- and staff
    John Daughtery
    Isaac Wyler
    Dr.Drew and guests
    Beth Karas
    Christi Paul
    Jean Casarez

    ABC news
    Anderson Cooper
    Nancy Grace
    Daphne Bramham

    Thank you!

  16. And a special thank you to FLDS Texas website for sharing so very much. The space to voice our concerns and to those who spent countless hours getting all the names and dates in order.

    To those that shared their personal lives and to those that put up with me.

    Thank you

    Laurie Allen and Dot touched my heart forever with their video
    Dan Fischer – his words encouraged me to keep beliving
    Natalie Malonis – showed me strength and to never back down
    Wally B. taught me that lawyers are human too
    Johnnie Jessop – looking for his mom reminded me to never forget to tell my kids I love them
    Blues- explained to me the whole thing about Sons of Perdition
    Ron- showed me each story has two sides and then some
    Geidon Barlow- reminded me to give thanks
    Deputy Dog- put some fears to rest by forever showing me things over and over
    Pliggy – taught me to be more compassionate

    Ross chatwin
    Isaac Wyler

    All made me wish I had them for neighbors.

    Thank you!!

  17. Thanks Elaine…loved you post.

    My sincere thanks to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. So many to thank that I’ll ditto what has been said by others.

    In particular, though, I want to thank the prosecution team for spending their time and resources to absorb the deeper and wider picture and for doing such a great job telling the tale in court.

    Huge thanks (and a big hug) to Elaine Jeffs.

  19. When will complete court trascripts come out of Texas?

  20. Not sure Uncle J. If Warren doesn’t hire an attorney and appeal then there isn’t a timetable.

  21. Yehaa,
    I mentioned a while ago that I would be in SLC this fall. Well I am here – perhaps we can do coffee sometime???? before Jan when I leave…
    The admin has my email – it isn’t one I check much so let me know if you have gotten in contact

  22. absolutely, I’m free next week, if you’d like. email is yehaaa6 @ gmail

  23. I would like to add my voice to all the thanks and to agree that it is heartening that the first post is yehaa’s and to thank Elaine Jeffs for her strength and fortitude.

    I hope and pray that there will be a thread thanking the UEP administrators when all the dust finally falls and, hopefully, the citizens of the twin cities becomes real owners responsible for their own debts and not the debts of a pedaphile

  24. Elaine, just saw your post – awesome !
    Thanks to everyone for your hard work.

  25. Thank you walton, we have formed a virtual community united in a great cause. I am pleased to be part of it and to be associated with so many good people in it.

  26. “Anonymous said this on August 15, 2011 at 12:40 AM

    A great big THANK YOU to everyone in Texas: from the governor on down through the attorney general’s office, the Texas Rangers, the court system and Judge Walther, the court bailiffs, the witnesses, etc.”

    Yes, and the jurors. God Bless Texas, Not all wars are fought in foreign lands with guns.

  27. I hope the metal prophet statue is built & shipped to CCA/Hildale area & setup there, maybe it will upset some of the sheeple there & they will split off & not go into other flds groups,,,, Yes I’m a ex-flds man, it’s time we ex-flds or apostates as we’re called by the sheeple, start living our own lives, we’re not welcome back in among the sheeple or by lieutenants of WSJ ….. If U think you’ll be accpeted @ CP by their sheeple “good luck” then think again, we’re not part of the groupthink anymore there either …….. Try 2 be free thinking independent people, & not part of the groupthink there !!!!!!!!! THANX to Gretchen for giving me 1 vote of confidence in using computerese on this comment page……………Anon: (computerese)

  28. Yes, and the jurors. God Bless Texas, Not all wars are fought in foreign lands with guns.

    Anonymous said this on August 15, 2011 at 10:33 PM

    Yes Anon @ 10:33, ESPECIALLY the jurors! I included them in the etc, but those jurors deserve their own kudos. THANK YOU jurors – you saw the “truth and light” through Warren’s “answer them nothing” “pure” defense. You were the best trial jury EVER!

  29. Grateful to hear you came back, Computerese–.. one day at a time…

    I guess I was wondering, how come the CC-Hildale locale people can’t enact some ordinance keeping that statue from being put up? I would think many sure won’t want it around..There are plenty of non-flds residents aren’t there? Isn’t there some say about this kind of thing before it just happens without anyone being consulted? (like so many other things that have been done without proper process out there?) Or what about some quick action, like Texas legislature did, raising consent age, when they found out what flds was really about down there? What about some quick thinking by those who would have to see it all the time, that would find it offensive? I mean, the guy is a convicted multiple felon, very controversial, etc. Can’t something be done considering that? They should only be allowed to put it up at yfz, out where it’s only flds to be aware of it, and away from ranch borders with neighboring properties.

  30. Ultimately, I don’t get why flds are even being left to themselves at yfz (or Pringle) after what has finally been proven in court..I’ve always wished yfz could be shut down, temple thrown down, etc..It’s basically nothing but one big crime scene. A lot of usable limestone there. With all the crimes associated with “Warrant” there shouldn’t be a “no recourse” situation for CC area people that don’t want that darn metal monstrosity around. flds just plain doesn’t own everything where they hail from, and shouldn’t be allowed to dictate in any more situations.

  31. I am inspired by the strength of those who have left, and have persevered. I know its been painful and lonely at times, but your efforts to save your loved ones are working. Never, never, never give up. I know that, you, like me, do this because we love our families who are still “left behind”. Let our message to them continue to be one of love. Janet Johanson

  32. You’re right , Gretchen ! It should B put up @ YFZ ranch, maybe it will, IMO WSJ & his lieutenants might do that ………. However watt will probably happen is it will B setup in CCA/Hildale anyway 2 get sheeple 2 follow him without question, Y not those sheeple have been so far …… IMO it will backfire on him ,some if not all sheeple will get upset & split off, so he has 2 put it there, of course his sheeple may put up another 1 @ YFZ ranch, that’s quite possible,,,,, I have talked with some non & ex-flds people & was told WSJ ‘s lieutenants & others R in charge & hold sway there in CCA/Hildale, they will accept anything their prophet does !!!! Many non-flds R waiting & hoping the whole system there will fall apart & CCA/Hildale will become a more open town……IMO it’s not going 2 happen soon,but I could B wrong !!! Anon (computerese)

  33. Anon ( computerese), again : I have heard WSJ cursed CCA/Hildale area in the recent past thru a supposed “revelation” & called the sheeple there ” not worthy ” 2 go 2 places of refuge, sounds 2 me like he’s totally insane, if not he’s playing the sheeple for fools………… ” Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men”, sound familiar !!!!!!!!!!! IMO, WSJ’s a total LIAR & has lied 2 his sheeple many times, so he’s trying 2 soothe their anxiety by erecting a statue of himself in either place, IMO, it will backfire on him all I & other non & ex-flds people can hope & pray it will !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    More to be thankful for on this thankful thread…

  35. I knew Rulon T Jeffs in SLC many years ago, knew some of his sons,but I didn’t know Warren, 2 compare the 2 : they’re as different as day & night, Rulon was like day, Warren is like night ! Rulon did watt he could 2 try & transition those who back into the flds, if they wanted 2, Warren doesn’t want or seem 2 care if anybody wants back in flds…….. When Warren took power, he messed up many peoples lives, my own family is proof ! I tried 2 return 2 flds thru Rulon, apparently Warren told me a lie & my family who R still flds fell 4 it……… IMO as well as some other flds people we think Warren was drugging his father ! I knew Rulon had several physical ailments,unfortunately 4 Rulon, Warren was administering Rulon’s medications, some people become slaves 2 the ones who administer them, many think Warren put his father on heavy duty hallucinogenic meds & maybe kept @ it 4 years ! One time a friend told me Rulon called Warren 2 the kitchen table & slammed his hands on table, told Warren, damnit let me do my job ! The one time he was coherent 2 say you’re not in charge ! Warren wanted & wants power & control as do his henchmen, as well as money! Rulon may have been coherent @ other times, but those times were few & far between ! I can’t get into each aspect if my life or my dealings with Rulon, that takes 2 long, all that I know is Warren is in control & ruining everybody’s life he touches, it’s sad he used people like & will still do , including using his own father ! He lied many times 2 people, & probably 2 his father…….I’ve heard some ex-flds people say Rulon was senile ,no ! I believe he was being drugged & used by Warren……WSJ is a user he proved 2 me when used his father !!!!!!!!!!!! Anon,,,,computerese

  36. Very interesting, Comp-anon..(above) … veddy, veddy “in-te-des-tingk”… with all this, the poor people still can’t stop giving him their lives and funds?? Lord, Lord..Well, bless your heart, keep filling us in.

    I think we’re gonna see lots more indictments. I sure hope none of them will ever be made of rubber again (overturnable, slap on the wrist types)

    One day at a time.

  37. I have heard some of the same stuff you just wrote about computerese. Warren wanted power and his father had it so he knew he had to control his father. I heard that one time Rulon said he wished Warren would quit marrying all these young girls to him.

    Given that Ora’s twins were born 7 months after Rulon’s death, it seems pretty clear what Warren was doing with his father’s Young wives.

  38. Watt more can B done ? Just hope & pray the whole FLDS system falls apart !!!!!!!! That seems about the only way something good might come out of this whole mess !!!!!!!! ” You can’t fix stupid” 2 quote Ron White of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour ………………………. Comp- anon

  39. Wondering why the followers of WSJ were told to stop the internet….yet…..As of today I still see most of them with “smart” phones….that all require internet packages?….doesn’t that get them “dismissed?”

  40. Comp-anon here, I live in general area of CCA/ Hildale ,can’t tell U where without fear of retaliation, harassment,etc, I hope a metal statue is erected of WSJ here, so when they start name calling like : apostates, I can call them idol worshippers !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Will write more later …………………….. Comp-anon

  41. “Child Bride” — tribute to FLDS runaways

  42. Uncle J, when I went in to modify my cell plan, the rep’s there were commenting about the waste of money to have a smart phone and have internet turned off on it, but they commented that a lot of people were doing that from here.

  43. Thank you thank you thank you. Now please go after the parents who pimp their kids.

  44. What more can B said ? Not much now, we will just have 2 wait & see how it all plays out …………………………….. Comp-anon

  45. Does anyone know where I can find a clip of Tom Green? i can’t find one on you tube. Like it for a story.

  46. I want to say Thank you Rozita Swinton regardless of everyone dancing around the fact that if it were not for you we would have no convictions. Regardless of your involvement. You are my Hero in more ways than I can explain. I hope you read this with your head held high. I pray that you are doing good in your life. Your story is important and don’t forget that.

  47. Lost in Poligville never thought he would gain so much respect for the state that brought us GW Bush. Kudos to Texas. This is how its done Utah and Arizona. Stop coddling these dirt-bags and put em away.

  48. Magnificent goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you’re just too excellent. I really like what you’ve acquired here, certainly like what you’re stating and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it wise. I cant wait to read much more from you. This is actually a tremendous site.

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