Punishment for Warren Steed Jeffs

Warren’s “Bad Acts” include
1. 78 illegal marriages, including 24 marriages involving children who had not yet reached their 17th birthday.

2. An additional 67 marriages of underage girls he participated in as “mouth” or as a witness.

3. 500 bigamous marriages from 9/89 – 7/06 that he participated in as “mouth” or as a witness.

4. 6 alleged incidents of illegal sexual conduct with 6 separate individuals.

5. 60 incidences of breaking up more than 300 families by splitting up marriages or reassigning wives.

6. Force of conduct to expel young men from the community.

7. Contempt for and unwillingness to comply with the laws.

8. Efforts to evade law enforcement.

9. Testimony he abused his authority by dismantling the education system for his followers.

Photo by Patrick – Warren arriving in shackles.

Ezra Draper and Brent Jeffs arrive to testify. What heros they are for standing up and testifying against this man. Also to the niece who testified. It wasn’t easy, but they did what was necessary.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on August 7, 2011.

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  1. So pleased that warren was found guilty and that so much stuff about the flds has been entered as evidence and is now public. So many people to thank and who are heros. Judge Walther, The Texas AG, Texas Rangers, Rebecca Musser for her hours of testimony at several trials., TexasFLDS admin. for this blog and the frequent updates, the many posters here who have provided insights and further information, etc, etc.
    I have not posted much during the trial, but have been following it closely and was over whelmed with emotion when the verdicts came in. Thank God he was found guilty.

  2. Just saw a story on GMA about the trial and conviction. It was well done and not biased towards the flds or warren.

  3. Here’s a cartoon from the Trib newspaper in SLC on subject of that felonious profit ole Warren “The Child Bride of Frankenstein”


  4. The ole saying “You ain’t seen nothing yet” comes to mind when thinking about the evidence that’s going to be put on today for the punishment phase.

  5. It is time for this horrible treatment of these women and children to be addressed in public.It is now time for all americans to come together and make sure it doesn’t end with warren jeffs or the others.I hope he gets 99 years.The mothers should also be held accountable also.

  6. This is just an occult hiding behind the diguse of religion.Reminds me alot of Jim Jones here!

  7. Becky, you’re looking mighty fine there. I hope you infuriated the living daylights out of ole Warren.

    Here’s to Texas Justice!

  8. I hope those bad acts get lot’s of national attention. Some people might think twice to do business with the FLDS.

  9. Did anyone else see Emily Detoto on Anderson Cooper 360 last night?
    I am speechless. I know lawyers are suppose to defend their clients but, she almost seemed in awe of him. wtf?

  10. I hope Utah and Arizona Attorney Generals find time to see this “Bad Acts” findings because nearly all of these felonies, lawlessness and numbingly criminal laundry list of repeated and habitual felonies transpired in their sovreign States that elected to do nothing to little to stem this criminal syhndicate. This going to be a long line of crimes stretching from Texas back to Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona and even up to Bountiful, Canada a rather embarassing laundry list of crimes that I trust the busy folks at the Safety Net meetings find of interest to at least acknowledge if not work toward some resolve to stop its presence within their communities.

  11. I am assuming at least one of the underage wives is from Canada. I expect/hope that to get exposed in the “bad acts” show. I wonder if Canada will want their little girls back since they are Canadian citizens and it is really up to them to protect them?

  12. We need a blog on this on facebook. It needs more public attention NOW!

  13. This comment from willie at gosanangelo

    “”Warren Jeffs betrayed his people and the values of his people,” Jessop said at the end of Thursday’s proceedings. Everyone in the FLDS, he said, “has to take some responsibility.”


    Wow. Short and to the point. OK, I give him two points for this.

    Not that I trust him fully yet, and this is perhaps a poor apology for his backing up these abuses at the trials – but it shows he sees the light.

    I hope more step forward.

  14. “”Warren Jeffs betrayed his people and the values of his people,” Jessop said at the end of Thursday’s proceedings. Everyone in the FLDS, he said, “has to take some responsibility.”

    Response : Mr Jessop can start by taking some responsibility for his own role in this tragedy.

  15. How about this concept as a rallying point?

    “Any group, religious or otherwise, that demands, as a condition of membership, surrender of free agency, including the power and resources to carry out an individual’s own will, may not be allowed in anyway to control either directly or through other member adults, the lives of minor children.”

    I’m not a lawyer or a scholar, but I really believe that part of the problem here is there is a very basic violation of human rights occurring here that has not yet been articulated. I’m know this needs to be reworked, but perhaps it is a starting point.

    If this type of principle were enforced, a group like the FLDS would lose their children only if they insisted on violating their members right to free agency (My intent in this statement is that it would include things like choice of who to marry, where to work, surrender of personal property, etc. backed up with threat of expulsion). If a group allowed members to make their own choices, they would be fine.

    Churches should be allowed to have moral principles and expel people who violate those principles by openly committing adultery or fraud, etc. That right should not be threatened.

    They should *not* have an restricted right to demand surrender of property or control of basic human choices. If they do, then they need to demonstrate that the minor children in their midst are not affected. Only an adult should be allowed to surrender their liberty. A child can not make that choice and should not be deprived of liberty based on a parent’s choice.

  16. Warren stands up in Court in the loudest voice since the trial started,, gives a 5 Minute proclaimation from God , and then asks to be absent for the punishment phase of the trial.. Judge Walther says,, He does not control the courtroom,, and she will not tolerate disruptions,,, and if he leaves the courtroom , he will no longer be able to represent himself and his attorney will handle this phase… Jeffs says NO, he wants to represent himself… then recess,,, I bet he stays in the courtroom

  17. Will these bad acts be made public? I think everyone should have a good hard look at what’s been going on in the name of ‘The Lord’.

    Plus, I’m nosey!

  18. IRT watergirl @ 9:20 am,

    I guess some people think as long as he said “AMEN” while on top of the little girl, its all good.

  19. Sounds like Warren found his “vet voice”! (that’s the loud noises made by cats when they get put in the cat carrier and figure out they’re going to the vet.) It’s kinda too late for that, Warren, the government’s got you stuffed in the cat carrier and you’re going to Huntsville!

  20. NOW that I’ve found the right thread (sigh, dont ask)…..are you all aware that the Judge has allowed Warren to be absent from the courtroom, but insisted that his attorneys represent him? I don’t see a link to the info posted anywhere, so…apologies if duplication

    gosanangelo GoSanAngelo.com
    BREAKING: It appears #Warrenjeffs standby counsel will represent him during punishment phase of trial. Stay tuned!
    1 hour ago

    natecarlisle Nate Carlisle
    Judge to remove #WarrenJeffs from courtroom, appointed his standby attorney to represent him for rest of sentencing phase.
    1 hour ago

  21. gosanangelo GoSanAngelo.com
    Quotes from opening statements to come. Some comic relief in the meantime… #Warrenjeffs #FLDS #polygamy yfrog.com/gydemhpcj
    34 seconds ago
    gosanangelo GoSanAngelo.com
    Prosecution makes another fruitless attempt to get YFZ raid evidence thrown out, both sides have delivered opening statements #Warrenjeffs
    4 minutes ago
    gosanangelo GoSanAngelo.com
    BREAKING: #Warrenjeffs removed from courtroom at ~11:25 CST. Judge orders him to remain in courthouse.
    5 minutes ago

  22. Per San Angelo Standard Times, Salt Lake City psychologist to testify after lunch break. Qualifies b/c of treating former FLDS members. Now that there are lawyers on the defense side, I wonder how quickly it’ll proceed?

  23. Sorry, that was acutally Nate Carlisle, I think.

  24. Lawyers are going to argue I am as brainwashed as everybody so I do what I do…. defense….

  25. sorry that was me HHG on brainwashing defense

  26. Did anyone else see Emily Detoto on Anderson Cooper 360 last night?
    I am speechless. I know lawyers are suppose to defend their clients but, she almost seemed in awe of him. wtf?

    Watergirl said this on August 5, 2011 at 9:20 AM

    CNN has the video on their website. You are right. That was just bizarre. I’m trying to imagine she was just presenting the world as WSJ sees it, but it really came across as though she bought into it on some level. I do like that she said she supported his decision to represent himself. That was a true gift to the cause.

  27. HHG – that’s exactly what Jeffs’s counsel did during his opening statement, excusing the behavior because “he’s just doing what he learned.” I don’t think the jury will buy that for a minute.

  28. In honor of “It’s not my fault” defense, some famous quotes:

    A man’s mother is his misfortune, but his wife is his fault.
    Walter Bagehot

    Always mistrust a subordinate who never finds fault with his superior.
    William Collins

    And oftentimes excusing of a fault doth make the fault the worse by the excuse.
    William Shakespeare

    Although I do wrong, I do not the wrongs that I am charged with doing; the wrong that I do is through the frailty of human nature, like other men. No man lives without fault.
    Joseph Smith, Jr.

  29. FLDS!!!!

  30. The “F” stands for “F’ed up”

  31. Any idea what other evidence will be seen during the sentencing phase? Some media outlets suggested it would be hair raising and indicate more child sexual abuse.

  32. MaryLou, here is a summary of punishment-phase testimony

    From @Katy_Vine on Texas Monthly:

    So now we move on to the penalty phase. The prosecution wants to discuss Warren Jeffs’ own 78 illegal marriages (24 of which involved underage girls), 67 marriages he performed involving underage girls and other men, five hundred bigamous marriages he facilitated and encouraged, six instances of “illegal sexual conduct” involving individuals, more than sixty instances of breaking up three hundred families, expelling young men, and conduct that reveals contempt for “the laws of men.”

  33. I admire the jurors and the court having to listen through such terrible acts. Thank you for the update!

  34. Yes we need a blog on Facebook about this!! Thank you Judge, Becky (dear friend of mine) and State of Texas!! You did Great!! 🙂

  35. AHa

    He gave the old “Daddy Groomed me” defense!

    Still no remorse.

    Died in the wool child molester. Lock m up!

  36. His Daddy got the boot from the LDS Church for practicing bigamy, should have been his first and biggest clue,”… that sumethin’ ain’t quite right in da Crick”. I am wondering who administered Warren’s manly lessons on him like he gave to Brent Jeffs? Another big red flag for the Jury to contemplate. Brent’s father Ward Jeffs in an interview said that Warren Jeffs began displaying very righteous and spitritual arrogance when he was 16-17 years of age, probably once he had matured as a full blown sexual predator but before he became a teacher and Principal at the Alta Academy.

  37. I’ve altered the chorus of Warren’s “Yearn for Zion” hymn:

    Oh, Warren!
    Put on thy prison garments,
    Which are the powers and gifts of Texas to you,
    Draw from your prison cell the power to admit to your crimes.
    Oh, hearken all FLDS!
    Turn from the lies and greed of Warren
    The false prophet is taken from your midst
    Now in the big house, he will nash his teeth
    But the only whirlwind he’ll see will be after a flush.

  38. they introduced the bed in the temple…per twitter

  39. Did you hear the testimony about the beds and celestial marriages? Sick.

  40. I wish there were a LIKE button on this blog — so many comments I would use that on!

  41. Hope that Texasflds blog admin will post copy of that felonious profits latest threat. He seems to want to put hexes on everyone, but they seem to backfire on ole Warren. LMAO

  42. They have finally shown the temple bed photo! Waiting for clarification whether there was more than one bed; thinking below is a typo from @gosangelo Twitter —

    gosanangelo GoSanAngelo.com
    State shows pics of alleged temple sex beds in #warrenjeffs

  43. As a reminder, y’all may wish to review this post ….


  44. HLN Beth Karas reporting Two Beds,, dont know if both were in the same room,, but she described one as a murphy bed, with chairs sitting around it,, The other was a Bed on Wheels, with what looked like an Alter beside it and a podium

  45. the second one was this one


  46. Stamp said: About Willie….
    Not that I trust him fully yet, and this is perhaps a poor apology for his backing up these abuses at the trials – but it shows he sees the light.

    I STILLL think Willie has an ulterior motive. Maybe posturing for his own special place if/when there is a new regime. He has FAR too many bad acts of his own to answer for. I still view him as an evil violent man. Now, if he had, lets say, gotten up on the stand and testified against WJ, THEN I might’ve started to change my mind.

  47. I saw now Cooper Andersons 360 program and Emily ‘Indian Scout’ Detoto struck me as a NY cabby with no concerns about time wasting, so long as the cab meter was still running. She was just dispalying her well paid for “Warrior” Lawyer temperament and it didn’t seem all that fervent to me. She did affirm that ‘Warrant’ is a Courthouse mouse and she looked a little ‘Bambi-ish’ on most topics. Cooper on the other hand had a laser like target on a sexual predator and known Federal fugitive focus and never budged off of it for a moment. Maybe during this ‘Bad Acts” portion we’ll get to see if the Tonto-ette has any fight left in her. One lost recusal hearing and sidelined for the trial leaves me stymied on the great warrioreen.

  48. FYI – We have over 7,000 visits to this blog today so far. That’s more than double our normal daily traffic when there’s breaking news, and triple daily traffic when there’s no breaking news.

  49. Interesting article about FLDS faithful being in denial about verdict: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/08/05/warren-jeffs-guilty-verdict-leaves-flds-flock-in-denial-confused.html

  50. I had to keep hitting ‘mute’ as she spoke to AC. I couldn’t stomach her words or her dancing, toe shoes n’ tutu, all around the issue without addressing the question.

  51. Admin, those numbers are great news! With any hope a large number are among the sheeple or those with access to them.

  52. The Daily Beast article was well written IMO. Hope that copies of it can be passed around the FLDS membership. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

  53. Hopefulllly, some of those hits are a few flds trying to find some truth for themselves. As has been mentioned, it’s difficult to know just how much they’ve heard, seen or believe, from the trial. I can only guess that YFZ is on total media blackout [as the news and others have called it], but others might be taking a peek.

  54. 🙂 I don’t know about about anyone else but I slept much better lastnight. And I can’t tell you how many naps I’ve taken thru out today.

    It is a good feeling to have seen what has been done in Texas and thru out the coverage. I know I feel safer.

    With all these bad acts many of them were done elsewhere does that have any weight on what is being said today in court?

    And with the counts of bigamy will they be charging the women?

  55. Walton, I felt a lot of relief last night too. The evidence has been very difficult to take even though I’m used to heinous evidence. Too close to home.

    I worry about the accuracy and what’s getting back to the sheeple.

  56. Congrats to FLDS Texas admins for traffic. And thanks again for maintaining all the valuable information you’ve collected here as well as the lively discussions.

  57. TexasConnie i for one have really apprciated your timely postings from the Tom Green Courthouse and Twitter. Thanx a bunch.

    I posted at the Sltrib that now that ‘Warrant’ has two counselors back he can relax, a little. Walpole and De’TeePee’pole should be able to arrange for his white Temple bed to be wheeled into the Courthouse, so ‘Warrant’ can lie prone like Hashmi Mubarak has done at his trial, I’m just saying.

  58. from mc1199: The jury will probably need psycholigical help after the trial. How do you get these things outta your head when the trial is done? It will be very interesting to hear them speak, if they choose too, after trial.

    In Idaho we do have short term grief or trauma counseling for jurors. I wish I’d taken advantage of it once, but I didn’t know until later that it was available. I’ll bet Texas has that same thing. Anybody know?

  59. I am reading a report from AZFamily K3-TV in Phoenix that says that Warren Jeffs actually wanted to leave the Courthouse and return to his cell but the logistics of communicating with him and his two attornies, Deric Walpole and Emily Detoto, Judge Walther allowed him to go to a nearby room within the Tom Green Courthouse with the understanding that he could return to the Court hearing at anytime. Strange behavior, again, by the convicted felon to not wish to be present at his own “Bad Acts” hearing. His latest attempt to stop the Court proceedings is another indicator that he is desperate to control or influence the outcome and end his participation by any possible means, kinda like a ostrich wanting to bury it’s head.

  60. Really? They AUB and Nielsen-Naylor group allied with the Davis County Cooperative Society regarding polygamy and abuse? The group that plans to bring back the pure seed of christ through incest?


  61. On twitter I’m hearing court broke and will reconvene tomorrow 10am.

  62. I’m disappointed with the national newspaper coverage. Here’s the link to what NYT printed.


  63. Question: is the 12-year-old bride (now about 17, still in foster care or back at the ranch?

  64. Correct me if I am wrong, but the jury can only sentence on the two verdicts, no matter how many bad acts are included, right? What is the maximum sentence and minimum (hope the don’t consider that limit)?

  65. Thought I read someplace that it could be up to 99 years.

  66. Possible sentencing: I read that sexual abuse of a child under 17 is 2-20 years; the count for aggravated sexual abuse of a child (the 12 yo) carries a penalty of 5-99 years.

    The West Texas juries in the previous YFZ cases have mostly been toward the maximum. I kinda doubt that WSJ will ever be a free man again.

  67. Cement — yes, the jury can only sentence on these 2 counts. The prosecution is allowed to introduce the “bad acts” from other jurisdictions in order to let the jury to take them into consideration when deciding on his punishment.

  68. From a San Angelo article

    “Guilty as charged of one count of sexual assault of a child and one count of aggravated sexual assault of a child,….
    Jeffs could be sent to prison for life. Aggravated sexual assault of a child is a first-degree felony, punishable by five to 99 years in prison, and sexual assault of a child is a second-degree felony punishable by two to 20 years.

    Both offenses can be accompanied by fines of up to $10,000.”

  69. report in from vancouver asking why no charges filed on behalf of the trafficked canadian “wifes” of jeffs

    also tomorrow will have testimony of woman raped as child at alta academy


  70. HHG, good question about the Canadian wives. Maybe they didn’t have enough evidence to bring charges in those cases. Or it could be that they decided to pick the 2 best cases that would give the longest sentences to make sure he’s put away. I suppose it would be fiscally impossible to prosecute him for every single crime–it costs taxpayers a bundle for these high-profile cases.

    I do think the sentencing portion with the “bad acts” may include trafficking across state/international boundaries.

  71. Since the news about Warren found guilty many are asking how the remaining members are taking the news? It was well known that they’ve been ignoring television, newspapers and now the internet for some time.

    But what about the rest of Utah? Arizona?

    Check out Bens latest. http://www.fox13now.com/news/kstu-jeffs-polygamist-leaders-records-helped-get-convictions-20110805,0,2246349.story

    But don’t stop there. find out more about Sunstone Symposium/ Sunstone Magazine etc.


    Dr. Drew gets another thumbs up. He should include his snail mail addy on his show imo.

  72. Could this be the good Lord coming down to help Warren?


    If so, Warren needs to tell him next time they’re having a chat that he left it a bit too late to make his appearance.

  73. Here’s an article that praises Sam Brower, and others for bringing Warren Jeffs & FLDS crimes to light, be sure to watch video clip, Elissa Wall and Flora Jessop are shown as those willing to come forward to expose that felonious profit.


  74. cement

    “Correct me if I am wrong, but the jury can only sentence on the two verdicts, no matter how many bad acts are included, right?”


    Yeah, cuz then he would sentenced to time and eternity – but I think they are going to let God handle the second part!

  75. Today Judge Walther is holding Saturday court. Starts at 10:00. Be there or be square!!!

  76. Yes Cement, the “Bad Acts” are to help get the maximum sentence possible, I’m not sure if the sentences will run concurrently or consecutively. If it is consecutive then he would have to serve all of the first sentence before being eligible for parole.

  77. That paper in Warren’s hand is the Revelation he read in Court at the start of his punishment phase about “Whirlwind of judgment over North and South America”, “The nation will go down with the fall of Babylon”, and This judging of the servant of my sending is an unjust attack”

    It was also right before he asked to NOT be present in the Courtroom during the punishment phase and NOT have standby counsel representing him. Judge Walther explained to him “I know that this is difficult for you to understand, but you don’t have control over these proceedings”.

    In the end, Warren’s desire to not face his accusers won out over his desire to represent himself.

  78. I wonder if asking to be absent and not have standby council was an attempt to keep the dirty laundry away from the people and take the max.

  79. Cement, I think he is trying to say that he can’t be Judged by these people.

  80. I read the statement put out by Principal Voices, Aub etc.. they are so full of crapola!! They all do the same thing,, who do they think they are kidding?

  81. I also saw an interview yesterday of Willie Jessop,, OMG,, he acted like this was all NEW NEWS to him!! Oh he was so outraged this was going on in flds,, LIAR LIAR pants on fire!!

  82. Here’s a good opinion piece on Warren Jeffs:


    From article:

    “This world has known many tyrants, but Jeffs stands in a league of one.”

  83. Wasn’t it wee willie that said the temple bed was for the gardener???

  84. Isnt it amazing that article from the tribune,,, for several years Brooke Adams was sucking up to FLDS,,, in denial as to what was going on,,, Maybe now she wont be so bias And yes Jobo it was exactly Willie that said that

  85. Maybe the incidents of sexual assault/s of the Canadian girl/s did not happen in Texas. I thought they went to Short Creek first. Jeffs was on the move, dodging the FBI.

  86. After that reading which was a contempt of court, I would have cuffed him to a chair and made him listen to every bit of it.

    Maybe the FLDS and Warren think if they dont hear it, it’ll go away –

    uh oh, the ENTIRE world has heard it now, going to be tough to lie from here on out!

  87. “I will break you and I will train you to be a good wife,” Musser said Jeffs had told her, and then said he would marry her in a week.

    She left the FLDS before that happened.


    Good for you Rebecca! Always love to hear this story, never get tired of hearing it.

    People giving that bozo the finger!

  88. I recall Warren telling Rebecca Musser that he wouild break her and teach/make her obey, like he was training a colt or something. Guess he’s learning that most bites by young phillies will break the skin and leave a scar, Hee,hee. Both of these two girls Elissa Wall and Rebecca Musser had too much spunk to get punked by the ‘Count of Squeaky Springs’, huh?

  89. I wonder if the others who are already in prison know about all this stuff and what they must be thinking.

    There hasn’t been a one that has said they were sorry.

    Does anyone know why Warren hasn’t been cuffed and in a jail outfit since he has been found guilty?

    And when he gets sent off to a Prison will he be held in a secluded area? Which one of his wives will have access to the money? Where are they all now?

  90. Here is an article on subject of polygamy from viewpoint of BYU professor .

    From article: “In the Lord’s eyes,” she said, “monogamy is not a sacrifice, but a blessing. But polygamy is a sacrifice. … When God does command polygamy, he understands it is a sacrifice of the joy that would be there for his children if they could live the higher law … the Lord desires all of his children to have the natural joy that comes from living the law of marriage: monogamy.”


    That will certainly irritate the polygamists IMO. This was published in the Deseret News owned by the LDS church.

  91. from the same article: “Even if polygamy were to be legalized in the United States, the church would still excommunicate those who practice polygamy without being commanded by the Lord,” she said. “Those who desire to practice polygamy in times when God has not commanded it are in spiritual chaos. That desire would be analogous to Abraham, after hearing the message of the angel and seeing the ram in the thicket, proceeding to sacrifice Isaac anyway as a testimony of his faithfulness to God. We can only surmise that from God’s point of view, such an act would constitute anything but a testimony of faithfulness.”

    Interpretation is the issue. One person can see this and think that if their “Prophet” tells them that God has spoken and they can have plural wives. in that case the LDS Church would/should allow them to enter their Church.

    Another person could read the very same thing and think that God must give him the sign and the talking to. Once again accoring to this they should be allowed into the Church

    And yet a third- could read this and think he isn’t good enough because he hasn’t heard from his Prophet or God.

    And imo- I think this is why there are laws in place to protect everyone.

    I don’t understand that whole FAIR business. They aren’t part of the Church and yet they say and do an awful lot of things concerning the Church.

    What is wrong with the Church coming out with their own opinion and owning up to such things. I’ve come across some people from FAIR and I’ve had great conversations. And then I have been called names and treated less than. Those are the ones that are snakes in the grass imo.

    I’ve learned a lot thru their history and I have always enjoyed my conversations with those that have treated me as an equal despite my neverending questions.

    There was a guy over at Trib Talk that was ALWAYS nice. And not just to me but to everyone. He answered more questions than I had at the time. He was straight up about stuff.

  92. sassycatgal1 RT @gosanangelo: #warrenjeffs got a new attorney today: Jed Silverman of Houston

  93. WSJ got a new lawyer, Jed Silverman of Houston.

  94. A new attorney?

    Somebody tell him the trial is over!

    Well he can start work on his OCT trial right?

    If he lasts that long?

    Warren goes through them faster than child brides!

  95. Sorry for the repeat, wasn’t intentional.

  96. OMG!! So, what happened to the others?? Will trial be delayed???

  97. http://www.jedsilverman.com/Attorney/Jed-Silverman.shtml this is his website,, he isn’t a pretty boy like walpole, lol

  98. No,, the trial is over,, this is the punishment phase

  99. Gosh–he is sooo stoo-pid!!!!!!!!!!

  100. http://www.fox13now.com/news/kstu-warren-jeffs-evidence-in-warren-jeffs-texas-trial-being-sought-by-utah-authorities-20110729,0,3523155.story

  101. The new lawyer Jed Silverman is a little late now that the jury has convicted, what ole Warren needs is an appeals expert. IMO the evidence is strong, and all this new lawyer will do is eat up more FLDS money, run this through the appeals court with the end result being, ole Warrens still in prison for life and the FLDS is flat broke after. So perhaps it’s a good thing that the FLDS will be bankrupt, in the end Silverman, Walpole and the other lawyers end up owning a defunct cult compound in west Texas, perhaps they can convert it into a hunting retreat for lawyers.

  102. Here’s a report from the SLC Trib:


    Trib article makes no mention of new lawyer. IMO new lawyer brought on board for appeals, perhaps looking a mistrial based on ole Jeffs not being mentally competent and therefore unable to represent himself, or a challenge to the YFZ search warrants.

  103. gosanangelo #warrenjeffs more details about temple beds, including document w instructions about putting a plastic sheet on them to protect the mattress

    by the way Walpole is still the attorney for jeffs puniishment phase,, guess the “new” guy is here sizing up an appeal after the trial

  104. Mr. Silverman has very diverse background. Rico/Raceteering etc.

    Jeffs has 79 wives that are going to need looking after. Maybe this guy is being called in to protect Jeffs money.

    and Parker will protect the monies for the FLDS

  105. Brent jeffs testified to how warren raped him at 5yrs old,, and the ranger told how warren jeffs wanted the bed to withstand lots of movements

  106. Maybe ‘hiring/firing [and not paying…didnt he try and stiff a few on their fees awhile back?] attorney’s, willy-nilly, needs to be added to his bad acts! I’ve lost count of them over time.

  107. God bless little Brent Jeffs.

  108. BenWinslow RT @gosanangelo: #warrenjeffs trial done for today, back at 9 am Monday

  109. Weird Flds hired a jewish attorney for their prophet

  110. Mr. Silverman has very diverse background. Rico/Raceteering etc.

    Jeffs has 79 wives that are going to need looking after. Maybe this guy is being called in to protect Jeffs money.

    and Parker will protect the monies for the FLDS

    walton said this on August 6, 2011 at 3:53 PM

    Perhaps not only for appeal, perhaps because of possible RICO/racketeering fed charges? Maybe this new lawyer is a hint that fed charges are about to appear?

  111. Work in progress!

    The State of Arizona & Mohave County Library was up in Centennial Park (Masada School) & Colorado City school (El Capitain), Thursday. They were training teachers on available state internet resources. A jump to the 21st century stuff for some.

    Seems like we could generate an event to support this intergration, a kind of social networking with people and agencies beyond the creek! A welcome wagon or link to a world of knowledge beyond!

    The county has more training sessions planned, maybe we can time it to this training? After Warenites burned the library books, a statement of outside solidarity and support would be nice. We could bring educational CD’s, E-Books, etc. 500-1000 people decending on SHORT CREEK supporting change, FREEDOM, Education, knowledge, women’s rights, civil rights???

    County might participate, politically, they could not sponsor it.

  112. I support that idea very much Jay

  113. I have a few books I could send, if they’d want them. Maybe even a few on Jeffs, etc. Think they’d ever be checked out? HA!

  114. Lol @ Beswick. Give it up. Do you know how stupid you would look? They hate your type.

  115. This is a good story in San Angelo Newspaper published today, tells where all the men who have been convicted so far are imprisoned

  116. oooops here it is


  117. Love or hate what is the difference??

    Anon…. When Stephanie introduced the Friends of the Library in CC in 2008, I was there in my Tye Dye shirt pretending to be with the press. Jennifer Dobner of Associated Press covered the story, I invited her! Two of the 5 court appointed UEP Trustees attended the planning for the posible library as a courtesy to me, so NOT ALL are my enemies! You are right, I miscalculated that Warren would use his influence to have the books burned and the intended building vandalized!

    But then to get it right for those who want change and transparency volunteers need to do it again, bring a SWAT team if need, just like Ross Chatwins Press conference in January of 2004, but then I did that planning too. Do we cower to coawards or do we keep doing what is right, until the unlawful are all in jail?

    If you want to stop me, don’t let noth’n but fear hold you back.

  118. when I read anon 6:33 pm’s post, “LOL beswick give it up do you know how stupid you’d look…they hate your type.” I’m reminded of Eeyore of Winnie the Pooh fame. “(in droopy, hang down voice) We’re doomed, can’t do it, it won’t work, we’re just stuck here where we are. No sense even trying. Waste of time”. He’s a cartoon character and when you hear him, you know it! Same thing here. We CAN do it, and by the way, who the heck cares what THEY think we look like? Also, I wonder what all the flds victims that read something like that think? “Nothing anyone can do for you, you’re on your own, we’re doomed”. It’s BS and hopefully anyone in those communities who wants to get away from the abuse and victimization knows that millions of people see it as BS! We should all be free to practice whatever religeon we want but I think I’m safe in betting that NO God, whoever He/She/It/Them/ might be, would ever have any part in abusing, demeaning, and generally stealing the Spirit of the very people the God created in the first place. It’s the demented dogma of man (read Prophet) that made this BS up, not an omnipotent God. To anyone who may read this that is FLDS or living in a similar sect, think about THAT. You are as equal in the eyes of the God that made you as any other human being with the same blood, bones and brain that you have. You’ve been beaten down by a criminal pedophile/rapist and thief and its time to get away while you have the chance. There are millions of north americans here to support you. Just take the first step. Have some faith in that God, the one that you have been told is up there watching you, the one that you’ve supposedly devoted yourself to. He doesn’t need a middle man to be reached, you can talk to him person to person. He’s got a really good phone plan. Warrant on the other hand is going to be a little tied up hopefully for the next 99 years.

  119. I am delighted that Brent Jeffs and yet another victim testified about Warrant today. Somehow I feel as if the dam is breaking at last about all of this, as if light is beginning to shine into the darkness. Mr. Beswick, God bless you. God will help you and all the others trying to bring light and justice and decency.

  120. Jay check this out: https://texasflds.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/arson-and-theft-of-hopes-donated-library-books.pdf

    I wonder if they ever heard anything from the LE in that area?

    I know that Paul Murphy talked to someone at one of the Safety Net meetings about the burning of the books.

    It was the same meeting that the guy from Sister Wives had attended.

  121. It seems only fitting that people see this man in chains.


    Thank you once again.

  122. There are millions of north americans here to support you. Just take the first step. Have some faith in that God, the one that you have been told is up there watching you, the one that you’ve supposedly devoted yourself to. He doesn’t need a middle man to be reached, you can talk to him person to person. He’s got a really good phone plan. Warrant on the other hand is going to be a little tied up hopefully for the next 99 years.Anonymous said this on August 6, 2011 at 8:35 PM

    maybe this is the place to start detailing the steps one would go through to get out. I noticed that in none of the communication has mentioned the Hope.org group as a resource. If someone is reading this blog and want to know what to do to get out what do any of you guys suggest?

  123. Shield and Refuge.org is another group trying very hard to assist anyone that wants to leave a polygamy group. They offer a support group that meets Mondays, and as much other moral support as they can.
    Doris Hanson is the host of the radio and tv production by the organization. She was born into the Kingston clan and left at age 18 when forced marriage was imminent, to a much older, much- “married” guy that requested her from her mother at Doris’ birth. Doris’ weekly radio and tv program, “Polygamy, What Love Is This?” centers on why lds polygamy teachings are bogus. The show is very openly evangelical Bible-believing, it makes no apology for that. Many of the programs deal with the contradictions found when comparing lds “scriptures” to the Bible. Many fine guests have appeared, and educational programs have been produced by Shield and Refuge. They try very hard to help whoever contacts them wanting help. They have limited resources, like everyone else involved in this battle against polygamy fall-out. Doris and her colleagues are very dedicated and knowledgable.

  124. There is a church full of people in nearby LaVerkin who would love to help. They are called Mountain View Bible Church and are right on State St.

  125. I also support the Hope organization., but if you just type in
    Hope.org you get a church that has nothing to do with what I support. Look under childbrides.org.
    Sadly, it is a bit behind with the upkeep of their website, but it will happen….:)

  126. “Mr. Silverman has very diverse background. Rico/Raceteering etc.”

    Imagine that.

  127. on Twitter this morning:
    InSession In Session
    Willie Jessop is on now live on In Session and talking about what he thinks of #WarrenJeffs and the future of the FLDS
    6 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    gosanangelo GoSanAngelo.com
    Headed into court for day 12 of #warrenjeffs trial, should start around 9

  128. ok, I am really confused now..

    gosanangelo GoSanAngelo.com
    Defense attorney in process of asking judge to acquit #warrenjeffs for insufficient evidence, apparently u ask 4 that during punishment
    4 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

  129. watergirl

    i’ve never heard of that during punishment phase. that is usually done during trial after the prosecution rests and before the defense puts on it’s case. i dunno…

  130. They are just going to throw every thing up against the wall.

    Its funny that Warren never once denied his crimes.

    Thats gonna hurt his slim to none chances.

  131. From SanAngelo tweet feed. Good Grief!!

    “atmaedu #WarrenJeffs Mormon prophet – San Angelo TX trial Petitions Court for Conjugal visits with his 24 wives . . . upon sentencing lol 6 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite “

  132. The gift that keeps on giving…

    I’m not going to dwell too long on how Warren spent the sabbath day away from the courtroom.

  133. gosanangelo GoSanAngelo.com
    In audiotape, #Warrenjeffs specifically refers to length of pubic hair, sexual excitement, lubrication. Tells them they need to be excited.
    28 seconds ago »

    gosanangelo GoSanAngelo.com
    Prosecution said participants in audiotape were 14yo girl, her 2 sisters & half sister, all #Warrenjeffs’ spiritual wives.
    1 minute ago


  134. Chemist – that wasn’t real.

  135. Thanks for correction TC.

  136. ok, so let me rephrase what I have said many times….
    yes, I am sure there will be a movie one day based on this trial. But, obviously the details will have to be toned down or it will be an X-rated movie.

    My stomach has been churning all last week regarding these poor little girls and now today it doesn’t look like I will feel any better. He is one sick bastard!

  137. Thank you, TC.

  138. Does anyone know when the sentencing is going to start?

  139. The punishment phase is underway and has been since Thursday.

    How long it will take before the jury comes back with sentences is unknown.

    It could be as soon as late today/tonight if the prosecution wraps up their presentations and Walpole puts on no defense (highly unlikely) or calls no witnesses.

    It could also take yet another day or two depending on many things.

  140. I bet he will have a warm welcome waiting on him when he gets to prison.

  141. Here’s a report so far on sentencing from San Angelo paper.


    They played more tapes as mentioned in above posts, as well as evidence from red caddy.
    The tapes most have been really rough as some of jurors appeared upset, from article:

    “One juror wept with tissues in hand as they listened to the audio.”

  142. From that latest San Angelo Standard-Times article:

    “But if the officials tried to enter the temple, “our men must fight to the death,” the document continued.”

  143. I gotta hand it to the prosecution team…they are amazingly adept at presenting the depth and breadth of Warren’s World.

    Hat’s off to Matt Waller, too.

  144. “”He is to tell the government officials we are peaceful,” a prosecutor for the state read to the jury from documents that came from the Yearning for Zion Ranch, concerning Jeffs’ instructions to ranch dwellers about what they were to tell law enforcement.

    But if the officials tried to enter the temple, “our men must fight to the death,” the document continued.”



    Lucky for them they didnt. There was a reason LE was ready when they served the warrants.

  145. I really hope the prosection does not stop here. Those children need to be taken out of there. I can’t even imagine what they must be going though now. These Mothers need to be held accountable also.

  146. Update by Lindsay Whitehurst with the Salt Lake Tribune:


    Today’s AP/San Angelo Standard-Times/Patrick Dove photos are up.

    Among those is a photo of Rebecca Musser in a vividly red dress.

  147. haha…..TT–he must have gotten that “fight to death” quote from the brave fellas at the Alamo…

  148. LE got the drop on them – in other words – caught them with their pants down..

    BTW anyone hear the rumor he submitted a request for conjugal visits with 24 wives?

    That HAS to be a joke.

  149. Oh duh you guys caught it already. Someone twitting jokes!

    That probly wont stop

  150. One of the lighter moments in San Angelo last week was a case of mistaken identity.

    CNN’s Gary Tuchman was sitting on a bench in front of the courthouse presumably texting an update.

    A local man in a wheelchair with his dog wheeled up to about 20-25 feet from Tuchman and said, “[I’m a member of] San Angelo Second Ward, are you going to come over here and shake my hand?”

    Tuchman politely responded, “As soon as I finish this.”

    The local man then inquired of Tuchman, “You are Mr. Jeffs, aren’t you?”

    “No, Mr. Jeffs is in jail.

  151. DOH!

    Too late to shake Warren’s hand!

  152. Oh nobody noticed? Jeffs in handcuffs and chains, RED handcuffs and chained up the wazzooo!

    See the pic on the trib!


  153. From the Salt Lake Tribune:

    Prosecutors also presented evidence they said proves Jeffs knew what he was doing was illegal. In a Jan. 25, 2004 priesthood record Jeffs wrote in reference to his underage wives: “If the world knew what I was doing they would hang me from the highest tree and they would do even greater than that.”

  154. Consider for a moment the curse that Mr. Jeffs and his followers have placed on my head. I live in the twin cities of Hildale Utah and Colorado City Arizona. We have been shunned and discriminated against by these people. Its Ok . We have only reflected Love and Forgiveness back to them. All the hatred being now generated will only fall on the innocent. Be thoughtful of and gentle with your Judgement. It will visit you also. LOVE

  155. Good comment, Spanky.

  156. Yes, Spanky, I agree. I hate the comments about jail rape. My hope is that Jeffs never gets to harm another child, not that he be abused himself.

  157. Seems like I recently read a question on this blog from someone wondering if Texas provides counseling for jurors.

    The answer is that it differs from county to county.


    It is being reported that the jurors heard multiple audiotapes this morning in addition to those that were played in the guilt phase of the trial.

    Warren Jeffs would play some of the same audiotapes for his wives as part of their “training.” (Apparently that is why he had them in the Escalade.)

    Something to think about as we consider the women and girls who may have participated in these acts.

  158. that was me, Betty. I’m on vacation and buying internet time in a cafe….

  159. Love that library lady that was in In Session…I vote her the next profffiittt…

    I agree about the prison jokes….I don’t want anything to happen to him–I want him to look at the 4 walls all day long waitng for them to crumble down and live to be an old–old–man. He deserves that??

  160. More of this morning’s testimony as reported by Paul Weber/Associated Press:

    Girls who proved reluctant to have sex with Jeffs were sent away, according to excerpts from Jeffs’ journals that prosecutors showed to the jury.

    “If they wanted to not be rejected by God, then the new laws (Jeffs) was introducing was requiring them to participate in these sessions,” [FBI Agent John] Broadway said.


    I will add that Warren used the same standards for the women. ~ tt

  161. According to the AP article, Warren Jeffs did make a brief appearance this morning in the courtroom. My read is that Judge Walther requested him to do so to confirm whether he wished to remain outside of the courtroom or not.

    Warren, of course, answered her nothing and was taken back to where he has been spending his most recent court days.

  162. Our thoughts and prayers should be for this jury–for having to hear this totally disgusting stuff.

  163. Something to think about as we consider the women and girls who may have participated in these acts.

    texastwist said this on August 8, 2011 at 2:12 PM

    The Warren and Naomi road show becomes clearer. Well, with as many wives as he has – and the thought that people really can’t keep secrets, perhaps more and more know the truth for themselves about their leader.

  164. At this point, the evidence is so overwhelmingly and sickeningly wicked, the sheeple will have no choice but to believe it’s all a hoax. It’s surreal.

  165. Mike Watkiss:


  166. gosanangelo GoSanAngelo.com
    One pic shown of #warrenjeffs wife with cornrow braids

    Please please show us that pic! Does ANYBODY have it or know where to find it?

  167. First I’ve heard of it.

  168. Will pics of the evidence and audio tapes and diaries be released for the public? Then perhaps those inside will believe.

  169. No idea, Older Anon.

    Some of the evidence introduced has been available in public records — such as the CPS cases, the UEP Trust related cases, and some criminal trials in Utah/Arizona.

    I’m figuring that some has not been made public prior to this trial.

    I found trial evidence from the other YFZ convictions on this blog in the archives. I don’t know if that is all of what was introduced in those trials, or not.

  170. AP update:


    Add one more thing to what I have in common with Warren Jeffs.

    I, too, have worn a baseball cap with a Guinness logo.

    I, too, am not a prophet.

  171. Salt Lake Tribune: recording they said depicts Jeffs having sex in the baptismal font


    I guess that explains why the prosecution entered photos of the baptismal font into evidence last week. I wondered what that was about.

  172. I’m hearing defense rests with no witnesses called.

  173. I’m hearing defense rests with no witnesses called?

  174. If that’s correct, then…wow.

  175. gosanangelo GoSanAngelo.com
    BREAKING: State and defense rest in #WarrenJeffs trial, jury deciding if they want to go on tonight.
    2 minutes ago »

    gosanangelo GoSanAngelo.com
    #warrenjeffs called no witnesses for punishment phase
    5 minutes ago


  176. New SLT headline: Defense rests in Warren Jeffs sentencing.


  177. gosanangelo GoSanAngelo.com
    Done w #warrenjeffs trial for today, closing arguments tomorrow at about 9:30am
    1 minute ago


  178. It was revealed today that Warren had a “Quorum of 12” of brides under the age of 15. The last 3 brides were each 12 years old. 2 Blackmore girls from Canada and then Merrianne.

  179. Cornrow braids?

    November 17,2005 — Page 650 — Record of President Warren Jeffs

    “I was shown that I should go ride the
    motorcycles after Naomie got her hair done at a
    hair salon, dying it a solid color and then getting it
    braided tight as the fashion is among many young
    people. The braid pattern is done by the negros.
    All they do is braid it and she can undo the braids
    when we are through with that hairdo.”

    “We drove back to Bakersfield by 4:30 p.m. and
    looked for a hair salon for Naomie to do the
    braiding. We made connections that have ended
    up in her getting an appointment for today, this

    “The Lord appointed that Naomie get her hair
    braided in a manner that isn’t as our people would
    do their hair so that when we head back out of
    Short Creek her hair will be in a manner that they
    don’t think it is any of our people and she is part of
    my disguise.”


    My, my, my!!

  180. The incomparable Katy Vine:


  181. One more for the road….

    “……………………………………..I am sitting
    here looking at Naomie’s hair do of many braids,
    where we went to the African Braids hair salon.
    What was it called African Braids? African Braid
    Actions. A negro woman braided her hair. It took
    four hours to do this braiding job into tiny narrow
    braids. We have taken pictures for our archiving to
    show what we have had to do to go into hiding.
    These hairdo’s are reversible, but we are preparing
    to be in hiding among the wicked so I can go and
    perform more marriages. Naomie is a great part of
    my disguise. I thank the Lord for her. On one side
    you have 36 braids. Naomie has 78 braids. When I
    look at this, when I look at N aomie I remember the
    scripture, “Women should not decorate
    themselves after the plating of the hair and the
    outward appearance, but to be of a meek and quiet
    Spirit. But Naomie is meek and quiet of Spirit and
    sweet, and she obeys the Lord’s directives to braid
    her hair when we should. So we learn the lesson
    that whatever the Lord directs is righteousness,
    and he will open up the way of deliverance in His
    time and way.”


    Oh yes Twist, Katy Vine is divine!

  182. That last quote about the braided hair was from:
    Record of President Warren Jeffs — Page 687 — December 3, 2005

  183. Motorcyle pics:


  184. Hidden in plain sight eh.

  185. RED motorcycles no less! How ironic. Wonder what color the Porsche was.

  186. So they didn’t seem to bring up Warren reading Hitler and learning control techniques. I was expecting that to be last and final nail in the coffin. Maybe that is not documented by him in his writings? Surely they would have used it.

    Can you imagine the water cooler conversations within LE reading through all this stuff and putting everything into the different categories?

  187. anyone have a link to Willie Jessop on InSession? What did he have to say? I still get confused on names. I am assuming this was this Willie the thug not Willie “wanna be President” Jessop?

  188. So Jeffs thought if they sampled corn row braids and red motobikes / Caddy, it would be kryptonite on the cops!?

    How ingenious! Because we all know a true Prophet wouldnt stoop so low as to break his own rules, it COULDNT be him!


    The flds jedi mind trick didnt work on the cops – maybe it’ll work on some of the homies back on that scary ranch…

  189. Will the state of Texas be asking for some type of $$ amount concerning court costs?
    What is the highest dollar amount the state could ask for concerning the victims?

    Where is Merril? Wendal? John Wayman?

    What is going on with Winston?

    A few months back Willie was whining that one of his wives was asked to leave a home that she wasn’t listed on the housing agreement. Does Willie and ALL his wives now live in Colorado City/Hildale area or does he still list Colo as home? and if so why is he trying to play whoa is me?

    For years Shurtleff painted Willie as a gun toting thug. And yet it was Willie the thug that Mark Shurtleff, Willie the thug and CPark that took the walk together a few years back. What were they up to and what was said?

    In the TIME special ( which in my opinion was great) they had a picture of Merril sitting at the head of a table with a group of people yucking it up while the women of the FLDS were serving them lunch. What was all that about?

  190. Anonymous at 5:18 AM

    regarding warren reading hitler. all i saw was this tweet from yesterday afternoon.

    gosanangelo GoSanAngelo.com
    In documents, #warrenjeffs allegedly says he resents being compared to Hitler


  191. Anonymous said this on August 9, 2011 at 5:18 AM

    Anonymous said this on August 9, 2011 at 5:25 AM

    these were from me – Watergirl.

  192. gosanangelo GoSanAngelo.com
    In documents, #warrenjeffs allegedly says he resents being compared to Hitler


    juliekan said this on August 9, 2011 at 8:52 AM

    🙂 Hey juliekan did you see who is all tweeting? Big 🙂

  193. Well at least he’s in the same boat with Kanye West: “I walk through the hotel and I walk down the street, and people look at me like I’m f**king insane … like I’m Hitler.” Gotta love it.

    Bigot that he is, wonder if he’ll find himself hanging with the Aryan a-holes in prison. He should fit right in! Maybe he’ll feel all sanctified in the TX prison uniform – white shirt and pants – and start prophesying to the skinheads. How richly they deserve each other.

  194. hi walton,

    yes i’ve been spending my time running in and out to a computer checking tweets! i’m ready for them to load up chicken little, that cannot face his accusers, and haul him off to prison!

  195. IS reporting that Warren instructed his attorney not to give a closing argument

  196. So we’re back to answer them nothing…

    Warren’s attorney’s are to now focus on post-conviction motions and appeals.

    Probably just as well, because I think anything his courtroom attorneys could say to the jury at this point would only make it worse for their client — on the outside chance there are any jurors who are reluctant to give him the max on both counts.

  197. Two observations on these proceedings: I’ve been puzzled a why ‘Warrant’ has been seen carrying a blank yellow legal pad into/out of the Courthouse when he arrives and leaves? Yesterday he finally held his pad flat so you could see the bight red handcuffs and dangling chain that I suppose the legal pad was being used to screen from the public and photographers views. Second, since Walpole and Emily ‘TeePeepole’ didn’t put up any specific defense or witnesses, if they get any sentence less than the Max 119 years, do they count themselves as having successfully defended ‘Warrant”?

  198. Anon 10:21 am was me.

  199. gosanangelo GoSanAngelo.com
    BREAKING: Jury now deliberating on what sentence to give #Warrenjeffs. Defense gave no closing statement per Jeffs’ request.
    1 minute ago


  200. Warren still believes that he is very much in control of these events, regardless of the outcome.

    My best guess on the legal pad is that he is making notes for his attorneys while he waits in another room and/or he is working on letters/instructions for his faithful.

    Warren is about to enter a period of time (I think the time frame is approximately 30 days) where he will be incommunicado (except for legal representation) while he is processed into the TDCJ prison system.

    Success? How would one define that term as one of Warren’s attorneys?

    He kneecapped their capabilities, especially once he took the fool’s path of self-representation.

    Walpole might have been able to recover some ground, but it was too late for this round.

    And then there’s the newest hire, Jed Silverman.


    All they can do is take the ball from where Warren handed it to them (for now) and go with it.

    They still have a very difficult client, both in terms of the crimes he has committed and his total lack of willingness to listen to anyone.

  201. I want two consecutive life sentences, but the standard for consecutive here in Idaho is pretty high.

  202. There seems to be lots of comments here and tweets about Warren mixing with other prisoners when he starts serving time. It has not yet been established that he will be in the general prison population that I know of. We still have to wait to see… he may get solitarty confinement – if so he will have 23 hours a day (less exercise) to run his empire. Maybe not with phone calls but, by writing letters.

  203. I fully expect Warren’s incarceration to be in isolation.

    The maximum time Warren can be sentenced by the jury for these convictions is 119 years (99 +20).

    I will not be surprised if this jury gives him the max on both counts.

    I am reasonably certain that the decision on whether the sentences will be concurrent or consecutive is the judge’s decision.

    I will not be surprised at all if he receives consecutive sentences, regardless of the length the jury imposes.

    Just in case anyone is wondering…Warren is not eligible for a probated sentence due to the conviction on the Aggravated Sexual Assault (on the 12-year-old) charge.

  204. so-ex-mo

    Warren and group have had ties with Little Shell Pembina Band of North America ( in late June of 2006 some members of Warrens group were pulled over for fake plates and improper registration) Brooke wrote about it.

    Law enforcement officers and public officials around the country are encountering members of a new and active anti-government extremist group that calls itself the “Little Shell Pembina Band of North America.” Members of the group claim that they belong to a “sovereign” Native American tribe and therefore are not subject to laws and regulations; in reality, the “Little Shell Pembina Band” is part of the anti-government “sovereign citizen” movement. Its members’ activities range from driving with bogus license plates to perpetrating insurance fraud schemes to tax evasion.


  205. A correction — Warren could receive a maximum sentence of life without parole for the Aggravated Sexual Assault charge.

    I think this jury could impose such a sentence on this defendant.

  206. Unconfirmed report that there’s a verdict.

  207. Life on count one, 20 years on second, unconfirmed.

  208. Very good.

  209. Confirmed.

  210. I wish we were in all in a room together right now! Whoo Hoo!!!!!

  211. Gonna break out the champagne tonight!!!!

  212. Eric Nichols in closing arguments of the penalty phase:

    “Evidence is this case shows this is not the prosecution of a people, this is the prosecution to protect a people,” Nichols said.


  213. Unconfirmed no possibility of parole.

  214. Even with parole, doesn’t he have to serve half the sentence? So at least 47.5 years, 57.5 if consecutive. YES!

  215. Yes, if parole is a possibility, he would have to serve a minimum of half of each sentence with no credits for good behavior.

  216. Thank you all for the updates and a diet pepsi toast to Texas. Life plus 20 years and $10,000. YAHOO.

  217. I’m hearing consecutive?

  218. That’s what I’m hearing, TC.

    Prosecution motion granted by Judge Walther.

  219. VIDEO: Former #FLDS spokesman Willie Jessop on whether he will return to YFZ Ranch in Eldorado http://t.co/lGRmGfb

  220. Consecutive! So if parole is allowed, he has to serve 59.5 years first (my math was bad, I was that stoked.) And it took them less than an hour to decide that, too. He is NEVER GETTING OUT. Thank God!

  221. I am in a time warp with InSession. The guy that talked to Beth in front of the courthouse is Willie Roy Jessop. I don’t know why he is still talking. He has NO spot/place to be talking like he does.

    And he is trying to pass all this off on Warrens brothers? oy oy. Willie was right there at Warrens side much of the time kicking people out/setting things up. Who does he think he is?

    VIDEO: Former #FLDS spokesman Willie Jessop on whether he will return to YFZ Ranch in Eldorado http://t.co/lGRmGfb

    Watergirl said this on August 9, 2011 at 11:38 AM

    The person talking in this video is Willie Roy Jessop the walking talking thug aka Mark Shurtleff and members of the FLDS

    Willie E. Jessop is the one that Warren supposedly said was in charge. Willie E. is the guy that moved Uncle Fred in the middle of the night and no one ever saw Uncle Fred again. Willie E. Timpson Jessop

  222. My understanding is that William E. Timpson Jessop and Willie Roy Jessop are sympatico when it comes to the nature of Warren’s crimes and the future of the church.

  223. http://www.deseretnews.com/article/700233581/Washington-County-sends-dossiers-of-select-FLDS-members-to-Texas-officials.html

    They have 10 photos here.

    Willie E. Timpson Jessop
    Willie Roy Jessop
    Ruth Cooke
    Lyle Steed Jeffs
    David S. Allred
    Nephi Steed Jeffs
    Lindsay Barlow
    Rulon Barlow
    Guy Nielson
    Nathan Jessop

    According to their own rules there really is NO Prophet and there is NO Church.

    And imo any property or monies that have been gotten thru ill gotten means should normally go to the state. However… in this case it should go to the Federal Governent.

    Both Willies belong behind bars. Warren the longest. Forever and a day. But the Willies should also be in jail.

  224. Eric Nichols comments to the media:


  225. 30 minutes: I am guessing 5 minutes to decide the sentences, 5 minutes to discuss how long before they can decently leave deliberations, and 20 minutes watching the clock.

  226. http://yfrog.com/09walz

    Nichols’ comments from a different camera angle.

  227. LOL on the last video…Lindsay is obviously not an adept camera operator.

  228. I think they would have voted for the “Tall Tree” if it was one of the choices.

    Thank you, Judge, Prosecution, and Jury, for your service.

  229. Flora had previously shared some info on Willie E. Timpson Jessop.

    Willie E. Timpson Jessop has VERY close ties with CPark. That is why I’ve been wondering why Shurtleff was holding hands with Willie E and the CPark Group.

    In the beginning it was Willie Roy Jessops house that got raided by the SWAT team when Warren was on the run.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Willie E. Timpson Jessop speak out. Ever. The guy they say was/is Warrens brother kinda looks like him a little/sorta maybe way.

    NO Prophet. NO Church. The FLDS actually should have been disolved when the wards split. They broke all the rules when they allowed Rulon to be prophet. Zip to Zap in a nutshell.


    Everyone is fighting for money. Land. Title. Power. There really should be nothing there. A HUGE Kick butt tax bill is about it. imo

  230. Now comes the appeals…
    Can WSJ do recordings in prison and get them out via his lawyers? Letters?
    ONLY when the aiders and abettors are also hauled off will we see some real fundamental changes. I hope, I pray.

  231. The home belongs to Jeffs’ bodyguard Willie Jessop , said Sam Brower, a private investigator who has been looking into Jeffs on behalf of lawyers suing the FLDS Church and its $110 million financial arm, the United Effort Plan Trust.

    “He’s church security,” Brower said Saturday. He assisted police in searching the home on Friday for any sign of Jeffs.

    Police and agents question a man and woman at a Cedar City home after responding to a tip that Warren Jeffs was seen going inside.

    The home in a newly developed subdivision was surrounded by SWAT teams on Friday as police and FBI agents


  232. VIDEO: Former #FLDS spokesman Willie Jessop on whether he will return to YFZ Ranch in Eldorado http://t.co/lGRmGfb

    Watergirl said this on August 9, 2011 at 11:38 AM


    that was the biggest load of manure i have ever heard from willie, and that’s saying a lot

  233. Such Awesome NEWS !

    Utah , Arizona , Texas are to be congratulated for spending millions of tax dollars in the effort to hang a mentally ill person. All the Bloggers hours of “regurgitating ” of facts and evidence is also appreciated. Thank you anyone who has helped in any way.

    Would anyone like to join me on cleanup here @ Ground Zero ?

    We experienced a child ( female ) who thought it would be better to take her own life , yesterday.

    I am weeping

  234. Comments from Brooks Long and Rebecca Musser via GoSanAngelo.com


  235. Oh, Spanky.

    I fear what the coming days may bring and I weep with you.

  236. You can buy a clock radio, a fan or a typewriter, but no tape recorders appear on the TX prison commissary list. So they’d have to tape him over the phone – 15 minutes max per call, total two hours per month. Hardly conducive to long portentious pauses. They might try to smuggle him a cellphone, but I can’t imagine he’d be able to hide that for long once he gets ranting and raving. Of course if the power struggle gets going hard enough they might all forget about arranging things like that…

  237. I also take exception of your characterization of the prosecution of a child molester as “hanging” a mentally ill person.

  238. Brent Jeffs via GoSanAngelo:


  239. Spanky, that female didn’t take her life because of anything Texas, Utah or Arizona did. It can be laid squarely at the feet of Warren Jeffs and his brother Lyle, who are her full siblings.

  240. Your ” Exceptions ” are meaningless as your words are. Who are you to stand in judgement of another man? Are you without sin? I suggest you find your knees and seek other council . I suggest you all take your knees and bow your heads to God. You are all meaningless and irrelevant until then.
    No Good has come out of any of this.

  241. Go in peace, Spanky.

  242. WOW

    Brooks Long on IS talking about the defense attorneys attempting to breach the security of the documents from the ranch after the raid.

    One attorney attempted to remove an original document.

    Another time, a local defense attorney had 2 FLDS members to show up to help make copies of documents who were posing as a document company out of San Antonio. The state sniffed that out and they were denied access.

  243. Where is Brooks talking about it juliekan?

  244. Very sad that someone felt so bad they took their own life. I will continue to pray for the community.

    Spanky, you are right no man/woman can judge another man/woman. But, funny thing about admonishing others – you telling us that we are all meaningless and irrelevant is also a judgment on your part toward us.

    Not judging others is not so easy to do.

  245. Brooks was on InSession (trutv) with Beth Karas

  246. Thanks, I’ll have to find a clip.

  247. Say Spanky, you wouldn’t happen to know William James Medvecky the outspoken exconvict that champions all of these FLDS Church crime wave exponents?

    If so Fred asked me to convey a message,”FU, BillM, LOVE, Fred”!

  248. Juliekan did you hear Ms. Hayes? Either we are watching/hearing one side of the news/trial and she is hearing another or this woman (Ms. Hayes) is wayyyyy off the chart.

    She mentioned that Utah and Arizona are working on somthing so that these “communities” will not continue to hide behind walls.

    If she is talking about the works of “Sister Wives”/Turley/Shurtleff/Safety Net Program she needs to take a VERY good and close look at the findings from the Canadian Trials.

    And THEN she said something about how these “communities” didn’t have issues until the Jeffs came into play.


    Once again the proof goes back 100 plus years the harms and Abuses that surface with those that practice polygamy.

  249. Oh, Spanky contrare the spiritual axiom that good over comes evil, always.

    “No Good has come out of any of this”. False statement, you lie Spanky see Revelation 16:15,”Behold I am coming as a thief. Blessed is he who watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walked naked and they see his shame”. Your the one that’s being exposed if you defend the darkness that has been pulled out into the Light.

  250. eldoradosuccess The Eldorado Success

    Warren Jeffs placed aboard a Texas DPS plane moments ago for a flight to Huntsville where he will begin serving his life prison term.

    7 minutes ago

  251. Bye Warren

  252. Spanky , be Quiet !

    This is not the place to air your Grief. No one is listening and no one cares. They are surfing a giant sensational wave right now, but soon they will all reach the beach and be left to search for another one. Watch and learn.

  253. From the prosecutor’s closing argument:

    “He demonstrates his inability to live in the world by leaving a trail of victims in his wake”

    Indeed he does. And a VERY great good has come about today – although the existing victims still suffer, Warren will not be able to create any new ones.

  254. Ok Anon

    Im finished here.

  255. Walton,

    I remember her making a lot of statements about how wonderful the ranch was after the raid. How awful that these children had to sleep on cots. (roll-eyes icon here)

    also, found this:

    Hays wasn’t willing to let CPS off the hook so easily and wanted perfection in every decision and she kind of pre-supposed an ideal world of unlimited resources and perfect knowledge.


    Hays claimed there was no deception from mothers and children – Malonis disagreed. Hays said there was not enough evidenc to justify the removal of all the kids – Malonis disagreed and stated there was a lot of evidence and all of the kids were in a harmful environment with widespread abuse and neglect.


  256. Spanky,
    I grieve for anyone who hurts enough to commit or attempt to commit suicide.

  257. eldoradosuccess The Eldorado Success
    Warren Jeffs placed aboard a Texas DPS plane moments ago for a flight to Huntsville where he will begin serving his life prison term.
    7 minutes ago
    texastwist said this on August 9, 2011 at 1:50 PM

    Maybe he will be raptured while in flight. It would be the perfect time!

  258. Spanky

    If you dont want to cruise the CellofSteel Kingdom, dont break any laws.

    Its a simple con-cept

    – hell even ill bill knows the rules.

    BTW Willie Jessop said that responsibility lies at the feet of all FLDS

    – that includes YOU for supporting this evil sickness!

  259. Warrant got lifted up in whory glory and was sent to his CellofSteel Kingdom

    Perfectly fitting, but I would still have voted “Tall Tree”

  260. He got a sentence right up there with that Tony Alamo bozo.

    Guess being a child molesting Church leader isnt as fun as it used to be!

  261. Texas sure made Florida and Utah look foolish today.

    Some other country!

  262. Jeffs was absent for the sentencing phase

    – but he will enjoy the full stick of the punishment phase.

  263. Warrant’s arrived in Huntsville.

  264. Spanky, or anyone else:

    What’s this about a suicide attempt by a female yesterday? Was it just an attempt? I’m at “Ground Zero” and haven’t heard anything. Anyone have info on this?

  265. And BOOM goes the dynamite………..

  266. AP/San Angelo Standard-Times, Patrick Dove photos from today are up at the SLT:


  267. Utah Fox 13 Ben Winslow — w/Mark Shurtleff


  268. Just a rumor going around that Rachel Jeffs committed suicide by an overdose a few months ago. It’s just now coming out so people thought it recently happened.

  269. The Eldorado Success has a picture of Warren boarding a plane to fly him to Huntsville. Gone is the suit and tie. He appears to be wearing gray sweats and orange crocks. Can’t wait to see the mug shot with his head shaved.

  270. Do you have a date of the suicide anon@7:46? TacoPower, I’m not sure what you are calling “ground zero”, but I think she was in the Colorado compound.

  271. InSession just showed a picture of Warren’s new “haircut”.
    Completely bald. Shows profile and front views—with his standard half smirk/smile.

  272. “In Session” just posted the first pictures of a newly shaven Warren Jeffs.
    They show profile & frontal views. He has the same half smirk-half smile he always has. He makes my skin crawl.

  273. oops-sorry for the double post–newbie mistake

  274. SID Number:
    TDCJ Number:
    Maximum Sentence Date:
    Current Facility:
    Projected Release Date:
    Parole Eligibility Date:

    Scheduled Release Date:
    Offender is not scheduled for release at this time.
    Scheduled Release Type:
    Will be determined when release date is scheduled.
    Scheduled Release Location:
    Will be determined when release date is scheduled.

    Offense History:
    Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Sentence (YY-MM-DD)
    2006-08-06 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD 2011-08-09 SCHLEICHER 1061 9999-99-99
    2005-01-14 SEX ASLT CHILD 2011-08-09 SCHLEICHER 1061 20-00-00

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