All Warren’s Wives

Names of wives updated 10/11/11 – Admin

Row 1 – Tammara Allred, Annette Barlow, Ida Lorraine Jessop, Brenda Lei Fischer, Paula Jessop, Estella Jessop, Esther Jessop, Naomie Jessop, Gloria Roundy, Carla Jessop, Ora Steed

Row 2 – Brenda Jessop, Monica Jessop, Lorraine Roundy, Ida Vilate Jessop, Merrianne Jessop, Gloria Barlow, Ruthie Jessop, Shannon Johnson, Annie Jessop, Loretta Jane Barlow, Colleen Warner, Sheena Roundy

Row 3 – Veda Keate, Patrica Keate, Esther Barlow, Clea  Steed, Lynnette Warner, Rebecca Fern Steed, Velvet Jessop, Shirley Steed, Lori Steed, Michelle Barlow, Kathryn Jessop, Melinda Johnson, Tamara Steed, Rebeckah Steed

Row 4 – Aseneth Jessop, Gladys Jessop, Shanna Zitting, Bonnielee Black, Alice Marie Barlow, Sharon Barlow, Vicki Nielsen, Margaret Lucille Jessop, Foneta Jessop, Amy Draper, Debbie Barlow, Jennifer Steed, Millie Jessop


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  1. They look very pretty, in a Stepford Wives kind of way.

    He certainly has a certain “type” he prefers – not a single one is overweight.

  2. Looks like a bunch of girls. What happened to Warren’s adult sives?

  3. I remember Caroline Jessop saying in “Escape” that the Jeffs family had a strong and open prejudice against obesity, even in women who had had 10 plus children.

    The two girls on the end on the right in the front row look like twins!! Defenitely there is a common look among many of the wives

  4. What strikes me beyond the ages, and mind control, is the future of these girls lives.

    Are they going to be on ice, waiting for Warren’s triumphant return?

    Looks like the entire middle school class of the Fd LDS

    An entire generation taken out of the gene pool.

  5. Warren is a PURE man


  6. Its obvious Warren was into hunting Easter Eggs

  7. I am left puzzling between the thought that I am grateful this many stupid women have been taken out of the breeding game, and the thought that there are already a bunch of kids with Warren’s genes anyway that the world will have to endure.

  8. Where is Naomi, or was she too old for the childrens picture session?

  9. The Jeffs name has really put a jinx on that group of Fundies.

    First causing a split with CP

    Now Warren is finishing the job in grand style

  10. don’t know when this photo was taken, but you recall Naomi had a very “gentile” outfit on when the red Escalade was pulled over.. Why, the hussy was wearing a polo shirt with short sleeves, and a pair of jeans… these offenses alone should cost her any possible access to flds “heaven!!!” Yeah, I know, da profit had on shorts and a t-shirt- but he’s allowed to do that to snooker the gentiles.. Naomi- she’s just a woman.. therefore, diff standard must be applied…????

  11. Does anyone remember where we IDd the women who were posing with Warren on their wedding day? They were a bunch of Rulon’s that Warren married on the same day.

  12. That was me and it’s in the last General Discussion I think. At work at the mo so I don’t have the time to go through it. It’s on the Mormon Hair Tumblr tagged under ‘Warren Jeffs’

  13. Row 4, #7 – Vicki Nielsen

  14. Row 4, #10 – Amy

  15. A grade school group photo! A really sad situation. The people have been brain washed! I wouldn’t want to be in their “heaven.”

  16. Third Row,, seventh from the left, looks like Naomi jeffs,,, I looked at the picture of her when her and warren were arrested,, and it looks like her

  17. Rebecca Musser’s red blouse was such an in-your-face insult to Warren. I love it!

    The uniform dresses are so sexless, what a weird dichotomy when you know what was going on behind the scenes.

  18. “Don’t think about the pain…You’re going to heaven…via one big lobotomized Easter egg bash that will take a few decades…” Now where was I?? oh yeah, don’t talk while you’re “praying..”

  19. The one in the top row – fourth from the left was the guy that just sold me a computer at Office Depot.

  20. I mean fourth from the right. I answered him nothing.

  21. Agree thats Naomi – Also note her position – right below the pic of Warren, like a “keystone”

    Yeah she is his keystone, without her he wouldnt have been able to make himself prophut.

  22. Going by the picture of Merrill & Barbara’s children, I’m guessing back row number 9 is Estella Jessop

  23. Here’s that pic again of Warren marrying some of Rulon’s wives. It’s from

  24. 1st row, #7: Esther Jessop Barlow

  25. I wonder if the colors designate something specific.. age line of the wives? I doubt they have the freedom to choose their own color or styles.. These women are controlled. Therefore, the colors will have a specific meaning.

  26. Maralee, are you really that stupid?

  27. Anon 4:34 PM

    Maralee, are you really that stupid?


    Its obvious who the stupid one is,

    oh wait there are about 9,999 of them backing him up too!

    Whats this make, the eighth FLDS bubba to go to prison?

    Not a real smart way to live your life, but I guess if you feel strongly enough about something its worth the risk.

    They just make piss poor gamblers, mebbe thats it.

  28. Remember,according to the prosecution Warren had 79 wives so there are 29 missing from this picture.

  29. Carol, probably in houses of hiding or repenting from afar

  30. Naomie is on the first row next to the one identified as Esther.

  31. I really recognise row 1 #1 and row 2 #9 but I can’t think where from.

    Probably from looking at this picture too much

  32. they look so much alike! mostly brown hair. you are so right Anon E Mouse – they are the Stepford wives! so very sad.

  33. I wonder how many more “wives” Jeff’s would have added if he’d been free to marry between August ’06 and now?

  34. I wonder how many of those are false smiles?

  35. I wonder how many of ‘Warrrants’ wives were at the YFZ Raunch, by my count even at seven (7) wives per ‘Heavenly Session’, it would take seven sessions for the pictured plural wives. It seems very demonic to me. I don’t see ‘Warranrts’ claim of holiness but rather a gross twist on God’s plan. I understand the policy of Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff”s toward individual polygamy cases will not be brought to trial and now he has to look upon the consquences of tolerating a serially offending felons handiwork, pretty diabolical results for Mark’s ‘laissez faire’ law enforcement. ‘Warrant’ at his best in Short Creek certainly couldn’t have hid all of these sister wives away from law enforcement’s arresting efforts. Time to reconsider your laxed policy in Utah Mr. Shurtleff, your lack of law enforcement has been read by the FLDS Church prophet and leadership a illegal law endorsement.

  36. flds has lots of property here and there out west,and a number of safehouses. Warren had been conditioning them all to believe that the most worthy get to live at yfz , and any perceived disobedience results in being banished from it.
    A comment on intertwining the various larger plyg groups out west- I have noticed over the years that certain last names crop up in more than one of them. I believe members have shifted from one outfit to another over the years, just seeking polygamy-oriented living. Allred is the name of the flds dude that buys up land for flds at Warrant’s direction. And it’s the name of another big plyg group. There has to be connection, maybe a couple generations back. The lifestyle is ingrained. Warrant made flds very exclusive but it was less so years ago, I would think people were going from one big plyg situation to another years before Warrant’s reign.

  37. Please remember that you are talking about girls who have families who are reading this. Some of us left decades ago and are heartbroken over what we are hearing about what has happened to our young grand-nieces and relatives. You continue to victimize them when you use dis-respectful language about them. Don’t perpetuate the abuse that Warren and their fathers and mothers put them through. When you do that, you are just as bad as they are. Ja

  38. I agree, Janet. No way would I tell the names that would further victimize these girls. Please give them a chance to move beyond their upbringing, folks. I personally know a lot of them and wish them well.

  39. They need to leave the cult, and get on with their lives. If not, they continue the story which retells the tale of themselves and their adult choices.

    Yes you are right they are making the decision to re-abuse their own selves.

    Move away, be done with this nonsense, people will forget it.

  40. Easier said than done.

  41. I wish them well too Janet and Anon @6:50, but unless and until they leave the cult then they are continually victimizing themselves.

  42. Those who have been made fools of as they have obeyed a false prophet out of fear for their eternal life are to be pitied. It is more complicated than most of us could imagine. Are there enough “help groups” out there to house countless single moms with large groups of children? Are there enough counselors to help them process the disillusionment they may be facing. Some might be blindly defending their prophet, but I imagine more and more will have to face the truth of what has been hidden from them. If they hear the mean ole gentile world making fun of them, it will not help the trust factor.

  43. An observation from studying Warren’s Priesthood records and hearing his own words…

    Warren relentlessly used an unfathomable amount of spiritual coercion with his wives in order to get them to go along with his agenda. It is in his record that many were “disturbed” and had “bad feelings” about what they being asked to do.

    Warren had/has a tendency to understate the emotional reactions of his wives and children (and others), so the degree to which some of these girls and women were themselves harmed by him is probably grossly misrepresented by the words he used to express their reactions and responses.

    The double edged sword he held over them was their salvation and the glory of being a mother in Zion.

    No participation, no baby for you and you “will go down with the wicked.”

    Paraphrasing something Rebecca Musser said on the stand Saturday in reply to Walpole under cross-examination while verifying additional records being introduced into evidence: “There’s willing and then there’s willing.”

    By no means am I suggesting that none of his wives share any culpability.

    There are many complexities as to “willingness” among his wives.

    As an example, in addition to grooming the 12-year-old victim for sexual intercourse, Warren was also grooming her to be one of his trainers.

    Had he not been (finally!) apprehended…well, I won’t go there…but, an ongoing concern I’m having is that Warren did not cease his grooming of his wives simply because he was sitting in Purgatory and beyond.

  44. Warren on “bad feelings” and “treating lightly” what he was requiring his wives to do:

    “And a way a person treats that great blessing lightly is to allow themselves to have bad feelings after witnessing the all-consuming fire from heaven burn within them in the presence of God and the angels. To allow those bad feelings means they have stopped their loyalty to God, they have returned to their selfish will and are not reaching for the improvement, the heavenly gifts to be a heavenly wife.”

    Warren said that in the context of his more favored wives.

  45. He will have to answer to God for this.

  46. Sorry, anon at 7:44, I don’t agree – the picture needs to stay up. Posting it doesn’t insult these women, it merely shows the truth. And telling the truth is the only chance these GIRLS and women have to be set free. The dissembling, covering up, and enabling of Warren Jeffs’ abusive behavior must stop!

  47. I see nothing shameful of harmful to the women if the posed picture stays up.

  48. I’m not convinced that any collective value of the truths of the photo outweighs one singular truth of the photo.

    That truth being that many (if not most or all) of the people in the photo are potentially sexual abuse victims.

  49. This is not the only place this photo appears, it is all over. I think the fact that we are giving these women names will help to empower them, they will no longer be wife #22 of Warren Jeffs. They will have a name and an identity.

    As for help in the outside world, all any of them have to do is ask and help will be made available for them and any children they bring with them.

  50. The photo also stands as a testament that these women are still being held as slaves – mentally and physically – on some flds commune.

    The Feds know where they are, but arent doing a thing about it.

    All those lives – going to waste.

  51. This is like watching Caligula on trial

  52. Naomi is the lady on the first row, 8th position from the left. Went to school with her.

  53. dont think so, looking still like the lady straight under warrants pic

  54. BTW she is a perp in all this nonsense too

  55. No Canadians in this picture. Interesting.

  56. Nope! That is Velvet Jessop. The lady smiling under Warrens picture. Sharon Barlow is standing to the left of the picture on the top row.

  57. Nope! Velvet Jessop is the girl standing directly under warren jeffs on the second to top row. Sharon Barlow is the lady to the left of warren’s picture on the top row.

  58. HA HA

    Nancy Grace went ballistic on “UTAH AND ARIZONA – I AM CALLING YOU OUT!”

    Get em Nancy!

    They need to hear the blowback – this all came from their failures!

  59. The front row, eighth from left, is NOT Naomie. not buying it. Seen her pics when arrested

  60. Failures? Failures?? What Failures???

    We hold regular Safety Net Meetings. Attended by some of the few polygamist groups and it has met with mediocre success not failure. For instance, we knew that the FLDS Church was up tp something we just weren’t quite sure what it was, that’s all.

  61. Stamp, that one on the front row, 8th position really is Naomie.

  62. Anon 10:54am, I was thinking yesterday that WSJ has a lot in common with Caesar Caligula, what with the melding of rituals and appetites.

  63. I agree that the 8th on the front is Naomi ( just younger and not as scared as when she got caught. She knew she was an accessory to all this). The 7th one next to her on the left,looks like her sister Esther, the 5th one from the left is Paula Jessop and the 7th to the left on the second row up looks like their little sister Ruthie.

  64. Does anyone know if any of the Canadian girls are in this picture?

  65. The man has his own Mormon choir …

  66. I think the conditioning is so heavy that many people long associated with Warren will never be able to deprogram or become anything much else than what they have become living at yfz . Some of the females have appeared to me as truly ok with the life they are in. I think it is because their temperaments were able to deal with alot of what being a polygamist is about, and living at what is actually a pretty priviledged standard of living at the enormous facility in Texas. It’s a much higher standard of living than many people have across the US, and former flds have at times described warrant’s “wives” as spoiled, proud, entitled, etc. Anyway, time will tell- I imagine there will one day actually be more books by former flds, and this time, they will be by some that were yfz residents. The danger level will have to go way down first.

    I have wondered continually about Pringle. I can’t believe there haven’t been some extremely unhappy women and girls there, with what looks like unbearable isolation and cultural depravation to me, much more than at yfz. I have wondered mucho times if there wasn’t some way to help them, but as usual, a few “big” males call the shots, and know how to stay under the radar. For a long time I have felt much worse for the Pringle people than those in TX.

  67. So now that Jeffs is in the slammer for good, what will happen to all of these young girls?

  68. Didn’t people in short Creek build a new McMansion for WJ, for his triumphant return to them? Delusion #1) He was going to beat the rap. Delusion #2) He’d return to the Crik to live amongst his sheeple? After all the nasty things he said about them! So….does this house, as with most of the other property…belong to the UEP now?

  69. The way I was told, the house is on private property, not UEP property. Too bad it will sit empty now, kinda like the new big house on the YFZ.

  70. Row 2, # 9 – Annie Jessop

  71. Do we know about when this was taken? Probably after 2005, and before 2008? Row 2 #8 looks to me a bit like Janetta Jessop.

  72. The only time frame I can give for sure is after July 27, 2006.

  73. If that big house is on private property, they better put the statue there too or else it might get disappeared.

    Probably the safest place for it would be inside the compound.

    HA HA Warren walled in looking out – how appropriate.

    Put barbed wire around it too!

  74. That barbed wire that is coiled!!!

  75. wonder who the photographer is for all these pictures.

  76. My guess would be Babs.

  77. Or one of Warren’s daughters.

  78. Are you sure Debbie Barlow is not Michelle Barlow? I went to school with Michelle and thought that was her. If they are sisters, they are almost identical.

  79. Stamp- 8th from left is Naomi. I went to school with her too – it’s her.

  80. Yeah it could be Michelle. They are sisters and do look an awful lot alike. In fact they have similar names, Debra Michelle and Debra Dawn.

    Sis, welcome to the blog. Hope you’ll stick around.

  81. I think that anon above is right – that is Janetta #8 in row 2

  82. The man has his own Mormon choir …

    Anonymous said this on August 10, 2011 at 2:21 PM

    To whomever said this, thanks for my laugh for the day!

  83. That’s not Janetta!

  84. How can you be so sure a non? Several others think it is.

  85. I think Janetta is #10 on row 2. Was she not one of the first of the young girls who were pictured with Jeffs that we saw?

  86. Older Anon,

    That would be Loretta Jane Barlow, one of Merril Jessop’s granddaughters.

    Her anniversary photo with WSJ was one of the first to become public along with Merrianne’s wedding photos.

    They were introduced into evidence in a civil court hearing re: Dan Jessop.

    Going by Warren’s own words, Loretta Jane was “light-minded.”

    She was 14 when Warren married her in Hildale.


    During the timeframe of Warren’s dictations, she was usually at one of the houses of hiding.

  87. Warren married the 14-year-old Loretta Jane in January of 2004.

    “The Lord has shown me why I need to take Loretta Jane. There is a certain man after her. The devil knows she will become my wife eventually, and he wants her destroyed.”

    Witnesses to the underage marriage in Hildale were her father, Rulon Barlow, and Isaac Jeffs.

    On the same day, Warren also married a 15-year-old daughter of LaMar Johnson. He was a witness to that “marriage” along with Isaac.

  88. If everyone keeps calling those women stupied. Then why would anyone of them what to leave. They have been told all of there life’s that the really world is bad and a place they don’t what to be. If you keep kicking them down they will came to belive it to be the truth. When they can have Zion why would they what to go out into the cold really world? I wouldn’t if I was a Sister of Zion. If they stay then the salvation that they pray for every day will become theres. To them there is know eternal life out side of what they know to be the truth and that is to stay with Warren Jeffs. There loyalty is much more then most people in the really world has.

  89. I have never said they were stupid BMD, I have only said that they are totally brainwashed.

  90. I’ve seen women from weird cults and they so often look like zombies with wild eyes and are not clean. This group of young brides appear to be bright and clean with clear eyes. Perhaps Elizabeth Smart could go challenge them and help them go forward as she has done.

  91. I’ve been told from a very reliable source that Ora Steed Jeffs Jeffs isn’t on the back row, but on the front row, far right as you look at the picture, so Row 1, #11.

  92. Row 1 – 3. Ida Lorraine Jessop, 6, Estella Jessop, 9. Gloria Roundy, 10. Carla Jessop, 11. Ora Steed.

    Row 2 – 3. Lorraine Roundy, 7. Ruthie Jessop, 8. Shannon Johnson

    Row 3 – 2. Esther Barlow, 5. Lynette Warner, 6. Rebecca Fern Steed, 8. Shirley Steed, 10. Michelle Barlow, 13. Tamara Steed, 14. Rebeckah Steed

    Row 4 – 1. Asenith Jessop, 4. Bonnelee Black, 5. Alice Marie Barlow, 8. Margaret Lucille Jessop, 9. Foneta Jessop, 11. Debbie Barlow, 12. Jennifer Steed

  93. Interesting thing about this picture is that there are none of the Blackmore girls from Canada in it. In January 2007 Warren sent Mac’s daughters back across the border to live in hiding in Canada and sent Young Millie to Pringle to be a “daughter” to her sister Anna Mae. That helps narrow down when the picture would have been taken. It was obviously taken before April 2008 and after July 2006 when Merrianne joined the crowd. With the lack of Blackmore girls, that moves the after date to January 2007.

    Also interesting is that 3 of the girls are granddaughters to Merril Jessop, Loretta Jane Barlow, Brendi Lei Fischer, and Alice Marie Barlow; and 11 are daughters of Merril: Paula, Estella, Esther, Naomi, Brenda, Monica Sue, Ida Vilate, Merrianne, Ruthie, Millie, Foneta

  94. Naomi is in the first row, fourth from the right, listed as Naomie Jessop. She is Merrill Jessop’s daughter.

  95. Yes, most of the first row are Merril’s daughters with a granddaughter thrown in for good measure.

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