All in the Family – Wallace v. Warren & Lyle


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  1. So it looks like Bubbas Warren and Lyle have conspired to keep Wallace’s kids away from him. Even kids that don’t belong to wife Amy to which Wallace got legal custody of in a Court.

    I’m thinking Lyle better do some quick thinking (if he can) to get himself out of hot water.

  2. Wow. I wish him the best of luck and hope this law suit causes huge disturbances in the power structure that is harming so many families.

  3. I don’t think this would have worked with a number of families, but since he has legal custody, and she’s married legally to him… hopefully that will make this stick. hopefully the FLDS leaders don’t start forcing those who they kick out to give up custody to their children when they are kicked out.

  4. This could blow the lid off the can and reveal a lot of the “secrets” the flds leaders want concealed. I surely hope it works that way.

  5. Yehaaa, they can’t “legally” force anyone to give up custody. No Judge is going to give custody of people kicked out to the FLDS. There’s already waaaay too much evidence of what goes on inside the group for that to happen.

    I’m hoping that this leads to people waking up and smelling the roses. I’d love for some of the Barlow men who were kicked out to do this same thing.

    One thing this does tell us is that we were right in our speculation that Wallace had been let back in for a short while and is now out again. If Blaine and Leslie still have children in, maybe they could buy a clue and do the same thing. Joseph Steed is one who has a bunch of kids on the ranch in Texas. Maybe he needs to consider this kind of move. One of his kids is Teresa Jo who brought another woman’s child to her meeting with CPS and the AG and claimed it was her own until DNA proved otherwise. I think they are still looking for her on various charges.

  6. Wow it just amazes me how the flds keep thinking they own the world out there.

    The human rights cases in AZ gaining ground? Last I heard they had confiscated lots of evidence.

    Time to act.

  7. PT, I think that Wallace Jeffs action here is one of the major breaks that I was looking to have happen. Other than Truman Oler’s testimony in the BC Canadian polygamy reference case there has been few to none Priesthood witnesses to come forward and discuss their situations under “One Man Rule”. Warren Jeffs has been tightening his control since his father’s death and this is one of his few defections and from a half-brother, none the less. Brent Jeffs case against Warren Jeffs was one of the reasons given for Warren choosing fugitive flight from arrest, trial and conviction. Now that Warren has been jailed his control has been in doubt and Wallace’s actions are one of the few direct challenges to his authority and control. It is a major development and may point to more trouble ahead for the FLDS Church, as a whole sect.

  8. what’s the story on these lawyers?
    Roger H. Hoole (5089)
    Gregory N. Hoole (7894)
    HOOLE & KING, L.C.

    Were they once FLDS lawyers who were usually on the other side or am I getting confused. It is hard to keep up.

  9. Watergirl, the Hoole’s have represented others AGAINST the FLDS in the past. They are the attorneys for Elissa Wall, Brent Jeffs and the other lost boys.

    It’s Rod Parker who has trouble remembering who his client is.

  10. CAJim, I’d like to see others come forward. We know that Warren has other 1/2 brothers he has exed. There are also a tremendous number of other men who have been exed and left their families. If those men would start coming forward it would be great.

  11. I am really glad he did this and I hope others do the same. They could do a big class action lawsuit and save on lawyer fees. But I am a bit baffled by it. It came across to me as saying if Warren never denounced his claim as a prophet then there would be no fraud and he would be entitled to do as he please with the wife and kids?? But, since he denounced, the disposition of the “human property” is not his right?? Why even go there? Keeping a father from seeing his childresn is just plain wrong.

    I am really really glad he included the thugs in the lawsuit as well. They are the ones that need to realize they are subject to laws of the USA.

  12. PT, I am glad to just have Wallace come forward for now. His treatment and success within our legal system will go along way in showing other FLDS sect members that they don’t have to “Keep Sweet” in all areas and at all times. The next info on Wallace that I would like to know is were are his plural wives and have they been reassigned to Lyle Jeffs or who?

  13. He was apparently legally married to JoAnn and divorced her. I’m not sure if she is still in or not, but the petition says she resides in Clark County, NV. The wife Amy is still in. I’m not sure if she’s been reassigned to Lyle, but is apparently “under his protection”.

  14. A lot of Brouhaha when the kids where taken in Texas, constitutional rights and all that. Don’t the fathers, and reassigned mothers, children have any rights within the FLDS??

  15. C-M, in a word, NO!!!

  16. Any indication that the children would even go with their father if/when he wins the case??? Or are they so ‘brainwashed’ that if they asked to stay with the mother, that the court would allow it? I would think that all those years of indoctrination, about the wicked outside world, could make them to afraid to leave.

  17. I also hope more fathers, and mothers, who’s children have been hidden from them, will come forward and take the steps to reclaim them. Maybe with Warren still in jail, [hopefully for 99+yrs] and the group in some turmoil, will give them the strength to do this.


    Brent Hunsaker is reporting that Wallace is being pressured to drop his lawsuit. I hope he sticks to his guns and continues to fight for his children.

  19. I wish all the fathers who had been kicked out would file for custody of their children. Jason Williams did it and won. It can be done but you have to be prepared to fight tooth and nail. It’s harder with older children, but needs to be done. Even if the men didn’t get custody, only visitation, they would at least then be able to see the children and make sure of their welfare.

  20. Others would be wise to follow Wallace’s example:

    David Zitting has an 11 year old daughter
    Lorin Holm has a 10 year old daughter
    Jimmy Oler has 3 daughters and 1 son who are 1 or under.
    Stephen Harker has 12 kids who are 14 or under.

    Others also have kids who are under 16 and available for marriage and/or exing. How likely is it that sons of men who are exed will be allowed to marry in the group? I’d venture to guess, with the need of girls/women for the older men, not very. Maybe some of these men should step up to the plate and join Wallace in attempting to get their kids back from a lifestyle that is unhealthy and unholy.

    There’s also Wendell Nielsen, who has legal troubles of his own, but he has numerous daughters and sons on the ranch in Texas, including a 4 year old who is the granddaughter of Warren.

  21. Very interesting that cohorts and named FLDS leadership members involved in suppressing Warren and Wallace were Nephi Jeffs, Wendell Neilsen and even Willie E. (Timpson) Jessop. So a few of the leaders with ‘dirty hands’ now find themselves “handled”, just like Wallace Jeffs was ordered to ‘worship from afar’, very interesting and shows a dramatic re-alignment that could challenge Warren’s “One Man Rule”. Winners/Losers, Templbuilders/Apostates and guilty verdicts/uncharged co-conspirators makes for a very intriguing shifts in the balance of power and authority, being sequestered inhis jail cell has to be a definite disadvantage for Warren to assert his dominant control.

  22. This whole thing about the “leaders” needing the child brides is just so similar to the typical Ponzi Schemes so very prevalent in Utah.

    Utah is probably the Ponzi Scheme capital of the US. The lower “men on the totem pole” have to supply the top tiered men.

    Go read the Utah newspapers on a daily basis and prove this to yourself, if you don’t believe me.

    In the FLDS’ case it is a Ponzi Scheme using little girls as child bride chattel and young boys as child slave labor instead of the typical Ponzi Scheme involving money and new investors to keep the ship afloat.

    Just like the FLDS, the lower men – not the leaders – have to supply their daughters to the dirty old men “leaders” sitting at the top of the Ponzi Scheme.

    It this isn’t the epitome of a RICO act, I don’t know what is!

  23. So is it possible that many of the men who’ve been exe’d are just being taken out of the picture so that Warren and his cronies can cherry pick their little girls?

    It hadn’t occurred to me that Warren was pressured to recant his confession because other men at the top wanted to keep the status quo re: lion’s share of the child brides.

  24. Any closed polygymous group has a surplus of males. The flds get rid of them by expelling young men (lost boys) and older men with families. When an older man with wives and daughters is expelled all of the “marriageable age” females can be assigned to other men. Actually more bang for the buck by expelling an older man with a few wives and some 12+ daughters.

  25. Hadn’t thought of it like that chemist, but you are right. When Warren exed all the Barlow men he ended up with a lot of marriage aged girls without anyone to tell him no.

  26. Wallace Jeffs talks to Brent Hunsaker.

  27. John 3:19 reads,”And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil”

    Something is to be noted here concerning the Prophet Warren S. Jeffs, he can’t have it both ways either he is all of righteousness or all of evil. The Almighty’s Holy Ones don’t walk in darkness nor love darkness. Arnold Richter’s view of the Prophet and his flock is that they are the apostates and have been lead astray, the trial will focus the light on evidence, witnesses and the Truth, then the ,”…men that loved darkness” will choose to support the unlit side and we will all know and see.

  28. Chemist, your fundamental mathematics on ‘handled’ Priesthood men with re-assignable wives and available ‘Child Brides’ adds up!

  29. Ponzi Schemes – good point – not just the women, little girls and slave boys – but, the houses, land and bank accounts too. If you need more money or power at the top then just cut out a few tiers.

  30. Wallace speaks.

  31. I don’t think part 2 is up yet.

  32. Great find PT, Brent is an excellent reporter!

    I really feel for Wallace. Its too bad his brother is so abusive to not only all the sheeple but his own family.

    That was a good video, waiting for the 2nd!


  34. Click the link, it takes you to near full screen interview with Wallace.

    Forgive the 10 second Utah cmmcl pls. Thats just for them to make you jealous? ha ha

  35. But Brent says to stay tuned for part 2 and I can’t find it.

  36. RICO, Brent Jeffs father, Ward Jeffs, discussed Warren’s personality when growing up and he stated that Warren was very aloof by 16-17years of age and held himself as being more righteous than the rest of his family members, his father doted on him and he was one of Rulon’s favorites but wasn’t groomed to lead or flagged as a future leader. Wallace’s view, though less defined, seem to agree with Ward’s views.

  37. I think Wallace Jeffs looks a lot like Roy Jessop and a little like Willie imo.
    Is this Wallace Hammond Jeffs? Is the rest of his family on the CPark side?

    Brent H. is on a roll. imo I want to see part 2.

    Which one of Warrens brothers was in a wheel chair? and wasn’t there one that got thrown in a prison some place because he wouldn’t tell the Feds Warrens where abouts when he was on the run? Which one was that?

  38. Walton back in 2006, two of Warren’s brothers went to the clinker trying to protect their fugitive brother. I think you remember Leroy Jeffs who was an accountant under Rulon, he knew the FLDS Church inner workings and was held in Florence, AZ on a Federal contempt charge. Then there was Seth Jeffs who was caught as a courier near Colorado Springs, CO and was convicted for harboring fugitive Warren in his house in Colorado. Other FLDS Church members held on contempt charges for not co-operating with Federal authorities in Florence, AZ were: James Allred, Mica Barlow, Samuel K. Allred and Leroy B. Timpson. The organized crime aspects of ‘Answer Them Nothing’ has been employed for years and years.

  39. Sedth got a slap on the wrist on the CO charges.


    “Around this time, Warren Jeffs’ brother, Seth, was arrested under suspicion of harboring a fugitive. During a routine traffic stop on October 28, 2005, in Pueblo County, Colorado, police found nearly $142,000 in cash, about $7,000 worth of prepaid debit cards, and Warren Jeffs’ personal records. During Seth Jeffs’ court case, FBI agent Andrew Stearns testified Jeffs had told him that he did not know where his older brother was and that he would not reveal his whereabouts if he did. He was convicted of harboring a fugitive on May 1, 2006.[30] On July 14, 2006, he was sentenced to three years’ probation and a $2500 fine.[31]”

  40. The embarrassing thing is why Seth got pulled over and all that cash was found in the back – he was reckless driving and does anyone remember why?

    Oh, this was the carload of money with the “Pennies for the Prophet” jar too.

    He was paying his male flds ride along some tall green to perform sex acts why he was driving, guess its lucky they didnt end up in a crash.

    Those pennies got used up real quick.

  41. Seth Jeffs passenger when he was arrested in Colrado Springs area was a relative, named Nathaniel Allred. Nathaniel confessed to performing homosexual sex acts for Seth Jeffs and proved his claim with an envelope with hundreds of dollars in cash that Nathaniel had in his possession, no additional charges were brought. Seth Jeffs was a very lucky man, he is/was a Priesthood man and was married to plural wives with children at the time of his arrest in Colorado. He didn’t seem to suffer any shunning or being ‘handled’ as a result of any of the information that was exposed as a result of his arrest, stranger than fiction that he was filmed with Oprah Winfrey at the YFZ Ranunch during her shows storyline made on site in Schleicher County, Texas.

  42. Wallace Jeffs is Wallace Hammond Jeffs. His name has a D at the end and the CPers don’t. His mother is Sharon Rae Hammond, his father is Rulon and he only has 1 full sibling, Marsha Jeffs.

  43. Two new links on the blog roll,

    Sister Wives blog – Behind the scenes details of the ‘Reality show’ exploitation of the Kody Brown clan

    SLTRIB Polygamy blog – Fresh polygamy blog with Lindsay Whitehurst taking over where Brooke left off

  44. CaJim

    Thats the way it is in the FLDS

    Its not WHO you KNOW

    Its WHO you BLOW

  45. RICO, ….sing along, now….,”Yo, ho blow that man down”. I’d love to have Nathaniel Allred on the witness stand he seemed honest, open and willing to speak the truth for a change, how refreshing.

  46. Ha ha

    He’s lucky he didnt blow him off the road!

    Dumb and Dumber go on a numbing adventure to return the loot.

    Should have given Warren a briefcase of IOU’s.


    Another Hunsaker story on Wallace Jeffs suit, and the pressure they are trying to give him.



  49. During a routine traffic stop on October 28, 2005, in Pueblo County, Colorado, police found nearly $142,000 in cash, about $7,000 worth of prepaid debit cards, and Warren Jeffs’ personal records.
    chemist said this on July 16, 2011 at 7:07 AM

    What happened to the car load of cash? FBI keep it or give it back? What about the personal records of WSJ? Where at they now? Wonder what is contained in them.

  50. watergirl: Unfortunately I do not know the answers to your questions. A SLT article stated that Shem Fischer had sued to have the CO court transfer the money to him to pay for a judgement he had received against the flds and warren jeffs. A paragrapgh from that 2006 article is posted below.

    Bruce Wisans had filed to have access to the documents and computer records.

    “Shem Fischer, an ex-FLDS member who recently won an employment discrimination judgment against Warren Jeffs, the FLDS church and FLDS-affiliated business, has filed a claim in the Colorado court seeking to collect the seized money. “

  51. while I commend Wallace for bringing this suit, I still don’t quite trust him. I wonder how he would be if he was in the fold. Sorry to be so cynical, but where was he when his brothers hyrum and ward were kicked out? did he ever speak up before? Who finally put the prison video in front of him? I have spoken to several who have been kicked out and several still defend a lot of the atrocities going on.

  52. You are totally right LTG, but if Wallace can help to bring down the current leaders I say more power to him. There are several others who could also file this kind of suit if they would just step up to the plate. I don’t know him, so I don’t have any notion on trusting him, but I’m giving him the benefit for the moment.

  53. Yes, anon, lets hope he keep his resolve. I hope this action causes an avalanche of revolt against warrens regime. On the same note, though, The people of the flds need to wake up and not accept just another controlling leader. My experience is that they crave someone telling them what to do. It will take a lot of work and pain to reawaken their self determination. Doubt if a lot of old timers will ever wake up, our hope is the younger people

  54. Warren asked this to happen, no he demanded it to happen.

    How else could he make his own end times?

    Destroy his sheeple AND his own family.

  55. I agree that the people appear to be so beaten down that they don’t know how to think for themselves. Arnold Richter is a shining example. Not only did he say NO, he kept his family and his home. I wish some would look at him and say WOW!!! .

  56. Re: long time gone-
    “Doubt if a lot of old timers will ever wake up, our hope is the younger people”

    It’s mostly the old and middle aged that are doing the waking up right now. It is they who remember the times when one could actually be human and not be “handled” for it. It roughly breaks down like this:
    40 and older SHOULD know better. And many that do are keeping it to themselves.
    The young have hardly known any different. That’s why they’d just as soon say, “hell with it all.”

    Lots of variation for everyone in between.

  57. For over 100 years, people have been waking up and/or changing prophets. Go to for an interesting flowchart.

    All it takes is 2 people out of a large family to keep any one branch alive. So, if 90% of the FLDS eventually “wake up”, there will still be enough to keep it going.

  58. Cement, Federal Task Force or enacting the RICO Act would redress the avoidance factor to the greatest degree. Seizing the Assets of these rogue polygynist sects with hefty fines and long prison sentences would garner the best results. Trying to address these issues county by county or State by State is of insufficient and nearly ineffective in erradicating this century old babarism and sedition. The record is clear that these polygynist sects espouse a theocratic form of governance and try to function as outlaws to our duly elected representatives and legitimate governmental authorities. The past efforts and actions prove that half-measures are doomed to failure in confronting these fanatical bigamy sects.

  59. Is Amy Jeffs (former wife of Wallace Jeffs) the little short lady with mega hair that was interviewed with Sally and Janet?

  60. No, Amy Jeffs, Wallace’s wife wasn’t at the YFZ.

  61. I was told yesterday that Wallace got back the children that he has legal custody of. Still fighting for his children with Amy.

  62. Is there a way anyone can help?

  63. Don’t know HHG, I’ll try to find out. He’ll probably have to fight the FLDS for custody of the rest.

  64. More on Bleeding the Beast by the flds. I am elated that so much stuff is coming out and getting nation/international exposure.

    “She (Laurie Allen) interviewed former Attorney General Terry Goddard in her documentary. Goddard told her 80% of the FLDS members are on welfare and more than 4,000 of them have state medical insurance access.”

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