WSJ: I am not the prophet. I never was the prophet.

Warren S. Jeffs:   

I am not the prophet.  I never was the prophet.  This is not a test.  This is a revelation from the Lord God of Heaven to his former servant, who was never his servant, who is dictating these words at this time, that you may know this is not a test.

In light of the controversy now brewing between Warren S. Jeffs and William E. Jessop over the presidency and leadership of the FLDS church, this video seems to be pivotal.  I don’t know how Warren gets around this one.

Also very interesting was the recent article published in the Trib, quoting Willie Jessop extensively:

“I loved who Mr. Jeffs was, when I thought I knew who he was and who he stood for,” Willie R. Jessop said Thursday. “But what came to light in Texas is morally indefensible.”

If other members of the FLDS saw the evidence filtering out, most of which has yet to be made public, he believes they wouldn’t support Jeffs.”I don’t know of anyone I associate with within the church [that] would defend or endorse what Mr. Jeffs has done,” he said.

There’s something that Willie and I agree about.   Interesting times.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 30, 2011.

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  1. As much as it galls me to agree with Wee Willie, I have to agree him that what Warren has done is morally indefensible.

  2. Yep…seems wee willie nailed that one..however..never thought I would hear that coming out of his mouth!! He must have gotten scolded really bad…???!!!

  3. Wonder what many members might be thinking in silence.

  4. I just wish they would think, in silence or not.

  5. I wonder if William E. Jessop is a puppet of Willie the Thug?

  6. Merry — I really don’t think so. I don’t think anyone is Willie’s puppet ….

  7. What is he referring to re: came to light in Texas? He’s known all along exactly what Warren Jeffs has been doing.

    I’m just an observer, but it seems to me Willie was fine with whatever Warren was doing until he fell out of favor and Warren kicked him out.

  8. I totally agree anon e mouse…seems wee willie was hunky dory with everything about the weenie…until???

  9. Anon E Mouse, maybe that is not quite fair. Maybe Willie has just followed and obeyed without question , which seems to have been the proof of loyalty to the prophet. Maybe this is what many have been praying for – that eyes would open and the truth would surface. I, for one, am glad Willie has taken a stand. It might be just what others need to get the gumption to stand against corruption. Cant be easy. Remember they have been taught that disobediance to the one man rule, their ticket to heaven, leads to eternal damnation. I see this as progress!

  10. I’m glad Willie has taken a stand, too bad it took being kicked out of the inner circle to make it happen. As long as he was the golden talk to the press boy, he was fine with how everything went down.

  11. Willie was kicked out because he took a stand.

  12. Breaking News…Osama bin Laden has been killed…woo-hoo!! Sorry…I know this is off topic..but..great news..

  13. Exactly what stand did Willie take?

  14. I think it’s the other way around, Willie changed his stand because he was kicked out. He’s now out to bring down those who kicked him out. My thought is MORE POWER TO HIM and anyone else who can bring down the terror that is Warren Jeffs. Families are so afraid they are going to be torn apart. It’s just not right.

    I don’t know what William E. stands for, but he can’t be worse than the Jeffs’ brothers rule of terror.

  15. Bully for us, jobo! BBC reports Osama dead!

  16. Willie could have stayed in if he had not refused an ultimatium from Lyle. I will see if perhaps I can persuade Willie to come on here and tell what happened and let you folks decide. Given time, I’m sure it will come out one way or another.

    btw PT, I agree that it is a good thing that he has decided to do what he can to bring down those who have turned into tyrants.

  17. Anon 1:46am – is there any way we can help?

  18. I guess it doesn’t help Warren’s side that he also ordered men in Bountiful to smuggle their 12-year-old daughters across the border to marry the pedophile profit.

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