Lindberg Strikes Back


Here’s the order from Benson that Lindberg is responding to:


~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 11, 2011.

18 Responses to “Lindberg Strikes Back”

  1. Go Judge Lindberg, you totally rock!!!

  2. Dear Judge Benson


    Love, Fred

  3. She’s obviously trying to cover her A@@.

  4. I don’t think so a non. I think there are real practical and human civil rights issues with the management of the trust that the federal judge completely ignored.

  5. It strikes me as fairly ironic that Judge Benson’s ruling doesn’t touch upon the fact that Rodney Parker has witheld the UEP Trust files that he possesses and has never turned over to the Court appointed Special Fiduciary. Whatever resolution may be ultimately made the fact that Parker has witheld these UEP Trust records needs to be addressed. The witholding of the UEP Trust files by Parker has hampered the Special Fiducuary’s effective assumption of the entire UEP Trust. Is this simply an oversight by Parker or an outright refusal to comply with Judge Lindberg’s orders?

  6. This is so funny. Dee looks like a fool now. Great reading!

  7. IMHO – Lindberg is on solid legal ground. Federal courts are bound by determinations of state law made by state courts. Since the Utah Supremes have determined as a matter of law that the claims were barred by laches, that will make a federal appeals court overturn Judge Benson.

  8. Thanks, RiH.

  9. Anon @ April 12, 2011 at 12:22 AM

    Thanks for filling in for me this AM. Spring has sprung and I’ve been busy.

    I always appreciate “FU by proxy”

  10. Ron, it’ll be interesting and a lot of FUn to see what happens. You just can’t make this stuff up! Thanks for your insight.


  12. More from Benson

  13. God forbid anybody in the flds have fun – Since Warren has been boss, the standard rule is to go around acting all pissed off.

  14. flds texas, thanks for posting Lindberg’s ruling–love it.

    Ron in Houston, thanks for your expert opinion–it helps.

  15. Betcha that Dee Benson bubba is a wanna be SCOTUS juror.

    Too bad, so sad, this sunk his little tug boat.

    Lots of lawyers jawing and laughing about this over dinner this weekend.

    What a legacy!

    Only thing funnier is Brazillian immigrant and polygamy advocate Rhodney Reck suing the Board of Education for “An inadequate Education”..

    bless his heart! He lost on appeal too!

  16. Benson just got slapped down by the 10th court of appeals and his little get together on Monday has been cancelled.


    Link to the Benson slap-down

  18. The Stay from the 10th Circuit

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