Exings from Prison (updated)

Use this thread to keep track of the people being exed by Warren from his jail cell. If you know it is a 2nd (or 3rd) exing, please note that also.

If a name is on this list, the rumor is out on the street that they have been kicked out.

If there is an asterisk following it, circumstantial evidence seems to point to it’s accuracy.

If there are two asterisks by the name, there is reason to believe that they are not leaving their home.

1. David Zitting  *  The last Patriarch warren jeffs had left standing that was ordained by former flds prophet Leroy S. Johnson. He was also warren jeffs appointed mayor of Hildale, Utah.
2. Lorin Holm  *
3. William Harker  *
4. Merril Jessop  *    Warren Jeffs counselor.
5. Wendell Nielson again *  Warren Jeffs counselor.
6. Jimmy Oler  *  Warren Jeffs first elder at the FLDS Canadian community.
7. Marty Jessop  * son of Dee Jessop
8. Tusk Jessop  * son of Dee Jessop
9. willy jessop again **  warren jeffs public spokesman for his church.
10. Craig Black  *
11. Mark Burnam Jr.  *
12. 2 of Brandon Blackmores sons.
13. Steven Harker    Very high up in Warren Jeffs church.
14. Joe Jessop    Not Uncle Joe S. Jessop.
15. Warren Jessop  *
16. Arnold Richter  **
17. Jim Cox  **
18. Allen Cox  **
19. Dan Wayman  **
20. Dan Jessop Sr. again  *  Town father and Hildale Town counselman.
21. Bill Shapely again *  He worked his way up so high in warren’s church since being invited back, that he was the only one sitting on the stand with Lyle Jeffs in the Short Creek area.
22. Wallace Jeffs again *  Another one of warren jeffs brothers he kicked out of his church.
23. Tom Holm  *
24. Clarence Wayman **
25. Lorin Wayman **
26. Micheal  Wayman  **
27. Alvin Barlow’s son.  *
28. Marjorie Jessop  *
29. Kent Beagley Sr.  *
30. Jim Barlow Sr.  *
31. Kenneth Richter Sr. *
32. Lehi Dutson
33. Orval Johnson’s son or grandson
34. Dee Jessop    Warren jeffs bodyguard. The Fred M. Jessop (FMJ) zoo manager.
35. Anson Johnson
36. Donald Richter    College educated high school teacher and apologist for warren jeffs and his church. Also in charge of organizing dirt collected by warren’s minions and doing a public smear campaign against anyone fighting warren jeffs. He rarely bothered to check his facts.
37. Thomas Mace Barlow
38. Richard (Rich) Jessop  *  Warren had him in charge of his construction finances in Texas. He had thousands of dollars a day running through those accounts.
39. Lyle Jessop
40. Terril Johnson *  Appointed by warren jeffs to be the town mayor for Colorado City, Az.. Also, he was the manager of the U.E.P.T. dairy.  After years of doing business, The Dairy Store shut down a few days ago.
41. Leslie Jeffs  *  another one of warren jeffs brothers he has kicked out of his church.
42. Leslie Jeffs daughter  * This is believed to be Kelsey
43. Don Jessop
44. Leland Richter
45. Dan Timpson   Strong arm for warren jeffs. He was one of the ones standing at the church house door to turn you away from church if warren suddenly found you unworthy to attend his church.
46. Alma Steed
47. David Harker again.
48. David Jeffs again.  *  Another one of warren jeffs brothers he wanted out of his church.
49. Loyd Wall again.  One of warren jeffs college educated engineers.
50. Rulon Harker  *
51. Vivian Roundy  *
52. Raymond Blackmore *
53. Merril Palmer  *  warren jeffs head of the flds private schools in Bountiful, British Columbia, Canada.
54. Dan Barlow Sr. again.   Former priesthood appointed Colorado City Town Mayor, before being kicked out the first time.
55. Kevin Pipkin  *
56. Joseph S. Jessop  **    Uncle Joe Jessop. Town father and Hildale Town counselman. He was in charge of the community garden, located where lyle jeffs just built his “Jailhouse” mansion and compound
57. lyle jeffs    There was a rumor going around town about three weeks ago that warren jeffs had put his brother lyle jeffs on probation, which is usually the first step towards kicking them out. In light of all that has gone on since then, including lyle taking charge of meetings and moving into the jailhouse mansion everyone was being led to believe was being built for warren jeffs, along with guards patrolling his new compound 27/7; I’m inclined to believe that the rumor was not true or that lyle has done some serious brown nosing the last couple of weeks. I’m also inclined to believe the 10 to 12 foot high concrete walls and the guards are there simply to stop willy jessop and others from retaliating against lyle for what he and warren just did to them.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on February 26, 2011.

148 Responses to “Exings from Prison (updated)”

  1. 1. Merril Jessop
    2. Wendell Nielsen
    3. Willie (the Thug) Jessop
    4. Bill Shapley (again)
    5. Lloyd Leroy Wall (again)
    6. Jim Oler

  2. 7. Wallace Jeffs (again)
    8. Leslie Jeffs
    9. Leslie Jeffs’ daughter
    10. Stephen Harker
    11. Tom Holm

  3. 12. David Zitting (Mayor of Hildale)
    13. Terril Johnson (Mayor of Colorado City)

  4. Joe Nielsen – per the Deseret News. Is he Wendell’s son?

  5. I’m guessing it’s probably a Joe he inherited from a wife.

  6. 14. Joe Nielsen
    15. Lorin Holm
    16. Dan Timpson
    17. Dee Jessop
    18. 1st Dee Jessop son
    19. 2nd Dee Jessop son
    20. Blaine Jeffs (again)

    I’m not sure which of Dee’s sons got the ax, but I was told that Dee Jessop’s 2 sons got exed. He’s got 4 sons 18 and older, so it could be any of them.

    Warren must have let his brothers Leslie and Blaine back in at some point and is now kicking them out again.

  7. 21. MacRae Blackmore

  8. Holy crap, Mack’s out. Wow!!!

  9. if you call 435-874-7969, pretending to be looking for work and ask about who you shouldn’t be talking to anymore, you will find out more names

  10. 22. Richard S. Jessop (per the Eldorado Success)

  11. It’s nice to see that the sick “animal killer Dee Jessop” is out!

  12. Donald Richter ?

  13. Wonder if Betty left with her father…I think many women in the FLDS they can live outside of the towns on their own as they did during the trials.

  14. Any hard evidence yet that the expulsions are exings and not just work missions?

  15. No “hard” evidence, but I’m guessing that Willie foaming at the mouth in the Crick wasn’t sent on a “mission”.

    Haven’t heard anything about Donald Richter being exed, I’ll ask around and see what I can come up with.

  16. Thanks, PT. I’m new here. Monitored for a long time but finally going public. I’m struggling with this being logical (I know how misplaced the term is) to ex so many income providers.

  17. It’s not logical Third Cousin. My best guess is that Warren knows the jig is up for him and he’s trying to destroy the FLDS, kind of have it implode. I mean he has shown himself to be very “me” orientated. Why should that stop now. From his standpoint, if he can’t have it no one can is probably what he’s going for.

  18. But you don’t mean you agree with Anon 10am that WJ has always had a mind toward the destruction of FLDS on purpose?

  19. Do you think that this might be one of Warren’s, “It was just a test” charades?

  20. The “implode” theory is very Jim Jones-esque. I’m not sure. I think Jeffs might actually think he’s going to walk out of jail, be the sole owner of the UEP and YFZ and have several thousand women to chose from.

  21. Having now read it, I have very different emotions about it. Virus of the mind, indeed. The only difference between this and Brian David Mitchell is that Jeffs has followers.

  22. I just received word that Jim Oler has not been dealt with, exed or otherwise harassed. Not sure what to think now.

  23. Maybe Jim Oler has ‘respectfully declined’ being kicked.

  24. Looks like 9 out of 56 (not counting Lyle) respectfully declined leaving their homes. Good for them!

  25. Those that are left must be cowering in their boots wondering if they are ‘faithfull’ enough to stay in good graces! I’ve forgotten…anywhere down the line during his imprisonment, has WJ been given a competency exam?

  26. Looks like we’d better hide and watch.

  27. Are these recent exing’s?

  28. I was just talking to one of my friends down there and he was acting like none of this affected him at all. it’s a bit frustrating to see the amount of denial or straight up brainwashing that’s happened to some people. “just minding my own business” “they chose to leave, if they wanted to stay they could have” this illusion of choice that these people think they have. it’s damned dangerous. I just wish I could get my friend to see that he’s being taken for a ride. and he claims he’s happy, perfectly fine. gah! so much male bovine feces I can’t believe it. and to think I left this less than a year ago.

  29. What massive destruction by the wrath of Warren. Although I completely agree with Anon @1:19 AM – good riddance to Dee Jessop!

  30. yehaaa6, yeah you just “left this less than a year ago”. Now doesn’t this current craziness convince you that you did the right thing to leave the insanity behind?

    I hope you can convince your friend(s) still down there to leave, too.

  31. I definitely have no regrets. I have recieved my GED and am in my second semester of college right now. I miss my family from time to time, but I don’t miss a lot of it, honestly.

  32. Yehaaa6 – Good luck with your friend. I’m so happy that you are doing well.

  33. Yehaaa6, best of luck in your educational and life pursuits. You are doing the right thing! And it sounds like you’ve managed to keep your feet on the ground.

    I only wish all the other young people caught in this mess could/would do the same, especially my grandchildren at the Crick. Obviously, I’m concerned.

    Feel free to request my email address from ADMIN on this site if you ever want to communicate. I have a number of children (now adults) who have been through the changes in lifestyle you’re facing. But we were able to go through it together.

  34. Lorin Darger. who I believe is, or was, married to two of Flora Jessops sisters

  35. mc1199 here’s the competency eval.

  36. Wow, they just keep coming.

  37. Is Willie the thug the son of Richard Seth Jessop & Fern Carlson, and who are Dee Jessop’s parents?

  38. I saw a posting from a former flds member that stated that big willie (Willie, the thug) is the son of Glade Jessop.

  39. Yeah, Willie the thug and dee are the sons of Glade Jessop.

  40. We must be talking about Glade Rex Jessop, and which wife?

  41. His first one

  42. Mary

  43. Thanks Third Cousin for the competency info…altho, it sounds like he’s in need of another, and soon. The madness just keeps escalating! Shutting down the businesses, the livelyhoods…what’s next? Road blocks to keep people out? It still just kills me that some followers see nothing wrong here and follow along blindly! Those that sre scared CANNOT voice their fear or else…pft…gone,too!

  44. Well, there’s a difference between legal competency and what we would call sane.

  45. He may be skating on thin ice on both sides of crazy pond.

  46. mc1199, at this point I’d like to see a whole lot more experience the “pft…gone” syndrome. And in the process, when asked to walk away from home, family and repent from afar, use these lovely words: “I respectfully decline.” (As if respect were needed, but you know… just kill ’em with kindness.)

  47. And personally, I think Mr. Jeffs should meet Dr. Michael Wellner. I really do! (Remember him from the Mitchell case?)

    S, I think he lives near your area, you are both medical professionals; perhaps you could do… something?… make a recommendation?

    Or perhaps Dr. Lawrence Beall?

  48. I wish there were a “LIKE” button. I would have clicked on it for the crazy pond comment.

  49. ET…I would love to see them all stand up to him….but that won’t make it happen [I know preachin’ to the choir, here!]. It seems there is both hope and dispair when relatives of the those still held captive speak/write here. I remember reading, eons ago, [here I think] that there used to be a ‘squad’ of men who patrolled the town looking signs of internet and outside electronic contacts. I wonder if that will start again and drive those striving to keep in touch, further underground.

  50. mc1199, here’s another WSJ psych eval.


  51. Warren asked Obama to “Let his people go”…

    Obama didnt act fast enough, so Warren got on the horn and for good measure….

    “let some go”!

    ADIOS Muchachos!

    PS. Quite the list. You could actually start a new cult with that crew, but it doesnt have much in the way of women….

    perhaps it would be ok now if they were all gay.

  52. I have Dr Welner’s email address, I plan to email him at some point to ask for his abstract from a scientific meeting on the topic of the character traits of polygamous sect leaders.

  53. S… that’s cool!

  54. anyone know the status of JD or Boyd Roundy?

  55. Haven’t heard anything about any Roundy. I’m thinking that’s a good thing.

  56. There is a Thomas Roundy at the Pringle, SD compound.

  57. Frog, how many people are at the Pringle compound?

  58. I don’t know the true total but guessing I would say counting children, 150 to 250 people, maybe more. I base this on the fact that they hauled all their water needs daily for over a year. During the winter when they had livestock only along with household use they hauled 27/7 with a 3500 gallon water truck. There is one H house building along with 6 to 7 houses.

  59. So they have to haul water up there? Man, that’s a pain. If Jerald Nathan Williams is in charge and has all his family up there, it could be just one family with that many people.

  60. No they don’t haul water anymore. They have 2 deep wells both which are registered with the state.

  61. Do you know if it’s Jerald Nathan Williams who is in charge?

  62. I don’t know who is in charge in SD

  63. I guess Warren doesn’t know as much about his flock as he seems to think he does. Craig Black, Mark Burnham Jr and Anson Johnson are all out, but they’ve been out for years.

  64. This just in. Willie (the Thug) Jessop has enrolled his young’ens in El Cap public school. One of his wives was seen at the school taking the children. She confirmed that they have been enrolled there.

  65. Or maybe Isaac Wyler doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he starts makes lists…

  66. So if these guys are really kicked out, and the UEP owns the houses, then does Warren tell Wisan to kick them out or does he just have whatever thugs are left to go over and kick them out? (that was an attempt at a joke) Or do the wives get to stay in the house? Does it take getting kicked out of your house to confirm they are really axed? What happened last time there was a mass shake down?

  67. Me Again when it comes to knowing about people that don’t know what they are talking about, you head my list. For your information we already had 15-20 names before Wyler’s interview with Mike Watkiss was televised. He nominated maybe a half dozen more but we double and triple check our sources. Wyler’s total list was 25 to 30 max. We have listed here 57 and counting once some can be verified/confirmed(we have clearly marked some conjectures). If you wish to play hall monitor why don’t you run along to Madwacky’s site and aid him.

    Can someone get the names on newly registered public school students in Washington & Iron County(s). If some of these folks have moved and sign for utilities they’ll soon receive house calls from local LDS missionaries.

  68. Me Again,
    Who is on your list of ex FLDS ?

  69. Watergirl, last time there was a mass shakedown everyone just left. No one said No.

  70. I think that instead of throwing mud on other folk’s information, Me Again, you provide some of your own. You’ve been in the peanut gallery way too long.

  71. A required log-in would effectively limit those who are not brown nosing you…

  72. Me Again,
    Maybe a required log in would limit you ? Just a suggestion.

  73. Me Again, you seem to have some insider knowledge about people and places at the Crick and I, for one, am interested in your perspective. It ‘seems like’ you know something about Isaac Wyler and it ‘seems like’ you don’t hold him – or his lists? – in very high esteem. Am I very far wrong? Is Isaac not a believable source?

    Anyway, I’d love to know your take on what’s happening and to whom and your understanding of any whys.

  74. When the 1st major round of exings started in January 2004, the UEP properties were still in Warren’s control. That ended in 2005. This exing go-around, the occupants don’t have to leave their home unless they want to.

    I bet that really pisses Warren off!

  75. Ben Johnson took over running the Pringle compound after Jerald Williams was kicked out. I don’t know if Ben is still in charge or not.

  76. And you wonder why Warren isn’t receiving visitors. Can you imagine the line of Merril’s daughters who are his wives and his sisters who are married to Wendell who would probably line up to find out what the crap is going on. His “favorite” wife and scribe is a daughter of Merril. He’d better double and triple check his dictations these days.

  77. Aside from enrolling his children in El Cap, Willie is also sucking up to the “apostates” who he previously terrorized. Must suck to be in their boat these days.

    Willie, I say this sincerely, you totally had it coming.

  78. Blaine Jeffs was never invited back…how could he get axed again.

  79. I was told that Blaine was hanging on the outer edges and was told to leave. That’s why he’s on my list. He might not have ever been back officially in, but he was a hanger-on and isn’t anymore.

  80. This list is a list of people rumored to have been exed, re-exed, told to quit hanging on. If someone posts and name, then it is someone who they have heard was exed through the grapevine. If you have information that contradicts information, by all means post it. That is what we want.

    Also remember, Warren Jeffs has been in prison for 4 1/2 years, since August 2006. He’s depending on what others are telling him is going on in the group at the various locations. His revelations are really from Lyle and others in charge at his various outposts.

  81. Well, Me Again we’re waiting. Are you gonna put up or shut up? Mike Watkiss is one of thee most credible hardprint and televised newsmen concerning the FLDS Church over the past decade. If he chose to interview Isaac Wyler as a real source of information within Twin Cities that gets my interest. Even the previous sources for FLDS Church statements head this new list of ‘Handled’ members, so Willie Jessop is even now an apostate.

  82. How is giving a real opinion ‘brown nosing’? As long as you just say “no that’s wrong” or “you folks are mean” or similar, then you’re not really in a conversation, you are just standing on the sidelines throwing poo.

  83. I agree with E Texas, Me Again, you might actually have insights that we would all benefit from. Love to hear it. Not enjoying the grumpy side of you, though.

  84. He’s depending on what others are telling him is going on in the group at the various locations. His revelations are really from Lyle and others in charge at his various outposts.

    FLDS TEXAS said this on March 8, 2011 at 7:46 AM

    Excellent observation! We should wonder just WHO is really directing the latest horror show.

  85. The good thing about all the exings from the FLDS leadership is that people in the know, those who know where all the bodies are buried, which closets have skeletons in them, might be willing to go states evidence. Just think would good it would be if ole Willie the thug made public all he knows about Warren Jeffs and those still in power. And if he’s put his children in the CP controlled El Cap schools, it means he’s completely separated from FLDS, that one or more of his wives have decided to stay with him along with his kids. Hope Mike Watkiss tries to talk to Willie, wouldn’t be fun to hear him spill the beans on Warren, Lyle and company on TV.

  86. I would love to see Willie give an interview to Mike Watkiss.

  87. I don’t think Ben Ed Johnson was ever in charge in Pringle. He was the contact with gentiles but that was it.

  88. The only names I have ever heard associated with being in charge of Pringle were a Fischer, father of Brenda Lei who was married to Warren underage, and Jerald Nathan Williams, who married his own mother.

  89. Jerold Williams was at Pringle, he’s been gone a good 3 or 4 years. There are Fischers at Pringle, but I don’t think they are in charge.

  90. Is Jerold Williams gone as in exed or just moved back to the Crick?

  91. So, who IS in charge at Pringle?

  92. Someone wanted to see Mike Watkiss interview Willie Jessop ?
    Here it is

  93. Now Mike needs to ask those same questions to Willie again. Also, Jim Bradshaw is an ass whose client has been convicted on the charges that he married Elissa Wall under age and raped her.

  94. The excommuncations will continue because warren, in his weekend “revelations” in december and january, has changed the requirements for membership in the church. If you have contacts in the flds ask them about it(the covenant of eternal oneness)

  95. What are the requirements of the Covenant of Eternal Oneness ?

  96. #

    What are the requirements of the Covenant of Eternal Oneness ?

    S said this on March 9, 2011 at 1:16 PM

    Ran the term Covenant of Eternal Onenss on google, found 19 century text written by Presbyterian Church theologin:


    Also found Tony Alamo: http://www.alamoministries.com/content/english/Gospel_literature/oneness.html

    And LDS church: http://lds.org/conference/talk/display/0,5232,49-1-353-32,00.html

    The Presbyterian writer talked about atonement, Tony Alamo sounded like Mitchell and Jeffs writings

    The LDS article talks about marriage in relation to oneness.

  97. What I found by talking to people is that it means to get close to your new priesthood head, especially important for those who’ ph has been exed.

  98. In that case the oneness is considerably less than eternal; it just lasts until the next reorganization.

  99. That’s how it sounds to me.

  100. “Eternal Exhalation is pure obedience to Priesthood. It is a gift of being TRUSTED in the Lord through priesthood.”

    God and the Priesthood over you need intelligent, inspired obedience from all of us,that this confidence of God can increase by us becoming like God.

    “Loyalty to keeping sweet earns us the
    confidence of those over us. When you don’t keep sweet, you will find your Priesthood head having to be careful with you, wondering if you will live
    by emotions, won’t respond right.

    If your Priesthood head has to be careful around you, then you have some repenting to do.

    You don’t go to him and say, “I demand your confidence. Why don’t you trust me?” Just humble yourself.

    Be loyal to keeping sweet, whatever is required, and stay at it.

    Forgiveness for sins is immediate because the Lord and the Priesthood over us love us, and that immediate forgiveness is a gift of opportunity to earn back the confidence that was
    lost by us losing the Spirit of God.”
    Warren Jeffs, May 2003

    “For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the man Jesus Christ” – 1st Timothy 2:5

    “These things I have written to you concerning those who try to deceive you. But the anointing you have received from Him (JESUS)abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true and is not a lie..” – 1st John 2:26-27


  101. @infor gal…

    I do not want to come off as quibbling, but I am a bit confused about where you got your first sentence. Nowhere in Warren’s dictations do I find the words, “Eternal Exhalations”. Please, where does that phrase come from?

    Other than Timothy and 1st John the rest of your post is quoted from dictations dated March 11, 2003
    not “Warren Jeffs, May 2003.”

    Just wanting to get and give clarification. 🙂

  102. You are correct E.Texas.

    I had two dictations opened and put the wrong date, sorry.

    March 11, 2003 page 104

    In Priesthood, the government of God on the earth is a benevolent dictatorship,where the Lord rules through one man….

    We are here in the path unto eternal exaltation,and that path is a path of obedience to Priesthood. And this is the subject I would like to dwell upon
    tonight. That is, that every obedience earns the gift of confidence, the gift of being trusted of the Lord through Priesthood.

  103. I guess they are moving back to Colarado City (those who lived on the Ranch). No news on Merrill Jessop yet? I thought he had been sick in the hospital at some point (his trial was put on hold).

    If Willie is Richard’s son doesn’t that make him a brother not cousin to Merrill? Not cousin as I read somewhere else?

  104. Willie’s father is Glade Rex. Glade Rex’s father is Vergel Yeates. Vergel is the brother of Richard Seth who is Merril’s father.

    As for those at the Ranch moving back to Colorado City, I haven’t heard anything about that.

  105. The reason I assume they are moving back is because one poster mentioned Willie enrolled his kids at the Colorado City PS. I thought he was living at the ranch since it was built….Where else are the men going?

  106. Most FLDS men and boys live in and around San Angelo, including Mr. Jessop.

    The places of refuge are mainly for Warren Jeffs family.

    Jeffs invented the places of refuge to hide from the law.

  107. Well, on top of all the other things that impoverish them, we should add to the list “Moving everytime the whim of the prophet changes”.

  108. So what’s the deal with the dairy? Doesn’t seem like a very smart financial move on Warrens part… course, not that much is smart. Also, what about the rumor of the people not supposed to be having sex or babies anymore?

  109. Strange but Richard and Ida had a child born in 1934 with the same name as Merril born 1936ish…the first son died in 1936. I saw it on ancestry.com (someone had it listed)

  110. anewday – I have that too – if my records are correct, that child died at 12 yoa just seven days after Merril was born.

  111. Third Cousin – I find the history and family trees very interesting…I saw some census done where they admitted to have more than one wife but they put initials to list their names.

  112. I saw that on Rootsweb, but it isn’t correct. Ray Leslie was born April 16, 1934. There’s no way Ida had another son December 27, 1934 and then our own deadbeat dad Merril December 27, 1935. The Fredrick Merril born December 1934 is shown to have died January 4, 1936.

  113. All the name-changing is really inconvenient.

    Is Edmund Lorin Allred really a Barlow and why (I can guess)? And who are his real parents?

  114. Yes, Edmund Lorin Allred was born Edmund Lorin Barlow. His real parents are Marianne Broadbent and Joseph Isreal Barlow. When Joe was exed, Marianne was married off to Richard Jeffs Allred. Not sure who Marianne is married to now that Richard has been exed.

  115. Thank you PT!

  116. I happened to find this site. Does anyone know the whereabouts of daughter of Brandon Blackmore that was married to Warren? See this article:


    I am a friend of the grandfather of this girl and my friend would like to contact his granddaughter.


  117. Best information is that she is in Short Creek somewhere. Merril has a house there, it’s the one that has tires covering the backyard.

  118. Richard, that article tells about Brandon’s daughter being married to Merril Jessop. He also had a daughter, Mildred who was married to Warren. Best information on her is that she’s in Texas at the YFZ ranch.

  119. Thank you both for your help. By the way, do you know the name of the daughter that married Merril? Because his daughter married into the FLDS who shun anyone who are not FLDS, my friend does not even know the names of his grandchildren. My friend’s wife was Mildred, so it is not surprising to see that name.

  120. How old is Merril Jessop? I am actually distantly related to him (my father’s mother was a Jessop) but our side of the Jessops stayed LDS. I knew Merril when I lived in Page, Arizona years ago and he ran a concrete batch plant there. He would wear his hat crooked, and when my Dad made a mistake on a subdivision he was building he told my Dad– “That’s the Jessop coming out in you.” I was never impressed, however, with the Colorado City workers who came to Page for the week and went home on the weekends. They were clearly not very bright as a whole.

  121. Richard

    Fredrick Merril Jessop was born in 1935.

    He is in his 70’s. He had a cement business in Page, AZ.

    Is your friend aware you are on this blog inquiring?

  122. My friend knows I am trying to find out for him. I never even knew of this blog until about 2 days ago. Do you know my friend?

  123. I know who your friend is.

  124. I’m guessing it’s the father of Emily Crossfield.

  125. Gail Crossfield is the name I heard. Do you remember the name of the daughter of Brandon and Gail that married Merril?

  126. Gail and Brandon’s daughter didn’t marry Merril. That was another Blackmore girl. Gail’s daughter married Warren.

  127. OK. Are you saying that Brandon and Gail only have one daughter that came to the US?

  128. No, they only have one of the girls mentioned in that article. They have another daughter married to Warren.

  129. Richard
    Texas Ranger Nick Hanna has submitted an affidavit for the Canadian Reference Case on polygamy which concerns itself with the findings at the YFZ and marriages of underage girls


    Merril Jessop marriage to the underage Canadian girl is recorded June 25, 2004


  130. But the underage Canadian girl married to Merril Jessop isn’t at all realted to Robert Crossfield.

  131. OK. But the daughter married to Warren was Gail’s. Right? Was she underaged? Does Gail have another daughter married in the States? (whatever age)

  132. Yes, Gail had an underage daughter who was married to Warren in the states and yes she has other daughters who were married in the states. Her oldest daughter was first married to Rulon and then to Warren. Both marriages occurred in the states. Her 2nd daughter married someone other than Rulon and/or Warren in the states underage.

  133. I appreciate your help. Can you can tell me the names of all of Gail’s daughters? The oldest is Mildred and she was given to Rulon, then to Warren. Right? My email is erichard@cctc.net if this is getting off topic on this blog.

  134. The oldest is Anna Mae. Next is Marygold and last is Mildred.

  135. Again, I appreciate your help. I am still confused, however. Are you sure that these are the daughters of Gail Crossfield Blackmore? (Her name may be Emily Gail).

  136. If you were really doing this for her father, you’d know that her name is Emily Ruth Gail cross field. Robert is as crazy or crazier than Warren.

  137. What’s up with the FLDS petition going to the TX governor?

  138. Oh good grief. I probably did know that her name was Emily Gail once. But it is not something we talk about for years at a time. It did occur to me that maybe I should phone Mildred, Gail’s mother, and pursue this. I talked with her a few times years ago. I would have to find her number.

    I have been in the School of the Prophets since about it beginning, and know its history better than just about anyone. There has been very little plural marriage among members of the School. I am not aware of any coercion of any female. Whatever you may know or think you know, I recommend you read the revelations themselves.

    The 2BC teaches that a faithful Israelite woman has the right to receive a “sign and a witness” to know the man she should marry. In other words, we believe the woman chooses the man, not the other way around. And that makes sense, since we also believe the woman comes under the government of her husband– so it is only fair that she has complete free choice in the matter.


  139. I second the “Oh good grief” – with an exclamation point !

    “Knowing” is relative. “Proof” is something else… as well as “faith.”

    Each unto his own. Just please, spare the innocent and do no harm!

  140. What do you mean Swissemom? Are you asking why they sent it there?

  141. Does anyone know what happened to Anson Johnson!

  142. I don’t know Anson Johnson… but his name has such a wonderful lilt when you say it out loud. 🙂

  143. The dairy is reopened and the people very friendly. The prices are very high though. I was thinking that they were high to continue to keep the outsiders away. Maybe they need to pay for the new fence that was put up. I wonder if they give discounts to insiders. So many questions, so few answers.

  144. I am wondering if the friendly people in C C are the ones that have been kicked out? Maybe I should ask. Lots of turmoil, no direction. These folks need solid direction in their lives and it may be closer than they think. Look people look. Don’t be fooled any longer.

  145. I’d like to know the answers too Arturo. Wonder if the Dairy Store ships Squeaky Cheese.

  146. Where do the guys go after they are exiled? Any news on Lehi Dutson? Where he might be?

  147. I’d like to know the answers too Arturo. Wonder if the Dairy Store ships Squeaky Cheese.

    Anonymous said this on April 10, 2011 at 10:27 PM

    Anonymous you trust them with your credit card information?

  148. Watergirl, last time there was a mass shakedown everyone just left. No one said No.

    Anonymous said this on March 7, 2011 at 6:16 PM

    Not quite accurate:

    When the twenty or so men were simultaneously kicked out by Warren in January 2004, Isaac Wyler, his wife Jayne and their children stayed.

    Evan Johnson, his wife Laura and their children that were not already married also stayed.


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