Leroy Jessop Trial Evidence


~ by FLDS TEXAS on February 2, 2011.

13 Responses to “Leroy Jessop Trial Evidence”

  1. ICK!! I read this today and wanted to throw up my lunch. Those letters to the weenie are sick…Leroy tells him everything that goes on in the bedroom…well…not everything..but…??? Why should he have to tell him anything about his personal life…YUK!!

  2. Because that’s what Warren the perverted pedophile profit demands of his “faithful followers”. Warren is really sick and twisted and his followers are sadly enabling him and his psycho control-freak fantasies.

  3. Those letters were very sad. The men are just as trapped by indoctrination as the women, the consequences just aren’t as damaging for them.

    Until they land a massive jail term that is.

    I know they need to be prosecuted and punished to stamp out these practices, but does anyone really think this man was in any state to deny the “prophet” anything after a lifetime of indoctrination and after seeing family and friends lose their families, homes and jobs for the slightest dissent, or even suspicion of dissent?

  4. I know…how sad…the men are victims too!! But why? They have no life of their own. Have to tell the weenie everything. Its sick–just sick.

  5. And another thing that was so very sad, is when Leroy kept asking permission for the little girl to go to school? She was 6 yrs. old–don’t most 6 yr. olds go to school? There should be no question about school–but, he asked several times.

    and talking about the little kids acting up? Good grief–these children are never allowed to be children. Its almost like they are born adults…it just made me sick!!!

  6. yes, the 4 yearold boy having problems with “lightmindedness”. Poor kids, and poor parents feeling like they have to keep preschoolers constantly focused on building zion.
    In one of the other men’s evidence there is a letter to warren in which the writer apologises for being human………

  7. From reading what y’all are writing, it looks like I need to go read the letters written to Warren.

  8. yes…indeed do read them ProudTexan…very sick…hard to believe a grown man would write such stuff to another grown man…these people have no life…only what the weenie wants them to have..including their mind–body-and soul.

  9. Where is the letter? Can’t seem to find it easily.

  10. There are a bunch of letters halfway down the 200 page pdf.

    I think it was page 87 – it really saddened me to read the request to send one of his daughters who was seven to first grade, and then asking if he could take another one who ended the eighth grade, out, as there were chores, baby tending, house and yardwork to be done.

    And I reckon at that age they start fixin to get married too, maybe they can mow the lawn one summer first.

    So glad Leroy and his penpal Warren are in the greybar hotel!

  11. Stamp, I think that 8th grader that he wanted to take out was his bride LeAnn.

  12. That poor little six or seven year old girl. Sounds like someone within the school has asked that she be removed or not allowed to enroll. So sad that her crime is having “her own ideas”. I worry about her future and hope that as she grows she finds a way to continue to be a free-thinker within such an oppressive society.

  13. Does anyone know if Thomas Merril Jessop (4/13/89) was married or had kids? He is the son of Merril Jessop and Barbara Seed.

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