Allan Keate Trial Evidence


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  1. Whose daughter is she?

  2. Donald Robert Barlow and Nancy Johnson are her parents. Donald’s one of the Barlows who wasn’t exed and he became an Allred when his mother was married to Richard Jeffs Allred, after his father Daniel was exed. Not sure what his last name is now since Richard Jeffs Allred was exed.

  3. Holy Cow, you’re kidding! Here is a mug shot of this scumbag Donald Robert Barlow.

    Donald Robert Barlow – I think he goes by Bob – was arrested in 2005 for having sex with a minor, Laree Steed, when she was 16 years old.

    According to this article –

    “The county also subpoenaed Steed, the victim; Nancy Johnson, Barlow’s legal wife; and several others from Colorado City to testify in court, but Smith said he did not expect them to show up given the fact that no subpoenaed witnesses appeared at Fischer’s trial. ”

    I guess since Bob got himself a 16-year-old child bride when he was 43, that he thought his pal, 52-year-old Allan Keate, should get himself a 15-year-old child bride.

    Although DNA proved that Bob fathered a child with underaged Laree Steed, the state couldn’t prove that Barlow had sex with the victim in Colorado City. So Barlow was acquitted.

    From another article –

    “Smith said his main evidence is a birth certificate that will show the baby being born Sept. 11, 2000, the mother’s birth date as Oct.11, 1982 and Barlow listed as the father. That puts the victim’s age as 17 at the time of the baby’s birth and barely 17 at the time of the sexual relations, Smith said. “Sometimes you have to protect the victim from themselves and their families,” Smith said. Smith said the victim would not testify at the trial because investigators could not locate her.”

    What a POS man and father!!!!!

  4. Actually, Allan wasn’t Merilyn’s first husband. She was married to Warren’s brother, Leroy, first. Leroy himself was giving away underage daughters for marriage as he’s the father of Janet, Leann and their sister Pamela.

    Allan got Merilyn after Leroy was exed.

  5. Great! So one more incident of an FLDS “sloppy seconds” child bride.

    What age was the poor girl when she was handed over by her parents to Leroy Jeffs for “Time and All Eternity”?

  6. Can’t remember how old she was, but she looks so very young in the picture with Keate. And Keate said she “acted silly”? I guess so–she is just a child. Children are supposed to be “silly.” Sick–just sick!!!

  7. jobo, where is the photo of child bride Merilyn Barlow with Allan Keate?

  8. well..I beleive I saw it in the evidence stuff? But..I was looking at alot of stuff that day…???

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