Warren’s Future Wives

Can you guess which of these girls are the future wives of Warren Jeffs?



~ by FLDS TEXAS on January 11, 2011.

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  1. Looks like little Merrianne right there in the middle — maybe a year or so before her marriage to Warren.

    Millie? Ida?

  2. ALL of them!! He has to marry them all so he can dress them properly. Look at those ignernt girls’ dreadful dresses!

    (fer ignernt is a common Utah colloqualism)

  3. Good guessing anonagin, that is Merrianne. Mille and Ida are there too. Can you name the rest?

  4. Please tell me that’s not a group of mothers and daughters . . .

  5. Can you name the rest?

    Um…not all of them. I think I see Yvonne, Betty, LuAnne and maybe Barbara Joy. Don’t recognize the other girls.

  6. No Mouse, it’s not, it’s all little girls.

  7. hopefully the answer is none of them since Warren will be in jail till he is too old to care.

  8. this is an older picture watergirl. the little red headed girl in the center of the picture is the barely 12 year old he raped and is facing trial about.

  9. oh, thanks, the title mislead me. not future wives but current. I think in hell there is a regular fry and a deep fry. Warren is heading to the deep fry. I don’t care what he or his followers say about no age too young to marry. Robbing all these children – girls and boys from safe home environments and the freedom to make their own choices is a crime against nature.

  10. I love it, Warren in deep fry.

  11. So who are they, already?

  12. Are they all Merril Jessop’s daughters?

  13. All I can say is that they don’t look terribly happy — poor kids.

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  15. I regularly view this site but I’ve never posted. I’m going to take a huge guess.

    Left to right: LuAnn, Millie, Betty, Ida Vilate (in purple), Barbara Joy at back holding Merrianne, Sarah Cathleen, Yvonne & Ruthie.

    Am I even half right?

  16. Close KitKat, Yvonne is the one by Millie. LuAnne is by Ida Vilate and then Sarah Cathleen.

  17. The picture sorta brings to mind that TV show ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ [?]. Only in the Prairie Dress division. All dressed up like little dolls on display.

  18. Are they all his wives?

  19. Are they all his wives? At what ages did he marry them? Where are they now? Have they be handed out to other men?

  20. Wendy, Millie, Ruthie, Ida Vilate and Merrianne are his wives. Betty and LuAnne probably would have been if Carolyn hadn’t taken them and left. Barbara Joy is married to Warren’s brother Isaac, Sarah Cathleen is married to Luke Jeffs, son of LeRoy and Sally and as far as I know Yvonne isn’t married.

    As for age when they married, Mille was 16, Ruthie was 17, Ida Vilate was 13 and Merrianne was barely 12. Barbie was 16 and Sarah was 16.

    Sarah and Yvonne are the daughters of Crazy Kathleen who lied through her teeth to Anderson, interestingly, about Sarah and her child.

    Yvonne turned 18 last August. So Merrianne’s the only one in the picture who is still underage and she’s been married to Warren for 3 years.

  21. Jeff Waren is an animal, NOT HUMAN.

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