Dutson Guilty

After 5 hours of deliberations on Tuesday, a Tom Green County jury convicted Keith Dutson Jr. of the second degree felony sexual assault of a child.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on November 3, 2010.

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  1. Here we go again. The prosecution presents the evidence, the defense flails around because there is no defense they can make. The jury deliberates a short time and finds the flds man guilty. Why do the flds even pay defense lawyers to try to defend that which is indefensible?? The flds could use the money to buy new shoes for the children.

  2. I am thinking that it would have been better for him if he showed some remorse and allowed his wife to make a statement as well.

  3. It’s really sad that the FLDS are paying all this money, but preventing their attorneys from truly representing them and will not allow them to put on any sort of a defense. I can think of all sorts of things to try in this particular case, but the defense just folded it’s hands.

  4. I think it’s the opposite. The FLDS are trying to find a defense which works, so they can use it in the trials of the higher ranking FLDS. The lightest sentences have gone (mostly?) to the individual FLDS men who have taken a plea deal and who have not fought. I bet most of the attorneys for these cases are trying (or ought to be trying) to convince their clients to deal and not fight.

  5. you would think that they would be smarter to plea than to fight, they are certainly finding that the juries in texas aren’t anything like those in utah.

    as for finding a strategy to use for warren, good luck, i can think of no defense to raping a barely 12 year old.

  6. Has Dutson been sentenced yet?

  7. Ignore my sentencing question. GoSanAngelo reported today that the trial resumes on Monday.

    They also reported an officer testified describing “… Dutson as passive-aggressive when getting his picture taken during an April 2008 raid on the FLDS-owned Yearning for Zion Ranch.”

    I wonder what that means – what would someone do to be described “passive-aggressive” when being photographed. Just curious…

  8. Maybe he mooned the photographer.

  9. Nah, that’s straight up aggressive.

  10. I’m guessing passive/aggressive might be blinking just as the picture is snapped or simply not responding to what you’re told to do and the officers having to physically move you into place or something.

    Then again, what do I know? 😀

  11. After the trials, and the continued losing, I wonder if they will try to get new trials saying they had incompetent attorneys cuz they all got convicted! Its just wacky enough to happen!

  12. six years in prison, no probation, 10K fine

    Still dont think he has a clue.

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