Hugh thinks he’s above the laws of Montana

Excerpted from his own blog at

Hugh McBryde:

Sunday, September 26, 2010

“A divorce always has one party primarily responsible for it, and in my divorce (without trying to duck responsibility I may have) was clearly my first wife’s fault.

My wife (according to a counselor and witnesses of the marriage) started trying to break up the marriage approximately two years into the relationship that ended up lasting 15 years (officially).

For a period of time in the marriage it got physical.

From about the second year to sometime in year 6 or 7 (maybe 8, probably not) there was shoving that went on.

She started it.

My violence began with what you might call ‘gateway’ violence, and ended there before it got worse.

I am, and was ashamed of myself, it was wrong, but I have not been violent since, and pretty much was not violent before that.

Having said that my wife was the first violent person in the marriage, and she was the last, having jumped on my back and beaten me with her fists while trying to pull out my hair about a month before she threw me out of the house.

She did this in front of the children.  I do know she spread the story that I was dangerous in the whole town of Fairfield MT, which is very small.

For that reason after a period of time I always resolved to drive around and not through it so that no one could ever say they saw me there to give legs to her claims.

Additionally, I wanted at times very badly to ‘cheat’ on my wife, and on occasions, very seriously contemplated doing so, but did not.

I say ‘cheat’ for the sake of convention. I have only been with two in my life, my first, and my second wife, and my first wife threw me out of the house prior to my meeting my second wife, though I met my second wife that very same day.

From the State of Montana’s perspective, the divorce was final in November of 1996.

I had not lived under the same roof as my wife for a year.

I did not contest the divorce, though I showed up for the hearing.

Her lawyer asked for sole custody of the children and as a result of my not resisting, got it.

I sent her a letter in 2001 stating I was divorcing her and had communicated many times to her that I did not regard the Civil divorce as valid, until I made a decree of divorce.”


~ by FLDS TEXAS on October 9, 2010.

43 Responses to “Hugh thinks he’s above the laws of Montana”

  1. “Gateway” violence? And…

    “I have only been with two in my life, my first, and my second wife, and my first wife threw me out of the house prior to my meeting my second wife, though I met my second wife that very same day.”

    Some spin… Toooo weird for me!

  2. What do they say about people who blame their victims for their abusive behavior?

    I forgot.

  3. Hugh’s a piece of work, that’s for sure. I can’t imagine for the life of me how he thinks he can control when he and his wife are divorced and when they aren’t. I hate to break it to him, but the day whatever court it was in the State of Montana issued that divorce degree, his ass was divorced whether he accepted it or not.

    I’ll say it again, he’s a real piece of work.

  4. Now, if he can only find the other missing pieces….

  5. Anon at 10:33. They call them abusers. They ALL blame their victims.

  6. missing pieces to what anon@10:46? his brain?

  7. You’d think that someone who was abusive for that long would have taken classes or read a book.

    He is abusing her all over again by putting the blame on her.

  8. “missing pieces to what – his brain?”

    Thats a good place to start. But I’d say the bigger missing piece is his manhood which has evidently been missing for a long, long, long long time.

  9. wow.

    If I should ever cross the line with anyone here, please let me know and I’ll stop.

  10. He still does not take responsibility for abusing his wife.
    I don’t believe that he met his second wife the same day his first wife threw him out. The grounds for his divorce was no doubt adultery.
    That is why he always claims that a man cannot commit adultery unless he has sex with another man’s wife. It makes him feel better about his adultery.

  11. Why doesn’t he take responsibility for his actions and apologize to his first wife ?

  12. Having said that my wife was the first violent person in the marriage, and she was the last, having jumped on my back and beaten me with her fists while trying to pull out my hair about a month before she threw me out of the house.

    Does anyone believe this statement ?
    I wonder what he did to her that made her react that way

  13. He needs a 12 step program or sumpthin’.

  14. Committment, and observation. A danger to self or others.

  15. Committment or Committed? The cuckoo’s nest is missing a bird.

  16. Well, I have a personal story of physical abuse. Not asking for sympathy; it was a long time ago, the man is dead now and I have had lots of professional help with getting over it all.

    My second husband was bipolar. He was also a gym rat and took anabolic steroids and sometimes speed, although he consistently lied to me about that and tried to hide it. One night in a manic rage, he was threatening to blow his brains out. I took his weapons, locked them in my car, drove the car a few blocks away and walked home. When I got home, he was furious with me and got violent. He picked me up by the neck and slammed me repeatedly into the wall in our hallway to such and extent that the sheet rock was damaged. I have had martial arts training and although I knew that I could not prevail against him physically, I knew enough to turn my head and body to the side to prevent shutting off the blood flow to the carotid artery. In order to accomplish this, I braced my weight against his upper arms and pushed hard. I also kicked about with my feet, which were dangling in mid air. Later that night, he made a sincere attempt at suicide by taking an overdose of pain killers. The ER people called a magistrate on the phone, which seems like a bizarre course of action to me, but no one called the cops.

    He had distinct finger mark shaped bruising on his upper arms and a few red marks on his lower legs where I had kicked him. I had extreme bruising all around my neck, including distinct finger prints. Any body with a brain could have put together what happened, but no. He told the doctor (male) and the magistrate (male) that I “had started it” by grabbing him and pushing him around. He said the only reason he had wanted to kill himself is that I was threatening to leave him and he really loved me. They believed him, apparently. I was instructed over the phone by the magistrate that >I< was responsible for getting the two of us counseling and that a record of the procedure was going in a police report. There was no green warrant to get him examined for the attempted suicide and maybe get him some real help. No policeman ever saw either of us. Now, how I was supposed to get a man who was taller, heavier and could bench press 300 lbs to do anything he didn't want to do, I don't know. This was almost twenty years ago, and in a suburban county in Virginia.

    In short, blaming the victim is completely consistent with spousal abuse and it is often hard for the victim to build proof of what occurred.

  17. So I should stop posting? or I should say I can stop posting?

  18. Walton, I enjoy your posts. Why would you stop?

  19. Anon4now,

    Wow, glad you made it out of that relationship alive. Pretty intense, and you really nailed it about abusers.


    I think what Hugh is finding out, is that there are limits to what abuse people will take.

    Its telling that he was an abuser for years, and after this long time, still blames her. I dont think anyone is naive enough to buy his side of it.

    That koolaid went stale a long time ago.

  20. The funny thing is that I never really considered myself at risk. Which is bizarre. I was busy trying to save HIS life. Looking back, I was way too close to “Southside man kills wife, self” headlines. But co-dependency is also a mental illness, and I am hopefully in full remission.

  21. For over 5 years I’ve posted just hoping that someone out there would help. For over 5 years I wasn’t sure if the right people were hearing me. Never once would I want anyone to get hurt. No one.

    Not on line and surely not in real life.

    All I’ve ever wanted was to do is be a loud enough voice for those that went unheard. Ruth, Penny, the kids. Never ever did I want anyone hurt.

  22. I think that’s what most of us want. Unfortunately, there’s always that other 2%.

  23. Anon4now you did say 20 years ago. Things generally have changed.

  24. … I too gave up asking LE for help back in the day.

  25. Walton

    No one here wants anyone hurt. This site seems to have always uncovered abuse and worked at finding solutons to stop it.

    They keep throwing child molesters in jail, and not just FLDS abusers either. Terril Dalton, Tony Alamo, and others.

    The wife abuser this thread is about posted he wants to start a “Polygyny” Church.

    This guy actually did – now he is in prison

  26. O yeah and then there is the FLDS taxpayer-funded law which may as well be sharia or from somewhere south of our border or anywhere thugs rule.

  27. Toad

    As I recall the law still has them under a microscope and the hammer is nearby.

  28. Granny, I sure hope so.

  29. Walton,
    We all welcome your posts here. Don’t stop posting

  30. Walton, please keep posting, I love hearing from you. Like Stamp said, the abuser who this post is about is now trying to start a Church just for these kind of abusive people.

    It’s kind of a head’s up wake up call to remember that there are lots of crazies out there.

  31. If someone was trying to sell me a bill of goods about their religion, I’d want to know what makes them tick.

  32. I don’t ever want to hurt anyone because of the things I post. Or to put someone in harms way.

    Once or twice I thought about thumping Willie along side the head but it wouldn’t have hurt bad even if I could have.

    If I go too far with my posts all you guys have to do is to tell me to back off. And I will.

  33. Funny how it’s always the nice people who are open to criticism, rather than the people who actually NEED to hear other people’s criticism.

  34. Walton, feel free to give Willie a thump from me too, but be careful that you don’t catch something by getting too close to him.

  35. I don’t recall a single time you’ve ever said or posted anything inappropriate, Walton. Not here or any other site.

    You know folks here will quickly vocalize their opinions: good, bad, and indifferent. However, I can’t quite imagine you getting a tongue-lashing from this group.

  36. Walton, he or she, seems a pretty good sort to me.

  37. “Her lawyer asked for sole custody of the children and as a result of my not resisting, got it.”

    So much for trying to protect his children from his ‘violent” wife.

    He’s so good at painting himself as a victim, I should have him come paint our new fence.

  38. He likely knew what the judge would have done. Why waste the money on an Attorney when your boat has already sunk?

  39. and on other websites, Hugh claims that he fought to maintain contact with his kids, but lost.
    He is a man unable to tell the truth about anything.

  40. Hugh thinks he’s famous when he’s actually an infamous idiot who is also stupid.

    Saturday, October 09, 2010
    FLDS Texas Renamed as “Hugh McBryde Montana.”
    A good friend told me they had.
    I didn’t think it was true. Oh, by the way, Don’t Throw Me In That Brier Patch.

  41. His “good friends” should know what kind of guy they hang out with. This helps them put the puzzle peices together.

    There is quite an impressive picture when you stand back and look at him.

  42. I understand the people who choose to ignore him or not discuss him, it’s the people who are apologists for him that make me sick.

  43. And now with Warren and his Lt. in prison, BIG Willie on the other side now against Warren, a splinter faction already meeting separately under little William, which FLDS faction is he claiming to represent? He backed a losing horse and its now just sour grapes. Sex at any age with parental consent is what his blog says? His life could get worse!

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