Dead Beat Dad’s PreTrial Hearing

Dead beat dad, Merril Jessop,

is having a pretrial hearing on September 28 regarding allegations he married his underaged daughter off to Warren Jeffs.

Let’s help the prosecution out by listing  Merril’s bad-acts


~ by FLDS TEXAS on September 21, 2010.

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  1. Wonder if Weird Kathleen will be called to testify about Merril marrying their daughter off underage. She also had a baby while she was still underage.

  2. Ugly ol dude but the green Shrek look perks him up some.

  3. You know, at least he’s not asleep on his feet like he was at Warren’s hearing in West Jordan.

  4. Does anyone know how many of Merril’s daughters and/or granddaughters were married off underage.

  5. Anon@10:49 you bring up a very good point. This is the only photo of the deadbeat dad that I have seen since he was arrested that he didn’t have his eyes closed napping. Does he suffer from narcolepsy?

  6. I’m going with 10

  7. 10? Really 10? WOW, that’s a LOT.

  8. 1 – There was the “Application for Turnover Relief” against deadbeat dad Merril Jessop and his attorneys Amy Hennington and Gerald Goldstein to turnover their retainers for legal services to Carolyn Jessop for overdue child support, filed in Schleicher County, Texas March 7, 2010

    2 – There was the “Order for Child Support” requiring deadbeat dad Merril Jessop to finally start paying Carolyn Jessop overdue child support, filed in Schleicher County, Texas February 18, 2010

    3 – There was the “Court Transcript of the Testimony of Merril Jessop” regarding Carolyn Jessop’s Petition for Child Support, given in Schleicher County, Texas September 28, 2009

    4 – There was Merril Jessop’s deposition court transcript recorded January 23, 2009 where he plead the 5th 267 times

    5 – There was the Texas indictment against Merril Jessop for marrying off his 12-year-old daughter to Warren Jeffs – filed November 12, 2008

    That’s all I can remember right now. I’ll add more as time (and memory) permits.

  9. Wonder if Weird Kathleen will be called to testify about Merril marrying their daughter off underage. She also had a baby while she was still underage.

    Who is Weird Kathleen ?

  10. So that lousy deadbeat dad merril finally goes to court for giving his underage daughters to warren. Hope justice delayed will not be justice denied.

  11. Isn’t he paying at least something now? Wouldn’t him going to jail be possibly a good/bad thing since the payments may stop?

    At least if he’s given probation one of the terms could be that he pay his child support.

    I think marrying off a 12 year old is a despicable act, but I’d hate for Carolyn’s disabled child to be collateral damage.

  12. He doesn’t work Ron so his ability to pay doesn’t depend on him being at a job. The majority of his monthly support is from his SS check.

    S, Weird Kathleen is the woman who was on TV with Anderson Cooper lying her butt off and only saying “I don’t want to talk about that” when Anderson asked her questions. She’s also the one who tried to turn Carolyn in when she escaped.

  13. Rumor…Weird Cathleen is getting some of the child support too from Merril’s SS check.

  14. Not rumor, fact. After the hearing when merril agreed to pay child support to Carolyn, including 100% of his SS check, he made sure she could’t get it all by adding 2 of Weird Cathleen’s kids.

  15. What do you expect from a crime family?

  16. Is there a video somewhere on the net of Anderson Cooper interviewing Weird Kathleen ?

  17. Check you tube. Google flds. She’s the deranged looking one.

  18. Will do, and will post later today if I find it.

  19. You might have to look on anderson’s 360 site.

  20. Here’s the link to the transcript

  21. They all seem deranged to me.

  22. Well, I was referring just to the women I saw interviewed on TV right after the raid. And I did not use the words “vicious” or “stupid”.

  23. Hyperbole said : “You said it, Betty. I’ve never in my life been around such vicious stupid deranged creatures as the FLDS and some of those sites that claim to support their mad criminals. Never in my life.”

    Hyperbole, you are indeed hyperbolic.
    Refrain from posting here.
    You are unwelcome.

  24. Can’t say that I like Bill’s methods of getting his point across.

  25. Hyperbole sounds like some of ole lying dog deci duane’s sock puppets. If he is not banned from here, he needs to be banned.

  26. So, the question of the hour is – Why is Willie Jessop following Sam Brower?

  27. Yes, why are they following Sam ? That is an interesting question.

  28. Wonder what Sam is investigating now?

  29. and they are no doubt following Sam to intimidate him and obstruct the investigation.

  30. Has Carolyn received any money yet from Deadbeat Dad – Bishop Merrill yet ?

  31. Hyperbole, who cares what your judgement of someone’s behavior is? Stop using this blog to play grade school games. Go away!

  32. Off with the cape, domino and knee socks.

    … and you cannot force me to respect those pieces of dudu. Any male who will not support his children, for one, passes out his babygirl daughters like candy from a pinata — and then there are those others. If you accept that trash you’re no better.

  33. what grade school games are we talking about. i really like hopscotch and war ball. if we have war ball, i want to be a captain.

  34. Is war ball like dodge ball?

  35. Never played war ball.
    What is it ?

  36. you divide up into teams and you throw balls at the other team. If you hit them they are out, but usually you try to throw the ball really hard and knock the crap out of them. But anyway, if you get hit you have to go behind the other team to “jail”. Your ticket out of jail is to get a ball, then you go back to your side and throw the ball at the other side, starting over again.

  37. Guess who’s trying to avoid his PTH next week?

  38. The party in question? and how does he intend to evade his responsibilities now ?

  39. Anon 7:50 pm : sounds like dodge ball to me.

  40. How? Hangnail, hermorrhoids, hairloss?

  41. Yes, it sounds like dodgeball to me, too.

  42. probably some illness which is relatively minor – another stalling tactic – totally unethical of course

  43. What illness is he claiming now, Anon, in order to avoid this hearing ?

  44. Not sure, the fly only relates bits of information at a time. But said person trying to avoid said hearing play a vital role in the story on a certain pro-FLDS blog.

  45. yeah, could be called dodge ball, but that name was waaaaaay too tame for our recess activities.

  46. Granny,

    If you don’t say who you are talking about or what they did, then it’s really hard to address it. Since you know many of the people who post here, and you have a beef with someone’s behavior, why don’t you talk to them privately and be more specific?

  47. GT, what-you-talking-bout foolish behavior? Did I miss something?

  48. Gotcha, Anon @8:16.

  49. I’ll bite. What’s a PTH?

  50. PTH = Pretrial hearing

  51. But said person trying to avoid said hearing play a vital role in the story on a certain pro-FLDS blog.

    I wonder what the avoidant one means by this ?

  52. Is the moon full?

  53. Maybe he’ll have an attack of conscience and it’ll be so debilitating, he’ll need to be hosptialized! It’ll never happen…but there’s alway hope!

  54. DO you think she’s talking oddly because she’s repeating a memorized speach or is she psychotic? Why does she talk like that?

  55. And yes, I checked. The moon is full.

  56. Yes, it is Betty.
    Sorry I am late today.

  57. It’s been interesting, S.

    A harvest moon, in fact.

    But, I’ve got to get some rest; long day today, long day tomorrow.

  58. Good night !

  59. Woo Hoo, 4 corners found the crazy cathleen video. doesn’t she look like a peach!!

  60. Cathleen’s 18+ daughter was 18 years 2 weeks. The daughter was married to Luke Seth Jeffs, Sally and Leroy’s son, at 16. She had her son just after she turned 17, so she got pregnant at 16.

    The 2 children Merril added are 13 and 11.

  61. Inability to make eye contact, repetitive blinking, head rotated towards someone who is obviously prompting her rather than engaging the audience.

    How outrageous of Kathleen to compare FLDS to the European Jews & the Holocaust.
    No one is trying to exterminate the FLDS. How absurd.

  62. It’s no surprise they’re ignorant bigots. Check FLDS out at Southern Poverty Law Center, right up there with KKK.

  63. Betty asked – DO you think she’s talking oddly because she’s repeating a memorized speach or is she psychotic? Why does she talk like that?

    Betty, I don’t think Kathleen was psychotic during this interview, but I do think she was repeating rhetoric that was rehearsed with her (and probably the other YFZ women who interacted with the mainstream media) and that she may have been drugged (Prozac/Xanex or other psychotropic drugs to give the YFZ women the courage and confidence to speak with the media).

    Anderson Cooper comments that what Kathleen says is repetitive of what the other FLDS women had also said to the media (apparently Anderson had already heard the same thing that Kathleen was saying from the other FLDS women). It does come across as rehearsed if you view other FLDS online videos from the same time. Same message, same BS.

  64. Ok, someone catch me up. I thought this guy, Merrill was MIA, hiding somewhere. Was he recently found/arrested or do I have my facts wrong?

  65. Dunno, just because at any given time we do not know where he physically is doesn’t mean much so long as he meets his court dates.

  66. Um, the moon is 100% full as of 23 Sept 2010.

  67. Ron,
    Could you comment on how much longer Deadbeat Dad can drag this out?

  68. Merril Jessop is going to go from cruizing the high barb wire fence at Zipper Ranch to cruizing the high barb wire fence at the Gladiator Ranch a few miles away from “home”.

    Not much different, he just wont have the same temptations.

  69. Do you think that Deadbeat Dad could possibly incur a prison sentence for his failure to comply with the court ordered payments ?

  70. First, for most people they’d much rather have money than the person in jail. So, how long a deadbeat “Dad” gets before going to jail depends upon his payment record and the other side’s aggressiveness.

    Contempt in family court is limited to a 180 day criminal sentence. However, if the court finds what’s called “current ability” to pay, they can be held day to day UNTIL they pay. However, they can only be held day to day for no more than 2 years.

  71. thanks Ron !

  72. Merril having to pay or do some jail time for not paying will send a strong message to other flds women who may want to leave. It should also send a message to other flds men who try to shirk supporting their children.

  73. I thin Merril might actually get probation on the “performing an illegal marriage”. If he does, that means he is subject to drop in visits from his probation officer. That could make for intersting times at the ranch, although I believe he is spending most of his time in Colorado City.

  74. Probation only?

    That is not sending a strong enough message to those who perform underage marriages or polygamous marriages.

  75. Isn’t it a misdemeanor?

  76. It is to the best of my knowledge, but if only probation is the punishment, it’s not much of a deterrent.

  77. I rather like the part about popping them behind bars on a bench warrant to hold until a useful arrangement is reached when it comes to paying. I’ve had to do that. Some guys take repetitions.


  78. Maybe this has been covered in another post, but I am wondering how the new series that is airing this week on TLC – “Sister Wives” will impact the trials. There seems to be an effort to normalize the concept on polygamy.

  79. I wonder if Merril will be attending Warren’s Texas trial, or if he will be in prison first.

    Theres always the 6 oclock news during dinner hour in Huntsville.

  80. “…I am wondering how the new series that is airing this week on TLC – “Sister Wives” will impact the trials. There seems to be an effort to normalize the concept of polygamy…”

    The net effect of the program will be negative.

    If you look at the “wives,” the older wives are morbidly obese and unattractive, while the latest is younger and much more attractive.

    The public will not be fooled, Koby is simply replacing the older, less attractive wives with a newer model.

    The majority of American women will be offended, no matter how they spin it.

  81. On an interview on the Today Show today after listening to their pleas to be accepted for their religious beliefs, the newslady reminded them that polygamy is illegal and it was stressed. How come such a program will not lead to arrests? Or will it?

  82. I expect no prosecutions to take place at all.
    Women however will see polygamy exactly for what it is –
    religiously acceptable ADULTERY –
    which is good.

  83. So far Richard Jessop hasn’t been prosecuted for announcing to the world on Oprah that he is married to 3 women.

  84. Don’t expect the government to go after anyone else they marry a teenager or a child.

  85. whoops above should read “unless they marry a teenager or child,” not “else they marry a teenager”

  86. On the prosecution of polygamy issue:

    While it’s not written into the law, laws are enforced either actively by the state or more passively by the state when a victim steps forward.

    I’ll use domestic violence as an example. For a long time, these cases were victim driven. In many jurisdictions they still are; however in many jurisdictions they are now being actively prosecuted by the state regardless of the victim.

    Polygamy/bigamy has pretty much always been a victim driven crime. The state has never taken much of an interest in actively prosecuting bigamy/polygamy. Even now the state is only actively prosecuting cases where one of the parties is a minor.

    Now whether this is “right” or whether the state is neglecting some duty are obviously good public policy questions. However, the status of bigamy/polygamy as a victim driven crime hasn’t changed much.

  87. Utah and Arizona have been pretty good at letting victims shut up when directed to by their families.

    Not always, but they have in the past.

  88. I agree Ron, in the Texas cases, they are only prosecuting if there is a child conceived while the mother was underage. If it didn’t happen until after she was 17 then they aren’t prosecuting.

  89. “religiously acceptable ADULTERY”

    Not on this planet.

  90. Not even with a limit of four.

  91. I don’t believe it will ever be accepted either Granny

  92. Polygyny was created by men, for the benefit of men.
    It is a religious philosophy which states that men can have as many wives as they like, and it is “holy”- but if a woman has more than one spouse she is an adulteress.

    Polygyny is nothing more than religiously condoned ADULTERY on the part of men. Period.

  93. Religious my butt.

  94. Well it makes a good story when you are forcing someone to do something unreasonable, illegal, or against their will. Or, at least we’ve witnessed.

  95. “Religious my butt” is correct, GT.
    It isn’t about religion, but they would like you to believe that it is.
    It is all about sex, control, and power. Always has been, always will be.

  96. If Kody Brown is only legally married to one wife why do the others carry the last name Brown?

    And check out the link:

  97. Walton, I don’t know why they all have the same last name. Maybe it is a cover, and they don’t want to reveal their real last names?

  98. It isn’t about religion, but they would like you to believe that it is.
    It is all about sex, control, and power. Always has been, always will be.


    Exactly. If it went both ways – meaning if there were just as many families with one wife and several husbands, that would be different.

    Because it’s all about men getting to stick their wankers into as many vaginas as possible.

  99. The true Aaronic Priesthood

  100. Why don’t they just wait until the girls are 18? It’s stupid. It is the root of all of their problems. If it wasn’t for that, nobody would have ever heard of them. Don’t tell me they do it because they want to marry the girls before they lose their virginity. They could easily turn one of the compounds into an all-girl boarding school that all FLDS girls would attend. When they graduated they would be 18 year old virgins. If Warren would have thought of this, he would have lived his entire life like a king with all the power, money, and women that anyone could imagine, and nobody would have known or cared. It would have been the perfect crime. What a complete idiot. He could have been like a Mormon Hugh Hefner. He brought this on himself. Why does he spend so much on lawyers if he brought the law down on himself intentionally? I don’t get it. something’s missing. These opportunities are wasted on the foolish.

  101. The only statement above I agree with is this –

    Why don’t they just wait until the girls are 18? It’s stupid. It is the root of all of their problems. If it wasn’t for that, nobody would have ever heard of them.

    That pretty much sums it up.

  102. Easy there granny, I was just wondering. Sheesh, touchy touchy. I’m just saying, his father lived like a king and he never had any legal problems and he lived in Salt Lake friekin’ City. Had Warren kept running it like his father or cleaner, none of this would have happened. He would have had his own private kingdom in Short Creek and no one would have known the wiser. Instead he had a self inflicted 4 year run on the run, all so he could take a crack at a couple minors. Since I’m not attracted to minors I don’t understand his logic. Why would he choose prison over a pampered life? I don’t get it. It makes no sense. It goes against the way he is otherwise portrayed.

  103. Let’s see if this works – here is a link to the Google Books Version of Jason William’s Zero Chance-

  104. You can’t understand his logic because you’re not a pedophile, and Warren Jeffs is.
    He would sacrifice it all for the opportunity to have sex with an underage girl.
    And now, he will pay the price for the rest of his life.

  105. I agree Al, I can’t understand his logic at all. Must have had a prison-wish or something.

  106. or a Bubba wish

  107. Well at least he gets to rule his little 8 x 10 ranchette.

    And so it goes for many plygo-philes.

  108. He wants to be a martyr like J.Smith. He is acting like “The One Mighty and Strong” who J.Smith prophesied would come in the last days and “set in order the house of God.”

    Don’t worry if you don’t understand his “logic.” What’s logical about psychopathy?

  109. E

    How true! And how awesome it is for Warren, to create his own end times, even though they are stretched out sentence after sentence!

    Its too bad he didnt turn things around for the better for those folks. I truly feel they are all victims.

  110. Yes, Stamp, the responsibility for the prison sentences for all these FLDS men lies squarely with Warren Jeffs – not the US government or the state of Texas. Warren brought these troubles on his own people.
    Let’s hope that he remains in a prison cell and that he is never released, so his ability to harm his own people is curtailed at least somewhat.

    Good night.

  111. Hey wait now here. Jeffs only ruled his imaginary kingdom for a certain number of years but FLDS have been taking underaged girls a lot longer time. One could at least double the number of criminal charges against males there at YFZ breeding ranch if Texas were able to punish for crimes committed in other states before they came here.

    And that’s not even counting the mothers who went along with pimping their little girls out to old married men. Watch and listen to those women lie in your face, on television interviews, would you.

  112. He would have had his own private kingdom in Short Creek and no one would have known the wiser.


    That’s not a big enough kingdom. Warren believes that, by defying the government (instead of capitulating like the mainstream LDS church did) he will bring the wrath of God down our country, and all us gentiles will be destroyed by floods, tidal waves and fires, leaving the FLDS to re-populate the entire country, ruled over by Warren of course.

  113. O yeah, how’s that workin for him?

  114. Even if he wanted to bring the end of times, I mean, it only took him 4 years to get arrested. Why not wait until your 70 and enjoy it for a while. Lets face it, being the FLDS profit is a pretty sweet gig. At least it was until Warren ruined it for all to follow. He had control of the Local Govt. and he had control of over 100,000,000 dollars! Why was he in such a hurry to be a martyr? He could have turned Short Creek into Beverly Hills with the River of Money they had flowing in when he took over. If the Compound money would have been applied to Short Creek, they could have replaced every building with a brand new one and built a temple on Berry Knowl.

  115. sorry, Knoll

  116. This is off the subject a little bit, but what happens to Jeff’s supposedly 80 wives (including the underage ones) now that there is a possibility he may never get out of prison? Will the american taxpayers have to support them?

  117. Puzzled –
    You need to review the welfare statistics from the Short Creek area.
    44% of the population of Short Creek receives Food Stamps and / or Medicaid. The American taxpayers are already supporting them.

    As for you, Al O. Saurus, you assume Warren thinks logically.
    He doesn’t.

  118. I can’t believe of all things, TLC is putting a series on called “Sister Wives”??? Anyone going to watch it? Im certainly NOT!

  119. Deputy Dog,
    I don’t expect the series to be the success that they intend for it to be.
    Take a look at the senior wives, and then take a look at the newest addition.
    It is clear that Kody is replacing the older, obese women with a newer, more attractive model.
    Expect women to be turned off en masse.

  120. Well I hope so, cause this is just gross to air a show like this, just like Big Love was a travesty

  121. Im thinking the moral attitude of america is slowly going down the tubes. And this kind of series on TV, certainly wont increase the respect for women

  122. No one knows what will happen to Jeff’s wives or the wives of the other men now in prison.

    As for the underage marriages, it was few and far between prior to Warren taking over. Rulon was more likely to marry 1/2 nieces off to their uncles.

  123. So what do we do, Deppitdawg, write and complain? What’s next for reality shows, mexican drug lords and their families too, taking over the US? O btw some have additional families here and there or have had in the past so that probably continues.

  124. I disagree, it was not all that few nor far between but likely not so common as it got. Yes o yes about the incestuous pairings but isn’t that expected in an enforced shallow gene pool?

  125. I agree with feminist. i think the viewing audience will see Sister Wives on TLC for what it is–a guy trying to get money to finance his lifestyle at the expense of exposing his children to public ridicule. From what I have read, this guy is in his early 40s and acquired his wife and the first two other women within a span of about four years. He then waited sixteen years to get this new one. Please!! I think he took this new one to “spice up” the situation so it would appeal more to TLC. After all he’s in advertising, right?

  126. Will the trial move forward if Merril is hospitalized? Just askin because he is currently in the hospital and in poor health. This was announced in Saturday meeting thismorning.

  127. If Merril dies his trial is off. Otherwise he may be given a Lindsey Lohan extension till he can walk.

  128. BTW Merril has been in poor health all the while he was still marrying girls and getting them pregnant.

    So, that may not shake out well as an excuse.

  129. I know he was in the hospital in St. George last week, but didn’t know if it was heart, hemorrhoids or a hangnail. Do you know what is causing his hospitalization anon @ 6:20?

    As for whether the trial will move forward, I guess we’ll have to see how they handle the pretrial set for the 28th.

  130. Anon@6:20, can you tell what has been said in the meetings about the Supreme Court’s ruling on the UEP.

  131. Is that pee yellow ringing Merril’s eyes in the front page photo night driving/shooting glasses or a liver problem or ??

  132. First Barbie the barbarian then her husband ?? Merril dodging or trying to, trials in Texas, it appears.

  133. Everytime that lousy deadbeat dad merril has to face the consequences of his actions he is seriously ill, or can’t remeber his own name. What a jerk!! He should join his mentor warren in jail.

  134. From Bill’s blog:

    Merril is due to have a “hearing” in barbie’s “Court” this coming week and she wants him there.

    That’s nice, but she isn’t going to get her wish.

    If she wants, she can have the hearing with herself, or she can postpone it… Her choice.

    That pisses her off, so she sent her STD laden pal to St. George to snoop around. Willie sent his ass packing back to Ceder City.

    1. Bill on September 26th, 2010 at 9:14 am

    This is complete and total crap.

    Truth is that Willie was caught taking pictures outside the driver’s window of Sam’s car while he was parked waiting for an appointment of his own. He had no clue that Merril was in the hospital until Willie made an ass out of himself (as is usual) and now the whole world knows that Merril is trying to avoid a court appearance, yet again. I still wonder if the ailment he’s hospitalized for is hemorrhoids or a hangnail.

  135. I wonder why Bill has not been sued for suggesting that Sam Bower has STD’s and is sleeping with a judge in another state. Or why anyone who makes such statements is believed or befriended by even his small circle of pals.

  136. Bill’s one fick sucker.

    Hey Bill, Merril’s due for some criminal trials.

    Maybe you’re near ripe for some also.

  137. I don’t expect the series to be the success that they intend for it to be.
    Take a look at the senior wives, and then take a look at the newest addition.
    It is clear that Kody is replacing the older, obese women with a newer, more attractive model.
    Expect women to be turned off en masse.


    Kind of a reality check to “Big Love,” in which ALL the wives are hot.

  138. Yes Mouse, that is why Big Love succeeded. The women were all attractive. These women are not, for the most part. That is why Kody’s attempt at PR for polygamy will fail.

  139. Yes, Kody has more than 12 children, but still his place in the Celestial Kingdom has not been assured evidently.

    He must get another wife, and more children, to serve as “rungs” he will step over, on the ladder of his own, personal “Stairway to Heaven.”

    Cue up the music, somebody.

  140. He must get another wife, and more children, to serve as “rungs” he will step over, on the ladder of his own, personal “Stairway to Heaven.”

    Cue up the music, somebody.

    Here’s the music!

  141. The above document appears to have been authored by “Street” and it should be deleted and the IP address should be banned.

  142. Another reason Big Love was a success is that it was fairly complex in it’s approach to the subject. By being able to control the story line, they were able to at least touch on most of the pros and cons of mormon fundamentalist polygamy, even some actual stories from the news were included.

  143. The last season of Big Love was interesting in that you saw the youngest wife Margene begin to mature, develop confidence, and assert herself while the senior wife began to develop interest in a younger man, running a business, and beginning to question her own religious belief system.

  144. Yes, ‘peachberry’ was spouting alllll over another blog as well…same tripe and it wasted a lot of space…and NO ONE is gonna read it… As I mentioned over on Discussion #38 we need a ‘hide’ button to escape the wing nuts’ speechifyin’.

  145. MC1199,

    I finished Jason Williams’ book in less than 2 days, now I am reading Brian Mackert’s book – or rather I am having it read to me on the text – to – speech function of the Kindle.

  146. S…Yes both were good books, with different but hauntingly familiar themes. I still find it odd you weren’t able to get Zero Chance on Kindle, and I was. Oh well, another one of life’s mysteries! As for Kindle ‘reading’ the book to you…yes it is very nice, once you get past all the odd pronunciations and amusing mispronunciation. One book I read had the words ca! ca! and Kindle read it as California! California! I laughed so hard, I had to reread the page. Enjoy.

  147. i’m going to have to try the text to speech function of kindle.

  148. I wonder why Bill has not been sued for suggesting that Sam Bower has STD’s and is sleeping with a judge in another state. Or why anyone who makes such statements is believed or befriended by even his small circle of pals.

    Betty said this on September 26, 2010 at 9:32 AM

    FLDS only have is Bill and Hugh and Willie.
    Now pause to think about that, Betty.

  149. Anon 8:26pm….Not to speak for Betty, as she can hold her own…with gusto! But, the FLDS are reaping what they have sown. Their own idiocy as gotten them where they are. Willie is there to perpetuate the ravings of their ‘prophet’ and keep the people in line.
    The other two are just lunatics .. IMHO!

  150. The text to speech function of the Kindle enables me to multi – task, but the voice is very mechanical and it pronounces words oddly.
    To access the text to speech function of the Kindle, press the Alt and the Aa key simultaneously when you choose the book you want to read from the menu. Then scroll down with the joystick to “text to speech” and select turn on.

  151. Another interesting book on the Kindle reader – “Quiverfull : Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement” by Kathryn Joyce.
    Unfortunately most evangelicals are not aware of the dangerous cult – like nature of the Christian Patriarchy movement and more should be done to refute or counter their positions by mainstream evangelical groups.

  152. That’s very interesting to me, S.

    While I was at the fair grounds, I finished a Laurie King/Mary Russell mystery. Sigh.

  153. I grew up in a very Catholic environment, so this is sort of my take on Christian Patriarchy.

  154. I have to read more popular books, Betty. I’ll check out your recommendation.

    Here is a link to Quiverfull : Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement by Kathryn Joyce

    iframe frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” style=”border:0px” src=”” width=500 height=500>

  155. This may work a little better :

  156. Is there anything in the Bible that describes the responsibilities of a HUSBAND???

  157. Yes, in the Epistles. Let me get the references for you.

  158. I’m not sure I can read that. I’d throw things and then I’d have to repair the sheet rock and what a waste that would be.

    Women are not supposed to have a career, hmmmmm? Well, what about men who:
    are afflicted with an illness
    go off to war
    leave the woman and her children to fend for themselves out of lack of responsibility
    are caught in some big social or economic change
    are stupid, incompetent, addicted, frightened, crazy or otherwise unable to make a living

    It’s always the woman’s fault. Right. Well, shove that where it will do you the most good.

    Tired. Too honest. Good night.

  159. I agree with you – and good night!

  160. concerning what has been said in meeting about the Supreme Court decision and the uep–the flds are filing something with the federal courts. Don’t know many details as not many are given in the meeting.

  161. thanks anon @2:23 for bringing that over.

  162. And its a big surprise that FLDS would make another filing on top of all the hundreds of other filings they have filed? No surprise to me,anything they can do to “delay” they will do.

  163. The flds stimulus program for the legal profession in action.

  164. Merril’s pretrial hearing for tomorrow has been cancelled.

  165. Not even a new date given eh?

  166. What is the excuse for cancellation now ?

  167. Nothing except it is cancelled.

  168. You’d think the FLDS would want Merril to go to trial so they could have a preview of the evidence against Warren.

  169. Pardon my ignorance, has Carolyn seen one dime yet from Merrill?

  170. I wanted to get a note to Ron. I miss being able to read your take on the pligs. I think you are on more then 95%. Im not suckin up, but saying that it sucks I cant read your blog anymore. Ex creeker

  171. Ex – Creeker –
    Shoot Ron an email and maybe he will give you access to his private blog.
    His email address is :

  172. Of course, you can’t be anonymous if you are going to an invitation only blog. Have to have a gmail login.

  173. I believe that Carolyn has gotten money from Merrill’s social security.

  174. Is there anything in the Bible that describes the responsibilities of a HUSBAND???

    Betty said this on September 26, 2010 at 9:53 PM

    Ephesians Chapter 5 (NIV)
    22 Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.
    24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.

    25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her
    26 to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word,
    27 and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.
    28 In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself.
    29 After all, no one ever hated his own body, but he feeds and cares for it, just as Christ does the church—
    30 for we are members of his body.
    31 “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.”
    32 This is a profound mystery—but I am talking about Christ and the church.
    33 However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.

  175. For resources on Christian marital relationships consider this website : Christians for Biblical Equality :

    Christians for Biblical Equality is committed to the Bible’s message of gender equality and justice for women in the home, church, and world.

  176. and here is a link to the Christians for Biblical Equality’s blog :

  177. I find it interesting that the commentary on Sister Wives is, to my reading, on articles not published in Utah, fairly negative, but in Utah, it is along the lines of “let them be”….

    Kind of interesting for a state that comes down hard on gay marriage and illegal immigrants etc. The idea is that they are not hurting any one so you can selectively chose to break the law. But are gays in a committed monogamous relationship hurting anyone? Are illegal immigrants hurting anyone?

    So then you can parse hurting to include tax burdens etc with illegal immigrants so you can parse the fact that Cody went through bankruptcy less than 5 years ago and can afford a big nice home and a sports car etc. Where does the money go when you declare bankruptcy? Shouldn’t the nice sports car have gone to creditors?

    My point is rambling but it is interesting how we bring our own bias to which laws one can break without hurting anyone…

  178. You have to admit that that is precious little compared with the whole long treatise on a good wife in the Old Testament. And it’s vague; I’ve seen how some men treat their bodies, and I’d really like better treatment than that.

  179. My husband went bankrupt during the course of his divorce in the early 90’s. He ran his business out of his home and was unable to continue with discord in the house, so he got a direct job at less pay. He had 5 minor children. The exwife cleared out the money in the business account and left him to pay taxes on the business. IRS started closing down checking accounts and going after his paycheck. Domestic court was not sympathetic about his not having access to his own money and wanted the child support payments anyway.

    Bankruptcy was the only way to make all of his creditors stand in line and protect the money that supported his kids. He lost the house, his savings, his retirement money, his credit reference. His wife got the van to haul the kids around in and he got the payments on said van. He bought a nice bicycle and drove that for half a year, exclusively. Eventually, he paid cash for a broken down old station wagon that would allow him to pick his kids up for visitation. Ten years later, when he could finally borrow money for a car, he bought a Prius, not a Lexus, because we’re busy saving for retirement and were still paying for college costs for the kids.

    I think the key to this puzzle is that they hid assets in the names of some of the other wives. It says that the house they are living in now was in another wife’s name and that after the bankruptcy, he and his legal wife were added to that deed. Sounds really fishy to me and I bet those were some interesting family meetings that they would not allow on a reality show. I’d like to bet that one wife does not make enough money alone to pay for that big house with multiple kitchens, no matter how many hours she works. But maybe if there are builders who specialize in polygamists, there are also bankers who do the same.

  180. There is definitely some financial chicanery going on in the Brown household, considering Kody’s bankruptcy several years ago, the large home, sports car, deeds to the home in wife #2’s name, etc.

  181. That may or may not be illegal depending upon when the transfer occurred. For instance, if you are going into business, and you restructure your assets so that the business is quite distinct from your personal income, it’s not fraud. If you do it around the time of the bankruptcy filing, or a foreclosure, etc. then it is illegal.

  182. All the money transfers may be legal, but I don’t think it is ethical.

  183. Before everyone gets overly worked up over bankruptcy – remember things like houses and cars generally are collateral for their underlying secured debt.

    They usually aren’t big issues in many bankruptcies because most of the time there is insufficient equity in them to justify selling them. Most care loans are in a negative equity position for at least 2 to 3 years into the loan.

    I’m not sympathetic to financial chicanery but I’m not very sympathetic to most of the predatory financial services industry either.

  184. Agreed, Ron. My husband lost his house, not because the bankruptcy court seized it, but because he could no longer make the payments.

  185. My ex forged my name on loans, checks, bankruptcy &c but in Texas at the time I was screwed, couldn’t do anything about it, couldn’t even sell the ranch before it was foreclosed. I didn’t own so much as my own body.

    My how times change.

  186. hey ron,
    I send you an email asking to be invited to your blog but have not heard back, did you get the email?

  187. Additional verses in the New Testament admonish those that marry that they belong exclusively and monogamously to one another and are to understand and realize that at all times. Their bodies belong to the other, etc. These and the ones quoted above are the basis for the traditional marriage vows used in countless traditionally recognized wedding ceremonies. In spite of the many times polygamous situations are mentioned in the Old Testament, one will simply never find anything resembling a commandment from God in either testament for a man to be married to more than one woman at a time, or vice verse. Without any doubt, divorce was also strongly discouraged in the Bible, as it was understood to leave women in those times in a bad situation. Mutually considerate monogamy is clearly the standard in the New Testament at all times. Decent, considerate, self-sacrificing behavior is most definitely the gist of the message to both genders, and that completely nixes any possible interpretation that “polyamory” would be “ok” or “commanded” in such a context. All modern polygamists will remain just as flouting of biblical standards for morality in their behaviors as polygamists throughout the ages. Perhaps there have been a few polygamist situations where the guy was not an arrogant fool and the women crying often, but there is no way that could ever be the rule. It is against the emotional nature of everyone I have ever met in almost 52 years of living, to share a life partner with any other person in the way polygamists try to portray it. It remains a disgrace and mockery of proper living. SO MUCH BETTER to be “single.”

  188. HHG

    No, not yet. username is “ronlawhouston”

    service is google mail.

    I.E. gmail…

  189. Nice post, Gretchen. And besides, there must be a reason why the birth rate is approximately 50% male and 50% female.

    In a closed polygamist society, the numbers game quickly catches up to them , and it is obvious that for every man who has four wives, three men are getting screwed out of their chance at the celestial kingdom. With not enough females to go around, they end up marrying their nieces, cousins, stepdaughters, stepmothers, in in some cases their own daughters.

    So much corruption, all because Joseph Smith couldn’t keep it in his pants.

  190. Yes great post Gretchen.

  191. While the New Testament outright forbids polygamy, situations resulting from the polygamous marriages of the Old Testament Kings are portrayed in the histories as having contributed to many problems. Israel and Judah apparently did not have a “keep sweet” doctrine.

  192. According to Carolyn Jessop’s book “Escape, Merril not only married off one of his daughters to Jeffs, but 3 of them and married some of his other daughters to Warren’s now deceased father, Rulon.

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