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~ by FLDS TEXAS on September 20, 2010.

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  1. I was beginning to rue having brought up donuts. The craving usually passes. Eventually. Evenutally I give in, that is.

  2. Donuts are OK, its when you take them out of the carton, thats when the trouble begins!

  3. S, William Roy Jessop aka wee willie aka willie the idiot has become pals with mudpuppy. Maybe someone should mention it to Nick and Brooks the next time they see them.

  4. Those bubbas were made for each other, neither of them ever encountered a law they liked.

  5. This marriage ought to be hilarious!

  6. Well Bill is back to blaming CPS for children’s deaths – because they somehow made some psycho father mad enough to kill his own kids just to spite CPS and the system.

  7. Grannytoad

    The got sealed at Bryce Canyon, there are even pictures!

  8. Yes, I saw the pics last week. Some very impressive photography – or is it photoshop ?

  9. Medvecky Flash Back

    As for Gosanangelo,

    The fact that there was an open call in the newspaper to list the
    names of the local businesses that do business with the Ranch, and that the paper published the list to further the intimidation and harassment of those people, is proof in and of itself of collusion
    and duplicity.

    If I had as the members of the jurors who convicted any of the men on the Ranch, would those clowns claim I was trying to intimidate them?

    Shit, just because this site posted barbie’s home address and
    telephone number, the goons were convinced I had “Threatened” the
    bitch. (By the way, Trust me, I would have been happy to have been the one who posted it, but if you go back into the records, it is clear that it wasn’t me. That’s a shame, because I was praying I would see some beer bellied Texas Ranger on my doorstep in a stetson larger than his stomach arresting me.)

    Given the mental abilities of the folks living in those communities, it would not surprise me at all to see a few of them crawl off their barstool’s one night and look for a “Plig” to shoot.

    When it happens, those inciting these morons to violence will have some explaining to do, starting with Randy and the San Angelo rag.

    There’s a good reason that the largest Klavern in the south calls
    San Angelo, Texas home.

    14 . *Bill * on May 15th, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    Judge was under guard during polygamist hearings
    Associated Press/June 12, 2008
    A Web site that talks of a threat to “pay Ms. Walther’s home a visit” is not sanctioned by the FLDS Church, Parker said. The site is run by Bill Medvecky, a Fort Myers, Fla., man who has donated to the fund for FLDS children, Parker said.

    Parker told church leaders the post could be construed as a threat, according to the newspaper. They contacted Medvecky and had him remove the judge’s address, he said. But her telephone numbers remain on the site, which describes Walther as the “leader of the Gestapo” and includes a link to a petition to impeach the judge.

    Medvecky noted Walther’s address is in the phone book.

    “They are not confrontational whatsoever. I am,” Medvecky told the Deseret News. “They are not me, and they have nothing to do with the site. We support them 100 percent.”

    Here are her phone numbers as well:

    (325) 659-6571 (work)
    (325) 655-7922 (home, publicly listed)

    Pay Ms. Walther's Home A Visit (map)


    by Bill

    Future headlines have already been distributed by her majesty of Indictments of 18 people.

    Gee, I wonder who she might be targeting for one more round of persecution.

    She’s already been bitch slapped by the Appeals Court and …..


    Here are her phone numbers as well:

    (325) 659-6571 (work)
    (325) 655-7922 (home, publicly listed)

    Pay Ms. Walther's Home A Visit (map)


    by Bill

    Future headlines have already been distributed by her majesty of Indictments of 18 people.

    Gee, I wonder who she might be targeting for one more round of persecution.

    She’s already been bitch slapped by the Appeals Court and the Supreme Cort for her incompetence in trying to to incarcerate 465 innocent children in her crusade to rid the County of the unclean Mormon’s in her community.

    Judge baby, are there any more or less pregnant teens within your own community than there are at the Ranch?

    If your problem is the age difference, why was the “Age of Consent” prior to the unclean Mormon’s coming to town at 14 for well over 100 years? Is your problem really that the pool of available “Chicken” has dried up for the locals? Trust me, they don’t have anything to worry about, I’ve seen the local talent.

    The Ranch wants to live in peace and to be left alone. If you can do that, there is no problem.

    If you can’t, we already know the numbers and we already have the registration forms.

    Texas is one BIG country. Make a little room, or……………………….

    June 2, 2008 No Comment

  11. S*

    Those look like real photos, especially the one with Bill riding that ass leading the FLDS into the woods.

    Truly ironic.

    And anon, I saw that. I hope no one out there listens to that ex-con – oh wait, him and Willie blow smoke in each others ears.

    I bet the one thing they wished they photochopped was some smiles – they all look like they are prairie doggin – must have missed the can an hour back on the trail …

  12. Since Bill is posting pictures of himself with Willie and other FLDS members visiting in Utah, I think they can hardly deny they are “in bed” with a psycho.

  13. Antoine Dodson isnt the most articulate spokesman out there, but he has a message for all sex offenders.

    28 million views.

    Home – Home – Homeboy!

  14. I think the one on the mountain top with the view is photoshopped. For one thing, it’s about a 5 hour drive from the Creek. The others might be real. And we have proof that he lies and that he threatens (see above).

  15. I’m not sure it’s that far to Bryce canyon.. In any event, the one of just the three men does look photoshopped and it looks more like the north rim of the grand canyon, some of the others do too, including the area they are riding horses.

  16. Good mornin’ y’all.

  17. Yep Texas and Texans evolved. Law is supposed to evolve slowly. On another note, folks from some parts of the US are cluefree about the wide open western US where roads connecting one place to another are less common.

  18. I thought that was in the Grand Canyon area. It’s 2 1/2 hours to Bryce Canyon. But still. Why?

  19. He said on his post that Willie only had about 6 hours to visit with him, ending at 10PM. Seems sort of strange that they would drive 2 1/2 hours to take a picture at a look out if they did not have a lot of time. But maybe Willie wanted to get him away from the Creek.

  20. Toad

    Bite your lip. Texans don’t evolve cause that evolution crap don’t exist momma.

    We were just created this way.

  21. Well, I’m not sure how far the Creek is from the Canyon but the Grand Canyon is the reason that while the Arizona part lies in Mohave County, it is so cut off and isolated that it takes a lot of effort for the Mohave County authorities to get resources up there.

    My brother in law reports that Bullhead City (one of the larger cities in Mohave county) is really going through hard times. Foreclosures are everywhere.

  22. The north rim of the grand canyon is abbot an hour and a half from the crick. Bryce canyon is about 2 hours north of the crick. Zion is about 30 minutes from the crick. The part that bill described upon arriving in town sounds like he was at the store connected to merry wives except that those are cp people and are very friendly to anyone who comes in and are very helpful. Willie’s office is around behind merry wives.

  23. Anon @9:12

    How does the Willie/Merry Wives interaction work? Granted I’ll bet they don’t interact much, but I’d bet the snarls and scowls would be quite evident.

  24. I’ve never actually seen them interact, only know that his office is behind the cafe, in a separate building. He’s got a junkyard next to his building.

  25. He’s got a junkyard next to his building.

    For some reason, that doesn’t surprise me…

  26. Same old thing. When the facts and the law are not on your side you resort to personal attacks and yelling. If bill is the best the flds have, they have squat.

  27. The aerial photo of Warrens Shortcreek compound shows its adjacent to a junk yard too.

    That said, from pictures I’ve seen. the entire place is one big junkyard. I’ve seen better looking neighborhoods in Mexico.

    Guess thats one reason Warren dusted his booties at the place and skedaddled out of there. He ran it into the ground.

    So its no surprise that Willie has a picture window view of a junkyard. And he is the junkyard dog.

  28. Chaps,
    Can you post a link to the aerial photo of the shortcreek compound ?

  29. I found it, to the left of Warrens (um -RULONS) compound, see the tumbleweed field, and some abandoned vehicles along the dirt road behind the commercial buildings attached to the compound.

    Someone told me that all the neighboring properties surrounding this compound had either been abandoned or the properties had gone to seed anyway.

    Much like some of the people he said.

  30. I’m left here to contemplate toad lips, toad teeth that sometimes get caused to itch by such as these crime family values, and what the heck even toad navels. And the french door installers from Lowe’s via St George UT. ONE WIFE, I checked, and grown kids who serve in the US military.

  31. Heh?

  32. Yeah, I’m sittin here in TEXAS with my lappy watching the installation.

  33. I used to go to UT but not much recently.

  34. Toad, sooooo you beleived em?

    I knew you were born at night, but not last night!

  35. Joe Smith and Brigham Young really were my cousins, so was bishop Klingensmith and other LDS among the pioneers and those who died in MO and along the way.

  36. So whats the story, what would a southern utah mormon be doing in Texas? Seems strange that one would relocate there.

  37. In that picture of the compound, Rulon’s house is at the top, below that is Warren’s house. Warren has a basketball court, the to the right of the basketball court is Seth’s house.

  38. Willies office is behind the Border Store? That’s funny. I once had to take a leak back there because the Border Store was inexplicably closed. The woman at Merry Wives Cafe told me that the guy never showed up to open the store and wasn’t answering his phone. There was no way that I was going to make it to Hurricane, 29 miles away.

  39. Anon 9:12: The north rim of the grand canyon is abbot an hour and a half from the crick.

    I remember driving thru the Crick on my way back from N Rim. I sure wish I knew then, what I know now! I woulda stopped and looked around! Maybe had lunch at the cafe. [Is it still open for business?]

  40. To mc1199:

    The Merry Wives Cafe is very much in Business and is actually a very good place to have lunch. The food is cheap and delicious. The service is friendly. The decor fits the name. It consists of wall murals glamorizing polygamy and old photos of large polygamous families. No beer though. Not even in the Border Store. They have a flat screen TV in the seating area. It is the only place I’ve tried out there because I don’t trust the FLDS run restaurants. I have tried the FLDS cheese though and it is delicious. Not quite as good as the Amish. The CParkers are actually pretty good at public relations. If you saw them outside of that area, you would never suspect that they are Fundamentalist Mormons. They blend in pretty well. It’s like coming across the white-run store on an Indian reservation, I guess.

  41. They were very friendly this summer when I was there too, both in the border store and in the restaurant. I can add my endorsement to AZStrip’s for the Merry Wives, it was good and the people were very friendly.

    We got some squeaky cheese at the Dairy Store in Colorado City. The man in the store was very friendly and helpful, the lady behind the counter didn’t have much to say, except she did notice that the block of cheese we bought wasn’t sealed properly, so she put it aside and got us a different block.


    This is an old article about the Merry Wives Cafe from Deseret News. Lots of Quotes. If you read it, leave comments, since there aren’t any. It would sure mess with the editors if several people all of a sudden commented on an article from 2007.

  43. The Merry Wives Cafe does have good food for the area. I think it is expensive though, but you are paying for a unique ambiance (how many cafes are run by polygamists?) and you get reliably safe food (for outsiders eating in Colorado City). Consider it a tourist trap, but it is well worth the visit. They have good burgers. Some of the appetizers (fried zucchini, etc) can be greasy. But, when you’re the only act in town that will not refuse service to non-FLDS, you make the rules.

    The Border Store tried to get a beer license to sell 6-packs a while back. They weren’t trying to sell beer on site to drink, but beer to-go. The Hildale City Council said NO WAY.

    What an inconvenience for the locals who still have to travel to Fredonia or Apple Valley to buy beer. And the local FLDS DO drink beer! Too bad that Hildale missed out on that opportunity to get much-needed tax revenue. Beer sales to locals and tourists may have helped fix some of the current issues regarding raising property taxes for the community.

    But, it was the Centennial Parkers who wanted the beer license, so the FLDS continue to cut off their nose to spite their face.

    It must be God’s will.

  44. Or maybe fat Willie told the Hildale City Council that he didn’t want beer sold at the Border Store because people like Donkey Kong would drink it out back and then take a whizz on his junk yard equipment.

  45. And the local FLDS DO drink beer!

    Is it permissible for them to drink beer according to their scriptures, or do some just decide they will drink beer anyway ?
    I know mainstream LDS don’t drink

    Just curious.

  46. I’ve heard the FLDS do drink, women don’t have coffee groups, they have crochet groups and drink wine.

  47. Interesting, thanks !

  48. The scripture that supposedly banns beer is called the “Word of Wisdom”. If you actually read the “Word of Wisdom” it states that it is a good idea to avoid brewed beverages as well as strong drink. It specifically says that a weak drink made from barley and hops A.K.A. Beer is OK. Whatever crotchety old Mormon was profit in the 1940s decided that the Word of Wisdom was no longer to be taken as good advice and made it a strict health code that perspective members are required to follow in order to join the church. This was 50some years after the Polygamy Ban so it does not apply to fundamentalist Mormons or the RLDS/COC offshoots. The Word of Wisdom also states that Mormons should eat meat sparingly. Anyone who has ever eaten with a Mormon knows that that part is completely ignored. Here is a funny cartoon about it:

  49. That room resembles the small building next to the winter house of Brigham Young in St. George!!!

  50. The FLDS drink coffee, tea, wine and beer (and maybe liquor). They don’t consider the current LDS “Word of Wisdom” to be etched in stone.

    When Western Precision abandoned their building in Hildale and Bruce Wisan took it over for the UEP, they found a large closet off of the main board room filled with milk jugs of homemade wine.

    There are keg parties that the teenagers have frequently in the area. Too bad that organized sports were banned and the teenagers don’t have much to do to entertain themselves in their spare moments. So they have keg parties.

    I guess the kids learn by example.

    It would be so nice if there were constructive activities for these children to participate in besides work, work, work.

  51. Anon @ 10:36
    Yes that room looks just like the small building where BY held church in St. George for his family.

  52. Bile Medvile is actively communicating with Ruth Cooke. That concerns me. I hope that he is not messing with her. Ruth is a remarkable lady, but does not need some a$$hole like Bill playing mind games with her.

    He just posted something about a note Ruth supposedly sent to Helamen Barlow, one of the CC cops. Lately, the CC cops have done nothing but abuse Ruth. She does not need to send those jerks nice notes because they treat her anything BUT nice.

  53. I agree anon @11:10, Ruth needs protecting from the FLDS really bad. She slammed whoever said that the “bishop” provided an apartment for her as lying, saying they didn’t provide anything. I don’t know about Helamen, but Jonathan is a polygamist and should have his badge taken away for breaking the laws he has sworn to uphold.

  54. Medvecky is manipulating Ruth – attempting to stop her from posting on Texas Polygamy, encouraging her to have her post on his site exclusively.

    That way he can control her posts, acting as a censor.

    I think she will see through him shortly.

  55. There are keg parties that the teenagers have frequently in the area. Too bad that organized sports were banned and the teenagers don’t have much to do to entertain themselves in their spare moments. So they have keg parties.


    Um . . . even in communities with lots of sports and other things to do, there are still keg parties.

  56. In 1851 at a General Church coference Brigham Young asked the LDS to commit to obeying the Word of Wisdom regarding alcohol, tobacco, etc.The church was fairly tolerant with members who still used those things. In 1921 Church President Heber J Grant made obedience to the word of wisdon a requirenment for admission to LDS temples.
    IMO, the flds treat LDS things the same way they treat the laws. They pick and choose what they will obey. Joseph Smith and Brigham Young believed in a strong proselyting effort. The flds don’t do that. There are also several other things like that.

  57. Thanks Chemist !

  58. Here’s some pictures I found.

  59. Due to general internet nuttiness, I’m adopting a policy of stopping by but avoiding general comments.

    If you have specific legal questions that you want me to take a stab at answering, just ask them and I’ll be happy to give you my take on those.

  60. Great link

  61. Ron please stay around, go anon if you want, but you have great insight

  62. The internet nuts DO seem to have become remarkably aggressive and are showing their basic lack of decency and ethics in force — I agree. It’s generally wise to protect yourself against that sort. However I too hope that you’ll comment if something that needs a comment pops up. Thanks for your insights so far too. 🙂

  63. I agree with Rebeckah

  64. Ron,
    don’t go, I’ll miss you.

  65. Stamp….

  66. Dimsdale…..

  67. Funny thing Hugh Mcloser, your friend Bill is wound up over a post made a year ago…. that I didnt make.

    But if he wants to put all his internet ills, and lost legal cases on my shoulders, well have at it. At least he can have someone else to blame for his own bad behavior.

    Now, about your goat…

  68. Bob Dillon,
    Your presence is not wanted here.
    Please leave.

  69. Anonymous. Did I ask a Kafkaesque Kreep hiding in the shadows what they thought?

  70. about his goat ?

    What about this posting by Hugh on Theology Online :

    “I cannot imagine that the life experience of even the most mature 7 year old would be an appropriate match for me but if you find her, I will “check her out” so to speak.”

  71. Oh, someone on another site told Hugh to go marry a goat – I thought it was pretty funny. Now, he has some guy on his website, trying to out another person I see.

    Wonder what happened last time Hugh did that? Oh yeah, they guy called his wife at home and got down with her in a big way. Hugh lost his job soon after, why I dont know, but the timing was the same.

    Dont let Hugh near any cliffs, he acts like a jumper!

  72. But the funniest thing of all? Is getting kicked out of Church on your ass, threatened with cops if you dare show your ugly ass, and then blog about it.

    Is Hugh a winner, or a weiner?


    Here’s the link for the quote from Hugh above.
    You can’t make this stuff up.

  74. Hugh said : “That’s ZERO. Eve was exactly NOTHING years of age when she was wed to Adam.

    Goose egg.

    NOTHING AT ALL. Eve came into existence married to Adam. So, there’s your age standard as found in scripture. Lower limit ZERO.”

    See it here :

  75. Any man who is a missing rib and has a girlfriend who was created as an adult rather than born as a human infant can then morally have sex with her, no matter what her age. Now, that’s a useful rule we all can get behind.

  76. Does the author of these postings even think that females are people, and not animals ?

  77. Well, he thinks slavery is OK, too, because it’s not specifically banned by Scripture, so….

  78. “Does the author of these postings even think that females are people, and not animals ?”

    Apparently they aren’t even animals — they’re ribs — walking, talking, thinking ribs. 🙂

  79. Mudpuppy complains that others have the info, but he’s showing the evidence CD on his blog. Guess what, he gave us the info.

  80. Thanks for the info on the Merry Wives Cafe. Next time I drive thru the area, I’ll hafta stop by.
    As for Ruth Cooke, I hope she sees quickly that the man who might be pretending to be her friend, is NOT. I hope someone is watching after her. She doesn’t need to be part of Bill’s madness. She has enough problems of her own.

  81. Mudpuppy is definitely attempting to lure Ruth into his web.
    She should stay on Texas Polygamy uncensored.

  82. Dimsdale….

  83. Do you have anything with any intellectual content to say, Bob ? If not, don’t come here.

  84. Yes, I think equating the “Piranha Brothers” sketch to seeking Prickett and Stamp is in fact high intellectual content. You not getting that is a definite indication of low capacity on your part.

    Don’t make me send “Doug” to see you.


  85. Catching up…
    This forum has definitely changed since I last checked it (weeks ago). Very strange!

    Ron… sounds like things have been especially strange for you, but please don’t go. You’re knowledge and balanced perceptions are valued here.

    Here’s some pictures I found.

    Anonymous said this on September 22, 2010 at 6:31 AM

    My favorite: 🙂

    Happy full Harvest Moon and Autumnal Equinox y’all!

  86. It’s just the effect of the full moon, East.

  87. Yup… I have to agree, S. (You should see what comes in to hospital ERs when the moon is full.)

    Me… I just get a peaceful, easy feeling and all’s right in MY world under a full moon.

    Night all!

  88. I should see what happens in hospital ERs when the moon is full ?

    I already have.

    Been there, done that !

  89. Ron has a new post on his blog :

  90. The beatings will continue until morale improves…

  91. The true Aaronic Priesthood

  92. The origon of Mormon Polygamy!

  93. Apparently Scott aka Ye Old Yellow Journalist stepped into this “den of demonic spirits” to protect his innocent buddy Hugh.

    I’d post more but I’m too busy gagging.

  94. Scott has had a lot of practice evidently. Look who he hangs with.

  95. I have no clue how Scott can consider himself a “journalist” of any kind.
    He has no educational credentials.

  96. Here is a video by an ex – fundamentalist Mormon polygamist wife.

  97. Any of you demon possessed souls care to share your best recipes for roast baby?

    And stop making fun of Scott – his momma done give him one of them thar advanced degrees from home skoul.

  98. I’ve done roast piglet and cabrito and some others. What have you got?

  99. Who is Scott?

  100. Demon possessed ? Is that what he called us ?
    Nice guy.

  101. Inside Polygamy: Life at Bountiful. Tonight at 9, eastern??? Nat Geo channel

  102. Demon possessed ? Is that what he called us ?

    Yep, and not only that, all you apostate Catholics and Anglicans and all you other faux Christians are trying to stamp out people like Scott.

    You guys are nothing but evil vaccinating Nazis!!!

  103. What a giggle. I still don’t know who or what a Scott is. Dare I ask where that all came from?

  104. 1995 Cascade….

  105. Babcock…

  106. Saw the Nat Geo Special already – in a nutshell, Uncle Wink Blackmore is polygamist – lite. That’s it.

  107. He’s another wanna be polygamist friend of Hugh who can’t even keep one marriage together.

    I suspect he’s still smarting from his first wife divorcing him and getting custody of their child.

  108. Not only is Uncle Wink Blackmore a polygamist – lite, but he will be able to testify anonymously in court on his polygamist lifestyle despite the fact that his “family” was featured in an hour long TV show on Nat Geo.

    What sense does that make ?

    Wink only married 2 sixteen yr olds because Warren threatened him, don’t you know ….his daughter says that in the Nat Geo special.

    Actually Uncle Wink married and impregnated 6 sixteen yr olds, but I guess he forgot to tell his daughter about the others.

  109. What is in the Cascade County Courthouse ?

  110. Here you go, Huesos.
    Read at your own risk.

  111. Actually I have it on good authority the vaccinations are for implanting microchip devices to monitor citizens for the new world order not for sterility but then again I got the info from the weekly world news…

  112. Read the blog highlighted in the post immediately preceding yours for more “useful” information about vaccinations.

  113. That reminds me we haven’t gotten our flu shots yet this year and I think they’d like us to get them early.

  114. Dude, I am trained in microbiology and work in pathology I know a whole lot more about vaccinations than lil old mr scotty EVER will.

  115. I know that pathgirl.

    Mr Scotty L doesn’t.

  116. Ron has a new post for today :

  117. See,all you folks that don’t read the Bible has saying that any girl past menses is fair game, you’re under attack

    It’s a war. A war against Christianity coupled with vaccinating everyone. They also want to stop my Momma from givin out any more home skoul diplimass.

  118. Theresa hates Hugh….

  119. Theresa needs restraining order…

  120. Hugh beats Theresa….

  121. Hugh? Christian? Hugh lies? Check for yourselves!!!

  122. Not getting flu shot this year, cause they are combining the H1N1 with the other flu vaccine, and its making people sick. And they won’t separate the vaccines, so no flu shot this year

  123. Well Hugh’s a puke, so why not.

  124. Ug if it makes people sick us old defective folk maybe should pass. The VA hospital won’t have it until next month, we were going to get it somewhere else.

    Dang why are my feets cold?

  125. Damn, it’s amazing how many of you are so CLUELESS. When this thing began breaking I called the Cascade county District Clerk’s office. It was pretty clear to me the references to Babcock and Cascade, but then again maybe I’m just always looking for connections.

    See, Theresa Babcock McBryde first filed a restraining order against Hugh McBryde. Then she filed on the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS against him alleging domestic violence.

    Anyone who defends this jerk is nothing more than an abuser themselves. Scott, Vulture, or anyone else who wants to try to defend this abuser deserves what comes their way.

    Go get the file. Read for yourselves. Then decide. The facts are there.

  126. Hey, she was asking for it!

  127. And crap, winters not long off, and I never was good at negotiating black ice with a big rig,

    Actually, never done it.

  128. How do we get the file you mentioned ?
    Is it at some website ?

  129. So let me get this straight, things aren’t as hunky doory in the McBryde household as Huge Ego likes to portray. Can I contribute to the Theresa McBryde fund?

  130. Where is the file ?

    Birth Date: 06/22/87
    Address : 330 W 200 N, St George, UT
    Arrest Time/Date Arrested By Agency
    01:51:00 09/25/10 Thompson, Stan SGPD

    Statute Offense Class Court Required Bond Amt.Paid
    76-9-701 PUBLIC INTOXICATION CM 5DIS 150.00 150.00
    76-8-305 INTERFERE WITH ARREST BM 5DIS 583.00 583.00
    76-5-102.4 ASSAULT ,POLICE OFFIC AM 5DIS 1850.00 1850.00

    This guy is a grandson of Rulon through his daughter Mary.

  132. Its there, the clerk has it right on top. Maybe Bill will sneak in and get it for me!

    He’s got experience at that sort of thing!

  133. Call Cascade Montana District Clerk:

    415 2nd Ave North, Room 200, 200A , 201& 205,Courthouse 406-454-6780

    Ask them about file: Case # CDR95-686

    The facts are there if you want to see them.

  134. Amazing that Hugh hasn’t posted anything about this on his blog.

  135. I think it was full on Thursday

  136. Wow, just wow !

  137. Okay, I’m really confused — is this something Hugh did years ago or recently? If it was years ago I’ll admit I’m not surprised but I don’t see what it has to do with the here and now. Granted Hugh and his buddies would have nothing against going back decades to dig up dirt — but I’d like to believe I’m a little more ethical than he and his buddies are.

  138. Rebecah

    I think Hugh needs to come clean. It looks like he is not only an internet stalker, but it sounds like he has a legal record of violence which we may soon see. Maybe he should do another story on it on his blog. There is always two sides to a story.

    With his behaviour over the years and the jacked off stuff he is doing with himself lately, its time to find out what hugh is all about.

    He didnt have to advertise himself like the Geico Gecko, but he does, so people will look at his train wreck and see just what kind of person he really is.

    If he is looking for help there is always someone close to him to give him advice, Im sure.

  139. Hugh has a message

    “Originally Posted by James Newman

    “What if the woman that you lust after is not married, is it still adultery?”

    HUGH: It is my position that it is impossible to lust for a woman not bound to another man. She wouldn’t even be called a woman.”

  140. Rebeckah

    Wife beaters never change, they may change their targets, but they never change.

  141. Hugh got his 7 year olds mixed up?

  142. Who, when and where will the next trial be?

    All these pretrials have me confused.

  143. Favorable review of Brent Jeffs book here.

  144. Merril’s trial is scheduled next, Oct. 12 with Wendell’s to follow on Oct 25 or so. Merril’s pretrial is set for Tuesday, so we’ll have to see if his stays on the calendar after that. Apparently he’s still in the hospital in St. George.

  145. Eric Nichols was presented with the Lone Star Prosecutor Award. It’s an honor give by Texas District and County Attorneys Association.

  146. Merril’s last hospital drama scene was in&out.

    GOOD for Eric Nichols!

  147. I am absolutely lost – I have no clue what anybody is talking about

  148. What don’t you get HHG? I’ll help.

  149. Well I get that Hugh is in the picture and that he is stalking “X” {Admin Edit – he has been harassing NUMEROUS persons stretching over a period of years} and that about 6 months ago he lost his job and wants to start new polygamists presbyterian church where the only change is men can have more than 1 wife..
    I get that people are paying attention to him on this blog (although, apart from stalking (X, X, X, X, or X) I really don’t understand why anybody cares what he says)

    so what is the “thing that is breaking with cascade and babcock” and how does any of that have anything to do with the upcoming FLDS trials and/or UEP?

  150. So Hugh says that he shoved his wife around for five years or so, and he feels that women who “are not bound to a man” arent even worthy of being called a “woman”.

    Well there you have it, ladies and germs, in his own words, this is the guy thats going to start a new church and go after some young wives, perhaps as young as seven.

    I guess a seven year old girl who wasnt bound to a man wouldnt be called a woman in his book so what is a Hugh to do?

    Check her out?

    Anyway, it seems he’s accepting applications. Any takers?

  151. HHG

    This website seems to have more than FLDS crimes noted.

    See Tony Alamo, and just recently, Terril Dalton, noted on Discussion 36

    “Terrill Dalton, Holy Ghost of the Church of the Firstborn of the General Assembly of Heaven has just been arrested for the triple threat of underage incest rape.”

    This has never been the Kumbaya Headquarters for pedophiles or those who dream about it.

  152. Ron, can I get an invite to read your blog or are you kind of closing it down like Blues seems to have done.

  153. “Merril is trying to avoid a court appearance, yet again. I still wonder if the ailment he’s hospitalized for is hemorrhoids or a hangnail.”

    I think he suddenly become allergic with Zionitis.

  154. I haven’t decided if I’m going to blog anymore or not. There are actually a whole lot of interesting legal issues coming up that are interesting to me.

    If I continue the blog will be invite only. So, go ahead and send an email to my gmail account and I’ll send you an invite.

  155. Mebbe Merril came down with the Huntsville HeeBee JeeBies

  156. Or the “Zipper enStuckin on The Schlogen”

  157. Ron,
    Looking forward to your email invite only blog.
    I’m emailing you right now.

  158. RIH, I would love to join but I’m not aware of your address.

  159. Username is ronlawhouston

  160. Why am I not surprised by this at all ?

  161. Service is google mail

  162. NS

    Wow – that story screams denial and blame.

    Wish a white guy would take ownership of his actions for once in a lifetime.

    How would a wife instigate domestic violence for 5 years, and its always her fault?

    I mean, REALLY???

    What does Hugh do to her to make her behave that way? I can imagine his special powers – we’ve all seen him in action.

  163. What’s Hugh’s current stalk count?

    And of course the relevant question is which one of you guys is next?

  164. I think Hugh was his own next victim – now he tells everyone he was a wife abuser for some 5 years – contrary to his prior claims elsewhere.

    This might cut down his potential polygamist harem pool by 99.99%.

  165. Oh, dont forget the poor deceased attorney of his wife who was righteously libeled up one side and down the other.

    Did that guy deserve such magnificent recognition in the same post about his own failures?

    Too much irony in my diet!

  166. He already stalked me but gave up because I am “unimportant”. Yay, me.

  167. I guess there’s something to be said for unimportance!!!

  168. BETTY

    “He already stalked me but gave up because I am “unimportant”. Yay, me.”

    FYI to everyone, Hugh was banned from this site — (despite his multiple attempts to infiltrate it) —- exactly for stalking and harassing you here.

  169. In reference to “who the next victim” would be,

    DID NO ONE NOTICE!? – he also victimized his own ex wife?

    Throughout, he painted her as the evil one and even detailed the last violent session as being all about her beating up on him and pulling his hair out while he laughed at her.

    So there she stands, minding her own business, victimized by him once again.

  170. So he is a misogynist, a wife beater, a stalker, the father of an incarcerated felon and an all around jerk. Oh, also the soon to be founder of a “Christian” denomination??

  171. Oh, yes. He has said on the internet multiple times that he did nothing worthy of her divorcing him. Of course, he claims the only reason for a divorce is adultery and the only way a man can commit adultery is to have sex with a woman who is “bound” to another man. So if you had sex with a virgin, for instance, then it’s not adultery, even if he is married to wife #1. So nothing that he does other than sleeping with another man’s wife is worthy of divorce; failure to provide support for the children, abuse of any form, refusal to have sex, violence (which he admits but does not acknowledge as a reason for divorce).

    He says that she started the violence. My abusive ex husband said the same thing; I “started it” by speaking to him, or by playing the stereo when he was tired, or by holding onto his arms when he was trying to break the sheetrock walls down in an anger fit, etc. Then he was completely justified in beating me up, pushing me so hard the walls had to be repaired, chocking me to the point where there were purple bruises on my neck while lifting my feet off the floor, etc.

    I noticed that his ex requested and got a restraining order against him FIVE YEARS after his legal divorce, which he refused to respect because it was not a scriptural divorce. He sent her notice of biblical divorce just before he got the TRO. Definition of a scriptural divorce given by him on the fighting fundamentalist forum is when a HUSBAND gives the wife a writen release from the marriage. The only valid reason for same is that the wife is an adulteress. So the wife could have been an “adulteress” AFTER SHE WAS LEGALLY DIVORCED in his mind! How would you react if your violent ex husband sent you a writ of divorce five years later stating his reason as your “adultery”! I’d be calling the cops, myself.

    I would LOVE to sit down with coffee and chat with his ex. But, see, I’m sane and so I won’t make any effort to do that.

  172. Betty,

    Sorry to hear about your abusive ex, that’s awful. Glad you are out of that situation.

    Apropos the series “Sister Wives” – it seems the reviews indicate that all is not well in Kody’s paradise. At least one wife admits she is only staying for the sake of her daughter.

  173. all is not well in Kody’s paradise :

  174. S,

    He was diagnosed bipolar after several suicide attempts. He refused treatment until I changed the locks and filed for divorce. I did not want to be a headline in the newspaper “Southside man kills wife then self” and it really seemed likely. It was hard to give up on him, but I decided I was the only one of us I could save. After that, he took medication and went to counseling for about a year and a half, in an unsuccessful attempt to get me back. He got his job stable, got a new girl friend and then decided he was OK and stopped taking his meds. He killed himself about 6 weeks after stopping medication, according to his brother. An all too common tale, I’m sure. He died in August of 1994. I married current husband (who is an awesome gift from God) in January of 1996.

  175. Favorite quote from that article:
    “For example, the wives drive hulking SUVs or minivans, but what does Kody drive? A sporty, two-door Lexus coupe, with no room for a child’s car seat. In a way, that’s all you really need to know about this family.”

    Can I get an AMEN!

  176. Amen!

    I caught that too. 😀

  177. I saw a clip of one of the Brown wives saying that she would have less time with Kody if he takes on a fourth and she is not happy about that. The thing that gets me is that is considered “jealousy”. It’s not. It’s admitting that your needs are not getting met and the elephant in the room is that your needs are not particularly important to your “soul mate”!

  178. i village describes Kody Brown’s family as “creepy” :

    Maybe Kody needs to go back to marketing some other “products” because this marketing attempt seems destined for failure.

  179. Amen Betty, Wives 1,2, and 3 have been marginalized and supplanted as Kody has obtained the younger, hotter model.

  180. Wives 1 & 2 are morbidly obese – the question is not what they are eating, it is WHAT IS “EATING” THEM ???
    They are “eating” their rage and disappointment and they would be a lot healthier if they just LEFT the situation they are in.

  181. And those wives are not allowed by their belief system to go elsewhere to get their needs met. There might very well be monogamous men around who would value and appreciate them, but they will cling to the “principle” thinking that their unhappiness is their own fault.

  182. I wonder why Bile hasn’t ridiculed these women for the weight issues yet.
    He would be jumping on any other women for that reason. Hmmm.

  183. Here is a quote from an article that resonates to me:
    “In addition, it’s interesting how, in a time of growing Islamaphobia, this religious fundamentalism is fun prime-time entertainment. Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that they’re smiley, American, white people?”

    Read more:

  184. Good point, Feminist. I guess if you build your whole life around giving the man whatever he wants, then it’s OK.

  185. This was also interesting :

  186. I watched the Sister Wives premier last night and came away with the feeling that Koby Brown is the only one really happy about this family set-up. I don’t think this guy really loves these women at all. He only interested in himself and his libido. Why else would he upset what appears to be a stable family (for a plig family) dynamic after 16 years to bring in not only a new woman but her three kids as well. I read he’s 40ish. Must be a mid-life crisis-he has to prove he’s still got it. I think the telling scene for me was when he was telling his legal wife Meri that he was nervous but very excited about telling the family about the news of the new mom they were going to get. He had this big old grin on his face. Ugh!! I feel sorry for this family that has to deal with the consequences of his bio urges.

  187. It was delicious to read about his response when Kody was asked how he would feel about one of his wives having a second husband.
    He reportedly looked mortified.

    This series has all the stigmata of EPIC FAIL written all over it.

  188. “They are “eating” their rage and disappointment and they would be a lot healthier if they just LEFT the situation they are in.”

    As a morbidly obese woman who is only just now finally getting control of my weight — I have to say you are spot on.

  189. I refuse to click on the links to the three pro-FLDS blogs that are discussed here and give them the added attention/internet traffic they crave.

    What I see re-posted her is disgusting enough. These losers support the abuse and subjugation of women and children. They are not real men, they are nothing but weak and pathetic cowards with big mouths.

  190. Mouse,
    Those aren’t pro – FLDS blogs, if you are referring to my postings, those are media review blogs.

  191. one can only hope …..
    I feel sorry for the kids in multiple ways – first for having to share a father with so many other people
    second for being subject to the ego maniac parents need for glitter glamor and maybe money?

  192. I don’t even think it is all the parents supporting this venture –
    I think this is just all about KODY

  193. Yes, and the reviews were not positive.

  194. I expect the show to either have a very short life span or to see one or more of the 4 women leave.

  195. Kody Brown just needs a few more “rungs” in the “ladder” he must “step on” in his :”ascent to heaven.”

    That is all these women and children mean to him.

  196. I think Kody is overweight, also. And his hairline is receding.

  197. I, too, watched it and was disgusted. I won’t tune in again, and wrote to TLC stating so.

    The obesity is a loud siren, if anyone has the ears to hear it.

    I also almost vomited when the wife, who worked outside the home, said she would much rather work than stay at home. Why have 6 kids if all you want to do is work? Hmm… Stay out of the house?

  198. I agree with you Betty, although they were still all together on the Today show interview the other day–even the new woman. This was supposedly a year after the series was filmed. But it sounded like that at least the #3 woman had some issues with the household situation. She and #4 were all making nice with each other. I suspect that if the series continues after the first seven episodes one or more of the women will, as you said, be gone. I ran across an article from a website called associated content. com which talked about the chemical changes in the brains of individuals involved in these kinds of polygamy relationships. It was very interesting. It basically said that, even though these women say that they are “So Happy”, the chemicals coursing through their brains are saying otherwise. I wonder if that would have something to do with the apparent weight problems of some of the women?

  199. Puzzled,
    Can you post a link to the website “Associated Content” about the neurochemical changes you describe ? I am interested in reading more.
    Thanks –
    and BTW, in Indonesia, the incidence of divorce in 4 wife marriages is > 90% so my prediction is that this “family” is headed for dissolution in short order.

  200. S

    I don’t have the exact address for the article right now—only the website The article is called The Chemistry of Polygamist Love written by Christine Daniel on July 1, 2010. If you can’t find it, email again and I will try to get the exact url link.

  201. Appears that the TLC show “Sister Wives” has got the attention of LE in Utah, police state that investigation of Kody Brown has began.

    Read article:

    Shurteleff’s people stated they didn’t have resources to go after polygamists. IMO they should make the resorces available, or Utah is going to continue with the embarrassment of Jeffs, LeBaron, Mitchell, Tom Green, the FLDS, AUB, Kingstons, CPark etc.

  202. Here’s what the Trib had to say:

  203. Which polygamy group does the family belong to ?
    AUB – or are they independent polygamists ?

  204. Brooke over at the Trib says they are AUB.

    It would appear that several media sources reported that Browns were FLDS, but Brooke in article says they are AUB.

  205. Found the reference – it is simplistic, but it does make excellent points :

  206. I’d thought AUB also. I can see where those who are not in tune would pick up on fundie LDS and not think further.

  207. The whole biochemistry of love, separation and divorce has always been a topic that fascinated me. What got me pondering the question was couples who had been what I’d call functionally separated for a number of years. They were divorced in everything but actual legal paperwork. However, once the actual divorce was commenced, in other words when the divorce was finally happening, then usually all hell would break loose.

    The science seems to point to dopamine. My experience bears this out, because usually one or both spouses would get this almost obsessive compulsive streak to them.

    It is amazing how much we think we’re the captains of our ship, yet the winds of biology are actually blowing us way, way off course.

  208. Looks like the Lehi police got worked up enough to roust them.

    I dont think there will be much of that, maybe some more buzz. They may get the show pulled, which I think is the only thing they want to do.

    Sweep it back under the rug. Otherwise he would have been arrested on the spot.

    So, regardless of what happens, the end result is that the cat got out of the PR bag once again and theres no stuffing it back in.

  209. Shoot if I had to guess they’d use it to effect FOR PR, given that it’s UT not TX and may have had that planned all along. Politics on your TV.

  210. SURELY the Browns had to take into consideration the attention and PR aspect given to a TV reality show before they embarked on this crazy ride. So I wonder how THAT little discussion went before the cameras started to roll.

    Were they BANKING on LE coming after them – perhaps for the PR value? After all, SURELY they had to consider what happened to the Greens when they went public on TV, just ASKING for litigation.

    Hmmm… and what’s with the last name color connection, eh? The Greens and now the Browns? Did you notice those pictures with the lot of them dressed in BROWN garb?

    Just sayin’….

  211. I think that Utahn’s will face a fresh round of jokes and questions as they travel about the various states, Europe, etc.

    If the local Church was smart they would have paid them to not go on TV – LOL!

    But you can imagine how many would line up for that!

  212. Actually, I respect the Browns for going public, maybe not so much with a reality show, but still. It’s better than all the ones who are hiding and then yell about the constitution if they get caught.

  213. I think Kody is busy acquiring a fourth spouse because #1, his legal wife, is expressing marital dissatisfaction (states she is heartbroken, and she only remains in the marriage for the sake of her teenage daughter)

    Kody must have three wives or else he can forget about the Celestial Kingdom – hence #4 is being moved into position to assure his “salvation.” It’s all about KODY!

    I hope his legal wife (#1) takes him to the cleaners when she divorces him.
    Now that would make a wonderful conclusion to the TV series.

  214. As irrational as divorce can be on a certain level folks do a cost-benefit analysis.

    Obviously with the TV money the benefit of filing and taking Cody to the cleaners is much higher now than it was in the past. Whether that will out weigh the costs in the first wife’s mind is anybody’s guess.

  215. And of course the first wife could be the reality “spin off.” The trials and tribulations of someone trying to get out of that arrangement would also make for good TV (if you’re into that sort of thing.)

  216. Negative Press continues to flood in :

  217. See the comments section on this review :

  218. One of the best comments I have seen is the question of whether or not viewers would think the family is OK if the family were Islamic and brown skinned. TLC is selling a freak show, and dressing it up in normalcy. Shame on them. I’d boycott them, but I already gave up my cable box 6 months or so ago; all it brings me now is PBS, CSPAN, two local channels and the internet.

  219. About a year ago Christine Brown was interviewed after a conference held in Utah. I think it was sponsored by the Safety Net Committee as one of their trainings for service providers to learn how to treat polygamists nicely. Christine was filmed talking about there needing to be a test case to challenge the illegality of polygamy. She told the reporter (I think it was Ben Winslow) “Bring it on”. Christine just might get her wish. I’ll see if I can find a link to the video.

  220. The video is no longer available but the script is. This is what Christine Brown said –
    Torgensen said it is not the attorney general’s role to help push a case of polygamy among consenting adults forward.

    “Because of that, we’re stuck,” said Brown.

    “So you want to be charged, in a way?” she was asked by Fox 13’s Ben Winslow.

    “Bring it on,” Brown replied. “Kind of. We need a test case. We need it decriminalized. People need to see that there are families out there that would be a good representation of the plural communities and we just live our lives like everybody else and that’s the only law we break.”,0,919279.story

  221. That conference was sponsored by Anne Wilde and her pro-polygamy group Principle Voices, not the Safety Net Committee.

    The article by Ben Winslow confirms that Christine Brown is part of the Allred group.

    “Christine Brown, a plural wife and member of the Bluffdale-based Apostolic United Brethren, said she was not afraid to sit in the same room as Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.”

    I wonder if LeMoine Jensen (head of the AUB) gave his OK for the Browns to participate in a TV reality show.

  222. I am sure Jensen gave his approval.

  223. Right up there on TMZ with Lindsy Lohan, Paris Hilton and Mel Gibson.

  224. S,

    That poll at the bottom of the Hollywood link – LMAO

    92.5% said they were “NUTS”!

  225. S and Stamp have both added links to their posts. I have submitted 2 posts each with 1 link to the Fox News story about Christine Brown and neither of them have been posted. Is this blog discriminating against Anonymi? I feel persecuted.

  226. First post approved, second was the same.

    Just a hiccup. Maybe WordPress is mad at Fox today?

    Its up about 5 posts

  227. Stamp,
    A survey conducted last year found that 91% of Americans thought polygamy was immoral.
    So the informal survey you cite above is consistent with prior data.

  228. I HATE the whole concept of “decriminalization”. It flies in the face of common sense; if presented with a claim in court from a member of a plural family, what law or precedent shall the court use? The term “decriminalization” assumes that there is no cost to society! It’s the equivalent of decriminalizing drugs without any method of dealing with the cost of society for drug users or the production, storage, transportation and sale of drugs.

  229. The problem with decriminalization is that if your spouse got married without your consent to another person it would no longer be a crime, and bigamy would be rampant and unpunished.
    I know victims of illegal bigamy – and they are justifiably quite angry as well as concerned about decriminalization.

  230. Here is a website / blog run by victims of illegal bigamy

  231. The problem with decriminalization is that if your spouse got married without your consent to another person it would no longer be a crime, and bigamy would be rampant and unpunished.


    That’s an excellent point, especially in regards to Fundamentalist groups where the women have no say in how many wives get assigned to their husband.

  232. Even if you “decriminalized” consensual adult polygamy (which I don’t think is going to happen) you’d still need a fraudulent marriage/bigamy statute.

  233. So what you are saying is the bigamy laws would need to be re-written, Ron ?

  234. We had a male graduate student here who married a woman after knowing her about 6 – 9 months, then he proposed.
    She told him that she had no living family members, and no money.
    His family members spent about 35,000 dollars on a lavish wedding and honeymoon for the two of them – when he returned from the honeymoon, there was a package waiting for him from the woman’s first husband in NJ.
    This woman married the graduate student in NY while she was still married to her first unsuspecting husband in NJ.
    The husband in NJ had called the police and reported his wife was missing when his wife hadn’t called home while she was on her honeymoon with husband #2.
    Then the woman attempted to escape prosecution by negotiating with both men, who divorced both her.
    The graduate student also tried to re-coup some of the costs associated with the extravagant wedding, to no avail.

  235. Of course they would. That’s sort of my point about decriminalization. The pro-polygamy folks state it as if the only thing that would happen is that folks would not bother them. But that’s not the case. There would then be a flood of law cases and so many social services and existing laws that would need clarification.

    For instance, a man is rushed to the hospital after a car accident. There are privacy laws that restrict who the hospital can speak with about his medical issues. Do all the wives have the same rights to that information? What paperwork would they have to produce to get that right? What about social security spousal benefits? Medicare/Medicaid? What about getting welfare benefits; does the woman get to be single mother if it benefits her but married if it doesn’t? How many wives get the death benefit for SS? Could a second wife sue the husband’s employer’s for not allowing her and her children to be on his insurance policy? How about his pension fund or 401K?

    Then there’s situations like the Browns. Let’s say that the husband works, two wives work and there is a stay at home wife. They all live in one home. The stay at home wife decides to leave and take her children with her. Currently, she walks away empty handed. But she could sue for child support, alimony and part of the value of the house and would the court include all THREE paychecks and all of the dependant children in their consideration of what she could/should be paid? What a freaking nightmare for the court system and what a bonus for family lawyers in Utah!

    When you change marriage to include gay marriage, since it is still one to one there is almost no changes needed to the rest of law and no burden of cost to the rest of society. If polygamy is not illegal, then in any state with common law all the above questions come up. In states where there is no common law marriage, decriminalization opens the door to lots of paternity and cohabitation law suits and pressure to provide the same rights to plural wives as to first/legal wives. In order to make all their wives equal, they would have to refuse to marry ANY of them.

  236. I think the bigamy laws are functioning well, from my standpoint.
    If anything, they are not prosecuting enough people for illegal bigamy. The bigamy laws act as a deterrent, preventing coercive bigamy and fraudulent marriages.
    I don’t see the government prosecuting folks for bigamy unless they are “marrying” underage girls or unless coercive bigamy takes place.

  237. Or unless one party in the bigamy is filing the complaint.

  238. Yes, that is why these laws are working well – they act as a deterrent and there is only selective prosecution for the offense.
    No underage girls, no coercion, and no complaints = no prosecution.

  239. For those who read Mudpucky’s blog….I have to ask….DESENEX on a baby’s vagina? That’s for athlete’s foot and it burns slightly. And then there’s the fact that the vagina is the INSIDE of female genitalia; you shouldn’t be putting ANYTHING inside a baby vagina unless a doctor tells you to do so! What is WRONG with that man????

  240. I’ve never seen it prescribed for that indication.

  241. Lotrimin Cream would be used instead.

  242. Lotrimin is for external use only.

  243. Actually lots of laws would need to be rewritten. Not to mention that many retirement plans have joint and survivor annuities in them and a host of other things that polygamy would cause problems for in society.

    I just don’t see any real indication that most of society either wants or is willing to accept legalized polygamy. In addition, I don’t think most of the judiciary see is as an equal protection issue.

  244. What are those cowards treating that they do not want a licensed medic to see?

  245. Lotrimin is clotrimazole

    See the link : it is used vaginally, by prescription :

  246. when lotrimin is used vaginally, it is by prescription, called gyne-lotrimin :

  247. For those who read Mudpucky’s blog….I have to ask….DESENEX on a baby’s vagina? That’s for athlete’s foot and it burns slightly. And then there’s the fact that the vagina is the INSIDE of female genitalia; you shouldn’t be putting ANYTHING inside a baby vagina unless a doctor tells you to do so! What is WRONG with that man????


    Sounds like creepy sexual abuse to me.

  248. I think what they’re talking about is using DESITIN ointment rather than DESINEX on babies. I suspect they’re talking about applying it in the pubic area.

    Sometimes you guys just think much too deeply.

    Look for the simplest explanation remember?

  249. more likely than not, Ron.

  250. John Llewellyn interviewed regarding the Sister Wives TLC Program :
    Interestingly, he labels male polygynists as “narcissists” :

  251. Ron, the state doesn’t have to legally sanction polgamy. The polygamists merely want prosecutions or threat of prosecution to stop. The states can continue to recognize only one partner and treat polygamist relationships the same way they currently view men who have mistresses or partners. Do you know how the courts currently deal with a man/woman in a poly relationship that breaks up?

  252. R

    “Do you know how the courts currently deal with a man/woman in a poly relationship that breaks up?”


    Generally speaking, the man is banished to hell and the ex party time girl gets nothing because those losers either own nothing or hide it.

  253. R,

    I don’t see anyone prosecuting polygamists unless there is abuse, underage marriage, coercion, or complaints filed by one of the partners.

    Seems fair to me.

  254. R

    Stamp sometimes says things that while a bit obnoxious do have more than a bit of truth to them.

    Society now views the marital relationship as a protected bond. If you move beyond that relationship, then you risk being treated punitively.

    I make no judgments on that at all. That is, however, very much the reality.

    So, if you want to be a polygamist, don’t expect much sympathy in divorce court.

  255. OK for children in criminals’ household? Will yours be spending nights and sharing meals over there?

  256. WHAT? MOI Obnoxious?

    heh heh!

    Whenever I say it nice no one listens. So I crank up the volume so they can hear the music.

    That said, I dont know of much of a body of experience we have with “divorced polygamists”…

    If you look at the larger groups in the main area of Utah, you get an idea though.

    Women there are generally out of luck. Men, esp in the FLDS, have been banished and sent to repent from afar.

    No one owns title to any home, so no one gets nuthin. One man gets sent to hell by der profit, the next guy inherits his harem of 10 ladies and 20 kids.

    No stinkin divorce court needed.

    IRT the “Browns” – there is simply very little of that type of polygamy about – but it would be interesting to see how those cases would shake out if there were assets worth fighting for.

  257. Ron,
    I would imagine that in a polygamist marriage, you could consult with an attorney and have an agreement constructed which entitled the members of the partnership to have a certain proportion of assets in the event of divorce, separation, or death.
    Am I correct ? Is this possible ?

  258. OH WAIT

    Now I do remember a couple of famous polygamist family breakups.

    LeBarons, Lafferties.

    Them folks up to Draper Prison could tell ya stories.

    Oh then there is that cousin LeBaron in Cedar City. Concieved children with his own daughter, he did, in his pure seed doctrine.

    Still running loose. But they havent gone to divorce court yet – when they do it’ll be a bell ringer!

  259. S

    Yeah, absolutely. Since we likely won’t have legalized polygamy in any of our lifetimes, people will need to rely on things like contract law, probate law, and other laws to make sure everyone is protected in any relationship.

    Besides, everyone should have things like a living will, medical power of attorney and things like that.

    The greatest risk for modern folks is long term disability.

    Probably the ideal planning vehicle for polygamists would be a living trust.

  260. Ron

    See, the problem right there is your making sense.

    Heck, no Polygamist Profuutt in his right mind would allow that nonsense.

    Once polygamist wrap their mind around doing something legal, thoughtful, or proper, the Profuutt loses his majical powers.

  261. R,
    If a polygamist wanted to protect himself from problems in divorce court and guarantee fairness for all partners, there are legal ways to protect himself and the others in the relationship, as Ron points out.
    The bigamy laws and the selective prosecution of bigamy laws as they now stand protect women from coercive bigamy and abusive polgyamist relationships – and that is why the laws should stay as they are.

  262. S

    Good thing you didnt say “law” and “Utah” in the same sentence….

    Thats kind of like oil and water….

  263. What? Me, over-analyze? That never happens.

  264. Well, lets analyze this series of episodes.

    One day Warren sent little brother Lyle out on a fun mission.

    In an hour and a half, he banished 6 men from Shortcreek, giving them little time to pack and say their goodbyes.

    Their wives and children would be parceled out to other men of Warren’s choosing, of course.

    As long as you live on cult property, you are subject to getting booted out on a moments notice as this demononstrates.

    The Kody Brown style polygamists are a minority, and as Betty mentions, a real can of worms running over many legal and financial issues.

    I suspect in the future there may be many lawyers who front solid palimony divorces on polygamists, and that may be one way that the fad of religious female subjugation is eventually ruined.

    This document spells out FLDS divorce and how easy it WAS for them to ruin lives.

    (Now that the UEP is no longer under Warren’s control, he cant force people out so easily like he once did)

  265. I hope that more light on polygamy will lead, not to tolerance and acceprtance as an alternative lifestyle, but rather to revulsion and a great awareness of it’s negative effects on the women and children.
    Maybe reality TV could do a series on people who make meth in their homes where small children live and present it as a harmless, alternative lifestyle.
    Society will always have law breakers, but those who flout the law should not be celebrated and presented as a harmless, alternative life style; rather they should be investigated and prosecuted.

  266. Sure, POA forms and rollover trusts are a good idea, but I’m betting the vast majority have nothing of the sort.

    And, in my state a rollover trust can be changed at any time by the owners, so it can give ultimate control to the survivors. I think that it would be hard to write one that would guarantee smooth sailing amongst a group of people.

    There are legal cases in countries that allow polygamy that show this. For instance, one in South Africa (I think? Know it’s Africa but not certain of the country) where a man and his wife owned a home and a business. The man married a second, younger wife and had another polygamist family. The man died. The younger wife who did not have a job sued the other wife, first moved into the home of the older wife and then had the older wife thrown out, all the while collecting child support from the business now being run by the older wife. After years in court, the older woman got her own home back, but still pays child support to the other woman, who still does not work.

  267. LMAO

    There you go!

  268. I don’t think that the majority of polygamists have trusts which guarantee the rights of departing or surviving spouses either.
    Given the fact that Kody appears to be a man of some means, he is foolish if he has not seen a lawyer about creating a trust for the fmaily.
    His first wife has expressed her dissatisfaction and is staying only for the sake of her child – and as the only legal wife, if Kody doesn’t have a trust agreement, the first (and legal) wife is entitled to 50% of the family assets.

  269. Oh please, “multiple ‘attempts’ to ‘infiltrate’ this board?” It is pathetically easy to infiltrate this board. Normally I don’t use aliases, but this situation proved way too tempting. So I made it obvious it was me. 😛

  270. And if you don’t think obsessional nuts are watching you – you’re very wrong.

  271. Hugh,
    Get a life.

  272. Yeah, we’re not interested in making you the center of attention. What do you really have to gain by playing these games?

  273. Somebody hit the ban button on this wife abusing, pedophilia apologist.

  274. Any normal person would be embarrassed to show his face in public or even pop up on the internet after it was revealed that he physically abused his wife and believed that 7 yr olds may be “checked out” for marriage.

    But not Hugh.

    Get some help, Hugh. You need it.

  275. What won’t it do for attention.

  276. So why hasn’t Warren’s brother been indicted, given that he documented his crimes on Oprah’s show?

  277. Whatever happened to that new religion the bozo started up?

    Seems like it did a face plant after he typed it up.

    Chalk up another aspiring enterprise gone south.

  278. Even stalkers need some way to support themselves.

  279. Have been trolling around the internet the last couple of days reading different blogs and comments about Sister Wives. Have seen some comments from people who knew Kody Brown and family from Lowell, Wy. Apparently several members living polygamy besides Kody and his dad–brothers, sisters, other relatives. Some comments have touched on Kody’s mom Genille. No facts, but got the feeling it’s some kind of a negative situation regarding the family polygamy. Was curious if anyone knows anything about this?

  280. When is LeRoy Steed’s PTH in Texas?

  281. Puzzled,

    There was a comment left on a forum that Kody Brown was on a “mission” in Texas about 20 yrs ago, advocating polygamy and reporting he intended to practice it.
    His partner on the mission described Kody as “nuts”
    I will try to find the link

  282. Kody Brown filed for bankruptcy a few years ago, and formerly owned a gun company.

  283. From the above link:

    “The Browns are indeed fundamentalist Mormons, just like the folks on Big Love.”

    The Browns actually bear some similarity to the fictional “Big Love” polygamists (or should that be the other way around)

    For one thing, the husbands both have HUGE, smug, self-satisfied egos around which the entire family orbits.

  284. Granny: What won’t it do for attention.


    What kind of person publicly aspires to be a kiddy diddler?

  285. Sooooooo. Anyone want to say what the photo is about? Habibi, indeed.

  286. I thought it was to be the same day as Merril’s, chem.


    New story re: bus tours of Colorado City, AZ

    I have never tried to post a link before… soooo, hope this works.

  288. Leroy’s PTH is in November.

  289. Kasoe,

    I think the tours of CC / Hildale have recently been discontinued, but I could be wrong.

  290. That’s too bad, I was considering one myself.

  291. I haven’t seen anything about the tours anywhere else and this was dated today so I thought it was current. Maybe not. Anny, yeah, I’m with you, would probably be interesting or amuzing?

  292. The Polygamy Tours of Short Creek never took off. Some journalists went on the tours and some foreigners. The tour bus downsized to a van and now it is a private car. Heber or Richard Holm will still take visitors on a tour, but it is much more low key than when they first started advertising the tours.

    Kasoe, I think the MSNBC article is just an update from a year ago – they added a couple of lines about the “Sister Wives” reality show and republished the old article.

  293. You can go on your own “tour” of Short Creek using the street view feature of Google maps. It’s unusual, I believe, for such a small out-of-the-way town to be so thoroughly street viewed.

    What a weird mixture of big walled compounds side by side with empty lots, junkyards, and trailer parks. Kind of ratty looking, although the mountains in the distance are pretty.

  294. Thank you Anonymous at 7:27pm.

  295. it is totally unbelievable in person Mouse.

  296. The sponsor of the “tour” of CC/Hildale unfortunately has been the victim of a recent character assassination – see it here :

  297. Your login always makes me think of K.D. Lang, Miss Chatelaine.

  298. It’s my nickname.

  299. That’s very Canadian.

  300. The flds are trying to assassinate the characternof any and all who aren’t devoted members.

  301. Yes, I noticed that – they deride anyone who left and they spin some pretty tall tales. They also do the same to anyone who defends the apostates.

  302. They also try to get the apostates and former members off UEP land and out of Short Creek. Losing control of the UEP has thwarted some of their efforts in this area. Now they just deny the apostates water hook ups, building permits, etc.

  303. so its character assassination and harassment.


  304. Yup. And the sycophants on the web echo their message. Flora is a crazy whore, Elissa is a liar, Elissa and Carolyn are just testifying to sell books, they are all being paid by Dan, etc. Any man who leaves has his dirty laundry done in public, greatly amplified or completely fabricated, but all those who remain are haloed with righteousness.

  305. Brooke Adams allowed one of her blog followers to call either Flora or Elissa a whore (can’t remember which one) That is outright libel, and seeing that made me realize how biased Ms Adams is – not professional journalism.

  306. So Carolyn gets called a whore while she has only had 2 partners in her life – one (Merrill) whom she was not in love with and was forced to marry to avert a lawsuit, and her current fiancee, whom she loves and is devoted to.
    Merrill has had at least 6 partners that I am aware of… yet Carolyn is called “the whore”

    The old double standard rears its ugly head.

  307. OK can I say here Merril the Whore, miss Chat?
    — It’s not as if that’s a hyperbole.

  308. Feel free to do so, Toad!

  309. I read a story about some guy who called his ex-girlfriend a whore on his blog. He got sued, and lost.

    You can call someone a bitch, or a jerk, or an ass because those are opinions – but you can’t call them a whore unless they actually are a real prostitute.

  310. Anon 11:49pm said:The Polygamy Tours of Short Creek never took off.
    AOL news picked up the [non] story and labeled the article “Tour Promotes Polygamy”.

  311. LMAO

    I dont think so

  312. Oh well, this just goes to show you can’t believe the media stories. I thought it was current because of the date. Sneaky, sneaky. Change the date on an old story, make a couple of changes and call it new. How misleading. That’s why I like this site, it posts the documents to support the story line so that you can believe it.

  313. cheesy what are you saying?

  314. Hi Toad,

    Sorry, I should have connected the dots when I posted the above comment. I had posted a link to a story I read yesterday about tours of Colorado City and it was pointed out to me that this was an old story that had been changed a little and with a new date so I thought it was current. Also pointed out was that those tours never really got off the ground as the story made it sound like it was a regular thing. Hence, you cannot beleive media stories.

  315. Also that the tours “promoted” polygamy – Not anymore than Big Love promotes it.

    Plus the tours were more of a zoo tour of the curious looking folks and their ugly ass houses.

  316. i’m pretty bummed right now, i was planning on making a visit to the crick to take the tour.

  317. You didn’t miss much for sure. Some folks have more $$ than others and it’s real real obvious down on the crik. You don’t notice it as much in SLC, could be anyone in those compounds as big as strip malls, and could be anyone lived in those little apartments …

  318. i’m pretty bummed right now, i was planning on making a visit to the crick to take the tour.


    Seriously, how long would it take, 20 minutes?

  319. About that.

    Once you get there.

    Taking the self-guided tour.

  320. It is being reported that Flora Jessop will be on Geraldo at large tomorrow evening. She will be discussing the TLC program, Sister Wives.

  321. Flora has Kody’s number. He aint fooling her.

  322. for once, I’m sorry I don’t have cable.

  323. Flora Jessop will be on Geraldo?

  324. YES! Tomorrow night late.

  325. This is the program Flora Jessop will be on tomorrow evening – Geraldo at Large :

  326. Elissa Wall interviewed about the TLC program, Sister Wives :

  327. I haven’t seen nothing about her for so long. Is this a trip down memory lane? or is this one of those shows that they piece together?

    I like Flora.

  328. Anyone ever find that link referenced in this comment?: There was a comment left on a forum that Kody Brown was on a “mission” in Texas about 20 yrs ago, advocating polygamy and reporting he intended to practice it.
    His partner on the mission described Kody as “nuts”
    I will try to find the link

  329. From the link above: “There’s the Centennial Group. The women are well-educated and many are entrepreneurs married to educated men who are well off. But that’s really, really an anomaly.”

    A person can be well-educated and very intelligent but still not have an ounce of common sense. jmo

    Boots, I saw the post you were talking about but it was a random post. No one is talking.

  330. Thanks sugar, we are working on talking points for tomorrow night’s show.

    I also noticed in the interview Elissa gave with the NY Post, she asserted that at least one of the concubines had been on food stamp assistance recently.

    I’m wondering what her source for that was, too.

  331. 9/28/2010 8:52 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

    “TMZ just received a statement from the Brown family — saying, “We are disappointed in the announcement of an investigation…”


    Ben Winslow FOX 13 News Reporter 9:39 PM MDT, September 27, 2009,0,919279.story

    “Because of that, we’re stuck,” said Brown.

    “So you want to be charged, in a way?” she was asked by Fox 13’s Ben Winslow.

    “Bring it on,” Brown replied. “Kind of. We need a test case. We need it decriminalized. People need to see that there are families out there that would be a good representation of the plural communities and we just live our lives like everybody else and that’s the only law we break.”

    Gee, liars with a political agenda, who knew?

  332. Boots,
    Here is the link where former LDS missionary Kody Brown is called “nuts” by some who knew him and attended his wedding to the first wife :

  333. Boots,
    Contact Elissa on Facebook and ask her who or what her source was.

  334. Already did. Don’t know if she will respond though. Those lawyers keep their clients on a tight leash you know…

  335. Speaking of tight leashes…I’ve had two posts go into moderation now…

  336. Outta curiosity, is Joy Behar a daughter of Joe Behar’s, anyone know? I remember him in San Antonio, at JWB he gave acting classes. And was on tv too.

  337. I like being small!

  338. Boots

    Both posts were long, identical, and had multiple links so they went into moderation automatically – now approved and appearing a few posts up.

    – Admin

  339. Here is the post from that link about Kody – the same poster, same messsage was left on one of the trib boards

    )))Ca-Ray-Zy 09/25/2010 at 12:47 PM

    I knew Kody when he was an LDS missionary in the Texas San Antonio Mission in the late 80’s. He was crazy then (talking about how he wanted to be a polygamist when he got off his mission), and he is crazy now!

    He was missionary companions with my husband. We got a wedding invite to his first (and ONLY) wife. I still have it. He is just crazy!)))

  340. Why is it you see crazy and religious in the same sentence?

  341. I’m not that sure how religious Kody is. I think he had a goal and went for it, not to satisfy his deep seated religious beliefs.

    Yeah a lot of them may use that as their crutch, but I think its more about the ego than anything else.

  342. I mean really, whats Warren going to do with 80 wives?

    Why not have 280? Why not 1000? Where does it end?

  343. Anon – I don’t know maybe 365? Then you’ve got the wife-a-day list covered.

  344. Welp. Polygamy is not a religion any more than cannabalism or human sacrifice behaviors are religions.

  345. There you go, whats wrong with that? And think of how many kids you could have, and all the fun you could have buying birthday and holiday gifts for all the wives and children.

    I guess if you ran a fire dept or a Twin Cited water district you could go to Costco or Whackyworld and buy a few hundred boxes of chocolate so everybody gets the same thing.

  346. I don’t think Kody is concerned at all about his religion.
    He in fact has said that he does not want his religion discussed on the program.
    If he was truly concerned about missionary activity, he would be sharing more about his religion, but he is not.
    Kody has a political agenda and of course a sexual one.

  347. Admin,

    They weren’t long. They were only identical because after my first one just disappeared I thought it might have been a technical glitch of some sort, so I sent it again. Then I understood it was moderated. And 2 links is some sort of a flag for a post?


  348. Kody is a narcissist – just like all the other polygamous men.

    Kody wants his own planet one day, and therefore he really doesn’t care if his wives or children are inconvenienced, unhappy, downright depressed, undervalued, ignored, low in self esteem, anxious, overworked, or neglected, because it is “ALL ABOUT ME” for Kody and the rest of polygamous men.

    Polygyny is all about MALE NARCISSISM folks – nothing more.
    It’s no religion other than worshiping the over sized male ego.

    FU and here’s to ME !!!!!!!!!!

  349. Well, where there is Narcissus there will be an Echo. I guess in this case multiple Echos.

  350. Boots,
    It’s automated, it wasn’t done by an individual.
    You are most welcome here.

  351. Here is what former AUB member John Llewellyn had to say about “Sister Wives” – Apparently the Prophet of the AUB doesn’t approve of the program ––a-review.aspx

  352. Liked Llewellyn’s article. I did wonder if he’d meant AUB is 2nd in polygamy numbers after muslim, or within mormon type.

  353. To answer a question posed earlier, according to Wikipedia, Joy Behar is a stage name. Her maiden name was an unusual Italian name.

  354. I think he meant within Mormonism.
    It is estimated that there are more Moslem polygamists in the US than there are Mormon polygamists

  355. Yeah, I read it that way, also.

  356. BTW, Amon4now is me. I am using the spare laptop downstairs because I injured my knee a few days ago and don’t want to walk up the stairs to my own computer that has all the profiles and such set up for me. And this is the “good” knee….sigh.

  357. Hope you get well soon Betty. I find it increasingky difficult to handle flights of stairs and that is without an injured knee.

  358. Get better soon Betty!!!

  359. And so our home in the country with all the stairs sold last month. Now we live on one floor with wide doorways and a wide hallway to get around on walkers or wheelchair if/when legs don’t do so well.

    Nights, mornings are sure turning cooler and I’m danged glad. This just ain’t my beloved hill country.

  360. Thank you, you folks are kind. I have very little soft tissue left in that knee so it’s easy to get it annoyed. The other knee is titanium and teflon, so it doesn’t hurt at all!

    Granny, some day we will sell this house also. My bedroom is downstairs for that very reason and when I was recovering from my surgery I was very glad about that. It was quite cool this morning when we got up to go to the flea market.

  361. GrannyToad, John was referring to the AUB being the 2nd largest Fundamental Mormon polygamous group in size, after the FLDS.

  362. Betty, try elevating your knee on a pillow and putting cold packs on it. That, and a bunch of Aleve, worked for me when I had a knee problem.

  363. That makes some sense, and at the same while describes the very small world fundie mormons exist in.

  364. I go with the aleve!!!

  365. I wonder if LeMoine Jensen (head profit dude of the AUB) excommunicates members on a whim like Warren Jeffs does? Or do you think he will just double the Brown family’s tithing amount in exchange for their repentance?

  366. The AUB is gonna want some of that TV party time money.

    You betcha.

    Say, wasnt it the AUB guys who got busted ripping a little lady off for about a million bucks?

  367. Oh yeah, the AUB Polygamists lost a 1.54 million dollar judgement for defrauding a widow.

    These guys are almost as good as Bernie Madoff, going for the little ladies pocketbooks.

    How ignoble of them!

  368. And with that, I’m outta here for good.

    Shalom y’all.

  369. From the link

    “Sect may have to pay more money in lawsuit

    Woman claimed leaders stole part of her fortune.

    The Salt Lake Tribune/May 1, 2009

    By Pamela Manson

    Six years ago, Virginia Hill was awarded $1.54 million in a lawsuit that claimed a network of conspirators — including the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB) and former and current members of the sect — stole part of her personal fortune.

    On Friday, the Utah Supreme Court sent the case back to a 4th District Court judge to consider whether Hill should be awarded even more.

    The additional money could include punitive damages and a doubling of the AUB’s $250,000 portion under a state law that permits an increase if a pattern of unlawful activity can be shown.”

  370. Then there is this bonehead, Utah really has them coming out of the woodwork.

    They guy molests a child, then dies in prison. Why is this such an oft repeated story? Do those nuts not realize what life in prison is all about? Doesnt anyone tell them?

    I’m guessing more will find out before long!


    “Polygamous sect leader dies in state prison

    Arvin Shreeve. He led the Zion Society, and was convicted of abusing a child.

    The Salt Lake Tribune/August 12, 2009

    By Lindsay Whitehurst

    A polygamous sect leader from Ogden has died at the Utah State Prison.

    Arvin Shreeve, 79, died Monday of natural causes, said Utah Department of Corrections Deputy Director Mike Haddon. He had been convicted of child abuse in 1991.

    His death was reported at 5 p.m. by medical personnel at the Wasatch Infirmary at the prison’s main site in Draper. Shreeve was moved to the infirmary on July 8.”

  371. Betty, try elevating your knee on a pillow and putting cold packs on it. That, and a bunch of Aleve, worked for me when I had a knee problem.

    I recommend the topical lidoderm patch and hyaluronic acid injections.

  372. Betty, also consider acupuncture – hope that you are better soon !

  373. what the heck is “hyaluronic acid”? sounds nasty.

  374. It is called Synvisc

  375. Flora was on the Geraldo show a bit ago. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able/allowed too get much of her point across. Sadly, in a 5 min segment, with 4 people talkng over each other, there isn’t time to cover any subject properly. In the end, she was sorta cut off by the other talking heads trying to get their last words in.
    I did find Flora’s assertion that this ‘series’ is a set up to test the polygamy laws in Utah, quite interesting. I hadn’t heard or read that anywhere, yet. We’ll see what happens.

  376. mc1199

    Boots had a couple posts up yonder, where one of the wives talked to Ben Winslow about putting it “to the test”.

    I agree they didnt get a chance to vet out the problem in those five minutes – also in the context of the pot segment right after, Geraldo seemed pretty giddy about all things hallucinagenic.

    Here is the link/,0,919279.story

  377. MC 1199,
    Christine Brown in the 2009 KSL article cited above is plural wife # 3 of Kody Brown. She stated in the 2009 article that she wanted a test case on polygamy brought forward in the court system. The Brown family apparently had a political interest in decriminalization prior to embarking on the tv series. That is what Flora was trying to discuss on Geraldo’s program.

  378. Apropos Arvin Shreeve : At the peak of his popularity as a cult leader, he had a harem of 28 women and the youngest was apparently 7.

  379. Thanks, Anon at 7:02 PM yesterday. I am a frequent visitor of my orthopedist. Eventually this knee will go the same route as the other, and have a replacement, because of a genetic tendency to bear most of the weight of my body on the inside chamber. I’m well aware of the treatment options and I even own two blue-gel strap on ice packs which, when strapped together in a ring, ice the whole knee simultaneously. I cannot take NSAIDs because of complications with other meds I’m taking, so no Aleves. I am very familiar with steroid shots as well, hate em but they do sometimes help in the long run.

    Thank goodness that we have medical insurance in place again; this summer, because of transitioning to COBRA, it was off and on again.

  380. Boots, it is totally mystifying to me why you would want to leave. I enjoy reading your posts and value your point of view.

  381. S.

    Amazingly, I heard that another wanna be polygamist wrote a letter to police complaining about their threats to arrest him for harassment and went on to claim he not only didnt believe there was an actual act or crime of “Pedophilia” but that in the context of going for a seven year old girl, he would only do it if he had parental and judicial permission.

    I kind of get the feeling he is always groping for a way to placate himself for some past act or thought pattern.

  382. Well, there is a pattern of thought in religious extremists that say the law is not their master, even though there are scriptural references to the contrary.

  383. This Shreeve guy was a real creep. Creepy old man.

    And he died in prison at the same place Warren is staying. Maybe they have a special wing up there – sounds like it.


    His death was reported at 5 p.m. by medical personnel at the Wasatch Infirmary at the prison’s main site in Draper. Shreeve was moved to the infirmary on July 8. “We knew that he was going to pass pretty soon,” Haddon said. He was previously housed at the special service dorm for sex offenders since being imprisoned on Dec. 24, 1991. Shreeve was the leader of the Zion Society, a cult whose religious teachings included group and lesbian sex instructions. Prosecutors said at least 10 children were molested by Shreeve and his followers, 10 of whom were later charged with child sex abuse.

  384. All this discussion has made me hungry.

    Anyone for some breakfast

  385. Stamp, thanks for those 2 articles from the Salt Lake Tribune. They are both recent articles written in 2009. I wonder why neither of them was written by the Tribune’s “Polygamy beat reporter”?

  386. Shreeve was the leader of the Zion Society, a cult whose religious teachings included group and lesbian sex instructions. Prosecutors said at least 10 children were molested by Shreeve and his followers, 10 of whom were later charged with child sex abuse.

    How can this be? Polygamy is NEVER about sex! Yeah, right.

    If Shreeve “was previously housed at the special service dorm for sex offenders since being imprisoned on Dec. 24, 1991” then he probably was in the same unit as Warren. I bet the 2 of them could swap some perverted tales.

  387. Anon,

    Yeah, I wonder where Brooke was. But from recent news that she HASNT posted – like Terril Dodson, Kody Brown, the AUB and this Shreeve sicko – et al – etc etc – ad naseum – I think her beat isnt POLYGAMY per se – its the FLDS.

    Warren would have to go into a seance if he wanted to talk to former Draper Plyg inmates Shreeve or LeBaron though – both died there.

    The Lafferties are there to keep him company though. One is on death row.

  388. Stalked

    LMAO, that CRACKed me up!

  389. Riddle me this:

    I wont be blogging for awhile. I have intense training. After that, I will travel all about, with time and no internet service, or internet service, and no time. I get to go to exotic places like Texas.

    I await my next weekly assignment.

    What do I do?

  390. Tt’s a wacky, wacky world when someone stalks multiple people on the internet, gets given a no trespass warning by his church and then tries to claim that he’s a victim.

  391. What SHugh needs to realize is that obtaining driver’s license information is available on the internet to any and everyone who is willing to pay for it. You don’t have to be involved in law enforcement to get that kind of information any longer. It’s just a matter of whether or not you’re willing to pay.

  392. Well, Stamp, you could do research on some hapless stranger in Texas and then spend all your spare time trying to destroy his life. Nah. that’s been done.

  393. More than once Anon4now.

  394. ?? Get wifi

  395. So,I just read Hugh’s update of today. I thought it was really scary and mean until I got to the point where he was trying to prove that he wasn’t a pedophile, merely because he said he would check out a 7 year old. See, he’s only interested in people who have started menses, and so not just any child will do. Thats when I started laughing. He’s actually so disconnected from reality that he thinks a POLICE DEPARTMENT will understand and condone the distinction between discussing “marriage” with a child and discussing “marriage” with a child who has begun to menstruate! Oh, well, THAT makes it OK! And not illegal and stuff.

    And a clue the clue fairy left me. If people say that they are going to charge you with harassment, they are probably not open to listening to your arguments. It’s not a great way to establish trust.

  396. That does seem an obvious answer, Granny. There are libraries and coffee shops for starters. Maybe Pliggy could refer him to the mobile service he uses. Bonus! Such services hide your actual physical location as your IP address will be their server location.

  397. Definitely not creative, Moose.

  398. You can go wherever you can find it. Now I haven’t taken mine anywhere for over a year, the record shows that, and all the comments about my usual sockpuppets were never any surprise since I’m such a homebody. I have been known to hack through on hospital’s machines and in doctor’s and clinic offices and strange computers on peoples’ desks when I’m bored but don’t think I’ve done that recently, have I?

  399. anon4 I used to use some of those anonymizers when I had a clear need to years ago but swear I haven’t in probably a decade or more. Sometimes it was the only way to communicate with some folks in some countries.

  400. I really don’t know where you’ve logged in from, Granny.

    I will say that I have logged in and blogged from Europe, from Brazil, from NOLA, Texas and Memphis and even from a camp ground in Butler, PA.

  401. Oh, I see. No, I’m not talking about an anonymizer. If you want to have internet service from your 18 wheeler or your RV, then you contract with a service for that and buy a satelite dish or whatever hardware is needed from them. Your remote access goes to the server and then out to the internet. The IP address is one assigned temporarily from that server and will show up as being the location of that server.

  402. Yes I know folks who do it that way. Old Indian trick.

  403. You don’t even have to do that now days 4, all you have to do is get Sprint service and an Evo phone. It’s a 4 wifi hub and so if you have Sprint service for your phone, viola you’ve got internet access for you computer via WiFi!!!

  404. BINGO!

    Anon4now gets it. But I dont think he is driving a moho for nobody, unless he needed a three week class on how to drive one.

    Besides, he’s usually hooked up to, or living in, a trailer.

  405. Yup, Anny, I checked into that a couplefew weeks back. I was also wanting to know if ipads could get live tv programming but they don’t. Nothing does everything for cheap yet.

  406. Granny

    “?? Get wifi”

    he he he

    wifi work while going 75 MPH? Or at that rest area 235 miles west of Austin?

    Maybe a mobile Wild Blue satellite dish would work. 70 bucks a month for 1.5 MBPS

  407. whoa, 235 west of Austin, is he hiding out at the ranch?

  408. Granny, you can get some live tv on the ipad if you get the right app.

  409. Trucker not allowed on the Ranch. Thats the hideout 20 miles away where the ones who arent worthy stay.

  410. Anny apple told me you can only ‘tivo’ type record while live then play it back afterward, nothing streaming.

    Stamp, why not just go to mcD’s or something? snangelo aint off the edge of the planet.

  411. Or did you mean one of those other ‘ranches’ out in the mesquites?

  412. I hadn’t thought in a while, YFZ has stuff delivered to a warehouse then their own trucks bring it onto the ranch from there, to keep others out.

  413. you’re right Granny, except it’s not a warehouse, its a business. all the ups stuff going to the ranch goes there, partly because ups complained about having to wait up to an hour sometimes to get someone to the gate.

    as for the tv thing, i don’t have it, but i’ve heard there’s an app called that let’s you watch live tv. i know there’s some sort of direct tv app that does, they have commercials for it.

  414. When you’re hauling a load from point a to point b, there is limited time for MickeyD breaks. And you have enough time to eat.

    Not blog.

    Depending on where you bed, maybe you get service mebbe not. Its a whole other country out there on the road.

  415. Have you been out on the road lately?

  416. I’ve pretty much hit the four corners, Alaska to Florida, Boston to San Diego.

    The drive to Hawaii was tough though!

  417. uh huh

  418. we used to go to Hawaii several times a year. i got very adept at sleeping on the tray table, it was pretty much like taking a nap at your desk at school.

  419. Several times a year? Whoa, I’d move there!

  420. Everybody please be quiet. We’re giving away too many of our closely guarded secrets. And whoever is in possession of Hugh’s driving record better shred it quickly since he may be coming after us.

    I can barely type, my hands are trembling so.

  421. Paranoid and delusional.

  422. Let’s play “COUNT THE CONSPIRACY”! It’s like those games you used to play with the kids in the car on a long road trip. Let’s count how many crazy new conspiracy theories are introduced! For extra points, count how many have already popped like soap bubbles in the evening air!

  423. Honestly, I’m truly afraid.

    I mean look look at this disguise.

    No cheesy beard or mustache, and how did he do that hair?

  424. yeah stamp, spring break and christmas for sure and usually once in the summer.

  425. Hugh’s hypocrisy will never cease to amaze me.

    Isn’t Hugh the one who has posted the bar card numbers of several different attorneys on various blogs on the internet ?

    So now Hugh is objecting to someone suggesting that he may be a truck driver because that person MIGHT HAVE checked to see if he had a license to drive a truck ? Does he have any evidence which indicates that someone checked his license number ? Of course not.

    Hugh’s hypocrisy is amazing – he sure can dish out the dirt, but if someone defends themselves or responds in kind – HOW DARE THEY !

  426. He says that I admitted to checking his DL – WTF, I only suggested that there are numerous places where it can be done without being part of Law Enforcement. His idiotness never ceases to amaze me.

    And yeah, idiotness is a word I just made up to fit Hugh.

  427. I swear what is wrong with you people? Now who told Scott about our mole in the Texas Attorney General’s office?

    What’s wrong with you guys. His powers of disguise are equally amazing.

  428. So Hugh outed himself again?

  429. Please please try not to make me laugh this hard I have asthma and cannot breathe

  430. Just for clarification, if I understand Hugh’s latest rant:

    1. Hugh is in Missoula Montana
    2. Hugh has a new job as a truck driver
    3. Hugh has been fired from more than one job because of his posts on the internet that link him with pedophilia and polygamy
    4. Hugh has been threatened with stalking or harassment charges because in a maniacal frenzy to “out” TxBluesman, he called a number of university officials at their homes (repeatedly?)
    5. After being threatened with criminal charges by a police lieutenant and a university attorney, Hugh dared them to arrest him and demanded that the subject of harassment be arrested
    6. Hugh is still defending and rationalizing his consideration of a hypothetical 7 year old for a bride
    7. Hugh considers himself the victim in all of this

    Did I get that right?

  431. And we’re all going to jail!!

    My shredder is so hot that I had to put an ice pack on it.

  432. You neglected to mention that Hugh accuses others of checking his driving licensure status without any evidence that anyone has done that, but he has posted the bar card numbers of a number of attorneys for questionable reasons.

    Of course, he is the “victim” here again.

  433. We’re laughing. We’re laughing.

  434. Please continue this discussion in the new thread, Open Discussion #39

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