Allen Steed will Proceed to Trial

UPDATE:  I have read around some of the child abuse supporter blogs, and for some crazy reason they are spinning this as a defeat for the State of Utah — even though Utah won and Steed lost.   They’re also betting that the State is going to drop the charges now that they successfully defeated Steed’s motion to dismiss (HUH??).

Let’s think this through.   The State of Utah just spent who-knows-how-much money to defeat Steed’s motion to dismiss, likely because they want to proceed to trial as opposed to harboring a secret desire to dismiss the case.    Warren’s charges have been overturned, and Utah has plenty of time to decide whether they want to retry Warren after the Texas trials.   In the meantime, if they bring Steed to trial — whether or not he is convicted — Utah can compel Steed to testify against Warren when they bring him to trial because Steed will not be able to rely on a 5th Amendment privilege against self incrimination after he has been tried.   See how nicely that fits together?   I don’t think Utah will dismiss these charges.   Elissa didn’t seem all that cheery about Warren’s charges being overturned, and she was not out lobbying Utah to dismiss his case.    Steed is the man who allegedly raped Elissa and changed her life forever.   He is suing her for defamation and using that case to conduct numerous fishing expeditions to benefit Warren and the FLDS church — Steed is her enemy in multiple venues — I’m sure Elissa wants him prosecuted and sentenced, and I’m sure she is aware of the impact Steed’s trial will have on Warren’s eventual retrial as well.  Who wants to bet?


~ by FLDS TEXAS on September 14, 2010.

34 Responses to “Allen Steed will Proceed to Trial”

  1. Is this what Warren has been fasting about? Maybe he forgot since its someone else besides him. Well, I’m sure he’ll be happy his name will still be in the Utah news after he travels the road to Texas.

  2. Whatever happens to Allen Steed, he’s a liability to Warren because he can be forced to testify against Warren when he is retried in Utah (after he’s convicted in Texas).

  3. Well put – guess that lets the gas out their bag.

    Steed wont look good trying to sue Elissa – I think thats going to backfire on them bigtime.

  4. I think it is too Chaps, can Allen’s testimony in the first Jeffs trial be used against him?

  5. PT — Yes.

  6. Cool, bring him on!!! Wonder if he’ll stand all the way through his trial like he did at Warren’s.

  7. Does Allan still live in Short Creek?

  8. I LMAO when I saw Bile’s post. As with most things, he is wrong about most of it. It wasn’t in the Court of Appeals, it wasn’t a defeat for the State, and they ain’t going drop charges.

    On a side note, for the religious among you, offer a prayer for the poor sap that they now think is me. For the deists and non-religious, just hope that the guy comes out of it OK.

    I am constantly amazed at the multitude of TBM’s that they have dug up. Shame that they still haven’t found the right one.

    BTW, the blog will come back up as soon as I can clean up the manure that was left On the Street… Geez, I go away for a bit, and it goes to ….

  9. lol, Blues, that’ll teach you to take a break and leave the lights on. 😀

    Glad you’re still around though.

  10. Good to see you back, Blues. Hope you’re well. I have been having a chuckle over the latest too. How many different people have you been now? 😀

  11. Blues

    Why do I get the feeling Street and Bile are soul brothers?

  12. Here’s what Brooke is saying about Steed

  13. wb blues, i offered up a prayer for the guy. hopefully the idiots will move on to a new project real soon.

  14. TBM,
    Good to see you back and in good health.

  15. I’ve seen exactly the same stalking strategy by medically certified paranoid schizophrenic. Just sayin’

  16. I’ve seen exactly the same stalking strategy by medically certified paranoid schizophrenic. Just sayin’

    Talk about needing a blog post – maybe I can post something on my blog by S about the pathology of some of these folks…

  17. I liked it on Bill’s blog that diesel is not buying into the feeding frenzy. To paraphrase, he says “Hey, Hugh, haven’t you been wrong like 6 times about who TBM is? Give it up, already.”. Funny.

  18. Ron,
    Let me ask my husband if he would assist you with that post, Ron….

  19. How many crazy theories have they had regarding Blue’s identity at this point ?
    Sorry, I have lost count.

  20. I have to wonder why it is so important to them to know? The only reason I can think of is that they want to send a million harassing emails and phone calls to them?

    If it were really an issue of legal ethics or something like that I imagine that the “real” lawyers and legal eagles would already be all over it – I mean for the gazillion dollars spent by the FLDS lawyers do you think they would not have put out something already on the dastardly doings of the evil corrupt law men in an appeal?

  21. Their intent is clearly harassment, HHG – there is no legal case for them to pursue.

  22. The nuts like knowing some imagined “sekrit stuff” because of the perceived power they think such knowledge imparts? I don’t know, really. They may enjoy thinking in this case that they have power to victimize some poor schmuck into losing his job and reputation?

  23. Ron,
    See the medical research article I posted on Open Discussion # 37 on the psychology of stalkers.
    Here is a copy of the link :

    Surprise – stalking behavior is frequently seen in those with narcissistic / antisocial / histrionic / delusional personality disorders.

  24. How many crazy theories have they had regarding Blue’s identity at this point ?
    Sorry, I have lost count.


    Alinusara posted about TBM in the Trib forums and the admins yanked his post.

  25. What did he say? I missed that post. The admins got it right away — good for them!

  26. I don’t understand the fascination of Blues identity. Am I missing something?

  27. Huesos, I think you’re onto something with the power of secret knowledge.

  28. The obsession, ProudTexan is that some people really like stalking those who disagree with them. You know the saying “With friends like these who needs enemies.”? Well, with friends like Bill and Hugh the FLDS definitely don’t need anything else to make them look bad. You kind of have to wonder if they’re all good buddies because of their communal lack of integrity, honesty and basic human decency.

  29. Betty, it’s only imagined power; but to them …

  30. re: Alin’s yanked post on Trib forums

    What did he say? I missed that post. The admins got it right away — good for them!


    He said he had just heard that TBM was a rent-a-cop.

  31. That gleeful rush to spread rumors rather puts to bed his claim to be a disinterested bystander, doesn’t it? 😉

  32. yup, Rebeckah, it does. Also puts a hole in that “polite” theory of Ron’s.

  33. yup, Rebeckah, it does. Also puts a hole in that “polite” theory of Ron’s

    Well, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time I’ve went off on some half-a$$ed theory.

    The guy has been nice to me. Actually, he’s been nicer to me than I have to him.

    Blues is much more blunt than I am. And I do consider myself fairly blunt. He’s also very much the law and order type that drives a lot of the anti-FLDS crowd insane.

    Like I’ve said, if the fact are against you, then you attack the people rather than deal with the facts.

  34. I have been accused of being blunt, myself. There’s a time and a place for everything, of course, but in general I like it when people are blunt with me because 1) I can relate and 2) I know where I stand. However, if we are late for an event and I ask you if this dress looks horrible, say “No, dear, you look great.” even if you are lying. LOL!

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