Warren Jeffs Fugitive Arrest Warrant

~ by FLDS TEXAS on August 23, 2010.

33 Responses to “Warren Jeffs Fugitive Arrest Warrant”

  1. Warren’s extradition hearing has been canceled for tomorrow and rescheduled to September 7th.

  2. i’m not sure why they keep rescheduling it.

  3. I don’t see any reason given either, other than Jeffs doesn’t want to go, and his attorneys like the $$

  4. Hmm, all this expensive and prolonged legal wrangling on behalf of, uh, “God…” Let’s see- he’s had to be force-fed, and his lawyers propped up by the tithes and offerings of thousands. He has never missed an opportunity to pronounce females fit for, uh, “celestial” marriage and child-bearing, but he has a female lawyer on his team. A lot of those same warrenite thousands pick up welfare payments paid for by those who don’t believe “God” should need a bunch of human lawyers and rabid supporters who defy as many laws as they can every day. What a singularly UNmighty “god” the warrenites do apparently serve. I just keep wondering when their idolatry is going to ever allow them to get a clue. What terrible,futile enslavement of the mind and heart. And wallet.

  5. Gretchen

    Yeah, for saying how he wanted to provoke a showdown with the legal authorities to prove how right he was, when push comes to shove apparently he’s not so itching for a showdown.

  6. I’m sure they like the $$$ that come from the flocks who are being fleeced. I’m betting that when Willie’s not in Court with one of the accused he’s in the twin cities holding his had out for additional tithes.

  7. It’s called “Due Process” folks. Ron, you of all people should understand how that works. The legals system has always been notoriously grinding and slow. The irony here is that they are using this system arguing for “a speedy trial” to stall, delay, and postpone the inevitable. (not to mention the capitalizing)

    but I’m curious Ron, if you have ever been anything bur a prosecutor. … just askin’ What would you do as the “defense” legal council. Assumiing that you could sell your soul out to that? lol

    From what I can see Texas is ready willing and able to do a speedy trial. But for some strange reason they don’t want that.

    Even with all the givens there is no need to rush to judgment. In spite of it all, the system still holds “innocent until proven guilty”. Or else you create martyrs. Is that what you want? If it is, then you will never get enough of it. Dress up for the hanging party.

  8. That’s the insane part BO, Texas is willing to give him what his counsel says he wants, a speedy trial. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to want that in Texas. To the best of my knowledge no one has come forward and said they are going to represent him here in Texas.

    At Wendell’s PTH the other day, Kent Shaffer commented that Gerald Goldstein can take a 2 week trial and turn it into a 4 week show, so if he wants to have a very lengthy trial, maybe he needs Goldie.

    As for Ron, you’ve got him all wrong, he is a defense counsel. Maybe you’d better go back and read his postings again.

  9. We’re in no rush, though you see due process in all the cases brought to trial so far, haven’t you? No irony whatever. They’ve gotten their IUPG each and every one and we couldn’t care less if their fairy tales include martydom for idiots, perhaps FLDS have begun to weary of the martyr game by now. The law is the law. Kinda reminds me of an old c&w song about thinking he’s winning when he’s losing and teeth out like chiclets …

  10. The FLDS lawyers have trouble following the rules too. At the PTH for Wendell, his attorney got his iPhone taken up because it went off during the hearing.

  11. Well do yourself a favor Anno 10:38 and read

    Foxe’s Book of Martyrs if you haven’t already. (which I have re-read recently) It’s a grim history.


    I’m not trying to argue that everyone who is prosecuted is persecuted but you really need to keep the “law” in the proper perspective. Especially when it comes to religious conviction. Right or wrong from a current moral perspective, the law needs to be just. The popular fervor doesn’t necessarily imply justice. Pedophile is the new Heresy, and all you need is an accusation (an anonymous phone call) and someone’s life is ruined, because we have redefined what is a child.

  12. Ogre said : but I’m curious Ron, if you have ever been anything bur a prosecutor….

    Ogre, Ron is a defense attorney.
    Good night.

  13. yes but he always defends the “victims” no?

    I’m not saying that isn’t noble. As for me, I don’t think I could ever be an Attorney. Besides not being smart enough, I just wouldn’t want that job.

  14. These laws are laws across the board in Texas. Texas is the size of many good-sized countries in the world, get used to it. Don’t keep trying to pull off any religion card, we’re disinterested. Leave the kid stuff at home. Speaking of children, as Americans we want the best for our youngsters and the means health, diet, education, and keep those gnarly fingers and other parts off them sexually, let them grow up as normal as possible including sexual maturity.

  15. The point Ron was making, Blogogre, is that Warren claimed to want a showdown with the law and now that he’s got it he seems to be having second thoughts. No one is advocating Warren’s due process be messed with. Maybe if you weren’t reading through that gigantic chip on your shoulder you’d be able to catch the drift a little better…

  16. Blogogre

    I’ve never been a prosecutor. I’ve spent all my life defending people. Civilly I’ve represented some plaintiffs but those were much more infrequent than being on the other side of the equation.

    Here’s the deal. Warren is going to lose the extradition battle. He’s basically throwing his money down a very big dry hole.

    I don’t fault Warren’s attorneys. If your client says he wants to fight something, well then you fight.

    Since the people I represent don’t have unlimited funds like apparently Warren does, I’m very pragmatic with them. Actually pragmatic to the point of being blunt. Basically, I’d tell my client, I’m willing to fight the fight but they’re going to lose and waste a whole lot of money and time.

    Which is exactly where Warren will end up. I’m not very much for making predictions, but this is one I’m willing to make.

  17. I love how BO puts “victims” in quotes. What a jerk.

  18. Ogre said : “….Especially when it comes to religious conviction. Right or wrong from a current moral perspective, the law needs to be just…. ”

    These prosecutions are against adult males for sexual contact with minors.
    There is nothing in FLDS religious dogma which requires that underage girls be married, to the best of my knowledge – therefore this is hardly a religious prosecution.
    I believe that Warren Jeffs instituted the practice of marriage of underage girls to defy the government – and now he and his followers will pay the price for that defiance.
    Members of the FLDS community could have spoken out for Warren Jeffs’ removal long ago, and then none of this would be necessary.

  19. S, I think it had been done in the past, but not so frequently or obvious as when Warren took over. Warren says in his dictations that he’s taking 2 14 year old brides to push the government into action. He succeeded and the government took action and now all his followers are crying foul at the government when they should be crying foul at him for in essence calling the government out. He waived a big red flag in their face and they responded.

    Oops, got what you asked for, did ya.

  20. If BO believes criminal acts are such a good thing he needs to do himself some I’m sure there are enough taxpayers left to support one more criminal behind bars. Enough of this BS.

  21. “S, I think it had been done in the past, but not so frequently or obvious as when Warren took over.”

    Yes, it is true that underage marriage did occur in the past, however not as frequently as it has happened in Warren’s regime.
    I have read the Book of Mormon, the Pearl of Great Price, and the D&C – although it has been a long time since I read them, there is no requirement for underage marriage in any of those texts which I can recall. So I am not clear why prosecution for underage marriages would therefore be considered a form of “religious persecution”

  22. I think you all missed the point, except Ron. You all seem to fly up and squawk like a hit bird if a point you don’t agree with or don’t understand comes anywhere near you.

    I agree with Ron’s prediction. They should plead to a life sentence instead of 3 or 5 of them consecutive. Save the expense and the expose’.

    Persecution and prosecution are mutually exclusive. You can’t have it both ways. That’s why I said the law has to be just.

    as to “victims” – sometimes the accused are the victims — so why the personal attack?

    I am not arguing in defense of underage or coercive marriage, my point is that when the law takes on religion it needs to be very careful not to create martyrs. That door swings both ways.

    I’m sorry I didn’t mean to rain or your little parade here. I was just pointing out that “everyone is out of step but little Johnny” lol

  23. Yes Granny, I confess. I am guilty of a thought crime. Pretty soon you will be too when you finally get your way and make it a against the law to think anything different than your favorite dictator.

  24. As I was saying…

    Persecution and prosecution are mutually exclusive. You can’t have it both ways. That’s why I said the law has to be just.

    Additionally, to this point, is that a guilty verdict is not by definition proof of either. I see a lot of that kind of logic here; that a rack up of convictions proves the point. It doesn’t. That point is made at a different level of understanding the law and the testament, historically and now as well.

  25. What goshoffal bullcrap

  26. We knew cousin Joe was a criminal and crook when we ran him outta NY down into PA and then outta PA to OH … too bad so many more of my cousins took to following that bunch including bringem young down out of VT.

  27. “Yes Granny, I confess. I am guilty of a thought crime. Pretty soon you will be too when you finally get your way and make it a against the law to think anything different than your favorite dictator.”

    That chip just keeps getting bigger and bigger…

  28. Ogre said :
    “That’s why I said the law has to be just.”

    are you suggesting that the law is not just ?
    which law are you referring to ?

  29. Rebeckah the guy does not want life better, chooses not to give up bigotry, smallness and hatred.

    Every thing has its price or as they say, TANSTAAFL.

  30. Sorry I can’t wait for your response, I will return this evening.

  31. “as to “victims” – sometimes the accused are the victims — so why the personal attack?”

    Because your comment about Ron, with quotes around it, was a personal attack of Ron. I’m just more honest than you are.

  32. Those crikker anarchists are used to it being their way or the highway.

  33. dear lil unkidub in no way qualifies to be seen as any kind of martyr, in any way, shape, or form. Some former flds that are in their forties, fifties, and sixties, who knew him for many years, have even said that his sex crimes against those younger than himself began when warren dear was but a young man himself– possibly even in his teens. Some of his own siblings cannot stand him and know what he is capable of. Others. like Brent Jeffs, knows what “the prophet” can do and has done. Elissa wall describes how Rulon was warm and understanding to her but warren was cold and dictatorial to her right afterward. He has been a pervert, an evil, money-grabbing, family-destroying, dastardly little man,for quite a long time now and he knows it when he is lucid. However, he is so addicted to his self- appointed masquerade, and has such a large deluded bunch still living in lalaland where he’s concerned, that he lapses back into his pathetic “Look, I’m just like Jesus” act whenever the time is right. It is a mercy and relief that he is not running around free. He needed to be locked up a very long time ago. He’s nuts and it’s sad. He pasted a meek face over his cruel heart for many years, and quite unfortunately, apparently thousands are still buying the idea that he’s “perfect.” Lordy, what a circumscribed, odd, and pitiable life his loyal followers insist on living. I am still rooting for as many as possible of them to come to their senses, and learn to deal constructively and immediately with the let-down when they finally stop denying what a freak warren is.

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