Arizona Public Info Request to Twin Cities

~ by FLDS TEXAS on August 22, 2010.

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  1. Looks like they are getting very specific.

  2. Clearly have a list of incidents that they want information on all related to UEP and apostate interations with the Marshall’s office.

    Key was the request for “training and advice” on how to handle UEP disputes and the request for any communications with the officials of Hildale and CC.

    Finally of interest was a general and blanket call for any interaction logged with Willie Jessop with respect to Berry Knolls Hill farm…

    also mentioned the missing divots…

    but no mention of sacred cows.!!!!

  3. This request is dated 1/18/10. So, have they gotten information?

  4. I think they got a lot of information, Betty, but none of it what was asked for. That’s why they’re claiming they’ve turned over “thousands” of papers. Yeah, but thousands of papers of the inventory in the break room doesn’t answer the request for information. 🙂

  5. Ah, the old “keep them busy wading through useless paper” ploy.

  6. I heard that someone bought some animals for the zoo and that Willie’s brother Dee “took care of them” meaning he killed them.

  7. Anon 10:37 – why did he kill animals intended for a zoo?

  8. because they were bought by apostates.

  9. I doubt they killed the animals that were in the zoo. sold them, maybe. but they had too much money invested in them to just kill them off.

  10. this wasn’t the original animals, they sold those, but some new animals were bought to try to bring back the zoo. those are the ones that dee killed.

  11. Dee sounds as though he may be quieter but sicker than Willie. What do I know.

  12. Wasn’t it Dee in San Angelo threatening witnesses?

  13. yes, same person.

  14. What did he do in San Angelo to threaten the witnesses ?

  15. He was stalking Sam Brower. Booked a room right next to him.


  17. Also some shooting close in the neighborhood where someone was a guest?

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