OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK ACQUIRES POLYGAMY FILM: Film exposing Warren Jeffs polygamist crimes to be broadcast nationally


~ by FLDS TEXAS on July 30, 2010.

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  1. This is so awesome. I can’t wait to watch it.

  2. I am glad to have had the opportunity to see the film and meet with the cast in person. Cannot wait to see it again on Oprah.

  3. Yipee!!!!

  4. I’d like to think the Oprah team feels remorse for their puff piece on the YFZ Ranch a couple of years ago and this is a way of atoning. It’s much more likely that they know Jeffs and the FLDS are going to be newsworthy for a good while and they want to capitalize on it. But whatever their reasons, I am very glad to see this film get a much wider distribution.

  5. I’m wondering what will be done with the film. I home not stored away …

  6. I think this is great. The flds can run, but cannot hide their nefarious acts.

  7. Granny Toad, don’t worry, the documentary will not be stored away.

    Oprah is starting an entire new TV network in January. It will be called OWN as in Oprah Winfrey Network. She will offer Sons of Perdition for download and she’ll have monthly recommended films, similar to her “Book of the Month” club.

    The Sons of Perdition documentary will get TONS of exposure. Willie had better start thinking up some good excuses and memorizing them now.

  8. Cannot wait to see the lies that they will spin up to deride the members of the cast.

    Now that should be comical.

    What clever lies will they have to spin to deny the REALITY of the 14 yr old attempting to escape her arranged marriage with videotape running and the police making an intervention….

  9. They know it’s criminal and “necessary” to keep quiet.

  10. I so totally can’t wait to see the US version.

  11. I’d like to see it, too. Read all the books. Watched a few films and followed with interest the Big Love saga. As for Oprah buying this film due to feeling “remorse for their puff piece on the YFZ Ranch” – No, cannot agree with that. Oprah was kind in her coverage and tried to be fair. She treated those ladies and girls with respect. I really admire her taking on the whole project and wish she would follow up. But then they probably are not giving anymore interviews. Wonder what will surface next with their support of Warren Jeffs? Looks like they would cut their losses and accept his original resignation and admission of being a fraudulent prophet, and then do some house cleaning.

  12. You do know Oprah documented liars and criminals, child abuse and abused children via going along with the pretenses, yes?

  13. Sons of Perdition will be shown at the Salt Lake City Film Festival August 12-15.

    Salt Lake City Film Festival to screen more than 20 narrative and documentary features


  14. GrannyRoad, Im just saying I thought Oprah was being a polite investigative reporter and was able to get into the ranch and talk with the children and women more than most anyone I can recall. I thought she was fair, even when asking ole Willie at the gate if a black person like herself would be welcome inside. She could have confronted him with the teachings of Jeffs against her own people and put him in his place, but she didnt.

  15. Sorry GrannyToad…

  16. That’s right she sure did, got a black woman into the ranch and the house.

  17. Later Oprah said that she liked Betty, but she didn’t believe Betty when Betty told her that she didn’t know of any underage marriages.

  18. I use to like watching the Oprah show until I saw how she played the Audience with the “Exclusive Look inside the YFZ Ranch” and used the show for a ratings boost but blocked off the right side of her brain and reported the story with limitations.

    To me that means : a.someone told her what to report on (which makes the report less believable)
    b. Used the whole thing for ratings

    I think it was A.

  19. Sons of Perdition update : Directors Jennilyn and Tyler will be a full hour on RadioWest tomorrow morning at 11:00 MST. (KUER 90.1 in Utah, XM Radio Channel 133 or listen live at kuer.org)

  20. There’s a new narrative film out on polygamy, a thriller called, “Follow The Prophet”. Here’s a link: http://www.followtheprophetmovie.com/

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