Arizona Civil Rights Complaint

This is progress!   I will add commentary later this evening.   Way to go Arizona! (Where’s Utah?)


~ by FLDS TEXAS on June 29, 2010.

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  1. check out page 19. idiot willie had people out there digging up the property saying they were stealing utilities and then had he nerve to charge them for it. willie just needs to wear a sign that says MORON!!!

  2. The whole effin thing reeks. I’m relieved that the federal government has at last stepped up.

  3. Huesos, the federal government has NOT stepped up. This is a civil right’s discrimination case that has been filed in the federal court in Maricopa County, State of Arizona.

    This civil right’s lawsuit was filed by the Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard.

    The “feds” are involved only because it was filed in federal court as opposed to the usual FLDS cases that are filed in Mohave County Superior Court. This move should provide some unbiased federal judges – not the usual Mohave County clown judges Conn, Weiss, etc.

  4. i had hopes for federal stuff when fbi agent broadway testified that the fbi had warrants out for warren’s arrest along with those of utah and arizona.

  5. A fun little tidbit of behind the scene info:

    The attorney representing Ron and Jinger Cooke is named William Walker. Bill Walker is a fabulous attorney from Tucson who is highly aware of the abuses the FLDS inflict on former members. Bill represented Ruth Stubbs in her civil lawsuit against polygamous police officer Rodney Holm.

    Gee, what other Tucson attorney are we familiar with?????

    Michael Picaretta – of course!

    It just so happens that Bill Walker and Mike Picaretta were once partners together in a law firm.

    Oh my, such a small world! This case could be a lot of fun if Pic is hired to represent the FLDS.

  6. Be aware that this info was disclosed here on this blog FIRST.

    If Brooke Adams swipes it and runs with it, we’ll all know that she swiped it from this blog, as this is not info she would be privy to any other way.

  7. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if Brooke stole it.

  8. I wouldn’t either Nocturnal Anon, but we’ll know that she got this info from this blog and not from some supposedly spectacular investigative reporter’s efforts.

  9. you know, if pic and walker were partners together when walker represented ruth stubbs, it’s possible that he’d have a conflict of interest. hmmmmmmm if they were partners, he’d have a conflict when he was representing warren. maybe that should be looked in to a little further.

    as for brooke, she’ll probably swipe it.

  10. what spectacular investigative reporter’s efforts you talkin about willis?

  11. check out page 19. idiot willie had people out there digging up the property saying they were stealing utilities and then had he nerve to charge them for it. willie just needs to wear a sign that says MORON!!!

    ProudTexan said this on June 29, 2010 at 6:44 PM

    Willie Jessop is a real piece of work. He is the official FLDS spokesman? He’s the best they’ve got to publicly interact with the media and the outside world?

    BWAA HA HA HA HA HA. Pitiful.

  12. Not Willie’s investigative efforts ProudTexan. Brooke’s lack of utilizing investigative reporter’s efforts. I was being sarcastic.

    Brooke is certainly no Mike Watkiss, John Dougherty, Ben Winslow or Brent Hunsaker when it comes to ferreting out information and the truth about the FLDS.

    Interesting how non “polygamy beat” reporters can so often do such a superior job of covering this important matter and these other guys don’t need to wear a tiarra in the process of telling the world what their research has uncovered.

    Maybe it just boils down to the pros vs the primma donas.

  13. why did they pick Willie to be spokesperson?

    I would have thought they would choose someone who was better educated, well spoken, and had a more professional appearance. He comes off like a bad imitation of a mafia don.

  14. i’m not sure they picked him so much as he appointed himself, remember, he is wee willie the thug

  15. Belle, that is an interesting question. Perhaps there was no FLDS member who fit the ideal “public spokesman candidate” so the situation became a “tag you’re it” scenario for Willie.

    I have been told by “those who know” that Willie Jessop does have his church credentials to openly and publicly speak for this group. It appears that Willie speaks with church-sanctioned approval.

    So. I guess that the FLDS is still happy with the willieisms he spews because he continues to appear in front of a camera at every FLDS happening.

    This is America. It is a free country where you can both present yourself as an utter fool and shoot yourself in the foot if you bring the right ammunition. The FLDS continues to bring Willie the Thug … ammunition enough.

  16. Judge Conn and Judge Weiss are not the clowns. They’re real judges and they have no history of favoring the FLDS. It’s Kalauli (the JP) who was disqualified from the UEP trespass case for bias and who is in the FLDS back pocket.

    Ok, other than that …. WOW at this complaint. Willie Jessop is right in the middle of it again. They have gotten so brazen with the mobster style behavior. It’s unbelievable that Willie would have the backhoes dig up their property while there is a Civil Right investigation under way!!! And the invoice from South Side Irrigation –that’s Willie’s company that he created to deed water rights to himself from an entity that didn’t own the water rights. The water is the property of the UEP and it is Willie who has committed theft of the water. Looking at that complaint and the number of times Willie Jessop is mentioned, I’d say Willie’s goose is cooked. Goddard is not going to back down. Also, this complaint sets up a perfect scenario for the Twin Cities to be disincorporated or placed in receivership or whatever action it is that will take control of the municipal functions away from the corrupt FLDS.

  17. Not entirely sure I trust Bill Walker … mainly because he was formerly associated with Piccarreta

  18. I just read this document in its entirety and my eyes prick from a desire to cry….. what kind of group of good kind people are these? Where are all the community members of good kind people while this is going on? Is there no compassion in the hearts of the average FLDS member?

  19. WOW

    Well, maybe Willie can talk to the Arizona press now about how this is America and how well they always treat their fellow citizens!

  20. Belle du Jour, Dan Barlow used to be the spokesman for the FLDS. Compared to Willie. he was well spoken and had a more professional appearance.

    Too bad Warren kicked him out in 2004 and they now have the mafia don representing them to the public.

    Dan at least came across as grandfatherly and not as a bully.

  21. It seems that willie is “running the show” in the texas cases because he doesn’t live here and isn’t “involved”. maybe some other lucky thug will be picked as the “spokesman” in this case since willie appears to be waist deep in doodoo here.

  22. Wrong is wrong. Actions have consequences.

    I’m guessing FLDS buy Willie’s BS because they’re cluefree about realworld people and what we believe, will and won’t put up with, from the likes of him.

    If the state’s won’t crash on Willie & FLDS surely the federal government will and can move in.

  23. It would seem that the FLDS did whatever they wanted to do in Short Creek for so long, with no consequences, that they have become too arrogant to comprehend that they are not above the law.

  24. I think it will come as a large surprise. I think charges should be filed against the officer who arrested Ron Cooke on the basis of false arrest and imprisonment and his peace officer credentials taken away.

  25. Anon,
    Why was Dan Barlow removed from his position as spokesperson ?

  26. He was kicked out of the FLDS, Belle. Warren was afraid of his influence in the community, I assume.

  27. Obvioulsy he wasnt kicked out for that reason, The Prophet doesnt need to worry about such things as he is the only one influencing the community!

    Also, whoever is a spokesperson for the church is obvioulsy chosen and going through The Prophet.

  28. Rebeckah,
    I am asking what the ostensible reason was for Dan being ex’ed – not about Warren Jeff’s real motivation.

  29. Rebeckah’s right, a whole group of Barlow men were kicked out when Warren was usurping power after Rulon’s death. He was afraid they’d challenge him and that was how he made sure they didn’t.

  30. Anon @ 11:32, you need to get your head of out of the sand. The so called prophet is a phony and fake and is really the leader of a cult of people who are mostly criminals.

  31. Anon @ 11:32
    Why are you here reading and posting when it is against FLDS protocol? Aren’t you violating your religious beliefs?

  32. In Warren’s dictations, he mentions that Dan was involved in taking Uncle Parley off life support and letting him go, and wanting to be an apostle. I am not aware of any other “crimes” he did. Publicly, he stated “you have judged others when you had no right to.”

    An additional crime on Louis was teaching that what men and women do is their business and no one elses, including the prophet.

  33. Guys, it is not filed in Federal District Court, it is filed in an Arizona court, citing violation of the Arizona fair housing laws. Based on what I’ve read, they would have a very strong 1983 claim, but as yet have not filed one. If they did, it would likely end up in Federal Court (although state courts can also hear those claims).

  34. “I am asking what the ostensible reason was for Dan being ex’ed – not about Warren Jeff’s real motivation.”

    Oh. Warren didn’t always give reasons. In fact, he often told the men to write letters of confession but if they didn’t confess the “right” things then the letter wasn’t properly repentant. I don’t know if any reason for Dan’s exing was ever given. Anyone else know?

  35. Oh, I see Cement got that one. Thanks!

  36. The FLDS 101 blog has an article about the events that led to Dan Barlow being “ex’ed.”

  37. Thanks for the heads up Anon in Florida.

  38. Anon in FLA and whomever writes the FLDS 101 blog – thank you, thank you for that info on Dan Barlow

    I would just like to add a few things –

    LeRoy Johnson was suffering from shingles – a really nasty and painful disorder.

    Marion Hammon was that 2nd priesthood council member who went across the highway with Alma Timpson and started the Centennial Park group.

    I knew that the LDS church had expressed an interest in putting a ward house in Colorado City. I was not aware of the details of why it never happened. Thanks for sharing.

    Did Bill Clinton get his idea of messing around with all of those other women (I did not have sex with Ms. Lawenski) after his meeting Dan Barlow?

    If Uncle Fred was in support of the 50th anniversary of the 53′ raid, is that why Warren had him hauled out of the creek, never to be seen again by the community before he died?


    In 2005 Dan was not only working (as a welder) in St. George, he was also receiving his son Gideon’s welfare and medicaid benefits. Although the young boy was not living with him and had been taken into the home of a loving couple trying to get the boy medical benefits, “Dad” was receiving/intercepting Gideon’s benefits ilegally.

    It was nice that Dan was able to visit with is children living on the YFZ ranch. What a sad situation that his young, beautiful wife and his children had been taken from him, reassigned and then moved off to Texas, never (until the fluke raid) to see or be seen by their father again.

    Finally, Dan’s outspokenness quoted in this write-up sounds VERY familiar. “There must be due process for these families. This is so much like an ethnic cleansing, to persecute these people. I can’t sit quiet, I don’t know of any time or place where government has so abused the rights of people.”

    Did Willie steal Dan’s line?

  39. What an infestation of damned crooks. Not just crooks, damned crooks.

  40. Ron and Jinjer HAVE filed in 1983 claim themselves, in federal district court in Arizona. Case No. is 3:10-cv-08105-JAT for those with Pacer access.

  41. In short, Dan did not buy into Warren’s total control of every aspect of the lives of those in the FLDS.

  42. “Finally, Dan’s outspokenness quoted in this write-up sounds VERY familiar. “There must be due process for these families. This is so much like an ethnic cleansing, to persecute these people. I can’t sit quiet, I don’t know of any time or place where government has so abused the rights of people.”

    Clearly Dan was under the control of Satan. EVERYONE knows that it is the United States Government that practices genocide and ethnic cleansing. (And only against the FLDS, oddly enough.) No wonder he was kicked out.

    (That was sarcasm, for those who might have been confused.)

  43. … and Dan wasn’t exactly an ethical person either… diverting his son’s benefits….


    In 2001, Dan Barlow Jr., son of the Colorado City mayor, was charged with 14 counts of sexual abuse, accused of repeatedly molesting his five daughters, ages 12 to 19, over several years. According to the police report, Barlow confessed to the crimes.

    Letters begging for mercy poured into Ekstrom’s office in Kingman, Ariz. The daughters expressed love for their father and asked that he not get any prison time. They also asked that they not be required to testify against him.

    FLDS member LeRoy Fischer said Barlow shouldn’t be jailed because he was the only locksmith in town and “a prison sentence would only add an additional burden to society.”

    Floyd Barlow, the defendant’s son, said his abused sisters “look happy” and could get emotional help from their mother if necessary.

    Barlow was allowed to plead guilty to a single, lesser charge of sexual abuse, and was sentenced to 120 days in jail — most of which was suspended. He served 13 days.

    Where was Dan Barlow’s voice when this was going on?

  45. FYI, Tucson attorney Bill Walker, who handled the Ruth Stubbs/Rod Holm custody case for Ruth, filed a tandem civil rights suit to Arizona AG in U.S. District Court in Prescott, AZ. sometime last week. Walker is representing Ron and Jinjer Cooke.

  46. Good.

  47. Brooke speaks but no mention of Willietard diggin’ anything up at all…

  48. From the article linked above “Also, an irrigation company has accused the Cookes of diverting water — something they deny.”

    Does this reporter not know this irrigation company belongs to Willie Jessop or is this fact intentionally left out of the article?

    And I agree that it’s odd there was no mention that this 3rd party “irrigation company” (NOT the Twin City Water Works) dug up the Cooke’s yard and then sent them a bill.

    Piss poor reporting, if you ask me.

  49. Thanks for the find, Boots!

    Yes it is poor reporting as well, considering the story is a week old with 20 minutes invested in it.

    One thing I didnt see, as told on another site, is that they required construction plans for a water hookup (though it had already been approved), the city HAD the plans, and wouldnt provide them.

    No, this kind of discrimination shouldnt be mixed in with running a city. This UEP Work experiment was a failure.

    It became the United Extortion Plan.

    The fantasy has gone on long enough, it didnt work out, face the facts.

  50. And speaking of Brooke, it appears her blog has kinda crashed on the rocks. It wont load, its messed up, no new posts, its neglected.

  51. I got Brooke’s blog to load, but you’re right about it not being updated much. Her last update was over a week ago and there are only a hand full of people commenting.

  52. I can get it to load as well, but it is really slow and as such its almost a fatal handicap. I’ve got a good connection, I imagine others with slower speeds would simply quit visiting.

    The new SLTRIB site is also plagued with speed and loading issues IMO but not as bad. The comments are but a fraction of the past, and that goes for all articles.

  53. Maybe Brooke abandoned her blog because she’d long ago abandoned any search for the truth. It’s hard to be an objective reporter when your eyes are closed and you have hands over your ears and you mouth is screaming ‘LALALALALALA’. When her eyes are open, they wear blinders for anything pro flds, while her ears search for the ‘truth’ via willie’s speechifying.

  54. I couldn’t get Brooke’s blog to load. Wasn’t it being supported by the SLTrib, and didn’t she say there were changes coming? You would think she would have been ready on a new venue, or maybe she’s only going to use Twitter.

    Good riddance to some of those horrible posters she had anyway.

  55. i couldn’t get it to load either anon e mouse. just as well.

  56. The path has changed. Have you gone to the sltrib, then found their “blogs” page, then found her blog on that page?

  57. Yes Betty I have and the web URL did not change (for me) from what is was a month ago. From the link you posted off of the SLT main page and the URL I had accessed in the past, I saw NO difference. The URL appears to be the same

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

  58. It still just blows me away that one of the oldest, largest and only non-LDS-owned newspapers in Salt Lake City, Utah has a predominant newspaper section and an entire reporter’s blog devoted to the topic of Morman-originated polygamy featured/linked on the FRONT PAGE of their newly designed web site and their July 2010 one-and-only “polygamy beat” reporter does not seem to be reporting this “main page” news.


  59. I gave up on Brooke’s blog several months ago when she was moderating and limiting comments. I have not tried to access her new improved blog znd based on the comments here do not see any need to do so.

  60. More accurately, it should really be the “one-and-only polygyny beat reporter” and “The Polygyny File”.

    The FLDS would never in a million trillion years sanction the marriage of one woman to multiple men. Not at the same time, at least. Women getting “re-sealed” to multiple men in a row (sometimes in the space of just a few years) seems to be pretty common under Warren Jeffs.

    They’d rather turn their back on all the “extra” men and tell themselves that there just aren’t enough “good men” to go around.

  61. if you notice, there was a pattern of the few who got the wives. wendell got most of uncle fred’s wives. fred’s stepson william timpson jessop got a few, but wendell probably got those too when timpson-jessop was exed. wendell got the lion’s share of leroy’s also.

    warren divided his father’s wives up among him (getting the most) and his brothers. seth, isaac, nephi and abram each got a few. merril got most of the joseph steed castoffs. this brings up the question of who will get the merril castoffs when he kicks the bucket. most of his original wives are gone. fonetta and babs kicked the bucket, ruth’s in a looney bin and carolyn had the guts and fortitude to get the hell out of dodge, so merril’s only got 2 or 3 who were his first and not castoff’s of someone else.

  62. I feel sorry for the guy who gets screeching Kathleen.

  63. I feel bad for all the women who get reshuffled and dealt out like a hand of po ker by master car dsharp Warren Jeffs. I feel especially bad for the women whose new husbands are more interested in their new unmarried stepdaughters than their new wives.

    But most of all, I feel bad for the children who get tossed around in all this.

    The men, I have little sympathy for.

  64. Ariz. AG alleges faith-based housing discrimination

    But Blake Hamilton, a Salt Lake City attorney who represents the cities and the water authority, said when the evidence comes out, it won’t support the allegations.

    “It’s important for people to know that the cities worked very hard at trying to resolve this matter before it got to litigation,” Hamilton said Wednesday.

    Gee, it seems really simple to resolve this matter – just provide the Cookes water from the PUBLIC water company.

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