Interview with Sons of Perdition’s Measom and Merten

Sons of Perdition has been doing very well!   The film has been featured in three film festivals:  Tribeca, Telluride, and this weekend the film is showing at the SilverDocs documentary film festival in DC — having been selected as one of only 11 films out of 2,000+ submissions to compete in the Sterling US Feature Competition.

Below the picture is a link to a great interview with Tyler and JenniLyn about the film and its context and some follow-up on the boys who are featured in the film.

Click  HERE to read Washington City Paper interview with Tyler Measom and Jennilyn Merten, producers/ directors of Sons of Perdition

~ by FLDS TEXAS on June 26, 2010.

27 Responses to “Interview with Sons of Perdition’s Measom and Merten”

  1. Will this film be on cable? Not familiar with how to find these kinds of films.

  2. I’d like to know also.

  3. Anon the Elder and Proud,
    Check their Facebook page for updates on showings and possible release on cable TV. The producers will answer any questions posed to them on Facebook.

  4. And it will be available through Netflix from what I understand — if you subscribe to that. We don’t have cable but we do have Netflix. 🙂

  5. I”ll subscribe to netflix for long enough to get it and watch it.

  6. I have found Netflix to be a good deal and there is a huge amount of variety available. I can feed my weird foreign movie tastes or try out an exercise video before buying it while my husband indulges his appreciation for comic books and movies with lots of explosions. No driving to the store to return stuff. We don’t have cable, we rarely see movies in the theater, we don’t rent them from blockbuster or buy them much anymore so we are saving a lot. I think my next cost cutting will be to kill the land line phone numbers.

  7. I’ve killed my land line and don’t miss it a bit. I transferred it over to a Sprint number, but when the contract is up, I’m ditching it too.

  8. I use the library, the internet and I swap and recycle books at the used book store. Our biggest luxuries are live music, good wine and craft supplies. I used to feel guilty because of what I spent on craft supplies, but now that he has a wood shop, the tables are turned. I’d have to buy a whole lot of yarn or beads to equal one router table.

  9. i hear ya betty.

  10. I have always heard the flds numbers quoted as 10000, but they were mentioned in the interview as 30000. Does anyone know which is more accurate?

  11. I’d say that 10,000 is more accurate. I don’t think there’s 30,000. but I have no numbers to quote, just my experience.

  12. 10000 is the number I’ve always associated with the FLDS, but like yehaaa6, I have nothing to back it up, only remembering what I’ve heard.

  13. 30,000-35,000 is the setimated number of polygamists in Utah. The flds are estimated to number 6000-10,000.

  14. Thankyou for the clarification. So is 10000 the hilldale/ colarado city estimate, or does it include the flds in Texas and various other places?

  15. From what I have read, there are an estimated total of approximately 60,000 – 100,000 fundamentalist Mormon polygamists in the West in total, including all the established groups (AUB, Kingston, Harmon, etc) and independent Mormon polygamists. There are supposedly approximately 60,000 – 100,000 Muslim polygamists as well in the US.

  16. The 10,000 would include the yfz. When the rescue occured in 2008 there were less than 1000 living at the yfz ranch.

  17. The anon using racist language above is not me, the anon who was asking about flds numbers. Just wanted to clarify that

    (Admin edit)

    Offending post deleted

  18. In my time I’ve run across bigamists and trigamists and … 😉 or what I’m saying is men with assorted wives and families who are not mormon based.

    One of my own grandfathers took our family up into Alberta Canada where he dumped them, my own mother didn’t know him. I do genealogy and bygolly I found him, or where he died in ID in the 1950s. My grandmother told me he’d never divorced her. There in his obit it addresses his “wife” and that he only had one other child a son by a 1st wife, various other lies he’d apparently told her since she gave the info. I doubt that was any bother to him, those lies, he came from a family that were among the mormon pioneers. Kinda funnier he had a german fixation during that period of our history when German may have nearly become our official language.

  19. Look, anonymous trolls, (yes, I mean both — if there ARE two posters and not just sockpuppets) take your juvinile drivel elsewhere. The boys in the documentary are NOT liars as shown by Warren’s dictations, various letters and other sources. An ALL polygamists are not “proven child molesters and murders” although there are certainly examples of both within various polygamist sects and religiously mandated polygyny does create an atmosphere where abuse can flourish. Now get lost!

  20. I’m the anon who was asking for clarification of numbers, and I can assure you I’m genuine and not a troll. I sometimes post as Melissa.
    Don’t quite know how that spurred racist rants, but I’m genuine and not a sock puppet.

  21. Nor was it me saying the boys are liars. Although I haven’t seen the film, I think they are very brave for participating in it, and my heart goes out to the boy who is trying to make a life for himself at the same time as supporting his mother and younger siblings.

  22. I actually saw the film, and spoke to the cast in the Q&A session that followed. I am of the opinion that what they say is factual. The live video of a 14 yr old girl screaming that she did not want to marry an older men was quite compelling – the police were called as her mother attempted to keep her from entering a rescue vehicle.

  23. sorry, it should read above “she did not want to marry an older man”

  24. “Don’t quite know how that spurred racist rants, but I’m genuine and not a sock puppet.

    What are you calling a “racist rant”?

  25. Never mind, Melissa, scrolling up I see that the post was removed — as were the two posts I was responding to. I doubt I called you a sockpuppet — I was responding to two posts that were between Catwhisperer’s and mine but they’re gone now. Signing “Melissa” at the bottom of your posts is sufficient to diferentiate you from the many other “anonynmouses” so if you keep doing that it will be much easier to respond to your posts specifically.


  26. It will be interesting to see what Big Love shows next season and if they get close to factual occurances.

  27. It looks to me like Big Love is already headed in that direction, with two of the three wives exhibiting extreme dissatisfaction in their marriage to “Bill”

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