Guilty: Abram Jeffs

Abram Jeffs found guilty of sexual assault of a child after a Schleicher County jury deliberated 35 minutes.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on June 22, 2010.

19 Responses to “Guilty: Abram Jeffs”

  1. I just came here to post the same thing.

    I read about it here

  2. Good!!

  3. Penalty phase starts at 1:00.

  4. Good to see that Texas is doing the right thing!

  5. Wow. 35 minutes. I imagine the jury reached the verdict in five minutes, then waited another 30 minutes so it wouldn’t look like they were rushing.

  6. excellent news ! lets hope that it has a deterrent effect on underage “marriages”

  7. I’m guessing he’ll get about 35 years in prison.


  8. Another Zipper Peep bites the dust!

    Perpwalk at 11!

  9. Bet Joran WanderSlut wishes he was hanging with the Zipper bunch right now, even the ones in Texas prisons.

  10. haha…I bet Joran does wish he were in a Texas prison. But..glad he did make it to Texas..could’a hurt or killed one of ours!!!!

  11. No peek a boo, Abram is the real loser, along with his teenage victim.

    I’m thinking sentence by this time tomorrow.

  12. Guess Warren will have some relatives in prison.

    All in the family!

    This one is his little brother!

  13. I guess the FLDS don’t see the pattern here and just keep going to trial HOPING one of them will escape justice. CONFESS ALREADY

  14. I guess the FLDS don’t see the conviction pattern here and just keep going to trial HOPING one of them will escape Texas justice. CONFESS ALREADY and go join your outlaw brothers in prison. Save taxpayer money!

  15. Here is where RIH and TBM need to surface.

    My uneducated guess is that in order to appeal they need to plead innocent and go through the motions of a defense…., not a real defense in which they call witnesses that could be cross examined, and to a “I proudly plead guilty because it is my religious right” defense, but a “sham” defense.

    If my guess is correct if makes me wonder what gives on the one who plead guilty…. did they give him the word that he wouldn’t get legal funds for an appeal?

  16. Was Abram also found guilty of bigamy today ?

  17. HHG –
    I thought that by pleading “no contest” it still enables you to appeal. They did not actually plead guily.

  18. Breaking news:

    SENTENCE: 17 years, 10,000 fine

    No probation possible.

  19. You’re penitentiary bound boy.

    A song of your new life:

    A. Jeff it’s only a matter of time before your bad azz brother Warren joins you dude!

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