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~ by FLDS TEXAS on June 19, 2010.

13 Responses to “UEP Newsletter”

  1. Good for Wisan to try in any way possible to get the information to the people of the Crik.

  2. too bad they probably won’t read it. or if they do, it will be twisted by the leadership to fit their reasoning.

  3. But he’s trying. Maybe he should have some dropped on a flyover.

  4. hi yehaa
    how is school going?

  5. “After receiving a deed, individuals are free to convey the property to the FLDS Church or any other person or organization of
    their choosing.”

    If this is the case and given the fact that the FLDS members have made it clear that they want the UEP under FLDS control; the lawsuits and massive public protests have born that out. Why even bother with that last step? What is the point if Wisan is willing to let them reconvey their property back to the FLDS church? Seems pointless to give them deeds since we all know they will deed it back.

  6. Well anonymous at 11:20 pm, I wouldn’t count on that.
    I think some apostates and lost boys want their property back.

  7. hey HHG, I am starting college in the fall, working for the summer. so everything’s going pretty well considering. 🙂

    and yeah, people are going to oppose Wisan and his helpers tooth and nail. it’s not going to be a simple process, and it’ll be frustratingly painful. honestly, I don’t know if there is a resolution that will help all the people that want things from the trust. hopefully they can find some middle ground somehow.

  8. If only a few people get their deeds, the word of that will spread like wildfire. Then the church leaders are going to suddenly look a bit different to everyone. If the members want to take the deeds and then give them back to the church, they can. Why should that seem evil to anyone?

  9. Lest we forget the ultimate agenda of the FLDS: No outsiders, and especially, apostates living in their midst. They can and will turn over deeds to their church, but they are concerned about those who won’t.

  10. Of course they are worried about those who won’t. They may find the ranks of the faithful are a lot thinner than they thought if they do not have the power of eviction over them.

  11. i guess i just don’t understand why the ones in charge are so opposed to the distribution of land, are they really so afraid of their hold on these people that they don’t trust them to turn the deed over to the church once they receive it? that is what has always baffled me about this whole mess. let wisan distribute the land and then just collect up the deeds. they’d still be able to use their hellfire and damnation speech to badger the faithful (or not so faithful) into turning the deed over.

  12. ProudTexan: I think your first guess is probably right. I doubt the FLDS leadership would oppose land distribution so much if they felt confident the land would end up in their pockets.

    They claim that land distribution is contrary to their way of living. But, as many others have pointed out, anyone who wanted to could immediately deed their land over to Warren Jeffs and his cronies.

    I think the leadership’s real fears are:
    1) people they consider “apostates” could end up legally owning Short Creek land and,
    2) current FLDS members might be less inclined to “keep sweet” and tithe regularly if they didn’t face the threat of eviction.

  13. yeah, it might be tougher to “keep sweet” if you aren’t threatened all the time.

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