Arizona Charges Against Warren Jeffs Dismissed


~ by FLDS TEXAS on June 9, 2010.

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  1. Bring him on to Texas!!!

  2. Wow.

  3. I’m not surprised that the victims don’t wish to pursue it. He would get credit for time served and be going back to Utah and/or on to Texas anyway. He’s already spent all the time in an Arizona jail that he will have to serve.

    Even after his trial in Texas, he’ll go back to Utah and serve out his sentence there before serving any time in Texas. He got 5 years to life in Utah, so who knows how long that sentence actually will be. Utah can’t release him as long as there are charges pending/jail time waiting in Texas.

  4. It’s too bad that the Arizona charges were dropped, but I completely understand why.

    Warren now needs to go to Texas where there are VERY strong cases with DNA evidence and VERY possible outcomes for many years of incarceration.

    Matt Smith has done a great job for Mohave County. He hired Gary Engel; he got some indictments (he can’t help that the judges let the perps/pervs off with a slap on the wrist); he cares about the women and children in Colorado City.

    If people aren’t happy with the outcomes of the recent trials/convictions, then they need to vote the judges out of office.

    But Matt and Gary did their jobs. Maybe now the intensity will focus on Texas and how they will prosecute the pedophile prophet and people will stop criticizing Matt Smith.

  5. Matt Smith deserves every bit of the criticism directed his way, Anon. Every bit. He couldn’t get a ham sandwich convicted of being a pork product.

    He never had any intention of trying Warren Jeffs for anything. The only reason he hired Gary was because of the pressure brought to bear on him and Tom Sheahan to do something.

    So they did the minimum they could do to make it look like they cared. I have nothing bad to say about Gary, at all. He is limited by what his bosses will allow him to do and told me that himself, years ago.

    But I refuse to sit here and let that “Matt is so wonderful” bologna go.

    Matt Smith is a TOOL and the FLDS’ BOY.

  6. Matt Smith may care a lot about women and children, and maybe he did do his job, but with an outcome like this I think it’s hard to say he did his job WELL.

    He seemed to being sitting on his hands while Piccaretta ran roughshod over the court process, harrassing the witnesses into silence, making numerous ridiculous filings and feeding lies to the press.

  7. Boots, you read my mind. I am very disappointed with this outcome.

    And how is it that TWO counts of sexual conduct with a minor, successfully prosecuted, would have only yielded two years of jail time at most?

  8. It’s not just the jail time, either. There are real victims involved in this case and Arizona is proving to them what they’ve already been told by FLDS leaders: the law can’t (or won’t) do anything to help them.

  9. “Matt Smith may care a lot about women and children”, yeah, that’s why on the day of a trial when an FLDS member from Colorado City was facing up to 200 years in prison for the molestation of 5 of his daughters, the oh so caring County attorney, Matt Smith walked into the court room and handed him a plea deal for 13 DAYS in jail.

    The man’s OWN defense attorney approached Flora Jessop, CRYING afterwords, saying he was SO SORRY but that he had to recommend his client take it.

    That also must be why Matt smith has done everything he could to undermine Flora jessop, when SHE was the one who did all their research for them and HANDED them a file with the names and birth certificate info proving old men in CC were impregnating children…and they used the info from THAT file to charge those 8 men in Mohave County with crimes against children.

    So Flora Jessop was responsible for all the ground work on every one of those cases…and her reward from Matt smith and MC….she’s just a liar.

    We see from the sentences on the handful that ever came to trial how much Mohave County “cares” about women and children.

    In my opinion, if the FBI cared one whit about any of this, there are some elected officials in Mohave County who should be very seriously investigated.

    If someone wants to give credit here, they might try thanking Flora Jessop, Buster Johnson and former AZ Representative Linda Bender and current representative, David Lujan. Those were the players that FORCED Matt Smith and Sheriff Tom Sheahan into doing something.

    Giving Matt Smith any credit makes me want to puke.

  10. I think that Matt did as little as he could do and that’s a lot of the reason why Pic the Prick was successful. I don’t think Prick will have the same luck in Texas because no one here is going to put up with him.

    Ellie – I don’t know why the max sentence was 2 years, but I’ve know for a while that he had already done more time in AZ than any sentence would give him.

  11. Buster Johnson hammered this in the Mohave County Board of Supervisors meetings until FINALLY, they had to agree to do something.

    Matt Smith and the Mohave County Sheriff, Tom Sheahan did not wake up one day and decide to hire Gary Engles. Buster Johnson waved evidence and victims in their faces, and kept adding it to the agenda until he finally convinced the other two members of the MC BOS to VOTE with him to get Gary hired. Believe me, they didn’t want to do it, but in the face of all the evidence simply had no choice politically.

    Matt is either completely incompetent or corrupt to polygamy.

    Guess which one I think it is.

  12. i think it’s both boots.

  13. Well if that aint a fine howd ya do!! Dismissed charges!!!But then I think we all knew thats what was going to happen,, and YES matt smith is a total Asshole!

  14. Buster: Jeffs Case “Embarassing”

  15. The San Angelo paper is reporting that Texas has requested extradition of Warren Jeffs from Utah and that Arizona hopes to have Jeffs returned to Utah by weeks end. Piccaretta, Jeffs mouthpiece lawyer indicted he intends to fight extradition to Texas.

    IMO Pic’s actions only delay the transfer to Texas, but he won’t be able to stop Jeffs from going to Texas.

  16. I hope the governor knows we aren’t interested in that whole dead or alive thing…and that we want him here in Texas, alive.

    He’s been a very sick man, you know. Mohave County has made sure to document that very well for the past two years.

    That horrible illness he came down with after I found out he had toys in his cell, for instance. The hospital in Kingman couldn’t find anything wrong with him [that’s right, not a diagnosis of ‘wow this is serious we should send him to someone who knows more than we do’…I mean as in NOTHING WRONG]…so, naturally they had to helicopter him right over to a Nevada hospital, which would only keep him for 24 hours, because….nothing was wrong with him….except for that whole “prophet tantrum’ thang when your toys are taken away.

  17. I don’t see Doran putting up with much and he’ll have the backing of the Texas Rangers.

  18. I trust Duran and the Rangers. I trust Greg Abbott and Eric Nichols.

  19. 2 great video interviews by Mike Watkiss

  20. Nice commentary, Mike, “Law enforcement isn’t going to solve these problems at the end of the day.”

    Hide and watch.

  21. I agree with Mike that education and empowerment are critical to changing the situation in Colorado City.

  22. That part I do agree with. The part I don’t agree with is the part where people sympathetic to the practice of polygamy are so interested in making the implication that law enforcement is either unneeded, unwanted or impotent, and they aren’t.

    Indeed, I believe law enforcement is exactly the main component missing from Colorado City.

    There is a 2 year community college, paid for by Mohave County in the city. The Arizona Health Department, and the Mohave County Health Department insist they are making HUGE strides, especially in child immunization and nutrition programs there, again paid for by the state and county.

    As a matter of fact, I was very explicitly told that they didn’t want to do anything that might disturb the wonderful relationships they have built up there with the women of Colorado City…so they can “help” them.

    Ain’t that edumacation enough?

  23. I was just over looking at Brooke Adams blog, there is a video of her picking the winner of her book contest. WOW, she looks terrible, that vacation of hers must have really been rough. She really looks bad. Is she seriously ill, like cancer or something? Seriously she looks horrible.

  24. Boots, that CC health dept plan sounds like something from the 1920s or maybe a century ago.

  25. Um, there are probably more compassionate ways to inquire about someone’s health, Anon 9:28. But, yes, she doesn’t look well to me, either.

  26. I thought Brooke looked cute. Her hair is a prettier color than what it looks like in her photo.

  27. Yeah, try transporting yourself to 2005, having just arrived from Texas and hearing that stuff when you asked questions.

    I could hear the panic in their voices, it was palpable.

    ‘Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! I am the great OZ!’

    I never do much checking on Brooke, not since she twitted,
    “The Triple AP lady is here, smoking furiously”.

    Say my name, B%*@!

  28. I think Brooke would look a lot better if she would wear a little make-up. Maybe she is too busy for that or does not want to offend the Mormon Fundies.

    I am not talking about heavy Tammi Faye Baker make-up; just something to give her some facial color and pizzaz. She just always looks washed out.

    Should we take up a collection to get her a summer make-over?

    PS I am not the Anon who posted above saying she looks horrible. But I do have to agree with that Anon.

  29. BTW has Brooke reported anything about Abram Harker Jeffs’ trial for sexually molesting a little girl? Or is she still just cleaning off her shelves and raffling off excess books?

  30. To the person that shared the links concerning Mike Watkiss- A big thank you for the links.

  31. BTW has Brooke reported anything about Abram Harker Jeffs’ trial for sexually molesting a little girl? Or is she still just cleaning off her shelves and raffling off excess books?
    I never visit her blahg but I’m going to take a not-so-wild guess and assume she’s doing the latter. Maybe she’s raffling off all her polygamy books in anticipation of seeking new work!

  32. Yes, I think it’s funny that she has not reported a thing about the last few trials in Texas, but somehow she can report about Jeffs having charges dropped in Arizona. Things that make you say “Hmmmmmmmmmmm”.


  33. Betty, Brooke said a while back that the Trib wasn’t going to pay for a reporter to go to Texas to cover the trials but she still keeps up with whatever’s going on in Utah and Arizona (I think). That’s why all they do, if they cover any of the trials at all, is rerun a story from (I think) the San Angelo paper.

  34. Big story headlines. Great articles all over and yet the conversation is about Brooke. And I like Brooke. But I guess I don’t understand the need or purpose for the fixation on Brooke.

    For anon@ 9:28- I woke up this morning and you wouldn’t believe what I saw when I looked into the mirror. Eyes were puffy and MY hair looked like Kramers. <<<< Make fun of that

    I hope and pray that Brooks health is fine as I do for each and everyone here.

  35. Walton, we’re not fixated on Brooke. It’s just that when the only “polygamy beat” newspaper reporter in the nation doesn’t give a Twitter about the child molestation trials for the FLDS men, some of us feel like commenting on it.

    Afterall, these FLDS child molesters moved to Texas from Utah – where the Salt Lake Tribune is headquartered and this “polygamy beat” reporter works.

  36. i kind of agree both ways, i think the fact that brooke isn’t even commenting on the trail tells a lot, but i also understand that she isn’t there to cover it and get her own “willie” spin.

  37. Well I don’t know what more she could say? She could call Randy and find out what he knows but that would be Randy’s story.

    How many other Utah media outlets are reporting from Texas?

    Even if every media outlet showed up with their camera crews …. how much info could be shared?

    If you notice that today Brooke is reporting on Diaper Boy. And unless you have followed Diaper Boy’s history in Utah most wouldn’t give a rats behind about Diaper Boy.

    Being a reporter in Utah reporting on Polygamy is different than being a reporter in Texas. And I am not just saying this about Brooke or even just reporting on Polygamy.

    Utah and Arizona have their own set of rule imo. Lots of Secrets that are kept hidden behind closed doors. Lots.

  38. I just want to add that like others who have been following the stories.. if anyone was saying negative things about Randy and Kathy or Mike or any of the others reporting I would stick up for them as well.

    They are good people who work long hard hours. And I know that each person has this/these stories very close to their heart. They are dedicated journalists who even though they all would like to report more they are limited by those surrounding them.

    I am grateful for all that we have gotten. And I am grateful to those that are ever so dedicated.

  39. I’m needing to interject here but I know what journalism is, and isn’t. I noticed right off that Brooke is neither journalist nor reporter, she’s strictly PR for mormon polygamy. That’s fact not opinion.

  40. Justice is elusive in Arizona’s secretive polygamous community, but those attempting to enforce the law there should not give up.

    The dismissal of all Arizona charges against Warren Jeffs, the so-called prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is a reminder of how difficult prosecuting these cases can be.

    The multistate polygamous sect that Jeffs heads has no connection with the mainstream Mormon Church. Jeffs’ group preaches that plural marriage is necessary to reach heaven and that so-called “spiritual marriages” of underage girls to older men are common.

    Recently, laws against sexual conduct with a minor have been used to go after those who participate or arrange these marriages.

    But, in the 1950s, a raid on the polygamous enclave by Arizona authorities failed miserably as images of children being torn from their mothers’ arms won sympathy for the polygamists. For decades after that, the twin polygamous communities of Colorado City, Ariz., and Hildale, Utah, practiced their perversions in obscurity.

    But about 10 years ago, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard and Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff decided to try again. Instead of raids, they established a presence in the communities and tried to build trust so that witnesses would be willing to testify. Some prosecutions were won, including a 2007 conviction in Utah against Jeffs. He was sentenced to two consecutive terms of five years to life. The case is being appealed to the Utah Supreme Court.

    In Arizona, several cases against Jeffs fell apart because witnesses would not testify. In the two indictments on charges of rape as an accomplice, dismissed Wednesday, victims no longer wanted to cooperate, according to Mohave County Attorney Matt Smith. Prosecutors have long faced difficulties getting court testimony from the child brides, who are taught to follow a doctrine that denies their right of self-determination. Other members of the sect are similarly disinclined to talk.

    Texas is trying to extradite Jeffs to stand trial there in connection with his marriage to a minor. A 2008 raid on Jeffs’ ranch in Texas, like the 1950s raid in Arizona, allowed the sect to play on public sympathies, but it did result in convictions of some men for sexually assaulting children and bigamy.

    Read the rest here – Justice still can be served

  41. So Walton, you are saying that when you woke up this morning and looked in the mirror you looked like hell. Did you go into work looking the same way without even bothering to run a comb through your hair?

  42. Walton

    Back room discussion has been about concern for Brooke. While over the years there has been frustration with her reporting style, such as ignoring important stories while making news out of trivial stuff that might be construed as minor victories for the FLDS, no one wishes her harm or for anything bad to befall her.

    The posting of the video showed a different Brooke than we were used to and there was some concern for her health.

    No one wishes her any ill.

  43. Ditto, Stamp.

  44. I agree. The pictures of me when my mother was dying and my knee was coming apart are pretty bad, too. That’s what makes me concerned for her. Maybe she’s going through a bad time in her life.

  45. You guys I know none of you wish her any ill. I appologize for being so snippy sometimes.
    I do know that when Brooke first started having the book give away she mentioned that she had a bad cold/sinus problem and I thought she had that same outfit on in one of her videos.
    I have grown very fond of some of the posters and those involved with these stories.

    Again I appologize for being snippy.

  46. No problem Walton.

    We have given Brooke a fair amount of grief, maybe too much at times, but as an example of the reason why, would be her current blog status.

    Not a word on Abram Jeffs trial, but she is happy to post about Az dropping charges and posts a quote from Pic as well as the document.

    Missing from her site are Abrams bad acts or even any mention of his trial. So, again, she seems biased and it leaves people wondering.

  47. I fault Brooke for not reporting. What she does is not reporting. It’s PR. Nothing less. A reporter reports. Opinion articles are not reporting. I wasn’t even a journalism major although a daughter was, still it’s too obvious the trib does not pay her for reporting.

  48. Stamp you are one of the posters that I have grown so very fond. And I understand what you and others are saying.

    But I also know that with following other stories from Utah/Arizona that there is only so much that these reporters can do. They are often very limited to how much they can say or share as someone puts a kabosh to the info.

    Examples of stories just this last year are:
    the tragic deaths of those burned bodies they found
    Missing Steven Koecher
    The Professor who was killed by slashing his throat in his own home
    Years prior: Mark Hacking story
    The beheading of John Mayo
    The small animal mutilations

    But I do see your frustrations. I understand I truly do. And I will keep those in mind before I think I have to be “snippy” with those I like. I’ll save it for the comments made by Willie. 🙂

  49. Professor who cut his own throat?????

  50. Very good points, Walton, on journalists and their issues.

    You also understand the secrets, lies and peculiar rules within Arizona and Utah’s (heavily Mormon-based) politics. Behind closed doors, indeed!

    And, lest we forget, Mormons of both mainstream and fundamentalist extraction believe in the practice of “plural marriage” – whether in this life or the next.

  51. Another issue I have is with the Des news. Their message board is heavily moderated, and as that paper is owned by the LDS Church, they delete any post that embarrasses them.

    Which they have a right to do, but I wish the fact they were owned by the Church was more common knowledge.

    They also own KSL.

    I cant think of another Church that owns a newspaper AND a TV news station.


  52. Walton,

    Can you enlighten us further on the hidden or untold stories you describe – or is that not possible in this forum ?

    I am interested, but if it is not appropriate to discuss here, you know how to contact me.

  53. Stamp,

    I believe the Roman Catholic Church owns its own bank, tv station, and papers – but in Italy, not in the US.

  54. There are other crazy things going on in Utah as reported by the Trib – one is the pending firing squad penalty for Ronnie Gardner, two time murderer (one while in court)

    And then there is another horrific crime, the torture, murder and desicration of little 4 yr old Ethan Stacy at the hands of his MOTHER and her new husband Nathan Sloop.

    Oh, and two more weird ones, the disappearance and suspected murder last Dec of Susan Powell by her husband, and the murder of an ex BYU professor and theft of his gun arsenal, suspected done by family members.

    Its a cornucopia of crazy. Maybe too much.

  55. Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker, Robert Tilton, etc. They..all had TV media power, and I am sure they could have owned a few small cable stations along the way, but a major city news paper or TV Network, not so much.

  56. BYU Prof. Mortensen :

    John Mayo:

    cat mutilations- I’d have to go digging but the stories reported of the mutilations in Utah and Colorado prior to Mark Hacking being arrested. They were said to have been done with precison skill and later as the stories grew they tried to say it was a lone fox.
    Susan I’ll send you some more info on the other stuff.

  57. Boots

    Thats right – and the LDS Church (I think) has a cable show “Joe Smith Papers” and other Church stuff, but its hardly evangelical.

    I’ve seen the KSL news, they also have a website, its very professional and not Church slanted as much as the Des news IMHO.

    In other words, you just wouldnt know – but that said, nothing embarrassing about the Church is ever reported.

    For instance, I dont think they went near the “Prop H8” deal.

  58. cat mutilations ?
    I don’t like that one bit….

  59. The Church also has a retail outlet for generally LDS spun books, Deseret Books.

    (Note – it appears the Church still likes to think of Utah and environs as BY’s name for the area “Deseret”)

    Here is a podcast of the papers – guaranteed to bore, I cant handle wading through it, and expect it to be heavily spun.

    [audio src="" /]

  60. The church also had a retail store, I think it existed ever since arrival to Utah until about 2000 I think


    Check this out

  61. Catwhisperer,

    Gee, that is almost SOP for angry FLDS polygamists. Dead kittens on your doorstep is a specialty.

    I guess I tend to worry more about the children, mostly because the helpless animal is simply a manifestation of what happens to them, and not about the animals that are slaughtered to control the children, or the people who would defend them.

    Tough skin. Gotta have an armadillo from Amarillo attitude when the dead kittens show up on your doorstep in this little trip and let it roll.

    Otherwise your heart would break and you’d be useless.

  62. The Catholic church definitely owns multiple banks outright and/or interests in them. The Catholic Standard is a church owned newspaper, but it’s very openly and obviously church owned. There are also local newspapers in almost every diocese of any size or wealth worldwide, but they are also very openly Catholic. That designation is usually in the name. They also create tv and radio shows for distribution in a number of venues, but once again, it’s quite transparent that it’s them. I see nothing wrong with that.

    What I don’t like is the quiet, back room ownership and control representing itself as unbiased journalism. That’s essentially dishonest.


  63. My two cents:

    About Brooke: I’m a bit concerned about her and have wondered if she’s ill. Not that it’s any of my business.

    About Matt Smith and the charges against Warren: I think Matt handled the whole thing very poorly. He gets credit for being the first to bring charges against Warren, but he was coaxed into it and wouldnt have done that on his own. He then sat around for two years, let Pic harass his witnesses, did nothing to move the case to trial, offered no protection or assurance to the victims or to cooperative witnesses and basically sold them all out to Piccarreta. Meanwhile he has also refused to enforce the law in Colorado City, claiming Mohave County doesnt have the resources to prosecute trespass cases. That’s crap. So the FLDS have the run of UEP property and continue to terrorize good people like Isaac Wyler and Shane Stubbs by destroying their property and turning loose their farm animals because they know they can get away with it since Matt won’t bring charges. I don’t know that I’d call Matt an “FLDS boy” but his failure to act has enabled continued abuses and lawlessness in Colorado City.

    I’m glad the charges were dismissed because I’m not at all confident that Matt would have gotten convictions, and in the process the victims would have been further victiimized, along with the State’s witnesses. It’s best to get them beyond Pic’s reach if Matt was not going to take care of them and protect them from harassment. Plus, there are solid cases in Texas that need to be tried before he dies . Those victims and the State of Texas deserves justice.

  64. Amen.

  65. Some clarifications. Yes, the LDS church owns KSL, but that it is only a small portion of its broadcast outlets. Bonneville Intl is owned by the LDS church. Below from Wikepedia.

    “Bonneville International Corporation is a broadcasting company wholly owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the LDS Church) through its for-profit arm, Deseret Management Corporation. It began as a radio and TV network in the Triad Center Broadcast House in Salt Lake City, Utah, Bonneville’s name alludes to Benjamin Bonneville and the prehistoric Lake Bonneville that once covered much of modern-day Utah, which was named after him.
    Bonneville owns about 30 radio stations and one NBC affiliate television station. Additionally, the Bonneville Communications division provides broadcast distribution services and PSA production services to non-profit organizations”

    Almost all of the LDS people I know are aware of the church ownership of Deseret and now Seagull Book, of KSL, Bonneville, the Deseret News, KBYU TV, etc. The church sold it’s ownership of ZCMI in 1999 to Mays Dept Stores.

  66. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m about sick of this claim: “Why put the Arizona taxpayers through any more expense to try a man who had already served enough time in prison to pay for any crimes he might be convicted of?”

    Just because Jeffs was sitting in Mohave County for two years doesn’t mean he would have gotten time served if he had been convicted.

    He is after all being held FOR Utah while in Arizona, serving 5 to LIFE.

    I don’t mind if I hear it once or twice and know it’s a mistake, but this has become a Matt Smith MISINFORMATION campaign to cover or excuse his incompetence.

    He is saying the very same thing he said about the case of the 5 molested daughters, “there was no guarantee we could have won any conviction at all, so this is good enough”.

    Warren was being held for Utah while he was waiting for trial. He was serving his time for crimes he was convicted of in UTAH.

    After he was convicted, the judge could have given him time served, but again, why hold another state’s prisoner for them, and get no time out of the prisoner for it?

    This is such a big normal lie.

  67. Slap me upside the haid for biting on that sorry lie. Do it twice, I deserve it.

  68. It’s okay, Grannytoad, that’s what LIES are for, so you’ll believe them and shut up.

    It wasn’t just you, either. I bit until I interviewed Buster and he pointed out the jerk was already convicted and was serving his time for crimes in Utah….Mohave County just picked up THEIR tab for two years.

  69. Stamp brought up subject of Joseph Smith papers in post of June 12.

    Here’s more on Smith written by Richard Lyman Bushman,
    Columbia University. It’s a short bio of Smith, gives a east coast intellectual viewpoint.

    As to Warren Jeffs, bring him on, the jury will convict and off to Huntsville, TX with him.

  70. And anyone who thinks Texas can’t become corrupted just like Mohave County, or isn’t heavily dependent on LE to stem this, is off their everbloomin’ rocker.

    Money talks everywhere.

    Ask the Ford dealership in San Angelo, who gave the FLDS a $1 million dollar line of credit so they could do business here.

    Ask Walmart why they consistently use FLDS owned construction firms to build for them?

    Ask some big companies in San Antonio why they are hiring Jack Daniels construction to complete large projects.

    Ask how an FLDS company got the contract to lay the concrete pad for every new wind turbine in west Texas.

  71. Walton said:

    But I also know that with following other stories from Utah/Arizona that there is only so much that these reporters can do. They are often very limited to how much they can say or share as someone puts a kabosh to the info.

    So Walton, isn’t this why some reporters have weblogs? So they can elaborate and get the REAL story out there without the word limitations of print media?

  72. Anon. @ 12:43 I don’t know why reporters have weblogs other than to draw a crowd. If they said more in their blogs than they did in their story I would think they would get into trouble with the people they are working for. Don’t you think?

    I am not sure how it all works.

  73. OK boots, more on these FLDS companies in San Angelo and San Antonio, and wind turbine pads &c?

  74. The Jack Daniels construction company.
    The corporation is registered in Texas to:
    Daniel Jessop
    Jackson Jessop

    They used to have a website here:

    It now seems defunct, but I’ll bet the company isn’t.

    I informed Jack Daniels in Tennessee that they were using the name last year and their patent attorney’s were looking into it, because I pointed out they were using a black & white logo very similar to the famous sippin’ whiskey’s.

    I do know the company was responsible for several home construction projects in the Eldorado and San Angelo area, because one man showed up to the book signing in San Angelo with pictures of all the great work they were doing on his new house.

    Flora, Kathy Jo and I were standing there with our mouths open, like, “yeah, great work”. We tried pointing out that young men doing the work would never get paid and he threw his hands in the air and said, “Oh I don’t have anything to do with paying them. I just pay my bill.”

    I had to leave and go find us a room, so I wouldn’t get into a confrontation with him. He actually informed us that his brother had been on the grand jury that handed down the indictments and had told him that he would NEVER set a single foot into his new home.

    The guy was as dumb as a box of rocks to still not be able to figure out something was “off” after that, if you ask me.

    The wind turbine pads is another matter. I’d have to do some digging to come up with the specific FLDS company name that’s got that contract. But they have it, for sure. Those cement trucks roll outa the YFZ, real regular like.

    The Ford dealership in San Angelo gave them a $1 million line of credit, which is probably why they almost made the mistake of letting me right onto the ranch when I went to try to see the cemetery. I pulled up in my Ford pick up and the gate just swung open for me. I had the nose through the gate when I thought better of it, laughed at their surveillance camera and backed up to the call box.

  75. In court during the jury selection they listed a whole slew of business names. Woodlan was on the list. I’ll have to see if I can get a more complete list.

  76. I’ve got a list of hundreds of FLDS owned companies but not the ones in Texas.

  77. What’s happened with the cemetery thing anyway, Boots? Is it now open? Have they moved the bodies? Just curious.

  78. On subject of Jack Daniels Construction Company, found two listings, one in San Angelo, TX and one in Canton, TX.

    Jack Daniel Construction
    24963 State Highway 19
    Canton, TX 75103-5586
    Phone:(903) 479-3436

    And San Angelo, TX location:

    Jack Daniels, Llc
    5737 Old Christoval Rd
    San Angelo, TX 76904-2227

    Phone:(325) 853-4896

    Both are listed as concrete contractors

    This appears to belong to a Daniel Jessop and a Jack Jessop.

  79. Rebecka, due to Austin politics, no comment at the moment.

    Actually, this case has kept me from commenting quite a bit.

  80. Well, that’s a bit of a bummer, Boots but the case won’t last forever, I’m sure. I’ll just wait until you’re free to share and stew with curiousity in the meanwhile. 🙂

  81. That address on Old Christoval Road is actually the address for LTG Trucking.

  82. Current estimates show this company [Jack Daniels] has an annual revenue of 3,000,000 and employs a staff of approximately 25.

    Guess they must be real busy laying all those wind turbine pads.

    But of course, none of the staff really have an income if they are charged with a crime or asked to provide support for children they have fathered.

  83. I’d like to see a few of their tax returns, myself. Could make for an interesting read!

  84. any updates from the trial today ?

  85. My guess is that ‘few tax returns’ would about cover it all, at best.

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