Jacqueline LeBaron Captured, Extradited to Texas!

After 18 years on the FBI fugitive list, Jacqueline LeBaron has finally been collared.

The long arm of the law reached out and brought her back from her hiding spot in Honduras.

“LeBaron was part of the infamous “4 o’clock murders” in Irving and Houston, where four former members — including an 8-year-old child were gunned down in three separate locations.

Jacqueline LeBaron was indicted for conspiracy to commit murder for consideration; murder for consideration; conspiracy to tamper with a witness; tampering with a witness; use of a firearm during a crime of violence; conspiracy to obstruct religious beliefs; obstruction of religious beliefs; RICO conspiracy, and RICO,  the FBI says.

She was one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives, the agency said.”



Her brother William Heber LeBaron has been serving multiple life sentences for murder in a Colorado Federal Prison, and gave a good write up asking forgiveness and the story from his point of view.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on May 15, 2010.

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  1. Here is a short pre-capture podcast by the FBI about Jacqueline LeBaron.


  2. She fussed some about being taken to USA but being Mexican citizen. By birth, possibly/likely. Shouldn’t have bothered, since the crimes she’s wanted for were committed in the USA.

    Just think, she was “profiled” and kicked out of Honduras as an illegal alien, and their President didn’t go off all indignant about that and condemn Honduran citizens for deporting a wanted mass murderer for being illegally in their country. Someone maybe got $20K for turning her in.

  3. Maybe a sister wife turned her in for the 20,000 reward, got rid of her and got money for a new car.

    Two birds with one stone!

  4. at last, people targeted by the LeBarons, like Irene Spencer, can breath a sigh of relief.

  5. Speaking of Irene, here is a report by Ben Winslow and Irene’s comments.


  6. Would hate to be Abram Jeffs now, facing trial in Texas as a polygamist with all of the publicity about J. LeBaron’s actions as a polygamist. Talk about poisoning the jury. Maybe the flds will consider it another “keep sweet” test.

  7. The US deports about 300K illegal immigrants a year. Almost 10% of those in prison in Nevada, for instance, are on hold by INS while processing a deportation order, for instance. I feel for those who are dealing with the problems of drug cartels on our borders; it is a complex problem, and I agree that the system is currently overloaded by those coming in. But to say that our government does not do deportation is to spread misinformation.

  8. It appears that this dirty bird has plead not guilty, her lawyer stated she was innocent and “a pleasant woman”, guess that’s the “keeping sweet part of it. Yeah Right, pleasant while she shoots you with a gun!


  9. Here’s a photo of LeBaron in court Houston, TX


    Note the heavy chains on her arms, IMO is shouldn’t be long before we see the same on ole Merril the deadbeat Dad of YFZ, as well as Willie the Thug.

  10. These people who claim to commit crimes (particularly murder) in the name of God horrify me.

  11. Here’s the prep walk, wonder what’s with the long white outfit under the prison clothes?:

  12. http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/video?id=7450035

    tried to embed video, but didn’t work, hope above link will work.

  13. She ended up pleading guilty to obstruction of religion. She will get a maximum of 5 years.
    You get more time for shooting a dog.

  14. Interesting in this is that Tarsa was released several months early. Apparently she was supposed to be out in May 2013 with time served before trial. Then three years supervised Parole with an agreement to stay on her meds. Right after he trial she was hauled around the western US for several months, first to San Diego then the SLC, then to Oklahoma and then to Carswell. In between her stops at various prisons, an SLC court room and receiving “Diesel Therapy” between them, her sentence was suddenly reduced by several months.

    She was let out on December 14th from Carswell. There is no early release in federal prison unless they make a deal under rule 35 to roll over on a co conspirator. Both Heber Lebaron and D. Barlow both attempted to use rule 35 during her trail to rat her off and get their sentences reduced. Since the records are sealed on her actual testimony in court, there is no way to know what sort of actual deal was made and if she used “rule 35” on them. Seems after all these years some of them are still at each other.

    Under her court imposed parole she can leave the country, but if she returns, she has to inform her parole officer she is back and then her parole picks up where it left off. She also has court ordered payments she has to make to the estates of Duane and Mark Chynoweth. Failure to do that is a violation of parole. Be interesting to know just where she ended up. Oddly it is dead silent for someone who was on the Most wanted list for years.

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