Abram Jeffs’ Bad Acts


~ by FLDS TEXAS on May 14, 2010.

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  1. Seems as if Abram was a very naughty boy. I guess he could be looking at a companion to Leroy’s 75 years.

  2. Interesting stuff.

  3. Poor WinnieKloe, wonder where she was exiled to.

  4. the incest is what turns my stomach… how could he do that ?
    where is his moral compass ?

  5. Fubar, snafu, FLDS, Cluster F.

    That homeboy is looking to ring the bell in the FLDS prison sentence lottery.

    Its just so unbelievable, all the crap they do!

  6. Anon Hans Solo, what were you referring to with regard to Missouri in a previous string ?

  7. “Where is his moral compass?”

    He gave it to Warren Jeffs.

  8. They need to add the incest to the list of Warren Jeff’s offenses : procuring brides for purposes of incestual relations … sorry, incest is over the top.
    If Abram Jeffs was wise, he would plead guilty now. A jury is not going to deal well with any man who married his step mother.

  9. Warren will have lots of instances of marrying his stepmother and having children with them in his bad acts. i’m guessing his might go on for pages.

  10. I really don’t understand why no one has been indicted for harboring a fugitive while Jeffs was on the FBI most wanted list. That’s just crazy.

  11. Bon matin, Proud.
    Je suis d’accord.
    Passez une bonne journee!

  12. As far as the harboring a fugitive goes, I wonder if the applicable prosecutor is holding that in reserve if one of the cases falls through the cracks for procedural issues.

  13. Cat

    I read up on the LDS history, there was a lot of action that went down in Missouri whild the LDS spent some time there.

    Its all pretty crazy, especially with the main Church denying and hiding the truth. But with the advent of the internet, its all coming out.

    “Surrounded by the state militia, the mood in besieged Far West was uneasy. Joseph Smith ordered Colonel George M. Hinkle, the head of the Mormon militia in Caldwell County, to ride out and meet with General Lucas to seek terms.

    According to Hinkle, Smith wanted a treaty with the Missourians “on any terms short of battle” (Journal History, p. 13:449). Other Latter Day Saint witnesses remembered that Smith said to “beg like a dog for peace” (Corril, p. 41 and Peck, p. 24).

    Lucas’ terms were severe. The Latter Day Saints were to give up their leaders for trial and to surrender all of their arms. Every Mormon who had taken up arms was to sell his property to pay for the damages to Missourian property and for the muster of the state militia. Finally, the Mormons who had taken up arms were to leave the state. (Document, p. 73). Colonel Hinkle stated that the Latter Day Saints would help bring to justice those Mormons who had violated the law, but he protested that the other terms were illegal and unconstitutional (Journal History, p. 13:451).

    Colonel Hinkle rode to the church leaders in Far West and informed them of the offered terms. According to Latter Day Saint witness Reed Peck, when Smith was told that the Mormons would be expected to leave the state, the prophet replied that “he did not care” and that he would be glad to get out of the “damnable state” anyway ”

    Joe Smith didnt like Missouri after deciding it was the great place, Garden of Eden and all, and it reminds me of what Warren is thinking right about now and his decision to move to Texas.


  14. i’m not sure if there is a statute of limitations on harboring a fugitive or not.

    i hope you have a good day too cat.

  15. Thanks Anon Hans Solo ! I will check your link out.

  16. i wonder if some of those who were left behind in the crik are now greatful for being left behind since they are free and 12 from the YFZ are either in jail or indicted.

  17. My guess? YES!!

  18. You know, I guess Abram thinks he’ll have better luck than his nephew-in-laws, Raymond and Leroy Jessop. Both of the Jessop boys married Abram’s underage 1/2 nieces, daughters of his brother Leroy Jeffs, who was exed by the big bad Warren.

  19. Heard that Lehi got excused from jury duty. He would have been anyway given that he’s the nephew of the next defendant, but I guess that being in jail is a good excuse too.

  20. Let’s dwell on Abram for a bit since he’s going on trial this week. He’s the oldest son of Rulon and his 8th wife, Gloria Harker. I believe Mother Gloria is still alive, so is it possible that she will put in an appearance at the courthouse this week. He’s going on trial for his marriage to S. Johnson who he married at age 15 and had 2 children with before she was 18.

    Incidently, S. Johnson is a full sister to R. Johnson who was the victim of Michael Emack. The father of these girls, Frank Tilton Johnson, has been exed and the mother, Lydia Ann Barlow, was remarried to our own wonderful deadbeat dad, none other than Merril Jessop. In fact, it was Merril who was acting as S. Johnson’s father at the time of her underage marriage. Does this surprise anyone?

    There is another daughter, V. Johnson who is 13. Wonder if she’s been married off to an old geezer.

  21. Abram also married another underage girl, RA Allred. He married RA when she was 16.

    Abram runs afoul of Leviticus 18 when he married his father’s wife Ruth Edna Fischer, who was also married and had children with RA’s father, James Rulon Allred, before Allred’s fall from grace in the eyes of master criminal Warren Jeffs.

    So little RA Allred not only has her own children by Abram, she’s also a Sister-Mother to 2 of her 1/2 siblings and then a 1/2 sibling of theirs.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave. If RA isn’t careful, she’s going to become her own grandma.

  22. ProudTexan, thanks for the background info. I just don’t know how you keep it all straight.

    Isn’t (Ruth) Edna Fischer one of the “2 new young brides in one ceremony/sister act/double play” girls sitting on the swing in the photo with Rulon Jeffs?

  23. i believe it was her and sister Mary Marie in the photo, but alas, their playing sister-wives ended with Rulong’s death. Mary was married to Warren while Edna was married first to James Rulon Allred and then to Abram.

    Ruth has gone on to have 3 children, 2 with Allred and 1 with Abram. I don’t think Mary has had any kids.

    As a side note, their mother Mary (Meg) was also married to Rulon. Nothing like keeping it all in the family.

  24. I re-read the Prior Bad Acts filing and then searched Google Maps for the address 5986 Sideview Drive in San Angelo.

    I could only find the address 5986 Side View Road, not the Sideview Drive. It looked like there is no building at this address.

    Is this Sideview Drive a real address? And is there any building there that Abram Jeffs could have listed as the address for his Whitehorse Transport business?

    I am trying to figure out the fraud committed by his listing this address as his place of business.

  25. i think the fraud is simply that it is not a residence. He and several others listed it as their residence on applications for texas drivers licenses.

  26. Entity Type: Carrier
    Out of Service (Interstate Only): No
    Out of Service Date: None
    DBA Name:
    Physical Address: 5986 SIDEVIEW DR
    SAN ANGELO, TX 76902
    Phone: (325) 450-3354
    Mailing Address: 3520 KNICKERBOCKER RD STE B247
    SAN ANGELO, TX 76904
    USDOT Number: 1751070
    MC or MX Number: MC-640895

  27. Maybe it’s just becomes a life long habit, lying about who you are and where you are to anyone outside of the cult.


  28. I’m wondering if this happened after the rescue and they listed this address as their residence but were really living at the ranch.

  29. Abram’s Bad Acts says that he (along with quite a few other YFZ residents) provided a false residence address “on or about 2004 to present.” In 2004, they had no particular reason to lie, other than because they’re a criminal organization. Lying, like all dirty habits, is tough to quit.

    I have to wonder how many women and children, who claimed to be living off YFZ after the rescue, really were. Didn’t several social workers and lawyers mention having a hard time meeting with their clients? From the sounds of it, the FLDS didn’t want any “gentiles” to have even the remotest excuse for visiting YFZ, so any FLDS members who were under court oversight had to stay away.

  30. yeah, i think they decided to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. all they are is a group of pathological liars.

  31. Why is it that this man has not been charged with federal offenses, such as obstruction of justice and interfering with a federal investigation ?

  32. It’s sure a mystery to me why no fed charges come down on these criminals.

  33. Checking on Bing, there is a building on the access road off of 87 that has a building and some trucks in the area for 5986 Side View Dr. Also, it looks like the caliche is worn from turning big rigs around.


  34. But, unless Bing is really off, it looks like the mailing address is a Wendy’s or something.



  35. Sorry, No it’s not a Wendy’s, it’s a mail drop.


  36. Wendy’s is no more. It’s now a chicken place.

  37. Well, Proud, looks like all the chicken decided to roost in the same vicinity.

    If you get to any of the trial could you pass on what you hear?

  38. I wonder the dates that this handful of faithful FLDS got their Texas driver’s licenses using this fake “residential” address.

    Sounds to me like they might have waited until after the raid to get their Texas licenses and used this address for their applications.

    I agree with ellie, if it was in 2004, then the address should have been the YFZ ranch.

  39. Let the trial begin!

  40. Yep, that address is a UPS Store – obviously they use it for a mailing address

    The UPS Store in San Angelo, TX.
    STE B
    SAN ANGELO, TX 76904

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