Compromised Safety of FLDS Children

On April 18, the St. George Spectrum ran this article and the Trib picked it up a couple of days ago:

CEDAR CITY – A four-wheeler accident on Wednesday involving five girls ages 9 and under left one girl in guarded condition at Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City.

The girls were transported by ambulance to Valley View Medical Center, and one was airlifted to Primary Children’s after being revived and in serious condition, according to the Iron County Sheriff’s Office.

A public relations official from Primary Children’s said Saturday afternoon that the child remained under guarded condition, meaning she was not critical but also not yet stable.

According to an ICSO incident report, the five children were riding on a Yamaha Rhino near their Beryl homes when the driver, age 9, crashed into a tree.

Deputies said in the report that on arrival, all the victims were not found at the scene of the incident, and had to be located to be treated at the hospital.

Deputies also noted that a crowd of at least 30 people surrounded the incident on arrival, with some bystanders taking pictures.

A description of the Rhino noted the driver’s seat was no longer attached to the frame, and large impact dents were present in the vehicle bed and roll bar.

The incident occurred on the property of the Harker Compound, residence of members of the Fundamental Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, according to deputies.

Two witnesses contacted public safety officials upon seeing the incident, according to the report.

The owner of the Rhino was not in Beryl when the incident occurred and resides in Hildale, according to the report, and deputies spoke to the mother of the child driver who said she had been watching the children.

Sheriff Mark Gower said he responded to VVMC to see the victim and mother, and at the time did not think the injured girl who was airlifted would live.

Gower said the County Attorney has requested to review the case, but no charges have yet been filed.

“I believe there is negligence involved,” Gower said.

After reading some discussion in the comments here, a reader sent these recent photographs taken in Short Creek.

10 year old boy riding 4-wheeler on road.  Note lack of helmet and protective gear.

13 kids ages 2 through 14, riding in open pick-up bed

6 kids on the 4-wheeler pulling out into oncoming traffic

3 kids ages 8 to 16.   Note the chainsaw.

Apparently it is common practice to allow very young children to operate dangerous motor vehicles and other equipment without supervision.   There are laws about the minimum age for operation of four-wheelers, and there are also laws prohibiting children under a certain age from riding in the back of an open pick-up bed.  Not that the law means anything to the adults in this community ….

This brings to mind an early report that there were an unusually high number of broken bones among the children taken into custody after the YFZ Rescue (attempt).   It is not difficult to understand why that is the case.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on May 1, 2010.

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  1. wow. very disturbing, even if we already kind of knew it. life is cheap, i guess, when you have kids by the dozen.

  2. Negligence, at least.

  3. But then, my children grew up on horseback but never broke a bone.

  4. It’s also easy to understand why the cemeteries in Shortcreek are fully 50% comprised of the bodies of children. Nobody ever “sees” neglect in the community, much less reports it or prosecutes such behavior. Law enforcement, social and health services, prosecutors, judges and elected officials, for years they all see and know “nothing”.

    Same song second verse: Corruption

  5. I hope all the children are okay. I didn’t hear any follow up. It is not uncommon to see children riding these vehicles during what would ordinarily be school hours. I’m not sure what “home schooling” means in this community.

  6. It means if you disappear nobody notices. That’s exactly what it means for this “community”.

    I always can’t help wondering about the mothers of the disappeared and how they do after the deaths.

  7. No social security numbers, no school, nobody to report them missing to law enfarcement that doesn’t care either.

  8. Actually, they do generally have social security numbers. They need those to obtain food stamps.

    Guess when/if they report a child dead to the food stamp office nobody there considers it their business to see what happened either.

    I mean, geesh, with all this intensive training of social workers in Utah and Arizona that’s been going on for so long, educating the polygamists and gaining their trust and all…surely by now the system would be protecting the children, right?

  9. I broke some bones, but then I had a tendency to do some things like pinning a towel around my neck (as a superhero cape) and jumping off the concrete front porch in the “Mighty Mouse” position.


  10. LOL! Betty!

    I understand. I never broke anything but my head! And I was always doing crazy dare devil things to impress or intimidate my boy cousins.

    Once I stole my cousin’s pony and rode it over to the tornado shelter, which we had been expressly told to stay away from. I dismounted, walked right down the steps, opened the door and was instantly attacked by a swarm of wasps.

    Needless to say the pony decided not to wait for me.

    I was the one running across the pasture, waving like a maniac and getting my bum zapped by the electric fence on my way out, just for good measure.

    I guess no one can say I don’t know how to stir up a wasps nest;)

  11. Way to go, Boots you learned well!

    Only time I made too many yellowjackets unhappy was taking a shortcut down the backside of a mountain ridge in CA, wearing a pack and long rifle. I’d used a manzanita bush (they have tough roots) as a handgrip on one side heading down but that was unfortunately their territory and they went to eating my wrist and knuckles. I just had to bear it until I located another and another hand grip and they finally got tired attacking the monster and I was on the ground on two feet. Hand and wrist sure got big and dam that hurt.

  12. ATV accidents are the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries in children.
    Minimum age driving limits should be enforced and helmets should be worn at all times.

  13. I know my grandson has been driving a (kid sized) atv since he was 6 years old. However — he ALWAYS is supervised by an adult, there are NEVER any other children on it, and he wears a helmet EVERY time. (Bike riding too.) We want our kids to have fun but we want them to make it to adulthood with as little brain damage as humanly possible. 😉

  14. The father poste this comment on this article:
    Hi everyone. This is Joe (the victims father). Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. I could go on and on about the regrets I have as a parent. But I’ll try to stay positive.
    I have insurance so I hope I’m not a finacial burden to you.
    A group of children got together and decided they were going to “drive the rino”. I assure you it wasn’t condoned. It was one of those things; very painfull. And yes it was neglect. Sometimes little mistakes have huge consequences.
    Avalon (the victim) is doing well and we anticipate a complete recovery.
    I would like to mention my deep gratitude for the kind loving help from all involved and especially Primary Childrens Medical Center. The staff and doctors are just wounderfull!

    Now when I was a kid, I had an XR75 motorcycle and broke my parents’ rules and rode it on the streets. One day I wasn’t paying attention and pulled out in front of a car and was hit, thank goodness I wasn’t severely injured. This can happen to anyone but the FLDS parents need to be held to a higher standard than normal people to make up for all their previous abuses. Kudos to the Spectrum for pointing out that in this particular accident, the family was FLDS. No doubt this FLDS “Joe” is lying for the lord about his insurance and the taxpayers are going to pickup the bill.

  15. Gee. I’m thinking Anon at may 2, 2010 3:45 AM is speaking tongue in cheek. I can think of someone who writes bad poetry and regularly defends the FLDS.


  16. Levels of weird and loads of excrement by those whose computers didn’t even come with spellcheck.

    I still believe that logical thinking and the logical fallacies need to be taught in school by at least 5th grade. And maybe chess too. As well as simple axioms of life such as that actions have consequences.

  17. aahh..Huesos–the days of horse riding…what fun. My kids never had cousins did..we would go out there–jump on those horses bareback and have a grand old time..never got hurt…none of us…

  18. I broke both arms , one when I was 6 on the swings, and then in high school I fell off another persons shoulders I was standing on. Yes, accidents happen, but its not unusual for Flds to allow very young children to ride atv’s , which should NOT be allowed. But then, they put young boys to work on construction sites at ages of 12 and 13 also.

  19. I would like to see a crackdown on heavy equipment operated by children.

  20. One we, many of us, “know”, IF ONLY his parents had loved and protected him, if only he’d been encouraged to get all the education he could, if only he hadn’t been put to work at what, 13 or 12, if only he were allowed to keep up relationships with his siblings …

    IF ONLY …

  21. I agree Cement! And Huesos, I agree with the IF ONLY thing to!

  22. I agree Cement; the chain saw disturbs me also.

  23. Children of the Corny Religion

  24. Cement, you are spot on !

  25. Here, we have a problem with those little [non street legal] ‘rocket bikes’…those TINY motorcycles that kids, teens and adults like to race around on. When an officer recently stopped some kids to talk to them about the dangers, he got verbally assaulted by the parents of these kids. In the parents opinion, the OFFICER was ruining their fun…after all, the kids were JUST riding up and down the street [in and around traffic] and since the bikes were so small, why use ANY safety equipment!! WHAT COULD HAPPEN on such a small MC!!! [We’ve had several major injury crashes with kids on these things]
    I noticed the next day..2 rocket bikes were in the impound cage..guess they didn’t listen or learn!
    I think the difference here is, we have cops who are willing to take action to correct a problem. Are there any cops there who will? [Did they finally get some new ones or still the old guard with the “I see nothing” attitude??]

  26. Just got an email from Amazon, my copy of Carolyn Jessop’s new book was just shipped !
    Looking forward to it.

  27. If anyone here lives in Kansas City, Carolyn Jessop will be there on May 10th.

  28. I’m going to get mine from Hastings tomorrow.

  29. When an officer recently stopped some kids to talk to them about the dangers, he got verbally assaulted by the parents of these kids. In the parents opinion, the OFFICER was ruining their fun…after all, the kids were JUST riding up and down the street

    Isn’t it illegal just about everywhere for unlicensed motorized vehicles to be on the street?

    AND . . . isn’t a driver’s license/motorcycle license required for anybody, anywhere, to drive a motorized vehicle on the street?

  30. You know, this is a completely different issue from a lot of the crimes in the FLDS.

    For instance, with all the underage child marriages and subsequent rapes, Warren Jeffs made it impossible to follow both the Prophet and the law. The crimes were reprehensible but maybe that was exactly the point. Jeffs wanted to “test” his followers by forcing them to choose. He was pitting common sense, human decency and the law against faith and obedience to the Prophet.

    But this is just plain negligence.

  31. Its obvious the FLDS ignore state laws about children and ATV’s.

    Who could have imagined that?

  32. It doesn’t have to be “imagined”.

  33. Did Bruce Wisan and his attorney really just not bother to show up to court today like Brooke Adams is claiming, or is there more to the story?

  34. What would that be about? If the old trespassing ploy isn’t that over and done with or otherwise dealt with?

  35. Yeah there’s probably more to the story. Brooke tends to leave out a lot of information.

  36. what i heard was the attorney was in the hospital and a motion for continuance was filed.

  37. At least you weren’t there to see Brooke salivating all over Willie and Pick(your pocket)reta. It was disgusting..oh, but my favorite part is when they wanted to march down to the hospital and depose one of the parties..uhhh you can’t do that Mr $600+ an hour attorney!

  38. It’s hard to catch my breath laughing this hard.

  39. Did Bruce Wisan and his attorney really just not bother to show up to court today like Brooke Adams is claiming, or is there more to the story?

    Much more to the story. Whoever said it above, got it right. Wisan’s attorney was in the hospital receiving a day-long medical treatment and surgical procedure. She filed a motion for continuance in advance, filed another motion first thing this morning. Piccarreta opposed it of course and argued that it was a ruse. What a scumbag he is. He’ll take advantage any way he can , including trying to get a leg up when his opponent is sick and hospitalized.

    The judge did order a bedside, hospital deposition of Wyler for later this month. Nice.

    Other issues to be decided when Wisan’s attorney is out of the hospital and able to participate.

    Did anyone think Brooke was going to give it to you straight?

  40. That’s just wrong. Criminal. There’s no missing her intent.

  41. Did anyone think Brooke was going to give it to you straight?
    I think fewer and fewer people are using Brooke Adams as a source of useful information, as they come to realize how unreliable her “reporting” is.

    Maybe that’s why she has started using book giveaways.

  42. Do you think Brooke will give a copy of Carolyn’s new book away?

  43. What I want to know is if they can legally depose Wyler since he is on some SERIOUS pain medication? He doesn’t even know what day it is half the time. I would LOVE to see Piccarreta spend more money to come all the way up to St George and order the Dr.’s to stop giving Isaac the pain meds…Good luck with that one!

  44. to give you a sense of how cruel and insensitive the FLDS, Brooke, and the attorneys are about Wyler’s situation. Everyone in that court room knew that Isaac’s condition could be terminal…but they don’t care, they just keep jumping up and down screaming we are right and you are not- So stop stalling cause we want to get our victory dance on

  45. I am reading Carolyn’s new book and it’s fantastic, I highly recommend it to you.
    Now back to reading….

  46. btrl8thnvr — exactly right

  47. Best wishes to Isaac, I hope he doesnt have to endure any more pain than he is already enduring.

    The FLDS arent gaining any brownie points in heaven.

  48. These young people will carry the scars with them for the rest of their lives. My 80 year old father still hurts when he thinks about how his own father abused him. “How can a father do something like that?” He’ll say.

    However, there is healing too. The wounds won’t stay fresh. If you can imagine a better future, you can create it. I found my healing in parenting my own children the way I ought to have been parented.

    Every child deserves pure, unconditional love from ethical, law-abiding parents who both lovingly consented to creating that child in the first place.

    These young people can’t go back in time and re-create that, but they can move forward and create it for themselves and their spouses/partners and/or children.

  49. Ditto!! Anonymous

  50. Do you think Brooke will give a copy of Carolyn’s new book away?
    I wonder if she’ll even review it. I mean, an actual review, not a copy+paste blurb. I can almost picture it now….

    “Carolyn Jessop’s latest book talks about her life after walking away from the faith that her parents cherished. I noticed on page 159 that “Merril” is spelled wrong.”

  51. nice, ellie. Made me smile.


  52. Thanks Betty! 🙂

    I just noticed – ABC posted an excerpt:


    This is off-topic, but seems to be the thread where everyone is currently posting.

    The HOPE Organization has been contacted with a request for information on Muslim women in polygamous relationships.

    HOPE only works with people from Mormon Fundamentalism, so we have no info on Muslim women to provide.

    I have read (catwhisperer or Betty) cite a lot of statistics on Muslim women.

    The request is particularly for info on the Canadian Muslims, but any background info would be very much appreciated.

    If you have some data to share or know someone willing to communicate with this person who is requesting the information, please email HOPE at the_hope_org at yahoo dot com and we’ll put them in touch with each other.


  54. I will contact you later this evening.

  55. Sister wives from Bountiful, B.C., offer rare glimpse into ‘cult’

    Brenda Jensen and Lorna Jean Blackmore share stories at conference of Canadian Society for the Investigation of Child Abuse

    Read more:

    Check your email

  57. I looked at the link from the Calgary Herald.
    Barbara Jensen also appears in the Sons of Perdition flick.

  58. Blackmore says polygamy lawyer should step down over political donations

    The Canadian Press

    VANCOUVER – Polygamist leader Winston Blackmore says the lawyer who will argue against this country’s polygamy laws in a court reference case this fall should step aside over political donations made to the Liberal government…

  59. Different rules for me and thee: the FLDS double standard

  60. Taxpayer support of polygamy in France and Canada.

  61. More on polygamy and lawsuits in France :

  62. and a link to Part 2 of the article above :

  63. Toads don’t look good in burkhas. Mmm mmm mmm.

  64. but Toad, you can never have a bad hair day in a burka.

    Here is an interesting article on the effect of polygyny on male survival :

  65. In coloradocity/hildale it is ilegal to drive an atv on public roads unless you have rearview mirrors and all the other stuff that makes it legul. If an officer sees you he will stop you.

  66. What if the ATV is driven only on private roads ? Are there similar requirements ?

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