Corruption in Twin City Water Works?

A little background on Twin City Water Works …..

Recall that in a previous post, we brought you pleadings filed by Arizona AG and the UEP detailing shenanigans within the TCWW and what appeared to be theft of water rights that belong to the UEP, to the tune of several million dollars. Interestingly, Willie Jessop was right in the middle of it, having signed a transfer deed of water rights from a non-existant company to himself. When I have a moment, I will provide links to the prior posts.

Also in the pleadings were copies of Twin City Water Works checks to “Storehouse” and various other non-water related entities. The checks were subpoenaed from TCWW’s bank by the UEP in an effort to get information about what was going on within TCWW. The reasons for the subpoena were: 1. TCWW was using and selling water that was owned by the Trust, but TCWW could not come up with any lease or any other authority for them to be taking the UEP’s water rights and taking the revenue for themselves, 2. TCWW was obligated to improve the infrastructure of the water delivery system so that residents could be provided water – the failure to improve the infrastructure was also used as an excuse to deny the UEP’s proposed subdivision of UEP land, and 3. Residents were complaining about the awful quality of the water. By all appearances, TCWW was sticking it to the community by selling them water they didn’t own and using the revenue for purposes unrelated to water, meanwhile failing to improve the water delivery as they were obligated to do

Keep in mind also that TCWW, a non-profit corporation, was under contract with the City of Hildale, through its water authority, to perform maintenance and improve the water delivery system, and they received funds from the city to perform these services – but instead of using the money to perform their contractual obligations, it appears that TCWW was diverting hundreds of thousands of dollars each year toward other non-water projects …. Perhaps the building of Zion in Texas?

Below you will see copies of the TCWW checks followed by a summary of payees. Note the payments to the Storehouse, building supplies, fuel, transportation, etc. Keep in mind that TCWW does not even have an office, they have built nothing, and have nothing to maintain other than the water delivery system, which they have failed to maintain. All of this took place while the compound in Texas sprang to life. Hmmmm. The last document is a letter written by Joseph Allred to Warren Jeffs, making it quite clear that most of the TCWW funds were actually being misappropriated and diverted. Joseph Allred was the new treasurer of TCWW after his father, Richard Allred, had been kicked out by Warren. Joseph was apparently looking for direction as to whether to continue in his father’s practice of misappropriating TCWW revenue.

This is also interesting and informative in light of the AZ AG’s recent finding of civil rights violations against the Cooks for failure to provide water service. In the ruling, the cities respond by saying they don’t have enough water, and they don’t have enough money to improve the water system to deliver water to the Cook’s. That’s right, they didn’t have the money because they were sending it to Texas because Short Creek was abandoned by God.

And for the yuck factor, here is a picture sent from a member of the community showing the city’s tap water on the left compared to tap water after it’s been filtered on the right:


~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 22, 2010.

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  1. Are they delivering the water on bikes now?

    Bicycles Unlimited 1 713.89

  2. Then they switched to Blue Ox’s?

    Blue Ox Transportation 22 181,877.51

  3. Wow who is Bonnie Zitting?

    Bonnie A. Zitting 90 119,020.32

    Maybe she hand delivers the water by the bucket?

  4. Oops, they spelled this on out didn’t they:

    Truman Barlow Property Taxes 4 18,000.00

  5. I’d sure like them to pay my property taxes.

  6. Donald Richter Cabinets 10 53,434.53

    Why would a place with no office need cabinets?

    If I recall correctly, this payee was on the Short Creek fire department’s list of questionable expenditures as well.

  7. What kind of feul does the storehouse sell? golden?

  8. There are 48 entries to the Colorado City Elcetric Company for over $400,000. They must have been paying the electric bill for everyone in town.

    Next question is wo owns the electric company.

  9. I double-checked and I think I was wrong about the cabinets. I was thinking of an earlier article about the Twin City Water Works corruption that came out at the same time the fire department was investigated. Sorry guys!

    However, I noticed Twin City Water Works has 97 records for payments to “Joseph S. Jessop”, totalling $132,213.50.

    I wonder if this is the same “Joe Jessop” that was recently featured on the cover of National Geographic.

  10. If it’s the same guy, Joseph S. Jessop might actually be a legitimate expense.

    Nat Geo says he’s a brother to Merril Jessop and “is the community’s undisputed “water guy,” a self-taught engineer who helped with the piping of water out of Maxwell Canyon back in the 1940s. He’s had a hand in building the intricate network of waterlines, canals, and reservoirs that has irrigated the arid plateau in the decades since.”

    Judging from the color of the tap water, though, I’d say he could have used some formal engineering training.

  11. Oklahoma Tax Commission 1 68.00

    What the heck, Oklahoma???? They piping water to Oklahoma now?

  12. Rons Sporting Goods 4 1,904.46

    Nike’s for the bike riders?

  13. Shingleton’s is a business in Salt Lake City that sells sewing machines. I wonder why a PUBLIC non-profit water company needs over $11,000 in sewing machines? Is the TCWW sewing those water pipes together?

  14. ALLCO – $57,957.13 – company owned by David Allred – many FLDS members lost money and wages dealing with ALLCO

  15. Andrew A. Costa is an attorney in Salt Lake City. He sounds like a really great guy to have working for the TCWW!

    Andrew A Costa Takes everybody in his path SLC Utah
    Andrew A Costa
    642 S 1000 W
    SLC Utah 84104
    Web Address:
    Category: Dead Beat Dads

    Submitted: Friday, June 20, 2008
    Posted: Friday, June 20, 2008

    Leaky drums lead to federal charges
    Toxic waste » Man refused to deal with material in semi-trailers

    By Judy Fahys
    The Salt Lake Tribune

    Updated: 10/16/2009 01:21:45 AM MDT

    A Salt Lake City man is set to appear in federal court today on a charge that he allowed toxic waste to leak onto a public street from inside a parked semi-trailer.

    Andrew A. Costa pleaded not guilty Wednesday to violating the nation’s cradle-to-grave waste law, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. Under the law, a state permit is required to handle the sort of lead-contaminated waste that leaked from one trailer and was found inside of two semis belonging to Costa.
    The indictment against Costa, unsealed this week, said he bought the trailers in 2005 with about 67 drums inside and parked them in a salvage yard at 1235 S. Wallace Road, located in western Salt Lake City.
    More than a year later, the trailers were on the street in front of the salvage yard when a city parking officer noticed a drum’s contents were leaking onto the street, according to the indictment. County health department and hazardous materials officials “called Mr. Costa about the two trailers, but he refused to claim them,” court papers say.
    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency spent more than $70,000 to clean up the hazardous waste, which contained leachable lead.
    Costa’s detention hearing is set for Friday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Samuel Alba.
    Costa’s attorney Delano S. Findlay had no comment.

  16. So just where was the TCWW transporting their water to?

    Contact: LEROY TIMPSON
    1070 N HILDALE ST
    HILDALE, UT 84784
    Phone: (435) 874-7789

  17. Blynco – $3397.41

    Blynco Manufacturing & Distributing is a family owned business serving the wholesale window covering trade since 1986. We are headquartered in Las Vegas, …

    Blynco Manufacturing & Distribution
    6530 Hinson Street
    Las Vegas, NV 89118-4413
    (702) 871-7606

  18. Could Bonnie Zitting be related to Hildale Mayor David Zitting?

    Bonnie A. Zitting – $119,020.32
    John A Zitting – Relatives:
    John A Zitting
    Jeannie A Zitting
    Jesse D Zitting
    Eyvonne B Zitting
    Bonnie A Zitting
    Brian A Zitting
    Charles A Zitting
    David Kilgrow Zitting
    Neil A Zitting

  19. South Central Communications – cell phones St. George and Hildale (Ammon Barlow ? – FLDS) – $68,450.91

    1185 West Utah Avenue #104
    Phone: (435) 874-2810

  20. Truman Barlow Property Taxes 4 18,000.00

    IIRC, that would probably not be for Truman Barlow’s property taxes but him as the payee and Property Taxes being the memo.

    I believe I read in some of the UEP Trust reports from Wisan (or somewhere) that under the old trustees who were ousted, Truman Barlow would collect funds earmarked for property taxes due on some of the UEP assets prior to paying them to the respective assessing entities.

    If that is what that disbursement was, it raises the question of why the “separate from the FLDS church and the UEP Trust” TCWW non-profit company might have been commingling their property tax payment with UEP Trust funds.

    It would be interesting to know what the property tax bill for the relevant year was for the TCWW.

    If less than the $18K, it is possible that any excess amount was another form of “tithing” from TCWW.

  21. Paris Fish 15,500.00


  22. South Central Communications – cell phones St. George and Hildale (Ammon Barlow ? – FLDS) – $68,450.91
    That seems like a lot, even for “regular” corruption.

    I mean, Joseph Allred’s letter says, “After counseling with Uncle Lyle, I have continued to pay some home expenses from the Twin City Water Works account such as … mother’s cell phones (about $200-300/month).”

    At $300 a month, it would take 228 months (19 years) to reach that amount.

  23. Just out of curiosity, I just checked my records of where I have paid cell phone bills for a mfg company and they don’t even come close to this dollar amount for everyone for the whole year. And several of the people practically live on their phones. So Ellie, you are correct. This is A LOT for cell phones. There has to be numerous, and I mean NUMEROUS cell phones or this is over a long period of time.

  24. It sounds like “Uncle Lyle” might have a bit of a legal problem with some of this stuff if it ever gets to that stage. I wonder where Jerry Barlow is in all of this stuff as well. He was/is the Hildale business manager in charge of all utility accounting.

  25. ellie it could also be phone service for 19 mothers (wives) for ONE year. That’s possible!

  26. I wonder if the $639.20 payment to Jolly’s was the Jolly’s Western Wear company in St. George that sells leather cowboy boots. Do water company workers need cowboy-style irrigation boots?

  27. And just look at that $23,119.11 paid to Nielsen Door and Window. That’s a lot of doors and windows for a little water company!

  28. I wonder what Northwest United Industries is? They got an even $30,000.

  29. LOOK Willie the Thug got $30,500.50. uh-oh! I wonder how Willie “there are NO underage marriages” Jessop is going to explain this?

  30. My favorite is still the Shingleton’s sewing machine company’s $11,102.34.

  31. FYI Water well pumps use lots of electricity. So those payments to the electric companies are probably correct. They have 8 wells.

    It is time for the AG’s to get the copies of the invoices for all these expenses.

    Then follow the money…..

  32. Sorry gang, I got my “Willies” mixed up. (So many FLDS, so many similar names).

    The $30,500.50 went to Willie “The Bishop” Jessop.

    Was the water works paying the FLDS bishops a stipend?

    Uncle Fred Jessop was the bishop until Warren had him physically removed from the Creek in December 2003 (paving the way for Warren to start his January 10, 2004 reign of terror and mass excommunications.

    From this Payee Summary list, the TCWW paid Uncle Fred $18,455 in 12 payments.

    Then Wille took over as bishop and was paid the $30,500.50 in 5 payments.

    Sounds like a PUBLIC water company was paying some salaries for the local bishops IMHO.

  33. There has to be numerous, and I mean NUMEROUS cell phones or this is over a long period of time.

    kasoe said this on April 22, 2010 at 4:35 PM

    kasoe, this was less than an 8 year period – the list runs from Jan 2002 thru October 2009.

    If broken down, it would average over $700 per month in cell phone bills if the payments ran the entire 8 years.

    Yep, that’s a lot of cell phones for a small water company.

    Does anyone know how many “legitimate” employees the TCWW had?

  34. Anon @ 7:00 PM I agree with you and I bet there’s someone creating and printing out those invoices RIGHT NOW.

  35. The Allred letter to Warren states that TCWW funds have been used to pay for “the mothers” cell phones.

    Bonnie Zitting is Joseph Allred’s stepmother …. Richard Allred’s wife. Richard Allred is Joseph Allred’s father and was in charge of TCWW until he got kicked out by Warren, at which point Joseph was in charge of TCWW.

  36. shakes head – how did they get away with this for so long?

  37. WOW

    4.3 million “down the drain” so to speak, pun intended.

    Are they training their Engineers at a young age, giving scholarships at homeschools?

    Uzona Home School 2 checks for 6,600.00

  38. It is their world and they damwell own it.

    Or did.

  39. So this water company was diverting UEP funds for its own purposes, by selling water it had no right to.

    I assume this has also some connection to the other group wanting to put up housing and a water system on Berry Knoll instead of the fake agricultural irrigation scam?

  40. I wouldnt water my plants with that crappy looking water.

  41. 4.3 million and all they have is apple-juice colored water to show for it!

  42. I assume this has also some connection to the other group wanting to put up housing and a water system on Berry Knoll instead of the fake agricultural irrigation scam?

    Huesos said this on April 22, 2010 at 8:45 PM

    Huesos that “other group wanting to put up housing and a water system on Berry Knoll” is the Centennial Park polygamous group. Centennial Park is just across the highway from Colorado City.

    They were all one group and part of “The Work” before the “One man rule” doctrine split them up in the mid 1980’s. Today, they are the Centennial Park group and the other group is the FLDS.

    Per previous Centennial Park members “they are cut from the same cloth”.

  43. For clarification purposes, I probably should have added the word “ALL” to emphasize the similarities between the FLDS and the Centennial Park polygamous sects. (Although the CP group doesn’t have nutcase Warren running the show).

    Per previous Centennial Park members “they are ALL cut from the same cloth”.

  44. Hmmm. Did this company help provide the timber for the log homes at the YFZ Ranch?

    Northwest United Industries
    (Northwest United Industries Llc*)

    11236 N Government Way
    Hayden, ID 83835-9608
    Phone: (208) 772-2413

    Northwest United Industries Business Information

    Northwest United Industries is a private company categorized under Timber Tracts and located in Hayden, ID. Our records show it was established in 2003* and incorporated in Idaho*. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $500,000 to $1 million and employs a staff of approximately 1 to 4.

  45. Grapevine Ford Formerly know as Payton Wright Ford Check our new site for all Fords!

    Hmmm why was $23,332 spent with Utah and Arizona taxpayers’ PULIC monies from the Twin Cities Water Works at a Ford dealer in Grapevine, Texas?

  46. Grapevine Ford, is in Grapevine Texas, just north west of Dallas Texas. We are 1 mile north of the DFW airports conveniently located in the center of North Richland Hills, Southlake, Keller, Colleyville, Lewisville, Irving, Arlington, Trophy Club, Carrollton, in the center of DFW.

    Offering a great experience to purchase a new, pre owned, or certified ford, finance, trade, service, all makes and models of automobiles. Offer affordable, high quality, reliable, cars, suv, trucks, and vans.

  47. Dunno maybe that’s willie’s wheels on the Texas side of his DFW route, who knows.

    I knew the other tithing entity was CP, just trying to keep them separate from the UEP/FLDS team, like those in Canada do. Territorial bunch when it comes to those religious pyramid money schemes ain’t they.

  48. Maybe Mr. Wisan is looking under the wrong rocks – looking in Grapevine, Texas instead of Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the proof of the fraud.

    Even now more intriguing is that there is a dealership by this same name in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

    Didn’t Warren try to convince the Nevada Highway Patrol Officer Eddie Dutchover that he was from Florida and was named John Findley and Warren provided an eye glass/lens prescription he had in his possession with that same name as his proof of ID?

    Here is the info on the Florida dealership with the same name:

    Payton Wright Ford Sales, Inc
    110 Se 6th St Fl 26
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301-5000
    Phone: (954) 769-6196

    Quite a coincidence? I don’t know. I am going to go think about it all as I head to bed.

    Its interesting to say the least, since a $23,332 TCWW check was sent to a dealership with this name – wherever that dealership might be.

  49. Wow – just wow!

    I still cant believe all the nonsense these pligs have gotten away with for so many years.

    This is just another perfect example of why that crime organization needs to be taken apart and the cities disincorporated.

    The communist experiment failed – read it and weep!

  50. We do know that some (not sure if all) of those log cabin houses at the YFZ were built up in Canada and then disassembled and trucked down to Eldorado.

    I wonder if Blue Ox Transportation was involved in transporting those log houses to Texas at a cost of $181,877.51 and paid by the TCWW?

    Long haul truckers have to keep records of where they go and have their travel logs checked at the Ports of Entry.

    Hmmm. I wonder where the drivers with Blue Ox traveled between Jan 2002 and October 2009.

    Mr. Wisan and Mr. Goddard are you reading this blog?

    Can you have the travel logs of Blue Ox Transportation subpoenaed?

  51. 😯 ___ So! LE is finally stepping up to the line to follow the money… (like I’ve said often enough in the past)
    and all I can say now is, “It’s about time!”

  52. gah! that last entry was mine.

  53. Long Haul Truckers, are ‘supposed’ to keep records, but they aren’t always truthful in their records.

  54. Anon, don’t the travel logs have to be stamped at the Ports of Entry? I know some truckers fudge their records, but can the entire log be fudged?

  55. So is there such a thing a felony embezzlement?

  56. I’m still slackjawed that the uh local consumers put up with the peeyellow stolen water which wasn’t even treated before selling it to them, then the $$ used to pay for anything-but water treatment and system upgrades.

  57. I suppose that’s the value in having a monopoly. If that’s all you’ve got, then that’s all you’ve got. Maybe now that the corruption is being exposed someone who will really manage the water supply will get a chance to shine.

  58. can the entire log be fudged

    Extremely difficult and impossible if one passes through a Port of Entry such as those like San Jon, New Mexico and many others.

    Or if one receives an inspection or a moving violation.

    US DOT #: 1377872
    MC #: 525864

    And what a surprise…their Driver Safety Evaluation Area (DRSEA) falls into the “Deficient” classification.

    Quite a few speeding tickets and some driver Out of Service’s (probably due to log books).

  59. That last one was me.

  60. I might have found the Paris Fish who was paid $15,500 by the TCWW.

    Here is a Nevada State Bar reprimand for a lawyer who did not do his job.

    One of his clients is named Paris M. Fish and owns a fork-lift repair business in North Las Vegas.

    FLDS are prevalent in the Las Vegas area.

  61. Do water companies use fork-lift’s?

  62. At least we know RO filters are effective.

  63. cement,

    Would the Paris Fish expenses be for algae in a reverse osmosis filtration system?

  64. RO is effective, but often require extensive pre RO filtration to extend the life of the expensive RO membranes.

  65. If you go to this link and click on the “Inspection” tab you can see the driver and vehicle violations for Blue Ox Transportation.

    2 dates were in 2007 and the rest in 2006.

    I don’t recognize most of these places.

    Does anyone know if any of these places are enroute to Eldorado?

  66. This probably would have been a nice town…had they not been robbed of their water, their electricity, their land, their lives and their freedom by their ‘holy profit’ and gang. PROFIT being the operative word in almost all the dealings, here.

  67. Quill Corporation – $9841.11

    “Quill provides over 65,000 office supplies including office furniture, paper, ink and toner for your office. Free shipping on orders over $45. Making office products fast and simple.”

    That’s a LOT of office supplies for a company that doesn’t even have an office!

  68. Scott V. Jessop was on the CCUSD school board until it was put into receivership because of how PUBLIC funds were being spent.

    Scott V. Jessop was paid $186,418.00 by the TCWW in 101 payments.

    Did the TCWW become the cash cow for Scott V. Jessop after he was kicked off of the CCUSD school board?

  69. Clark Color Labs – $758.40

    “Your free Clark account gets you online digital photo printing, free online photo albums, free digital photo sharing services, and fun photo gifts.”

    Yea, that’s something a water company really needs!

  70. I wonder if this is the same Dan Semick who got $23,800 from the TCWW?

    This Dan Semick lives in Cedar City; Willie Jessop has a house in Cedar City.

    This Dan Semick deals in cattle; Willie Jessop deals in cattle.

    I wonder if they know each other and if this Dan Semick did any business with the FLDS or was paid any money by the TCWW.

    County Deputies nab cattle rustlers

    By Bruce Mehew

    Published on September 17, 2007 at 04:22PM

    (SALINA) – A local cattle scam landed two Nevada men and a Cedar City man in jail. The Sevier County Sheriff’s Department began an investigation on Aug. 28 when 35-year old, Ignacio Arteaga and 41-year old, Oscar Ramos, both of Pahrump, Nevada, bought 19-head of cattle from the Salina Auction Yard. The scam began when one of the men bought cattle with a legitimate out-of-state check and the other purchased the rest with a bogus out-of-state check. They then transported the cattle to 60-year old, Dan Semick Jr. of Cedar City, who sold them at auction and collected over $12,000. Investigators discovered that Semick took his cut from the sale and sent the rest of the money to Arteaga and Ramos. Sevier County Deputies and Pahrump Nevada officials arrested Arteaga and Semick on Sept. 10 but Ramos may have fled the area. The two are out on bail and are awaiting a court date. Further investigation discovered the three men have been involved in the cattle scam at auction yards around the country.

  71. Off Topic: Hugh tried to buy, but was outbid by…you have to love it:

    Per Hugh on his site.

  72. I guess that Payton Wright Ford company listed in the Payee Summary probably is the one in Grapevine, TX after all.

    There is a Louise O Jessop (who is related to a Robert E Jessop JR) and Louise lives in Grapevine, TX

    So, they would probably “Shop Local”.

  73. OK, here is another online office supply company called Viking Office Products. The TCWW paid them $5489.54.

    “Viking carries a giant assortment of office supplies, paper products, ink & toner, cleaning and break room supplies, snacks, technology accessories and furniture. Brands you love at prices that are hard to believe! Get Free Shipping On Orders Over $45!”

    Again, a lot of $$$ office supplies spent for a water company that has no office.

    With the TCWW paying $6600 to the Uzona Home School, it makes me wonder if these other purchases made to online office supply companies might have been to buy school supplies for the FLDS home schools.

  74. Yep, it sure is starting to look to me like the PUBLIC water company was footing the bill for home schooling the FLDS children.

    Hey guys, that’s why we have public school districts – their tax dollars are used to educate the children, not the WATER company’s!

    Worthington Direct – $4931.21

    “School Furniture | Church Furniture | Classroom Furniture | School Chairs and School Desks”

  75. Last, but not least there was $9218.60 paid by the TCWW to Zions Designs in 2 payments. This company was only started in 2006, so that is a LOT of money for “manufactured kids clothing” (something a PUBLIC water company really needs) paid in less than 3 years.

    My guess the water company bought school uniforms for the FLDS children.

    Zion Designs
    60 W Township
    Colorado City, AZ 86021
    (928) 875-2266
    General Info:
    In Business Since:

    Yep, we taxpayers have been cheated by the holy PUBLIC water company.

    Mr. Wisan and Mr. Goddard PLEASE do something to stop this fraud!

    Now, I am going to walk outside and SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

  76. But hey Anon, they still have yellow piss water to show for all that money spent!

  77. How do they know when to flush, the toilet would always look like it was loaded up.

  78. ale wife…. **** musta won the lottery, cuz just the other day he said he was out of a job and couldn’t pay the rent and posted his address for…donations. What a rube!

  79. hugh said he had financial backimg from someone for it.

  80. Yea, ale wife, they sent him a whole 2 cents, since that is what it cost to voice your opinion.

  81. My favorite is still the Shingleton’s sewing machine company’s $11,102.34.

    They must have bought new sewing machines for every female in town! Lots prairie dresses needin’ to be sewed.

    I’ve been sewing for years on a $120 machine I bought at Joann’s Fabrics.

  82. Yeah, somesone sent 20 bucks or something like that a year or two ago. Hell I spent more than that on dinner last night!

  83. Anon e mouse

    They are having a problem with all the stitching lately, its all coming unraveled!

    Maybe they should all be singing this song – the most watched video ever on Youtube, approaching 200 million hits.

    There is a 10 second commercial on the front end and a four second clip of Rulon on the back end.

  84. I don’t mean to come across snippy, but this thread is for discussing the fraud in the TCWW.

    If you want to discuss that loser, then please do it on the Open Discussion thread. Many of us don’t give a rat’s a$$ about that bum.

  85. Well to be fair to the FLDS, there may be one or two legitmate expenditures on that list.

    Cant imagine it ALL went for fun and games!

    And here is a Q – where is the monthly money going that is paid to the TCWW – TODAY?

    Dont tell me those fools are still partying down!

  86. Stamp, yes, I think some of these expenditures are definitely legit. There are payments to companies that deal in pumps and mechanical controls that a water company would certainly use.

    BUT – payments to the Bishop’s Storehouse; Uzona Home School; Chidrens Resource Center; manufactured kids clothing; $68,000 in cell phones; window coverings; windows and doors; flooring; cabinets; home furnishings; building supplies and construction companies; school furniture; bicycles; sporting goods; online photos; a Ford dealership in Grapevine, Texas; tons of office supplies; fuel and transportation; thousands paid to insurance companies; thousands paid to banks and credit unions; Oklahoma Tax Commission; and $11,000 paid to a sewing machine vendor JUST REEKS.

    I really hope there will be a proper investigation into this fraud.

  87. I can’t find any Courtesy Ford anywhere near the Hildale/Colorado City area, although the TCWW paid $35,786.83 to a Courtesy Ford.

    There are Courtesy Ford dealerships in:
    Afton, Wyoming
    Littleton, Colorado
    Portland, Oregon
    Poulsbo, Washington
    Okemos, Michigan
    Conyers, Georgia
    Rome, Georgia
    Pocatello, Idaho
    Elizabeth City, North Carolina
    Conrad, Montana
    Norfolk, Nebraska
    Danville, Illinois
    Altoona, Pennsylvania
    Sanford, Florida

    These locations are hardly close to Short Creek.

  88. Yo admins…

    The first time I clicked on this in the “recent posts” arena, I was redirected elsewhere to something related to “Disinformation-free News.”

    “Pretty part of content”?


    Methinks the previous two posts on this thread need to go.

  89. Done. Usually these are caught by the spam checker.

    ——– Admin

  90. Good deal.

    It was a good thing to have this thread brought forward.

    I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about the monkey business money trails and want to re-wrap my head around these nuts and bolts, anyway.

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