No-Show, Deadbeat Merril

In addition to the Emack and Jeffs pleas on Thursday, there was also a hearing on Carolyn Jessop’s child support case against Merril Jessop. At least there was supposed to be. This is a little kooky ….

Merril agreed to pay child support back in September 2009, but he apparently had his fingers crossed when he told the Court that he agreed to the order. He has not paid a dime of child support … STILL. So, Carolyn filed a motion for contempt in an effort to enforce the order and get the child support for her kids. Here is the motion:

Only problem …. Merril lives in a well-guarded compound where he can’t be served. You can’t have a hearing on contempt if you can’t get the guy served. It wasn’t for lack of trying, however. After several attempts, Carolyn asked for an order allowing a different method of service. See below:

Fortunately for Carolyn, she is not limited to her attempts to collect from Merril, who is apparently determined to avoid paying child support despite his agreement and promise to the court. Since Merril apparently has plenty of money to pay attorneys (who typically keep a retainer accounts for their clients), it seems logical to seek payment from Merril’s attorneys out of Merril’s retainer accounts. So ….Amy Hennington and Gerald Goldstein were brought in as parties to this suit since they are both presumably in possession of money that belongs to Merril Jessop. Carolyn is entitled to have that money delivered to her to satisfy the outstanding child support that Merril owes. Below is the pleading that brought Amy and Goldie into the mix. It’s called “Turnover” and it is one method of enforcing a judgment.

So what happened on April 15 in court? Not much, except that Merril is one step closer to jail.

From sources present in the courtroom:

Merril didn’t show up, despite the fact that the judge had ordered him to appear, and despite the fact that his attorney received notice well in advance. Not surprisingly, Goldie didn’t show either. Amy Hennington did appear with her own attorney to help her resist turning over documents and Merril’s money.

The hearings have to be reset after Merril is served.

Was this some sort of victory for Merril? He dodged being held in contempt and jailed and he still hasnt paid any child support. It sounds like he outsmarted Carolyn, Malonis and Judge Walther (not to mention his kids), right? Not exactly. Judge Walther was not impressed with Merril’s antics, although not surprised. Judge Walther reminded Amy that her client was released on bond after he was indicted on a felony, and he still is awaiting trial. Walther explained that Merril’s bond is conditioned on Merril being available, and it is troubling that he cannot be located for civil process, even by his attorney. When Amy’s lawyer explained that Merril was a very busy man jetting back and forth to Utah and Arizona, Judge Walther indicated that if his bond allowed him to travel out of state, then maybe it ought to be modified so that Merril is not so unavailable. Walther also indicated that this kind of behavior will certainly be taken into account when the hearing goes forward and she does make an order.

Somewhat humorously, Walther also made the point that the Ranch was supposed to be just like any other gated community ….but for some reason it’s not a problem serving civil process on individuals living in other gated communities. Hmmmm.

The message behind the message: If Merril is so unavailable that he can’t be served, maybe he shouldnt be out on bond.

Perhaps there will be a bond revocation hearing in Merril’s near future? He won’t be able to dodge that one unless he intends to become a fugitive. Willie was in the courtroom and apparently thought this was a big victory for Merril and the FLDS. Poor Willie just doesn’t understand…..again. I have a feeling Carolyn Jessop and Natalie Malonis are not just going to roll over and give up.

*I feel like Medvecky getting the name of the convicted felony sexual offender wrong, but I ain’t claiming to talk to “the Ranch”. It’s corrected now 🙂


~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 17, 2010.

61 Responses to “No-Show, Deadbeat Merril”

  1. First, kudos to Carolyn Jessop for having found a way to support the children she loves. On. Her. Own.

    Second, kudos to Natalie Malonis for fighting the good fight. I’m not sure I’d have the courage to go on like she did after the personal attacks. But she does, and that’s a good thing.

    Third, kudos to Judge Wather. She’s probably the most adult edited person I’ve ever read about.

    Fourth kudos to the Rangers, DPS and the Schliecher County Deputies, specifically George Arispe.
    How hard it must be.

    That said, how exalted a religious man must be who not only doesn’t support his children, but hides. Hides not only physically, but behind a female attorney’s skirts. A ‘hider’ that would rather pay to save his own skin and thus abandon his children. The guy must be a pillar of a religion that values ‘hiders.’

    Why houses of ‘hiding,’ and Bishops who hide? Profits who hide?

    Such convictions they have. The persecution. The trials of faith. The lifting up. The superiority. Baby raping hiders, who don’t have enough man to man-up.

    Nothing more than that.

  2. Put the Old goat’s ASS in Jail!!! Don’t pass go,, Go directly to jail! Hunt him down and Jail him!

  3. if Merrill cannot make himself available, he should be placed in a jail where he is available.

  4. Gutless SOB

  5. Well once again the FLDS show their true colors. This isnt a funny little game – these guys are going to prison for their misbehavior, you would think at some point in time they “get it”…

  6. So, what’s up with the deposits left with eyesole’s attorneys?

  7. If I were the bail bond guy, I’d revoke my bond. Merril doesn’t seem to be a very trustworthy client for him.

  8. Goldie is pushing his luck too. Wonder if they have a little house on the YFZ Prairie to hide him when he gets called in too.

  9. Yeah, it seems like they still think they’re in Utard, playing the same old games.

    This is Texas, y’all.

  10. what happens????

  11. Well if Merril continues hiding out it will come to a head when his trail comes up unless he has plans on becoming a fugitive from justice like his worthless prophet.

    Since Merril requires oxygen, why not follow the trial to the oxygen buying store and follow the purchaser home?

  12. Can’t they garnish the social security checks? That would be something going to Carolyn.

  13. FLDS must be right proud of this eyesole who won’t feed his children and further cares nothing for his handicapped child. Do I see some conspiracy charges?

  14. With Judge Walther making those comments from the bench, it is very clear that Merril is about to have his bond revoked or modified. Pehaps an ankle monitor would be appropriate…

    I wouldn’t count on racking up any more frequent flier miles either…

  15. What happens next? Hennington either makes Merril available to accept service or Merril will likely be revoked.

    There will be a hearing to determine what Amy and Goldie have in Merril’s trust accounts. Carolyn could take all their depositions. She could file liens against any of Merril’s property. Once Merril is in jail, she can garnish his commisary account. Among other things. Meanwhile attorneys fees are mounting on both sides, and Merril will end up having to pay Malonis’ fees as part of his child support obligation. Once his deadbeat-ness reaches the level of criminal nonsupport, he’s probably in violation of his bond. From the correspondence it looks like Malonis already has one judgment against Merril for attorneys fees, so she has all the same remedies to enforce her judgment.

    If Merril dies, then his estate is on the hook. This is just getting warmed up.

  16. So, I’m unsure if any decisions were made. What happens now?

  17. So now that Deadbeat Merril is more than thirty days past due doesn’t this part of the original order automatically come into effect?

    “Past-Due Support
    The Court finds that Frederick Merril Jessop owes past due child support for the children the subjects of this suit for the time period March 2003 through September 2009. The Court finds that the parties agreed to keep the amount of past due child support undisclosed unless Frederick Merril Jessop becomes 30 days past due on any payment toward the reduction of arrearages. The amount of the past due child support and the terms of repayment are the subject of a separate settlement agreement between the parties.

    IT IS ORDERED that Frederick Merril Jessop shall pay the agreed amount of past-due child support in the amount and according to the terms set forth in the settlement agreement entered into between the parties as announced in open court on September 28, 2009, the terms of which shall remain undisclosed to the Court unless any amount due from Frederick Merril Jessop remains unpaid for a period of thirty (30) days or longer.

    IT IS ORDERED that in the event Frederick Merril Jessop fails to make a payment or any portion of any payment by the due date pursuant to the parties’ agreement, and that payment remains past due for thirty days, then a written settlement agreement shall immediately be filed with this Court and shall immediately be enforceable as an order of this Court by contempt or by any other method available for enforcement of child support. IT IS ORDERED that in the event Frederick Merril Jessop fails to make a payment of any portion of any payment of past due child support by the due date, and such payment remains past due for a period of thirty days, the entire outstanding amount of past due child support, including interest as allowed by law, shall immediately become due and shall become a judgement in such amount against Frederick Merril in favor of Carolyn Jessop.”

    So now it can be made public what the amount of the past due child support and the full amount plus interest automatically becomes an enforceable judgment against Merril, right?

  18. So FLDSTexas any ideas on how we “curious” kitties find out the “undisclosed” amount?

  19. Can’t they garnish the social security checks? That would be something going to Carolyn.
    It’s the easiest thing in the world to garnish SS checks. My guess is the 50 percent that they are allowed by law to garnish is probably about 1k at most and doesn’t nearly cover the amount they are seeking. Just a guess.

  20. Yeah, I agree, but it’s a start and it sends a statement.

  21. Ahh you misunderstand me. I was thinking they probably already are.

  22. But a person has to first contest taking the full amount, so far as I’m aware. It’s not automatic, is it?

  23. The FLDS saga is a continual education in law, legal strategy, and tenacity (on both sides). I wonder how attorney Hennington is going to respond…..I would think she would ditch him unless he pays up

  24. the undisclosed amount is $148,000

  25. That’s some real smackers, there.

  26. Part of his social security is already being garnished for Carolyn’s kids. Part of it goes to some of his other kids. The remainder could probably be garnished, but that’s best accomplished through the AG’s child support enforcement division.

    What’s next? Many options. It largely depends on whether Merril becomes available for service or continues to resist and evade. I’m sure his attorneys are not too happy that they’ve been named as parties and requested to turn over billing records. He could just pay the child support he owes and save everyone a bunch of trouble.

    Yes, the 148,000 is now accelerated and due, plus interest, plus attorneys fees and costs. And every month that goes by the judgment grows by $2,350 plus interest.

    Wonder if the AG’s office will intervene in the suit? Merril’s painted himself into a pretty tight corner. This is not smart at all. All of this evading service and refusal to support his kids will surely show up on his bad acts notice when he goes to trial too.

    Or maybe the Prophet will see to it that Heavenly Father intervenes and opens up a way to allow Merril to remain a deadbeat and escape the legal consequences of his crimes.

    Anyone know when failure to pay child support becomes a criminal offense?

  27. I’m not certain; it may remain a civil matter. I was never able to collect much more than about 10% of what my ex owed. After my last child was grown I suppose I could have had the balance made into an amount plus interest and held it until hell froze over but why throw good money after bad.

  28. A little clarification…

    Carolyn will get the child support that is due her children. It is just going to be a fight to get it, unfortunately. I’m sure Carolyn expected this and knew that it would take some time and a great deal of effort to bring Merril into compliance with his obligations and court orders. There were no decisions made on April 15 other than the judge will reset the hearing on Turnover so she can require Goldie and Hennington to participate. It us premature right now because the time for them to answer has not even run. Maybe next month?

    Merril is in contempt and knows the consequence. I don’t think he will pay child support or voluntarily make himself available for service of notice of a contempt hearing. He’ll force the issue, and a bond revocation hearing is likely. Or maybe the Sheriff will find a way to serve him. There are a couple of other options that could get Merril in a place where he can be served. He will eventually be in front of the court answering to contempt charges. He will eventually pay the child support he owes. His ability to resist and evade is growing limited. His obligation might be satisfied through his retainer accounts with attorneys or by placing a lien on his property and selling it in a public sale. Garnishing his SS income or his commisary account in jail. The judge can issue injunctions prohibiting his attorneys from collecting any more fees or billing against retainers. His bank accounts can be garnished, etc. If he has any contractor licenses, it can be revoked. Same with his drivers license or any other state issued license. He can be required to participate in work-pay programs etc.

    Once the AG’s office gets involved the noose will tighten even more. I think he has some attorneys in Utah and Arizona also who may have funds on account for Merril. He’s a trust beneficiary, so his interest is up for grabs. Lots if options, but it mostly depends on how far he wants to push this.

  29. Is it probable that Warren Jeffs is deliberately making his followers refuse to comply so that they, too, will be seen as
    martyrs, or at least heros? Or is it likely that Merril Jessop is in declining health and they are just stalling?

  30. Is it probable that Warren Jeffs is deliberately making his followers refuse to comply so that they, too, will be seen as
    martyrs, or at least heros?


    Sounds like everyone is still under his orders to Answer Them Nothing.

    I don’t know who would consider him a hero. A real man takes care of his children.

  31. it only goes to prove that merril and those like him are sorry sob’s. and i’m talking about wee willie jessop who thought it was so funny. i hope that arizona/utah arrests you soon for stealing water and you can rot in jail with the rest of you group.

    m & a, if you’re reading this, please press those charges we were talking about and do it soon. i so want to wipe the smirk off that fat man’s face.

  32. My ex owes me about 9k in child support and almost 20k of back alimony. He split the country and I’ll never see any of it, even though I know he is back now. Justice is expensive.

  33. I have a feeling ole Merril would rather die than HAVE to give any woman, any money for any reason. POS can’t see this is for his children…what a sorry excuse for human being.

  34. Yep.

  35. Merril is acting like a moron and his goose is cooked.

  36. Question: if that old goat keels-over-dead before he’s brought to justice — will Carolyn have child-support access to his estate?

    Because I’m thinking if he becomes a major loss of assets — some of the remaining *free* P-hoods might be willing to do-it-the-Eskimo way and plant his wrinkly-@ss on a ice floe ~~ drifting out to sea.

    I’ve no doubt a great deal of his can’t-be-found traveling concerns shuffling and hiding th’money.

    His lawyers should definitely be made to pay-out — the only way that money will ever be clean is if it’s used to buy groceries to feed his children. Such a simple concept. He,and his ilk, disgust me – can’t wait to see a pic of him in a handsome orange jumpsuit.

  37. In his own “religion” and in his own mind, he probably thinks he is persecuted and just in doing nothing. Amazing that he and others in the group cannot see how living a dishonest life cannot honor God. So brainwashed….

  38. Isn’t Merrill Jessop the owner of record for YFZ ranch?

  39. Merril needs to understand that a good father, by the laws of this land is ordered to pay child support for his children.
    A good Christian would understand that, too.
    Keep after him, Carolyn and Natalie, for this will set a precedent for all the other ‘father’s of the FLDS , whose wives have left.
    They need to get a strong message.

  40. Under no circumstances can the FLDS men actually accept responsibility for their children living with apostate wives. If that were the case then mamy more child brides would grow up and realize they had options beyond remaining in servitude. The reason Merril won’t pay and will lie, cheat and even commit fraud to keep from paying is that doing so (and, once again, obeying the laws of the land) would send a message to the women that they have rights, as do their children. Can’t have that, can we?

  41. Question: if that old goat keels-over-dead before he’s brought to justice — will Carolyn have child-support access to his estate?

    Child support is an obligation of his estate. Carolyn will get the child support for the kids, one way or another.

  42. I agree with Rebeckah. One of the ways they keep young girls in the marriage is by telling them that the only alternative is living on the street, without their kids, as a hooker. If they knew that they could get money from the father of the child through the law, that line would fall flat. And since many of them have never had a lot of money in their hands and are good at scraping by, the standard amount of child support probably sounds like a lot of money.

  43. Now this gives me a curious train of thought. Those men are unapologetice, no remorse, about being imprisoned for felony crimes, but get the willies over the very thought of civil law forcing child support payments ?

    Ya hafta admit it’s got its humorous points.

  44. GrannyToad

    I think it used to be that when “apostate” parents sought child support or access to their children, the case played out like Bambi vs. Godzilla because the parents had to deal with the financial clout of the UEP, in addition to being stonewalled by their former community.

    But now the playing field has changed. I think part of the issue is that change is often scary, especially for the old.

  45. I don’t think it’s just about change. It’s about loosening the strangle hold of the patriarch on all power. Not going to go down easy.

  46. I think the bigger picture of Bishop Merril Jessop’s failure to pay any ordered child support should be an alarming behavior for the FLDS Church in Schleicher County. Where is the article from the San Angelo Standard concerning this Bishop’s failure to appear and pay his ordered amount(s)?

    Would any other religious denomination Bishop/Elder/Minister be ignored during such an unlawful behavior and not receive local Press scrutiny and critical coverage? What other religious group based in Schleicher County could dare to withstand such illicit behavior or actions by it’s Church Leadership?

  47. You can bet that if Bishop Merril was Catholic, he would be in prison by now.

  48. So maybe I am the most naive person on the blogger planet, but sure seems like their prophet should be made to stand up and take the blame for what he has imposed on all these families. There is honor in a leader who says “the blame stops here” and does what is best for those under him, but this man seems to be hastening their destruction to somehow prove his own warped prophecies.

  49. I find it appalling that people like the ole liar dog deci, duane celebrate and support the flds men in their “marriage” to and impregnation of girl below the age of consent. When merril did not show up for a child support hearing his no show was a cause for celebration by big willie and some flds apologists..What is wrong with these people.? This behavior is appalling and imo those who celebrate and suppor it are sick and depraved. Because merril is flds he should not have to pay court ordered child support? If some 45 year old flds man weds and has sex with a 14 year old it is OK, but if some random non flds man does it he should be persecuted? Have these people no sense of decency, honor and doing the right thing for the young girl?

  50. Yes, and Merril’s behavior certainly belies the FLDS party line that it’s men are such good partners because they will always provide for their (possibly underage) spouse and her children.

  51. You know how it is with FLDS and their sacrificial virgins.

  52. When he’s found,and he will be… he needs to be tazed, to start….[oh let me! let me!]then served with his papers, have his bail revoked, and have his big sorry-@$$ carcass hauled off to jail. I’d even like to see him brought into court in shackles! He is a waste of human space.

  53. MC, I can agree with the being served, bail revoked and having him hauled off to jaill but the tazing bit would just be senseless torture since Merril is hardly a threat to anyone but young women. But going to jail for contempt would be deeply satisfying to me. I despise a man who uses children to punish women. The FLDS men don’t care about “family” at all from what I can see.

  54. So maybe I am the most naive person on the blogger planet, but sure seems like their prophet should be made to stand up and take the blame for what he has imposed on all these families. There is honor in a leader who says “the blame stops here” and does what is best for those under him, but this man seems to be hastening their destruction to somehow prove his own warped prophecies.

    Warren is trying to hasten destruction, but for everybody ELSE, not for the FLDS, who are special and better than us lowly gentiles, who are going to be destroyed by earthquakes, fires and tidal waves, because Heavenly Father is PISSED OFF that the FLDS are being persecuted for marrying little girls and He is going to PUNISH the United States by destroying our country, leaving the FLDS in charge, at which point the prison walls will fall down and Warren will walk free.

    No you’re not naive, just as flabbergasted as any normal person would be that these sheep are following Warren Jeffs down the rabbit hole.

  55. Well at least they’re smart enough not to try to use that defense in court:

    “Your Honor, I only raped that 15-year-old girl because I really hate gentiles and I want to hasten Heavenly Father’s destruction of them, through earthquakes and such.”

  56. Why would Warren wish a volcanic pimple on Iceland?

    *tongue in cheek

  57. Don’t they allow same sex marriage there, GrannyTodd? I bet that’s the “loving” Heavenly Father’s excuse then. *also tongue in cheek*

  58. Anonymous, not sure I follow that. But, yes, gays in Iceland have the right to “registered partnership” in Iceland which is granted the same secular rights as heterosexual marriage. Polygamy is not legal. In fact, I think only Holland allows polygamous marriage in Europe.

  59. Holland also allows prostitution

  60. Merril is still a sorryast deadbeat dad.

  61. According the the Eldorado Success Merril Jessop has been served.

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