Lehi Barlow Jeffs-Allred pleads no contest to Bigamy, Sexual Assault of a Child

Also pleading to Bigamy was Mike Emack, and these pleads mark the first time any FLDS have plead out to Bigamy.

Further details forthcoming.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 15, 2010.

11 Responses to “Lehi Barlow Jeffs-Allred pleads no contest to Bigamy, Sexual Assault of a Child”

  1. Lehi’s victim is the daughter of previous defendant Allen Keate

  2. Wow – they keep the crime in the family huh? BTW they switch last names like I switch lights – how do they know they arent breeding their own cousins?

    Oh wait, they do know! And they dont care!

  3. That Lehi dude is scary looking, I bet his grandfather is his father too!

  4. Eight Years for Lehi on assault charge; eight years on bigamy to be served concurrently. Seven years for bigamy for Emack, to be served concurrently.


  5. I just betcha there are other FLDS bigamists that havent been indicted yet.

    Just sayin!

  6. So were their pleas Nolo Contendre or guilty or what?

  7. excellent.
    I wonder if these sentences are having a deterrent effect in the states of Utah or Arizona.
    Is there any evidence that there are fewer underage marriages taking place in Utah or Arizona since these trials in Texas?

  8. eeekkk!! Stamp–I agree–very scary lookin’????

  9. Well, his grandfather is Rulon Jeffs, his father being the disowned brother of Warren.

  10. Which brother of Warren’s is Levi’s father?

  11. The above question was asked by carolfromcarolina. Not sure why it is coming up anonymous unless it’s because I haven’t posted in awhile.

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