Open Discussion #31 with perpwalk video

Continued from Open Discussion #30

See this article, Lehi and Emack are taped for their perpwalks..  Emack wearing his special Jammies under his orange prison jumpsuit:

Hat tip to Anonymous – again!


~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 9, 2010.

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  1. I am finding something about this accounting raid very funny. The apologists for the polygamists are very quick to jump to the conclusion that there is no basis for the search, that the FLDS are completely without blame, that LE are goons and thugs and that everyone who is not appalled at the infringement on the religious right to defraud the government is a bigot. What’s different? Well, it’s not about sex, there is no question of consent, there’s really no muddying the waters with discussions of polygamy, although they will surely try that. We’re pretty sure that, if that leather sofa is in someone’s home, that the tax payers did not consent to put it there. There are victims, without doubt; they are you and me. And it is obvious that a group of people who accuse us of jumping to conclusions without getting the evidence first and being bigots are, in fact, jumping to conclusions without any evidence and being bigoted against law enforcement and for the theocrat outlaws. Thanks, guys and girls, for showing so clearly who you really are!

  2. The residences were named in the Warrant too, they just didnt put the location on the map.

  3. Also, I like the automatically generated list on possibly related posts. Right now it says “For all those doing your taxes”. Yeah. Funny.

  4. Stamp, that’s because they are competent journalists.

  5. # FLDS Texas,
    Perhaps we could have a sidebare
    [sic] (above or below blogroll) that gives the current/pending status of legal issues (kind of a “score card”) for those of us who get dizzy keeping track?

    hellohellogoodbye said this on April 9, 2010 at 6:33 AM

    I’ll throw in my vote for something like that too. Not sure how this format/theme could handle it, but I sure like the idea.

    HHG, I agree with you on the dizzying aspects of all the legalities we’re trying to follow. Oh, and your “bare side” made me laugh. 😀

  6. Just as a small anecdote that might make you smile today. A source who was there for the raid informed me that when they served the warrant on Darger’s home, the occupants refused to open the door for LE, so the door was taken down with a battering ram ::drum roll please::::and it was a FEMALE deputy who got to do the honors.

    It’s the small things in life that make you smile;)

  7. David Darger possible address is 155 E North, Colorado City, AZ

    Jacob (Jake) Barlow possible address is 145 N Homestead St. Colorado City, AZ

    You know how Warren does the house shuffles.

  8. Correction….Darger 285 W. Garden Street, Colorado City

    Barlow….155 East Cook, Colorado City

    They moved.

  9. Boots, I do so hope the FLDS hive got lots of video of that entry, and stills.

  10. So I’m curious where this leather sofa was located. In a private home?

  11. I think I’ll name every one of the socks in my sock drawer. Yeller the cat has one he keeps his dried catnip in, it’s his huggypillow at bedtime.

  12. Whatever works for you, Attila.

  13. Boots,
    Glad to see you back here.
    Don’t allow one narcissistic, argumentative person to chase you away again.
    We value your input.

  14. Boots, glad to have you back, but I also like the “narcissistic, argumentative person”. Sometimes debate keeps things lively! Like to have you both here, both give me things to think about.

  15. If someone is interested in giving constructive criticism, that is one thing. Person attacks are another, and they have no place here.

  16. Anonymous @7:26pm Personal attacks should have no place anywhere, but I remember the exchange between Boots and the person you are referring to and sometimes “tit for tat” becomes ugly and you forgive and forget. Then you remember that both are actually on the same “side”.

  17. I guess I had a distorted view on the size of the town…2 fire stations?? I didn’t think CC was all that big. Or is the fire hazard just greater there..?

  18. April 9) — A 12-year-old Yemeni girl has died of internal bleeding caused by intercourse during her wedding night after being married off to a much older man, the latest in a series of tragic stories involving the country’s child brides.
    “It’s a painful reminder of the risks girls face when they are married too soon.” According to UNICEF.
    Yet another horrific tale of a child bride. I’m sure the true believers will find a way to blame the vicitm.

  19. That child’s parents must be quite proud of themselves.


  20. mc1199, all of that fabric from long dresses and long underwear can start quite a blaze!

  21. Not to mention all the hairspray…

  22. ftbend, yeah, I think they call hairspray a fire accelerant.

  23. Will someone who posts on Brooke Adams’ blaugh please help me out here? Bloggers there are claiming that the Twin City Water Works is NOT a non-profit corporation; that it is a private corporation. WRONG!

    According to the Utah Dept. of Commerce, TCWW claims to be non-profit.

    Go to this web site and put “Twin City” in the search box. TCWW will show up at the bottom of the search list.

    Please tell the buffoons on that SL Tribune blaugh that TCWW is non-profit and they can see it for themselves at the Utah DOC web site.

    B.E.S. Utah Department of Commerce Business Entity Search

    Name Type City Status
    Business Name: TWIN CITY WATER WORKS, INC.
    Entity Number: 630230-0140
    Registration Date: 11/09/1972
    State of Origin: UT

    985 W UTAH AVE PO BOX 840218
    HILDALE, UT 84784-0218

    Status: Active
    Status Description: Good Standing
    This Status Date: 02/10/2004
    Last Renewed: 10/14/2009
    License Type: Corporation – Domestic – Non-Profit
    Delinquent Date: 11/09/2010

    Registered Agent: RICHARD ALLRED
    Address Line 1: 985 W UTAH AVE
    Address Line 2: PO BOX 840218
    City: Hildale
    State: UT
    Zip: 847840218

    Additional Information
    Additional Principals: Y
    NAICS Code: 2213
    NAICS Title: 2213-Water, Sewage and Other Systems
    Qualified Alien – I-94 or:
    Qualified Alien – Registration No:
    Stock Class 1 Amount: 0000000000
    Stock Class 2 Amount: 0000000000
    U.S. Citizen – SSN or:

    With this information, you can…

    If you would like to view images of paper filings for this business entity, select the button to the left. You will be assessed a $ 2.00 fee per image of a document for this service.

    If you would like to purchase a Certificate of Existence for this business entity, select the button to the left. You will be assessed a $ 12.00 fee for this service. You will need Adobe Reader to view this certificate. If you do not have Adobe Reader, click on the button below and download it.

    If you would like to receive information on the principal individuals associated with this entity, click the button on the left. You will be assessed a $ 1.00 fee for this information.

  24. PS – when a Utah corporation registers itself as a non-profit corporation, then it becomes PUBLIC. If it receives money from the general PUBLIC, then its books are open for PUBLIC scrutiny. It must account to the PUBLIC for the monies it receives and spends on behalf of the PUBLIC.

  25. BTW, that duaneh1 doesn’t know his a$$ from a hole in the ground.

    The Colorado City Unified School District was taken into receivership for mismanagement of funds. School teachers’ pay checks were bouncing because there was no money in the checking accounts to cover the paychecks.

    After Arizona took over the school district and Alvin Barlow and Lee Bistline “resigned” from running the CCUSD and it was put into receivership, the school district worked very hard over several years to dig itself out of a financial hole that SOMEONE(s) dug them into.

    Interesting that Alvin Barlow started dispersing money (signing checks) out of the TCWW banking accounts shortly after the CCUSD was taken into receivership!

    Did Alvin Barlow move from one public cash cow (the public school district) “slush fund” to another (the public water company) ?????

    It is possible that the officials in Arizona never brought legal FRAUD charges against Alvin Barlow and Lee Bistline (who died several years ago) because all the Arizona officials wanted to do was clean up the fraud and get rid of the nits.

    It appears that the Arizona officials accomplished this task – the CCUSD school is now doing very well and the teachers are not having their paychecks bounce anymore.

    But duaneh1 that DOES NOT mean that the heads of the CCUSD were innocent of embezzling PUBLIC funds!

  26. The state gave the FLDS a chance when they decided not to prosecute the CCUSD heads.

  27. That duaneh1 guy must be a sick perv. We now have proof that the FLDS not only rape children and break their bones, build shoddy homes, and worthless cement; they also refuse to respond to emergency calls by “gentiles, along with embezzling all the taxpayer funds intended to provide fire and paramedic services. No telling how many innocent gentiles have died as a result of the FLDS paramedics failure to respond to emergency calls. They need to be charged with murder!

  28. More and more people are aware that ole deci duaneh1 is a liar who will support his flds heros in spite of over whelming evidence against them. And it is good that people recognize his true nature.

  29. I don’t know about murder charges (although Kathy Jo Nicholson might disagree with me), but I do think that there has been an egregious amount of “skimming” from the taxpayers for MANY years.

  30. There was a search and rescue personal from Apple Valley that showed up just after the Colorado city marshal did.He tried to help Kathy Jo’s brother that had fallen off of his repelling gear,the FLDS marshal wouldn’t let him repel down so he could try and stablelize him.he said he could see him bouncing around and in alot of pain but was powerless to help still bothers him to this day that he couldn’t help

  31. Freemen,
    If you have information regarding Kathy Jo’s brother, I’m sure she would appreciate hearing from you directly.
    On a previous string, she left her email address to enable others to communicate with her regarding this very subject.
    You might want to contact the site administrators so that they can assist you in your correspondence with her.
    Thanks for posting here !

  32. Your morning Alexa fluffer report:

    299,682 worldwide and 30,582 in the US.

    The phase 1 trials began about March 15 or so. Check out the graph on this page for a visual representation of the results of our “clinical trial.”

    Apparently, “reality” is not an effective treatment for NPD. When confronted with reality, the narcissist appears to deny the reality and may actually invent their own alternate reality.

    I’m off to tend to my zombie hoards.

  33. Interesting Alexa fact of the day:

    #7 high impact search query for FLDS Texas?


    Oh the irony!

  34. His last few posts are great entertainment.

  35. Freemen,
    FLDS Texas lists Kathy Jo’s website on its blogroll above:
    Out of Polygamy —

  36. For those interested – there is a full blown Wikipedia war on. Pharisee said since the FLDS were “losing” that he had to change the “substantiated perception” of the event.

    If you’re interested this is the YFZ Ranch main page and this is the YFZ Talk Page.

    Pharisee in his twisted, deluded logic feels that because Matt Smith stipulated to suppression that therefore there was some finding the raid was “unlawful.”

    It’s been a great lesson for me in not going off into profanity laced tirades.

  37. How could it have been ruled unlawful if there was no hearing to review the basis of the warrant?

  38. Betty

    Yeah, you’d think – but then again we’re dealing with folks that have a very tentative grasp on reality.

  39. Hughmungo Ego has really flashed his credentials this time and I am amazed at the depths of his self delusions. Of course, this means to him that we here are all a part of this whole Kindred Spirit Plot to destroy his credibility but he seems to have done more than a fair job of accomplishing that goal all by himself. I guess we are soon to receive another award from Vulture Lurks or worse another top notch investigative expose` from Sore Toes and a Bleeding Heart.

    Look at the bright side Ron in Houston, Hugo Ignoramous is back to questioning your credentials and credibility. Hee,hee!

  40. Updates on Wikipedia:

    The YFZ Ranch page now says this:

    This page is currently protected from editing until April 17, 2010 or until disputes have been resolved.

    The user talk page for Hugh McBryde now says this:

    You have been blocked indefinitely from editing for edit-warring and high conflict of interest. If you would like to be unblocked, you may appeal this block by adding the text {{unblock|Your reason here}} below, but you should read our guide to appealing blocks first. Blueboy96 16:01, 10 April 2010 (UTC)

  41. Hoist by his own petard. Powerful farts.

  42. Bwahahahaha. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you!

  43. He should have just left Wiki alone until Texas rules one way or another. I’m astounded someone up there, Infogal?, put down suspects home addresses on the internet for any nut case to read.

  44. But A-LI-N, you find nothing wrong with Brooke Adams posting the same suspects Social Security Numbers, Birth dates and addresses on the internet for any nut case to read?

  45. Incorrect LadySadie. She’s absolutely wrong.

  46. Hey Ron, I think that you have Hugh waging his own personal World War Z.

  47. This comingling of funds seems to be part and parcel of the flds mentality. We saw it with the school system, the UEP, now apparently with the utilities and also with donations. The dictations showed religious donations being used to buy fake IDs and to support a fugitive felon. In most religions the minister would get a set salary and would not be able to use funds other than that for personal use. It appears that warren had access to all of the donations and could use any portion of them for personal use. Wonder if his income tax filings reflect that?

  48. In most religions, the faithful who had been fleeced would be the first ones to object to comingling of funds. But I guess if that guy can make you suddenly alone and homeless, then you shut up and tithe some more.

  49. Well, there is amazing profit in being prophet.

  50. What? You mean this cult stuff is all just a racket to get money and sex? What a concept.

  51. Sad story about danger of young girls having intercourse:

    Yemeni Child Bride

  52. I read that one, Ron. It breaks my heart. When will women and children stop being disposable to patriarchal men?

    (Not saying that all men are patriarchal.)

  53. When young girls have intercourse, this can result in traumatic tears of the perineum which result in nerve and soft tissue damage.
    The result can be chronic pelvic and perineal pain syndromes, as well as incontinence and later difficulties maintaining a pregnancy.
    This is why those individuals who state that there should be no firm lower age limit for marriage of young girls are downright irresponsible
    and uninformed.

  54. Actually CW you probably mean intercourse rather then marriage if you are being scientific. I gave an age range which is quite a bit higher then 11 which is 16. Some argued even higher about 22ish which is rare but I respect their opinions.

  55. If you read the first sentence CW said intercourse, the fact that that sexual intercourse and secondary trauma caused the death if the 12 yo girl. The girl was married to a man twice her age, her death could have been prevented if Yemen had enacted protections for underage women, unfortunately the fundamentalist in the government stopped the proposed legislation because it infringes on the families rights to control the girls under Islam.
    A lot of the same trauma with regards to sex is also seen in countries that practice female genital mutilation; tears in the perineum, infections, scarring, imperforate vaginal openings, fistula formation and increased maternal mortality.
    To me it is all really about controlling women on a cultural level.

  56. None of that would concern Alin.

  57. Nothing seems to concern Alin except that the FLDS get to keep on abusing little girls.

  58. On another note, I wonder if Lehi has started sweating yet?

  59. “unfortunately the fundamentalist in the government stopped the proposed legislation because it infringes on the families rights to control the girls under Islam”

    BINGO Pathgirl! Religious patriarchy was directly responsible for child rape. Now where have we seen this behavior before? Oh, wait, everywhere men have ever set one up!

  60. Just an FYI; I’m headed off for a short vacation. So don’t expect to see me around for a couple of days. 😀

  61. And don’t have too much fun without me. lol!

  62. Bon voyage Rebeckah.

    Have a fun adventure.

  63. Well, once again Hugh doesn’t get it. After having been banned from Wikipedia he decides to appeal his banning.

    Decline reason: “Wikipedia is not a battlefield.

  64. Oh Holy Artichoke Batman! And to think last week Hugh was calling the FLDS a “Satanic Religion”…

    The guy pulls his own leg!

  65. Actually I read Hugh’s reasoning.

    Breaking it down to a laymen’s nutshell:

    He argues that the defendants called it an unlawful investigation.

    The prosecution in Arizona doesn’t care one way or another and hell, it’s not really their job to defend an ongoing investigation in Texas, concedes it an unlawful investigation just to keep Arizona’s case on a time line.

    Hugh’s argument seems to be that Arizona must defend a precedent that they really don’t give a, sorry for language, shit about, or concede it’s unlawful. Arizona’s position is, you are more than welcome to call it what you want but since we are neither using it or defending whatever you call it is no skin off our back.

    I hope I broke it down concisely.

  66. Actually Alin – you missed one fact – there was never a concession that it was an unlawful investigation. It’s more like this:

    Arizona: “You want it suppressed? For the tenth time now we’ve told you we’re not using it. Okay, we’ll agree it’s suppressed.”

    That’s all that happened. Period. Anything else is editorializing which is exactly what got Hugh banned.

  67. I thought I said exactly what you did RiH, but I’m thinking to humor the defense, the Prosecution stated, if it makes you sleep better at night knowing we suppress it because you think it’s unlawful, Fine, we are not using it anyhow.

  68. Huge Ego said “…. I am a real person, I have a name, I have no other identities. I post under the same name on my driver’s licence and birth certificate. All of my qualifications, can easily be researched and evaluated.” Hugh McBryde 22:20, 11 April 2010 (UTC)–Hugh McBryde 22:20, 11 April 2010 (UTC)”

    What a laughable post ! What “qualifications” does Huge McNarcissist possess ? Isn’t he a used car salesman?

  69. Close. He is a finance manager for a car dealership.

  70. Alin, that’s pretty close to my understanding. Since there was never a hearing in front of the judge to assess the foundation of the warrant, it could not be judged unlawful. There is no precedent set for other cases in Arizona concerning the YFZ evidence.

    The point about Wiki, though is more about Hugh’s…um…style of communications. He linked in his own webpage, which is against the rules, among other things. He gets hints from the outside world that he needs to change his behavior but it doesn’t sink in.

  71. I just went and read about the guessing game. Pretty silly. Childish, really.

  72. I almost wish there was some breaking FLDS-related news today so we could all stop talking about that blowhard.

    It’s pretty obvious that less than ten people, including Ron, actually follow his blog so this wikipedia “war” has attention-seeking written all over it.

  73. Ellie

    I know what you’re saying but I think when danger lurks near, you need to be aware of it. And yes, I really think Hugh is dangerous. His morals are highly relative.

    Anyway, apparently now Hugh is simply a victim. He said, “Wikipedia may not be a battlefield, but blaming the assaulted (by meat AND sock puppets) is not the way to end wars. I didn’t start it. You might want to ask the attorneys in question who you ARE listening to, why they share offices, and identities on Wikipedia and have worked on behalf of the prosecution. You’re choosing the wrong pony here. Hugh McBryde 20:33, 12 April 2010 (UTC)–Hugh McBryde 20:33, 12 April 2010 (UTC)”

    Of course, supposedly I’m not an attorney. However, when it suits his purposes I am an attorney and share offices with Blues and Natalie Malonis.

    Damn, one day I’m a nobody and next day I’m a Zombie running, techie fluffer attorney who shares office with Blues and Natalie Malonis.

  74. He must have popped out of a bucket of KFC,

    Extra Creepy instead of Extra Crispy.

  75. ACK

    The FLDS get away with it, now Hollywood actors think they are special too!

  76. It appears he is going about appealing his banning in all the wrong ways.

  77. you know ron, that’s a pretty good trick for the 3 of you to share offices, are you each a clone or something?

  78. Stamp,
    that is not the first time for Steven Segal.
    He had an affair with a 16 yr old high school girl when he lived in Staten Island (NYC)

  79. The bad thing is that Segal claims to be some big time Buddhist. Man, first Tiger then Segal. Next thing you know Buddhist senators will be playing footsies in men’s bathrooms in Minnesota.

    Just goes to show you, the more you claim to be pious the more likely it is that you’re a hypocrite.

  80. Let me first say that older adult males having sex with (taking advantage of) 16-year-old girls is wrong.

    However, if I was a 16 year-old girl, I would MUCH rather have sex with Steven Segal (somewhat a handsome, muscular hunk) than one of the ugly, gross, potbellied, bad comb-overer’s of the FLDS sexual abusers.

    See photo examples of some of the FLDS flabby, gross, comb-over, child molesters here:

  81. Ron, you are spot on with this comment:
    “Just goes to show you, the more you claim to be pious the more likely it is that you’re a hypocrite.”

    That creed rings all too true with Warren, Winston and the other merry FLDS polygamous child molesters. It also fits the Centennial Parkers, Allreds, Harmstroms, Kingstons, independents, etc.

  82. hey anon, have you seen Steven Segal lately? It’s not pretty.

  83. a month or so ago we threw out the idea of creating a now state motto for Utah.

    This idea got some initial momentum, but faded out fast.

    I would like to reinstate this idea.

    FLDSTexas, can we start a poll on ideas for a new Utah motto to replace the current “Life Elevated” one (only a year old?)

    I nominate the following mottos

    Life FUBAR

    Child molesters “Elevated”

    “Child molestation elevated”

    “Theocracy Elevated”

    “BCS Elevated”

    “Orrin Hatch Elevated”

  84. I hafta laugh at several remarks **** made in his fight with Wiki..His,”I have a prominent blog” almost made the coffee come out thru my nose [not a pretty visual]. And of course, how you all get together to ‘confer offsite and make coordinated edits.” And the ever popular “They haven’t been here at Wikipedia as long as I have…” The inference being, since he’s been there longer, he is the MOST truthful one!
    Nut job in a tin foil hat. What a marooon!!!

  85. Anonymous has not seen Seagal recently. He was cute, maybe, 25 years ago, but started putting on weight right after his first big movie break and looks like a Sicillian refrigerator about now.

  86. mc1199,

    Coordinating with Xlinkbot is the hard part! Just conferring with each other is easy, but changing code internal to Wiki takes real skill. LOL!

  87. Hope no one has had too much for breakfast this morning:—baker/

  88. Nice neighborhood there, eh, Boots?

  89. Nice neighborhood there, eh, Boots?

  90. The reference to Flora and Doran makes me highly suspicious that the writer is not just folks from San Angelo.

  91. Betty wins BINGO for today, lol. I hope the family that wrote it got a significant discount on their bill for whatever the FLDS is probably building for them. Do you think they bring cookies and milk out for the boys as they work for nothing?

  92. Wonder who really wrote that letter.

  93. Well the names on the letter were Jim and Nan Baker of Brady, TX and there is a phone listing for them in Brady. Guess more of the “well they dress so quaint, so it should be OK for them to rape little girls” crowd.

  94. Heah Boots, Hopefully these ‘diehard adherents’ to organized criminal behaviors convince Federal authorities that the intrastate criminal activities will continue untill a Federal Task Force is formed. Only the hard earred and blinded believe the FLDS cohorts are being falsely accused but the vedicts & convictions convince the majority of Press & Public.

    I look forward to Warren’s trial, verdict and sentence.

  95. Anonymous 12:34

    How about:

    “It’s better than being dead — maybe.” ala Larry King. 😉

  96. I guess anytime two people get together to share their thoughts, the Standard Times is required to comment on it?

    Cults have to fill their ranks with the gullible, otherwise they cease to exist.

    LOL Rebackah. Hi Boots.

  97. Anonymous 12:34

    How about:

    “When it comes to us, we look the other way!”

  98. pathgirl and Betty, no I haven’t seen Steven Seagal is years. I don’t like the roles he plays; I don’t like gratuitous violence.

    Sounds like I don’t want to see him now either. Betty’s description of him looking like a “Sicillian refrigerator” convinces me of that. YUCK

  99. Miele as in “Turning a Blind Eye Elevated”?

  100. Steven Seagal, from hunk to chunk.

  101. Amazing in the orignal piece written by doctor smith. He didnt talk about why Stephen in the bible was stoned?
    It was only that Stephan believed in Christ! Flds males believe its Okay to have sex with underage girls (concubines) and call it marriage when they already have a legal wife.
    Believing in anything, is okay, Acting on illegal activity and using the excuse “religion” is entirely different!

    Prissy Mr Smith needs to get his facts straigt, as do Mr and Mrs Baker if there really IS a Mr and Mrs Baker

  102. They’re pretty resistant.

  103. There was a time that martial arts movies were naive morality plays that showed real technique done by real martial artists; bad guys were punished, good guys got the girl and protected the reputation of their teachers. Or they were samurai movies full of dark brooding over the nature of war, with beautiful cinematagraphy, excellent swordsmanship and occasional poetry or history. Now days we have immorality plays like the Kill Bill series. There’s lots of blowing things up, stunt doubles and camera angles that intentionally blur the fight choreography. I feel old and sad when I think about it, so I try not to.

  104. Ok, this article takes me to another possible Utah State motto:

    “Pedophiles Elevated”

    St. George school bus driver charged with raping student

    ST. GEORGE — A St. George school bus driver was charged Tuesday with three counts of rape involving a 16-year-old girl who rode his bus.

    Misael (Mike) Aramis Romero, 41, was arrested Monday and booked into the Washington County Jail on a $75,000 bond.

    The charges, all first-degree felonies, were filed after police received a complaint last week from the girl’s mother, who told police the relationship between the two had lasted for “several years,” St. George police spokesman James Schafer said.

  105. Anon @ 8:35 – I can’t say that given the behavior of Huge McNut that perhaps an “eye for an eye” is not the best way to handle some evil small person like Hugh.

    However, if you believe that we must strive to transcend our pettiness, then acting out against a small little hypocrite is not the noble path to choose.

  106. But Anonymous 8:35, that would punish his wife for his own sins. That would be lowering himself to the level of a narcissistic nutjob. I sincerely hope that Blues, even though he is definitely being provoked, continues to demonstrate that he is the better man. I also hope that the people that Hugh has dragged into his abusive blog retaliate legally against him.

  107. Umm, let me clarify: That would punish Hugh’s wife for Hugh’s sins. Sorry.

  108. Anonymous 10:39, Hugh is a bully. All he really cares about is himself. It would delight him if Blues followed your course of action because then he could post many self pitying and whining complaints of being misunderstood and attacked. Seriously, ignoring him would be the most appropriate. The man has virtually no followers as it is and eventually he’ll drive the few he does away too.

    Of course, if his wife was half as smart as he says she is she would have left him years ago.

  109. I really appreciate all the information i glean here from the group. But I really think Rebeckah has a point in ignoring the man i will not name. I’m tired of reading about him. Most things that are ignored will wither away. It’s worth a shot, isn’t it?

  110. Sad news today regarding the coal miners in West Virginia. It appears that they all died in the mine blast, as all 29 bodies were recovered.

    My heart goes out to the families and the West Virginians.

  111. I also agree with juliekan. Just ignore the little piss ant nutcase.

  112. Rebeckah , I thought you were going on holiday.

  113. However, if you believe that we must strive to transcend our pettiness, then acting out against a small little hypocrite is not the noble path to choose.


    I believe that the worst insult you can pay to someone is to ignore him. It renders him powerless and meaningless, a dreaded fate for someone who needs the reactions of others for validity.

  114. I think the worst insult you can pay to somebody is to ignore him. It renders him powerless and meaningless, a dreaded fate for someone who depends on the reactions of others for validity.

  115. I tried Anonymous 11:53 but it didn’t work well. I got about a day and a half away from my grandchildren and now I’m back in the saddle again.

    I’m going to try another two day vacation in about two weeks. Keep your fingers crossed. 😀

  116. Actually not responding, pretending like he does not even exist will hurt him more than if you took the retaliation option. Taking the retaliation option makes him feel “important”, totally ignore, act as if he doesn’t exist will drive him totally nuts.

  117. really – don’t go there, don’t follow the ramblings, don’t discuss it here, etc…. complete non-existence

  118. HHG

    I know what you mean. It’s just that McNut has this human train wreck quality to him. It’s sort of like rubber necking at a traffic accident.

  119. I agree that ignoring a narcissist is the deepest cut. I am concerned that his handle comes up as query #7 on this blog. I think we should all forget that we ever heard of him. I will try to do that myself.

  120. As I wake up, I realize that I’m more than a little put off and suspicious that an anonymous voice is suggesting that TBM act badly. Who amongst us had a name for his wife? How do we know that Anonymous is not Hugh himself, hoping that he will have grounds for a lawsuit? He would like that more than anything because then he would know for sure who Blues is, he would feel important and he would have new subject matter for his blog.

  121. The next trial in texas commences on April 26. We have that to look forward to, Lehi Jeffs, a nephew to warren.

  122. pretrial hearing for Lehi Jeffs is tomorrow

  123. Betty

    The whole “outing” thing is problematic. It got his user talk page at Wikipedia totally and permanently locked.

    The problem is that since he’s such a narcissistic nut case and put his crazy name out on the internet, he seems to feel that he has some “right” to “out” others.

    That’s a major problem in my book. I’m pretty concerned about his behavior toward both Blues and Natalie Malonis. McNut deserves watching in my book.

  124. You’re talking about one of my favorite mantras: Ignore stupidity.

    I learned to do that long ago, and it’s why I can’t bring myself to respond to trolls and idiots.

    If interest in this blog survives only because of continued interest in the fey controversies [he whose name I cannot say] spews, then we may be the idiots.

    Ron, I agree it’s compelling to watch a train wreck. You just need to rubberneck silently, eh? It’s not like there’s anyone over there to save from the wreck? You really are feeding this idiot exactly what he wants: attention. Deny him his most (stupidly) cherished rewards for his (stupid) tantrums.

    (Gah! I probably lost a chunk of my good karma just now. Oh well!)

  125. I’ll admit, Ron, it’s not fey if [that “person”] is seriously considering bringing about real harm. I just dislike hearing about him so much.

    I think in the long run it’s his ploy to get attention; even negative attention works for those who crave it so.

  126. Say what FLDS (*) is going on trial here in a couple weeks?

    Havent seen the bad acts yet.

  127. Utahs new ad campaign is an SUV overstuffed with all the toys you can possibly use there.

    OOPS then some idiot in a black caddy SUV shoots a gun out of his SUV and is arrested for felony firing from a moving vehicle and drug paraphenalia.

    The ad campaign didnt say you cant do those things!

  128. “As I wake up, I realize that I’m more than a little put off and suspicious that an anonymous voice is suggesting that TBM act badly.”

    Yes, that had my “hmmmmm?” instincts going too.

  129. Anonymous is dead wrong to suggest ‘outing’ anyone on the blogs because of another’s actions. Reprisals are a fools game which ‘Child’ McBryde proves only so well.

  130. Betty – sounds to me as if your subconscious is as trustworthy as mine, yours knew to warn of that one anonymous. Mine works out all kinds of stuff for me while I sleep.

    Huesos packs a little extra good karma chinking onto E.Texas. Just in case.

  131. Actually not responding, pretending like he does not even exist will hurt him more than if you took the retaliation option. Taking the retaliation option makes him feel “important”, totally ignore, act as if he doesn’t exist will drive him totally nuts.

    I agree 100% I never go to his blog because I’m sure he considers every hit a “point” in his favor.

    Besides, he’s just too creepy for words. Who wants people like that in your life in any way, shape or form.

  132. The reality of Modern Pharisee’s blog spot is ‘relevency’? His misguded viewpoints, unproven conspiracies, attempts to ‘out’ people and abandonment of the FLDS Polygamists speaks for itself. He has marginalized himself to be the hobbyist ‘Lobbyist’ of Vermont.

  133. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of red herrings the PPPP toss about as the pedo perps are marched off to prison.


  134. I agree 100% I never go to his blog because I’m sure he considers every hit a “point” in his favor.
    Seriously. His behavior here, on his blog, on wikipedia and elsewhere all illustrate that he is just spoiling for a fight. If I had to speculate why, I suspect he’s very bored with his little life and his fantasies about extra wives, law suits, heated discussions, internet drama etc. are all very exciting for him. He wants to be outted because he wants the drama, and he wants to force someone’s hand because he wants to play the victim while he’s at it.

    As for “punishing” his wife, I think being married to him is more punishment than most people will ever deserve.

  135. Well-said, Ellie!

    And thanks, Huesos. Extra good karma chink gratefully accepted. 🙂

  136. Ellie: Seriously. His behavior here, on his blog, on wikipedia and elsewhere all illustrate that he is just spoiling for a fight. If I had to speculate why, I suspect he’s very bored with his little life and his fantasies about extra wives, law suits, heated discussions, internet drama etc. are all very exciting for him. He wants to be outted because he wants the drama, and he wants to force someone’s hand because he wants to play the victim while he’s at it.


    Very accurate, and I will end my discussion about him with a one word summary of Ellie’s description: loooozer

  137. The FLDS have their testimony they must now live with and that goes as well for the Polyga-Pedo Protector Patrol (PPPP)

    They have a legacy and I guess they are proud of it!

  138. Yep. No lack of barking moonbats on the net. Net-nanny would be more than a full time job.

    Has anyone else gone to Randy Mankin’s archive of articles and read back to when the FLD$ first showed up in Schliecher County? I did.

    They sure tell a different story than what the PPSG tried to float after the raid. Fascinating.

  139. Yellow city, what wisdom comes from thee?

  140. Miele

    Got a link?


    Stamp, on that web site hover over ‘NEWS’ and there is a drop down menu. YFZ/FLD $ is at the bottom. They’re sorted by years starting with 2004.

    To read the enitre article you have to be a subscriber, but you can read the first few paragraphs and follow the progression of the FLD $ stories.

  142. So, if I may,
    When is the next trial, and what are the charges, and the “bad acts” ?
    Thanks All !

  143. Most posters tend to say that they don’t have a problem with polygamy as long as it is between consenting adults and doesn’t involve minors. The FLDS does that to make sure that they are married while they are still virgins (they have admitted this).

    If the FLDS were smart (which they obviously are not) the would convert one of their compounds into an all girls boarding school for the teenage FLDS girls. Removing them from males would keep them virgins until they are 18. Think about it. If Jeffs was smart enough to think of this, he never would have been arrested. He could have lived his life as a king. Instead, he will live his life behind bars. What an idiot.

  144. The Catholics tried that boarding school thing, with mixed success.

  145. Most posters say they don’t have a problem with polygamy as long as it is between consenting adults ?
    Count me out.
    I’ve never met a first wife who freely gave her consent.

  146. Anonymous,
    You obviously have not heard of the phenomenon of LUGs

  147. i agree cat. they might give consent per say, but it’s only because they’ve been told they will be damned to hell if they don’t.

  148. big goings on at the courthouse tomorrow.

    1. pretrial for lehi barlow jeffs aka lehi barlow allred; and if lehi figures out his name, maybe he’ll think about entering a plea.
    2. emack’s motion against his bigamy charge; i think this was just to keep him out of huntsville a while longer.
    3. merril’s up to explain to judge walther why he hasn’t bothered to pay carolyn what he agreed to pay her back in september. can’t wait to hear his excuses for this blunder.

    word is that wee willie flew in from slc after spending time in canada harassing winston, so he ought to be front and center at all 3 hearings.

  149. No, the women I knew were not told they were damned to hell if they didn’t accept their husband’s polygyny.
    They were told that their husband had to ask for their permission first, and that a total of 4 wives were permitted for each man for virtuous purposes of providing for widows or orphans, as codified in the Koran.
    Not one of the men married a widow or orphan, and not one man asked permission first.
    They married teenage virgins.

  150. why was willie harassing winston?

  151. Why is Lehi’s surname in question ?

  152. Anon 9:18pm said: If the FLDS were smart (which they obviously are not) the would convert one of their compounds into an all girls boarding school for the teenage FLDS girls. Removing them from males would keep them virgins until they are 18.

    So, make it an off-site breeding farm instead of on-site? It still eaves them with NO choice in their lives. This “boarding school” isn’t gonna teach them readin’,writin’ or ‘rithmatic. I’ll bet it would all be “Home Ec” and “How to please your prriesthood husband” classes.

  153. Ooops, I meant to say… future breeding farm. A holding pen, so to speak.

  154. I am a different Anonymous than the one(s) who posted earlier today, as I am posting for my first time today. So, I have to ask Keeping Sweet what is “the phenomenon of LUGs”?

    Also, I didn’t realize that tomorrow was a triple header court hearing. WOW, to be a fly on the wall!

    ProudTexan, PLEASE try to at least attend the hearing for Merril. I’d love to know his pi$$ poor excuse for not paying child support for HIS own children. What a deadbeat POS dad he is.

    Bets he doesn’t even show up?

  155. cat, lehi’s original name was lehi barlow jeffs, but warren exed his father and his mother susanna was forced (she cried throughout the whole ceremony as is recorded in the dictations) to marry an allred, thus lehi became lehi barlow allred. his indictment actually says lehi barlow jeffs aka lehi barlow allred.

    willie’s mad cuz winston testified at the barryknoll hearing against the flds.

  156. i think he’ll be there anon @ 10:31. i probably won’t be there for a lot of it, but i’m sure we’ll get a blow by blow of all three hearings. matt waller for the standard times will be there as will kathy mankin for the eldorado success. willie’s cameraman will be stationed outside the courthouse with his movie camera pointed toward the door taking video of everyone entering and leaving the tom green county courthouse.

    probably a good time will be had be those who aren’t flds. i’m not sure they’re going to enjoy the day a whole lot, but maybe we’ll get a sound bite or two from wee willie.

  157. Dang why can’t Willie jaywalk or double park or spit on the sidewalk on Thursday or something

    I’m really wishing Merril gets clonked with a bench warrant

  158. catwhisperer, when FLDS families are reassigned to other more holy priesthood heads, the children are expected to take on the new surname of their new reassigned father priesthood head.

    Such was the case with William E. Jessop AKA Timpson. (Not to be confused with William R. Jessop who is Willie the Thug).

    William E. Jessop became the bishop of Short Creek after Uncle Fred Jessop was absconded by Warren and taken away from the Creek.

    William E. Jessop’s mother was Kathy Timpson who was married to Alma Dell Timpson until the 1985 split. Dell Timpson was kicked off of the Priesthood Council and went with J. Marion Hammon to form the Centennial Park polygamous group across the highway from Colorado City.

    This priesthood split literally split families apart. Kathy Timpson did not go off with her husband Dell Timpson to the new Centennial Park group. Kathy stayed with the group that later became the FLDS and she and her children were reassigned to Fred Jessop.

    William E. Jessop became known as William E. Jessop AKA Timpson in court documents because he had been William E. Timpson until he (his family) was reassigned to Fred Jessop, and his surname was changed from Timpson to Jessop.

    Lehi Barlow Jeffs AKA Allred was probably a similar situation. His surname was Allred until his mother (and her children) were reassigned to another man and his surname was changed to Jeffs.

    I think ProudTexan was being sarcastic. Maybe if Lehi thought about his loyalty to his REAL father instead of his reassigned father, then he might understand things better and see the FLDS for what it really is (or became under Warren Jeffs).

  159. Anonymous :
    LUGs = lesbians until graduation
    This phenomenon is observed at all – female boarding schools and colleges.
    See the entry in Wikipedia :
    “At one time, the terms LUG/BUG were associated with lesbian and bisexual women at same-sex high-schools, colleges or universities, who were closeted from parents or guardians.[citation needed] The term suggested that the individual was openly lesbian or bisexual while on campus, but that they would ultimately conform to social and familial expectations of heterosexuality”

  160. OK. ProudTexan is a whiz with FLDS genealogy, so Lehi might have first been a Jeffs and then instantly became an Allred. [Complete transformation of surname and DNA in a flash by Profit Warren – sarcasm added].

    Regardless, it is a matter of reassignment of women and children, often a loss of personal identity, and not a standard legal change of name(s).

  161. Proud Texan,
    You are very impressive !

  162. KeepingSweet,

    Wow, I feel really uncool and out of touch. I’ve never heard of such a thing in my life. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

    Hi everyone. Thanks for the welcome back.

  163. ProudTexan, I am familiar with Willie the Thug’s traveling camera crew. The FLDS also has regular members use their cell phones to tape comings and goings outside of court when Willie can’t be there with his film crew.

    The next time I incur either, I’ll moon them. I’ll give them the best “red eye” I can muster aimed straight at their camera, and it won’t be pretty!

  164. Boots,
    Familiarize yourself with the term “hasbian” as well…. tee hee.
    See wikipedia. It is a common “Seven Sisters” college joke.

    Nice to see you here.

    why are they photographing those entering and leaving the court house ?
    Do they intend for this to be some sort of harassment ?

  165. Butt butt butt anonymous how will we know it’s really you?

  166. Keeping Sweet, thanks for the LUG explanation. I had never heard of that before.

    I am very open minded and thought I was knowledgeable about the GLTB issues, but didn’t know about LUGs.

    This is one reason why I follow this blog; I learn something new every time I visit it.

  167. Here’s an interesting story, on Warren Jeffs and possibility of lying witnesses, IMO all the FLDS members who testified lied!

    Did the midwife lie on the witness stand?

  168. “Wow, I feel really uncool and out of touch. I’ve never heard of such a thing in my life. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…”

    Don’t feel bad — I had no clue what a “fluffer” was until Ron’s post telling us Hugh accused him of it.

    My son, who still thinks I somehow know nearly everything, was surprised when I shared my “new” information with him. He said:

    “You really didn’t know that, Mom?”

    To which I replied:

    “You’d be surprised at how many things I never even thought to wonder about.”


  169. “Did the midwife lie on the witness stand?”

    I seriously doubt it, A Texan. This is a “she said that he said the a different he said…” situation. I’m not in the slightest surprised that the FLDS are trying to discredit and smear an “apostate” who dared to testify against them and I’m confident that her name and professional ethics will be cleared of this smear campaign.

  170. Huesos, you’ll know it’s me because I’ll have “Anonymous” tattooed across my arse with a “red eyed” smiley face. Just look for that; you can’t miss it.

  171. So this is “skin my ignorance” night on the TexasFLDS blog.

    Rebeckah, it’s your turn now. What is a “fluffer”

    Keeping Sweet, I think I can read between the lines and figure out what a “hasbian” is, so we won’t go there tonight.

  172. Do they intend for this to be some sort of harassment ?

    Keeping Sweet said this on April 14, 2010 at 11:16 PM

    All joking aside, KS, they use the video cameras to intimidate people.


  174. Anonymous 12:33, a “fluffer” is someone (generally female, I believe) who keeps the male actors “ready” for their parts in pornographic pictures. Amazingly enough, there are even union fluffers. A whole world of employment opportunity that I never wanted to know about. hehe!

  175. thus lehi became lehi barlow allred

    Do they legally change the names of children who are taken away from their real fathers and given to other men? My children certainly don’t have their stepfather’s last name.

    We have a friend who took his stepfather’s last name, but only after he was legally adopted.

  176. So that’s why FLDS penishood needs all those females! I’ll be darned.

  177. ProudTexan, I am familiar with Willie the Thug’s traveling camera crew

    Why do they do that, is it supposed to intimidate people? No wonder they call him thug.

  178. Maybe my mooning retaliation desires are because tonight is a full moon and it gets me motivated for a full “red eye” deliverance for Willie the Thug and his obnoxious camera crew.

    If I am at the Lehi Barlow (what’s his last name) trial starting next week, I’ll just turn one cheek in honor of the waning moon.

    If my timing is right, I can provide a really good half moon with a winking red eye, and a “see ya MUCH latter guy” sign about the time of sentencing.

    My butt’s up to it. It all depends on how long Lehi’s trial takes and how long Willie’s camera crew hangs around the courthouse to catch my “Kodak moments of infanny”.

  179. if willie’s camera crew (usually one man with a movie camera and a boy with a still camera) are on the same schedule they usually are, they’ll be set up from the beginning to the bitter end.

  180. lehi’s victim is a 19 year old with a 3 year old daughter. they married in oct 2005, so i’m not sure if that’s before or after the enhancement which would make it a 1st degree felony. he has 2 other wives, full sisters named darger. they are 25 and 27.

    the victim in this case is a daughter of the convicted allan keate.

  181. Bad acts for Lehi?

  182. The previous trials have resulted in sentences of 7 years, emack on a plea, to 75 years for m leroy jessop. Without knowing Lehi’s bad acts and whether the enhancement applies, it is difficult to make a swag. Perhaps 15-30 years?

  183. Maybe there should be some protesters with signs hanging out in front of the FLDS camera dude – keep him busy giving the FLDS messages they cant miss!

  184. “Did the midwife lie on the witness stand?”

    I doubt it. I believe the claim has been made that the practitioner in question produced all the medical chart entries on a single date.

    This is the kind of tactic attorneys use to discredit a health care provider when the provider uses a hand written, rather than electronic, medical record system.
    Most providers can’t afford an electronic medical record system.
    The attorneys will attempt to claim that the provider in some way falsified the medical record, creating all of the entries in the patient’s chart on one date.
    I doubt this claim of falsification of medical records is going anywhere, unless there is forensic evidence to support the claim.

  185. lol if they saw “anti-flds” signs, they wouldn’t even show the videos to the people, most likely. they’re probably documenting it so they can show the priesthood back at the crick or wherever else they may be.

  186. Lehi’s indictment is for an act “on or about the 18th day of September 2006” so I’m pretty sure the enhancement applies as it came into effect in 2005.

  187. I’m getting deja vu about the “midwife lying on the witness stand” accusation.

    Didn’t we already go through all this and realize that it was nothing more than Brooke breathlessly reporting false accusations after a long game of Broken Telephone?

  188. Yes, Ellie, I’m pretty sure this is the same brouhaha. They’re just pressing forward on it and got KSL to do a blurb about it. I’ll wait for actual evidence before jumping on any bandwagons.

    (Besides, the midwife’s testimony didn’t have anything to do with Warren’s conviction from what I understand.)

  189. Yes, Ellie, we did review this in the past, but they are continuing to claim the same false charge.
    They should either produce forensic proof supporting this accusation, or put it to rest.

  190. I think they are just hoping that if they can raise enough suspicion, they would have grounds for a mistrial. Or at least have a judge seriously consider a hearing about a mistrial.

  191. yehaaa6

    I realize they wouldnt show them to “the people”, but the effect would be two fold, the protest sign would hide attendees and they would be forced to see the sign in between snips of attendees.

    Maybe they would pay extra to have the video guy crop out the signs!

  192. I don’t think they pay anyone, Stamp. But he’ll probably be promised a bigger harem in Heaven for the extra work. 🙂

  193. I’ve heard they pay non-FLDS people to perform the video / photography.

    I reckon at some time in the future these people will get drawn into court and have to testify what they were doing and for whom.

  194. If I lived near the trials, I would show up with a big sign that said: Pedophilia is Not a Religion

  195. I bet other states are just dying to get some of that wonderful FLDS industrious business moving in.

    Then they can send another Dirty Dozen to prison for 1,000 years, at taxpayer expense, and have a three ring circus going all the time at the local courthouse, those Judges and Juries have nothing better to do with their time!

  196. I can just see Warren’s list of who gets which planets

    Planet 237 has no beer
    Planet 124 has chocolate
    Planet 211 is for mothers-in-law
    Planet 212 is boys-only
    Planet 301 has fleas

  197. I would have a sign

    F L D S

    Fake Leaders Do Steal

    ============================= OR



  198. Emack pled to 7 years on his bigamy charge to run concurrently with his
    Sexual Assault of a Child charge.

    Lehi Barlow Jeffs Allred pled to eight
    years each on bigamy and Sexual Assault of a Child to also run concurrently.

  199. So much for the speculation that emack’s bigamy trial would result in polygamy being legalized.

  200. That must be a big blow to those who have worked so hard and so long to legalize it!

  201. Stamp, did you just say that our next rodeo contestant has already plead out?

  202. So, it seems that they don’t want to spend lawyer money on anyone but the prophet. Gee, what a shock.

  203. I’m pretty sure the guy doing the videoing at the courthouse isn’t part of the FLDS, he’s some thug type hired by Willie. The ones with the still cameras are usually FLDS boys, in the 18 year old range.

    The pleas don’t surprise me. The big kahuna comes up this afternoon at 2:00.

  204. Yep boots, he pled out this morning during his pretrial hearing from what I understand.

  205. Thanks proudTexan. I tried to tell’em 5 years ago this wasn’t going to end well for them.

    I have a lot of fun with camera dude. Every time I’m there I like to stand there and give him a little impromptu lecture on freedom, liberty and the American way. I entertain myself with the notion that they might be playing them for poor Uncle Warren on a visit, and that maybe he has seen me smiling right in his face, saying “Welcome to Texas! Let’s Rodeo!”, with a wink, lol.

  206. Mudpuppy is confused. He can’t tell Leroy from Lehi for one. And can someone tell me if it is true that they can plead guilty and then still appeal? Never heard of that.

  207. during leroy’s trial, i sat back and watched. it was interesting to see who he turned the camera on and off for. i apparently was not important enough to get videoed going in and out, but rangers long and hanna were videoed from as soon as he saw them until they were inside the building.

    he’s probably got a lot of interesting people coming and going from the tom green county courthouse that have nothing whatsoever to do with the FLDS.

  208. If you pled guilty, you may not be able to appeal your conviction, unless you try to withdraw your guilty plea under a special set of rules. But you can appeal your sentence if the sentence is illegal or if it was higher than you and the prosecutor agreed to in a plea bargain, and the court agreed to the terms of the bargain before sentencing you. For a sentence to be illegal (which is rare), it has to be higher than that allowed by law.

  209. Just want to send out my thanks to lehi and his attorneys for at least saving the taxpayers of Texas some $$ and potential jurors from having to sit through a trial. Guess the flds are saving their attorney fees for someone else higher in the pecker order

  210. He probably pled no contest, reserving the right to appeal the search and the indictment, like Emack did.

  211. Well, after the 75 year sentence I can certainly see the incentive to plea bargan. Seems like a win to me still.

  212. i’m sure that it’s like Emack’s plea deal.

  213. OK. That whole distinction is new to me. I don’t claim to know everything.

  214. Proud, any word on big daddy Merill? (Or however you spell it.)

  215. He didn’t show up. Word is that the Judge wasn’t amused.

  216. “Answer them nothing”

  217. Thank you ProudTexan. You’re my reporter on the spot!!

  218. wish i could claim to be there. i got the news 2nd hand.

  219. Thanks Proud. He’s playing with fire.

  220. I hope that sorrysucker has a bench warrant out for him now.

  221. bench warrant works for me.

  222. Maybe throw in a bottom of the lake warrant to see if they can find him down there with the rest of the bass turds.

  223. Now what is with Merril…..?????
    Do they have awards for the rotten Dad of the year somewhere? I want to nominate him.
    Coward, that’s what he is.
    Was there any excuse for him not showing up?

  224. Who is next of the dirty dozen to be in court?

  225. I wonder how it feels to be the lawyer and stand there looking at the judge saying that your client, who has not complied with a child support order, cannot be found.

  226. FLDS wiener of the entire world award goes to:

    Myrtle Jessop!

  227. abram harker jeffs is next on the list, he’s the first part of june, i think. his victim is currently 19 and has a 3 year old and a 2 year old. she’s the daughter of frank tilton johnson and lydia ann barlow. frank must have gotten the axe because lydia’s now one of deadbeat merril’s wives.

  228. They really play musical chairs with the concubinage, dont they?

    “Round and round we go, where you land, nobody knows!”

  229. Stamp, LOL Myrtle.

  230. Could Merrill be arrested for failing to appear ?


  232. Prediction : Warren Jeffs will never see the outside of a jail cell, despite numerous attempts for appeals, including the reasons referenced in the above Deseret News Article.

  233. I’m with you. If he had a mistrial declared, he’d still be pending trial on several other active cases, and after his “FBI most wanted” scene I doubt anyone is going to let him post bond.

  234. 19 years old, two babies before she was 17 and now she’s someone else’s property??? Please consign these men to the bottom layer of hell.

  235. He didn’t show up. Word is that the Judge wasn’t amused.

    ProudTexan said this on April 15, 2010 at 4:24 PM

    PT, isn’t that exactly what I bet you last night? You owe me a stick of gum.

  236. Why doesnt he drive by the courthouse and flip everyone off at the same time?

    BTW, pretty funny, Wiener Willie flew out there only to see them plead out.


  238. Anonymous 7:58 pm : They can allege anything they like.
    Warren Jeffs will not be getting out of jail ever.

  239. yeah anon, i owe you a stick of gum. i didn’t think even deadbeat merril could be that stupid. there are several judges around here, but judge walther is the last person i’d want to piss off like that.

    as for her options, i guess she could issue a bench warrant, but she can also have his bail revoked. that might be the simpler solution. since he doesn’t seem to be available it makes it look bad for his bail bondsman who vouched for him.

  240. Poor Willie, if Mike and Lehi both pled this morning than he didn’t get to go have lunch with his buddies.

    And since Merril didn’t bother to show up for court, then Willie missed lunch with him, too.

    Poor Willie missed such a Kodak moment with his Nevada film crew and no lunch banquet photo op memories.


  241. by the time i got to the courthouse the film crew was gone, if it was there at all. it was pouring rain all day here.

  242. Guess the flds are saving their attorney fees for someone else higher in the pecker order

    juliekan said this on April 15, 2010 at 1:15 PM

    The pecker order. juliekan, I really like your wit!

  243. Proud, any word on big daddy Merill? (Or however you spell it.)

    Miele said this on April 15, 2010 at 3:56 PM

    Miele, you spell it with a capital “M” then one
    “e”, two “r’s”, one “i” and one “l” followed by POS deadbeat dad hiding out from the law” Jessop.

    May the warrants be served !

  244. Was there any excuse for him not showing up?

    C-M said this on April 15, 2010 at 6:15 PM

    Yes C-M, poor Merril woke up with a hangnail AND a hair tangle.

  245. by the time i got to the courthouse the film crew was gone, if it was there at all. it was pouring rain all day here.

    ProudTexan said this on April 15, 2010 at 9:01 PM

    PT, if Willie the Thug was there today, then his Nevada film crew was there with him (he doesn’t leave home without them). I guess they all left town as soon as the brethren copped a plea.

  246. well, wee willie the thug missed what would have been the highlight of his day, seeing me!!!

  247. Whoops, wonder who is going to have to come up this bail:

    Rann Dee Bateman, 26, 345 W. Utah Ave., Hildale, was arrested April 7 on charges of aggravated assault, aggravated burglary of a dwelling, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and criminal trespass of a dwelling. Bateman was booked into Purgatory Correctional Facility on $47,014 bail

  248. Hey, I have to tell yall somethin,, I was painting my flower pots on the front porch yesterday, and noticed a van slowly going down my street. Didn’t pay much attention the first time, but then the second time, I looked up and saw there were two women, probably in thier 40’s pale blue button collared dresses, hair in braids. There is a house on the corner, a HUGE house for lease, and it faces the same direction as my house, but the address is actually on the next street. They didn’t stop, but after several drive by’s left the area.

    I could be wrong, but they sure looked like Flds women. There were no children in the van, but it was a late model goldish colored van.

  249. We have two maxium security prisons in the town I live in, and just wondered if maybe one of the men convicted is being shipped here?

  250. Why is polygamy only for men ?

  251. hmmm…maybe so deputydog–however–my thinking is that they might send them further off??? but, what do I know???

    Two women dressed alike in your neighborhood??? hmmmm???? Could be they are looking for a house??? Keep your eyes open!!!

  252. I put up a post discussing the new evidence in the Utah Warren Jeffs case.

    Bombshell or Dud?

  253. DD

    That’s too funny – you going to invite them to dinner if they move in?

  254. Thanks, Ron, that’s very helpful.

  255. yepp thanks ron–very helpful. Now..go tell mad bill and his bunch–they alredy have Elissa in prison.

  256. ****#


    That’s too funny – you going to invite them to dinner if they move in?

    Ron in Houston said this on April 16, 2010 at 10:42 AM

    I bet she would!

  257. ah, the many virtues of an electronic medical record system!
    it can never be lost, stolen, or altered….

  258. Right now Raymond would be the only one up for moving any time soon. Keate, Emack and Lehi are still in Schleicher County.

  259. Just think, maybe PoleDancing Marie will move into your neighborhood.

  260. Computer records can be altered, and detecting it is by no means 100% foolproof.

  261. And with the computer virus’ and trojan’s being written now, electronic medical record theft is a very real possibility.

  262. Not that I’m against electronic medical records. I think the potential for doctor’s to share information and not duplicate testing, etc. would be a real money and time saver.

  263. My electronic medical records are very secure, and I’m not worried at all…

  264. My main concern about electronic medical records is firms not hiring a person due to medical histories of a person’s family obtained by their insurance carriers.

  265. Alin,
    Insurance companies have that medical information from the billing data already whether or not your provider has an electronic medical record system.

  266. When you have EMR at a hospital, the following safeguards are in place :
    1) there are technical support persons who upload all the latest virus protection software on a regular basis and back up the files, preventing loss of data.
    2) there are programs which are placed which do not permit providers to alter medical records. The records may have addenda attached, but you may not change the original chart entries.

  267. With the medical privacy laws we have I find it hard to believe that an employer would have access to your medical records before you are hired, Alin. I suspect that would be true even with a central electronic archive.

    Susan, those are all good things, and they are more secure than paper, but trust me….it’s not 100%. I was a DBA and a manager of DBAs. If one record is deleted by accident, in most cases it is not practical to restore it. The backups are physical backups, because logical backups are too slow and no one wants the system to be down for any amount of time anyway. So you would need to establish an identical physical infrastructure, restore the whole darned thing from tape and then pick out that one file and restore it. Not going to happen. Another point is that there is a time between when the last backup is taken and when the failure or catastrophe occurs. Pretty much anything that happens between those two points in time is dust in the wind and will have to be recreated.

    In over 20 years, I only had to try to do a real restore under duress twice and in both cases, it failed to bring the data back completely to the moment of failure even with several days work, a team of people working on it and help from the manufacturer.

    The only way to insure total recoverability is a fully redundant server at a different physical location.

  268. I had a career very similar to what you describe, Betty, and can attest to exactly what you’re saying. If the data was sensitive enough (I wasn’t in the medical field) we did indeed maintain redundancy. That saved LOTS of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth — more than twice — from myself and especially my users.

  269. Yeah, ET, the sales people and the middle level IT managers sell the users a bill of goods. Then when things go wrong, they tag someone like me and I have to read the users the fine print. I’m so glad I don’t have that job anymore. I think I’d rather work standing up in the health food store; and I’d get a discount!

  270. List of items purchased using fire district funds
    • Multiple dinner purchases in St. George, Utah, at restaurants such as Ruby River and Steak and Seafood. One purchase on Oct. 17, 2007, was for $288.54.

    • Twenty $15 gift certificates from Dezereta – a local gas station.

    • Fifteen $15 gift certificates from Garden Gate, Inc. – a business owned by Colorado City Manager David Darger.

    • $575 for 100 candy gift boxes to Jill Johnson Special Manufacturing.

    • Several receipts for food from Big Dan’s Drive Thru and Vermilion Candy Shoppe/Fine Restaurant. Both are located in Colorado City.

    • 30 purchases at the Cooperative Mercantile during February 2008, with five purchases made on Feb. 4, 2008, and seven made on Feb. 19, 2008. The Mercantile is the only general store in Colorado City.

    • Eight purchases at Dezereta gas station on Christmas Day 2007.

    • Two meal purchases on July 2, 2008, for $102.46 at Steak and Seafood and $156.68 at the Claim Jumper in St. George.

    • $328.61 in purchases made with Turbo Tax between February 2004 and January 2009. According to the affidavit, fire districts do not need to use tax software.

    • Credit card charges for gas, food and lodging (three rooms for two nights for six people) for a trip to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. This was on top of $270 given to district personnel to cover all trip expenses. According to the affidavit, local fire departments weren’t holding training events during that time.

    • 15 purchases from March 2004 to January 2009 to, a Web-based computer parts and electronics store. The purchases were delivered to a personal address in Colorado City.

    • Another 120 purchases made by Fire Chief Jake Barlow worth $25,000 made to between June 2004 to August 2008 and delivered to a property owned by the fire district.

    • $22,907.50 worth of merchandise purchased at Costco between September 2004 and August 2008, including:

    • A leather sofa for $889.99

    • A desk for $749.99

    • A lateral file for $259.99

    • A two-door bookcase for $274.99

    • A computer workstation and armoire for $1,151.02.

    • Six spiral hams for $20.48, $20.41, $25.76, $24.98, 19.30 and $20.52.

    • Two Turbo Tax Premier plus State editions for $59.99 each

    • Two iPod like music devices for $129.99 and $109.99

    • Two leather sofas for $789.99 each

    • A 250 GB port for the iPod devices for $139.99

    • More than $100 in candy

    • Seven 24 ounce Wild Alaskan King Salmon items for $121.73

    • A one terabit external hard drive for $279.99

    • 17 units of Dove assorted mini chocolates for $169.83

    • 19 units of Chocolate Delicate Squares for $187.72

    • 18 units of Chocolates of the World for $206.82

    • Three digital picture frames for $419.97 (less $120 in coupons)

    • Four fresh hen turkeys for $11.70, $11.47, $11.49 and $11.28

    • Four units of shrimp at $79.96 each

    From June 2007 to September 2008, the district purchased $13,865.96 at Sam’s Club including:

    • 40 Danish hams for $286.80

    • Two chocolate gift towers for $19.87 each

    • Two oversized throws for $14.47 each

    • Fresh salmon filets for $21.70

    • A queen mattress pad for $24.84

    • Diapers for $26.88

    • A six-pack of briefs for $8.88

    • Four pairs of men’s socks for $9.47

    • A baby jumpsuit for $6.88

    • A fleece-lined hoodie for $24.23

    • An iPod dock alarm clock for $79.47

    • Orange Roughy fillets for $13.46

    • Two eight-packs of bath towels for $19.88 each

    • A 12-pack of hand towels for $13.87

    • A 24-pack of washcloths for $10.83.

    • A king-sized set of sheets at $49.84

    • Line bath towel for $11.76

    • In December 2007, Jake Barlow purchased $1,500 in food from Sam’s Club and Costco while an additional $837 was spent at local eateries.

    • Records from January 2008 show Barlow spent $537 at Costco for food and $1,460 at local eateries in Colorado City.

    According to a volunteer firefighter, the district’s fire stations are not equipped with sleeping quarters or kitchens.

  271. LMAO….the chocolate gift towers, fleece lined hoodies and 4 pks of men’s socks..and don’t forget the “baby jumpsuit”…is this for those itty bitty fires?

  272. I think you and I are a lot alike! I actually did go to work in a health food store right after I left that (thankless?) job.

    Actually it wasn’t all that thankless. (I guess I finally got fed up and bored with politics.)

    What I did was go to the mat for my users against management’s druthers and INSIST that data HAD to be handled such and such a way, (i.e. redundancy). They wailed and gnashed their teeth because of the expense and every other excuse, but I had the backs of a huge user base – and I certainly had their support. When things DID go south a few times, management wailing ended. I would be a hero for a while until I had to do it all over again for some other project.

  273. oops… my last comment was directed to Betty.

  274. Diapers. The fire department needed diapers.

  275. Betty,
    Our EMR system has triple backup, up to the minute intrusion prevention and anti virus software, and a large full time staff.

    We have never lost data, or has any data been stolen, or altered by any provider in any way.

  276. I just left Coram Non Judice blog, and I noticed that TBM has received an electronic marriage proposal from Keeping Sweet….

  277. Nothing you said, Susan, negates anything I said.

  278. I’ll take your word for it, but we have two other servers at two different physical locations (other than at the hospital) for backup… and nothing adverse has happened in > 15 yrs.
    Has it crashed ?
    Rarely,but it never took more than one hour for the staff to recover the system ….
    It works much better than a paper system, not just in my opinion or experience, but the medical literature indicates that it works better, when compared to paper medical charts, that is.

    I forgot to mention to Alin that HIPAA prohibits the disclosure of personal health information by an insurer or provider to a patient’s employer.

  279. I can just hear the apologetics now.

    • Diapers for $26.88 – in case they rescue a baby from a burning building – one size MUST fit all

    • A six-pack of briefs for $8.88 – in case they need to change someone’s underwear – one size MUST fit all

    • Four pairs of men’s socks for $9.47 – in case one of the volunteer fire fighters grabs a pair of boots that are too big and needs extra foot padding – one size MUST fit all.

    • A baby jumpsuit for $6.88 – in case they rescue a baby from a burning building – one size MUST fit all

    • A fleece-lined hoodie for $24.23 – in case they rescue a lady with wet hair – one size MUST fit all

    I’ll have to think long and hard about the seafood and multiple chocolate purchases. Are there more fires in the Creek on Valentine’s Day than the other 364 days of the year?

    And just HOW many people does it take to run up such enormous dining bills? Or maybe I should ask “how many WIVES does it take”?

  280. Here is an article from last week where the LDS are not amused with some of the Canadian press’ coverage of the opening of a new temple in Vancouver. They have an issue with the term “Mormon Fundamentalists”.

    Many of the links found in this article have photos of the new LDS temple.

    However, I did not see ONE GARDNER’s BED!

    Beware, when I clicked on a couple of the links to the Vancouver Sun (which the writer particularly berates) I got warnings from my Malware/Spyware program that it blocked an evil malware web page.

    If you don’t already have computer protection, I highly recommend MalwareBytes. You can download it here – pay the extra small amount and have it protect you 24/7 –

    Here is the Mormon Times article with the photos from the new LDS Vancouver temple, sans GARDNER BED.

  281. I keep telling you they put out the fires with chocolate, much better than water!

  282. All the fish come from the water, and therefore are fire retardant.


    Looks like the company is marching on….great deals…wonder who owns it?

    • Another 120 purchases made by Fire Chief Jake Barlow worth $25,000 made to between June 2004 to August 2008 and delivered to a property owned by the fire district.

    Maybe they will jump up and offer to be personal character witnesses for what looks and awfully lot like our new set of polygamous defendants. Those tweener concubines are just so expensive y’know. You have to build a relationship built on trust, so you have to take her out to the steak house and really impress her and all….and then those older concubines at home are just always squallin’ about what they just couldn’t get done if’n theys only had some big a@@ hams an turkeys….and chocolate.

    Keeping all those women in chocolate, I mean, really I suppose the guys could always make a self defense plea on that one. If you’re going to keep a bunch of women in a cloister for life…I guess ya better be able to afford the chocolate that’ll take.

  284. Susan, I never said paper was better. I said nothing is fool proof. I have no doubt you are a competent medical professional. It’s obvious you are not a computer professional.

  285. Does anyone remember the Smothers Brother’s bit about falling into a vat of chocolate and yelling “FIRE”? No, Betty, just you.

  286. Boots if they all go on cycle together, you’d really need a lot of chocolate.

  287. Heck, I go on cycle all by myself like a big girl and I still go through at least a pound or two of the stuff leading up to the kick off. Whether you all do it at once or not, that’s a lot of chocolate.

  288. And yes, Betty, it was just you, lol.

  289. I don’t know, some of these girls are as old as I am.

    I’m allergic to chocolate. For years I ate it anyway. In the last year or so, I’ve managed to cut it down to almost nothing. Giving up coffee was a lot easier.

  290. LadySadie, then I am going to go hang out at the Creek with my marshmellows and graham crackers and get ready to make some s’mores the next time I hear the 3 alarm sirens.

  291. Now I’m just trying 1) to find your reason for living and 2) to imagine what it must be like to be the concubine in charge of the chocolate and who gets it…what a super power, wow.

  292. Betty, poor you being allergic to chocolate! What misery, IMHO.

    About 10 years ago, I had problems with breast fibrocystic disorder.

    My OB/GYN told me I HAD to stop ingesting coffee and chocolate – immediately and absolutely. I looked at him like he was from Mars, but did cut my coffee intake in half and agreed to eat chocolate only every other day.

    The 50% reductions did the trick, but I don’t think my MALE doctor had a clue how hard this was for me to do.

  293. Dang, TexasRattle has the key to the chocolate cabinet, but I did get custody of the cabana boys (only have to share them with Morning Glory). Greetings from New York has the liquor stash and Huesos got Stamp!

  294. Do believe it is time to meet at the Club House and share again! But knowing Stamp he will go on another “fishing” trip then.

  295. Suzanne Adams with the Kingman Daily Miner did a very good job on her article today about the alleged fraud in the Colorado City Fire Department.

    I like how she listed (by line item) some of the outrageous expenses charged to the CCFD, which is funded by PUBLIC taxpayer dollars.

    It is my understanding that this initial affidavit, showing misuse of public funds paid by the general public taxpayers and personally used by the FLDS in charge of the CCFD, is just a fraction of the fraud that has been committed by this PUBLIC entity.

    Will heads roll and crooks go to jail? I certainly hope so! Way to go Mohave County! You’re now getting with the program – maybe a few years/decades too late – but you’re now trying to keep them (FLDS) honest.


  296. LadySadie, now that I think about it, TexasRattle and Greetings from New York have not been posting on this blog for several months.

    hmmmmm. Do we need to be worried that they might have absconded with the “Priesthood Keys” to the chocolate cabinet and the liquor locker?

    We are fortunate that you got the oversight of the cabana boys, but they are only useful in hot weather and if you just “have to share them with Morning Glory”, then what good does that do us (the lowly worker bees)?

    I think we need to immediately get Holy Priestesshood TexasMom involved in this and straighten out who has access/control to all of the perks.

    Personally, I don’t want to be a slave to a religion without any drugs, sex or rock-n-roll. Especially if the Priesthood keys to the chocolate cabinet are lord knows where!

    Someone should be looking out for our just wants and needs. And that means finding the keys!

    That’s me in the corner, that’s me in the spotlight, losing my religion…….

  297. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt on diapers, at least. They are excellent fire retardants.

  298. cuse me, part of the cabana boys are mine!!!

    As for diapers being fire retardants, it all depends on the deposits made in them.

  299. I want to learn to go fishin. And catch fish. I know they taste best if you trick ’em and eat ’em yourself.

  300. I only know how to catch dumb fish, like little perch. They are so dumb they’ll bite rocks.

  301. Anon 11:16 said: “I think we need to immediately get Holy Priestesshood TexasMom involved in this and straighten out who has access/control to all of the perks.”

    You rang? So sorry….I’ve been busy interpreting nocturnal knock-knock from on high. Was instructed to send husband #6 to take care of water rights issues back at the Creek.

    I took a vote among the other husbands and they agreed ALL the ladies should have chocolate and if the cabinet key couldn’t be found – well, they’ll just fire-axe it open. They’re *sweet* that way. 😉

  302. Chocolates, king salmon, shrimp, spiral hams . . . wow, somebody is living high off the hog.

  303. TexasMom, that’s why you’re the high priestess!

    Just let me know who you want sued anonymously and answered nothing and I’ll get on it.

  304. Texas Mom,
    You certainly have a collection of very fine photography as well as an interest in firemen.

  305. Anon E Mouse, shrimp and spiral hams, and in their world they call Jews gentiles.

  306. New Film Exposes Sex Offenses in Polygamy Cult

    When my partner at Red Road Productions, Robert Chimento, first gave me his script of <IFollow the Prophet I couldn’t imagine that the story was based on truth – until I started reading the research.

    The film will debut theatrically at the Angelika Film Center in Houston, Texas where nearby the trials continue. The opening night premiere will benefit Texas Center for the Missing, provider of one of the largest Amber Alerts in our nation.

  307. Boots wrote “Now I’m just trying 1) to find your reason for living ”

    There’s still wine, sex, music, meaningful work, a perfectly cooked lamb chop, love, art, the sunrise.

  308. Thanks Anon 10:05, I would really love to be able to be at that premier.

    Betty, touche’.

  309. So I notice all this came from a hot tip on the use of a credit card. Whatcha wanna bet someone at the steak house got jipped on a tip? Ahh….the instant karma of bad tipping practices. I love it.

  310. The trailer for the movie “Follow the Prophet” is here:

  311. Great “perp walk” video of Lehi and Mike from KLST TV.

  312. Boots, laughing. One of my stepchildren is a bartender. Oh, the stories….

  313. I was under a no compete contract for a year early in the decade. Rather than leave the 132 year old original Texas homestead on 400 acres with 2 stocked ponds I was living on…I decided I would wait tables for a year. How hard could it be?

    The stories are ALL true. Those warnings all over tip jars in Austin about risking your karma…all true, lmao.

  314. Eric Nichols with Deputy Atty. General, “First, as you know, when a defendant pleads no lo contendre, a no lo contendre has the same effect as a plea of guilty. The only difference is that a no lo contendre plea, you can’t use that plea against a defendant in civil cases.”

    Who other than the victim could make a civil case to recover financially?

  315. A parent of a minor could file a civil suit on the child’s behalf or due to harming the child. But that isn’t going to happen with a faithful FLDS member.

  316. But, you know, I’m thinking that the FLDS leadership is not so certain that all of their flock will forever be faithful. They HAVE been sued before by their own; that’s how they got into that little UEP mess.


    Looks like a 9 year old was left in charge. I wonder what could go wrong?

  318. Accident on FLDS property injures 5 girls

    A four-wheeler accident on Wednesday involving five girls ages 9 and under left one girl in guarded condition at Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City.

    According to an ICSO incident report, the five children were riding on a Yamaha Rhino near their Beryl homes when the driver, age 9, crashed into a tree

    Deputies said in the report that on arrival, all the victims were not found at the scene of the incident, and had to be located to be treated at the hospital.

    A description of the Rhino noted the driver’s seat was no longer attached to the frame, and large impact dents were present in the vehicle bed and roll bar.

    The incident occurred on the property of the Harker Compound, residence of members of the Fundamental Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, according to deputies.

    The owner of the Rhino was not in Beryl when the incident occurred and resides in Hildale.

    Sheriff Mark Gower said he responded to VVMC to see the victim and mother, and at the time did not think the injured girl who was airlifted would live.

    “I believe there is negligence involved,” Gower said.


    What are 5 children doing on a 4-wheeler with a NINE (9) year old driving!!!! You bet negligence is involved! Negligent to give a damn about your children because you have 10 more at home just like ’em and the are replaceable!

  319. Oops, Boots, see you beat me to it!

  320. Here is a picture of a Yamaha Rhino

    And some idiot allowed 5 girls under the age of 9 with a 9 year old driving on this!

  321. Yeppers. And then you wonder why there are so many dead children, who seem to be so accident prone, up in Colorado City?

  322. Head-on collision kills 1, injures one

    COLORADO CITY – A head-on collision in Colorado City Saturday afternoon claimed one life and left a child critically injured.

    The Arizona Department of Public Safety, which responded to the accident on State route 389 at 2:25 p.m., said a total of three injured people were taken to the hospital. Following the accident traffic was blocked in both directions for several hours.

    The names of the dead and injured were not released.

    Colorado City Police have taken over investigation of the accident.


  323. Or why Allen Rohbock was buried on the YFZ after exactly the same sort of behavior, most likely the carelessness of a young girl [still a child] left in charge.

  324. Gee, I wonder if the child was in a proper child safety seat, or wearing a seat belt if old enough? I wonder if not, what the CC Police Department intends to do about it? I’m sure the CC Police Department will be releasing all the details and charges, if any are planned…:::snort:::

  325. There were five kids on that thing and there are only four seats.

  326. Long back, to me, children were perceived as smaller adults, at least Euro cultures, so it seems to me. Some people today haven’t evolved past that.

    Only the older girl, the driver, was still at the scene when help arrived. The others had all been grabbed up and taken home or to someone’s home and had to be searched out – did you see that?

    I think there was a report on SLTrib but I don’t find it today.

  327. Er I meant from things I’d read, paintings, about children as small adults.

  328. These all terrain vehicles like the Rhino are the leading cause of pediatric traumatic brain injury in the US.

  329. ya know, it looked to me like Emack was wearing his holy undies under his prison garb. i doubt he’ll be allowed to continue that practice when he gets to huntsville.

    speaking of huntsville, i’ve heard that raymond was sent to the boyd unit at teague which just happens to be run by women. coincidence? i doubt it. seems like those in the prison system have a sense of humor.

  330. Really? A male prison run by women? How progressive. Raymond has found himself among the Amazon Women?

  331. Nope, just Texas women. Let’s see how he likes it.

  332. I wonder how many of those children on the ATV were wearing helmets?

    People are helmet-obsessed here. Even 2 year olds on trikes wear them.

  333. My 8 year old grandson has his own ATV (we call them “Quads”) and he’s had it for about two years. He ALWAYS wears protective gear when he uses it and NEVER uses it without an adult supervising. And yes, the kids all use helmets when riding bikes too. In fact, my son just took all three of the older boys to a special “fair” sponsored by our local Kiwanis club to decorate helmets which were given away for free. My son’s older two have to be forced to take the helmets off for bed. 🙂

  334. So Emack pled out to the bigamy charge. So much for Alin’s prediction that he would claim he’s not a polygamist, just a married guy who screws around alot.

  335. No One should be surprised that ignorant and uninformed alin was wrong yet again.

  336. Hey guys, this has nothing to do with topic, except I know we all care about children here. I’ve been covering this story and it’s really starting to get to me that this poor child cannot even be matched to a missing persons report. If everyone could kind of ask people you know to look at the composite, maybe some justice can be done for him someday:

  337. Boots, this is horrible..
    May this little angel rest in Peace.

  338. So much for Alin’s prediction that he would claim he’s not a polygamist, just a married guy who screws around alot.
    Actually he did claim that. You did read his motion didn’t you? I guess he decided not to follow through.

  339. I’ve read about that poor child someone tossed away. It grieves my heart, he must have suffered all his life.

  340. I know, C-M, it just haunts me and I don’t understand at all.

  341. GrannyToad, I hope not. Even if he did, there was some point in time he experienced happiness. Somebody saw him. Somebody knew him. He had to have been seen by medical professionals if he was being fed with a tube. He lived 6 years on this earth, so someone knew him.

    He deserves justice. His life meant something.

  342. Yes–I have seen that picture of that poor child on our local news here in Texas. It’s horrible…!! The last news I heard earlier today was that possibly he was not from the Dallas/Ft Worth area..he could have been brought there from another city/county???

    Some local residents are gathering money up for a proper burial…how sad????

  343. Hey everyone just popping in to let you know that Follow the Prophet will be available on dvd thru NetFlix. But you need to get your name on the list.

    I also found an interview with Robert Chimento on you tube. The url is longer than my arm and I STILL don’t know how to do the little url thing. Just google it.

    I am on my way to tell others. Keep posting and I’ll keep reading.

    Someone should wake Stamp up, I haven’t seen him around lately. Hi Stamp!

  344. Ah, Walton, good to see you here again.

  345. Me: So much for Alin’s prediction that he would claim he’s not a polygamist, just a married guy who screws around alot.
    Alin: Actually he did claim that. You did read his motion didn’t you? I guess he decided not to follow through.

    Good call on his part, since it’s a complete LIE.

    Their religion requires them to practice plural MARRIAGE, not plural adultery.

    Their own records list MARRIAGES, not hook-ups.

    Can’t have it both ways.

  346. ood call on his part, since it’s a complete LIE.

    Their religion requires them to practice plural MARRIAGE, not plural adultery.

    Their own records list MARRIAGES, not hook-ups.

    Can’t have it both ways.
    Aye. I was going to argue back and forth on this question but since he pled guilty the argument is moot.

  347. Anyone who knows anything about the flds knows that they would never use the “we were not married, it was adultery” excuse. Telling that ignorant, uninformed alin fell for it.

  348. Thanks Ale wife. I yielded the argument; not because I thought it right or wrong but because it’s a moot argument and you had to run out with insults.

  349. Of course I could bring out the arguments, but since we will never find out who’s right or wrong, at least in the case of Emack, it would be a waste of time for both you and myself.

  350. I don’t know, I think they would try anything in court that would allow them to go on doing what they want to do.

  351. Nah Betty. It’s a concurrent sentence so it makes no sense from a financial standpoint to fight it. They are better off using their resources for appeals.

  352. I agree, Alin. The men know they’re guilty so they’ve realized their best bet is to hope to get off on a technicality. If this were football, it’d be called a Hail Mary.

  353. My point is that I don’t think their concern about their own belief system would keep them from using that insulting and inaccurate defense position if they thought it would help.

    There’s always the possibility that “they” decided to use their resources on the upper echelon and let the lesser men take the 8 years. Or that their money is drying up.

  354. They are saving up for Merril and Warrens trials, after all they are the Biggies, right?

  355. Well, since from a legal standpoint they are not married I’m not sure what else to call it.

  356. The flds have used the terms plural marriage and celestial marriage to describe the unions that are purported to be marriage, but are not legal marriages.

  357. I know Chemist but I’m trying to figure out what to call it from a legal standpoint since celestial marriages are not recognized in court.

  358. You should call it bigamy, Alinusara. That’s what it is.

  359. Betty, you beat me to it. 🙂 As you say, it’s BIGAMY, at least in Texas it is with our common-law marriage laws.

  360. “I know Chemist but I’m trying to figure out what to call it from a legal standpoint since celestial marriages are not recognized in court.”

    Religiously mandated adultry works for me. Or Bigamy which is illegally marrying more than one person.

  361. Hmmm, I was the anonymous above — don’t know why my login info vanished again.

  362. kasoe are you a cheese?

  363. Huesos, 🙂 🙂 Excuse me? Can you clarify what you’re asking me? I have to admit that your question made me laugh out loud. Don’t think I have ever been asked that before.

  364. a joke i believe as “queso” pronounced as your handle “kasoe” means cheese in spanish

  365. I like “religiously mandated adultry”

  366. Well, no I don’t “like” doing it – I like it as a description of flds behavior…. or one could call it “religious placed breeding relationships”

  367. Oooh, OK. Thanks, Hello. That makes sense. No, I’m not a cheese. 🙂 It’s a play-with-a-word using part of my real name.

  368. Are you a cheese? That’s the quote of the day. I think if I were a cheese, I’d be a Camembert.

  369. I’d be a nice mellow white mennonite mexican queso

    Lordy I do love cheeses, but pleaseplease none of that plastic faux cheese

  370. Are we free associating regarding cheeses now?

    This could be interesting.

    I would be baked brie en croute.

    C’est delicieux !

  371. Hi ho the dairy-o the cheese stands alone…

  372. I’d be a Gruyere, until I made me mad, then I’d be some chile con queso, sue my self annonymously and answer the gruyere nothing.

  373. This just in from Canada …..

  374. How funny/ironic! Speaking of cheese, CW’s link to the Vancouver Sun article led me to another story — about cheese.

    Check out some of the reader’s comments.

    e.g., “…ton-ight, I think it’d be Oka-y to give the overpriced cheese shops a last one-finger Port Salut, and say, ‘Edam the bedbugs, just give me that Wensleydale you’ve go tucked into your Brie-fs!'” 😀

  375. catwhisperer: Thanks for the link. It was good to read that the judge denied Winston’s request to have the public pay his legal bills. Also of note was the comment from the judge that there was no evidence that the congregation could not raise the funds themselves. Winston Blackmore’s sheepies are going to get sheared closer to the skin.

  376. Wonder if this stuff works for fundys too?

  377. Chemist,
    I have no doubt his congregation has the cash.

  378. I agree CW, however it is a shame to see all of the funds that the polygamist followers have to pay in legal fees for their leaders. However, the followers do have the option of getting out of the group. Unfortunately only a few exercise that option.

  379. As some of you may know, polygamy is legal in Malaysia, with the approval of a Sharia court for Muslims only.
    You must present evidence that your first wife is infertile, or incapable of fulfilling her marital duties.
    Alternatively, you make take more wives if you are rescuing widows or orphans and marrying them.
    Consent of the first wife is also required before permission to become a polygamist is granted.
    The situations above are rarely the case, so most men don’t request permission from the courts for polygamous marriage.
    Divorce rates in polygamous unions have been described to be over 70% for this reason in Indonesia and Malaysia.
    In the article below, someone running for public office was found to be engaging in polygamy without permission of his first wive, or a court, and he was fined.

  380. Guess if I was a cheese, Id be Sharp Cheddar 🙂

  381. smoked gouda

  382. Honestly my tastebuds looooove a good holey room temperature aged swiss.

  383. not fond of holey cheese huesos, LOL

  384. As you may know, Dr. Alean Al – Krenawi, a prominent polygamy researcher, has studied and published many articles on Palestinian polygamy in Gaza and among the Bedouin Arabs in Israel.
    Israel permits polygamy among Arab Muslims.

    Here is a link on the recent increase in polygamous marriages in Gaza :

  385. The government of Malawi is banning the practice of polygyny in order to stop the spread of HIV

  386. This is the organization in NYC which assists Muslim women leaving polygyny.

  387. sorry here is the link :

  388. There seems to be lots of reasons for HIV but polygamy appears not to be one of them.

    “The argument that polygamy breeds HIV and AIDS is to say the least, unscientific. For instance in Uganda, our Muslim community is in the main polygamous. However, the rate of HIV prevalence in this same community is less than half of the national average!

    Furthermore, most of the Islamic Middle East practices polygamy. This social system is the norm in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, etc, and yet they have the lowest incidence of HIV AIDS in the world.”

  389. Alinusara,
    There are about 4 – 5 medical articles on polygamy in Africa. All but one indicate that polygamy is highly associated with an increased risk of contracting HIV, at least in most regions of Africa, not all regions of Africa.
    Polygamy is not as commonly practiced in the Arab countries (10% or less of the total population) you mentioned as it is in Africa (up to 50% of all marriages in West Africa)

  390. by the way, you are not quoting from a peer reviewed medical journal, you are quoting an opinion piece written by a layperson.

  391. “It is unfortunate also that cultural practices and beliefs relating to sex and sexuality in some African communities play a key role in making (especially) women vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. Among them is one of the most common practices – polygamy – which itself cannot be blamed for a rise in HIV/AIDS in Africa.

    It is the relatively recent emergence of “affluent” polygamy that has facilitated the spread of HIV among polygamous family circles. Infidelity has become the hallmark of “affluent” polygamy, which is outside the norms of the original African tradition of polygamy, and puts the whole family unit in a high-risk category for catching HIV/AIDS.

    “Affluent” polygamy behavior lends itself to families or the male of the family migrating to cities (where HIV/AIDS is more prevalent) in search of employment. While there, the male may engage in sexual activity with HIV infected women, and subsequently pass the infection onto their wives upon their return home.”

    It appears to be caused by affluent polygamy. Basically a guy going out of town to work and sleeping around on his wife or wives. Pretty neutral artical if you want to give it a look see.

  392. Alinusara,
    this also is not an article from a peer reviewed journal, unfortunately…. another opinion from a layperson.
    the medical articles indicate that the women in polygamous marriages are more unfaithful to their husbands than women in monogamous marriages.
    the medical data also states that polygamous men have intercourse with women outside their “marriages” while they are “dating” and in that way, they acquire HIV infection.
    the medical articles also mention that men seeking employment away from their homes frequently have intercourse with infected prostitutes, but the medical literature states that both monogamous and polygamous African men do this with equal frequency. (about 40% of all polygamous and 40% of monogamous men)
    the facts remain – in most communities in Africa, all but one study indicates that women in polygamous marriages are at an increased risk of contracting HIV compared to women in monogamous marriages.

  393. Gee and here I was told that polygamy was so much better than monogamy because the men don’t cheat.

    In this case, instead of infecting one poor woman, the husband spreads HIV to a whole bunch of them. Instead of potentially orphaning up to twelve or so kids, there could be dozens and dozens of orphans resulting from one infected polygamous family. It seems like polygamy amplifies a lot of problems.

  394. There is no evidence that polygamy reduces the frequency of extramarital liasions in Africa.
    The rate of extramarital liasions in both polygamous and monogamous men in Africa is approximately 40%.
    There is no deterrent effect.

  395. It should also be mentioned that Alin cited an article from a non peer reviewed source in South Africa…
    The article provided by Alin referenced South African President Zuma, who is, by the way, a polygamist who admits he has had intercourse with an HIV infected woman who was not his wife.
    (in addition to the “love child” he fathered with another woman who was not his wife)
    Despite the fact that he knew this woman had HIV, he did not use a condom, claiming that he would be ok because he showered afterwards…he announced this publically, and was not even ashamed.

  396. Furthermore, most of the Islamic Middle East practices polygamy. This social system is the norm in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, etc, and yet they have the lowest incidence of HIV AIDS in the world.”

    Alinusara10 said this on April 21, 2010 at 1:46 PM

    You are holding THOSE nations up as examples of societies which have any sort of “social norms”?

    Would you like to start a discussion about the “social norms” in those countries as it relates to women, al?

  397. In most non African Muslim countries, polygamy is not the norm (about 10% or less of all marriages are polygamous in the countries mentioned by Alin)

  398. Pretty typical troll behavior by Alin. Pick some random article from the internet and try to make it into more than it is.

  399. Boots: Would you like to start a discussion about the “social norms” in those countries as it relates to women, al?


    Alin has only reenforced the proof that polygyny goes hand in hand with other denials of human rights for women. Let’s hold up Saudi Arabia as an example, a theocracy ruled by the Saudi Royal family, in which women are second class citizens subject to the rule of their fathers and husbands.

    Just because women are denied equal rights as a “social norm” in one country doesn’t make it morally right.

    Warren Jeffs wants to run his own little walled off theocracy, with himself the head of his own royal family, where he has free reign to stick his penis into as many women as possible, one of them only 12 years old, and attempt to justify it as “religious freedom.”

  400. Pretty typical troll behavior by Alin. Pick some random article from the internet and try to make it into more than it is.

    Well I asked him to clarify what “medical custody” is over on the Trib board, and his response was to quote somebody’s opinion about a kidnapped child.

    Oh well, I tried.

  401. Mouse,
    When did you have this discussion with him ?

  402. Alin,
    Many of the countries which permit polygyny also allow wife beating, as both are permissible in Islam.

    Here’s a video documenting recommendations on wife beating from an imam.

  403. I would choose to be an English Stilton cheese.

  404. Mouse,
    When did you have this discussion with him ?

    I think it was yesterday or the day before. Deb Lee brought up an Amber Alert in Washington State from a few years ago. A mother kidnapped her own sick baby (the child needed surgery for a life threatening kidney problem) from Children’s Hospital because she wanted to take him to a natureopath. This mother did not have legal custody. Alin said she did have legal custody but the state had “medical custody.” I never heard of that and couldn’t find any references on line, I asked him to clarify, his response was to copy somebody’s personal opinion about the mother’s rights.

    I still have never heard of “medical custody,” although I don’t dispute it exists, I would be interested in seeing an OFFICIAL definition from a legal or government website.

  405. Well hey, there are very strict guidelines for Muslim wifebeating, so it must be OK!

    That was sarcasm, of course.

  406. How sad that they “teach” the men how to beat their wives. How degrading. All I can say is it would only happen once with me.

  407. Often, of late, the obtuseness of the trolls make me feel stabby, I need to stay away from sharp objects…

  408. 6 threads up from posting pics and the neener neener neener post of who he thinks is “Blues” and hugh gets fired and he doesnt even have rent money.

    Ironic I tell ya.

    Maybe the FLDS will help him, oh wait, he calls them a “Satanic Religion” – there is that pesky little issue.

  409. I like the, you’ll hafta pay me to continue, comment. Seeing as he has about 3 semi-regular poster who [sometimes] comment, I wouldn’t be waiting for the $$$ to roll in. Or, god will intervene [he’s asked for that too] and he’ll be baaaaack!

  410. Pretty pathetic. I wonder how he spins this “fund raising effort” to those close to him affected by its success or lack of same.

    I can just imagine!

  411. Oh, there is more too. He is going to “have to board up the Modern Pharisee” like that will ever happen.

    Its a free website and he would run it out of a library if he was homeless.

    He isnt boarding it up.

  412. Unless he gets a strong request from a close associate of his.

  413. YES! He reminds me of the old weeping tv preachers…without your help I just can’t go on! Send you pennies, nickels and dollars to my P.O! I’m too [self] important to lose!

  414. If only he had a Tammy Faye Bakker backing him up!

  415. This is what he needs, and a one- 800 Call HUGH phone

  416. I’d pay money to a “shut Hugh down” site. He’s so arrogant and clueless he makes my hair hurt. 😉

  417. I suspect that God has just sent the Modern Pharisee another “heads up” that what he has been doing as a polygyny advocate is not acceptable.

    The question is – can he hear it ?

  418. catwhisperer, guess the pharisee doesn’t have enough money for the hearing aide.

  419. No more job at the car dealership for the pharisee?

  420. I understand what yall are saying, but its sad when anyone loses their job, especially at his age.

  421. True deputydog. Nothing to make jokes about.

  422. Has anyone seen this ?
    A woman who was a member of a cult starved her son to death.

  423. Sorry to read about MoPhars situation, auto industry seems to be showing signs of improvements, he should be able to find another position. I wish him well, even though my prayers have been answered.

  424. Apparently Dr Lloyd Barlow was assessed a fine, required to take an examination, and required to complete mandatory continuing medical education courses on ethics and medical record keeping by the Texas Medical Board.
    FLDS Texas, could you create a post regarding this ?

  425. Ouch! A whole lot of folks going to be upset that he got off so light by the state medical board.

  426. I’m not sure it’s light Alin, because he probably won’t fulfill their conditions. Besides, the case is still pending in County Court at Law.

  427. Nope, he will just move back to Utah

  428. Heh! If he can’t take 16 hours of classes, pay a $3,000 fine, and take a 50 question multiple choice quiz scoring 75% or better then he should lose his license.

  429. Ahhh, so that was probably just the sanctions, from the medical board then if the criminal case is still pending.

  430. Aye, 3 misdemeanor cases of failure to report child abuse still pending.

  431. There may be additional sanctions if he is found guilty of the 3 misdemeanors.

  432. A documentary called “Sons of Perdition” is premiering now at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. This documentary is only one of 12 that made it into the World Documentary Competition (and there were thousands of entries.

    Robert DeNiro told the media that it is one of his favorite documentaries.

    You can watch the trailer here:

  433. Sorry, I got the link wrong.

    Here is the link to the actual trailer – not the documentary’s home page.

  434. BACA did have a ride yesterday in Washington County, but this article doesn’t say anything about them riding through Colorado City.

    Bikers ride for abuse victims

  435. Folks, go check out Lost in Polygville and be sure to give Michael a few kind words. Apparently the FLDS are sending him nastygrams and he’s picked up a vile troll named blogogre (who sounds remarkably like Duane) and I’m sure he could use a few encouraging words. Besides, when blogogre makes comments about horrible women who support Michael I just feel a massive need to yank his chain. Sounds like some FLDS twit isn’t respecting the ban on the internet to me. 😀

  436. Isn’t Ogre = Malicia?

  437. Anyway I’m quite certain I lived next door to Michael back when he was a batchelor.

  438. ogre (feminine: ogress) is a large, cruel, monstrous and hideous humanoid monster, featured in mythology, folklore and fiction. Ogres are often depicted in fairy tales and folklore as feeding on human beings, and have appeared in many classic works of literature. In art, ogres are often depicted with a large head, abundant hair and beard, a voracious appetite, and a strong body. The term is often applied in a metaphorical sense to disgusting persons who exploit, brutalize or devour their victims. Closely related is the troll figure, although these are sometimes not as malevolent.

  439. You really have to wonder about someone who consideres THEMSELF an ogre, don’t you?

  440. Where is deadbeat dad Merril? Picked up on a bench warrant yet, or better, had his criminal bond pulled? I’d like that latter best.

  441. I have wanted to post there but I don’t have an id and I can make up new ones and remember them all – could someone tell him to let us post anonymously as long as we add our names like at RIH?

  442. I didn’t know Carolyn had a new book coming out. I just got my Amazon email!

    I look forward to reading it!

  443. I didn’t know Carolyn had a new book coming out. I just got my Amazon email! I’m sure this will get the Carolyn-hater crowd in a new tizzy!

    I look forward to reading it!

  444. oops, sorry abt the double entry!

  445. I reserved a copy, and I am awaiting delivery

  446. Eldorado Success Newspaper reports that Allan Keate has taken that white bus to Huntsville, Texas. Another one to sing those Texas prison blues

    (admin edit)

    a song in honor of the convict:

    Here’s another, Allan Keate (admin edit)

  447. Yep, it said he had been sent to the Byrd unit.

  448. 20 Year Term sentence given for trafficking in child porn to San Angelo, Texas resident :

    SAN ANGELO, Texas — A federal judge in Lubbock on Thursday sentenced a San Angelo man to 20 years in prison on a child pornography charge, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas.

    William Ray Nobles, 32, was arrested in October 2009 after FBI agents executed a search warrant at his house and has been in federal custody since. Police detectives and federal agents searched Noble’s residence at 2463 Greenwood St. in San Angelo, where they seized electronically stored digital media. Minutes after the search warrant was executed, Nobles was arrested in the 1500 block of North Bryant Boulevard by patrol officers and members of the Criminal Investigations Divisions.

    In November 2009, Nobles was charged with 10 counts of child porn, child enticement and child obscenity felony offenses in a superseding indictment. All other charges were dismissed.

    He pleaded guilty in February to one count of receiving child porn. Seems like sexual assault of a minor that Texas frowns upon child pron, as well.

  449. “A former Utah man convicted for robbing a Salt Lake City convenience store and shooting a clerk in the process nearly three years ago died this week from injuries sustained in a riot at a federal prison in Virginia.”

    Prison can be a bad place.


  451. I’m on vacation, have very little time for computer access, but am fine. See updates on Facebook if you are a friend. Carry on the good work of spreading the truth! Later.


  452. The 20 year sentence posted above on William Ray Nobles by a Federal Judge last Thursday is to contrast the claims of harsh sentences/verdicts being given to the poor FLDS child rapiists that have been convicted. Raymond Jessop, Lehi Barlow Jeffs and Michael Emack should realize that their sentences are below the average conviction sentencing terms, especially compared to Mr. Nobles conviction sentence of 20 years. Trafficking ‘Child Brides’ from Utah/Arizona and Canada hasn’t been charged at the Federal level but Mann Act violations would appear to have been committed.

  453. Well, well, well, I suppose the FLDS aren’t the only patriarchs with CareBear colored concubines. Seems some other Americans are just as confused about the US law vs religious law:

  454. I like the point in her apologetic, where her eyes flicker all over the place and she can’t seem to look right into the camera [read: eye] as she explains, “I don’t have to understand it”.

    In a world without our current laws, law enforcement and prosecutors willing to press charges, for a lot of women, she could be very right.

  455. Boots

    That is an amazing video. I never thought I would see the day when two young black females would be on youtube saying they were jumping into the slavery practices of polygyny.

    But I guess there is a sucker born every minute.

    Funny though when she says “FOUR wives, not FIVE wives or ten or twenty or a hundred or some crazy number like that!”

    (WHAT- As if four isnt crazy?)

  456. Please continue discussion on “Open Discussion #32”


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