Press Release and Search Warrant


~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 8, 2010.

20 Responses to “Press Release and Search Warrant”

  1. diapers? sofas?
    and a whole lot of food (thousands per month) for 5 employees who don’t live or cook at the fire departments?

  2. Yeah .. And can you imagine what they’ll findvas a result of the warrants?

  3. Gee, I don’t see a single mention of Texas.

  4. Sheesh, you know that 51st District Judge Walther will get blamed for the warrants out of AZ and even the single UT one.

  5. I just posted this at Brooke’s blog – do you think it will be published?

    Brooke, I’m just wondering if it is OK now to post unredacted court documents that reveal personal information, such as birthdates and social security numbers of individuals?

    Did I miss the memo on this?

  6. Man, they must be putting the fires out with chocolate! They sure buy a lot of chocolate! I added up just the items noted in the affidavit and it comes up to $106,900.85 for items that would in no way be related the the Short Creek Fire Stations operations.

  7. TBM, Perhaps your post prompted Brooke to pull the unredacted version… although, she gave the credit to Gary Engels.

    And… I wonder how many others (like me) had already seen/downloaded it.

    Poor Brooke!

  8. I told you….sloppy.

  9. TBM – She gave Gary the credit.

    “Update: Gary Engles just called to ask that I use a newly redacted copy of the affidavit released yesterday, which contained private information someone at the county forgot to remove. I will add the new one shortly.”

  10. The SL Trib has a reputation for shoddy unprofessional behavior that has gotten the paper in hot water before. In 2003 the actions of the newspaper, it’s editors, reporters covering another polygamy related case caused many to be terminated.

    Read more:

    Above from American Journalism Review. Read how the SLTrib screwed up, the article stating “For the Salt Lake Tribune, all of Cantera and Vigh’s exposure hardly outweighed the harm to the newspaper after the Enquirer’s story appeared and details of the reporters’ arrangement with the tabloid emerged.”

    Apparently the shoddy journalism of Brooke is a systemic problem at the Trib IMO.

  11. Looks like those are felonies, and target just those two guys – at least for now.

    “Charges may not be filed for months”..

  12. Hey E. Texas, can you send me a copy of the unredacted one please.

  13. Can’t remember where but someone was scoffing at the idea that one of the Costco runs (spiral ham, turkey, shrimp) was for a Christmas party, because the FLDS don’t celebrate Christmas. Joseph Smith’s birthday is 12/23.

  14. Are you implying they celebrate Smiths birthday instead?

    Another purchase of similar items was on 12-14 -07, almost ten days before the 23rd – seems like a long time to keep a fresh ham or turkey in the fridge.

    Also those purchases look like family supplies not party supplies, JMHO.

    Regardless I’m sure there are rules on public expenditures and its likely they werent followed.

    Its not rocket science.

  15. I think they do celebrate Smith’s birthday.

  16. I didnt know that – but it figures – the women need to go through the husband for salvation, the husband through the prophet, I guess Joe is next up at the top of the totem pole.

    Funny, the name should be Fundamental Church of Joe Smith of Latter Day Saints.

  17. The pictures on the wall seem to prove it too, Nat Geo sez so!

  18. proud texan

    there are unredacted copies at the hope org site

  19. thanks juliekan.

    i just read all the stuff and man they seem to be in deep doodoo. kinda seems like warren might be getting some company in the mohave county jail.

  20. Do you think the Kingman jail will start a “Priesthood Hour”?

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