Arizona Finds Civil Rights Violations by FLDS


~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 8, 2010.

19 Responses to “Arizona Finds Civil Rights Violations by FLDS”

  1. Is this a toothless administrative document or will it impose something that will catch the attention of the FLDS beuracrats?

  2. It’s a prerequisite to bringing a civil rights lawsuit

  3. This looks like a big crack in the pirate ship “FLDS Floater”..

    Their boat is gonna sink then the peeps are going to need to learn how to swim!

  4. Oh my, I think the Twin Cities need to bend over and kiss their “public” utility companies goodbye!

  5. Disincorporation seems the most reasonable and responsible solution.

  6. oops, someone seems to have forgotten that FLDS isn’t the law. how’s wee willie gonna spin this one?

  7. What? They have to play in the same sand box as everyone else in order to get state and federal funds? Whoa! Whoddathunkit?

  8. Could someone with younger, fresher braincells than mine give us a status update – Utah Supreme Court on something related to the UEP trust that I’ve forgotten what, 6 more criminal trials, Jeffs trial, Jessop child support, civil rights info here, steed trial, Canadian constitutional decision, …….???

  9. Obviously they don’t, that’s the problem. Looks like they’ve just been told differently!!!

  10. Lehi’s got to be sweating with his pretrial in a week and his trial in 2 1/2 weeks.

  11. Civil Rights, Fair Housing, yeeeeee HAW!

  12. That ShortCrik gang is the most sickening antiAmerican abusers of Civil Rights I’ve heard of in 30some years.

  13. What’s ironic is that Shurtleff was right there in league with them , proposing a minority segregated ghetto on the outskirts of town for non-FLDS residents. Where’d he go to law school?

  14.’s Mike Watkiss covers the story of a Colorado City couple who are saying that the FLDS are not being persecuted but that they are actually the persecutors.

  15. Lehi looks like Warren Jeffs. Cant remember how he is related or is he?

  16. Lehi would be a nephew to Warren. Lehi’s dad was exed and his mom was the one forced to marry an Allred.

  17. About time.

  18. Hey Twist. Nice to see you again.

  19. You, too, FLDS Texas. Was swamped for awhile and also taking a break. Getting up to speed on the latest developments involving potential misappropriation of funds, etc.

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