Raid on The Creek

UPDATE 3:  “This investigation was for obtaining evidence of misuse of public funds as well as fraudulent schemes in connection with the city government and the fire departments,” the sheriff’s office said.

UPDATE 2:  Sources report that Utah’s involvement is limited to providing support from Washington County in assisting Arizona law enforcement.   Apparently Utah AG Shurtleff was unaware that this investigation was underway or that the today’s raid was to occur.    Shurtleff has had evidence of corruption within Twin City Water Works in Utah for several months at least and has conspicuously failed to act.  Arizona takes the lead here, but Arizona is limited by jurisdiction.   Shurtleff needs to pull his weight and enforce the laws in Utah.

UPDATE 1:  Hildale Public Safety Dept shut down after warrants served — not allowed to respond without approval of Washington County.  Five warrants served, apparently pertaining to “misuse of funds.”–Officials-shut-down-Hildale-public-safety-department

From a source close to the investigation:

A raid is being carried out right now in Colorado City, Arizona.   Search warrants have been served and computers and other evidence seized.  The execution of the search and seizure is ongoing and is expected to last into the night.

This effort is being carried out by the State of Arizona and Mohave County and is the culmination of a months-long investigation.   The alleged criminal activities apparently are corruption related and may have to do with corruption within the water authority in Colorado City as well.

Kudos and godspeed to Arizona and Mohave County.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 6, 2010.

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  1. Shurtleff is a day late and a dollar short as is usual for him.

  2. This totally rocks – !!!!!!!!!

  3. Yipee!!!!

  4. Oh how is wish they would do a raid at the Pringle SD compound too.

  5. What Brooke Adams wrote: “Utah and Arizona law enforcement officers served search warrants Tuesday on the fire department serving a polygamous community that straddles the two states’ borders.”

  6. So, if some of them get sentenced to prison for public corruption will that be religious persecution also?

  7. According to Jennifer Dobner with the Associated Press, Washington County UTAH has officers assisting the Arizona authorities:

  8. You go Goddard !!!!!!

  9. BREAKING NEWS: Officials shut down Hildale public safety department

    HILDALE — Law enforcement officials from two states served warrants this morning in Hildale and Colorado City, one of which forced the shutdown of the Hildale public safety department.

    Ence Homes

    One of the warrants served this morning came from the Washington County Attorney’s Office. It was served at the city’s fire station.

    Firefighter-paramedic Glen Jeffs said that warrant alluded to the “misuse of funds.” As a result, the Hildale public safety department was closed, with emergency personnel only allowed to respond after gaining approval from Washington County officials, Jeffs said.–Officials-shut-down-Hildale-public-safety-department

  10. “Hildale public safety department”

    Now there’s an oxymoron!

  11. “So, if some of them get sentenced to prison for public corruption will that be religious persecution also?”

    Of course it will be, Ron. God TOLD them to misuse the funds and they have a First Amendment right to do so.


  12. Prepare yourselves to hear more “persecution” BS from Rod and Willie.

  13. God TOLD them to misuse the funds and they have a First Amendment right to do so.

    That needs to go in the “Deer do it” list

  14. OH, the folks on Mudpucky’s site are already talking about the Gestapo.

  15. You’re shameless, Bluesman. lol

  16. “It appears to be some kind of financial crimes investigation,” Parker said.

    Financial crimes? WHO US?

    OK we have Rod’s comments. What, no Willie yet?

  17. Says Parker, who was ordered to turn over financial papers to the state of Utah five years ago and has yet to comply.

  18. Mudpuppy crack’s me up. He stated:”They are stealing the records of the fire dept. now, and will probably move to the rest of the cities offices…”

    Well, since Mudpuppy IS an EXPERT in that field, having served time as a guest of the State of New York for that very thing…

  19. Good observation, TBM.

  20. Isn’t April 6th a day of significance for the FLDS?

  21. According to unverified info, Arizona officials are making arrests in the Creek.

  22. According to the SLT’s article:
    “Both Fire Chief Jake Barlow and Town Manager David Darger, who also serves as the fire department’s secretary/treasurer, are currently out of town.”
    That’s too bad.

  23. Anon said: God TOLD them to misuse the funds and they have a First Amendment right to do so.

    God needs to get better legal advise!! He’s been wrong…alot!!

  24. You gotta love the month of April!

  25. LDS believe that April 6 is the actual date of Christ’s birth. Based on a Joseph Smith revelation in 1830, when he supposedly founded the church.


  27. They could of served warrants and arrested people LONG before today!

  28. Fantastic news – any info on exactly who is being arrested ?

  29. “When the lives and the rights of children are at stake, there must be no silent witnesses.” Carol Bellamy

  30. Apparently both the Arizona Attorney General’s office and the Arizona of Department of Public Safety were involved.

    Details here

  31. According to the SLT’s article:
    “Both Fire Chief Jake Barlow and Town Manager David Darger, who also serves as the fire department’s secretary/treasurer, are currently out of town.”

    Hopefully they aren’t visiting the zipper ranch.

  32. come on, don’t you know its a god given and constitutional right to have the water company pay for your personal cell phone as well as the remodeling of your house and new cars.

  33. Yeah, PT, a business expense! Ever heard of a company car…for your wives?

  34. Thank you, Betty.

    Randy Mankin at the Eldorado Success has archived all the articles regarding the YFZ. Last night while waiting to hear about the WV miners, I read back starting with 2004 when Alread first showed up and lied about the use of the land.

    It was very interesting, and the pictures are some that I’ve not seen before. In one article where the foundation of the temple was being laid, they estimated the size of it by the fire truck sitting beside it.

  35. Hildale Mayor: ‘I don’t know where the budget can be a concern’

    The Spectrum

    ST. GEORGE – Investigators from two states are searching computers and files in a polygamous community located on the Utah-Arizona border, alleging misuse of public funds as well as participating in fraudulent schemes with the city government and fire departments.

    Sheriff’s deputies from Washington County, Utah and Mohave County, Ariz., descended on the cities of Hildale and Colorado City at 6:30 a.m. today to execute six search warrants – five in Colorado City, one in Hildale. Four were executed at fire stations in the twin communities, once known as the Short Creek area. The others were executed at the homes of Colorado City Fire Chief Jake Barlow and the city manager, David Darger.

    Details of the warrants have not been revealed. Washington County Attorney Brock Belnap said the Utah warrant was sealed under the order of 5th District Judge James Shumate at the request of Arizona investigators.

    “We don’t know the reasoning behind it,” said Hildale Mayor David Zitting. “Yes, there’s been search warrants for fire stations in both communities. It’s centered on the fire department, coming from Arizona. The Washington County (Utah) Sheriff’s department is assisting, but it’s an Arizona action.”

  36. When a Deseret News reporter asked Willie the thug for a statement, ole silly Willie was speechless for once, telling the reporter: FLDS spokesman Willie Jessop called the incident a “multi-state raid,” but declined to elaborate saying, “We’re in the middle of it.”

    From the Deseret News:

    Appears that the evidence if it shows that UEP funds or assets were diverted to YFZ, it opens the door for possible seizure of YFZ as UEP asset, Wisan may have to act fast if Texas should look to using laws on taking assets used in organized crime.

  37. heck betty, the wives are probably on the payroll.

    can’t wait to hear the take on it from the crikers. wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall at this coming up saturday’s “meeting”.

  38. Hopefully they aren’t visiting the zipper ranch.
    They could be. Have you noticed, FLDS men do seem to have a bad habit of being “away” whenever LE is around?

  39. someone needs to put a game tracker camera on the land across from the flds gate.

  40. The trib is a good example, I think. Cries of persecution. LE is picking on them because of their religion, and the ever popular “there’s lots of crimes in every family – failure to pay child support, lying on your taxes, unemployment fraud, etc.” They just don’t believe you when you say, no, there is none of that in my family, and no one here is having sex with a 12 year old, either.

    I suspect the crickers are terrified, but as soon as it comes down to indictments for a few men for white collar crimes they will become defiant and rant on about how they are being tested because the end is near.

  41. A line from the Deseret News article A Texan linked to above:
    Parker said he hadn’t seen the warrants and could only speculate on what they included. He suggested they might be the result of “stuff that’s been going on for years” between an investigator with the Mohave County Attorney’s Office and fire officials in Colorado City.

    OK LadySadie you MUST add this to the “Deer do it” list.

    It’s Gary Engles fault!

  42. FLDS spokesman Willie Jessop called the incident a “multi-state raid,” but declined to elaborate, saying, “We’re in the middle of it.”

    Yeah, they’re in the middle of it alright. In the middle of some deep ca ca!

  43. Willie must have had a donut in his mouth and couldn’t comment. Bummer. I was looking forward to my Silly Willie-ism for today.

  44. is willie even in the crik? i figured he was still at the yfz trying to help mudpuppy turn the next to fall, lehi, into romeo to play opposite his victim’s juliet.

  45. FLDS spokesman Willie Jessop called the incident a “multi-state raid,” but declined to elaborate, saying, “We’re in the middle of it.”

    Middle of it my butt, he’s sitting on the sidelines eating biscuits. He would be wise to stay there or he could be arrested for obstruction.

  46. Jake Barlow has now changed his “budget” figure for the fire department, which was quoted in The Spectrum (–Officials-shut-down-Hildale-public-safety-department) article as $200,000 to now in the Associated Press article as $1.5 million ( Guess they better figure out where that $1.3 million went real quick!

  47. OOOPS! Personally benefiting from public funds. WHO US?

    Warrants claim misuse of funds in polygamous towns

    Associated Press Writer

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – Government officials in twin polygamous communities along the Utah-Arizona border were served Tuesday with search warrants seeking evidence on suspected misuse of public funds, authorities said.

    The warrants allege City Manager David Darger and Fire Chief Jake Barlow in Colorado City, Ariz., personally benefited or took money for their own use from the fire department “by false pretenses and/or without authority of law,” sometime between Aug. 1, 2004 and Feb. 1, 2010.

  48. that could be a problem ladysadie.

  49. So FLDS attorney Rod Parker keeps telling reporters that he doesn’t know what the warrants involve, but Jennifer Dobner with the Associated Press does?

    Hey Rod, did Willie tell you to say that to the reporters? Answer them nothing while Willie “is in the middle of it”?

    Are you two media spokesmen schemers trying to get your “lying for the Lord” lies down pat?

  50. If 1.3 million is missing, heads are going to roll…

  51. Another example of FLDS deflecting the real issues of GREED and THEFT:
    “The Fire Department wants to do the very best they can for the citizens and wants to help them,” Barlow said. “Now all of their records are being exposed … we have protected medical histories on thousands of patients – all in the name of the county attorney’s office investigation.”

    Yeah, right, they are so concerned about patient confidentiality. Do they care that they committed FRAUD? I highly doubt it.

  52. medical histories could be a problem if some celebate fldser comes down with an std.

  53. Why would a Fire Dept have their medical records ?
    That makes no sense…

  54. i guess the ambulance people, who knows why.

  55. i take exception to the ranch likening themselves to the texas heroes at the alamo. they don’t even have a clue why the alamo battle was fought since they don’t allow that kind of history to be taught to their students.

  56. Video Courtesy of

  57. Because volunteer fire departments in rural areas are also the only rescue squad and EMT’s, Cat Whisperer. In my neighborhood, if you call 911 for a possible heart attack, the fire department would come to your house.

  58. Patient confidentiality my wrinkly old butt. They are afraid of being charged with failure to report child abuse.

  59. I’m totally amazed and amused by all the various theories of the polygamy apologists. I guess they’ve had so many decades with nothing real being done, they think a direct law investigation has to have some mysterious explanation.

  60. The EMTs would only possess medical records for those patients who required their services for emergency care and transport.
    There are very few details provided in such records – the documentation is sketchy at best in such charts.
    The EMTs would not have the detailed medical records for routine care offered to patients at a doctor’s office in their possession.

  61. That makes sense, Betty. I was wondering why they would worry about patient confidentiality when the issue at hand is financial wrongdoing — but it it’s in plain sight as they research the finances — well that’s a whole different ball of wax. 🙂

  62. Like they maybe bill the state and medicare for stuff they didn’t or cannot do or persons who don’t exist. Or have refused service to gentiles while taking government money mmmmmmmmm?

  63. The EMTs would only possess medical records for those patients who required their services for emergency care and transport.
    There are very few details provided in such records – the documentation is sketchy at best in such charts.
    The EMTs would not have the detailed medical records for routine care offered to patients at a doctor’s office in their possession.

    remember cat, this is the flds we’re dealing with. normal emt’s wouldn’t have detailed records, but there’s no telling what kind of information or lack thereof is in the flds records.

  64. I believe we already know that FLDS medical clinics refuse care to non FLDS, despite the fact that they are receiving money for provision of services from the government.
    That is a violation of the law.

  65. As soon as any health care provider accepts payment from an insurer, or the government, the payor has a right by law to inspect the medical records. FLDS protests that this represents some type of malicious prosecution are without merit.

  66. How is it that Colorado City Manager David Darger and Colorado City Fire Chief Jake Barlow both managed to be “out of town”?

    I wonder if Darger and Barlow stuffed documents in their pants before saddlin’ up and gettin’ out of Dodge?

  67. I also think that is interesting that Barlow and Darger were both conveniently out of town. Seems there just may be arrest warrants with their names on them. At least they got Jake Barlow on the phone.

  68. maybe the EMT’s where billing bogus runs……

  69. Wonder who tipped Barlow and Darger off that this was coming down? Someone on the Utah side maybe?

  70. darger spoke about it. mcego posted about it.

  71. hopefully warren will have some company in the mohave county jail soon.

  72. With the track record they have going, it doesnt look good. I betcha they already had the skinny on what was up before they went to the judge.

    It wont be long before you get the news, Al.

  73. BTW AL

    I am pretty positive that the “Founding Fathers” would have been “proud” to see those men get tried and convicted for molesting children under the color of religion – and concerned the children were sent back into that environment of serial child molestation.

  74. “Ruth’s Revenge”????

    Man that was some fast Kharma, baby!

  75. I don’t beleive anything Hugh McBryde ever says! or Medvecky!

  76. I incorrectly stated above from the Eldorado Success archives the foundation of the temple was measured by a fire truck. Blues caught it, and corrected me. (Thanks Blues) It’s size was measured by the length of a SUV.

    From the archives of the Eldorado Success in his article:

    FLDS Has Never Before Built a Temple
    Thursday, November 11 2004

    Randy Mankin writes that a new fire truck is clearly evident in the photos as well as a large number of propane tanks.

    I confused the SUV and the fire truck. The error is mine.

  77. The Spectrum has some great photos of the search warrant happening yesterday in the Creek. You can see the FLDS video taping the event. I hope Willie doesn’t use the tapes to put the fear of God into the little children.

    Colorado City Search Warrants Executed

  78. wonder where lyle jeffs dissapeared to

  79. Someone named Imkplus4 posted this on The Spectrum blog:

    oh by the way they have just come in and raided the water department also. I guess if you use a bigger net your bound to catch something……..this is has not been printed in the paper yet……….look for it tomorrow
    4/7/2010 6:07:16 PM

  80. Ya gotta read this article from KUTV Channel 2 in SLC. Yipee! We finally get to hear from Willie the idiot thug.

    Alleged Misuse of Public Money: Restaurants, Chocolates…

    Investigators seem focused on credit card use, which they outlined in the 22 page affidavit. There were “multiple purchases several days of any given week…to restaurants in St. George,” motel receipts for a three room, two night stay in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, “an invoice for one hundred candy gift boxes,” seven Turbo Tax software purchases, and over a four year period, nearly $23,000 spent at Costco.

    “This is a clear example of an overreaching and overly broad search,” FLDS Spokesman Willie Jessop told 2News. “Clearly there’s an agenda that goes far beyond any kind of allegations, and that’s really the story here.”

    The article goes on to say:
    Fire departments have expenses for supplies and food for fire stations. But according to the investigators, the Hildale-Colorado City force is almost all volunteer, and none of the firefighters need to sleep at the stations.

    hmmmm, I guess a couple of the volunteer fire fighters decided to be romantic and buy boxes of chocolate for his wives. (100 boxes of candy gift boxes, I might add)

  81. Hats off to Imkplus4 because the original misuse of funds (4.5 Million dollars so far discovered with canceled checks) did come from the TCWW water department.

    Good job Arizona! Go find out where more public funds have been diverted to the FLDS.

  82. aaaahhh heck, I didn’t think they ate junk food such as chocolate???

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