Notice: Testing Themes

If you wondered if you landed on the right page because the look is so starkly different — yes, you are still at FLDS TEXAS.    We will be testdriving themes over the next couple of days.   Please feel free to comment and provide your opinions.   I think I will take screen shots of the different themes we try so that comments can reference a theme by number or picture.

We’ll call this Theme #1


~ by FLDS TEXAS on April 3, 2010.

21 Responses to “Notice: Testing Themes”

  1. NO, dont like this!!!

  2. Ok, DD, but you have to refer to the Theme number …. so DD doesn’t like Theme #1.

    I need to change it to something that is not a dark background because we have gotten so many complaints about people having trouble reading it.

    I’m trying to design my own. Suggestions?

  3. I agree with DD, please NOT Theme #1!

  4. FLDS Texas,
    I like the original template, but if you could change to a white background, that would be preferable.

  5. Ok, I changed it back to its original for now. I can keep this layout and manipulate the colors so that there is a lighter background for easier reading. I don’t have time to do it not. If one of the other admins care to give it a whirl, please do.

  6. How about something like the WordPress Titan theme:

    Off-white background = not so hard on the eyes and a decent format.

  7. I like even better the pale green background that shows up about 2/3 of the way down that Titan example.

  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I have not had a chance to try anything else out yet and may not get to it today. This will be an ongoing process and your input is certainly welcome

  9. Please stay with the true and tried format.

  10. Everyone has a preferred color to read from. Black and white (in either combination) are actually hard on the eyes. I like somewhat dusky colors like forest green, navy blue and rose. Just a suggestion. 😀

  11. If I had to choose between the two, I’d prefer looking at the white over the black. The dark does make it harder to read, for me. I’ve always thought the black backround was a bit…bleak! Something lighter would be nice! Or, maybe add the current rogue’s gallery atop, along with Warren? With a big red stamp of “GUILY” across their faces LOL!!!!

  12. *&^%$#@ “GUILTY” ARGH!

  13. So many considerations when picking a template. I like nested comments like on Blue’s site; however, the problem with that is the nesting makes his columns get narrow quickly.

  14. I would love any theme with a white or very light background and dark type. Reverse type (white on black) is VERY difficult to read, even when I make the font size larger.

    The Atahualpa theme has worked good for me. It’s one of the free ones available for a self-hosted WP blog; don’t know if it’s available for

    Thanks for trying to make the site more readable!

  15. The white background this morning was TOO BRIGHT. It was also a freakout because there was no warning that you were going to change the theme.

    I had a real WTF moment when I sat down to read this blog and it was all so different. I thought my video card had croaked over night.

    pathgirl felt like she was on the top floor of the FLDS temple.

    I felt like I had to run out to my car and get my sunglasses.

    I like the black background because I can read the blog at night and not wake up my spouse – it is not too bright like floodlights coming from my computer screen.

    I do have the font enlarged, though, so it shows up nicely. (I also have the font enlarged because my eyesight is the pits).

    A more subtle, less severe background than WHITE would be OK with me.

    I vote against “dusky colors like forest green, navy blue and rose”. (Sorry Rebeckah, but that reminds me of the colors I had in my house in the early 80’s. YUCK!)

    But, hey, it isn’t the color that matters, its the content that matters.

    So whatever!

  16. PS, I also vote against nested comments for the very reason Ron made – it turns the columns into long, skinny, 3-letter-wide slits on a page.

    Please don’t go there!

  17. No problem, Anonymous 11:03. I can read on most backgrounds. 😀

  18. I don’t like the nested comments because I get lost in them.
    I like the white font on black, but if it is difficult for others to read then go ahead and change BUT do not change to the start white with black font – way to bleak – use some sort of fill color

  19. No nested comment please… It begins to look like ee cummings very quickly

  20. Just whatever you do, don’t put the text over a patterned back ground.

  21. Put me on the list of poor vision. Or whoever I am at any given moment, I have a whole drawer of socks.

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