UEP Responds to Bad Faith Motion to Strike Dictations

Here is the response filed by Roger and Greg Hoole on behalf of the Original Interested Individuals.   Good work by UEP and Hooles.   This ought to take care of the issue.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on March 22, 2010.

14 Responses to “UEP Responds to Bad Faith Motion to Strike Dictations”

  1. Anyone know enough history to know why there was a protective order on the documents from the Red Escalade?

    Was this just some sort of informal agreement between the attorneys?

  2. Ron I have no knowledge, but on page 16:

    letter references evidence found in a Cadillac that the author’s attorneys were seeking to suppress. (August 29th Letter at 4.)

  3. RIH

    Why are they so dang-fired hot to prevent the documents from surfacing. I thought it was because the leaders would look bad to the faithful, but now I think there must be a huge legal stake involved. Can you explain?


  4. HHG

    About all I can do is guess. My guess is that some agreement was made in the past to prevent the release of the documents from the Escalade to prevent bad pre-trial publicity before Warren was criminally tried in Utah.

    However, that reason should now be off the table. There is no reason to suppress any documents from the raids. The UEP litigation in Utah is so far removed from the Texas trials as to not even register.

    That’s the only reason I can realistically think of why everybody would agree to a protective order – maybe I’m missing something but until I get more history that’s my best guess.

  5. It will put them under financially, that’s why. It will all start to unravel, Jeff’s purpose, the fraudulent transfers, selling trust assets, you name it.

  6. Ron, what about the Federal ‘fugitive from justice’ trial?

  7. Ron – did Stamp send you my email? if so, email me.

  8. Miele – the fugitive from justice trial is in line after texas, i think.

  9. The evidence acquired from the Red Caddy was not made available because of the Utah trial for Warren (the lawyers fought to suppress it) and because the Feds were holding that evidence for their case.

    I recall that it became a battle between Utah, Arizona and Wisan wanting to know what was found in the Red Caddy vs the Feds wanting to suppress the evidence made available to the others.

    Since the FBI got involved with Warren’s capture after NHP officer Eddie Dutchover pulled Warren over (since Warren was on the FBI Ten Most Wanted List) then the evidence captured pretty much became their (FBI) property.

    The FBI was called in to positively ID Warren because he presented an eyeglass prescription for a John Findley from Florida. And he claimed to be this John Findley. Some other NHP officer recognized Warren and knew he was wanted by the FBI, so they called in the FBI for a positive ID.

    The FBI trumped the Nevada Highway Patrol and the 1st trial against Warren in Utah.

    It’s a shame that Law Enforcement can’t play together. It kind of ruins things for each legal entity.

    Someone asked for background and that is how I remember it.

    NOW, if the FBI will act on the evidence they found in Warren’s Red Caddy, then GREAT. If they sit on their butts and do nothing about Warren’s crimes, then this is a terrible miscarriage of justice.

  10. Another reason why the Red Caddy evidence is still being suppressed is because we are still awaiting the decision from the Utah Court of Appeals on Warren’s Utah conviction.

    It there were agreements made (and I recall a few made in pre-trial hearings) then I guess the Red Caddy evidence can’t come out until Warren’s appeal decision is made.

  11. Anonymous, thank you for the information.

    PT – I don’t know how you keep all of it straight. My hat’s off to you, and thank you for going to the trial and letting us know what went on. Have you heard anything more about what was supposed to happen this week?

  12. i haven’t heard anything. i’ll see what i can find out today.

  13. Very powerful documents – too bad the Priesthoodlums wont read them.

    Then they wonder why they keep losing in court!

  14. i can’t find anything going on with leroy’s case.

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