Wisan/Barlow Trespass Vacated, Haney Removed and State’s Response

~ by FLDS TEXAS on February 19, 2010.

16 Responses to “Wisan/Barlow Trespass Vacated, Haney Removed and State’s Response”

  1. Amazing why there would be any objection to this. I think it points to another reason that the twin cities need to be disincorporated.

  2. So why was Haney released?

  3. I like it.

  4. Another legal document I don’t understand,, is this Good or Bad?

  5. deputydog1 I think it is a good thing that Judge Haney was replaced by Judge Julian. But I am not a lawyer.

    Judge Kalauli, the usual Justice of the Peace for the Colorado City area, would probably NOT be unbiased regarding a case involving someone charged in a case against the FLDS. Local “good ole boy” stuff and all.

    So, Kalauli was substituted with Haney. Still maybe biased towards the FLDS.

    Bringing in Judge Julian, who has taught law and is squeeky clean bodes well for Wisan and Barlow to get a fair trial.

    The whole case, IMHO, is asinine and I can’t believe it has gotten this far. But, since Issac Wyler was found guilty, it looks like every attempt is being made to make sure the judge hearing these other 2 cases isn’t bought and sold by the FLDS.

    This Mohave County Arizona Strip area is a HUGE geographical area, but it is still a small neighborhood in the justice system. And judges are elected. One doesn’t want to alienate their voters just down the street in Colorado City.

  6. Thanks Anonymous!!

  7. haney was released because he’s a good ole boy in the cc area who is a jp and not a lawyer and doesn’t have a prayer of understanding all the complicated mess that this case is.

  8. You can be a mailman and get elected JP.

  9. You can be a mailman and get elected JP.

    This had me on the floor. lol

  10. right. apparently no one in cc was concerned that the judge didn’t have a clue what was being talked about. i think wisan and barlow will also go after prosecutorial misconduct regarding how the investigation was conducted and such.

  11. I want to add the reason I am laughing is because I do know some people that are JP. And one of them knows law better than some of the Judges in that town.
    And he is the mail man. Just kinda funny.

  12. i think the new judge will be the best thing for all concerned. i think the flds need to know they can’t continue to railroad things in colorado city/hildale. hopefully ruth cooke will get justice from the law enforcement who either beat her up or had her beat up. if dell/dale barlow was involved, i hope his probation is revoked and he has to spend time in prison.

  13. Well, here’s the deal. The JP could very well have been the mailman a few months ago. However, compared to some JP’s they may be brilliant jurists. On the other hand, compared to other jurists they may be mental midgets.

    The problem in my book is that the brilliant jurists and the mental midgets both have the same authority.

    In a way, this really pisses me off. If Wisan shows that the property is in any way connected with the UEP, then he can’t be criminally guilty of trespass. The person with possession of the property may be able to have some civil action against Wisan, but trespass? That’s pretty much unadulterated BS.

  14. mental midgets, i like that.

  15. You can be a mailman and get elected JP.

    You can also be a truck driver and be the JP in Colorado City. Such as JP Walter Steed who was released from his position a few years ago for practicing polygamy.

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