UEP Documents Authenticated


~ by FLDS TEXAS on February 19, 2010.

14 Responses to “UEP Documents Authenticated”

  1. This has my heart racing. This is a good thing right?

    Does this mean Hanna had to go thru all these documents and make sense out of them? Holy cow!

    Some people just don’t get paid enough.

  2. A real whirlwind week. I dont think the FLDS know what hit them.

  3. Yeah, Stamp, they do know what’s hitting them and it doesn’t make any difference. The belief system is all that matters and those beliefs will continue to call their shots.

  4. By the way they are looking for”host Families” of outsides for Lost Boys and Girls of polygamy

  5. “…they do know what’s hitting them and it doesn’t make any difference.”

  6. TT…. cool! lol

  7. Question?
    Did Wisan get the dictations legally in the first place from the State of Texas?

    I know his lawyer requested them, but did he get he get them?

  8. That’s the authentication process, isn’t it?

  9. BUT this topic is about something else, isn’t it?

    I’d answered what I thought you asked even though this topic isn’t about that.

  10. foo, sorry, when I tried to read docs must have hit the ones above?? Anyway it appears the docs are verified, authenticated as to source.

  11. E.Texas,

    The official video is disabled for embedding so I had to look for another one that also had good sound quality. I came across this one and figured there were others around these parts who would enjoy it.

    So I’m calling my morning a successful one…LOL.

  12. according to nick hanna’s affidavit, yes petey the documents were authenticated.

  13. oh, btw, i heart ranger nick!!!

  14. ProudTexan

    Saw that, thanks.


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