Utah Supreme Court 2-17-10

Tomorrow beginning at 9:30 Mountain Time, the Utah Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the FLDS Petition for Extraordinary Writ and the disqualification of Rod Parker from representing adverse parties in litigation against the UEP Trust. The hearing can be heard in real time by live streaming audio here:


Some background: The petition was brought by the FLDS Church, a voluntary association. Later Willie and Lyle, as individuals, were added as petitioners. The petition whines that Lindberg denied them standing in her court so they have nowhere else to whine besides the Utah Supreme Court. The issue of standing is the threshhold issue and it has already been litigated and appealed. Simply, if the FLDS have no standing in the lower court, they have no standing in the Supreme Court …except on the issue of challenging the order denying them standing.

In typical FLDS fanfare, however, the petition goes way beyond standing. In an 11th hour Hail Mary attempt, the FLDS is asking that the reformed trust be completely undone because it violates the Constitutional rights of FLDS members. This might have been a decent argument 5 years ago when the issue was open for challenge. But Warren elected instead to go with the “answer them nothing” legal strategy. The judgment of the probate court became final years ago. FLDS elected to allow the judgment to become final without challenging it — not because FLDS members didn’t get notice of their opportunity to participate, and not because FLDS members did not understand their rights. Nope. They deliberately and with full knowledge of the consequences elected to stay out of court — it was their Prophet’s directive, and it was their exercise of their individual and collective religious freedom to “answer them nothing.”

The Parker issue is an anomaly. This has been pending so long only because of the stand down order that was in place

Tune in tomorrow.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on February 16, 2010.

92 Responses to “Utah Supreme Court 2-17-10”

  1. can’t wait. it should be interesting.

  2. Me too! The FLDS reality show. I enjoy seeing the beg to get their hineys kicked.

  3. m

    rheumatoid arthritis sux, my fingers get all fluffy

  4. Yes it does, GrannyToad. My mother has a terrible case of RA. She’s had the joints in her left hand replaced twice. You have my sympathies. 😦

  5. “They deliberately and with full knowledge of the consequences elected to stay out of court — it was their Prophet’s directive, and it was their exercise of their individual and collective religious freedom to “answer them nothing.””
    But all they have to do is believe in Warren and pray, and God will send a miracle, won’t he. Not! This is what comes from blind obedience…..

  6. Exactly bbgae!!

  7. “…all they have to do is believe in Warren and pray…”

    Keep Sweet!

    No matter what.

    It was interesting to read Warren’s words that “keep sweet” is a commandment.

  8. its 9:30 here, and its not on, what time isit in Utah?

  9. Here is a clickable version of the streaming argument site.

  10. Utah is on MST time. IN is on EST. It is 10:51 in IN so in UT it is would be 8:51, 2 hours earlier than EST.

  11. it’s on.someone is speaking now.

  12. well mine isnt comong on??? I installed windowmedia player to

  13. Rod Parker the church was testing the faith of the members is why they did not challenge the reformation of the truns but then he says the “religious test” is now over, LOL.

  14. wish i could hear it 😦

  15. DD1 what internet browser are you using?

  16. I downloaded windows media player, and it still doesnt work

  17. Am I hearing this right, Rod Parker is the one that FIRST asked the courts to take over the trust?

  18. DD what internet browser, (ie. Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari) are you using?

  19. Internet Explorere

  20. Srsly. Is Ron Parker arguing that any religious groups can stop obeying federal and state laws as a religious test at any time?

  21. Is he? really? LOL

  22. Go to this webpage:


    click listen live another window should pop up and after it pops up click on the round play button

  23. O goodie another phase begins today, Utah’s Supremes will deal with FLDS smarmy junk. They made a good start already by calling a plain old cow a cow. I’m expecting follow-through now that we know they know barnyard feces for what it is.

  24. yes the window pops up, and Iclick theround button but nothing happens

  25. Anonagain that is FUNNY!

  26. oh well , ill just wait for yall to update

  27. “Rod Parker the church was testing the faith of the members is why they did not challenge the reformation of the truns but then he says the “religious test” is now over, LOL.”

    Well I guess God is still testing them as the court system wasn’t a participant in that test and they didn’t suspend the law for it. You miss your timelimit to appeal and you’re just stuck. (At least that’s what I’m guessing the Judge will say. Can you imagine the fallout if they gave the FLDS special considerations for filing dates because of religious tests?)

  28. Im not sure Rebecca, you never know what a MORMON state is going to do

  29. I can’t get it to play either – who ever is listening can you give us updates please?

  30. Im glad im not the only one hellohellogoodbye, ive tried everything

  31. So from what I am understanding, Rod Parker is the one that first brought up the issue to the UT AG’s office that with warren not answering the lawsuits many people would be harmed and something needed to be done to protect their interests. Sounds like this was during the time that warren had let Parker go as an attorney and not paid him. Parker at that time had liens against trust property for payment of his fees. Guess he was worried he might not get paid if warren lost everything.

  32. why doesn’t the lawyer for wisan know that the FLDS refused to participate on the board..

  33. thank g-d that the Arizona AG knows what is going on..

  34. Im pretty sure the lawyer for Wisan knows Flds refused to participate on the board.

  35. Recessed

    I got the feeling the Supremes were confused by Parkers lawfirm in a backroom discussion.

    Just sayin

  36. Stamp..I don’t understand your comment

  37. Reccessed for what stamp?

  38. Lunch, maybe?

  39. the supremes r done with hearing the arguments

  40. I heard the supremes say they would recess for a decision.

    And IMHO, they were playing the devils advocate and not really paying attention to the abuses.

    I didnt hear the whole thing, just MHO for the past 20 minutes until they recessed.

  41. i think it means the court is in recess.

  42. decision already? hmmm, that was quick to hear both or all sides wasn’t it?

  43. any word yet?

  44. not I said the mouse.

  45. I’d think it would not take much more than a morning to find out if FLDS was presenting anything like a legal argument compare/contrast to The Usual Foo like magickal sacred cow carp.

  46. Dang it, I wish I could of heard it 😦

  47. they only gave each side a specific amount of time and the different groups within that side had to split up the time.

  48. oh okay, i understand now
    So how many days you think before a decision is rendered?

  49. http://www.fox13now.com/news/kstu-utah-supreme-court-hears-arguments-flds-land,0,6393165.story

  50. Wow, Did yall watch the video, there was old Merril walking in the court house and of course Willy flapping his gums.

  51. Will they reconvene today?

  52. Willie seems to have only three emotions – sarcastic derision, grief for the suffering of the little children, and anger. But somehow they all come across with that red neck smirk, which makes them all look sort of the same.

  53. When asked why they didn’t protest years ago, he claimed “We’ve been here from the beginning.”

  54. Standing outside the courthouse, asking how they get in. What a bunch of bull. Are his eyes brown, cause they should be!

  55. http://www.utcourts.gov/courts/sup/streams/

    The hearings are on line now to listen or download.

  56. Those folks have nothing but sneering contempt for even your State Supreme Court, your Justices, your laws, your children, your taxpayers.

  57. FLDS children are American children, Utah’s and Arizona’s, Texas’, Idaho’s, Wyoming’s, Colorado’s and Canada’s children. Think first of our children. FLDS surely do not put them first.

  58. Why was Willie allowed to speak? He has no standing as a PR man, or was that just Brooke getting his comment?

  59. I think he was talking to Bristline in the video clip.

  60. correct me if i’m wrong, but wasn’t it rod parker who requested the ag’s office take over the trust. maybe he should think about the fact that his action is what has caused a lot of the problems and he should be careful what he asks for.

  61. Parker asked to get paid, and he was paid.

  62. What did y’all think?

    I don’t see any way the court can undo the while reformed trust when you’ve had people relying on that order for 5 years, going through the court ordered process of petitioning for benefits and getting approval from the housing board and changing their whole lives based on a court order. People should be able to rely on the finality of a court order after 5 years, especially when these yayhoos deliberately abandoned the UEP and refused to participate when they were given the chance.

    I think Rod Parker is wrong in his argument that you can bring up constitutional issues any time after the fact and there’s no time limit and no way to waive constitutional issues. That cannot possibly be the law. We would have complete chaos in every jurisdiction.

  63. The Supremes should take the opportunity to force the subdivision and close the trust.

    I dont see them handing it to Warren. But- its Utah.

    “Crime, Elevated”

  64. it looks like to me that parker wanted the trust taken over so he could get paid and now that he’s been paid he wants to make money off his trainwreck again.

  65. I agree, FLDS Texas. And any church can get out of any mistake in litigation by declaring it a religious test?

    But…but…Stamp! It’s not Warren, it’s Wendell now. Doesn’t that make it all better?

  66. It should be abundantly clear that Warren is still the FLDS Hot Dog.

    There has been nothing said about who the “Prophet” is, there hasnt been a change there – yet.

  67. someone should ask for the minutes of that saturday meeting where they had the jail cell setting since apparently it was told to all that it didn’t matter who they listed as the president, warren was still in charge.

  68. Doesn’t all the manipulations, testing, newly appointed president all point up that the RICO Act would better redress these organized attempts at protecting a criminal enterprise set upon circumventing the legal system while preserving their Theocracy? How many more felony convictions before the RICO Act can be triggered to dismantle this underworld syndicate of criminal activities.

  69. True, the state of Utah has been impotent from day one, did I say “DAY ONE”?

    Indeed. Time to drag the feds out again!

  70. I would think a real IRS study would do the trick.

  71. “….it was told to all that it didn’t matter who they listed as the president, warren was still in charge.”
    Prophets do not go away no matter what “legal” manipulations are used until death do they part.

  72. I’ve been wondering why the IRS has not gotten involve either, seems there is a lot of money to be collected in fines, etc.Their religious is iffy at best and can’t be used in businesses that run for profit, I think. They are masters at shuffling stuff around. Wasn’t Rulon a tax accountend? Maybe that’s where they learned all the tricks.

  73. “Wasn’t Rulon a tax accountend? Maybe that’s where they learned all the tricks.”

  74. Perhaps Utah just hasn’t found an IRS investigation to be very convenient…oh, wait, they sort of have a big office right there, don’t they?


  75. Maybe the IRS is laying low, afraid to rile the FLDS

    See this


  76. You know, Stamp, that was my first thought, too. IRS building. Texas. Hmmmmmmm. Destroy those records!

  77. I read his suicide note, what a nut. The FLDS have much bigger problems than this guy ever dreamed of.

  78. From that story: “The Department of Homeland Security said Thursday it does not believe the crash was an act of terrorism.”
    Wellll…. how in H-E-double toothpicks does DHS define “terrorism”??!! Just because it wasn’t al-Qaida doesn’t mean that wasn’t “terrorism!”

    Sorry… off subject… just had to let out a scream there for a sec.

  79. Its domestice terrorism for sure, no matter what label they want to put on it.

  80. Wouldn’t terrorism involve a group of folks rather than some lone wacko who goes off and steals a plane and crashes it into a building?

    I’d be curious to know that the definition of “terrorism” is.

  81. was there a problem with the blog ? I couldn’t access it for about an hour or so…

  82. cw,

    I think it was a wordpress issue. I couldn’t access my wordpress dashboard.

  83. terrorism: attempted mass murder of civilians

  84. Well its true that an organized group would pose a greater and repeat threat – however it seems to me that lone wolf murderers are terrorists too.

    The Unibomber being one. Of course, I tend to think Warren terrorizes his own people, didnt Jim Jones, David Koresh and others do similar and the deaths (in the Jones case) was 1/3 of the tally of 9/11.

  85. New post up at Coram on the various court losses by the FLDS this week.

    And a must read too, duane, Hugh, 40, hustle your bustles over there and get a free clue!


  86. logic, law, common sense….free! all free!

  87. hi i grew up in a home with 3 moms and father. I ran away and maried a muslim…,,:( now i want to come home can someone help me and lead me back to life and the right way of things! This man stole all I had $151 thousand dollars and my child, I dont care for money but want my son, he was raised in the real mormon faith and i need help can someone direct me? anyone? Please I sinned and now pay but I need help…. thank you -“F”

  88. F, I suggest that you contact Shield and Refuge Ministry.
    Here is a link :


  89. Case in point, re: Medvecky being evil. He is blaming not just CPS, but a specific, named woman for the deaths of three children in Houston. Their father, who had previously been investigated for violence and was facing a hearing on visitation rights, shot his own children and then tried to kill himself by inflicting a gun wound to his own head. According to Uncle Bill, this is the fault of CPS for driving an otherwise innocent man to the breaking point by their accusations (that he had a gun and was dangerously violent, based on the witness of a babysitter who fled the home screaming “gun!”). As I said above whatever happens bad to a child is the fault of CPS. This is not a rational argument. Add to that, he words this as if he had some sort of first hand, insider’s knowledge of what happened in Texas. In fact, he does not need any knowledge because he is going on his own rules of right and wrong being based on membership in a club rather than by examining the facts of the individual case.

  90. thank you for hearing my point of life. I am trying to learn the web site given to me as i have little education (just half of 6th grade..,,..) please know i am thankful.) be well and blessed.

  91. F –

    Glad to be of service to you.
    Enjoy the blog.
    Please be sure to contact Shield and Refuge Ministry for further assistance.


  92. “F”, I wish you well and am praying for you, for what that is worth. Drop by anytime.

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