Will the Real FLDS President Please Stand Up…




~ by FLDS TEXAS on February 5, 2010.

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  1. Neilson is, in The World According to Merrill.

  2. I know! I know! It’s SANTA CLAUS!!!

  3. And Boyd is the worm signing off on it all.

    Rolling eyes icon here>>>>>

    lol tooo funny.

    First where does Merril get off on signing such a thing? And where in the heck has Wendell been hiding?

    And these two just so happen to come across Boyd Knudson? Man oh man.

  4. This has got to fry a lot of FLDS peons brains, the “prophet” has always been the “prophet” until he dies, weenie warren is still alive but no longer the “prophet”, how do they reconcile that in their “beliefs”? Was he never really the “prophet”? Have they been following a false idol? Have they always been following a false idol? Is anything true? In the words of the great OftenLate, what color is the sky in the world they live in?

  5. Then top that all off that Boyd is/was one of the brothers that was going to bid on the land. AND…. he was/is after the water rights AND… I believe dear Boyd belongs to the CPark group AND… isn’t he the one that was going to set up some type of housing?

    I wonder if Shurtleffs push to settle all this is so that the groups will merge and he can not only shove all this off his desk but right into donations made to new election file.

    What a joke.

    Wendell has an awful lot of explaining to do concerning some other issues imo. And Merril is just trying to work it so that he doesn’t have to pay child support amongst other things.


  6. Knudsons have been sniffing for those water rights long ago. Check the city meetings that the boys have attended. Check out in googleland all the dealings that these two have had.

  7. Where’s Warren’s resignation?

  8. Isn’t Merril on some kind of leash with Texas? What is he doing touring the states? Working? sheesh.

    And it just so happens that the three meet in Utah? Hilldale?

    I forget what did Merril list as his occupation?

  9. Exactly Miele. Warren didn’t resign. He gave a trance like confession in a jail house setting. And then he took it back and the Doctors came in. Had he at that time meant any of it, he would have given up the whereabouts of the young wife and son that a young man was searching for. Judge Shumate issued certain conditions concerning this matter.

    Merril can’t appoint himself Prophet even if Warren was a Prophet which I don’t think any of the Jeffs were.

    Wow. Just wow.

  10. So what are the FLDS going to do when Wendell goes to prison in Texas? He is one of the Texas indictees.

  11. Didn’t Wendell sign off on some papers concerning the YFZ loan thing a little while ago?

    The only thing that this will do is pass the land off to the Knudsons who have wanted it for some time.

    The CPark have had their expansion thing going on for some time. They’ve bought land every which way.

    When all this started Shurtleff kept talking about how he was going to end the Abuses of Polygamy. Well I’ve been watching and I honestly can say I haven’t seen a whole lot of action on his part. jmo

    And why did they just go after the FLDS? Why not the Kingstons, the Allreds or any other group?


  12. The way everyone is battling over these lands a person would almost think that those lost Diamond mines might be located there.

    And my oh my it would be interesting to see how many other groups make their status known.

    Crazy old fools. They can’t even get their stories straight. No wonder this has gone on for so long. People got tired of the run around.

    Big hats off to Judge Lindberg and Bruce Wisan.

  13. For some reason I though Lyle Jeffs would be the new leader, isnt he the only one of the bishops/leaders not facing jail time?

  14. They’re friggin’ backdating his presidency?


  15. Boyd Knudson is loyal FLDS.

    Kenneth and Joe Knudson are Centennial Park.

  16. Anon 4:13 am,

    Strange as it may sound, I think even the FLDS PTBs recognize that giving Lyle too much power is something they don’t want to do.

  17. TexasTwist: tell me more, I did hear he was (in ways) worse then his brother. I wasn’t sure that was possible.

  18. I thought Lyle was the most “sincere” of the PTBs

  19. I don’t know that he would be worse than Warren considering Warren’s delusions and their destructive impact.

    Lyle is not as intelligent as Warren.

    He’s more “muscle” and some of the things the FLDS could use right now in a public figurehead are respectibility, affability and finesse.

    From what I know, Nielsen strikes genuine good feelings among the faithful. He is said to be kind and with a sense of humor.

    Lyle brings up fear.

    Sure, Nielsen is under indictment in Texas, but his charges are for bigamy and plural marriage is something they can stand on as a principle, whereas they cannot defend Warren’s child brides as a tenet of their faith from a PR standpoint.

    As far as jail time, I don’t know that Nielsen will receive any if he is convicted. The marriages in question are to two of Uncle Roy’s widows and the third to a then 48-year-old woman in need of an eternity ticket because her prior husband was kicked out.

    A good defense can make paint a sympathtic portrait of Nielsen regarding those marriages and if convicted I think he has some of the best odds for a probated sentence.

  20. Lyle is an enforcer.

  21. As far as the corporation presidency goes, Nielsen has been a “yes man” to Warren Jeffs and there’s really nothing to suggest that has changed.

    I think this piece of back dated leadership has more to do with the issues currently before the Utah Supreme Court and the sticky widget that Warren is one of the former UEP trustees who was found to have mismanaged the trust and claims made on behalf of the corporation are less likely to prevail with him still at the helm.

    I don’t think this lame attempt at slight of hand is going to make any difference in the courts or eliminate any justification for the fiduciary’s attorneys to depose Warren.

    Wendell and Merril are both experienced businessmen and they’ll have a hard time convincing anyone that the change in Corporate Sole wasn’t filed timely with the state because they didn’t know any better.

    It would be more believable if they try to claim that a dog ate their paperwork.

  22. So the “Top three” are Wendell, Lyle, and Merril?

  23. Wendell and Merril make up the First Presidency under Warren as prophet.

    Lyle is simply the bishop of Short Creek.

  24. So many questions- So does this mean Wendell gets the good attorneys and Warren is left explaining to Pic his inability to pay?

    Indeed where is the resignation letter.

    Who “called” Wendell or is that just another word for “aspiring”?

    Why dont three or four people do the same thing? Whats to stop them?

  25. Does Wendell get the tithe money now?

  26. Lyle is a sadist

  27. Does Wendell get the tithe money now?

    BTW what happened to the real prophet Warren named?

    How does an FLDS daddy explain all this to his harem wives and flock of kids?

    Why bother? They would probably laugh in his face then rejoice.

  28. Although I believe this move is primarily for the purpose of the UEP Trust issues, I think it is certainly possible that it does signify a shift in the PTBs approach to dealing with their problems that have resulted from Warren’s leadership.

    I would not be surprised if shoring up the faithful who may be weak-kneed had an influence in them making this move.

  29. Nothing will change regarding the moneys spent on attorneys. Wendell was always going to have good ones and Warren will keep his.

    This is separate from Warren’s “I am not the Prophet” test. Until told otherwise, that was still only a test and Warren is still the prophet.

    Warren attempted to resign as the President of the corporation through a statement he issued through Bugden and Wright after he was sentenced in Utah in 2007. Nothing was submitted to the state of Utah to that effect however until this was filed last month after the fiduciary’s attorney highlighted it in his reply.

    Nothing to explain to the children. All they need to know is who their prophet is and all things indicate that is still Warren.

    Should that change, it will be more difficult to explain but they can come up with something (anything) since questioning the rationale of things is not something they raise their children to do.

  30. Warren thought they were half hearted before. This will make an interesting note to his biograohy

    Was werent Was werent

    Plus has the Church memo gone out yet? or are the sheeple still in the darkle?

  31. “Who “called” Wendell or is that just another word for “aspiring”?”

    Totally different concepts.

    “Calling” comes from God.

    “Aspiring” comes from man.

  32. i think its a slight of hand move aimed at the utah supreme court. the big three (merril, wendell and warren) obviously think the justices that sit on the court are idiots and won’t realize that the big three are trying to play them for fools.

    i on the other hand think the justices will see right though this and rule accordingly after they finish laughing.

  33. Sadist?!?

  34. I think that man “called” God and said “help me with my homework” kinda like you implied?

  35. I got it, I got it.

    Warren had a revelation that Wendell was to be president.

    God does not concern himself with the legal niceties.

    Explanation delivered. End of discussion. All is right in the world and going according to God’s plan.

  36. OK OK OK

    Willie burp time, go get em Brooke!

  37. So why was there all that talk a while back of Lyle being the new one in charge?

  38. I can’t stop myself…..

    As chemist says better than a soap opera every day something to keep you reading….

  39. Cus he was head thug not knowing much else

  40. Wendell did get short shrifted regarding attorneys on one account.

    If he is the corporation president as this claims, then he is being represented by Rodney Parker with regard to the UEP Trust.

  41. Because past mention was as to who is in charge in Short Creek.

    Lyle is the Thug-in-Chief for those rejected lands.

  42. Perhaps for another ten days?

  43. “Willie burp time, go get em Brooke!”


    True ‘dat will tell us more.

  44. Ain’t it the truth, hhg, and there’s more to come.

  45. Cant wait to hear them spin the tail on this jack donkey.

    Holy Cow!

    Supreme Court!

  46. Texas Twist said this: ” Boyd Knudson is loyal FLDS.

    Kenneth and Joe Knudson are Centennial Park.”

    Thanks Texas Twist. Is Boyd a brother to Kenneth and Joe?

  47. Must be Hooters, the boobs have them hypnotized

  48. That I don’t know, Walton, and I’ll see if I can’t find the answer. Very possible that they are.

  49. Brothers, cousins, uncles, all at the same time?

  50. Well if the Feds follow thru with all the other stuff these three will also be in the jailhouse now.

    I’m thinking the theme song should be Pull your pants off the ground and the General should be made Prophet. j/k

    I still think they should rip the band-aid off and call it a night. It was a mess before Rulon took over and that is why he was allowed to pull the old deathbed appointed vision.

    Those death bed self appointed visions seem to be repeated in their history. imo

  51. texas flds – should put up a vote – will the supreme court/shurtleff/anybody consider this as important in any of the on going legal matters?

    How would merril’s signature affect child support? couldn’t that leave him open in some way?

  52. So I guess this is going to allow someone who is not a past naughty trustee to plead with legal standing. Is that a correct reading?

  53. Pay off Wisan and his staff.
    Pay the state and Federal govt. for any monies gotten illegally and then…if there is any money left over they should
    Pool the money and anyone with a birth certificate tied to the FLDS history registers and gets an equal share.

    The land? give it back to ALL the people. Make it a park.

    Everyone moves on. Start fending for themselves and their family.

  54. I think that is the attempt, Betty.

    I don’t think it will work.

  55. Question:
    Does President of the FLDS means also prophet?
    I mean is Knudson now the mouth piece of God and has the power to throw members out or marry them?
    My guess is that he will be just the official person for litigation in regards to the FLDS and Warren will still be the ‘Key holder’.
    What happened about the one man rule ??

  56. you have it pretty close, C-M. the “keyholder” can be a different person than the “president of the church.” so as far as the FLDS people are concerned, I don’t think this will change anything. the faithful who don’t read the media or blogs will probably never hear about it, and things will continue as they have.

  57. A few things:
    Boyd is Jack Knudsons boy– Kenneth and Joe are Chuck Knudsons. Jack and chuck were brothers. Jack was in a wheelchair after an accident,and there is an account of his business deals that pushed Marion Hammon out of the group back in the 70’s etc.. a real slimy guy.
    2nd ,It was assumed, and taught that the proper order was the prophet was president also. Is Wendell playing a semantics game by saying he’s only president of the corporation? hmmmmmm….
    Lyle is a thug and in his younger days had a reputation for loose morals. I have heard people in his generation talk of him seducing teenage girls after fireside meetings, which used to be held for the young people in salt lake back in the 70’s

  58. Well as I recall Warren resigned his Prophethoodlumness and not the presidency in 2007.

    The document fails in truth. Who’d a thunk it.

    There was no document to back up his resignation, no quorum vote no any other proof that its nothing but smoke and mirrors, just another joke FLDS Holy Cow.

  59. How many wives does Lyle have? are any underage?

  60. Wemdell is going on trial as is Merril Jessop, so you will have TWO prez’s in jail and one traffiker, (Merril) who can’t seem to stay awake. Maybe he was asleep when he signed that mess. LOL

  61. Some answers maybe. Isn’t the or a water source beneath Berry Knoll? Out where there is no water or water is damned scarce, water is more valuable than diamonds or gold. Water is life.

  62. That last one document I saw of Merrill’s he gave his Hildale address in UT.

  63. Here is just a little about Wendell. http://www.religionnewsblog.com/14439/flds-trust-pursues-hildales-cash-cow

    And from what I understand he still has his hands in the business located in Nevada called Newera.

  64. A contemporary account of Warren’s resignation as president in 2007 —

    “Warren Jeffs, the leader of a polygamous-sect for five years, resigned his position as president of his church on Nov. 20…
    Information about Jeffs’ resignation as head of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints came in a statement from defense attorney Wally Bugden that was faxed to media outlets.”


  65. Warren resigned as President and there is actually a letter to that effect written to his brother Nephi. However, the records for the Corporation for the Presidency of the FLDS Church were never amended or update to reflect that Warren was displaced as the Sole officer and Corporation Sole of that corporation. Boyd Knudson is only the registered agent — that means nothing other than Boyd can accept service if process on behalf of the corporation.

    Installing Wendell as President of the FLDS church and then making an attempt to reference it back to 2007 has no effect on the corporation.

    This is just more shenanigans — it has to do with litigation in Utah and nothing more. The Corporation is the entity that is attempting to intervene in the UEP litigation, and the corporate records reflect Warren as president and corporation sole. Warren is the only person who can authorize the corporation to hire counsel and participate in litigation. Warren calls the shots. Meanwhile Rod Parker is in the media claiming Warren doesn’t control things, Warren is not participating, no one’s taking instruction from Warren.

    Can’t have it both ways, Rodney. If Warren didn’t authorize you to get the corporation into litigation, then you’re acting without authority.

  66. Lyle has seven wives that I know of. One was 16 (18 when first child conceived) and another 17 (children not known).

  67. Anonymous, Lyle has multiple wives. More than three. At least one was married at age 16, and there are dictations where Warren us instructing Lyle not to wait until she is of legal age to start a family — Warren us very clear that the purpose of celestial marriage is breeding and if you’re not breeding you’re not living the law of celestial marriage. In other words, any garbage you’ve ever heard about these dealings being betrothals or claims that sexual relations are delayed is just that…garbage. Yes, even little 12 year old Merrianne. 😦

  68. Would anybody know the name/s of any of his wives? just trying to work something out

  69. FLDS TEXAS – do you know which dictation that is in?

  70. Testing.

    For some reason I’m having a hard time getting a post to go through.

  71. There must have been some reason for them to file this now. I wonder if someone was going to do some sort of motion to show authority?

    Either way, it won’t pass the smell test.

  72. This is getting annoying…

    Trying for the 6th time…

    Charlene Wall
    Pauline Barlow
    Dianabel Barlow
    Mabel Annette Jessop
    Lenora Bauer Rohbock
    Margaret Isabell Stewart
    Luella Roundy

  73. yehaaa6 – will your parents and siblings read the dictations and documents thus produced?

  74. i’ve also got christine black who was a retread. lenora is a retread from ron rohbock.

  75. i think the priesthood holders/idiots think the rest of us are the idiots. as it turns out, its them and not us.

    i’m hoping judge walther throws merril in jail at his child support hearing if for no other reason than for being stupid.

  76. From the Fox news link: In January, a despondent Jeffs attempted to hang himself after telling his brother he was “not the one to be the prophet.” He later renounced the statement and has continued to pass spiritual and practical messages to church members through visitors.

    For a short period Warren was off in drool land. They brought in a team of Doctors (this info can be found at the Hope site) and it appeared that Warren was shall we say a little touched.

    They started him on medication and it was apparent that he was overly medicated. The thing is.. I believe it was Warrens own personal doctor doing the medicating. When people started doing poor Warren routine, they ended up changing and or lowering his medication. What do you know. He appeared to get better.

    Anything that Warren said and signed during this time should be taken into consideration of his mental health. (What goes around comes around.)

    What ever Boyd Knudson is a part of shouldn’t have his own notary republic stamp on in my opinion. Conflict of interest and all that stuff.

    And wasn’t dear Rod Parker suppose to turn over some legal papers to the courts? He should be fined and paper slapped until he fesses up his part in all this.

    What I don’t understand is Snow and Snow and Snow’s continued involvement in all this. At what point does making a dollar or million dollars enough?

    We haven’t seen nor heard from Warren since the day he left Shumate court. At least when Wally was involved we’d get bits and pieces.

    You know when they go after the mob or or others that break the law don’t they seize all property and hold an auction?

  77. How do you get medications from your personal doctor while in prison????

  78. I don’t know that they would, PT. if they knew I was actively posting on an “anti-FLDS” site, I’d probably get reported to Lyle and be promptly “handled” besides the fact that it’s been pretty heavily stressed to not read the gentile media. and also, they’ve said if you read some of the dictations and whatnot without permission from the proper authority, it will jeopardize your salvation.

  79. Ron I am sorry I got so upset a couple of weeks ago.

    We all have been watching and following this for a long time and I honestly do value your opinion and enjoy your posts.

    I just wanted to say I am sorry.

  80. Betty he isn’t in prison. He was in the local jail. They had a team of Doctors come in to see if he was mentally “stable” enough to go through the court procedures.

    I think Brooke has documentation of it as well on her original site.
    Long reading but a LOT of interesting and recognizable names appeared.

  81. Awe Walton – no need to apologize. I can be a bit relativistic sometimes.

  82. yehaaa6 – will your parents and siblings read the dictations and documents thus produced?

    You know I don’t get why they wouldn’t. I mean these are the words of the supposed prophet.

    Is it some sort of sheeple thing where they only eat what someone else feeds them? I remember Pliggy being all upset over this.

  83. Ron,

    Have the FLDS EVER passed the smell test? Amazing this gets a free pass in Utah for so long. Look what happened to Tony Alamo.

    Twist,thanks for pulling that article – funny how this fax went out but nobody posted it? I reckon as part of my pondering, there wasnt a legal action taken to make his resignation legal – I kinda think half what they do is fairy land and the other half half assed legal – ie: Boyds notary does indeed seem a conflict.

  84. Yeah ok so the touchy feely moment is over. wink Now let’s get back to the subject at hand.

    Is it legal for Boyd to be using his seal for such documents when he has a personal interest in such things?

  85. kind of, yeah. basically, they’ll only listen if it comes from the priesthood. and these things are not supposed to be accessed by the general run of the people. kind of a “need-to-know” basis thing. and the prophet, and thus God never does anything unneccesary, or without purpose. so, even though we may not understand, there is a reason behind anything, that will be revealed to those that are faithful. opens a lot of opportunities for propaganda type teachings.

  86. If Merill and Wendell can walk in with a piece of paper saying this and they think that is legit then what is to keep me and let’s just say Lefty Lucy from doing the same.And then we have my side kick Popeye ( I am what I am) use his seal?

    Waste of paper imo. And it irritates me that they have how many lawyers at their side. What a waste of money. And time. And motrin for Walton.

  87. last post was in response to Ron in Houston

  88. Wendell Nielsen is in I see. I’m glad to see that mess over with.

  89. I don’t see any conflict for Knudson to notarize the signatures of Wendell and Merril on the document. All that does is certify that he knows them to be the persons who signed.

    As FLDS TEXAS said above, all Boyd Knudson is to the Corporation is the Registered Agent. Nothing more.

  90. Ron – someone SHOULD file a motion to show authority. Rod Parker has some ‘splainin to do.

    Serendipitously, the Utah Supreme Court hears his motion to vacate Lindberg’s order disqualifying him on February 17.

  91. yehaaa6 said this:”
    you have it pretty close, C-M. the “keyholder” can be a different person than the “president of the church.” so as far as the FLDS people are concerned, I don’t think this will change anything. the faithful who don’t read the media or blogs will probably never hear about it, and things will continue as they have.”

    yehaaa6 if you don’t mind could you give me an example where this has been done. Thanks

  92. Ron,

    Warren was obsessively concerned that his dictations would be made public after his arrest.

    I can’t imagine why.

  93. Brooke has a blog entry up on the document.

    She says Wendell and Merril were actively involved in the settlement talks last summer regarding the UEP Trust so this could clear up who has the authority to negotiate/accept any settlement.

  94. Walton, I don’t know of any times it has been done, but the concept has been passed around. Brigham Young said in Nauvoo after Joseph Smith died, “you can have Ann Lee for your president, but I hold the keys of priesthood on the earth” or something to that effect. also, when the Manifesto was signed, Wilford Woodruff was the president of the church, but according to the FLDS, John W. Woolley was actually the keyholder. but then again, as has been said here, it’s probably just semantics, and the general run of the FLDS will never hear about it, or even care.

  95. IMO Warren Jeffs is still in charge, Wendell is just a puppet for legal and PR reasons. Someone has to act as President of FLDS, and that requires someone that has freedom outside a jail cell. All conversations between Warren Jeffs and FLDS members are subject to being monitored, which means sensitive information can be seen by LE. All Warren Jeffs has done is delegate his authority to another to act as President of FLDS. Warren IMO remains “prophet” of FLDS. Warren is like the mafia kingpin running the “organization” from behind prison walls. Wendell’s just a mouthpiece.

  96. Know what a notary does? Generally, states I know this person or was shown ID and observed him/her/them sign this document in my presence. At least that’s how I understand it.

  97. Al

    “Wendell Nielsen is in I see. I’m glad to see that mess over with.”


    You are kidding, right? Instead of solving anything, it just makes a bigger mess for them. FUBAR squared and all that jazz.

    Keep the peep sheeples in the dark so long they start speaking ebonics/

  98. A Texan, that’s pretty much how I see it

  99. From Warren’s writings :

    Do Mormons believe that Jesus had multiple wives?????

  100. I have a lot of respect for Brooke and I am grateful for all that she has shared. I’ve learned a lot from Brookes writings.

    But on this topic I can not understand how two people, Merill and Wendall showing up for the talks makes one or the other a person in charge.

    Willie according to the media was there as well. If they truly are listening to Warrens confession to be fact than where is the real Willie? the one he said should be prophet?

    If he resigns from the Church Warren can’t be the Prophet.

    Why aren’t these guys in jail?

    And wasn’t Merill confined to the state of Texas?

  101. yehaaa6 who do YOU think held the keys to the priesthood?

  102. wendell neilson and merril jessop are under indictment, how does that help flds cause?? so far, 3 or 10 men have gone to prison.

  103. Nah none of this is right.

    If Wendall has been in charge at any point why the Walkin’ Talkin’ Willie scenes?

    Was it mentioned any place that Wendall has been seen or heard at any of these legal events?

    None of the lawyers mentioned him.
    Pliggy never said anything.

    The whole thing about Warren giving it up was washed out when he took back his confession.

    Willie was in Texas talking during that hearing. They’ve been calling and shuffling Willie around from here to there and no one Wendall didn’t say anything.

    Was Wendall originally from Canada?

    Nope. I don’t believe it.

  104. anyone can be a notary, thats all Knudson is,, just a notary to sign paperwork.. How convienent! Encourage men in flds to open businesses give every dime to UEPtrust then turn around and take bankruptcy,, how convienent!

  105. oncebitten,

    Thanks for the information on the Knudsons.

    Funny that Jack’s son is successful within the FLDS and two of Chuck’s are CP.

    Warren mentions one of the Knudsons from an exchange he had with Wendell. I’ll see if I can’t locate it.

  106. I’ve never ever once read about ANY Prophet resigning in the history of the FLDS or the LDS. Maybe there has but I’ve not seen it written anywhere.

    I’ve read where a few had doubts that they should be but bounced back from those thoughts.

    They’ve used the 12 man theory and then the next guy got it when voted on. And then there is the deathbed vision.

    Once Rulon took over- the 12 man theory went out like yesterdays wash. And they all accepted that and went on. They all accepted the one man rule.

    If Warren is still alive he is the Prophet.
    If Warren died then there is no Prophet. I am not saying there can’t be a Church. I am saying there is no Prophet.

  107. there was no prophet when rulon jeffs died either! Warren self appointed himself as prophet!

  108. Walton,

    There was talk way back when of Wendell’s photo being on the wall in some of the homes in Short Creek.

    The Nielsen’s are not from Canada as far as I know. I believe they emigrated to Utah directly from Denmark. If there were in Canada, it was not in Alberta or British Columbia as one of the families who originated the group in Bountiful.

  109. Actually Fred Jessop, Uncle Fred was supposed to be the next president, prophet, but Warren was NOT going to allow that.

  110. Fred Jessop was first Elder and warren was second elder in rulon jeffs rein,, of course Fred went to Texas,, for awhile, but them was sent away. Died in colorado evidently with one wife with him.

  111. HA, guess in a few days we will hear about warren bashing his head against cell walls again,, since this was filed in January 2010,, LOL

  112. Did either of these indicted men, wendell or merril get permission to leave the state of texas to go to hildale and file this???

  113. Wendell is the kind of guy that will stay out of the spotlight, never, ever get his hands dirty, and always walk away with the most money. Don’t know if he’s ever done a honest days work for 50 plus years, but he is one of the wealthiest of the flds. He was sure to have the employees of Western precision, now Newera donate as much as possible to the flds, as long as he had his luxuries first

  114. Yeah I remember them saying that they had pictures of Wendall going up not long after the raid. But all the photos shown of homes visited did NOT.

    No one mentioned anything about Wendall. Raid one day. A little about him getting charged and then POOF. Nothing.

    Willie was the acting Prophet. The other Willie was suppose to be but we haven’t seen anything about him either.

    As far as Fred goes that is another story that is unfinished. Who was signing papers for Fred when they shouldn’t have been.

  115. Joe Knudson made a vast fortune in real estate, has the huge walled compound in Centennial Park. He’s known to be fond of business trip nookie, so I hear

  116. seems all the men are fond of nookie!

  117. deputy dog

  118. What I’m remembering about Warren’s record of a discussion with Wendell and a Knudson had to do with the CMC (storehouse) corporation, which is an Arizona corporation. Warren was not in favor of the person Wendell suggested.

    I’m still looking for it in the dictations and one other thing that may or may not be relevant to the recent news.

  119. I’ve got a book by Ben Bistline titled The Polygamists A history of Colorado City. He did a wonderful job laying things out for those of us trying to understand.

    In this book he mentions Jack Knudson but not Chuck. Do you know of any books out there that might have yet another listing of names and events that would help me?

  120. oncebitten,

    Are you saying that plural marriage does not necessarily prevent infidelity in marriage any more than underage marriages prevent sexual exploration outside of marriage by adolescents?


    So much for those higher morals.

  121. Don’t know, but I’ll look. Chuck died in the 70’s I think, Jack only recently passed away, as far as I know.

  122. I’m saying that when I started finding out these activities had and do take place, I realized how hypocritical they were. When I viewed them from a standpoint of men who held the priesthood, and were supposed to be better, it made me all the more cynical. It’s true about power corrupting people

  123. There was a person posting on the Texas Polygamy site called Uncle Duff. He would be able to shed some light on all this.

  124. The blatant hypocrisy of so many people around me growing up has resulted in an acceptance of others weaknesses, as well as a distrust of those who are in positions of power. I find myself having a very libertarian to almost anarchical view of the world

  125. Uncle duff is Ben Bistlines brother

  126. Brookie has a news article about this now, wonder how she feels being scooped by a “blog”?

  127. Oops, here is the link to the story


  128. yehaaa6 – going back to my question about reading the dictations, have you read them and if so, will you continue to do so if more are released? i guess i’m asking if you think your salvation is in danger if you read them.

    i personally think they show that warren was evil and sly all the time, from before his father died. he took things and twisted them to fit how he wanted them to fit, not caring who was hurt in the process.

    my opinion is may he rot in jail.

    as for merril and wendell, i don’t think they have the same travel restrictions on their bail conditions as the ones indicted for sexual assault. i think both are free to travel as is wee willie until someone (AZ) finally indicts him if for nothing else, than being a pain in the butt.

  129. i’ve got 2 of ben bistlines books on colorado city and find them fascinating and very interesting. they have helped tremendously in putting all the players and pieces together.

  130. I liked Uncle Duff. I was always at a loss for words when I posted with him. Not sure why. I just was.

    Does he still post anywhere.

    I just read Brookes article.

    Nothing against her article. But I personally just don’t believe any of this to be true. They are scrambling for the “new deadline” that Shurtleff issued.

    And the groups shall merge with the blessing of Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.

    One word or is it two? Poppycock.

  131. i found uncle duff to be very illuminating and hope he turns up somewhere else since ruth has turned texas polygamy into her own bizarre ranting field.

  132. Let me see if I’ve got this right. I’m the president of my corporation, Miele Answer Them Nothing & Sue Yourself Co., Inc. I have legal counsel of record. His name, Mr. Pimp appears on my articles of incorporation, yearlys and taxes, etc.

    I get sauced on tequilla at a gentile mixer and say I’m not President. Prior to that, it’s on record I’ve been sedated and my mental status is at that time questionable.

    Three monkey’s run off and sign corporate paperwork, maybe even producing paperwork where I’ve signed off on MATN & SY Co., Inc.

    Mr. Pimp has been ordered by a Court to turn over my corporate paperwork, but hasn’t even remotely thought about doing it.

    Isn’t the finger pointing at Mr. Pimp?

  133. I really like Ruth.

    It all just hit me. I think I get it now.

    Wendall and Merill tied for being in charge. Merill because everyone has heard/seen him on the front line (so to speak) and Wendall ( a man we haven’t seen nor heard) and Warren fades ever so slowly out before the trials. That makes sense.

    Focus on them and off of Warren. lol 130 some posts and 3 motrin into the program and I just got it. Wow. I am slacking.

    And once again nothing has changed. lol

    The groups will merge. Things will quiet down somewhat and Utah Polygamy count becomes ELEVATED.

  134. Who you calling a pimp, Miele?

    One of the funniest things in Warren’s dictations is the following comment: “Ross Chatwin called me a pimp.”

    Don’t know why, but it struck me funny that Warren was so bothered by that one particular remark of Chatwin’s.

    I presume you are referring to Esquire Parker?

    Or Boyd Knudson?

    I’d say both are more like whores.

  135. “oncebitten,

    Are you saying that plural marriage does not necessarily prevent infidelity in marriage any more than underage marriages prevent sexual exploration outside of marriage by adolescents?


    So much for those higher morals.”

    There was a study of male polygamists in the Journal of Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome which indicated that the percentage of polygamous males who cheated on their spouses was roughly 40 %, which was similar to extramarital affair statistics in the monogamous males in that country.
    Of note, women in polygamous relationships cheat more frequently than women in monogamous relationships do, according to the medical literature.
    There is no positive side to polygyny.

  136. warren’s not a pimp, he’s just pure evil slime.

  137. Walton said: yehaaa6 who do YOU think held the keys to the priesthood?

    personally, I don’t really care. I’ve always just kinda let other people do their thing, and I do mine. I’ve never really been super involved in the church stuff.

    ProudTexan said: yehaaa6 – going back to my question about reading the dictations, have you read them and if so, will you continue to do so if more are released? i guess i’m asking if you think your salvation is in danger if you read them.
    yes I’ve read some of them, and will most likely read others once they come out. I don’t really care about someone else’s concept of my “salvation” anymore. I guess I’ve just kinda given the finger to all of their bullshit, at least in spirit.

  138. HA HA HA

    Willie burp delivered!

    “Asked about Jeffs’ status, Jessop said he’d “rather not comment on who the prophet is out of fear there’d be retaliation by the government.”


    Holy Cow ROTFlmao

  139. Boyd is Jack Knudsons boy oncebitten said.

    I think there are 2 Boyd Knudsons – one FLDS (the notary) and another who was Jack’s son.

    I believe the Centennial Park Boyd Knudson is the husband of 3 of the women in the Dawn Porter documentary “The Polygamist’s Wife” that was made for British TV, but was later shown in America on The Learning Channel.

    You can read more about it here:

    Go down to the part dated Septemberr 2008. There is also a video.

  140. amen yehaaa6!!! i totally agree. let’s give them the finger together.

  141. Here is the statement to the media by Wally Bugden on Dec 5, 2007 about Warren resigning as President of the FLDS Corporation. (referenced about RE the Fox News article)


  142. Here is the competency evaluation on Warren that Walton referenced:

  143. Someone commented about who has authority to speak for the FLDS. If you will recall, Paul Murphy said something to Lawrence Barlow yesterday about this at the Safety Net Committee.

    Paul told Lawrence that whomever had authority to speak for the church needed to act on the 30 day deadline.

    Also, I would guess that the photos from the National Geographic blog showing Merril and Wendell at lunch with the Utah AG’s office were during the UEP talks.

    Here is the link to that photo:

  144. Miele, your posting is SO funny!

    So Mr. Pimp = Rod Parker


  145. Twist, Yep. I was referring to none other than Rodney (Out of Left Field) Parker.

  146. Have you sued yourself lately miele?

  147. TexasTwist,
    Shame on me, but I still haven’t waded through all of Warren’s dictations.

    I haven’t seen the one about Ross Chatwin.

    Ross called Warren a “Hitler in the Desert” as he held his copy of Mein Kaupf up in the air.

    And Warren is only upset cause Ross called him a pimp? Did Warren write anything about being called Hitler?

    What was the date on that dictation?

  148. On the competency, he lied. He was born in San Francisco, not Sacramento.

    Nielson was had. What’s with a social worker doing competency evaluations?

    Catatonic my butt. He should have asked him how he felt about ‘people’ calling him inadequate. Then gotten ready to duck the chair.

  149. PT, I sued my self this morning, but I did it anonymously, so I won’t find out, nor will I be able to answer myself nothing until late Monday morning.

  150. #

    Have you sued yourself lately miele?

    ProudTexan said this on February 6, 2010 at 4:41 PM

    It’s Saturday and the courts are closed.

  151. “Rodney (Out of Left Field) Parker”

    If anyone should be familiar with the terrain out there in left field, I would say it would Rodney Parker.

    So how are you gonna know if you have standing to sue yourself if you don’t know who you are?

    Anonymous — I’ll add that dictation to the list I’m looking for today (now up to three of them).

    No, no comment about the Hitler reference, just the one to the pimp. That’s part of what makes it so funny. The dictation was contemporary to the time Ross made his comments.

    I’ll post the date when I find it. I read it for the first time within the last couple of months so I’m thinking it was one that has been in one of the December or January filings from Shields.

  152. Nice connect to the NatGeo photo, Anonymous.

  153. From the Tribune article –
    The corporate filing was made shortly after Bruce R. Wisan, a fiduciary overseeing the sect’s $110 million property trust, filed a court document questioning who had authority to represent the FLDS in negotiations aimed at settling disputes over the trust.

    Just MORE evidence this crowd ONLY does the legal thing after they have been found out!

    So, does Ms. Adams read this blog? It is just TOO coincidental that she “discovered” this certificate a few hours after it was posted here.

  154. Sometimes I have trouble expressing myself, so I start making up words.

    After reading the Tribune article, I have a new word for today – “Fwillie”

    Fwillie – n. A word to describe the stupid comments by that “f”ing Willie.

  155. Twist,
    Ruth is ranting about a Robert Knudson who banned her from the CMC grocery store in the Creek. Is he the Knudson you’re thinking about?

  156. Twist, Ross had his press conference on January 23, 2004 if that helps.

  157. Just popped back in to tell everyone thanks for all the effort trying to make sense out of all this.

    I am still a bit puzzled though. If they know it and we know it and they know we know it why does everyone keep playing the games?
    I mean..At this point who is fooling who?

    Well anyway I am off to watch a movie. This one says Fiction on the box.

    I’ll jump in again when I have questions. You guys keep posting. Again thanks

  158. That might be the Knudson, Anonymous. It was definitely in relation to the CMC. I read it a long time ago so I know which set of dictation I probably read it in.

    I’ve only recently started tabbing all of the different dictation excerpts with dates.

    Indexing them is a huge task, but one that comes in handy and I’d kill for a decent index right about now.

    Can anyone point me to which recent court filing(s) in Utah made references to the FLDS Corporation at the Utah Department of Corporations?

  159. Big help, anonymous 5:35. Thanks.

  160. This was a fun article by the Deseret News –

  161. Twist,
    I would guess it was this one filed by Wisan on January 4th since the FLDS filed the certificate on January 9th.


  162. Or it could have been Wisan’s year end report on the trust –

  163. Thanks, anon. I’ll look at those.

    Now I know one of the effects that Nyquil and Theraflu have on my congnitive abilities. I’ll keep looking.

  164. Hope you feel better, Twist. Has anyone heard from Betty?

  165. i thought warren was born in sacramento.

  166. He was, PT.

  167. Warren listed Sacramento as his place of birth on a questionnaire he filled out after his arrest.

  168. I’ve been reading the comments section of this blog for several weeks but have just decided to post a few comments now. As Popeye used to say “I can’t stands no more”.

    About Brooke-according to a friend of a friend, Brooke’s fellow reporters resent her having one exclusive beat and at least this guy thinks she is doing a lousey job on that one beat. I fervently disagree. I think she is doing a wonderful job of acting as media coordinator for the FLDS. She used to quote Wisan and Shields fairly regularly, but you don’t see that now. There is only one perspective. It’s only Willie and Rod. I have been told Wisan won’t even talk to her because she is so biased. I can’t believe how naive her editor(s) must be. Now that the Tribune’s parent company is in bankruptcy, I have noticed that she is writing articles about other subjects. Maybe a little distance will give her some perspective. Right now she buys everything line that Willie and Rod give her. Willie is playing her like a violin.

    I have heard/read vague references to misappropriation of funds in the Twin City Water Works company. That was in one of the recent filings by Wisan, I believe. I can’t believe more hasn’t been said about that.

    February 17th. A big day. Pic in Kingman battling the Texas records issue and 2 hearings in Salt Lake at the Supreme Court. One to see if Rodney can stay on as counsel against the UEP and the other is to see if the Supremes will overturn the whole UEP Trust.

    I also heard/read about the Arizona AG’s office (I think from some document that they filed)looking into the water deal where it was hinted that Willie might have attempted to steal water rights from the UEP. I haven’t heard anything more about that either. I wonder what attorney (I assumne one was needed) helped him do that?

    Well, I feel better already after having vented a little bit. Sorry about that. I will try to control myself in the future.

  169. Quick study, utesfan. You get my applause.

  170. great job utesfan, come back and visit again when you can stay awhile.

    for myself, i am hoping and praying for the day wee willie is arrested and not let out on bail. i’d love to be able to attend leroy jessop’s trial without having to look at his ugly face.

  171. Warren listed Sacramento as his place of birth on a questionnaire he filled out after his arrest.—

    I thought he was born in San Francisco….

  172. I think his Wikipedia says San Francisco, but I have seen the form he filed out that says Sacramento.

    I’m not batting well on document retrieval today, but let me see if I can locate the form.

  173. ProudTexan please ask your friend where Warren was born. We need some clarification.

    I’m off to my dinner date. Catfish fry – oh boy.

  174. My notes say the form was filled out by Warren when he was transferred to Mohave County from Utah so the document I saw is somewhere in the Mohave County high profile case documents that are linked on this blog over here somewhere ————>

  175. Here ya go.

    Warren didn’t fill it out, but it is his booking sheet when he was transferred to Mohave County.


  176. Miele said: “PT, I sued my self this morning, but I did it anonymously, so I won’t find out, nor will I be able to answer myself nothing until late Monday morning.”

    HOWL~~~~~~!!! I laughed so loud at this my husband peered around the corner to ask me what I was reading.

    Thanks – appreciate it. 🙂

  177. According to Lyle thismorning in Saturday meeting, Warren is still the prophet, the one man, the keyholder, and all of our blessings must come through him.

    According to Lyle (and Wendell & Merril) it is the lack of faith and obedience of the people to “legitimate authority” and thus the will of God that Warren is still in prison (it is not Warrens fault, he is there atoning for our slowness to obey, buying us time with his life). They even had the entrances of the meeting house converted into a cell roughly similar to what Warren is currently in, so the people could walk through it on their way into meeting and give them something to think about.

    Anyway, Warren is still the prophet and in charge as far as the people are concerned.

  178. oh wow, they actually had a mock cell set up? lol that’s crazy. I wasn’t there in the creek, we listened in, and I fell asleep halfway through. Did Willy talk this time?

  179. excel anon, the answer is sacramento.

  180. aaaaaaahahahahaHAHahahaHA Warren is suffering for y’all’s sins mm mm mm

  181. He is still refusing to take responsibility for his own actions.

  182. do they have meetings every saturday? if so then we need to schedule our parade through the crik for a saturday so we can see everybody come and go from the meeting.

    yehaaa6 – how do you listen in? is it broadcast somehow? if so, we need to get in on the transmission.

    and i hate to break it to lyle, merril, wendell and wee willie, but it isn’t the people’s fault that warren is in jail, it is warren’s fault. if he would leave little girls alone until they are big girls, the flds wouldn’t be in the heap-o-hurt it currently finds itself in.

  183. just wait until he gets to texas and the faithful find out he actually had sex with a 12 year old and she had a baby. how do you think that’s gonna play in the crik!!!

  184. ya know twist, i have a friend in vegas we should visit if we’re gonna be that close.

  185. How many don’t do that or have someone near and dear in their families who don’t?

    In addition to the money that FLDS factors into Utah’s power structure, it’s my guess that giving polygamy but in particular underaged sex and procreating is what gives FLDS their free ride in Utah.

  186. PT: it’s a conference call, but you have to have some sort of codes to listen in, I dunno, they only give the codes to certain people.

    They do the conference call for all the people working out of town and such, so they can still get proper training, and be updated on the legal situation, at least what they want you to hear of it.

  187. i need to get my name on lyle’s “code” list!!!

  188. that’s for all the answer yehaaa6. it’s great hearing from someone who’s on the inside. maybe you could be around when we have our great parade!!!

  189. OK, now in planning our parade through the crik, here are the dates that work good for me – spring break March 27 – April 4 or July 17 – 25 would be good too. Whats the crik’s weather like during those times, remember we must be scantily clad so want to plan accordingly, LOL.

  190. our spring breaks don’t coordinate – ours is march 15 – 19, so we’ll have to look at the july dates. those will work for me. how about the rest of y’all?

  191. wait, is there a trial then? we’d hate to miss that.

  192. lol the weekend around April 6 is when they usually do the yearly conference, a day-long meeting, where all the people from all over come. at least that’s how it was, dunno what they’ll do this year. but I’m actually planning to head to Boston that weekend, probably when I make a break for it, as I don’t think I’ll be allowed back after taking a week off to associate with “gentiles” (some of my online friends are having a meetup at Anime Boston)

    but you people are actually planning on trolling the crick, eh? ROFL

  193. A mock cell?

    Something like a haunted house for Halloween?

    Good grief.

    But yeah, a jail cell is something to think about.

    Allen Keate has something towards 33 years to think about his jail cell because he trusted in and was faithful to his Dear Beloved Uncle Warren.

    Ray Jessop — ten years.

    Mike Emack — seven years.

    Nice going, Warren.

    Something to think about, for sure.

  194. PT,

    I’m showing Abram Jeffs on June 7 and Dutson, Jr. on July 26.

  195. we’re trying to make a plan for it, but coming from all over is making it difficult. the crik isn’t an easy place to get too, but we can always see the grand canyon and vegas during our sorjourn.

    good luck with your plans and please let us know if any or all of us can help you.

  196. good, we can watch abram get sentenced, have our parade and be back in time for dutson jr’s comeupance.

  197. “Trolling the crick”

    Yeah, something like that. LOL.

  198. I have all the stuff for the Boston trip figured out, but it depends on what happens when I break it to my parents… which could be anything. worst case, I’ll need a place to stay and a job, but it’s all just supposition for now. I’m gonna take the time in Boston to enjoy myself, before reality hits 😀

    it is good to know that there are people willing to help out there, though. I appreciate it. 🙂

    and yeah, organizing something like that can’t be easy, I know it wasn’t for our Anime Boston meetup, but at least we had a concrete date to work toward. good luck on that. take lots of pics lolol.

  199. A mock jail cell….how precious!!! I wonder how many parents are now using that little visual aid to scare their kids into keeping sweet. You too can live in one of these…if’n you don’t behave! Sorta the jail boogy man!

  200. on the flip side of that mc1199, you too can live in one of these if you follow uncle warren.

  201. good luck breaking it to your parents. i hope they support you and don’t shut you out. it would be a breath of fresh air for a parent to keep an open line of communication with a child who leaves.

  202. check it out, pic filed a huge documents on the 3rd. so big it had to be broken into 2 parts.


  203. we can always see the grand canyon and vegas during our sorjourn.

    I drove thru there years ago, on my way back from N Rim Grand Canyon. A very long drive, but well worth it. N Rim is almost a religious experience. Very different from the south side. You could stop and have lunch at the Merry Wives Cafe [?] if it’s still open in the crik.

  204. which is better, the north rim or the south side?

  205. Hey who was it put on that genital mixer? How did that go?

  206. North rim or south, photographers and artists know what they like. Look due north it’s always a bit greyed out and hazy but maybe that’s the look you want? Northeast is interesting. Most of us tend to like a view to the south or southeast. Nice reflections on water.

    South rim is full of people and I dunno, it’s what I saw first and what tourists expect because out west highways, airports, and railroad schedules are few and far between, still. North Rim it’s good to be prepared to take care of yourself. Don’t expect a room at the lodge without a longtime prior reservation. Last I was there don’t expect a room about anywhere else much up that way, either. Heck those folks will shadow you in the grocery store when you stop for provisions and beer stops can be far between.

    Grand Canyon kept the US Army at AZ posts from getting after mormons real easily …

  207. PT..N Rim is so VERY quiet! And it’s a 40’ish mile drive from Jacob Lake into the park. Only about 10% of people make the trek there, per a ranger. It’s just unbelievably peaceful! We had a deer join us in our room one afternoon. Ya leave the door open and wild life wanders in! I’d love to go back again.

  208. Or you can go the roundabout way..Zion NP, go out the east side and down around to N.Rim. That’s what I did…and then to Vegas, of course. I go there alot. OK end of my travelog!

  209. The north rim entrance of the Grand Canyon is only about an hour from Colorado City. The south rim entrance is about 6 hours because it is just north of Flagstaff.

    It is an easy day trip to go to the north rim and have lunch at the lodge and drive around many of the side roads. (As long as you are on the road by 9-9:30 AM because Colorado City is 45 minutes from St. George). If you want to hike around the trails at the canyon, you should plan 2 days. Also, if you want to visit the new Havapai glass projection viewing stage hanging over the canyon, that takes longer because it is a drive from the main road leading you into the canyon.

    I have not been to the new glass platform so I can’t say how far away it is from the main entrance, but it is on the north rim. I think it is expensive to go out onto the glass platform – $25 or maybe even more $$$

    Flights into Las Vegas are cheap from everywhere. You could fly into Las Vegas, rent a car and drive up to St. George – it is 110 miles – about an hour and a half.

    Rooms in St. George are cheap in June/July, as it is getting HOT – mid July the temp is approaching the 100 degree mark during the day. But, it is a dry heat – LOL Late June and early July is still pretty nice, especially in the morning.

    Rooms (cabins) at the north rim book early but may still be obtainable. It is a higher elevation so after school ends, that is when their season starts, as St. George’s season is over then. I don’t think the north rim is as busy and full of tourists as the south rim.

    There are also several other National Parks in the area. Zion National Park is 30-45 minutes from St. George and Bryce Canyon is about an hour and a half. Kolob Canyon is part of Zion and is 30 minutes north of St. George. You can buy a week-long park pass and see them all.

    Anyway, my suggestion is to get a cheap flight in and out of Las Vegas and stay in St. George for a cheap rate and do a day (or 2) trip to the Grand Canyon.

    The youth conference and gentile mixer is on the night of June 16th and the day and night of June 17th. CEU credits are provided; it is up to your institution whether or not they will accept them.

    But it is my guess that they will be pretty “transferable” since some of the service providers will be coming from Utah and some from Arizona. Some may even come from Nevada.

  210. Since my husband is an artist,, maybe he can do portraits of folks in da creek and make a little extra dough?? LOL

  211. DD1 portraits of people in front of weenie warrens house that should bring in some dough, LOL.

  212. maybe some apostates would like to participate in having their portraits painted. Some recently out still have their old pioneer garb around and a transitional “before and after” portrait would be wonderful. He just needs to ask them what they’re comfortable with.

  213. deputydog1 your idea could spawn a whole new generation of Southwest Americana primitive art with a gentile mixer of apostates and others mooning in front of the old Jeffs compound.

    How far “out there” does your husband like to take his art?

  214. yehaaa6

    I hope all your plans go well and that you find Boston a “liberating” experience.
    Please let us know if you need help and how it is going.

  215. So hmm Willie TRIED to steal water rights from UEP eh. Does that sound like there are expectations that they busted UEP with their shenanigans, expecting to lose it in the end? That the fancydancing we see is to keep eyes on the Wrong Stuff not the man behind the curtain while they strip whatever else they can from the trust?

  216. Here is the link to that photo:

    Okay, I don’t know who is who in that photo, whether they are all FLDS or some of them are gov’t officials.

    What I see is a bunch of old and middleaged white guys, most of them overweight, laughing and ignoring the female servants behind them.

  217. The overweight laughing bald headed old white guy in the middle in the grey jacket and white tie is Wendell Nielsen.

    The less overweight salt and pepper haired old white guy on Nielsen’s left in the grey jacket with the striped tie who is probably asleep is Merril Jessop.

    Those are the only two I can identify by name.

  218. The dark haired overweight white guy on the other side of the asleep Merril I think is Lyle Jeffs.

  219. im assuming merril and wendell wont be laughing once they get in a jail cell

  220. In the photo the guy next to Lyle is Ken Okasawki, FLDS attorney. The guy this side of Wendell is Jerry Jensen of Utah AG office. The guy with the back of his head to the camera looks like Jim Bradshaw, FLDS attorney. With Jerry Jensen there it looks like some kind of settlement meeting. Probably one of dozens.

  221. the mexican down on the end is one of their attorneys as is the man with his back to the picture.

    that is lyle on the other side of merril, next to the attorney.

    i think merril is asleep and dreaming of his future cellosteel kingdom because it will get him away from all his troubles.

  222. thanks utesfan, you beat me to it.

  223. Gotta wonder who is on the other side of the table. Looks like Lyle, Wendell and Jensen (and Merril if he’s peeping under those lids) have their attention at the moment on the other side.

    That does look like Jim Bradshaw from the back.

    Nice digs, too.

    Just wants and needs and all that jazz.

  224. HHG said: yehaaa6

    I hope all your plans go well and that you find Boston a “liberating” experience.
    Please let us know if you need help and how it is going.

    thanks, I hope it is too. I’ll keep y’all posted on what happens =)

  225. PT, TT and Excel Annonymous. Guess Warren fooled these guys, too.


  226. The guy at the front end in the blue shirt with only the back of his head showing is indeed Jim Bradshaw. He is also Allen Steed’s attorney in his rape of Elissa Wall case.

    It would be my guess that the folks on the other side of the table are from the UT AG’s office. Probably Mark Shurtleff, Tim Bodily and maybe Paul Murphy. Willie might be on the other side of the table too.

  227. Buying land at Leesburg FL? WTF?

  228. I think that was an erroneous report to the FBI, Granny Toad.

    Warren mentions it and then sends Willie down to Florida as a smokescreen since they (the FBI) were looking where he (Warren) wasn’t at the time.

  229. warren sent wee willie several places with instructions to attract attention so the fbi would be looking in the wrong place. a lot of it happened when warren wanted to get into short creek.

  230. Finally came across one of the references I was looking for. It was Robert Knudson to whom Warren made reference to regarding the CMC.

    Found in the October 5, 2005 dication which is included here: http://www.childbrides.org/YFZ_case-2833-motion-8-5-08.pdf

    “We [WSJ and Nielsen] did discuss who the stockholder should be in the CMC in Short Creek. And he asked if I had confidence in Robert Knudson, the son of Jack Knudson, which I gave no answer to because I have not had the Lord’s will on that, considering him to have the stock to the store.”

    Warren must have received the Lord’s will on that because Robert Knudson is the stockholder of the CMC.

    He and Merril are the officers of the corporation.

    Their 2009 annual report was filed late, but has been filed.

  231. maybe he had to ask naomie first.

  232. i’m figuring that merril’s about $30,000 + interest in arrears on his child support. yehaaa6 and crik anon, you’d better warn folks not to answer the door cuz i have a feeling wee willie and lyle are fixing to come after you for a luv offering.

  233. How did they get interest set up on arrears, is that a new thing?

  234. The interest should be compounded several times daily…just for his sheer arrogance and stupidity!

  235. No, it’s that long back I was told that the amount in arrears could only have interest added after it’s all over, as in all past due, no more children under age to be paying support for, and the arrears be reduced to a judgment balance in court.

  236. interest starts accruing as soon as the arrearage starts. it adds up quickly.

  237. last time i checked (which has been a while), the interest was 10%.

  238. but granny can you imagine wee willie and lyle going door to door in the crik asking for a LUV offering!!!

  239. 1) heckuva good change then!

    2) yes I can but no time soon, I don’t expect Merrill to willingly pay one thin dime while he lives.

  240. So I want them to go after his assets.

  241. As far as I know GrannyToad Merrill doesn’t have any assets to speak of.

  242. Interest on child support in Texas: 6% simple interest – I prefer to use 1/2 percent per month – so monthly interest on 30,000 is $150.

  243. Alin, we all know that FLDS like to playlike they’ve no assets so that they’re judgment proof. That must be why Warren Jeffs tells certain ones to divest of assets which is FLDS talk for hiding assets.

  244. yehaaa I have to wonder how much a westerner would like Boston, as a place other than to visit. My own ancestors left there by the end of 1600s I think. But then there was Kenny Loggins’ Please Come to Boston

  245. Yeah, yehaaa I do have to wonder. Boston? It’s cold and they talk funny.

  246. Ron in Houston, I was wondering that also. Boston also is pretty hard hit by unemployment.

    GrannyToad, you’ll remember that she said “NO, boy, won’t you come home to me.”. I’m just saying.

  247. Betty

    According to Forbes two of the best places for the economic recovery are Austin/Round Rock and San Antonio Texas.

    So, yehaa come on down to Texas. We talk a little funny, but we’re much nicer! 🙂

  248. I’m going to boston by way of Vermont. having never been farther east than Black Hills, SD, I’m just going to check it out, and hang out with some friends. as far as what I do after that, who knows, lol.

    and talking on skype with my friends, they think I’m the one who talks funny, lol. gotta love cricker-isms 😀

  249. Need. more. coffee. Yeah, I recall that first from Joan Baez. And it was Dave Loggins not Kenny.

  250. Austin is really nice. I wouldn’t mind living there.

    Charlotte NC is not doing badly either and it’s pretty easy to work in Charlotte and live in the nearby countryside of rolling hills.

  251. i can highly recommend texas.

  252. The pay in Texas is a deterent,, basically its sucks.

  253. I love Texas, for everything but wages!

  254. Well at least you get a brake with no state taxes, correct?

  255. I vote Texas!!!

  256. Yes,, but we pay HUGE property taxes here

  257. Not as high as mine, I guarantee that !

  258. Best I can tell, most places’ property taxes are higher than Texas, plus no personal income tax. Sales tax is no worse than anywhere I’ve been, less than some. Home insurance less too. Cost of living is sure lower, so it somewhat balances out. Nobody retires from TX to CA, OR, FL … but sometimes San Miguel de Allende. Fuel costs are lower than most, so that includes electricity and gas too. Texas has water, minerals, oil and refineries and seaports, meat and produce, and is a non-union right-to-work state.

  259. Alin: As far as I know GrannyToad Merrill doesn’t have any assets to speak of.

    So you know him personally well enought to say that? And why do you think his children should be screwed over financially?

  260. yehaaa I have to wonder how much a westerner would like Boston, as a place other than to visit. My own ancestors left there by the end of 1600s I think. But then there was Kenny Loggins’ Please Come to Boston

    I am a transplanted New Englander living in Seattle, but if I had to pick an East Coast city to live in, Boston would top the list.

  261. Alin,
    For a Southern Baptist from Tennessee, you sure know a lot about members of the FLDS.

  262. Guess it doesn’t matter what state you live in, as long as it’s home to you.. I was born in Texas,, lived here all my life, and its home. But there are some things that need to be changed here, as with any state.
    Some of our best friends live in New Mexico, and they do have state income tax, but they live in a 200,000 dollar house and their property taxes are only 400 dollars a year. And their sales tax is 5% . So it all evens out in the end.

  263. DD folks can and do lie about how much they earn on income tax forms thus half of americans live on the other half’s tax payments. But everyone lives somewhere, no matter how much they earn or claim or don’t or even if they’re here illegally using State’s medical, educational, and other taxpayer-funded services. For that reason I tend to think taxing property instead of income works pretty well. Texas is still one of the FEW solvent states with a living economy, and here we are on Mexico’s border.

    I was born in a midwestern state but I like it here.

  264. Granny Im in no way FOR state income tax! Im just saying, that different states have different taxes, and different income levels. Texas is basically the last to experience Recessions, but we still get hit. It is hard to make a living in any state. I was just comparing property tax rates to other states who do have state income tax. I think every state is paying for the recession we are all in right now.

  265. CW: Alin,
    For a Southern Baptist from Tennessee, you sure know a lot about members of the FLDS.

    Alin especially seems to be, or claims to be, privy to inside information about Merril Jessop.

    Things that make you go hmmmmmmm….

  266. I thought back err a ways,, alinusara said they were fundemental baptist? Big ole difference between southern baptist and fundemental baptist, or maybe he aint a baptist at all???

  267. DD it’s a little harder to control Texas out of DC so long as Austin keeps telling them to kiss off with their school and unemployment and other schemes. I like that.

  268. Intersing..

  269. Need. more. coffee. Yeah, I recall that first from Joan Baez. And it was Dave Loggins not Kenny.

    GrannyToad said this on February 8, 2010 at 8:40 AM

    Oh my, I do remember Joan Baez songs very well. I remember Dave Loggins too, but recall the songs of Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina much better.

    This is starting to make me think that I should make my handle Granny-Anon.

  270. As far as the Boston/Mass area goes, I have a lot of personal experience with that part of the country. Great seafood, incredible history, GAWD AWFUL accents and damn cold in the winter.

    Besides the fact that it is full of Yankees.

    yehaaa6, you should find it quite a cultural experience. Have a WONDERFUL trip!

  271. So, if there is any doubt to who is the real President in control of all of the FLDS Church, here is a quote from President Wendell about WS Jeffs,” I am so grateful to be here on this occasion with you, my brethren, and with our Holy Prophet. I pray that Heavenly Father’s Spirit will guide me for a few moments that what I say might be edifying. I am coming to the condition in my life, to where I can see it is a great honor and gift from Heavenly Father, for us to sit here with Brother Warren today, while he delivers inspired heavenly and pure training and teaching to us”, from the Priesthood records from September 6, 2004 meeting. Wendell Loy Nielsen is a devoted and fanatical follower of Warren S. Jeffs.

  272. I can’t access the dictations about it any more but I’m pretty sure in 2002 I read a part where multiple individuals were referred to as President. There was President Merril, President Warren, President Wendell.

    It made it seem less like a specific position of authority and more like a rank that could be achieved.

  273. President Warren Jeffs, President Wendel Nielsen and President Fred Jessop. After Fred died it was President Merril Jessop.

    But Warren is President of the Priesthood.
    That’s the one that counts…….

  274. The way it is in the LDS is that their is a president of the church who is called president. That man has two counselors who are also called presidents. Those 3 people constitute the first presidencey of the church.
    The flds are following that same pattern, Jeffs is/was president and his counselors were nielsen and jessop. They all have the title of president.

  275. To Anonymous 02-11-10:
    NO they are not following the same pattern of leadership as the LDS First presidency. My great grandfather, “Uncle” Roy did away with that practice in the 1980’s. This is why there are now two polygamous groups in Colorado City/ Hildale/ Centennial Park. The ones in Centennial Park who call themselves the “1st Ward” still follow it, but the FLDS have not followed it for the past 30 years.
    Before “Uncle” Rulon died, they claimed he was the last apostle.
    FYI- Warren deposed “Uncle” Fred and covered it up which brought on his death of a broken heart. My niece was living at “Uncle” Fred’s house when it happened. What galls me the most is that, after “Uncle” Fred’s death, Warren had the nerve to write that song about him saying he was such a good priesthood man whose name was written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. LAIR! LAIR! Pants on fire….!
    It would be soooo easy for them to all still claim that Warren is still the prophet and he has a “Bishop” (i.e. Wendall, Merrill etc.) who relays his “holy” word to them while he is away. Sniff, sniff.
    It must annoy Warren to no end that he has lost control over his vast flock and is unable to make sure his dictations and threats are carried out. And, THAT brings me joy! He he he…
    However, it probably also brings joy to Wendall and Merril who now have full reign over the FLDS. All they have to do is say, “Warren said…..” and they will be instantly obeyed. And Warren is not there to nay-say them.
    God God! All the male control freaks in the world must envy them. Lie to the people and be obey like a GOD (what a rush!), Lie to Warren and appear submissive and even if he tells them they are going to hell, who is there to witness it? Nobody!

  276. bbgae
    GOD is witness to everythng that goes on, They may get by with much while here on earth, but I would hate to stand in their shoes and face God one day.
    The fact is, someone is paying attorneys to defend Warren Jeffs, if he were no longer prophet or head of presidencey, they wouldn’t be forking over hundreds of thousands of dollars defending this man with lots of attorneys. Lets face it, Merril Jessop is almost 80yrs old, a yes man by all accounts. Wendell Nielson is the same, older, not wise, and up for a trial, he and merril both.
    We ALL know willie jessop isn’t in this for “religious” reasons, their money crossing palms between willie, and someone. There is no loyality amoung theives.

  277. There are those who KNOW things!!! They want change, they have to come foward, stand firm, and give testimony before the courts. Are you willing to do that bbgae?

  278. Bbgae — I don’t think Wendell or Merril have any real control. I think Lyle has been playing “Warren says” for quite a while, doing to Warren what Warren did to Rulon. The irony is that Lyle uses the same enforcers to bully the flock — Willie, Kevin Barlow, Roundy.

  279. I am already Ex- FLDS. I have been gone for 5 years. The things I know are outdated. If they call me to court to testify, of course I will! But until then, I am going to live my life and try to be normal.

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