Judge G. Rand Beacham’s ruling is :


~ by FLDS TEXAS on February 3, 2010.

5 Responses to “Judge G. Rand Beacham’s ruling is :”

  1. Judge Beacham could rule by this coming Friday. Given that the statute period doesn’t elapse should suspect change residence outside of Utah, during the statute elapsement, the one year Arizona residency period should not apply toward the four year timeframe.

  2. Like Beacham is going to send the message he is going to force FLDS rape victims to call the Colorado City Police Department, then get call forwarded to Warren in Prison so they can talk it over?

    NOT likely.

    BUT funny.

  3. I heard Judge Beacham in his own words say he would have the decision by this Friday.

  4. Friday can’t get here soon enough

  5. The ruling if in the negative would mean the charge would have to be refiled with another timeframe, there is no avoiding the rape charge. Allen Steed confessed on the witness stand at Warren’s trial that he had sex with Elissa Wall when she was only 14 years of age. Another aspect to the Statute of Limitations in Utah is the four year period runs only while the perpetrator is within the States borders.[Utah Code Ann. 76-1-304(l)] During the timeframe Allen and Elissa resided for over a year in Arizona. So the timeframe may be the determining factor in Judge Beacham’s ruling.

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