FLDS Legal Menu 2010 – Quite the Buffet

PARTIAL LISTING of FLDS Legal issues – DOES NOT include multiple “MOTIONS” filed by many Attorneys, nor does it list upcoming Appeals that are presumably going to be filed.

Also not noted are the various local, State, and Federal, Social Service Agencies and Congressional Hearings involved with investigating this group.

Plethora – Cornucopia – Gods Gift to the Legal profession – these things come to mind when perusing the list.



~ by FLDS TEXAS on February 3, 2010.

15 Responses to “FLDS Legal Menu 2010 – Quite the Buffet”

  1. A gazilllion dollars, and no lobster?

  2. Well Congratulations Excel Anon on a job well done !

  3. Outstanding work!

  4. I wonder if one can attach a Dollar value to all those lawsuits.
    It must be enormous !

  5. holey carp

  6. Thanks for doing the work on this! Just seeing that many pages gives you a gestalt of what the cost of all this is. Excellent!

  7. Totally awesome – makes the amount of money being spent far more real – If you simply put 20k by each one as a total naive estimate then with 65 cases swirling around in the “black hats” I come up with 1.6 million easy.

  8. WOW!! Great job!!!

  9. No wonder there’s so much crap out there – sounds like one of those “all you can litigate” buffets.

  10. Ron

    I think Warrant ate too much, eyes being bigger than his stomach and all.

    With his history of paying attorneys, I’d say half of them will be left with a nice tax write off.

    Well, if not that, at least they will sack in a good shot of Pro Bono work to last them to the next decade.

  11. I suppose the letter from Mark will pop up here as soon as it hits the net.

    Bile and the Huge McNugget will be doing flip flops like fish out of water.

  12. Stamp, I just posted the link to Shurtleff’s letter on the Open Discussion thread.

    Here it is again for your convenience

  13. Hat Tip, Anon! Its posted here too now!


  14. Good job adding it FLDS TEXAS.

    However, for the “Bill and Hugh crowd” it is good to also have the FOX 13 original link for the “conspiracy enthusiasts”.

    You don’t want to be accused by Alin that you make this up or Photo Shopped it.

  15. I appreciate everyone’s positive comments on the lawyer spreadsheet. I worked really hard on it last night – probably close to 4 hours.

    Tonight, my sweetie and I made up for last night’s canceled dinner date. We just finished and it was lovely.

    Thank you Holy Scribe Lady Sadie for starting the list. I just embellished on your efforts.


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