Time for a Little Stragedy

Matt Smith, Mohave County Prosecutor, has filed a stipulation that he will not seek to introduce any of the evidence from the Texas search warrants that were upheld as valid and constitutional by Judge Barbara Walther. Why would Matt Smith do this? According to Hugh McBryde, it’s because Matt is chickening out and a dismissal of the charges against Warren Jeffs in Arizona is imminent.


Recall that for months Matt Smith has been advising Piccaretta and Judge Conn that he was not going to use the evidence from Texas, although he did not go so far as to make a legally binding stipulation to that effect. Judge Conn had previously ruled that he would wait for Texas to rule on the validity of the warrant, and he apparently hoped it would not become necessary for him to rule on this motion as he stated on December 11 at another hearing. Nevertheless, Piccaretta must play his reindeer games and pressed forward with his request for a hearing on his motion to suppress, even though the issue has already been decided in the appropriate court. Judge Conn had no choice but to set the matter for hearing.

Matt Smith has now done the sane and logical thing by filing a stipulation that he will not use the Texas evidence at any time for any purpose. This is a legally binding agreement, not just an off the cuff statement in court. Matt filed these charges against Warren long before the Texas warrants — He doesn’t need the evidence, he doesn’t have it, and now there is nothing Pic can do about it — the issue is moot. There is no longer an issue about the Texas evidence being offered in Arizona, and Pic can’t have his hearing and use it as a PR, smoke and mirrors, distraction from the real issue of child rape.

I always like it when the wind is taken out of Pic’s sails.

Good move Matt. Let’s get this to trial.

P.S. — of course this means that the subpoenas of Doran and Long are moot too, but they weren’t going to be traveling to Arizona and taking the stand anyway. Arizona has no authority to compel a Texas resident to appear at trial in Arizona. That’s stupid.

Hat Tip: Bugs Bunny


~ by FLDS TEXAS on January 29, 2010.

15 Responses to “Time for a Little Stragedy”

  1. Brillantly written and precisely what I thought it was all about even though Hugh apparently thought it was some precursor to the charges in Arizona being dropped. Nope, ain’t gonna happen. Let’s have the Arizona trial so he can come to Texas and face the music here.

  2. Hope springs eternal in the mind of the frustrated conspiracy theorist.

  3. I learned a new term for them at the Trib, Betty. They’re “conspiracy enthusiasts”. I like it because it’s about the only thing I’ve seen this group get enthusiastic about, unless it’s reputation trashing and namecalling. 😉

  4. Hat tip to Philo for “conspiracy enthusiast”. 😀

  5. Don’t you DARE ever confuse the Pharisee with the facts now.

  6. Granny — havent you ever watched Bugs Bunny?


  7. Rebeckah: I learned a new term for them at the Trib, Betty. They’re “conspiracy enthusiasts”. I like it because it’s about the only thing I’ve seen this group get enthusiastic about, unless it’s reputation trashing and namecalling.

    They are in a rage – I see that 40andClueless says she/he/it hates you Rebeckah.

    I don’t understand why any sane person would believe these men have a right to have sex with underage girls, but they are practically rabid about it.

    I guess “sane” is they key word here.

  8. Didn’t Matt Smith say from the get go he wasn’t using any evidence Texas obtained?

    I’m just a lay person, but it seemed silly that Picaretta kept obsessing over Texas evidence, and Texas LE.

    A question. Once Texas gets Jeff’s here, can we keep him?

  9. i don’t think so miele, once he’s found guilty here he’ll have to face federal flight charges, then utah has first bids on him serving his sentence there, after that sentence is served he would move to arizona and serve out whatever sentence he gets there, then finally he will become a resident of the texas department of corrections.

  10. I suspect Long and Doran might have shown up even though Arizona didn’t have the actual power to compel them to appear. I guess its an honor issue for law enforcement.

  11. Prediction : Warren Jeffs will never make it out of jail.

  12. My guess it had to be in court record to block that avenue for Pic’s games.

  13. Interesting the games lawyers play, of course every action by an attorney is billable by the hour. As long as the FLDS cash cow continues to put money in the defense lawyers pockets, the long drawn out hearings, filings and appeals will continue. IMO the FLDS lawyers will drop their clients like hot potatoes once the cash runs out. The bad thing about this is that justice is not served and the good thing about this is the FLDS is bleeding to death financially. Perhaps ole Warren & friends will face prospect of public defenders by time the Feds & Texas are finished with them.

  14. Anyone know if Keate has made the trip to Huntsville, yet? If he is still in Sheriff Doran’s jail, what’s the reason, the other two convicts have made the white bus trip? Perhaps it’s a good reason like turning states evidence against Warren & the other defendants awaiting trial.

  15. PT – Thanks. I didn’t know how that worked. Last come, first served or what.

    Feds first, Utah second, Arizona third and Texas fourth. Got it. Thanks.

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